fishbaithow do i get unbanned?05:22
fishbaitanyone? it says i can't send to #ubuntu.05:23
fishbait... V.V no response05:24
chuDo you know *why* you got banned in the first place?05:24
fishbaiti was trying to send five set to 2 dots to elicit a human response that way i'd know if i was alone or if someone could hear a redneck error test if u will unfortunately i sent them way too fast ...i am human i just prefer any response when i ask something otherwise i think i am all alone05:27
fishbaitam i like perma banned or something and no one wants to ell me or can someone grant me a reprieve on grounds of my own stupidity05:30
JoseeAntonioRfishbait: I would recommend discussing your ban in #ubuntu-ops, if you really need to.05:34
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philballewHow would I add the nick im using now to my group of nicks that get my member cloak?07:14
topyliphilballew: nickserv will do that for you. /msg nickserv help group07:58
philballewtopyli, thank you08:03
* philballew high fives topyli 08:06
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