bjfjjohansen: you marked bug 1020888 as 'invalid' for security. this is rebased on the precise main branch. also, this release replaced a previous one in -proposed that didn't make it to -updates00:19
ubot2Launchpad bug 1020888 in linux-armadaxp "linux-armadaxp: 3.2.0-1605.8 -proposed tracker" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/102088800:19
jjohansenbjf: right we aren't doing USNs for armadaxp, currently they being "maintained" by OEM and the deal is that the security team isn't in general doing USNs for them00:21
jjohansenbjf: so its likely you still need to do the CVE end of things, and I will just clear them through as invalid when I see them, at least until I am told to do otherwise00:21
jjohansens/they being/they are being/00:22
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janimoapw, seems the latest 3.5.0 rebase on rc7 does not have a tag in the repo11:59
janimoUbuntu-3.5.0-5.5 missing12:00
apwjanimo, i do not see it uploaded yet which would trigger tagging normally, so its not definatly 'done'13:07
apwjanimo, but i will check and find out why13:08
dcgenHi i am using a dell xps 14 and I wanted to know what version of the kernel which has the backlight fixed for xps should I use..13:33
ogra_hmm, no ppisati ?13:37
janimoapw, oh I thought the tag happens on commit not upload.thanks14:08
jamespagehow is the best person to direct ARM kernel requests to?16:55
rtgjamespage, likely cooloney or ppisati17:05
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cooloneyjonmasters: sorry, i just reboot my machine, what am i missing?17:08
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rbasakjamespage: ^^17:15
jamespagertg, thanks17:15
jamespagecooloney, specifically I was trying to use the rbd module on omap417:16
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cooloneyjamespage: any failure when you are trying use rbd in omap4? which kernel are you using?17:36
jamespagecooloney, kernel - Linux winehouse 3.4.0-204-omap4 #9-Ubuntu SMP PREEMPT Mon Jul 9 12:56:56 UTC 2012 armv7l armv7l armv7l GNU/Linux17:37
jamespagecooloney, I get a 'FATAL: Module rbd not found.' when running modprobe rbd17:37
cooloneyjamespage: oh, yeah, i found for ti-omap4 we disable this 17:52
cooloneydebian.ti-omap4/config/config.common.ubuntu:# CONFIG_BLK_DEV_RBD is not set17:52
jamespagecooloney, can we enabled it? I'm assuming its disabled for a reason...17:53
cooloneyjamespage: is this necessary for ceph or other stuff? i found it's built as module in our master branch17:53
jamespagecooloney, yes - at the moment I can run a ceph server on omap4 - but I can access block devices...17:54
cooloneyppisati: do you know why we disable CONFIG_BLK_DEV_RBD for ti-omap4?17:54
jamespagecooloney, the same would apply to other ARM kernels - its specifically important for server targets17:54
cooloneyjamespage: cool, i will send out patch for this17:55
jamespagecooloney, thanks v. much :-)17:55
cooloneyjamespage: thanks for pointing out, btw, running ceph on ARM is quite cool17:55
jamespagecooloney, if we can get this module and openvswitch module enabled for ARM archs == fully functional openstack!17:58
jamespagebacked by ceph for scalable instance volume block storage - nice!17:58
jamespagezul, ^^ FYI17:59
infinityjamespage: the higbank config should match master pretty closely.  armadaxp might need a twiddle, since it was originally cargo-culted from ti-omap4, I think.18:04
infinityjamespage: So, double-checking all the configs and filing bugs might be sane.18:04
infinityjamespage: Doubly-so, if this should be fixed in the SRU kernels too.18:04
jamespageinfinity, where do I look at kernel configs?  I can do a cursory check18:05
infinityjamespage: I'd just grab the actual debs and check /boot/config-* inside.  Easier than constructing it from the twisty maze of bits in debian.*/ in the source. ;)18:05
jamespageinfinity, ack - I'll take a look18:06
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cooloneyjamespage: OPENVSWITCH should be enabled by apw in both ti-omap4 and master18:26
hggdhkernel folks: armadaxp 3.2.0-1605.8-armadaxp does not have ip_tables.ko. Is this how it should be?19:09
pgranerjsalisbury, did the web cam patch make it into a released kernel yet?19:49
bjfhggdh: looking at it20:04
ogasawarapgraner: it did and I uploaded to our PPA to build.  I'll copy it out to the release pocket when it's all done.20:13
janimohggdh, seems like in armadaxp ip_tables is built in not a module20:37
hggdhjanimo: perfect, thank you20:37
janimohggdh, is that a failure actually - I do not recall explicitly making it built in20:38
janimothis may be the first time these tests are run on armadaxp20:38
hggdhjanimo: I believe so, I do not know of anybody else running these tests except me, the security team, and (of old) gruemaster20:38
janimohggdh, so is there a need for concern if it is built in?20:40
hggdhjanimo: no, not really, but the QRT must be adjusted for that20:40
janimohggdh, I should probably make it a module though to be in line with the other kernels20:41
hggdhjanimo: I agree 100%. So can we assume you are making these changes for the next build(s) -- precise and quantal?20:42
janimoikepanhc, cooloney unless you know something about it needing to be built-in20:42
janimohggdh, yes. For precise, and the same package will likely make it to quantal (copied)20:42
janimoso no need to adjust the test either I guess20:42
hggdhjanimo: perfect, thank you much20:42
ikepanhcjanimo: none20:43
ikepanhcjanimo: I am ok with build-in or module20:43
janimohggdh, np thanks for testing this kernel thoroughly :)20:43
janimohggdh, any other tests that you know of before this can be decalred ok for -updates? just curious20:44
hggdhjanimo: I am marking the bug now fix-released, qa-testing-passed20:44
infinityjanimo: Have you checked if you're in line with other modules, compared to master?20:45
infinityjanimo: See, eg, discussions above about CONFIG_BLK_DEV_RBD in ti-omap4, no idea if that's enabled in armadaxp.20:46
janimoinfinity, no config checking done, I should probably do that to when enabling this change20:46
janimoinfinity, just copying over from mainline/highbank should do it or do I need a line by line review?20:47
infinityjanimo: Better answered by someone like apw or ogasawara (they do line-by-line reviews).20:48
infinityjanimo: But you can probably cheat a bit, given that master already has sane reviews, and you can likely cargo-cult a bit, and adjust for platform differences.20:48
janimowill schedule this for next SRU.20:49
infinityWell, FSVO "sane".  I vaguely recall a rather large amount of alcohol involved in the config review I participated in.20:49
janimoor actually maybe ikepanhc will do it if we switch tasks (armada/highbank) for a while20:49
ikepanhcjanimo: yes, I am thinking on this20:49
apwinfinity, the alcohol is needed to avoid self termination20:50
hggdhjanimo: bug is ready for next stage20:50
ogasawarajanimo: we're sprinting this week and doing a config review, let us know if there is a particular config we need to examine20:50
janimoinfinity, is there anything you participate in that does not involve large amounts of alcohol?20:50
infinityogasawara: armadaxp/precise should probably look as close to master/precise as possible.20:50
janimohggdh, if next stage is taken care of by bjf's bot or some friendly admin I'm not touching it :)20:51
ogasawarainfinity: indeed, that's the goal20:51
infinityogasawara: No idea how off it is currently, but I'd guess "a bunch".20:51
ikepanhcjanimo: ok, I will do this these two weeks, let me pick up those "purple" items again20:51
hggdhjanimo: bjf's bot will do it20:51
infinityhggdh: Still needs a regression-testing signoff, surely?20:52
hggdhinfinity: already done20:52
infinityhggdh: Nu uh.20:53
hggdhinfinity: barf on hitting enter on the bug20:53
hggdhcheck it now20:53
hggdhbloody hell, barf again :-)20:54
infinityLaunchpad loves you. ;)20:54
infinityRight, *now* the bot will DTRT.20:54
infinityOr, I might pre-empt it and just take the release tasks.20:54
infinityAfter I smoke.20:54
infinityogasawara: Waitaminute.  Back up.  Did you just imply that you're doing config reviews sober?21:00
ogasawarainfinity: no one said we were sober21:01
infinityogasawara: Phew.21:01
infinityjanimo: Released.21:05
janimoinfinity, \o/ thanks21:05
infinityogasawara: Say, while you guys are sprinting, want to take a vote about getting me added to the 2550(kernel_team) and 2616(kernel_cdev) UNIX groups for emergency use and random collaboration?21:34
rtginfinity, I would prefer that you commit changes to your repository (perhaps on zinc) and email a pull request to the k-team list. I notice that you don't have a publicly visible directory on zinc. I can request that one be created for you.21:46
rtgThat would necessitate joining kernel_team, but not kernel_cdev.21:47
infinityrtg: I'm sure that could be done.  It's been a while since I've had to do any emergency faffing, but it's irksome to then get hunted down by the "it's not in git" police. ;)21:50
infinityrtg: And kernel_team would probably be enough for collaboration on other projects, yes (like, if we want to keep initramfs-tools on zinc)21:51
rtginfinity, ok, I'll start an RT and get you a public directory.21:51
infinityrtg: Danke.21:52

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