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Davieyutlemming: driving today?16:00
utlemmingDaviey: up, just pulling all the stuff up now16:00
Davieysuper duper16:00
utlemming#startmeeting ubuntu-server-team16:01
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utlemmingWelcome everyone to our server meeting!16:01
utlemming#topic Review ACTION points from previous meeting16:01
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utlemmingjamespage: you had an action to checkin with MIR team on expected review timescales for server MIRs16:02
utlemmingand zul to make sure relevant MIR bugs have ubuntu-server-release subscribed16:02
jamespagemost MIR's are now assigned an owner - there are a few I still need to checkin on16:02
zulutlemming: oops16:03
jamespageI also went through the MIR team subscribed bugs and added the 'Ubuntu Server Team' a bug subscription for those packages16:03
jamespageso I think the list is now up-to-date in http://reports.qa.ubuntu.com/reports/ubuntu-server/release-bugs.html16:04
utlemmingjamespage: is there any further action on that? Or do we need to carry it over for next week?16:04
zuli have at least 5 more dependencies coming up, still need to be reviewed by an archvie admin16:04
jamespagethere is but the original action got me todo the important stuff so please close16:04
jamespageI'll keep pushing on this stuff - lets monitor through the development update section16:05
utlemmingzul: do we need followup next week?16:05
zulutlemming: no i can do that once they get into the archive16:05
utlemmingokay, moving on...16:05
utlemmingarosales: had an action to sort out blueprints and get the trend line working correctly16:05
utlemmingarosale: do you have a status update for us?16:06
arosalesI spoke with Daviey on the topic mapping16:06
arosalesI need to get the trend line reset16:06
arosalesI'll try to get that done this week.16:06
utlemming#action arosales and daviey to work on trend line reset16:07
meetingologyACTION: arosales and daviey to work on trend line reset16:07
utlemmingsmoser, jamespage: had an action for review and assign SRU bug across team.16:07
utlemmingokay, rbasak: find out whether openvswitch module can be enabled for quantal ARM kernels16:08
jamespageutlemming, mark that done - kernel team confirmed they would review16:08
utlemmingjamespage: ack16:09
utlemming#topic Quantal Development16:09
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utlemmingAny topics for Quantal Development?16:09
arosalesA few for Blueprints16:09
arosalesutlemming: may I interject?16:10
utlemmingarosales: please16:10
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arosalesSo we should roughly be around 30% complete for BPs at this point in the cycle16:10
arosalesthere are a few that are at 0%16:10
arosalesI'll step through those if you don't mind utlemming16:11
arosalesrbask a few that are at 0%16:11
arosalesfor rbasak for the log minutes16:12
arosalesutlemming: push to the clouds16:12
arosalesI think hardware is in progress there, other status up to date?16:12
arosalesBug Triage16:13
arosalesUrsinha: any update on reports for triage work?16:13
arosalesJuju BPs16:13
arosalesCharm release policy: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/servercloud-q-juju-charms-release-policy16:14
arosalesCharm Unit test: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/servercloud-q-juju-charm-unit-tests16:14
arosalesSpamapS: I think you have made some progress on the release policy correct?16:14
Ursinhaarosales, no updates now, maybe next week16:14
arosalesm_3: I think you have also made some progressing on unit testing16:14
arosalesUrsinha: ok, thanks16:15
arosalesOpenstack Juju Charms Next steps16:15
arosalesadam_g: how are the openstack charms?16:15
SpamapSarosales: the release policy was merged and is part of the official documentation for juju now16:15
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SpamapSarosales: implementing it is another story. :)16:16
adam_garosales: they've been in sync with upstream development, but those TODOs are still TODO.16:16
arosalesSpamapS: so 0% still valid for release policy16:16
SpamapSadam_g: we need to work on getting all of the actual openstack charms into the charm store, and having the CI tests running *off of those*16:16
arosalesadam_g: ok, thanks16:16
adam_gSpamapS: im not sure that'll work, but we'll talk16:16
arosaleshttps://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/servercloud-q-cloud-init-utils - smoser?16:17
SpamapSarosales: no I marked one of them DONE because the release policy is "done"16:17
arosalesnot a top priority, but at 0% so thought I would bring it up here16:17
SpamapSadam_g: if that won't work, then we should just dismantle the charm store. ;)16:17
arosalesSpamapS: ok, thanks16:17
smoserarosales, i'll update that today.16:17
arosalessmoser: ok thanks16:17
arosalesand one last one for rbasak:16:17
adam_gSpamapS: they are forks of the upstream charm store charms, with lots of special sauce added for our environment. isn't that the point?16:18
arosalesperhaps you can also comment smoser16:18
SpamapSadam_g: no, forking == fail16:18
adam_gadam_g: actively synced forks, i might add16:18
adam_gSpamapS: lets talk later16:18
SpamapSadam_g: yeah we will16:18
arosalesapt BP also at 0%, but I know there is a spec out for review.16:18
rbasakI think we've more or less reached consensus on the broad plans for the apt improvements inside Ubuntu16:18
rbasakSo now I need to get back to full steam ahead on testing my PoC, and on turning the current productions into something that is production ready16:19
arosalesrbasak: good to hear, could you also follow up on the ARM BPs mentioned above?16:19
rbasakSorry I was late to the meeting. I'll check the logs when they're published16:19
arosalesrbasak: ok, thanks16:20
arosalesutlemming: those are the 0% ones that I wanted to bring up. I realize some 0% is valid as we are working on the items but they can't be marked as done just yet.16:20
arosalesutlemming: back to you16:20
utlemming#action everyone update their blueprint status16:20
meetingologyACTION: everyone update their blueprint status16:20
utlemming#topic Release Bugs - http://reports.qa.ubuntu.com/reports/ubuntu-server/release-bugs.html16:20
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utlemmingdaviey: care to comment on the bug status?16:21
utlemmingokay, moving on then....16:22
utlemming#topic 12.04.1 Development (jamespage & smoser)16:22
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utlemmingjamespage and smoser: how goes 12.04.116:22
arosalesutlemming: can we can come back to the bugs after 12.04.1 udpate16:22
rbasakI added a couple of bugs for tracking16:23
smoserhm.. well, there is plenty of work todo.16:23
utlemmingarosales: yes sir16:23
* jamespage lets smoser lead16:23
rbasakor at least I tried to add them. What is required to get bugs into the tracker?16:24
smoserwell, given that list there, anything targetted, we really need to get cracking on16:24
Davieyutlemming: sorry, had a brown out.16:24
smoserjuju and maas have a lot, that we're expecting an update for. those are the single largest things.16:25
smoserbut if your name is on osomething there, or you think you can help, please take a bug and fix it.16:25
smoserask someone to review and / or upload.16:25
utlemmingDaviey: that was me yesterday...we'll come back to you after the current topic :)16:25
DavieyRE: maas.. currently in discussions how to do this.. it is making progress.16:25
SpamapSsmoser: note that most of juju's were moved to precise-updates16:25
smoserjamespage, do you have any more "GET IT DONE!" like comments?16:25
jamespagesmoser, I had a few specific bugs I would like to raise16:25
smoserplease do.16:25
jamespagebug 85886716:26
ubottuLaunchpad bug 858867 in cobbler (Ubuntu Quantal) "XMLRPC allows unauthed users access to various methods (which it shouldn't) " [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/85886716:26
SpamapSthere's a security upload coming for juju, and then one more upload to proposed to fix a few of the more important things for 12.04.116:26
jamespagethis one has been kicked around for a while; as cobbler does not form part of our provisioning solution going forward should we really care about this for 12.04.116:27
jamespagebug 988819 we just agreed to re-consider the approach16:27
ubottuLaunchpad bug 988819 in mod-proxy-html (Ubuntu Precise) "[SRU] wrong path to libxml2.so.2 in mod_security - broken by multiarch enabled libraries" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/98881916:27
SpamapSjamespage: err.. maas in 12.04 needs it16:27
smoserfor 858867, i had asked roaksoax to ask upstream about this.16:27
jamespageSpamapS, that really depends on '<Daviey> RE: maas.. currently in discussions how to do this.. it is making progress.'16:28
zulbug #990162 is a new one on the radar as well16:28
smoserwe really should ask upstream what they recommend.16:28
ubottuLaunchpad bug 990162 in The Eilt project "armhf version is unusable -- task switches will cause sigsegv's" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/99016216:28
jamespageand bug 97547316:28
ubottuLaunchpad bug 975473 in MAAS "eliminate cobbler code copy" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/97547316:28
roaksoax  smoser sorry i got delayed with maas stuff, i'll take care of it today16:28
rbasakzul: 990162 is fixed in Quantal I hear? Is that confirmed?16:28
roaksoaxjamespage: that is in progress, we might have something by EoW... but for quantal16:29
zulrbasak: yeah16:29
roaksoax(maas-provision / cobbler-copy)16:29
jamespageI guess targets for 12.04.1 still need to be agreed then.16:29
zulrbasak: quantal has a newer version, but the fix should be backported to precise16:29
jamespagezul, it would be good to get that webob SRU nailed as well.16:30
* rbasak marks it as Fix Released in Quantal16:30
zuljamespage: agreed ill spend some time on it tomorrow16:30
jamespageother than that I would say that we have already pushed through a large number of SRU's16:30
jamespagewell done!16:30
arosalesnice :-)16:31
rbasakjames_w: which one?16:31
utlemmingokay, back Daviey16:31
utlemming#topic Release Bugs - http://reports.qa.ubuntu.com/reports/ubuntu-server/release-bugs.html16:31
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arosalesbugs :-)16:32
DavieySo.. the page is empty for me.. it was working :)16:32
arosalesso we are still working on bug https://launchpad.net/bugs/97458416:32
DavieyI'll investigate that16:32
ubottuLaunchpad bug 974584 in sysvinit (Ubuntu Quantal) "Semaphores cannot be created in lxc container" [High,Triaged]16:32
arosaleshallyn: I saw a fix for that though . .  .16:32
hallynstgraber was going to bring that up at the next foundations mt16:32
arosaleshallyn: ok, thanks.16:32
arosalesbug https://launchpad.net/bugs/102306616:33
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1023066 in quantum (Ubuntu) "python-quantum fails to install due to python syntax errors" [High,Triaged]16:33
arosalesjamespage: I saw you take an initial look16:33
adam_garosales: i fixed that quantum thing upstream, it should be fixed with the next quantum upload (this week?)16:33
jamespageadam_g is on it16:33
Davieyzul / adam_g: bug 102031316:33
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1020313 in horizon (Ubuntu) "openstack-dashboard hijacks the web root" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/102031316:33
arosalesadam_g: thanks16:34
zulon it16:34
Davieybug 844995 .. volunteer ?16:34
ubottuLaunchpad bug 844995 in python-couchdb (Ubuntu) "Drop support for couchdb related packages" [Undecided,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/84499516:34
Davieyshouldn't be super complicated16:34
jamespagenote that touches kombu as well16:35
jamespageto drop python-couchdb to universe we have to drop support from kombu16:35
arosalesbug 1024408 also needs a volunteer :-)16:35
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1024408 in ubuntu-meta (Ubuntu) "Quantal installs do not include software-properties-common by default" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/102440816:35
Davieyarosales: if nobody else takes that, i'll have it16:36
* Daviey takes it16:36
Davieynobody want to sign up to, bug 844995 ?16:37
ubottuLaunchpad bug 844995 in python-couchdb (Ubuntu) "Drop support for couchdb related packages" [Undecided,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/84499516:37
rbasakOoh, I was going to propose that we did that16:37
Davieyrbasak: do you want it? :)16:37
rbasakGo on then16:37
Davieyrbasak: wait, which one do you want?16:38
Davieyboth? :)16:38
roaksoaxFYI maas related MRI's are not being tracked on the report16:38
roaksoaxerr MIR16:38
jamespageroaksoax, please let me know which bugs and packages - I'll get it sorted16:38
Davieyjamespage: see the c-m report16:39
Davieyjamespage: it just needs bug subscriptions to be added16:39
jamespageDaviey, yeah - I know16:39
Davieyerr, PACKAGE bug subscriptions16:39
roaksoaxjamespage: bug #102026716:40
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1020267 in python-pytyrant (Ubuntu) "[MIR] celery, pyparsing, python-cl, python-gevent, python-mailer, python-pytyrant, python-redis" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/102026716:40
roaksoaxbug #102408616:40
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1024086 in python-tx-tftp (Ubuntu) "[MIR] python-tx-tftp" [High,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/102408616:40
roaksoaxbug #102027816:40
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1020278 in raphael (Ubuntu) "[MIR] raphael" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/102027816:40
roaksoaxbug #102027316:40
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1020273 in yui3 (Ubuntu) "[MIR] yui3" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/102027316:40
roaksoaxjamespage: ^^16:40
jamespageroaksoax, ta - doing now16:41
Davieylets move on..16:41
Davieythanks all16:41
utlemming#topic Ubuntu Server Team Events16:42
utlemmingAny one have any events?16:42
arosalesOSCON this week16:42
arosalesrobbiew, m_3, jcastro, and jimbaker all doing presentations.16:42
utlemmingAny others?16:43
arosalesCloud Open coming up next  at the end of August.16:43
utlemming#topic Weekly Updates & Questions for the QA Team (hggdh)16:43
utlemminghggdh: Do you have anything interesting for us this week?16:43
hggdhnot really, apart from the surprise we got on arm testing16:44
hggdhthere are no usable images for server...16:44
utlemmingdo you have a bug number?16:44
hggdhno bug; the last update on server image was on June 27th, so I believe this is known16:45
hggdhand may be part of the move to a live system as opposed to preinstalled16:46
utlemmingokay, good to know16:46
hggdhI just wish I had been notified of it16:46
utlemming#topic Weekly Updates & Questions for the Kernel Team (smb)16:46
utlemmingsmb: anything of importance this week?16:46
utlemmingokay, moving on then...16:47
utlemming#topic Weekly Updates & Questions regarding Ubuntu ARM Server (rbasak)16:48
rbasakJust one note from me. highbank support for precise should be landing shortly, in bug 100401116:48
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1004011 in flash-kernel (Ubuntu Precise) "Add support for highbank in flash-kernel" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/100401116:48
rbasakOne SRU which we mentioned earlier, bug 990162 - ahs3 is working on a backport for this16:48
ubottuLaunchpad bug 990162 in python-greenlet (Ubuntu Precise) "armhf version is unusable -- task switches will cause sigsegv's" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/99016216:48
rbasakNothing else to report. Any questions for me?16:48
utlemming#topic Open Discussion16:49
utlemmingAny one having anything else to add?16:49
Davieyhggdh: for being out of context.. the ARM server images are unrelated to squashfs switch.. There is an unrelated issue, which is being blocked on the switch, as they are anticipating more issues.16:49
Davieyhggdh: what is worrying, is that it took 2 weeks for QA to notice :P16:50
jamespageDaviey, not automated testing yet I guess :-)16:51
utlemmingDaviey: should we have some follow up on this issue then?16:51
Davieywell, it's in hand AIUI16:52
utlemming#topic Announce next meeting date and time16:53
* Daviey waits for the suprise.16:53
Davieysame time, same place?16:53
utlemmingJuly 24th 2012, 1600 UTC right here16:53
utlemmingutil we virtual meet again....16:53
arosalesthanks for chairing utlemming16:54
* SpamapS got split off w/ meetingology :-P16:54
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Lasallhi there ;)19:56
Lasallhi hexe2519:57
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czajkowskiSergioMeneses: huats xdatap1 itnet7 ping20:00
xdatap1here we are20:00
czajkowskiwho is charing20:01
czajkowskidon't all jump up at once :)20:01
huatsgood night everyone20:02
huatssorry I am late20:02
itnet7I can't sorry20:02
czajkowskiitnet7: nods20:02
xdatap1huats, could you chair please?20:02
SergioMeneseshere I am... good night guys20:02
huatsczajkowski:  I can20:03
huatseven if I am a bit rusty with the commands20:03
xdatap1huats, thanks dude!20:03
itnet7thanks huats \o/20:03
huats#startmeeting Loco Council 2012 07 1220:05
meetingologyhuats: Error: Can't start another meeting, one is in progress.20:05
huats#chair huats20:05
njinhallo everybody20:05
huats#topic Germany reapproval20:06
czajkowskiutlemming: can you please end your last meeting20:06
Fuchs(not sure if the bot got that right, since it err'd on your first command. Already a meeting running?)20:06
huatsyep I have just realized that20:06
MarkusHhey guys. Sorry for being late. I was stuck in traffic.20:07
czajkowskiyup trying to kill that meeting20:07
toddyno problem, MarkusH :)20:07
czajkowskihuats: just carry on20:07
huatsok never mind for the bot20:07
huats''LINK:'' https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoCouncil/Agenda20:08
huatsWe have a busy meeting !20:08
toddyhi huats20:08
huats'LINK:'' https://wiki.ubuntu.com/GermanTeamReApprovalApplication201220:08
huatsIs there anyone from Germany ?20:08
toddyhee are some of the german loco men and women20:09
Fuchshuats: from the german LoCo: yes, a few.20:09
* tomx3 <-- here for example20:09
czajkowskiwelcome folks20:09
SergioMeneseshello ubuntu-germany20:09
huatsok guys20:09
czajkowskithanks for coming20:09
huatsthanks for coming20:09
njingreat Ubuntu-de20:09
huatsIs there anyone who want to speak ? to explain us the main topics ?20:09
tomx3and another german guy20:09
huatsor the main points from your reapproval ?20:10
toddyyes I can, huats20:10
SergioMeneseswhere are the german guys? :)20:10
hexe25and another german woman :)20:10
apollo13SergioMeneses: we are waiting for toddy to speak ;)20:10
huatstoddy: than go ahead :)20:10
czajkowskinice wiki page20:10
marchThanks. :)20:10
toddythank you czajkowski20:11
SergioMenesesok ok :=)20:11
toddyThis year we are a little bit late with our application. Sorry for that.20:11
czajkowskitoddy: thats fine20:11
SergioMenesestoddy, don't worry20:11
czajkowskiso tell is about your loco, how things are done20:11
toddywe have a big loco with over 200 people in the group of the loco20:12
toddyand any more that are not organze in the loco group20:12
toddywe habe many groups (over 20) in Germany with have local meetings20:13
toddywe have every year a big meeting, this year in Berlin20:14
toddythe ubucon20:14
czajkowskiwell done on useing the LTP http://loco.ubuntu.com/teams/ubuntu-de-locoteam/events/history20:14
toddyOn LinuxTag in Berlin we have made a nice Ubuntu Lounge with couches and we have had the biggest booth of all projects.20:14
czajkowskitoddy: how do you organise you taking part?  does everyone get involved ?20:15
huatsdo you have any idea of the attendance of the ubucon ?20:15
toddyeverybody can be a member in one of the groups of the locoteam20:16
czajkowskitoddy: can you explain a bit more about the groups20:16
toddyand the groups are member of the locoteam (the orga in lanchpad)20:16
SergioMenesestoddy, could you tell us more about ubuntu Deutschland e.V.?20:17
toddyhuats: 200 till 250 people are every year at the ubucon20:17
czajkowskior if anyone else wants to talk please do20:17
toddyin berlin maybe more20:17
SergioMeneses250 people!!! great20:17
xdatap1well done20:18
itnet7Great work20:18
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toddyczajkowski: there are different groups the ops of ubuntu-de (channel on freenode), the german portal ubuntuusers.de20:18
Fuchsczajkowski: the e.V. is a "eingetragener Verein", an organisational unit which helps you a lot in germany with legal, financial or logistical issues.20:18
apollo13SergioMeneses: what do you want to know about the e.V. -- it's mainly a legal base for out stuff20:18
toddycommuntu, a built system for ubuntu, czajkowski20:18
Fuchsczajkowski: basically, if you want to have such a big organisation in germany you better register one of those, since else it's quite hard to manage. It is a legal entity and therefore also a contact point.20:18
huatsI have another question : (2 actually) is juliux still involved ? and how have you done the ubuntu-eu transition ?20:18
SergioMenesesapollo13, it is only for support?20:18
czajkowskiFuchs: oh interesting20:19
apollo13SergioMeneses: no the e.V. is just for legal stuff, you can't do anything without it in germany20:19
czajkowskithanks for explaining20:19
toddyhuats: yes juliux is still involved20:19
toddyhuats: he is not here, couse he is at holiday20:19
apollo13huats: transistion from what to where, ubuntu-eu still exists ;)20:19
huatstoddy: please say hi to him :)20:19
apollo13if you mean the server structure20:19
toddyhuats: I will do that :)20:20
huatsapollo13: that is what I meant :)20:20
huatssince we had a  lot of team complaining with that20:20
SergioMenesesapollo13, Fuchs great20:20
apollo13SergioMeneses: for support there is ubuntuusers.de and mailinglists, that's also the reason why the page of the e.V. is pretty empty20:20
SergioMenesesapollo13, I see20:20
Fuchs(and the #ubuntu-de channel namespace)20:20
czajkowskiok, one last question, any issues you've had in the last 2 years and antying else we should know about ?20:21
apollo13issues? just that linux-mint people think an ubuntu forum is the perfect place to ask about mint issues -_- *scnr*20:22
SergioMenesesapollo13, jaja20:22
tomx3We have had problems to get ubuntu-cds ;-)20:22
czajkowskitomx3: in what way ?20:22
toddyyes, tomx3 that is correct20:22
SergioMeneseslike what?20:22
toddywe have order loco-cds and we didn't get this cds20:23
tomx3czajkowski: juliux said that he has not got an answer to his order20:23
czajkowskibut shipit people mailed recently and chased up on it, did you reply20:23
toddyand I have order too and I didn't get one cd20:23
czajkowskiwho is the team contact ?20:23
czajkowskiand did they request it20:23
toddyjuliux and me20:24
czajkowskihmm ok20:24
czajkowskitoddy: can you please email shipit after the meeting and cc the loco council and we will chase up on it20:24
czajkowskiI asked teams to do this last meeting also, but have not heard from them20:24
czajkowskiI've no further questions20:24
toddyyes, i can do that, czajkowski :)20:24
czajkowskiam ready to vote.20:24
huatsready to vote too20:25
czajkowskiok as the bot is not working20:25
JoseeAntonioRczajkowski: wait20:25
czajkowskiplease only coouncil members vote20:25
JoseeAntonioRI can fix that, I think20:25
czajkowskiJoseeAntonioR: you can kill the last meeting ?20:25
czajkowskiwell done folks and keep up the good work20:26
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huatsJoseeAntonioR: thanks !20:26
SergioMenesesJoseeAntonioR, excellent!20:26
huats#startmeeting Loco Council 2012 07 1220:26
meetingologyMeeting started Tue Jul 17 20:26:25 2012 UTC.  The chair is huats. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/meetingology.20:26
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huats'LINK:'' https://wiki.ubuntu.com/GermanTeamReApprovalApplication201220:26
huats''LINK:'' https://wiki.ubuntu.com/GermanTeamReApprovalApplication201220:26
huats#link https://wiki.ubuntu.com/GermanTeamReApprovalApplication201220:27
JoseeAntonioRhuats: it won't reply20:27
czajkowskiok lets vote again20:27
huats#vote Ubuntu-de reapproval20:27
meetingologyPlease vote on: Ubuntu-de reapproval20:27
meetingologyPublic votes can be registered by saying +1, +0 or -1 in channel, (private votes don't work yet, but when they do it will be by messaging the channel followed by +1/-1/+0 to me)20:27
meetingology+1 received from czajkowski20:27
meetingology+1 received from huats20:28
meetingology+1 received from SergioMeneses20:28
meetingology+1 received from itnet720:28
meetingology+1 received from xdatap120:28
meetingologyVoting ended on: Ubuntu-de reapproval20:28
meetingologyVotes for:5 Votes against:0 Abstentions:020:28
meetingologyMotion carried20:28
huatsGreat !20:28
czajkowskiwell done folks20:28
huatscongratulations ubuntu-de !20:28
SergioMenesescongratulations ubuntu-germany20:28
apollo13thx :)20:28
toddythank you for your votes :)20:28
marchThanks. :)20:28
SergioMenesesapollo13, Fuchs could you send me more information about that project?20:28
hexe25thx :)20:28
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FuchsSergioMeneses: which one, sorry?20:29
FuchsAnd yes, thanks a lot :)20:29
huatsNext Ubuntu Peru20:29
MarkusHyeha :)20:29
SergioMenesesFuchs, Deutschland e.V20:29
apollo13SergioMeneses: ubuntuusers.de? what are you intrested in?20:29
MarkusHthanks a lot20:29
SergioMenesesapollo13, ↑↑↑20:29
huatsThey asked us to go next because are in a hurry20:29
JoseeAntonioRhuats: do "#voters czajkowski itnet7 SergioMeneses xdatap1"20:29
huats#link https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PeruvianTeam/ReapprovalApplication201220:29
FuchsSergioMeneses: I will get someone involved to do so, yes. Mind a short query so we don't disturb here?20:29
huats#voters czajkowski itnet7 SergioMeneses xdatap120:29
meetingologyCurrent voters: SergioMeneses czajkowski itnet7 xdatap120:29
SergioMenesesFuchs, ok20:29
huatsJoseeAntonioR: thanks20:29
JoseeAntonioRoh, and #voters huats or yoou won't be able to vote20:30
huats#voters czajkowski itnet7 SergioMeneses xdatap1 huats20:30
meetingologyCurrent voters: SergioMeneses czajkowski huats itnet7 xdatap120:30
huatsso is there anyone from ubuntu-pe ?20:30
JoseeAntonioRYeah, it's me20:30
JoseeAntonioRHello, guys! I'm Jose Antonio Rey, and I'm the team contact for Ubuntu-PE. Our Reapproval Application is here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PeruvianTeam/ReapprovalApplication2012. Any questions you have, please ask them, and I'll gladly answer them.20:30
czajkowskiJoseeAntonioR: :)20:30
huatsanyone else ?20:30
SergioMeneseshello JoseeAntonioR20:30
huatshey JoseeAntonioR20:30
JoseeAntonioRhmm, nope, everyone's at work20:30
czajkowskiyay photos!20:31
huatsWhere is nxvl ???20:31
JoseeAntonioRhuats: at work20:31
SergioMeneseshuats, working20:31
SergioMenesesI guess20:31
huatsI know he don't want to talk to us20:31
SergioMeneseshuats, jeje20:31
czajkowskiJoseeAntonioR: thanks for coming, so I was wondering, is there any reason why the loco doesn't use the LTP more ? http://loco.ubuntu.com/teams/ubuntu-pe/events/history and is there plans to use it more in the future?20:32
JoseeAntonioRczajkowski: Yep, we've stopped a few months ago as we had a problem (I will talk about that later, I think you already know it), and all meetings/events were announced via ML20:33
JoseeAntonioRWe're re-starting to use it, we have a couple events in there20:33
czajkowskiJoseeAntonioR: can you elaborate more as to the issues please20:33
JoseeAntonioRSure. A few months ago, I came into Ubuntu-PE, and found out our team was pretty inactive. That was because the team leader stopped working. So, I took initiative and got everyone to work again. In that while, the team was fully inactive except by some people making announcements via the ML and some chit-chat in the IRC channel.20:34
SergioMenesesI testified about that!20:35
JoseeAntonioRThat's why you may find some empty logs in irclogs.ubuntu.com, and, as you said, it seems we've stopped using the LoCo Portal.20:35
czajkowskiJoseeAntonioR: thanks20:35
czajkowskiJoseeAntonioR: so how do you plan to get people involved and keep the activity going?20:36
JoseeAntonioRczajkowski: well, we've got meetings every month, and we've got a couple activities in the upcoming weeks. When we have talks/booths/conferences/whatever, we announce it via ML and get volunteers to work with us, personally, in getting more people involved with the project, so we keep growing and growing.20:37
czajkowskiJoseeAntonioR: ok20:37
JoseeAntonioRWe're also planning on starting a couple Ubuntu Hours, and contacting local FLOSS teams to talk to them about Ubuntu.20:37
czajkowskithanks for answering20:37
SergioMenesesJoseeAntonioR, I wanna know more about the future goals!20:37
JoseeAntonioRSure! We've got lots of invitations to different events. There is where we're going to help people to get involved with the project. They are presented to Ubuntu, and told to join the LP team and all resources.20:38
JoseeAntonioROnce we've done that, we contact them, and start planning what we'll be doing in the meanwhile.20:39
huatsok great action !20:39
JoseeAntonioRBy now, we've got some plans, as getting Ubuntu in local stores. There are PCs with Ubuntu, but the amount is minimal.\20:39
SergioMenesesJoseeAntonioR, perfect!20:39
huatsOk I think we are ready to vote then !20:39
JoseeAntonioRWe're also trying to get people involved with translations and development. We offer mentoring if necessary, to get them to reach the member status.20:40
meetingologyPlease vote on:20:40
meetingologyPublic votes can be registered by saying +1, +0 or -1 in channel, (private votes don't work yet, but when they do it will be by messaging the channel followed by +1/-1/+0 to me)20:40
huats#vote ubuntu-pe reapproval20:40
meetingologyPlease vote on: ubuntu-pe reapproval20:40
meetingologyPublic votes can be registered by saying +1, +0 or -1 in channel, (private votes don't work yet, but when they do it will be by messaging the channel followed by +1/-1/+0 to me)20:40
meetingology+1 received from SergioMeneses20:40
meetingology+1 received from huats20:40
meetingology+1 received from itnet720:40
meetingology+1 received from czajkowski20:40
meetingology+1 received from xdatap120:40
meetingologyVoting ended on: ubuntu-pe reapproval20:41
meetingologyVotes for:5 Votes against:0 Abstentions:020:41
meetingologyMotion carried20:41
huatsUbuntu-pe thanks !20:41
JoseeAntonioRThanks, guys!20:41
itnet7Great job JoseeAntonioR and Team!!20:41
SergioMenesesJoseeAntonioR, congratulations!20:41
JoseeAntonioRitnet7: we'll be sure to keep it up.20:41
huatsfor your application and congratulations !20:41
xdatap1JoseeAntonioR, well done20:41
huatsand say hi to nxvl that we miss him !20:41
SergioMenesesJoseeAntonioR, and thanks for the boot thing ;)20:41
itnet7:-) \o/ awesome!20:41
JoseeAntonioRthank you so much guys!20:41
JoseeAntonioRSergioMeneses: np!20:41
JoseeAntonioRhuats: I'll be sure to make it.20:42
huatsSo next is ubuntu Italy !20:42
huats#link https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ItalianTeam/ReApprovalApplication201220:42
JoseeAntonioRI need to run to classes now, see you later guys!20:42
huatsis there anyone here for ubuntu italy ?20:42
xdatap1if you're from the Italian team raise your hand20:42
Gwaihirhello huats!20:42
czajkowskiGwaihir: !!20:42
huatshello Gwaihir !20:42
Gwaihir'evening czajkowski!20:42
SergioMenesesGwaihir, \o20:42
czajkowskithanks for coming folks!20:43
SergioMeneseshello ubuntu-italian team!20:43
l3onhello! :)20:43
czajkowskialways interesting to see what the team is up to20:43
huatsthanks for coming !20:43
huatsso we is about to speak for the team ?20:43
huatsto present your hard work ?20:43
Gwaihirhuats, that will be me I guess20:43
Gwaihirfire any questions you have :-)20:43
huatsGwaihir: you are not even living in Italy !!!20:43
Gwaihiryeah... blame on me :-)20:44
czajkowskinice #link http://loco.ubuntu.com/teams/ubuntu-it/events/history20:44
huatsI have a question20:44
huatsyouj mention the RAI320:45
Gwaihirhuats, sure20:45
huatswhat are your experience with press ?20:45
huatsand medias ?20:45
Gwaihiryeah, that is an old interview20:45
huatsare you able to communicate on a large scale ?20:45
Gwaihirexperience is ups and lows20:45
czajkowski27 Ubuntu members :o WOW20:45
huats(is t is not a tricky question I am just curious)20:46
Gwaihirsometimes we are able to reach big names in the press, sometimes it is harder, but we have some good people trying to reach out them as much as we can20:46
huatsok GwaihirI think we are all facing the same difficulties20:46
Gwaihirusually for every release we have a release press article that we send out, sometimes it is picked up20:46
Gwaihiryeah, I guess it is hard, need to make a lot of good contacts, but it is not easy20:47
czajkowskiGwaihir: does the team face any issues as you're rather large ?20:47
Gwaihirczajkowski, not really, we are rather large, but the team is well structured20:47
Gwaihirwe have different working teams that are more or less independent20:47
czajkowskiGwaihir: can you tell us about the structure please?20:47
Gwaihirso they do not strictly depend on our Council20:47
Gwaihirwe have a similar structure to the international community20:48
Gwaihirwe have a Community Council20:48
Gwaihirplus small working teams, specialized in their field20:48
Gwaihira translation team, a doc team, form admins and staff, developers, testers and so on20:49
xdatap1graphical schema of the italian team: http://www.ubuntu-it.org/comunita20:49
czajkowskiaww that is rather cute20:49
SergioMenesesxdatap1, nice20:49
czajkowskiGwaihir: Team reports ?20:49
Gwaihirthey basically sets up themselves as they need to, we just watch other in the beginning20:49
Gwaihirczajkowski, ah... we actually are not really good at that20:49
czajkowskiGwaihir: :(20:49
huatsGwaihir: hum....20:50
huatsI am so disapointed20:50
czajkowskiGwaihir: is that something perhaps the team could work on20:50
huatsI won't say it aloud since I want to spend nice holidays in italy in 2 weeks20:50
Gwaihirwe tried to have single teams write small reports and then re-wrote them in the team report page, but didn't work nice20:50
huatsbut you should work on that20:50
Gwaihirhuats, indeed, we have to20:50
czajkowskiok am ready to vote20:50
xdatap1i will retrain my vote, being a italian council member20:51
huats#vote Ubuntu-it reapproval20:51
meetingologyPlease vote on: Ubuntu-it reapproval20:51
meetingologyPublic votes can be registered by saying +1, +0 or -1 in channel, (private votes don't work yet, but when they do it will be by messaging the channel followed by +1/-1/+0 to me)20:51
meetingology+1 received from huats20:51
meetingology+1 received from itnet720:51
meetingology+1 received from czajkowski20:51
czajkowskixdatap1: you need to +  020:51
huatsSergioMeneses: your vote ?20:52
meetingology+0 received from xdatap120:52
meetingology+1 received from SergioMeneses20:52
meetingologyVoting ended on: Ubuntu-it reapproval20:52
meetingologyVotes for:4 Votes against:0 Abstentions:120:52
meetingologyMotion carried20:52
huatsCongratulations ubuntu-it !20:52
czajkowskiGwaihir: my only thing would be in 2 years time can we see team reports please!20:52
huatsczajkowski: +1 !20:52
SergioMenesestotally agree with czajkowski20:52
itnet7Congrats Gwaihir and Ubuntu-it!!20:52
Gwaihirczajkowski, sure, we will definitely do better on that!20:52
l3onthanks ! :)20:52
SergioMenesesand congratulations ubuntu-it20:52
Gwaihirthanks LoCo Council!20:52
czajkowskithanks you20:52
huatsSo the next team is Russia !20:53
huats#link https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RussianTeam/ReApprovalApplication201220:53
huatsIs thre anyone from russia ?20:53
huatsThanks for joining us20:53
huatsWho will speak to present your activity ?20:53
SergioMeneseshello ubuntu russia!20:54
yurauAgafonov will20:54
czajkowskiAgafonov: hey there20:54
AgafonovI was workking to geather application, so yes20:54
huatsAgafonov: great we are listening to you :)20:54
czajkowskiyay photos make me happy20:54
huatsare there any points you want to specifically present ?20:55
czajkowski#link http://loco.ubuntu.com/teams/ubuntu-ru/events/history20:55
Agafonovplease note we are big country and it is really hard to be a loco as a one single team20:55
Agafonovso there many teams involved in activity20:56
czajkowskiAgafonov: ah ok, so do you think the Russian loco would benefit from being broken up into smaller locos like USA for example ?20:56
yurauwe dont know english )20:56
SergioMenesesAgafonov, I like the community numbers, but what is Vkontakte LoCo?20:56
Malamutczajkowski: I don't think so20:56
Agafonovsome are doing things we are really do not know :)20:56
Agafonovvkontakte is a big russian social network20:57
ghosthostplease, don't say I about all of us, yourau :)20:57
Agafonovregarding breakage - there are some teams already in your list20:58
Agafonovfor example20:58
SergioMenesesAgafonov, I think so but it is a great number of members20:58
czajkowskiwell it would mean areas that are active and went for approved loco would get stuff like cds and other areas that werent could work wtih approved areas and maybe share resoources20:58
Agafonovmost are users :)20:58
Malamutwell, we have some very active teams in some cities, but in general there is not enough active members((20:59
czajkowskiso what do you see as the issues for the russian loco ?20:59
Agafonovnot enough *active* members20:59
czajkowskiok, and do you have any plans to change this ?21:00
Agafonovthis is a question of leadership more or less...21:00
Malamutczajkowski: one global team to help regional subteams21:00
Malamutczajkowski: yes, of cource21:00
czajkowskiMalamut: nods that is what I think would work21:00
czajkowskianything else people want to add21:01
Malamutnow we are working on our central web resources and some global goals21:01
Malamutlike Russiian Remix21:01
huatssounds good !21:02
huatsI think we know enough to vote !21:02
huats#vote Ubuntu Russia reapproval21:02
meetingologyPlease vote on: Ubuntu Russia reapproval21:02
meetingologyPublic votes can be registered by saying +1, +0 or -1 in channel, (private votes don't work yet, but when they do it will be by messaging the channel followed by +1/-1/+0 to me)21:02
meetingology+1 received from huats21:02
meetingology+1 received from xdatap121:02
meetingology+1 received from SergioMeneses21:02
meetingology+1 received from itnet721:02
huatsAgafonov: where are team reports btw ?21:03
huatsczajkowski: your vote ?21:03
Agafonovhuats: the most valuable question!21:03
meetingology+1 received from czajkowski21:04
Agafonovthe issue we have this probles since last reapproval...21:04
meetingologyVoting ended on: Ubuntu Russia reapproval21:05
meetingologyVotes for:5 Votes against:0 Abstentions:021:05
meetingologyMotion carried21:05
huatsSo ubuntu-ru congrats21:05
huatsbut please try to work on that21:05
huatsit would be really needed for the reapproval in 2 years !21:05
MalamutThanks a lot21:05
SergioMenesescongratulations ubuntu russian team21:05
huats(we would have a close look at that)21:05
xdatap1congratulations guys21:05
Malamutwe'll try to do our best21:06
huatsIt is important for you to share your great work with the rest of the world :)21:06
Agafonovhuats: I think we have some powers now!!!21:06
itnet7Good job Ubuntu-ru Thanks for working on it for the future!!21:06
huatsI think it is it !21:06
ghosthostthank you21:06
huatsNothing else on the agenda !21:06
huatsThanks everyone for joining us !21:06
SergioMeneseshuats, no21:06
huatsno ?21:07
xdatap1thanks everyone21:07
xdatap1good night21:07
Agafonovthanks again!21:07
huatsSee you all next month !21:07
Fuchsnighty night :)21:07
SergioMenesesok guys tanks for coming21:07
SergioMenesesI see you21:07
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l3onbye! :)21:08
Seveas ▁▃▅▇▅▃▁▁▃▅▇▅▃▁▁▃▅▇▅▃▁21:37
Seveas(oops, wrong channel)21:37
marchn8 :)21:49
kittiesThose waiting for the meeting - the time has mysteriously changed to the 18th.23:02
wildmanne39I thought today was the 18th23:03
JoseAntonioR#voters everyone23:26

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