micahgjbicha: there will be another haskell upload, you might want to hold off on the rebuilds04:24
jbichaoh, haskell's annoying :(04:25
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dholbachhey Laney, how are you doing?07:32
dholbachdo you know where ubuntu_upload_history went?07:32
Laneydholbach: ajmitch needs to update postgres on that machine07:36
dholbachLaney, to me it looks like the table has  been gone for a bit more than two weeks - could that be?07:37
dholbachok :-/07:39
Laneyit's still available on the udd host, so if you're able to use that07:39
Laneyjust the ubuntuwire mirror is broken07:39
dholbachah ok, thanks07:42
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v0lksmanhello all! Is it ok to ask general packaging questions in here or is this only for motu discussion?14:22
highvoltagev0lksman: you can ask general packaging questions14:23
v0lksmanexcellent.  thanks!14:23
highvoltagev0lksman: although there's also a #ubuntu-packaging channel fwiw14:23
v0lksmanlikley very simple but is there a way to roll back a build?  IE I put together a package, everything compiled into .debs as expected but now I need to tweak the package again as I missed a small component.  How do you do that?14:24
v0lksmanto date I just wipe everything out and start over but that seems very wastful and almost certainly wrong... :)14:24
v0lksmandebclean? :)14:26
highvoltagehow did you generate your .deb files?14:27
Bachstelzev0lksman: no need to wipe anything, just rebuild the package, it will overwrite the old one14:31
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v0lksmanBachstelze: I tried that yesterday but it didn't seem to work.  It failed on patches etc...I think debclean did the trick though14:36
Bachstelzev0lksman: normally debclean should be run before every build14:48
Bachstelzeso you shouldn't need to run it manuallly14:48
v0lksmanBachstelze: really?  hrm.  Interesting.  Well I'll try again after this build completes as I'll likley have left something out again.  :)14:49
jokerdinoheya everyone. i thought i would step forward with helping a bit around chromium browser ppa's. is there anything i can start working on now to get myself familiar with more advanced packaging and stuff?15:30
jokerdinoi am willing to help and i am willing to learn to help. please do take my offer.15:31
jokerdino*please do consider my offer15:31
micahgjokerdino: being familiar with the bzr workflow would help15:33
jokerdinoi have started using bzr a bit more now.15:34
jokerdinoi guess i can play with bzr in my playground.15:34
jokerdinowell, i guess i could a mentor as things get going o.O15:36
jokerdino* i could use a mentor15:36
micahgjokerdino: I'd be happy to help with that as soon as I get a few other things out of the way15:38
jokerdinomicahg: thanks much.15:38
jokerdinoi think i will camp in this room for sometime then. =)15:38
dholbachwho could imagine running a session at the next Ubuntu Developer Week? we still have loads of session slots open15:47
dholbachhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDeveloperWeek/Timetable :)15:47
dholbachand if you just want to cover a small topic like "getting watch files right" or something like that, we have 30 minute slots available too15:48
jokerdinoadding it to google calendar. don't want to miss awesome lessons =)15:49
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* micahg is getting tired of people hitting the retry button on haskell-criterion17:35
ScottKmicahg: Perhaps retry failures should get mailed to the retrier, not the original uploader.17:42
micahgScottK: well, that too, but I'd kinda like to know who doesn't get haskell so they can be educated :)17:43
* ScottK hands micahg a stick.17:43
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\shcrap crap crap19:59
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micahg\sh: bad day?20:02
\shmicahg: fighting with freeipa-client on 12.0420:02
\shipa-getkeytab should do something...but it does nothing...which is strange20:02
\shand strace gives me nothing...when I compare the strace output between 12.04 and F17 ... 12.04 stops after trying the get locales ...20:04
\shand being in the Pacific timezone doesn't help to reach the right people on u-server20:06
micahgthere are some people there20:07
\shmicahg: not tjaalton ;)20:07
\shor kklimonda ;)20:08
\shimho they are all on european timezone...20:08
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\shfiling bugs20:10
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ScottK\sh: Why are you in the Pacific TZ?20:18
\shScottK: Because I'm in california :) being in the Citrix Online HQ20:19
ScottKOK.  Temporary or permanent?20:19
\shScottK: this is my 2nd month, still one to go...eventually relocating next year20:19
ScottK\sh: Welcome to America.20:20
Laneypeople should stop touching haskell20:20
\shScottK: thanks :) if I would have known that California is so nice and friendly I would have come earlier ;)20:20
Laneymaybe I should mail -devel or something20:20
ScottKLaney: Perhaps a closed packageset.20:21
ScottKI suspect the ones giving you trouble don't read devel.20:21
Laneyit's not trouble for me, just wasted time (human and buildd) and bug mail for micahg20:21
\shScottK: you are in the eastern TZ of the States, right?20:22
* Laney goes offline. Will think about it.20:22
ScottK\sh: Yes.20:22
* micahg is in the middle20:23
\shScottK: hopefully I have a opportunity to go somewhere near jersey or Raleigh/NC...need to visit some offices20:23
ScottKOK.  I'm pretty much in between those two.20:23
iulianLaney: Bleah.20:23
* iulian looks at -changes.20:25
\shScottK: when I know more, I give you a ping so eventually we can meet on american soil ;)20:25
ScottKSounds good.20:25
* \sh is in Goleta, so Santa Barbara area...nice place 20:25
ScottKiulian: I think it's mostly people hitting the retry button.20:25
ScottKLooks like Goleta is the very end of LA.20:27
\shLA is i don't know 1.5/2 hours drive?20:27
ScottKI mean the LA area.20:27
\shoh yes..20:28
ScottKAFAIK, California is LA, SFO, and wilderness.20:28
LaneyOne day I'll go climbing in Yosemite20:29
\shI had a nice time in San Jose, so Sillicon Valley...nice area, good weather...I like it hot...and on the 08/15/2012 I'm somewhere in Mountain View, Shoreline Amphitheater watching Kiss, Moetley Crue and The Treatment :)20:29
* Laney hopes \sh has been there20:30
\shLaney: I'm still doing too much of work :) really, need to relocate to catch up with all the nice places here :)20:31
\shwhat was the magic to produce ddeb packages?21:12
highvoltageit exists already?21:27
\shhighvoltage: not for freeipa ;)21:45

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