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PineappleCLockHello, I followed the server guide for installing rails, and I don't see how to actually serve the application. does apt-get install rails install Passenger / mod_rails ?00:54
irvis it possible to add a cron job to be executed as my user account but start when the system reboots?00:57
irvor woudl that be accomplished some other way?00:58
umopaplsdnCan someone help me with an Ubuntu Server installation?00:58
irvit's ZNC00:58
umopaplsdnThe problem is that I need to use a USB to install the server, yet I cannot find the Ubuntu Server 12.04 on the Universal USB Installer. I have downloaded the ISO. Any suggestions?00:59
zakkirv: crontab -e as your user, afaik you can only do it on a time-basis but you could insert other logic into your script01:01
zakkumopaplsdn: I just did this yesterday, it's below Ubuntu Studio 12.0401:01
zakkumopaplsdn: it's like Ubuntu Server Installer 12.0401:01
umopaplsdnOkay, thanks!01:01
umopaplsdnI'll take a look.01:01
umopaplsdnOh I see... Odd place to put the server installer01:02
umopaplsdnThanks, found it.01:02
zakkyeah I was kind of surprised01:02
umopaplsdnSee ya'!01:02
* PineappleCLock redacts question01:03
irvzakk: hmm, like i have a cronjob doing it that i added as my user01:03
irvbut it only launches ZNC when i login to the VM01:03
irvthe cron line is */2 * * * * /usr/bin/znc >/dev/null 2&101:03
zakkirv: I would just run that as a service via init scripting01:04
irvthat was my next option, but this was the only thing outlined in the ZNC faq01:08
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zakkI'm not familiar with znc, but it sounds like a service01:10
zakkso I'd run it and just have the init script su - to myuser01:10
Eitanhey guys. i am hammering a new ubuntu server with tons of connections, i was running centos for my application before with no problems... For some reason i am getting a lot of connection time outs when establishing connections both mysql 3306 and redis 6397... first i found that syn flood protection was blocking some stuff, so i managed to turn that off. but im not sure to see where else02:38
Eitanor why else connections are timing out as far as logs or perhaps if its a ulimit issue?02:38
Eitanany ideas fellas02:41
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aarcanehow can I tell the ubuntu server partitioner to use GPT partition tables?  It keeps wanting to make a legacy MBR partition table, and the usual utilities (parted, gdisk) aren't present on the installer.02:59
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uvirtbot`New bug: #998504 in samba (main) "samba generates errors when installing. Also have problems with samba4. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling." [Undecided,Expired] https://launchpad.net/bugs/99850404:26
uvirtbot`New bug: #1000716 in php5 (main) "libapache2-mod-php5/php5-fpm post-inst script segfaults (exit status 139)" [Undecided,Expired] https://launchpad.net/bugs/100071604:26
uvirtbot`New bug: #993657 in samba (main) "package samba 2:3.6.3-2ubuntu2.1 failed to install/upgrade: subproses skrip post-installation terpasang menghasilkan kesalahan status keluaran: 1" [Undecided,Expired] https://launchpad.net/bugs/99365704:27
uvirtbot`New bug: #994160 in memcached (main) "package memcached 1.4.13-0ubuntu2 failed to install/upgrade: ErrorMessage: subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 1" [Low,Expired] https://launchpad.net/bugs/99416004:27
uvirtbot`New bug: #995449 in php5 (main) "cannot install package php5-intl on 12.04 (Precise)" [Medium,Expired] https://launchpad.net/bugs/99544904:27
uvirtbot`New bug: #995939 in mysql-5.1 (main) "package mysql-server-5.1 5.1.62-0ubuntu0.11.04.1 failed to install/upgrade: el subproceso instalado el script post-installation devolvió el código de salida de error 1" [Undecided,Expired] https://launchpad.net/bugs/99593904:27
uvirtbot`New bug: #996293 in samba (main) "Cannot login using active directory users ( Unknown id: $username )" [Medium,Expired] https://launchpad.net/bugs/99629304:27
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kyle6513I'm having trouble getting php5 to execute scripts on an apache2 install, it's just displaying the scripts. Anyone who can help?04:49
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zastaphI wonder why I didn't hear about the RAID write hole until now that I actually decided to go RAID08:23
zastaphnow that I know about it, it's the first thing I would tell people if they asked me advice about RAID :)08:23
zastaphnow I wonder how to deal with it08:25
zastaphwould an UPS be sufficient?08:25
ivoksraid hole?08:26
zastaphI also understand now that ZFS was invented to deal with just that08:27
ivoksraid5 :)08:28
zastaphnah it's in all of them08:28
ivoksraid cards should allways have a battery08:28
zastaphok, but what about Linux Software RAID ?08:29
ivoksups, of course08:30
zastaphyeah, so I'm looking for one now08:30
ivoksthis isn't a big problem08:30
zastaphand I presume for an UPS to have any significant impact, you need some kind of software to listen to the UPS and gracefully shutdown on errors?08:30
zastaphlike http://www.apcupsd.org/08:31
zastaphbut does it run in Ubuntu ?08:31
ivoksthat's a definition of ups :)08:31
zastaphdoes APC deliver that software? i tried to read manuals, couldn't find info08:31
ivoksand this problem is not frequent08:31
zastaphfrequent or not.. silent data corruption sounds pretty bad to me08:31
ivoksall major companies work with nut08:31
zastaphI choose RAID to secure my data, not to corrupt it :)08:31
ivoksand support its development08:32
zastaphim a SOHO user08:32
ivoksnut, yes08:32
ivoksapt-cache show nut08:32
zastaphsudo apt-get install nut ?08:32
zastaphsudo service restart nut08:32
ivoksyou need to configure it, of course08:33
ivoksfor your ups08:33
zastaphneed to find compatible ups too I guess08:33
zastaphbut why not http://www.apcupsd.org/ if I buy APC anyway08:35
ivoksthat's also an option08:35
zastaphI don't need a big battery or anything, and I don't need uptimes at all.. i'm only buying UPS to avoid write hole and as surge protection.. so 1-2 minutes of shutdown time for 2 mini servers at less than 50W each08:36
ejvmy apc is buggy on 10.04 lts, your mileage may vary08:37
ivoksi had no problems with eaton, powerware and blazer08:37
zastaphivoks, can you narrow those 3 down to 1 recommendation? :p08:37
ejvthe ups itself is fine, it just loses it's connection to apcupsd constantly08:37
ivokszastaph: i can't - check them out, see what you can get and what prices are affordable for you08:38
zastaphwith so many UPS options I figure I'd spend all day picking one :p08:38
zastaphthe joy of linux.. reading about hardware support08:39
ivoksi've seen hardware that doesn't work with windows08:40
ivoksactually, i see it on a daily basis :)08:40
zastaphyeah but all hardware vendors write on their support page if they have windows or mac.. for linux you need to search elsewhere :)08:41
zastaphspeaking of, did you see http://liliputing.com/2012/05/first-look-at-project-sputnik-dell-xps-13-ultrabook-with-ubuntu-linux.html08:41
zastaphI'd like that,but seems not quite finished/supported http://hwe.ubuntu.com/uds-q/dellxps/08:42
ivoksyes, i've seen it08:43
ivoksand, afaik, multitouch has been resolved since then08:44
ivokslol that video just shows that trackpoint is unbeatable innovation :)08:45
zastaphDell is on the top of the list for hardware certification http://www.ubuntu.com/certification/desktop/08:46
zastaphyet a laptop has to be customized for ubuntu and even that isn't finished :)08:46
zastaphi think hardware support is what prevents me from going full ubuntu08:47
zastaphfor desktop that is :)08:47
ivoksthat's a list of machines that were given to get certification08:48
ivoksit's in no way full list of working devices08:49
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zastaphI also wanted to try to install it on a macbook: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBook08:51
zastaphbut reading that list of different side-effects on all versions of Macbook matched with all versions of Ubuntu made me change my mind :)08:52
RoyKanyone here ever setup sanlock with kvm?08:53
zastaphubuntu for Slate computers also seems risky https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ARM/TabletList08:54
zastaphivoks, seems powerware is eaton08:55
* RoyK has a pandaboard with precise ;)09:03
rbasaksmoser: sorry, I wasn't around. Ping me when you get in if you like.09:06
zastaphI presume you connect an ups to your servers with one power cable and one usb cable? so to notify 2 servers about power failure I need one that has multiple USB.. seems the cheap ones only has 109:09
zastaphif my power goes, the network goes09:14
zastaphso I guess servers would shutdown alone if the network went09:15
RoyKzastaph: if the UPS can't hold power sufficiently long for the servers to be shut down, ten get a new UPS :P09:23
zastaphahh the switch will also be on ups, but my internet router will be in another room.. but i guess that wont break the LAN09:24
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zastaphbut the router is the DHCP server09:28
zastaphso probably it will break something on the LAN09:28
zastaphoh well I only have 1 server with valuable files on.. the other server is a backup server, and I guess it wouldnt be disaster if it wasnt rock solid09:31
zastaphbut then the UPS battery will always be emptied, if even some units attached aren't aware of the power fail09:32
kuulHi i am trying to create clustered lvm but i can not pass "vgcreate --clustered y my group"  command on 10.04. am i doing something wrong?09:34
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uvirtbot`New bug: #1025595 in tomcat7 (main) "tomcat7 test failed: AssertionError: ['tcp6 0 0 :::8080 :::* LISTEN 898/java '" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/102559509:56
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reisiafter enabling sssd via pam and nsswitch.conf shouldn't i be seeing all my users (from sssd domain[s]) with getent passwd?10:09
reisiwith sssd debug level 0x1310 i cannot see anything related to authentication when i try to login into the system; any ideas?10:19
reisiauth.log has: pam_sss(sshd:auth): received for user reisi: 10 (User not known to the underlying authentication module)10:20
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jamespagerbasak, around?  probably easier to discuss that jenkins thing10:23
rbasakjamespage: yes10:23
jamespagerbasak, just reading - does this stuff run in a jenkins job?10:24
rbasakjamespage: yes - the code you see creates the jenkins job with that as the contents10:25
rbasakjamespage: although, that's odd. It expects to be at the root of the checked out tree10:25
rbasakI'm not sure I follow what Al's doing any more10:26
rbasakWon't he end up two levels higher if he does that?10:26
rbasakahs3: ^^10:26
jamespagerbasak, me neither - I think I'm lacking context as to what he's trying todo10:26
jamespagerbasak, do you inject config.xml files directly into the filesystem; or do you use the REST API through python-jenkins?10:27
jamespagerbasak, right-oh10:27
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jamespagezul, adam_g: did I see some crazy mad talk about adding nodejs to the dependencies of horizon?10:59
zastaphis it possible to buy a RAID BBU cheap?11:01
ikoniaBBU ?11:02
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_rubendepeonds on the raid controller obviously11:07
_rubenbut they're easily close to $10011:07
zastaphI dont want to use hardware raid because if the card breaks I need to find an exact match11:10
zastaphbut I thought about using just the BBU part of the card11:10
zastaphsounds complicated11:10
zastaphBBU = battery backed cache?11:10
andygraybeallots of raid on ebay, right?11:11
andygraybealjust buy a popular used one11:11
ikoniawhat's a BBU ?11:11
zastaphis it possible to use an SSD for raid cache, as replacement for BBU?11:11
zastaphanything to prevent raid write hole11:11
ikoniazastaph: I wouldn't suggest that11:11
ikoniazastaph: you want a crappy host raid card, they are cheap, you want a quality true hardware raid controller, they are not11:12
zastaphI just want to setup a server and sleep well at night11:12
ikoniathen buy a hardware raid card11:12
ikonia(that has good linux support, eg: 3ware, LSI)11:12
zastaphand if the card breaks in 4 years when they are discontinued?11:13
ikoniathen replace with a different card11:13
ikoniaor buy from an EOL supplier11:14
zastaphI read that you can't just get your data back if a hardware raid card breaks11:14
ikoniathat isn't true11:14
ikoniaare you doing a stripe or a mirror ?11:14
zastaphi don't know.. 2 servers with 4 disks.. probably 5/6 for backup server and 10 for file server11:15
ikoniawell, the mirror certainly shouldn't be a problemn to revover from,11:15
zastaph3ware/LSI over budget11:15
ikoniathe stripe, I guess it depends on the mechanism it uses11:15
ikoniazastaph: then you need to accept the limitations of your budget11:15
_rubensafety costs money11:15
_rubenand no, using a bbu without a raidcontroller is not possible11:16
ikoniathe good thing with the LSI/3ware you can upgrade your card model and the raid is still valid11:16
_rubenwell, zfs with its cache on ssd is as close as one gets i guess11:16
zastaphso.. if I get an UPS, would it be safe enough?11:16
ikoniayou don't even have to rebuild the array, I moved from an 8 series to a 9 series card without issue11:16
ikoniazastaph: it's up to you what you consider safe11:16
_rubenups wont help if your system crashes11:16
RoyKzastaph: you don't lose your IP if the DHCP server goes down11:17
zastaphRoyK, yeah I figured that too :) just need to choose the right UPS11:17
ikoniaerrr, UPS isn't really the priority here.11:18
zastaphsomeone here must use UPS? and have good or bad experiences with ubuntu server11:18
ikoniaunless I've missunderstood11:18
ikoniaI use many small and enterprise UPS devices11:18
zastaphnot interested in uptime at all11:18
zastaphdata safety all the way11:18
ikoniathen why are you buying UPS11:18
ikoniaI have two in my house11:18
ikoniaif you are not interested in uptime11:18
zastaphto avoid raid write hole11:19
zastaphand power surges11:19
ikoniaUPS will only give you safe shutdown in the event of power loss11:19
_rubena raidcontroller with bbu would be more usefull than a ups11:19
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zastaphseems complicated to install one in my hp microserver11:21
zastaphif there's even space for it11:21
zastaphI don't have enterprise needs.. I just want to protect my data11:21
_rubenas stated before, everything has its price :)11:22
zastaphok i'll accept my limitations :) btw. are some RAID setups more prone to write hole than others?11:23
zastaphthere gotta be a reason it's refered to as raid 5 write hole11:23
zastaphand I also read about software that can detect write holes.. perhaps I can accept the unlikely chance of having one, but then I would like to detect it early11:24
_rubennot using raid5 would be another option obviously11:26
zastaphyeah I thought about not using RAID at all11:26
zastaphbut then 4 2TB disks suddenly seems like an awful waste :)11:27
zastaphi thought about some kind of rsync replacement11:27
zastaphto deal with mirroring11:27
zastaphbut as I read it, all RAID types (except ZFS) has write holes11:29
zastaphunfortunately using ZFS requires you to deal with operating systems miles from ubuntu server in usability11:29
ivokshave you ever configured raid in your life?11:33
zastaphnever :)11:36
zastaphbut my theory is getting stronger11:36
samba35i am "trying " to understand openstack , i have test website installed and it was working as expected but after installed some packages and openstack my default web site is showing ubuntu  openstack dashboard page with username and passwd option how do i fix this  or how do i trace this11:36
_rubenraid5 isn't the only raid level....11:37
zuljamespage: if i can avoid it11:37
zastaphruben, I know, and? as I wrote the other raid level has the write hole too11:37
zastaphikonia, what UPS did you have, and do they play well with ubuntu server?11:38
_rubenzastaph: as i read it (only read the wikipedia article on it), it'd be limited to raid levels that use partiy, so raid1 and raid10 for instance don't suffer from it11:39
_rubensure, corruption can still occur11:39
zastaphruben, http://www.raid-recovery-guide.com/raid5-write-hole.aspx11:39
_rubenif a disk is starting to fail, you can get corruption as well, raid or not11:40
zastaphok so what's difference betwene write hole and corruption?11:40
zastaphthat link says RAID 10 inherits it from RAID 111:40
_rubenwrite hole appears to be just one example of possible corruptions11:40
jamespagezul, that would be good....  its extremely fast moving so not really suitable for LTS style support IMHO11:41
_rubenah, then it's just a name to indicate any "raid-related" corruption after all11:41
_rubenwith raid5 a write failure could go undetected, with raid1 it would be detectable11:41
zastaphnotice the list of tips to reduce the effects below11:41
zastaphUPS and  "Synchronize your array regularly"11:41
zastaphI wish he would specify how11:42
ikoniazastaph: I'm using APC, yes they work fine11:42
zastaphikonia, nut or apcupsd11:42
zastaphand you have 2 because they control 2 computers I guess? why not 1 to control all11:43
ikoniaI have one because I have two setups, one in the cellar and one in the attic11:43
ikoniathey power 2 - 3 devices each11:44
ikoniagive approx 15 - 20 minutes of run time to the 2 - 3 devices and a clean shutdown and alert11:44
zastaphand i presume they only have 1 usb? so the other 1-2 devices gets notified by network from the master computer?11:44
ikoniathere is a script on the master that will shutdown the other 2 and the master shutdown gets invoked from the unit11:44
zastaphhow often do you change the battery11:45
ikonianot changed either in 2 years11:45
ikoniastill showing %100 charge11:45
zastaphisn't 15-20 minutes overkill simply for shutting down?11:45
ikoniathe two power outages I've had they have both held up exactly as expected11:45
ikoniathe batter test option is still showing fine11:45
ikoniazastaph: it doesn't shutdown until it's a confirmed long outage11:45
ikoniaI don't want to shut everything down if it's just a little blip11:45
ikoniaI think the threshold is 7 minutes-ish I set on the delay11:46
ikoniaI can't remember, it's 2 years ago11:46
zastaphand surely you tested it :)11:46
ikoniayes, and I've had 2 unplanned outages that worked fine11:46
ikonia(I may have had more, but I can only think of two)11:46
ikoniaI've had a few blip outages of 90 seconds or less that obviously didn't cause a problem11:47
ikoniathe two outages that where long ones worked fine11:47
zastaphrecall the model number?11:47
ikoniahang on11:47
ikoniaI'll see if it's on the site11:47
ikoniaalthough I'd still suggest you invest in a proper raid card over a ups11:48
zastaphdon't think I have this option with my 2 atom based mini servers :)11:48
ikoniaPro 90011:48
_rubenmust be tiny instead of mini servers, if there isn't room for add-in cards11:49
ikoniaI do have a 3rd the pro 550, but that's not hooked up to computer equipment, that's powering my PVR and a few other odd house hold items11:49
ikoniaI suspect the 550 would be perfect for your needs11:50
zastapheven just backups ES series (not pro) might be11:52
ikoniaI'm not sure how the shutdown stuff works on the ES stuff, I wasn't convinced by it when I looked11:53
ikoniathings may have changed11:53
zastaphit's terrible how many different models they have :)11:54
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zastaphnative linux ZFS filesystem ?12:19
zastaphAs of June 2012, the port is in release candidate status for version 0.6.0, which supports mounting filesystems12:25
zastaphnot ready for production i presume?12:25
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reisizastaph: i just tried out zfsonlinux.org for server usage; basically it's not there yet13:05
zastaphthought so13:05
reisizastaph: if you want to try it head over to #zfsonlinux13:05
reisizastaph: you'll need to use spl and zfs from the gentoo branch of ryao, and patch a custom kernel13:06
zastaphin other words, no thanks :)13:06
reisizastaph: last is optional, but basically required as it could cause rare deadlock13:06
zastaphi could imagine not using raid at all13:07
reisizastaph: i tried it with ryao's branch but without the kernel patch, everything worked out nicely, even with swap over zpool, but the discussion over the kernel patch lead me to believe it's rather essential13:08
zastaphjust the word branch makes me say no thanks :) if the master branch isn't capable i'm not joining yet13:08
zastaphalso.. ZFS is all about revisions .. with RAID there's no revision.. it's just RAID :)13:09
reisiif you mean RAID == mdadm there are revisions as well, but i guess those happen less "often" (not that zfs upgrades that often it'd seem)13:10
xnoxwell RAID = mdadm has multiple format revisions, there are dataformats as well e.g. ISMS/DDF, and hardware raid controllers...13:11
ivoksfor someone that is so afraid about exceptionally rare problem, you are buying a server that will probably crash and burn before you ever see 'raid hole'13:11
xnoxusually borked hw controller means you need to find the exactly same matching controller...13:11
ivoksif you have so precious data, which even backups can't restore, then you should buy a DC, not a microserver13:12
ivoksDC with bunch of servers, replication and hardware raid cards of $500+13:13
reisiapparently i jumped into the middle of the conversation..13:13
ivoksxnox: not exactly the same, but from the same vendor13:14
ExopaladinI like zfsonlinux for my file server at home, but wouldn't run it on a production server :P13:14
xnoxivoks: some vendors don't tell you which controllers are compatible, and if you bought one 10 years ago....13:14
reisiExopaladin: exatcly; but i guess it'll be ready for server testing soon, i hear some are already running off btrfs as well :)13:16
ExopaladinI'd almost trust zfsonlinux more than btrfs, the fact that their latest news announcement says they now have an fsck that fixes *some* problems isn't exactly encouraging13:17
ikoniapretty hard to argue btrfs's stability when Oracle have deemed it production ready13:18
zastaphproblem is I don't know how rare write hole is.. and I don't know how serious it is when it happens.. is it a hole that keeps digging itself deeper, or is it just a corruption that occurs on the active file being written to during power outtage ?13:18
zastaphEaton Ellipse ECO line of UPS's look nice13:20
zastaphand they verified to me that their own software is ubuntu compatible13:20
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maplesoft I cant run a .jsp or .war     by tomcate.  i have mady /user/www as my apache dir for php and html files and place .jar and .war in that too.      https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/serverguide/tomcat.html#tomcat-configuration       i cant get help from httpd or tomcat channels13:38
jamespagemaplesoft, I think I understand your question14:02
jamespagetomcat won't by default look for war/.jsp files in /usr/www14:02
jamespageeach war file (which can contain .jsp's) must be placed in /var/lib/tomcat6/webapps14:03
maplesoftjamespage hm... when i type mydomain.com:8080  it shows ....."it works. " so where is that file that sys that?14:17
maplesoftjamespage It works!14:19
maplesoftThis is the default web page for this server.14:19
maplesoftThe web server software is running but no content has been added, yet.14:19
maplesoftwhere is this file located?14:19
maplesoftthe mysite.com:8080/index.jsp starts downloading . not executing.   so tomcat is not running. but it it is running and thats why i can see index.html on port 8080      ( mysite.com:8080 )  . what is happening?14:34
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* maplesoft waits14:44
zulmaplesoft: check your logfiles they can you tell what is happening better than we can14:48
zastaphphew, took 5 hours to narrow down the options for UPS to a purchase :)14:55
maplesofttomcat runs .html files in /var/www   on its default port of 8080 but does not runs .jsp files . instead it starts downloading them. why is that?14:59
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zastaphno wonder noone fixed the raid 5 write hole yet, it's patented: http://www.google.com/patents/US706938215:08
* ogra_ is happy to live in times where you can patent a hole15:09
* xnox wonders if my hole is patented....15:09
ogra_xnox, does it use multiple holes to merge to a big raid-hole ? then it might :)15:10
xnoxfunny you should say that15:11
glancezastaph: zfs / wafl solves raid 5 write hole another way, by cow15:12
zastaphyes but zfs on linux is "pre-alpha" according to someone, and "release candidate" according to others15:13
zastaphand I guess discussing opensolaris selections in here is not appropriate :P15:13
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jamespagemaplesoft, tomcat does not server files in /var/www15:19
jamespageare you sure that apache is not serving them?15:19
maplesoftjamespage apache is stopped15:23
maplesoftjamespage service apache2 status15:24
maplesoftApache2 is NOT running.15:24
maplesoftjamespage please stick with me for some time15:24
jamespagemaplesoft, and tomcat is?15:24
jamespage'instead it starts downloading them. why is that?' would indicate that tomcat is NOT serving those files15:25
maplesoft * Tomcat servlet engine is running with pid 1912715:25
maplesofti have place files in /var/www15:25
jamespagemaplesoft, 'It works!' is the default page for apache215:25
jamespagewhich would be configured to serve files from /var/www15:25
maplesoftjamespage mysite.com:8080 gives me the file in /var/www15:28
maplesoftjamespage what is ihappening15:29
jamespagemaplesoft, from the information you have provided I have no idea15:30
jamespagetake a look in /var/log/apache2 at the access log - this might tell you something15:30
maplesoftjamespage ok. where the default file location for tomcat is confgured/changed?15:30
hallynsmb: hi, is nfs expected to work in quantal right now?15:30
hallyni've got two instances running latest quantal.  /etc/exports has '/mnt <ipaddr>(rw,no_root_squash,no_subtree_check)', did exportfs -a, but the other host hangs when i try mount -t nfs -o rw ip:/mnt /mnt ...15:31
jamespagemaplesoft, I think you are trying to think of tomcat like apache15:31
jamespageits quite different15:31
hallyni know we've switch to nfs by default being nfsv4, but...15:31
jamespageeverything gets deployed as web applications (.wars)15:32
beandoghallyn the client mounting stuff should see something in system logs15:32
jamespagemaplesoft, which reside in /var/lib/tomcat6/webapps15:32
beandogor the server might, too15:32
jamespagemaplesoft, the ROOT directory containing the context that maps to /15:32
hallynbeandog: doesn't.  just get 'timed out' after awhile on the client15:32
jamespageif you want to deploy .jsp's they must be contained in a web application under that directory15:33
jamespagemaplesoft, each web application sits on a 'context' - for example /var/lib/tomcat6/webapps/ubuntu-test.war would sit under the /ubuntu-test context by default15:33
jamespagemake sense?15:34
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maplesoftjamespage where do i need to put the .war file/15:34
jamespagemaplesoft,  /var/lib/tomcat6/webapps/15:34
jamespagemaplesoft, I think it can also just be a directory within that path - I don't normally deploy that way.15:35
maplesoftjamespage iam following http://www.igniterealtime.org/projects/openfire/plugins/webchat/readme.html15:35
hallynd'oh, server reboot fixed it15:35
maplesofti should not put it in /var/lib/tomcat7/webapps/ROOT        but in /var/lib/tomcat7/webapps/someDir?15:36
maplesoftjamespage ^15:36
jamespagemaplesoft, probably - assuming 'it' is the webchat application and it is a war file15:37
maplesoftjamespage but any way. why is the file index.html in /var/lib/tomcat7/webapps/ROOT    not showing up on mysite.com:8080      and why the file index.html on /var/www show up when apache is stopped15:38
jamespagemaplesoft, I really have no idea - have you tried restarting tomcat7?15:39
maplesoftmm. no15:39
jamespageit might be you are getting a cached version of something...15:40
jamespagejust a thought15:40
jamespageutlemming, bug nominations accepted15:45
utlemmingmr jamespage: most appreciated15:45
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maplesoftjamespage well its pointing at /var/www15:55
maplesoftjamespage where is the config to change the default directory for tomcat7 ?15:56
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jamespagerbasak, I think we need to re-consider the approach for the apache2 SRU/bug 98881916:21
uvirtbot`Launchpad bug 988819 in mod-proxy-html "[SRU] wrong path to libxml2.so.2 in mod_security - broken by multiarch enabled libraries" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/98881916:21
jamespageif the minimal change to make stuff work is to drop the LoadFile stanza's in the config files that should be the fix.16:21
rbasakjamespage: for the SRU, and leave Quantal alone (same as Debian)?16:22
jamespagerbasak, yes16:22
rbasakjamespage: that's fine with me16:22
jamespageOK - lets check with SpamapS how we get whats in -proposed dropped....16:22
SpamapSjamespage: very easily16:23
SpamapSrbasak: are you saying that bug 988819 is "verification-failed" and that rather than uploading a new fix on top of that one, you'd like it removed from precise-proposed ?16:28
uvirtbot`Launchpad bug 988819 in mod-proxy-html "[SRU] wrong path to libxml2.so.2 in mod_security - broken by multiarch enabled libraries" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/98881916:28
rbasakSpamapS: AIUI, it is difficult to verify, so the approach to fix is being reconsidered. So I guess that means I need to get the alternative done and uploaded to precise-proposed?16:29
SpamapSrbasak: its easier to track if we do it that way really.16:30
SpamapSrbasak: I'll mark it 'verification-failed' so it doesn't accidentally get sent to -updates16:31
rbasakSpamapS: OK16:31
rbasakSpamapS: I take it I still need to bump the version further though, as it's been in precise-proposed?16:31
SpamapSrbasak: yes16:32
SpamapSrbasak: -proposed counts as "being published"16:32
rbasakSpamapS: ack16:33
nanderssonHi, I would like to have some suggestions here. I am doing some packaging. I am installing a virtual machine (ova-format) using apt, but afterwards I would like to have the user automatically register that machine in Virtualbox. Is there a "best practice" as how to make the user aware after a package install that he must take action?16:36
nanderssonThe thing is that apt-get is run as root, and it is the user that must register the vm afterwards.16:37
=== MoleMan_ is now known as MoleMan
nanderssonI could probably hack something using /etc/bash.bashrc but I guess it wouldnt be standard, and it wouldnt look good. Quite the contrary it would be a pretty ugly solution.16:38
nanderssonIs there some standard way to tell the user that he has to take action? Some kind of hook.16:40
rbasaknandersson: I'm not sure this is the right channel. Most server people don't use GUIs.16:42
rbasaknandersson: if I understand you, you have more of a desktop question?16:42
rbasaknandersson: or are you trying to do this on a terminal login? There is an motd system.16:43
nanderssonrbasak, well, it is more of a packaging question. Let say that after I do "sudo apt-get install my-package" - I also want to touch files in /home/my-user/ directory. Well, Perhaps I could do it in my-package.postinstall and have the script iterate over all directories in /home and make the change, or set a flag...16:48
nandersson...or have the script "su - my-user" and do the registration.... I guess that would do the job.16:49
rbasaknandersson: see https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-devel/2012-July/035546.html which has to solve a similar problem16:50
rbasaknandersson: it won't work for you, but generally postinsts aren't really support to walk over home directories like that16:50
jamespagerbasak, I have another ARM kernel module request for omap4 (and others) - rbd16:50
nanderssonrbasak, Yeah, it will be darn ugly but I think it would work16:51
rbasaknandersson: only when users are using a local db. If they're on LDAP it'll break16:51
rbasaknandersson: or if there's some kind of dynamic home directory mounting going on16:51
nanderssonrbasak, yeah, you are right about that :-/16:51
rbasakanyway, I still don't think it's really a server question. Try #ubuntu-devel - you might get more relevant ideas!16:52
nandersson(y) I'll do that! Thanks a lot!16:52
jamespagenandersson, maybe a README.Debian might be a good approach - let users know which commands they need to execute to use the package fully16:52
rbasaknandersson: or perhaps #ubuntu-app-devel would be more appropriate here16:53
nanderssonrbasak, I'll try both!16:53
rbasak!crosspost | nandersson16:53
ubottunandersson: Please don't ask the same question in multiple Ubuntu channels at the same time. Many helpers are in more than one channel and it's not fair to them or the other people seeking support.16:53
rbasakjamespage: I'm not sure who to direct ARM kernel requests to, actually16:54
jamespagerbasak, me neither :-)16:54
nanderssonjamespage, Yeah, if the users would be versed in Ubuntu... I am trying to do a "fool proof" solution here :)16:54
rbasakjamespage: perhaps smb, in the kernel section of the meeting?16:54
rbasaksmb: who's the right contact for ARM kernel issues?16:54
rbasaksmb: (which aren't vendor-specific)?16:55
jamespagerbasak, I just asked in -kernel16:55
jamespageSpamapS, did you get anywhere with the fastcgi-developers mailing list?16:55
SpamapSjamespage: not yet no16:57
SpamapSjamespage: just sent another message to the admin listed on the listinfo page.16:59
SpamapSjamespage: If they're not responsive, I think we should suggest that the ceph team maintain a fork16:59
jamespageSpamapS, I've pinged the debian maintainer as well - you never know....17:03
SpamapSjamespage: good idea17:05
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pmatulisstrange, i install cobbler on 12.04 and syslinux is configured with 'Ubuntu MAAS'17:23
roaksoaxpmatulis: yeah, we need to drop that :)17:24
roaksoaxpmatulis: could you please file a bug and assign it to me?17:24
pmatulisroaksoax: yes, ok17:24
\shkklimonda: ping freeipa..how can we add sudo-ldap support to the package without breaking the system a lot ? :)17:30
uvirtbot`New bug: #990162 in python-greenlet "armhf version is unusable -- task switches will cause sigsegv's" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/99016217:32
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hggdhDaviey: (following from -meetings): not really. We do not yet run automated arm tests.17:35
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stgraberhallyn: so, I'm looking at implementing get_config_item in the API but the code doesn't seem to match what you mentioned earlier on IRC :)18:04
stgraber21:04 < hallyn> returning the length, so you can do 'len = get_config_item(c, key, NULL); v = malloc(len+1); len = get_config_item(c, key, v)'18:04
stgraberthough it doesn't look like I can actually get the length with the current implementation18:04
stgraberand looking at your tests, you seem to just be using fixed length char arrays?18:04
hallynif key is valid you should get back len18:05
hallynand the tests do18:05
hallynwhat are you getting back?18:06
stgraberhallyn: hmm, can't see a test that matches my understanding of it. I was expecting to do len = get_config_item(c, key, NULL, NULL), then malloc and use get_config_item(c, key, value, len)18:08
hallyni don;t malloc in the tests18:08
hallynbut that's irelevant :)  i print out the return values18:08
hallynand they were correct lengths for me18:09
stgraberhmm, indeed, I just grepped and was surprised not to find a malloc in there, let me actually test my code, maybe it's working fine ;)18:09
hallyntheres 1 test passing in null v as well18:09
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Eitanhello all18:19
Eitani am hammering a new ubuntu server with tons of connections, i was running centos for my application before with no problems... For some reason i am getting a lot of connection time outs when establishing connections both mysql 3306 and redis 6397... first i found that syn flood protection was blocking some stuff, so i managed to turn that off. but im not sure to see where else or why18:20
Eitanelse connections are timing out as far as logs or perhaps if its a ulimit issue?18:20
stgraberhallyn: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1097049/ <- I have the feeling I did a pretty obvious mistake but it's not really obvious to me at the moment...18:23
aaasany way i can benchmark my php performance?18:25
hallynstgraber: and what does the first call to getitem give you?  what len?18:35
stgraber>>> test.get_config_item("lxc.utsname")18:40
stgrabergot len: 418:40
stgraberTraceback (most recent call last):18:40
stgraber  File "<stdin>", line 1, in <module>18:40
stgraberUnicodeDecodeError: 'utf-8' codec can't decode bytes in position 0-2: invalid continuation byte18:40
=== Aaton_off is now known as Aaton
* stgraber adds a printf to also dump the value before the unicode conversion18:41
hallynstgraber: i wonder if you need a longer char * for PyUnicode_FromString18:41
hallynstgraber: note that depending on what PyUnicode_FromString does, you ouht to free the char *value you mallocd18:42
stgraberhallyn: printf doesn't seem to be much more happy...18:42
stgraber>>> test.get_config_item("lxc.utsname")18:42
stgrabergot len: 418:42
stgrabergot value: �1i18:42
cwesterfieldCan someone tell me how ubuntu server is sourcing PATH? I need to add to it, but can't find it18:43
stgrabercwesterfield: /etc/environment?18:43
cwesterfieldthat's it18:44
cwesterfieldgoogle is sometimes a hindrance18:44
hallynstgraber: what is lxc.utsname's actual value?18:46
stgraberhallyn: considering the garbage, it's pretty likely that my malloc is the part that's wrong but I'm not sure how/why18:46
stgraberhallyn: "test"18:46
hallynstgraber: d'oh18:47
hallyni shouldve looked closer at your pastebin :)18:47
hallynhm no, stil looking18:47
hallynstgraber: before calling the PyUnicode_FromString, can you do 'printf("key %s len %d value %p %s\n", key, len, value, value);18:49
stgraber>>> test.get_config_item("lxc.utsname")18:50
stgraberkey lxc.utsname len 4 value 0x1b7da30 �M�18:50
hallynstgraber: is the hostname actually 3 byts?18:51
stgraberhallyn: no, it's 4, though the malloc is for len + 1, so should be fine?18:52
hallynstgraber: can you pass 'len+1' in to the second lxc_get_item call?18:53
hallynstgraber: it's a bit confusing, but since i must have room for the trailing \0, i insist on having len+1 available to copy into18:54
hallynconfusing because i pass len back...  but i f i pass back len+1 that's confusing too18:54
stgraberhallyn: that worked indeed18:54
hallynsomebody with a silver tongue is gonna need to write a terrific manpage for this :)18:55
hallyn^ note i disqualified myself18:55
uvirtbot`hallyn: Error: "note" is not a valid command.18:55
hallyn^ help18:55
uvirtbot`hallyn: (help [<plugin>] [<command>]) -- This command gives a useful description of what <command> does. <plugin> is only necessary if the command is in more than one plugin.18:55
hallyn! help18:55
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience18:55
hallyndang how many bots we got here18:55
stgrabermaybe adding an example of the malloc to the tests might help, I'm assuming I won't be the only one to copy/paste from it :)18:56
hallynstgraber: ok will do so right now18:56
stgraberwhat's looking quite weird is the check (get_config_item(c, key, value, len + 1) != len) when len is the value you get from an identical call to get_config_item ;)18:58
stgraberbut yeah, it makes sense when you know ;)18:58
hallynluckily everyone will use the python api :)18:58
hallynstgraber: all right, pushed.  hopefully it passes.  (no vm at the ready to test on)19:03
stgraberhallyn: can't remember, did we settle on having a way to query the list of keys set for a given network entry or not?19:06
hallynstgraber: not exactly, so for now you can look at the lxc.network.0.type and know what's valid based on that19:10
hallynhardcoded, but then i don't expect veth.peer to every become a valid key for macvlan, for instance :)19:10
hallynstgraber: if you feel better about it, i can go ahead and ipmlmenet c->getkeys(),19:11
hallynand have 'lxc.network.0' return the valid list19:11
stgraberhallyn: a few quick notes that I noticed while testing .get_config_item("lxc.network") is terminated by a \n, is that intended (I'd have expected \n separated, not \n terminated)19:12
hallyn(c->getkeys(c, "lxc.network.0", value, len)19:12
stgraberhallyn: +1 for getkeys() it'd make my life quite a bit easier ;)19:12
hallynstgraber: i waffled on the trailing \n.  you want me to skip that for the last one?19:12
stgraber(or rather, make my future life easier by not having to update the hardcoded logic in python)19:12
hallynthat'll mean that if there is only a single entry, there'll be no \n19:12
hallynit seemed inconsistent to me, but maybe it works nicer with str.split('\n') <shrug>19:13
stgraberhallyn: yeah, I'd prefer no trailing \n as it'd indeed work better with split() :)19:13
hallynall right let me look through some remaining unreproduced bugs then i'll implement those two19:13
hallynstgraber: perhaps we should keep a wiki page with api todo's19:14
stgraberhallyn: I was also somewhat surprised to see that lxc.cap.drop gets me a space separated list of values instead of separate lines like .network and it also seems to be fine having duplicate entries :)19:14
stgraberhallyn: though I guess this kind of makes sense as it can be stored either as a single line or multiple lines in the config19:15
stgraber+1 for wiki19:15
hallyni did space separate bc it works in config :)19:15
stgrabercan you make it \n separated? I think it'd make it less confusing for people doing19:17
stgrabergetting = cap_sys_admin cap_net_admin19:17
stgraberthen doing set_config_item("cap_net_admin")19:17
stgraberand expecting it to be set to "cap_net_admin"19:17
stgraberinstead of "cap_sys_admin cap_net_admin cap_net_admin"19:18
stgrabermaking it multi-line would be a good indication that you need to clear_config_item() first19:18
hallynstgraber: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/lxc/apitodos19:19
hallynstgraber: ok19:19
\shdid anybody played around with freeipa-client lately? ipa-getkeytab doesn't work :*19:27
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stgraberhallyn: is there an easy way for me to get the list of all keys accepting multiple values and requiring the use of clear_config_item?19:36
hallynstgraber: nope19:37
stgraberhallyn: my plan is to have any of these key return a python list and have set_config_item(key, [list]) automatically call clear_config_item and set_config_item for each of them19:37
hallyn(apart from looking at src/lxc/confile.c:lxc_clear_config_item())19:38
hallynstgraber: perhaps get_item("lxc") should return a list like "cgroup 1", "caps 1", where a 0 would mean not a list?19:39
hallyndon't really like that, but not sure what better to give you19:39
stgraberhallyn: oh, actually, there's an easy trick but that's going to make you revert one of your current change :)19:39
stgraberhallyn: can you always add a trailing \n to these that are a list?19:39
hallynyes.  note though that not everything returning a list can be cleared19:40
hallyni.e. lxc.network.0.ipv419:40
stgraberhmm, why?19:40
hallyni dunno, the conf stores it as a list19:41
hallynso aparently you can have multiple values19:41
stgraberso if lxc.network.0.ipv4 returns "\n4.5.6.7\n" how can I set it to ""?19:42
hallynclear all the networks19:42
hallynmore to the point what does it mean to have 2 values19:43
hallynit may just be a relic of his early attempts at wrestling with the list api19:44
stgrabertwo IPs on eth0?19:44
stgraberI'd expect it to be the equivalent of calling "ip -4 add <ip> dev eth0" twice19:44
hallynand what does that do?19:45
stgraberput two addresses on the same interface19:45
RoyKhrmf - http://paste.ubuntu.com/1097181/ <-- I have a job moving md0 from raid-5 to raid-6, but I have no idea whatsoever what's causing the traffic on the root (md3/sdh) - any idea what that might be?19:45
stgraberwhich is a lot more common with IPv6 than IPv4, but still a pretty common usecase19:46
hallynstgraber: so you'd like a clear_item("lxc.network.0.ipv4") ?19:46
stgraberideally, I'd like clear_config_item on anything that's a list (where I know whether it's a list or not based on the last char of the matching get_config_item being \n)19:47
hallynstgraber: so should get_keys() just return "key1 is_list\nkey2 is_list\nkey3 is_list" (is_list = 'Y' or 'N')?19:47
hallynall right i can put a \n after the last one19:48
stgraberI think I'd prefer to rely on get_config_item to know whether something is a list or not and just use get_keys() to know what keys are set under a given path (lxc.network.0 for example)19:49
* stgraber is starting to have the feeling we might actually get something that's pretty consistent and not too hackish ;)19:51
elguapo99how do I add tab autocomplete to my ssh account?19:53
RoyKelguapo99: it should be there by default, if you use a shell supporting it19:53
RoyKelguapo99: ps $$19:54
elguapo99I have tab autocomplete as su19:54
stgraberRoyK: doesn't that require HashKnownHosts to be set to no? otherwise I don't see how you could complete the hosts19:54
elguapo99but not as my ssh login19:54
raubvogelI have a machine here that is supposed to be dhcp and dns for a subnet. When I boot a machine to the subnet in dhcp mode, it is picking an IP (and I can see in the leases file it giving its hostname), but the dns is not being updated19:54
RoyKelguapo99: on which shell are you running that account?19:55
elguapo99I think its bash19:55
RoyKps $$19:55
RoyKthat shows the shell19:55
elguapo99 7701 pts/2    Ss     0:00 -sh19:56
guntbertraubvogel: does the dhcp server point the clients to the dns server?19:56
RoyKelguapo99: try chsh -s /bin/bash19:56
RoyKelguapo99: as that account19:57
elguapo99The problem was that I was not doing bash19:57
elguapo99so I have to type bash when I first log in19:57
raubvogelguntbert: yep19:57
RoyKelguapo99: see the chsh command above19:57
raubvogeland I even checked the client's /etc/resolv.conf19:57
raubvogelBut, even nslookup fqdn dns.ip.address does not work19:58
guntbertraubvogel: if you put your dhcpd.conf into a pastebin we could have a look at it19:58
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* RoyK goes to get some sleep - nite...20:01
raubvogelguntbert: http://pastie.org/private/ja7zx5gom4rtqtkijtidnw20:01
raubvogel(using external ntp server)20:01
guntbertraubvogel: looks good (aka I can't spot an error :-)) - do the clients pick up the ntp sevrer?20:02
raubvogelI honestly have not checked because I need to deal with my dns/dhcp issue and then why the firewall (ubuntu 12.04) iptables are inop20:04
=== zyga is now known as zyga-afk
raubvogelguntbert: My main issue with dns is the hostnames for the dhcp clients are not being added to bind20:05
guntbertraubvogel: my question was meant to help find the bug20:05
=== bitmonk_ is now known as bitmonk
guntbertraubvogel: for the dhcp->bind wouldn't you need a key for authorization?20:06
raubvogelI understand; I am just a bit in a panic mode right now. I do not even can think of a good way to see if the clients see ntp. They do get the nameserver though20:07
RoyKraubvogel: what clients? dhcp?20:07
raubvogelRoyK: exactly20:08
RoyKwhat client OS?20:08
guntbertraubvogel: ahh - I misread - now I understand the issue - well for the updating of the DNS databse you will need some kind of authorization20:08
raubvogelubuntu 12.04 just like the dns/dhcp server20:09
RoyKraubvogel: I'd think setting up an ntp server listening to broadcasts/multicasts on that network will do a lot - IIRC the clients will attempt to sync to such a machine first20:09
guntbertRoyK: only 7 minutes sleep? :-))20:09
RoyKraubvogel: I don't think the ubuntu dhcp client can change the client's ntp settings ;)20:10
RoyKguntbert: no, have to wait a while for some laundry...20:10
raubvogelRoyK: should I drop ntp for now and focus on the other issue?20:10
RoyKraubvogel: at least drop it in dhcp - rather setup ntp server on that server of yours and allow broadcast/multicast requests - it's rather easy, and I *beleive* the clients will try that first. if the clients connect directly to ubuntu's ntp server, it won't make much difference in the network traffic, though20:11
guntbertraubvogel: lets clarify the issue: as far as the clients are concerned all is well, what bothers you is that the DNS server is not updated when a client get an address?20:12
raubvogelguntbert: exactly20:12
RoyKraubvogel: that's dynamic dns20:12
RoyKnot enabled by default20:12
raubvogelRoyK: exactly. How do I enable it? I thought I have done but I probably overlook something20:13
guntbertraubvogel: if I recall correctly you have to configure both servers to talk to each other and the DNS to trust the DHCP - therefor you need keys20:13
RoyKraubvogel: google it20:13
raubvogelguntbert: they are actually the same machine20:13
guntbertraubvogel: doesn't matter, two different programs20:14
maplesoft have not been getting any help since a long time on this .  my tomcat is pointing towards /var/www instead of /var/lib/tomcat7/webapps/ and if i place a .jsp in /var/www   it starts downloading it instead of parsing it.  i had apache2 installed on my ubuntu but its now turned off.    what is happening?20:14
guntbertraubvogel: as of now you only told dhcpd what kind of updates to send20:15
chiggins Hey I'm using likewise-open to bind my desktop to my domain, but my user doesn't show up in unity-greeter. How can I have it show up?20:16
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RoyK[108984.234696] ata4.00: failed command: READ FPDMA QUEUED20:20
RoyKany idea how to map ata4.00 to a device name?20:20
_rubenRoyK: i posted that question quite some time ago on askubuntu and got some nice "oneliners" for that20:21
_rubenRoyK: http://askubuntu.com/questions/64351/how-to-match-ata4-00-to-the-apropriate-dev-sdx-or-actual-physical-disk20:23
raubvogelguntbert, RoyK: I thought when I defined the ips I have in allow-update http://pastie.org/private/kddg4xci8uihvaq3fzeokq, in essence I am defining who machines can do the updating.20:25
raubvogelOf course, since this machine has 3 ips (localhost, static internal, dhcp external) I wonder if that sufficed20:26
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Eitanwhere would be the place to check a log to see if ubuntu server was denying connections on port 3306 for mysql because there are to many active20:45
Eitanim getting connection timeouts on my clients, but i cant find these connections anywhere on my db server20:46
raubvogelOk, dhcp-dns issue solved. Onwards to firewall!20:47
beandogEitan: was it previously listening remotely?21:00
RoyK_ruben: thanks - guess I'll let this conversion to raid-6 go finish and then start testing...21:04
raubvogelShouldn't something like 'iptables -A INPUT -p tcp -m tcp --dport 443 -m state --state NEW,ESTABLISHED -j ACCEPT' in a firewall allow a machine behind it to reach a website?21:06
hallynall right i'll be back later to work on some apitodos21:19
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maplesoftjamespage  i have installed tomcate by tar. and still having same problem. its pointing to /var/www when i use mysite.com/808021:29
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raubvogelWouldn't line 21 in http://pastie.org/private/zlkonugv9eyij3km5jb8a allow me to connect to that site on port 80?22:31
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bonez2046after I upgraded from 10.04 to 12.04 when I boot my machine I get..."Waiting for Network Configuration"..and another advising Waiting 60 seconds, etc...yet, I have connectivity.. how do I prevent that message at boot up?22:38
bonez2046I installed ubuntu 12.04 LTS, not the server version.... but i get that message22:38
peterrusso there should be some way to disable that waiting22:40
bonez2046that's what I'd like to find22:40
bonez2046in fairness though, before I upgraded, if I blew the password, the way my system was configured I'd have to wait at least 2 minutes before I could reenter the password22:40
peterrusthis might be something22:42
peterruswhat you should look for is a way to disable that waiting22:43
peterrusstill strange how it found its way to your regular ubuntu installation22:43
\shdo we have a libldap package which is not build against libgssapi3-heimdal?22:45
\shbut against libgssapi-krb5?22:45
bonez2046tell me about it.22:46
bonez2046its' frustrating22:46
bonez2046thanks, I'll try that, very much obliged22:49
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koolhead11jcastro, ping23:29
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