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jamespagejibel, I think that tomcat test failure is related to the fact that tomcat7 has not actually completed startup by the time the test runs....11:34
jamespagejibel, OK if I increase the pre-test sleep time to 60 seconds?  I think that may work around this problem11:35
jamespagegema, ^^11:36
jamespagenot sure where babyface is....11:36
gemajamespage: babyface is in china, so probably sleeping or about to11:36
gemajamespage: sounds good11:36
gemajamespage: is it normal that tomcat7 takes longer to load?11:37
jamespagegema, it takes about ~32 seconds on a m1.small in canonistack11:38
jamespageits doing a bit more as I have enabled all examples to work this cycle - so it loads more code...11:38
gemajamespage: ack, if it is expected I am happy11:38
jamespagegema, I suspect it was probably always close - looking now at tomcat611:40
jamespagegema, yes - looks like a change in behaviour when generating some randomness during initialization after reboot11:52
jamespagegema, Creation of SecureRandom instance for session ID generation using [SHA1PRNG] took [3,527] milliseconds.11:53
jamespagemy laptop11:53
jamespagethat takes about ~30seconds in a virtualized/cloud instance11:53
jibeljamespage, that's what I've been testing. No problem with incresing to 60s11:54
jamespagejibel, done - I've just re-run the jobs...11:55
jamespagewe will see11:55
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phillwskaet: ping18:56
skaethiya phillw18:56
phillwhi skaet, A quick Q.... https://wiki.ubuntu.com/QuantalQuetzal/ReleaseSchedule shows A3 still being tested at August 2nd  A-3; iso tracker says July 23rd through July 26th is Alpha 3 testing.18:58
phillwThey can't both be right!18:58
skaetphillw,  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/QuantalQuetzal/ReleaseSchedule has it july 2618:59
skaetstale cache?18:59
phillwskaet: indeed, but also has it still there being tested at week 14!18:59
phillwwith Iteration planned for week 1519:00
skaetphillw,  are you sure you're not picking up cached versions?19:01
skaetboth show july 26 (week 14) for me.19:02
phillwskaet: I've just cleared my chache. A3 is flagged as launch week 13, still there week 14 & iteration seek 15.19:02
skaetor rather july 26 (week 13) for me.19:02
skaetah,  I see what you're referencing now.19:03
skaetyeah,  there's an A-3/interation week that need fixing.19:03
* skaet doing19:03
phillwhmm, should make it fun. Next lubuntu meeting is on 25th July - which I had as 8 days before A3 switched :(19:04
phillwAh well, it will make for interesting meeting!19:04
skaetphillw,  A3 changed on 5/30 after discussion in the weekly meeting, etc. when we removed the "DRAFT" notification  (rev. 32).19:11
phillwI recall Release Schedule causing a slight nightmare for some one last cycle... well, this time it is Lubuntu's turn :D I'm just letting our devs and testers know that my earlier email stating that we had 8 days as of the next meeting is now 1 day :)19:13
phillwfortunately they're all on the L-QA mailing list, so an easy way to ensure all are notified!19:14
phillwStill, at least Feature Freeze etc hasn't moved :)19:19
phillwballoons: ping19:24
balloonssi senor phillw !19:25
phillwhiyas, did you get any further information on bug 100739419:26
ubot5Launchpad bug 1007394 in mdadm (Ubuntu) "Quantal daily fails to complete installation" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/100739419:26
balloonsphillw, I saw someone asking for more information19:28
balloonsstgraber, I believe19:28
balloonsI didn't followup after that19:28
balloonsI didn't get any of those response19:28
balloonsI'm subscribed?19:28
balloonsYou are not directly subscribed to this bug's notifications.19:29
phillwhe he, cj was the last person to ask for info, which Lars furnished.19:29
balloonsok, I'm up to speed more now19:30
balloonsit looks like the bug is progressing fine19:30
xnoxballoons: phillw: I was advised to troubleshoot in emulated powerpc vm19:30
xnoxbut I didn't get around to it yet.19:30
balloonsohh really?19:30
balloonsI've not tried doing that since BOSCH19:30
balloonsremember that project?19:30
xnoxwho is BOSCH?19:30
xnoxI though of using qemu19:30
balloonssorry.. http://bochs.sourceforge.net/19:31
balloonsI mistyped19:31
balloonsdoesn't help in this situation anyways ;-)19:31
phillwxnox: the instructions for VM are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu/Testing/PPC%26Mac64 if you're rusty :)19:31
phillwThat is how our head of dev does his testing.19:32
balloonsphillw, neat pae19:33
stgraberreplied to the bug19:33
phillwballoons: the instructions were written by gilir (Julien). I take no credit for them, I just posted them on there from the email he sent out.19:34
phillwthanks stgraber19:35
phillwwb balloons19:36
balloonswhoops.. ctrl+w in wrong window :-)19:36
phillwhe he, I thought you were maybe using the trekweb znc server. It's in the process of being moved to a VM on thesii owing to fact his 'old' server keeps dying on him.19:37
balloonsnah, I'm on boring ec219:38
xnoxballoons: boring, until thunderstorms roll in ;-)19:38
balloonsxnox, lol.. so true19:39
balloonsmy connectivity stayed up though, so I can't complain19:39
balloonseven if I lost actual access19:39
phillwhe did say that he was going to leave trekweb web area on EC2, although he does have room to move it at a future date if he needs to.19:40
phillwas  trekcaptainusa-tw@ubuntu.com seems to be the ubuntu maintainer for znc, it was the least we could do for him after he helped in setting up irc.thesii.org :)19:41
phillwoh, balloons, the devs for Speech Control have now been officially nagged to get me some details as to how to install the beta & test it!19:42
phillwwe have a trustees meeting in 18 minutes, so  I will ask the dev-trustee how things are coming along :)19:43
balloonslol.. cool, he's the znc guy eh?19:43
balloonsI still don't know how to mod my config (without using webmin) to setup multiple networks19:44
phillwyup, he did try to get it built on CentOS to add a platoform, but ran out of time owing the server failure & his VM is now ubuntu-server.19:44
phillwTheLordOftime (or LoT), does not appear to be on IRC at the moment. You'll find him on #sii when he is.19:46
balloonshmm, pretty sure I've met him19:47
balloonsI'll have to remember to bug him19:47
phillwhe was last seen muttering about having to scp a load of stuff from the dying server onto the VM19:47
phillwhe's a really nice guy - one of the other pre-requisites for getting a VM with SII :P19:48
phillwhe used to be EvilResistance on IRC, but changed his nick.19:53
phillwhe's also one of the bug-squad people & I have permission to 'bug' him if I have a valid reason for, say, moving the importance of bug 1007394 to critical. As you did not give permission, I did not :)19:54
ubot5Launchpad bug 1007394 in mdadm (Ubuntu) "Quantal daily fails to complete installation" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/100739419:54
phillwanother net split :( Is everyone updating their CentOS servers? :P20:00
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phillwwe've just switched to 6.3..... new kernel, and 631 updates :D20:02
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phillwballoons: did you get chance to have a look at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/QATeam/GettingInvolved/MoreInfo ?20:32
phillwis back from meeting... devs have a nightmare :) Create documents that humans can understand :P20:33
balloonsphillw, briefly20:33
balloonsI made some changes last night that i just went ahead and migrated20:33
phillwi saw the late date stamp on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/QATeam/GettingInvolved/ but never know what TZ it is in!20:34
balloonshttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/QATeam/GettingInvolved/ and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/QATeam/ are the same20:35
balloonsI just pushed the changes20:35
balloonsyour stuff I think can be linked to somehow20:35
phillwI stripped out stuff that was already on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/QATeam/GettingInvolved/ and just left it as.... well more info with an explanation to how release cycle works.20:36
balloonsyes, I think that's a good angle to attack20:37
balloonsa sort of what to expect page20:37
phillwballoons: he he, we do have a gruesome on on Lubuntu for newcommers .... https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu/Testing/TheStages20:38
balloonsLet me edit it a bit more20:38
phillwwasn't sure if that is 18 rated, though :)20:38
balloonsphillw, ok, I really gutted it down20:51
balloonstime to see what can be added back20:51
phillwokies, which one(s) did you gut?.... brb, dog wants out!20:52
phillwback :)20:57
balloonsstill haven't hit save20:57
balloonsvery close!20:58
phillwhe he :)20:58
balloonsok, there's a big shift21:02
balloonsI took out much of the bottom half, as it's also described on the activities page and I wanted to keep it small21:03
balloonshowever, there may be room to bring it back in, or bring some english like descriptions back anyway21:03
balloonshave a look21:03
balloonsof course we have backups :-)21:03
balloonsI know there's other things people should know that we could add to that page21:04
balloonsbut I don't want to overload too much :-)21:04
balloonsok, a couple more minor edits21:06
balloonsok, I think that's a shell of what i'mn after21:07
balloonshave a look21:07
balloonsthere's room to add back some of the content in a more condensed form if possible I think21:08
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