tgm4883jhodapp, something is broken on the website01:34
tgm4883jhodapp, http://www.doadjustyourset.com/ works, but http://www.doadjustyourset.com/2012/07/16/ubuntu-tv-weekly-update-2/ doesn't01:35
jhodapptgm4883: yeah, we moved servers...I'll have to see if we're missing mod rewrite or something02:29
jhodappthanks for the heads up02:29
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Saviqtgm4883, fixed the rewrite13:11
jhodapptgm4883: can you verify that there aren't any other issues that you see?13:12
tgm4883jhodapp, I'll take a look16:21
tgm4883jhodapp, the only thing odd I notice is that on the main page the 2 weekly updates run together because the first one we did doesn't have a title. I'm assuming this is due to both of them having the same title and being consecutive16:27
tgm4883jhodapp, we should start puting #1, #2, #3 after them16:28
jhodappyeah, thought about that and the old WP was doing that for the URL at least16:30
jhodappbut we could do that for the title too16:30
jhodapptgm4883: thanks for checking16:30
tgm4883i'm out sick today :( so I'm going to rewrite the tv testcard app for the third time (this time in quickly!) and hopefully have something to show people today16:31
jhodappand get better16:32
tgm4883yea I feel better already. I just think I ate something tainted with shellfish :(16:33
tgm4883it doesn't kill me, just makes me want to die16:33
tgm4883alergic to shellfish16:33
tgm4883which I wasn't allergic to until about 2 years ago16:33
tgm4883Saviq, can I make the assumption that remote controls will translate into keypresses? or do I need to plan on working with LIRC?19:53
jhodapptgm4883: keypresses are the goal19:53
tgm4883jhodapp, ok then, the tv testcard app works with keypresses already, so I shouldn't need to worry about LIRC it seems19:54
tgm4883jhodapp, is it at a testable state yet?19:54
jhodapptgm4883: that you'll have to ask Saviq about19:54
tgm4883I'm going to try and eat some lunch. I've got enough of tv testcard into quickly that it's testable now19:55
jhodappfantastic...what language?19:55
jhodappawesome, good work19:57
tgm4883if anyone wants to take a look, it's currently at https://code.launchpad.net/~tgm4883/+junk/ubuntu-tv-testcard19:57
tgm4883As I mentioned, i'm still moving it into quickly, so only 2 of the screens actually work19:58
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danielk22I recall with MythTV we had an issue with keypresses, extended keys got lost inside of X11. I guess with Wayland that isn't an issue?20:27
danielk22i.e. the keycode->keysym mapping was lossy so some remote keys like say 'red' wouldn't result in anything passed to the application unless we interacted with LIRC directly.20:31
jhodappdanielk22: that's interesting, you should see what kind of results Saviq has gotten with his work20:33
danielk22Jarod Wilson @ RedHat is the real expert on LIRC->KeyCode mapping. He might have some additional insight on the current state of things.20:35
jhodappdanielk22: We might have to talk to him, sounds like a good guy to know20:37
Saviqdanielk22, jhodapp, indeed, when using rc-core with my mceusb does not result in keypresses for some of the buttons that are otherwise recognized by rc-core20:50
Saviqbut OTOH you can easily remap them to your liking20:50
Saviqbut I really don't think falling back to LIRC is the way to go20:54
Saviqunless unavoidable20:54
jhodappSaviq: I agree20:55
danielk22Saviq: It would be better to fix whatever is losing the events..20:58
Saviqdanielk22, of course20:59
Saviqdanielk22, but IIRC it's a limitation in Xorg's architecture21:00
SaviqI'd say it'd have been fixed already if it'd have been trivial21:00
danielk22Saviq: It probably breaks backward compatibility to fix it. But maybe a new callback can be added for "full key support"21:01
danielk22I'll ping Jarod21:10
tgm4883Saviq, so regarding remotes. the goal is to make them show up as "key press events"?23:16
tgm4883Then I can just grab the key name from Gdk?23:16

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