bkerensaphilipballew_: u there05:57
bkerensaphilipballew_:  so maybe you could meet me at my place tomorrow before heading to OSCON?07:06
bkerensaI found out I have far more stuff for the booth than anticipated07:07
philipballew__bkerensa, sure if I know hoow to get there07:11
bkerensaphilipballew_: u have a bus pass right?07:12
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philballewbkerensa, totally do yes07:12
bkerensaphilballew: you guys are on 102nd ave?07:13
philballewright next to the max station07:14
bkerensaso why dont uhm07:15
bkerensaI meet you at the MAX station?07:15
philballewthat sounds good.07:15
philballewwhat time?07:15
bkerensaphilballew: uhh what time did you usually leave?07:17
darthrobotTitle: [Google Maps | Awesome Screenshot]07:17
bkerensaI live in the area where the circle is07:17
bkerensawhere as the green lines are borders as to where things get shady07:18
bkerensaI was thinking about being at the MAX around 9am ish?07:18
bkerensabut if u PM ur # I can just text u in the morning07:19
philballewthat should work07:19
philballewi can throw the # here07:19
philballewI left here at 730 today07:20
philballewbut can leave anytime07:20
bkerensaboom got it07:22
* bkerensa going to sleeeep07:22
philballewalright. peace!07:22
DonkeyHoteireminder: this channel is publicly logged and googleable07:24
philballewDonkeyHotei, All the more reason to give out my number! I can make more friends that way!07:41
bkerensaphilipballew_:  u awake?14:25
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DonkeyHoteianyone in the market for storage of any kind?20:47
raevolthe free kind20:48
DonkeyHoteithat's not a market20:48
akkA cheap, fast and power-efficient laptop SSD.20:49
DonkeyHoteiakk: that would be the SanDisk Ultra SDSSDH-120G-G25 but it's not what i need to unload20:50
DonkeyHoteii managed to buy a disk i can't really use20:51
DonkeyHoteiSeagate FreeAgent GoFlex USM-SATA 1.5TB USB 3.020:52
akkThat's a bit more specific than "storage of any kind" :)20:56
DonkeyHoteiyes, but it would fit that market20:57
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