ShawnRanyone here know how to set fixed width tabs in Firefox 13?04:42
ShawnRnothing in prefs or about:config and I tried creating a userChrome.css file and put some code I found online there... nothing works04:43
ShawnRit seems when my laptop goes in and back from hibernate, USB goes bad until reboot.  lsusb returns "unable to initialize libusb: -99"17:26
ShawnRany way to just reset/restart USB to maybe get that working again?17:27
ShawnRmy usb mouse won't work until it starts working again, which kinda stinks17:27
zoopsterShawnR: likely a issue with a driver/kernel mod - have you done some research on it to see if others are reporting it?17:35
ShawnRtried to, but everyone is just talkin about their dell won't do USB on install of 11.0417:36
ShawnRmine works... jsut not if i hibernate and come back out17:36
ShawnRtheir resolution was to acpi=off in grub17:36
zoopsterShawnR: if you find what driver runs it you might be able to remove and re-insert it.17:36
zoopsteryea that won't help you17:36
ShawnRthat's what i was trying to figure out, but i'm not so awesome at knowing that17:36
ShawnRhow do i find what driver is running my usb?17:36
zoopsterheh...neither am i17:36
ShawnRfyi, my touchpad on the laptop works (which IIRC is connected via usb internally)17:37

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