rick_h_greg-g: <3 re your twitter post. I've tossed small rocks at cars flying by in our neighborhood00:18
rick_h_my neighbor and I keep threatening to manually cement a speed bump.00:18
snap-lrick_h_: Cranky old man much? :)02:00
rick_h_I want to actually send the maker of the count of monte cristo movie to the gallows03:10
snap-lgood morning10:36
mydogsnameisrudyhows the weather today and morning11:03
snap-lI'm sweating at my desk11:08
snap-lLast updated Jul 17, 2012 - 06:53 AM EDT / 2012.07.17 1053 UTC11:08
snap-l   Temperature: 79.0 F (26.1 C)11:08
mydogsnameisrudyyep was 79 all nite up here too11:17
brouschWow, tired. Who has some caffeine for me?11:49
rick_h_not here, not yet11:50
brouschWe had our first female attendee at GRPUG last night11:54
brouschEven at GRWebDev we only have about 10% female attendance11:58
brouschhehehe https://dl.dropbox.com/u/101667/Screen%20Shot%202012-07-17%20at%208.13.24%20AM.png12:14
shakes808brousch: HA HA nice12:17
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snap-lMorning part 213:03
snap-lLove the conference call music here13:03
snap-lAnd by love, I mean it's the least offensive I've heard in a while13:03
snap-lthough it's only one song13:04
shakes808snap-l: Is this your card? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UJkxFhFRFDA13:05
snap-lshakes808: I wish13:08
snap-lAt least it would be Stan Getz13:09
shakes808:D Gotta love the classics13:09
brouschI just realized I'm using OSX and Eclipse for PyOhio. rick_h_ is going to dragon kick me in the head13:30
rick_h_I'm defeated today, you can get away with anything. I'll be hiding in my office closet13:30
brouschUt oh13:30
* rick_h_ is having a 'just go back to bed' morning/week13:31
snap-lrick_h_: That good, eh?13:31
rick_h_yea, just performed my second rollback this week13:31
brouschrick_h_: Did you sign Bookie up for sprints?13:31
rick_h_brousch: yea, we were the first13:32
rick_h_and expanded this year13:32
rick_h_hopefully can get some people interested13:32
brouschLAst year was all spent installing it13:32
rick_h_yea, this year Iv'e got the new install process with Make, the pypi mirror on my laptop, and the side projects breadability/bookie_parser13:33
brouschBrondsema put together a Virtualbox VM so we could hack on Allura last night. That went in fast13:33
rick_h_so should be much better this year hopefully13:33
rick_h_ah interesting, and put it on a usb disk kind of thing?13:33
brouschOh, right, forgot about the download issues last year13:34
brouschYeah, usb13:34
brouschHe actually used Vagrant for VM13:34
rick_h_but yea, i hope to make it kidn of easy to get going13:34
snap-lI'll be interested to see what they've done with Allra since I left.13:44
rick_h_apache :)13:46
brouschsnap-l: Brondsema isn't coming to PyOhio, so you'll have to find out on your own13:47
brouschThe VM is available through the Allura docs if you really want to look13:49
snap-lNah, I was more interested in just talking with Brondsema13:58
brouschsnap-l: How the heck does he do that machine-gun kick drum? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zbPSR7rAdxI14:44
brouschHoly crap http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jmQMQbHdlzM14:45
snap-lbrousch: It's just practice15:04
snap-lI have a double pedal that I use on my kit. I've gotten pretty high up in speed, but it's been about 10 years since I've played.15:05
rick_h_*sigh* http://my.opera.com/hallvors/blog/2012/07/17/twitter-crashes-itself-with-commas?115:06
brouschWhen I've tried my son's drum, I'm really slow on the bass15:06
snap-lI used to have a lot more control with my right foot. I'd drum most of Neil Peart's stuff with one pedal because that's all I had.15:08
brouschrick_h_: wtf15:08
brouschIs this the next newline vs semicolon flareup?15:08
rick_h_appears so I guess15:08
snap-lI don't quite understand this semicolon hate15:09
snap-lseriously, end of line = semicolon15:09
Blazeixthis is linked in the comments: http://blog.vjeux.com/2011/javascript/javascript-comma-trick.html15:09
snap-lstop getting fancy.15:09
rick_h_yea, evidently their IDE can't dedent blocks of code easily15:09
rick_h_so it's easier to not use {} and add a comma to every line or something15:10
snap-lIf you want to write things without { }, use Python15:10
rick_h_I don't get it myself on the compiler side15:10
rick_h_you lose the {} but add a , for each line in the block15:10
Blazeixthe , is replacing ; though15:10
Blazeixnot that i'm in favor of this style15:11
rick_h_ah, yea15:11
rick_h_so you lose the {} and still have a line ending I guess15:11
snap-lI wonder when Douglas Crawford is going to change jslint so whenever you do something like this, it sends him your lat / long so he can come to your house and beat the crap out of you.15:11
rick_h_I'm going to write jsbitch and it'll be so mean to you that you'll be looking over your shoulder every time you write a line of JS15:12
snap-l"I see you used commas for your statements. I'll bet your mom lays out your Garanamals every morning. Man up, tiger-britches and put in some fucking semi colons"15:13
Blazeixit's apparently legit enough that google's closure compile does it15:26
Blazeixthis: http://vpaste.net/IAGHw?ft=javascript is compiled to this: http://closure-compiler.appspot.com/code/jsc8e6593026fb0bbf4f507e59544531aa1/default.js15:27
snap-lDamn minifiers15:29
rick_h_Blazeix: right, I was just trying to get my head around the 'doing x saves y% of space'15:33
rick_h_but then again this is why I still just do jsmin vs all the heavier compilers15:34
brouschcommas are smaller than semicolons. You gain about a period of space15:34
snap-lThere are idiot web developers who are using commas in place of semicolons because they need to be free to express their individual idiocy. It turns out there are consequences.16:25
snap-l-- Douglas Crockford16:25
snap-lAre we having fun yet?16:58
snap-lSo, at some point ICS will be on my phone17:11
snap-lrick_h_: re: ICS, or commagate?17:12
* brousch groans at commagate17:13
snap-lHey, it's better than comma comma comma chameleon17:13
brouschI think you're missing a couple commas17:14
snap-lDoug Crockford Knows, Exception Throw-oh ohs.17:14
snap-lCouldn't use semicolons and braces please? They're the bees knees, no commas please-ease.17:15
snap-lrick_h_: I'm not holding my breath, but it's nice to know they're still thinking about it. :)17:16
rick_h_greg-g: quit casuing trouble asking questions on launchpad blog posts :P17:55
rick_h_greg-g: you're supposed to be oscon'ing17:55
greg-gleave for SFO in about an hour and half, plenty of time to cause trouble ;)17:56
jrwrenis ting that cool carrier you are using snap-l ?18:14
jrwrenthey pay as you go?18:14
snap-ljrwren: Yep18:17
snap-lMore like pay for what you use, and get refunded for what you don't.18:17
snap-l(Aside: I hate it when I find a band that releases their music for free, but it's not CC)18:17
rick_h_dammit, I hate people that ruin the coffee shop18:25
snap-ljrwren: https://z6oc11q87.ting.com/ is my referrer URL if you decide to join up with Ting.18:28
snap-l$25 for you, $25 for me18:28
rick_h_don't do it, it's a pyramid scheme! :P18:28
snap-lrick_h_: Pthhhhpt18:28
snap-lIf it is, it's the first one that hasn't made me throw up in my mouth18:29
snap-lspeaking of coffee-shop ruiners. ;)18:29
snap-lhttp://ting.com/twig <- I think this will give you $50 off the price of your device.18:29
snap-lNot sure if that's still in effect or not18:30
jrwrenfree as in beer, not as in speech - music free v. cc music18:34
snap-ljrwren: Yeah, there's plenty of bands I would love to play if they'd release as CC18:44
snap-lamazing bands, not on a label18:44
_stink_snap-l: do you typically talk with those bands personally about it?  or just wait and hope they release something as CC?19:29
snap-lDepends on the band19:29
snap-lsometimes I will19:30
snap-lso far not much luck in getting them to switch19:30
_stink_for the ones you talk with, what kind of reactions do you get?19:30
_stink_like other than outcome19:30
_stink_do any get angry or somesuch?19:30
snap-lUsually they just say "well, it's out for free"19:31
snap-lor "Go ahead and play it"19:31
snap-lwhich misses the point19:31
_stink_ok, just curious.19:31
snap-lYeah, I usually don't call the bands out, because I'd rather not have a pile-on for their license.19:31
snap-lI've had a handful of bands change, but they generally initiated contact19:32
snap-lI got contacted by this band's promoter to play music on my show.19:33
snap-lexplained that I'd love to, but it's not CC19:34
snap-lI think the biggest problem with CC is the thought that if it's somehow CC, you can't charge money for it19:34
snap-lor people won't pay you for it19:35
snap-lAnd then I have folks in the podcaster-sphere that bitch whenever I play something that is "behind a paywall"19:35
_stink_heh, you can't win.19:37
snap-lWell, I'd like to err on the side of the artists being able to make back their costs19:38
snap-lI've also seen bands lock up their later output because they need to make money19:41
snap-land say "I'm releasing this [without CC] because I need to make my costs"19:41
snap-lbreaks my heart.19:42
snap-lmostly because it makes it harder for me to make a show. ;)19:42
snap-lbut also because I can't promote their later stuff19:43
snap-lI get nervous when I see CC bands I like release their next album because it's a crap-shoot if it'll remain CC19:43
_stink_i wonder how successful that is for them.19:44
_stink_the change in license19:44
_stink_away from CC19:44
snap-lI'm not sure19:44
snap-lI've seen some bands relent (Returning We Hear the Larks)19:44
snap-lI've seen other bands release their debut under CC, and then nothing else (Diablo Swing Orchestra)19:45
snap-lThough I think Diablo Swing Orchestra got signed to Candlelight Records19:50
MilyardoIrony:Switch away from CC to cover cost when signing up with a label, end up with more debt than before.20:06
snap-lHave seen more than one band drop their label for lack of support20:10
snap-lI swear, Excel loves to screw with me.20:12
brouschWhew. Just went through creating a Django app on Heroku again, including handling static files20:16
brouschI was smart and wrote it down this time20:16
snap-lFuck fuck fuck fuck fuck20:20
snap-lFigured out a color issue I've been having with Excel for several days now.20:20
snap-lFigured out a color issue I've been having with Excel for several days now.20:20
snap-lFuck fuck fuck fuck fuck20:20
snap-lFuck fuck fuck fuck fuck20:20
snap-lFuck fuck fuck fuck fuck20:21
_stink_isn't that a good thing?20:22
brouschsnap-l: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W-xKUU5sWS420:22
snap-lThose note were written by God and handed down to the greatest band in the world, the motherfuckin' TIME.20:27
snap-l_stink_: Other than it being Excel, this would be a good thing20:28
PainBanksnap-l: thanks, needed that20:28
snap-lThank brousch for the video. :)20:29
brouschThis just opened and is literally the closest restaurant to my house. http://www.mlive.com/business/west-michigan/index.ssf/2012/07/kill_some_bad_guys_for_dinner.html20:33
snap-lbrousch: Expect it to close in 2 years20:33
snap-lNeat concept, but it'll get overrun with douchebags and kids20:34
brouschIt moved into a former restaurant building that had been abandonded for at least 2 years20:34
brouschWhy would it close if it's overrun with patrons?20:34
snap-lAh, right, it's in GR20:35
snap-lnevermind. It'll be overrun with with nice people who say please and thank you.20:35
snap-lwas thinking of Detroit, where we can't have nice things.20:35
brouschIt's snuggled up to a douchey apartment complex20:36
snap-lhttp://img.gawkerassets.com/img/17t3pb8sle9t9jpg/original.jpg < -Steve Wozniak's backpack21:43
rick_h_I'd hate to see his wireless bills21:46
snap-lHe probably gets special dispensation for just carrying their device. :)21:47
snap-lApparently he uses every one of them21:48
snap-lFirst thing I can think of: when will they have multiple-sim phones21:48
snap-lThere's no reason to have to carry two wireless devices for work / home21:48
greg-gdidn't I see a commecial where sprint had a phone that had two settings, one for work and one for personal, it kept the apps/sync accounts separate somehow?21:49
snap-lgreg-g: That's what I'd like to have21:50
rick_h_yea, they make some like that22:01

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