gilbertpaultag: not sure when i'll find the time :(  rather busy right now.  defense coming up very very soon01:07
andygraybealhey guys12:52
andygraybealanyone have one of those cat5 cable certifier doo-dads?  i've done installation for mom&pop companies and never used one.  i just have one of those 4 pair connectivity testers.13:08
andygraybeali wonder if i could borrow it in a couple of weeks for the week?13:09
andygraybealanyone hiring beginner linux doods?13:42
andygraybeallike.. i dunno like linux desktop/server support13:43
andygraybealnet tech type stuff too13:43
andygraybealno microsoft or i will start to kill people13:45
andygraybealer, unless the goal is to move away from microsoft then i would fill my role with pride.13:46
gilbertpaultag: me is at odds with the release team :(17:48
paultaggilbert: I've been watching17:59
paultaggilbert: I've been in their IRC room, they've mentioned you a few times :)17:59
paultagnothing bad, I think they understand17:59
gilbertpaultag: i've noticed, but ignored17:59
paultaggilbert: I've been tracking that bug18:00
paultaga NMU does seem to be in order :318:00
paultagI'm sure if it got uploaded it'd get unblocked18:00
paultagit's way early in the freeze18:00
gilbertpaultag: i know, they seem to be giving me a hard time because i'm vocal...18:01
paultaggilbert: if you need another voice, just give me a bugno and ask me to speak my mind ;)18:01
paultaggilbert: I'm on KiBi's good side these days :)18:01
gilbertpaultag: and i did rush a 0-day nmu when i should have delayed it on one of kibi's packages :(18:01
paultagoh jeez18:02
paultagin general 0-days are pretty gnarly18:02
gilbertmy bad18:02
paultaggilbert: btw, RE: your thread on your sponsorship guidelines18:02
paultaggilbert: I put this together for myself (I'm not as RC-NMU as you) - http://people.debian.org/~paultag/sponsorship/18:03
paultaggilbert: feel free to jack the HTML or whatever you need -- having it on a webpage helps you refer to it nicely :)18:03
gilbertcool, yeah18:03
paultagdon't know why that came to me now18:04
paultagbut it did :)18:04
gilbertodd that your hardening link still includes hardening-wrapper instructions18:06
gilbertthat's really been deprecated18:07
paultagtypical wiki crap18:07
paultaggilbert: will you be at OLF?18:09
paultaggilbert: nice post in -release.18:11
gilbertpaultag: hecks yeah :)18:12
paultaggilbert: we should set up a debian BSP / sprint18:12
paultagI'm going to make plans to go18:12
paultagnow that i'm working and can do such things18:13
gilbertpaultag: sweet!  are they paying for you as a business trip?18:13
paultaggilbert: they paid for me to go to PyCon -- not sure if this could get written off or not, but likely it'd be the sort of thing where it's written off as a hackathon perhaps :(18:14
paultag:) *18:14
paultag(I get as many hackathons as needed, I'm heading to Canada for one in September as well)18:14
gilbertnice :)18:14
paultagbut yeah, we should figure out if OLF's folks would give us some space to hax18:15
paultagI remember wifi being shit, so we should work that out as well18:15
gilbertcompletely forgotabout pyohio.  thats coming up on jul 2818:15
gilbertoh yeah, its horrible, but booths get the secret pssword18:16
paultagdon't we usually get one for Ubuntu? (CC thafreak / Cheri703 / canthus13 / * )18:16
paultagjacob: might know too18:16
gilbertyeah, thats what i mean18:16
paultaggilbert: ah, cool.18:16
paultagbut yeah, we should find somewhere to have a mini-sprint, see if we can put a smallish dent in something18:17
gilbertone of the organizers came by at the beginning of the first day and gave us the password18:17
gilbert(last year)18:17
paultagOh damn, I missed it last year, I forgot18:17
gilbertpaultag: yeah, that would be awesome18:17
gilbertpaultag: will probably be mostly rc-fixing since it will be very late freeze18:17
paultagYep, ACK to that18:17
gilbertthen we (meaning you) can blog it up :)18:18
gilberti'm not much for blogging :(18:18
paultaggilbert: I've been doing this iron-blogger thing with mako et.all (boston cabal), it's been pretty tough18:18
paultagI have to blog at least once a week or I owe money in the pool :)18:18
gilberthaha, so how do you win?18:19
paultaggilbert: the people's money who slack is put in a pool, and we throw a big party when we have enough :D18:19
paultagso if you keep up blogging, you drink off the slackers18:19
gilbertah, cool18:19
paultagand if you slack, you just pay for everyone's beer :)18:20
gilbertman, Boston sounds like a great place to be.  at one point i wanted to go to mit18:20
paultagyeah, it's pretty fantastic. There are so many DDs, and we drink together at least once a week on sunday nights18:21
gilbertbtw you went through nm insanely fgast18:22
paultaggilbert: lots of bribes, my friend, lots of bribes.18:22
gilbertpaultag: of course ;)18:23
paultaggilbert: Enrico is a good friend of the Mako's, and he knows I crash at Mako's house a lot -- my AM was an Ubunfriend, and the bulk of waiting wasn't really waiting18:23
paultaggilbert: I was doing a lot of gcc patches, so I think they relized I should just be given rights to NMU, so they sorta rushed that as well18:23
paultagbut alas, gregora uploaded all my patches :>18:24
paultag(stole my rcbugs ;) )18:24
gilbertpaultag: if you do get a chance to put in a good word for me with KiBi, i would really appreciate18:24
paultaggilbert: I will :)18:24
gilbertpaultag: in the meantime, i sent an appology to #debian-release18:24
paultagyeah, I saw that18:24
paultag14:11 < paultag> gilbert: nice post in -release.18:25
paultagI think he'll appreceate that18:25
gilbertoh, i thought you meant -release ml18:26
paultagoh, nah, I'm not there18:26
paultagdid you post there too? Shucks18:26
paultagnot up on lists yet18:27
* paultag kicks lists.d.o18:27
paultaggilbert: may I CC you on an email to the OLF team?18:31
paultagmgilbert@d.o ?18:31
gilberti wanted debian username gilbert, but someone took it in 1994 and never used it :(18:33
paultagthat sucks18:34
gilbertasked for it to be reassigned, but i guess they won't do that18:34
paultagI wanted "tag" for everything, but some asshat who does Perl took the whole namespace18:34
gilbertugh, i gotto focus on writing...but i don't wanna get started today :(18:40
andygraybealpaultag & gilbert .. if you don't mind taking the time, explain in laymans terms what gilbert is at odds with?18:48
paultagandygraybeal: Oh, nothing so serious18:49
paultagandygraybeal: both gilbert and I work on Debian, the "parent" distro to Ubuntu18:49
paultagandygraybeal: and the release team are the people that are in charge of releasing debian and what makes it in there18:49
paultagandygraybeal: gilbert here fixes problems in the development playground, but in doing so, the release team doesn't like so many changes18:49
paultag(we're in "freeze" now, which is why)18:49
paultagnothing major, all parties involved know no one is doing any harm18:50
paultagit's just a social problem, really.18:50
paultag(gilbert is doing objectively good work)18:50
* canthus13 headdesks.18:59
canthus13yay migrating 1 million + email accounts from one hosting provider to another...19:00
andygraybealpaultag, aahh, okay thank you for catching me up19:05
paultagandygraybeal: sure.19:05
andygraybealcanthus13, holy shit dood.19:06
andygraybealbros, should i use lube to run cables or not?  seems like a big mess to me on one hand, and it might be a lifesaver on the other..19:06
andygraybealwhat do you guys think?19:06
andygraybeali've got my eye on that small bottle of Ideal brand lube19:06
paultaghaving worked in my fair share of datacenters, I can say that I've never once used lube to run cables.19:07
andygraybealyea, me either19:07
paultagcanthus13: ^ ?19:07
andygraybeali workd for two mom and pop companies so far and they didn't either19:07
paultagI am a bit incredulous19:07
andygraybealincredulous means?19:08
paultag(of a person or their manner) Unwilling or unable to believe something: "an incredulous gasp".19:08
paultagmistrustful - unbelieving - sceptical - distrustful19:08
andygraybealof the lube?19:08
paultagI mean19:08
andygraybealokay cool.. me too bro.19:08
paultagnot of the lube, I know that does it's job well19:08
paultagjust using lube for running cables19:08
andygraybeali'm open to trying new things nad if it makes my life easier, aewsome.. btu it just seems like a goddamn mess.19:09
andygraybealsorry for cussing19:09
paultagwaxed twine, brah19:09
andygraybealhmm.... nice i was getting polyeurothane pulls.19:09
paultagandygraybeal: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cable_lacing19:09
canthus13astroglide on your Cat6e...19:09
andygraybealor something like that.19:09
paultagit's good shit.19:10
andygraybealhmm.. so wait, make a wrap like this to the head of your pull?  or is their more too it?19:11
paultagfigure out how you're running cable, and wrap it down the line, and you can tie it off. it's great. Also super easy to cut and rewrap19:12
paultagwhich zip-ties aren't19:12
paultagI'm sure canthus13 has tied his fair share of cables with twine19:12
andygraybeal... how far down the line?  just the head of the pull right (5 ft or somethign) ?19:12
paultagit depends19:13
paultagyou just tie segments19:14
paultagthere's a special way of ending it, too19:14
andygraybealwhip it, whip it good.19:14
paultagandygraybeal: http://www.hnsa.org/doc/cabling/part5.htm19:14
andygraybeali was watching a video and some dood was using a 'cable comb' and velcro and getting the same result19:15
andygraybealhe had 30 cables in one bundle19:16
* canthus13 hates cabling. :/19:16
andygraybealit's all on cablesupply.com19:16
canthus13I can do it, but... I'm too damn old to be crawling around crawlspaces, pulling cable.19:16
andygraybealpaultag, i will read the hnsa link19:16
paultaggood move :>19:16
andygraybealcanthus13, aye, older than 35?19:16
andygraybealaah okay then. respect.19:17
paultagI'm young enough to do it :)19:17
paultagand there's something nice about tying cable19:17
paultagit's so … human.19:17
andygraybealpaultag, i think the same thing about mowing with a scythe19:18
canthus13andygraybeal: s/mowing/babysitting/19:20
andygraybealbabysitting with a scythe?19:20
andygraybealnice :)19:20
andygraybealpaultag, respect about lacing man, but i don't have those skills.19:20
canthus13keeps the kids in line.. especially if you wear black robes and a hood.19:21
andygraybealcheck out this beauty: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FY1XB0rrYes&feature=related19:31

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