bkerensahi MaskilPDX14:50
MaskilPDXMorning bkerensa -- I was on the phone15:22
* tgm4883 out sick today :(16:29
nathwillno good16:33
tgm4883yea no fun16:33
tgm4883but on the up side, I can lay down and write code!16:34
tgm4883yay for the steam client on it's way to Ubuntu17:05
nathwillyay for valve opening a blog where we can get reliable information17:05
MaskilPDXYou watching TechNewsToday?17:06
tgm4883MaskilPDX, no, reddit17:32
tgm4883I forgot TNT is on in the morning now, I usually just get the audio on via google listen on my phone17:32
MaskilPDXYea.  I try to watch/listen, but usually business calls17:38
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bdmurraycan somebody sneak me into puppet labs tonight?  I don't want to have to go get an oscon badge21:34
blkperlbdmurray: there not going to check id21:53
blkperls/check id/care if you have oscon id21:54
bdmurrayblkperl: okay good to know thanks21:57
tgm4883bdmurray, just show up and be like " I'm BD *BLEEPING* MURRAY, now let me in!"22:19
bdmurraytgm4883: that was my first though ;-)22:34

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