InHisNamewaltman: does the CM part stand for 'computing machinery" ?   Isn't that what you are a Dr. of ?00:32
waltmanInHisName: ACM stands for "Association for Computing Machinery". I am a Doctor of Philosophy in Computer Science.03:09
InHisNamewaltman: My wife only used title in prof societies.  Not church directories, pta, nor neighborhood directories etc.   For her, its ACS.  For you it's ACM, IEEE, etc.   OR if you are not the lowest key individual, then never use Mr. again. Just Dr.03:22
InHisNameThen again there are the ones who 'notice' the label and ask all kinds of medical advice.   LOL03:23
waltmanInHisName: My niece has taken to calling me "Uncle Doctor Walt"03:25
InHisNameThat's SOooo cute, IFFF she's around nine.03:26
waltmanShe's 17. :)03:27
waltmanStill cute.03:27
InHisNameI was gonna say if 29, soooo 'wrong?'03:27
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