=== hobgoblin is now known as elfy
nothingspecialelfy, what's the procedure here http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=202806118:47
nothingspecialpm, to explain T&T wiki stuff18:47
elfynothingspecial: I would18:48
nothingspeciallink your sticky and ask if they need help ?18:48
elfysoiunds good to me18:48
nothingspecialk I will18:49
elfyI'm going to spend a day on it tomorrow - clear a whole bunch of moderated things18:51
elfywill PM ops , approve and close them till I get replies18:51
elfybusy day ...18:51
nothingspecialdone that one18:56
elfyok - thanks nothingspecial :)18:56
* nothingspecial is too nice18:56

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