Kiloshi Squirm i thought everyone gave that up05:50
* Squirm shrugs05:51
Kilosused to be a contest coupla years ago05:51
not_foundGood morning ZA05:59
Kiloshiya not_found 05:59
Kilosthats a terrible nick05:59
not_foundwhy uncle Kilos ?06:00
Kilosbecause you arent lost man06:00
not_foundnot lost, just not found06:01
Kilosnot lost just hard to find at times06:02
not_foundping inetpro / nuvolari ... we can discuss Team Reporting when ever you guys are available...06:02
not_foundKilos, +106:02
Kiloswe hit -2°c last night06:04
Kilosi think nuvolari you wont get much from during the day but i might be mistaken06:05
Kilosinetpro, after 9am here06:06
not_foundKilos, ah yes... still a bit early in ZA land... and -2... can06:10
not_foundcan't remeber how that feels06:10
Kiloshehe terrible06:10
Kilosbit warmer by the pro but he bikes to work06:10
Kiloshi magespawn 06:13
magespawnmorning Kilos06:13
magespawnMaaz coffee on06:29
* Maaz flips the salt-timer06:29
* magespawn just cannot seem to wake up in winter06:30
KilosMaaz, coffee please06:30
MaazKilos: Done06:30
Kiloswaking up isnt the prob its finding the courage to leave the warm bed 06:31
magespawnvery true that, even here in kzn06:31
MaazCoffee's ready for magespawn and Kilos!06:33
magespawnty Maaz06:33
KilosMaaz, ty06:34
MaazYou are welcome Kilos06:34
magespawnMaaz ty06:35
MaazYou are welcome magespawn06:35
queeryi forgot my computer on at home06:36
magespawnslight problem that queery06:37
queerywell at least I can use queery again06:39
Kilosmeish. power gone. all day. will be back inna avy asap06:54
Kilosmfone battery dont last long here06:56
Kilosmhave a good day guys06:56
Kilosmmagespawn, copy all off it and format the drive06:59
magespawnthat would be the best yes.07:01
oom_koos_morning all07:01
Kilosmuse win thi07:01
magespawnmorning oom_koos_ 07:02
magespawnbbl 07:02
Kilosmim sure it was a virus or something. so formatting is good07:03
Kilosmbb when power returns07:03
=== Fred_ is now known as Guest45755
Guest45755what is new on the ubuntu latest version08:32
not_foundUnity 5608:35
not_foundUnity 508:35
superfly http://www.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/whats-new08:35
not_foundthanks for the link superfly :)08:36
Guest45755thanks 08:50
=== Trix[a]r_za is now known as Trixar_za
Trixar_zaI musn't get mad.09:15
Trixar_zaIncidentally, being a leader sucks09:15
* not_found doesn't know about that09:30
inetproMaaz: what's for lunch?10:12
Maazinetpro: I prefer St Elmo's... but Scooters' deep pan pizza is also very yummy10:12
inetprohmm... 10:13
* inetpro even more hungry now10:13
=== Kerbero is now known as Kerbero[afk]
=== Kerbero[afk] is now known as Kerbero
* Kilos returns from the land of the powerless11:19
kierenahoy thar11:29
Kiloshi kieren 11:30
kierenhow long would it take a noob (me) to update a package?11:30
Kiloswhat package11:30
kierenok, i'm not a total noob, but i've never packaged anything before11:30
Kilosim a noobis it already installed11:31
kierenno no, the package in universe is horrible out of date11:32
Kiloswhat release are you using11:32
Kilosubuntu release that is11:32
kiereni think11:33
kierengosh, i've been using arch for too long11:33
Kilos-sorry power cut seems to have hurt something11:35
kiereni use my magic powers to summon...11:35
Kilos-kieren, what ubuntu release are you using11:37
Kilos-sorry was cut off11:37
Kilos-we can ask maaz11:37
=== Kilos- is now known as Kilos
kierenKilos: oneiric11:38
KilosMaaz, google how to update arduino on ubuntu oneiric11:38
MaazKilos: "arduino : Oneiric (11.10) : Ubuntu" https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/oneiric/+package/arduino :: "Installing Arduino 0023 on Ubuntu 11.10 (Oneiric Ocelot) « Matt ..." http://mattgreensmith.wordpress.com/2011/11/24/installing-arduino-0023-on-ubuntu-11-10-oneiric-ocelot/ :: "Matt Greensmith's Ramblings" http://mattgreensmith.wordpress.com/ :: "Ubuntu -- Details of package arduino in oneiric" http://packages.ubuntu.com/oneiric/arduino :: 11:38
kierenthis is not what i want11:39
kierenthis is: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide/Complete11:39
Kilosoh sorry11:39
kierenbut i don't want to get into something big and hairy without knowing it11:39
kierenMaaz: are you ibid?11:40
Maazkieren: Huh?11:40
Kilosyes he is11:40
kiereni like tibid.  some of the most ridiculous factoids11:40
Kilosyou might have to hang around a while tumbles just got back last night from devcon11:41
kierenoh right11:41
Kilosso dunno how much work he has to catch up with11:41
Kilosnot_found, ideas?11:41
kierenaah, no rush or anything11:41
Kilosthere are other clever guys here but most are busy11:42
not_foundKilos, uh?11:49
* not_found is going to be AFK for a bit...11:51
tumbleweedkieren: hi11:51
kierenhi tumbleweed11:51
tumbleweedthe packaging guide has been mostly replaced by http://developer.ubuntu.com/packaging/html/11:51
tumbleweedas to how long it'll take you to update a package, that depends on much myou want to learn in the process11:52
tumbleweedwhat package is it?11:52
kierentumbleweed: arduino11:52
tumbleweedshould be fairly straight forward11:52
tumbleweedwhat version do you want?11:52
kierennewest, 1.0.111:53
tumbleweed(and on what ubuntu release?)11:53
kierenmuch has changed11:53
tumbleweedhttps://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/arduino 1.0.1 is available on quantal and precise-backports11:53
kierenand here's me still on oneiric...11:54
kiereni'm scared to upgrade now because all three of my other operating systems broke this morning11:54
tumbleweedtry backportpackage, see if it works without modification11:54
tumbleweedif it does, you can request that it be published in oneiric-backports too11:55
kierenorsm, thanks11:56
Kiloshave you been helped kieren ?11:57
kierenKilos: all sorted, thanks12:00
tumbleweedKilos: I just missed your asking about me, last night, when I got home (ATL->AMS->CPT takes a while)12:02
Kilosah ty tumbleweed . we wondered if you were home safe12:03
tumbleweedyes, thanks12:03
Kilosyo nlsthzn 12:12
nlsthznHey uncle Kilos12:12
KilosMaaz, announce A great meeting was had last night by all who attended12:28
MaazAnnouncement from Kilos! A great meeting was had last night by all who attended12:28
tumbleweedKilos: any minutes?12:29
Kilosyes there are tumbleweed 12:30
Kiloseish i lost them12:30
Kilosnuvolari, where are last nights minutes lad12:31
Kilosdankie inetpro 12:31
tumbleweedit'd be nice if minutes were posted on the mailing list after meetings12:31
Kiloswill do12:32
Kilosok they are there too now12:33
Kilostwit place got them too12:34
Kilostumbleweed, has the hear ye hear ye announcement a special way of being used12:37
tumbleweedKilos: not really12:38
tumbleweedMaaz: literal announce $arg12:38
Maaztumbleweed: 1: <reply> Announcement from $who! $1, 2: <reply> Hear ye, hear ye! $112:38
Kilosbecause maaz stopped saying hear ye before now12:38
tumbleweedso he'll randomly pick between those two12:38
tumbleweedyou can force a hear ye if you want12:39
tumbleweedMaaz: announce The minutes have been posted on the list /hear ye/12:39
Maaztumbleweed: Got it12:39
Kilosfor 1$12:39
tumbleweedMaaz: last set factoid12:39
Maaztumbleweed: It was: announce The minutes12:39
tumbleweedMaaz: forget announce the minutes12:39
Maaztumbleweed: Okay12:39
Kilosso do i use literal announce 2: post?12:41
tumbleweedI tried to figure that out, and ran into https://bugs.launchpad.net/ibid/+bug/567547 along the way12:49
tumbleweedso, I don't know :)12:49
Kilosoh my12:49
Kilosmagespawn, you lurking in away mode?12:57
Trixar_zaEh, screw it. I'm not very good at being a leader anyway. I'm too impatient, direct and opinionated to be good at it.13:14
not_foundA leader isn't something you do, it is someone you are13:15
Kilosyou can work at it though13:16
Kilosbefore saying something, stop and think how you would like to be addressed13:16
Kilosone must lead by example13:17
Trixar_zaThat's part of the problem. I would like people to be direct with me and fight back.13:17
Kilosdepends if you are in charge of them or not.13:18
Trixar_zaFor example, the last two critical posts has me angry. So I said screw it and will be doing it regardless13:19
Kilospeeps are taught not to argue with the boss13:19
Trixar_zathen I'll have the users decide13:19
Trixar_zaScrew the other devs13:19
Kilosoh you guys are supposed to be a team13:20
Trixar_zaWell, godane (Christopher Rogers) breaks SliTaz more than he fixes13:20
Trixar_zaSo his opinion has about as much weight as mine. Only he has a pretty forceful personality13:20
Kilosthen be diplomatic13:20
KilosMaaz, diplomat13:21
MaazA diplomat is a person who can tell others to go to hell in such a nice way that they look forward to the trip13:21
Trixar_zaOh I have something planned that will allow both sides to exist, bring back people that left the project and still get nimrod accepted as a good programming language choice13:24
Trixar_zaIt does however involve me having to apologize to a few people13:24
Trixar_zaCan't be helped though. If I have to drag binary replacements for 2000+ line shell scripts by sheer force of will, then so be it.13:28
maiatodayKilos, inetpro, superfly and everybody else who did the meeting last night, thanks good job13:34
maiatodaysorry I couldn't make it, I just scanned the minutes13:34
Trixar_zamaiatoday: Most of them agreed that you deserve a medal for all the effort you put into everything and that they understood that you couldn't be online last night. Just relaying the sentiment since I don't really know you :P13:36
Trixar_zaAnyway bbl13:39
inetprothanks Trixar_za13:39
* inetpro agrees with Trixar_za's sentiment13:39
=== Trixar_za is now known as Trix[a]r_za
inetpromaiatoday: np, was a good meeting indeed13:40
inetproalways more stuff that can be added though13:41
inetprobut we can work on that13:41
Kiloswe missed you maiatoday 13:41
maiatodayAh thanks Trix[a]r_za13:42
Kilosand you forgot to mention nuvolari  by name he will sulk for a week13:42
maiatodayI was debug some urgent code for a dead line13:42
inetpromaiatoday: now if you can help not_found with the reporting I'd appreciate it13:42
maiatodaythanks to nuvolari too13:42
* not_found was rang...13:42
maiatodaynot_found can I help you?13:43
* inetpro still has a few things to do at the office13:43
maiatodayI am so proud of you guys chairing and doing agendas and reminding everybody13:43
not_foundmaiatoday, I am sure you can... with what is the question how-ever... I volenteered to do reporting and as it stands I am still a little in the dark to all that entails...13:44
maiatodayok you go to the wiki.ubuntu.com and look for ZATeam13:44
maiatodaythere are examples of our monthly reports on there13:44
maiatodayso just scan the meetings and so on and add it to that months wiki page13:45
maiatodayif no page exists copy the previous month and rename13:45
not_foundk... so first thing, make sure the IRC meeting apears on the wiki page ... check :)13:45
maiatodayhere's an example https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ZATeam/TeamReports/12/June13:45
maiatodayyou need a launchpad login to log into the wiki to edit it13:45
not_foundk, so basically just try and capture everything that happened in the month with a link if possible?13:46
* Kilos goes for sheep13:46
* not_found can edit the wiki...13:46
not_foundmaiatoday, let me add the previous meeting etc. and if I have any questions I will ask (and feel free to point out if/when I miss someting)13:48
maiatodayyeah sure13:48
maiatodayit's really easy 13:48
maiatodayone or two lines is ok13:48
maiatodaythe monthly report feeds into the big ubuntu monthly reports which go into the weekly newsletter 13:48
maiatodaythe deadline for July is the first Sunday Aug13:49
maiatodaysomewhere there is a link on how to do it, I'll look for it13:49
maiatodaynot_found: ^^13:50
not_foundalreay got the link thanks13:50
not_foundkk... pity the sorting on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ZATeam/TeamReports/ seems to sort alphabetically and stuffs up the chronological order (I will also add links to the page to the months that are missing|)13:51
maiatodayok then you are sorted13:51
not_found:) 13:52
maiatodaywell if you add links to the missing months what will we write in those months, or do you mean the future months13:52
not_foundmaiatoday, the wiki pages are created for june/may etc. just not showing on  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ZATeam/TeamReports ... I will add them there too13:52
maiatodaythanks for helping with this not_found, ideally people who do stuff can add it on their own but we need someone to drive it13:52
maiatodayah ok13:52
not_foundI hear you :p13:53
not_foundmmm I see the list uses an auto population of sorts... wonder why the last few meetings are missing?!13:55
magespawnsee you later all14:00
tumbleweedkieren: any progress?14:19
kierentumbleweed: not doing it now, my laptop is freaking out14:20
kierenand i think i'll just upgrade to quantal anyway14:20
tumbleweedyay :/14:20
tumbleweedubuntu dev releases are pretty much stable enough to run14:21
tumbleweedalthough, things sometimes get a bit interesting just before feature freeze, when everyone tries to land their features, with or without major bugs14:22
tumbleweedbut that's just crazy UI brokenness, not machines that don't boot14:22
nlsthznis this format now depreciated - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ZATeam/Meetings/ ?14:23
nlsthznin favour of this format - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ZATeam/TeamReports14:24
nlsthznor should both be maintained?14:24
tumbleweedI'd say both. But team reports are certainly the more useful of the two14:25
nlsthznalso, I am wondering why https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ZATeam/TeamReports isn14:26
nlsthznisn't showing the last few months14:26
nlsthzneven though the wiki pages are there14:26
nlsthzntumbleweed, cool... thanks...14:31
mazalAfternoon all15:29
superflyIf you haven't seen it yet: http://blogs.valvesoftware.com/linux/steamd-penguins/15:30
Kilosthats good news15:40
Kilosgaming is the enemies only advantage15:41
mazalAny partimage knowledgeable guys around ?16:08
Kiloswhat is that mazal 16:12
Kiloslo nuvolari 16:12
mazalEvening nuvolari, Kilos16:12
mazalKilos it is used for cloning a HDD16:12
mazalI was just wondering of the splitted parts can be opened somehow when one only want to retrieve 1 folder or file16:13
Kilossplitted parts16:14
Kilosyou need to explain things nicely to me16:14
mazalYeah , the software split and zip the backup into 2 gig parts16:14
Kilosoh it did split?16:15
Kilosor you want to split it16:15
mazalIt did split it16:15
Kilosthen it hasnt cloned very well16:16
mazalAll the cloning does that16:16
Kilosor were they split before on the one you want to clone from16:16
mazalSo your image is a folder with all your data , splitted into different parts16:16
Kilosa clone should be an exact copy16:16
mazalKilos not if you clone to a folder. I guess "image" would be better description16:17
Kilosoh to a folder not another drive16:17
Kilosexcuse my ignorance16:18
mazalHehe np , I use the wrong word16:18
Kilosthe files you are looking for, cant you get them off the drive16:19
mazalNo it works excellently when loaded back in full to a new or different HDD. But I am wondering if I just want to extract 1 folder out of those parts16:19
Kiloswhew better wait for some brains to arrive16:20
mazalLet's say for example , my HDD didn't break down and I don't want to restore the entire drive. I just need to get 1 folder out that I accidentily deleted16:20
Kilosis your drive broken?16:22
Kilosthen there are data recovery tools16:22
mazalNope the drives are both fine16:23
mazalIt's just something I am thinking about16:23
mazalAlways thinking ahead16:23
Kilosdid you google finding files in an image16:23
Kilosyou are using linux hey?16:24
mazalThe image are made with Redo backup , excellent software btw, and that is Linux based yes and looks like it uses partimage as primary software16:24
mazalPersonally I don't think it can be done16:25
mazalBut doesn't hurt to ask :)16:25
Kilosburn the image to cd and then it should be browsable16:25
Kilosmake an iso of it16:26
mazalWay to big :P16:26
mazalIs there somewhere I can paste a pic easily ?16:26
Kiloslarge usb stick?16:26
Kilosimageshack i think its called16:27
Kilosor dogbox or something16:27
Kilosim not sure16:27
Kilosnuvolari, help man16:28
Kilosmoenie lurk nie16:28
mazalNow I'm struggling to find an app that can crop the image16:30
Kilosor gimp16:31
Kilosyeah dont paste big meg pics16:31
mazalThat will give you good idea what I am talking about16:38
mazalYou see those "part" files are all splitted parts of the HDD image16:38
Kiloswhat happens if you try open the folder16:39
Kilosisnt everything in it16:40
mazalWhen I try and open any one of them it doesn't know what app to use16:40
mazalI'm gonna google it a bit , see what I can come up with16:41
Kiloshmm hang around someone will have some ideas on what to use16:41
mazalSeems it can't be done :16:44
mazal"Any hope of a browser like utility to allow restoring individual files from the archives? Like Ghost Explorer ?16:45
mazalSorry, Partition Image is not a high level program, like Ghost. Ghost makes a file copy, and we obtain a file in a tar.gz archive, with other details (such as the boot sector). But Partimage works at a low level, as Drive Image: it copies used blocks of the disk. So, it doesn't know where files are written, and cannot allow to see files in the image without restoring. But maybe it will become possible in future versions. We will try to16:45
mazal make partimage image files mountable: a driver, such as the loop one, could allow us to make an image file be a block device.  "16:45
Kilosmaybe you are looking for problems where there arent any16:45
mazalJust like to be prepared , now I know that rsync must defnitely be part of backups :)16:47
Kilosi always rsync home and archives to an external16:48
Kiloswonderful tool16:48
mazalOnly problem is , my one "darkside" machine doesn't have that. So will need to get an tool for it16:49
mazalHave 1 of those16:50
Tonberrykinda gives new meaning to 'come to the dark side, we have cookies'16:51
mazalMy Ubuntu laptop I am sorted very well , remastersys iso frequently with seperate /home which get's rsync'ed every night16:52
nuvolarioom Kilos, wat gaan oom môre doen vir 67 min?16:52
nuvolariof is dit nou 76?16:52
Kiloslol google remastersys for winsucks16:52
Kiloslol nuvolari jy tender16:53
mazalI think I will get a "You want to do WHAT !!!!! ???"16:53
* nuvolari will sleep that couple of minutes :P16:53
nuvolarieh? waarvoor tender ek oom Kilos ?16:53
Kiloshaha @ mazal 16:53
Kilosn hout overal16:53
mazalLater gents , gonna go have a snack :)16:57
Kiloshi smile 16:57
smilehi Kilos :p16:58
Kilosi go eat17:01
smilehave a great meal :D17:04
nuvolarilol, ipone 4s17:13
nuvolari'droid wannabe17:13
nuvolarijust heard an ad on the radio17:13
nuvolarigoogle's been doing that for ages17:13
KilosMaaz, klap nuvolari 17:25
* Maaz klap nuvolari en hol sy gaai af17:25
* nuvolari is onskuldig!!17:27
nuvolariwat het oom vanaand teen my?17:27
Kilosek probeer jou lewendig hou seun17:27
nuvolarimaar ek is mos oom :P17:27
Kilosnou ja17:27
Kilosjy was so lank weg17:28
nuvolariek't hou die geitjie gejaag17:28
nuvolariwant netnou mis dié op my bank17:28
nuvolarien toe skuif hy tot reg bo my lessenaar17:29
Kiloshulle word eintlik n pes daar onder17:29
nuvolarien hardkoppig!17:29
nuvolarija :-/ 17:29
nuvolarihulle was oulik aan die begin17:29
nuvolarien hou die vlië en goggas weg17:29
Kilosnee man17:29
nuvolarimaar in ruil daarvoor los hulle mis strepe teen die muur :- (17:30
Kiloshulle vang 2 of 3 inna dag17:30
nuvolariek gaan gou die koffie water aansit17:30
nuvolariek't al amper vergeet hoe lekker yoghurt is17:35
Kilossflr is baie siek met die griep17:35
smilebye :D17:45
Kiloscheers smile17:48
Kilossleep tight17:48
Kilosenjoy holiday17:49
smilethanks :D17:49
smileyou too :)17:49
KilosMaaz, seen charl18:14
MaazKilos: charl was last seen 21 hours, 19 minutes and 24 seconds ago in #ubuntu-za on freenode [2012-07-16 22:55:05 SAST], and has been offline on freenode since 2012-07-16 22:55:10 SAST18:14
Kilosmust be studying18:14
charlhi all18:15
charlMaaz: coffee on18:15
* Maaz starts grinding coffee18:15
Kiloshi charl hows exams going18:15
charlKilos: passed this morning18:15
KilosMaaz, coffee please18:15
MaazKilos: Alrighty18:15
Kiloswell done18:16
charlthanks! :)18:16
Kiloswhens the next one?18:16
charlnah there is only one18:16
Kilosah thats lekker18:16
charlyeah i got a score of 31 out of 4018:16
Kilosgood lad18:16
charland considering i only did one day of studying, i think it's not too bad18:16
charlbesides, theory isn't my strong point :)18:17
charlnot everyone made it but most did18:17
Kiloswhat made you come on now18:17
charlat least from the people i have spoken to18:17
charljust to say hi, i've been busy all day, this morning with exams and this afternoon with work18:17
Kilosyou came on one minute after i asked maaz if he saw you18:18
charloh, seriously?18:18
charlthat's quite amazing actually18:18
charllike i heard my name being called or something18:18
Kilosyeah i thought you have a beeper there or something18:18
charllol no must have been by accident18:18
Kilosone of them nick mentioned alarms18:19
MaazCoffee's ready for charl and Kilos!18:19
KilosMaaz, ty18:19
MaazYou are welcome Kilos18:19
charlMaaz: thanks18:20
Maazcharl: Sure18:20
charlso how's it going with you ballies18:20
Kiloslekker ty18:20
Kiloswho else is a ballie here18:20
Kilosto you nearly everyone18:21
Kilosoom_koos, did you win?18:23
nuvolariis he lurking around?18:33
* nuvolari pokes oom_koos18:33
nuvolarihall charl 18:33
charlhi nuvolari 18:36
Kiloshi conradvo 18:40
KilosMaaz, klap charl 18:49
* Maaz klap charl en hol sy gaai af18:49
* charl runs after Maaz and gives him a klap back18:57
* charl grabs a baseball bat and gives Maaz a dent18:57
Kilosno dont hurt maaz18:58
Kilosno coffee if he gets upset18:58
Tonberrywe have the technology to repair him18:58
inetprogood evenin18:59
charlreminds me of: http://i.chzbgr.com/completestore/2010/5/30/129197143500990031.jpg19:00
charlhi inetpro 19:00
conradvoHi  kilos19:04
Kiloscharl, you never saw my site19:13
Kilosonly the ballies have19:15
charlyeah no i haven't19:22
Kilosamateur but its mine19:22
nuvolariyo, anyone knowing anyone else traveling from Durbs to Pta anytime soon?19:23
charlhey that's not bad at all, good job!19:25
charlgot quite a few things on there19:26
Kiloshad some help from my friends19:27
Kilosinetpro, ++19:27
Kilossee im really a ballie19:28
Kilosnuvolari, try the lists, many more peeps there19:28
nuvolariI'm trying oom, but that's why I need the english for 'geleentheid' :P19:29
magespawnEvening all.19:29
Kiloshi magespawn 19:30
Kilosopportunity is the word but dunno how it fits into a sentence19:30
nuvolarihowdy magespawn 19:30
nuvolariit's ok oom kilos, I'll figure out a line :P19:31
magespawnI could help?19:31
inetproKilos: dit was nie ekke nie19:31
magespawnYou must grab every opportunity that comes your way.19:33
Kilosyeah but from the other sdie magespawn 19:33
Kiloswat inetpro ?19:33
inetproEk weet nie 19:34
magespawnThe other side of what? Opposite of opportunity?19:34
Kilosno mage19:34
inetpro++ vir wat? 19:34
Kilosones takes the opportunity to do something19:35
Kiloshow do you ask for that opportunity19:35
Kiloso vir die hulp met yola inetpro 19:35
* inetpro gaan slaap19:35
inetproBaie moeg 19:36
Kilosnag boetie, lekker slaap19:36
magespawnAs in 'I would like the opportunity to do business with you.'19:36
magespawnnight inetpro19:36
inetproGood night everyone 19:36
charlnn inetpro19:37
Kilosi would like to avail myself of the opportunity of someone taking a pc from durbs to pta19:37
magespawnThat seems a long way to say it.19:37
Kilosso someone else must offer the opportunity19:37
Kilosyes i would just say can anyone do it for me19:38
magespawnThat is usually the case, if you asked then they give you the opportunity19:38
magespawnPretty much.19:38
magespawnVery formal way of asking for english.19:39
Kilosits because of trying to translate from afrikaans19:39
charlnn all19:41
magespawnYup my wife is very good at that.19:41
Kilosnight charl19:41
Kilossleep tight19:41
Kilosnight all. sleep tight19:49
zerefno good document on using libnotify20:13

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