PlayingNakedglitsj16, i ran sudo ubuntu-tweak - yet i still cannot run "clean" Maybe i need to do soemthing different?00:00
glitsj16PlayingNaked: mix up, i thought you were still refering to bleachbit, never used ubuntu-tweak sorry00:00
ActionParsnipZiber: you could also try running:  sudo mkdir /etc/adobe; echo "OverrideGPUValidation=true" | sudo tee /etc/adobe/mms.cfg > /dev/null00:00
ubottuTo have some persistent storage when using a Live CD, follow the instructions on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDPersistence00:01
ZiberActionParsnip: what's that do? also http://pastebin.com/0Zm2tsvJ00:01
PlayingNakedActionParsnip, familiar how i might be able to purge these old kernels in ubuntu-tweak? "Clean" is not available even launching as root00:01
ActionParsnipZiber: it does something with hardware accelleration in flash, can help00:01
ActionParsnipZiber: also run:  sudo dpkg -P flashplugin-installer00:02
SchuenemannActionParsnip, if I get internet access do I still need that persistence?00:02
ActionParsnipPlayingNaked: if you can pastebin the output of:  uname -a; dpkg -l | grep linux-image     I can give a command00:02
ActionParsnipSchuenemann: if you can get it on the system you want to install to then it's not really needed as you can just update in the live environment. If the system is a laptop you can use a wired connection and install updates etc there (makes life easier)00:03
Ziberrestarting chrome, let's see what that did.00:03
Ziberno effect.00:04
ActionParsnipZiber: same in other browsers too?00:04
Ziberi'll try firefox. sec.00:04
ActionParsnipZiber: if you make a new ubuntu user, is it the same?00:04
Ziberi could also try that too.00:05
PlayingNakedActionParsnip, http://paste.ubuntu.com/1095852/00:05
Ziberactually it's far too slowed down in FF.00:05
Zibernow im confused.00:05
ActionParsnipZiber: ok then run:  sudo rm  /etc/adobe/mms.cfg00:05
ZiberWant me to try another user still?00:06
ActionParsnipPlayingNaked: and the output of:  dpkg -l | grep linux-image00:06
PlayingNakedActionParsnip,  http://paste.ubuntu.com/1095859/00:07
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ActionParsnipPlayingNaked: sudo apt-get --purge remove linux-image-3.0.0-12-generic linux-image-3.0.0-17-generic; sudo apt-get --purge autoremove00:08
Costeelationwith what command show all commands of the terminal? :p00:09
jagginessCosteelation, you mean builtin? there's "help<enter>" .. those are bash built-ins00:10
jagginessCosteelation, stuff like "cd" , note: ls, mv, and cp are external commands and not part of bash00:10
jagginess(but avail on all shells)00:10
Dr_willisCosteelation,  hit tab key like 4 times.. :) it will print a list of all builtinds and whats in your path00:10
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Costeelationthanks guys00:11
X11TroubleLast night I ran *apt-get update* and woke up to my computer frozen this morning.  Upon reboot, I am unable to get to a graphical interface.  After searching all of my logs, I noticed that xorg was updated yesterday.  Another thing I have noticed is that *colord* segfaults on startup.  I am unfamiliar with what colord is used for.  Does anybody have any suggestions? (12.04|ATI|AMD)00:11
ZiberActionParsnip: A restart fixed it. Shrug.00:11
ZiberThanks for your help :)00:11
jagginesswhat he means by path, is -- echo $PATH00:11
Costeelationthat is true :)00:11
ActionParsnipZiber: np dude00:11
Dr_willissort of pointless to get a list.. ;)00:11
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Jagst3r15Ok so for some reason the updates setting for backports was ticked and i just installed like 300 precise-backports by mistake00:12
Jagst3r15is there any way to revert that? :C00:12
jagginessCosteelation, if i'm searching for a command i know exists, i prefer to use "apropos substring<enter>"00:12
CosteelationMmmm ok im trying00:12
escottX11Trouble, colord manages color profiles (printers displays and the like) i doubt its crashing would bring down X00:13
jagginessescott, anything crashing can freeze other things, I doubt something crashing cant make something else crashy00:14
smallnation_Hey, can anyone help me with a small problem I'm facing in Ubuntu?00:14
jagginesssmallnation, like that is a problem. I guess the answer is if it's a ubuntu related question00:15
X11TroubleThank you for the clarification, escott.  I can't find any other errors anywhere :\00:15
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ki4rosmallnation: Just ask a question and you'll find out00:15
smallnation_My logon screen in Ubuntu doesn't display correctly on my 1920x1080. It has huge borders on each side of them. Any way to fix it?00:15
jagginessX11Trouble, you can try to rename /etc/X11/xorg.conf to /etc/X11/xorg.conf_bak  , then-- service lightdm restart00:16
Jagst3r15anyone to uninstall backports?00:16
ActionParsnipsmallnation_: is it ok after you log in?00:16
smallnation_It is, Action.00:17
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ActionParsnipJagst3r15: you could disable to repo then install packages, you can use /var/log/dpkg.log to see what was recently installed00:17
The_ExplorerQuestion: Nvidia -> 2 Cards -> Dual monitor 1xPer card. Second X Server. ** Problem=Gnome shell breaks. (reverts to gnome classic, incorrectly duplicating panels) Why?00:19
X11Troublejagginess: *service lightdm* and *startx* both result in my the screens turning black and the computer becoming unresponsive (ctrl+alt+f1-7 and ctrl+alt+del don't work)00:19
ki4rog4mby Nice call00:19
dead_mikeI'm trying to make an iso of a CD I have, but I cannot read from the block device with dd or cat. Here is an strace of cat failing to access it: http://p.hashbang.ca/ZO00:19
Rafase282what are the groups I should use when manually adding a new user?00:19
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Jagst3r15ActionParsnip says last updates were in april but i just installed ubuntu tday?00:20
dead_mikeOther programs can read from the disk OK, but dd can't.00:21
dead_mikeHighly disturbing :x00:21
ActionParsnipJagst3r15: so the last lines at the bottom say april?00:21
smallnation_ActionParsnip, any suggestions on how to remedy my login problem?00:22
n8k99hi there room00:22
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Jagst3r15 ActionParsnip woops no they were today, but i dont see any backports00:24
Jagst3r15like i installed fresh off disk and updated system and it said i had 305 updates00:25
EMPHASIS_Anyone know of a wireless-status app?  Signal strength in real time, Mb/s, etc.00:25
Jagst3r15then after that i saw the backports was ticked in settings00:25
Jagst3r15but im looking at the list in the log file and dont see any backports from the packages.ubuntu.com/blahblahg00:25
ki4roWondering my Linux is upgrading from .26 to .27 like my wife's machine already has?00:26
brad[]How recently did the wife's machine update?00:27
ki4robrad[]: Been about 1 week now I would say...she has a Compaq and mine is a Toshibe if that matters00:27
proofywho have also problems with usb webcam since kernel 3.x?00:29
proofyor with usb devices with AMD chips?00:29
Dr_williski4ro, try a sudo apt-get dist-upgrade00:30
dead_mikeHere's an extract from kern.log when I try to read /dev/sr0 with dd: http://p.hashbang.ca/Zr00:30
SchuenemannThere's definitely something wrong with this live usb. I keep getting a lot of squashfs errors during installation00:30
Schuenemannthis is frustrating00:30
ki4roDr_willis: Okay...be back I hope LOL00:30
ActionParsnipproofy: does it work in cheese?00:30
Dr_willisdead_mike,  what kind of optical disk is it?00:30
ActionParsnipJagst3r15: the ones installed most recently will be the ones you installed from backports, you can reinstall those packages00:31
proofynormaly not00:31
ki4roDr_willis: Got 4 zeroes...no updates needed etc00:31
dead_mikeDr_willis: consumer-grade CD00:31
Schuenemannit would be really nice if anyone had a solution00:32
Jagst3r15ActionParsnip well the thing is I don't want the backports there ;) but you think it eats up any memory having them installed anyway (if they were - I can't really tell if they were but I assume that they were)00:32
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Dr_willisdead_mike,  so its a normal data cd that you or someone else made?00:32
RaverX3Xanyone remember the command to check to make sure dri is active00:32
ActionParsnipJagst3r15: doesn't eat up memory at al..00:33
dead_mikeDr_willis: someone else made it - it contains .wav files. The gnome popup sees it as an audio CD when I insert it.00:33
Schuenemannis there a way to see if the live usb creation went fine?00:33
Schuenemannnot talking about the ISO hash00:33
ActionParsnipSchuenemann: I believe you can mount the storage and change directory to the mount point and run:  md5sum -c MD5SUM00:33
glitsj16RaverX3X: glxinfo ?00:33
dead_mikeDr_willis: But I don't see how that matters - it should be just another block device storing some bits00:34
ActionParsnipSchuenemann: the MD5SUM may be different, it's a file in the USB00:34
Dr_willisdead_mike,  an AUDIO cd is one you dont mount if its playable in a normal cd player.  some file managers can show them as  containign .wav or other audio files as a feature of the filemanager00:34
Dr_williscould be dirt on the very start of the disk, or in the drive.  thats being skipped past  when accessing the cd normally00:35
dead_mikeDr_willis: ok, I'll check00:35
SchuenemannActionParsnip, this MD5SUM file does not exist00:35
Schuenemannoh, it's md5sum.txt00:36
ki4roDr_willis: Got 4 zeroes...no updates needed etc00:36
EMPHASIS_A good wireless-monitoring app? - I'm looking for signal strength in Real Time, Mb/s, etc.00:36
dead_mikeDr_willis: it looks clean to me - no scratches, fingerprints, dirt, or dust00:37
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SchuenemannActionParsnip, failed on squashfs. That's it00:37
ActionParsnipSchuenemann: then it's not good. The squashfs is the whole live environment00:39
SchuenemannActionParsnip, I'm writing to usb again to see if it goes ok this time00:39
Jagst3r15how come when I click on the system settings in my launcher another system settings opens00:41
Jagst3r15shouldnt it open and stay within the same icon (and not need another to appear below it?)00:41
The_ExplorerDual monitor working in Gnome-shell?00:42
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Jagst3r15i see it here https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubuntuone-control-panel/+bug/838778 but why is it broken on 12.04? hmm00:43
ubottuLaunchpad bug 838778 in ubuntuone-control-panel (Ubuntu Oneiric) "After installing Ubuntu One, there are 2 Ubuntu One launchers in System Settings" [High,Fix released]00:43
ki4roDr_willis: Still here?00:44
Jagst3r15wait nevermind i am talking about the system settings00:45
ki4robrad[]: Still here?00:51
PineappleCLockis there an ubuntu server channel or is this it00:52
dead_mikePineappleCLock: #ubuntu-server00:52
ActionParsnipSchuenemann: could try a different USB storage device00:53
ActionParsnipSchuenemann: or CD00:53
SchuenemannActionParsnip, this time the md5sum passed00:53
ActionParsnipSchuenemann: sounds good :)00:54
SchuenemannActionParsnip, but I'll wait for tomorrow to test. I don't have a wired connection right now and it's getting late (22h)00:54
umopaplsdnHey, can anybody help me with a Ubuntu Server installation?00:56
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Costeelationumopaplsdn: joint this channel #ubuntu-server00:57
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umopaplsdnI did00:57
kriskropdCan anyone recommend to me a lightweight rss reader for linux that can handle a very large rss feedlist (apr 1000 feeds)? Liferea has been incredibly laggy. ~ I also need it to support categories/folders to help organize feeds00:57
azbyinhi all01:00
azbyinhave people complained about tooltips disappearing very fast?01:01
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meoblast001i want to make sure update-manager does not run, by any user, but i do not want to uninstall it01:05
delacazbyin: not that I have heard. in fact, for met the tooltips seem to stick indefinitely01:05
meoblast001i believe it is the reason my system is crashing so often01:05
meoblast001is this possible to do without uninstalling it?01:05
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delacmeoblast001: I gues you could disable all automatic updates from Software Sources, but do remember to check them annually yourself.01:06
meoblast001delac: wil lthat make sure the binary does not start?01:07
meoblast001it forces my system down01:07
meoblast001i only need to do this until Update Manager itself is fixed.... at least, if this is the problem01:07
meoblast001i still can't even be sure01:07
delacmeoblast001: not sure, haven't tested it ever01:07
meoblast001i tried Ubuntu One.. killing that didn't work....01:07
glitsj16kriskropd: liferea from git is flying lately, especially on ext401:07
meoblast001i'm getting so tired of Ubuntu.. it's destroying my productivity01:07
azbyindelac, 12.04 uses the unclutter utility and "overrides" the default value of 5 seconds01:09
azbyinso the mouse disappears afetr 1 second of inactivity01:09
meoblast001i'll try this though01:09
azbyinand so does any tooltip01:09
meoblast001hopefully it fixes the problem01:09
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azbyinpretty bad override of the default value01:09
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delacazend: odd, doesnt seem to affect me01:11
delacazend: sorry, wronf person01:11
kriskropdglitsj16: im using liferea 1.8.3 and its using an ext4 partition, top doesn't report it as really high cpu or memory usage, but the whole machine feels like it is locking up trying to process liferea01:11
delacazbyin: odd, doesnt seem to affect me01:11
azbyinaffects me badly! not anymore though as I have gotten rid of clutter01:12
brad[]ki4ro: sorry - interesting. Make sure you're using the same mirrors as the wife is01:12
azbyinerr.. unclutter01:12
glitsj16kriskropd: compiling liferea 1.9.3 from git is worth the effort, those issues have been fixed01:12
kriskropdglitsj16: okay, thanks, ill try that01:12
glitsj16kriskropd: check with #liferea, offers great support on that01:12
ki4robrad[]: Never paid any attention but I assume it is using the US version01:13
XiRoNHow can I resolve this problem; I am getting this message when I try to login to my VPS via SSH.01:13
ki4robrad[]: I'll check mine brb01:13
azbyindelac, i was unable to see any tooltip(for a reasonable time) because they would fade in and then fade out, but the fade in time was included in the 1 sec disappearance of the mouse01:13
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azbyinso basically i saw tooltips for a few 100 millisecs01:13
Wugif danub visits again, tell him thanks and that restarting fixed it01:14
delacazbyin: funny, I havent even noticed that there is this unclutter. Maybe it works only on Unity. I usually switch quite quickly to other desktops.01:14
glitsj16kriskropd: there's also a potential newcomer to the linux rss field called lightread, installable from a PPA (http://www.ubuntugeek.com/lightread-offline-google-reader.html) .. spanking new entree to the ubuntu appshowdown, looks promising01:14
XiRoNHow can I resolve this problem; I am getting this message when I try to login to my VPS via SSH. http://pastebin.com/tKVXEqt101:15
k0nichiwafor work im using a virtual ubuntu server that has lousy internet connectivity, i can't ftp, i can't ssh01:16
k0nichiwahow can i transfer a big file off of that to my drop-box (godaddy server) or something ?01:16
jagginessk0nichiwa, godaddy godaddy or something!! :)01:17
jagginessk0nichiwa !01:17
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* jagginess thinks he spotted a perl script for dealing with dropbox01:17
* jagginess thinks he saw it on googlesummercode site..01:18
k0nichiwaheh ?01:18
ki4robrad[]: I went to the Ubuntu Software Center and told it to use the main server instead of the US server and still got the 4 zeroes telling me that everything is up to date01:18
k0nichiwai have a server on godaddy, i can ftp files onto it to use it as a drop-box01:18
k0nichiwabut this stuipid "virtual" server won't connect via ftp01:18
WugI can never remember01:18
Wugam I supposed to use adduser or useradd01:18
k0nichiwai'm really about to get fed up dealing with these incompetent people01:18
jagginessk0nichiwa, means hi in japanese.. thought your name fits the godaddy godaddy party line :) btw, i answered your question in my thoughts01:19
k0nichiwaoh, haha01:19
k0nichiwawhat is godaddy godaddy party line01:20
ActionParsnipk0nichiwa: can you ping the server by name and ip?01:20
k0nichiwano its behind a router ... like a home router01:20
jagginessk0nichiwa, little girls jumping up and down on japanese television something something (they have weird television ads over there) haha01:20
k0nichiwaits got a 196.168... address01:20
ActionParsnipk0nichiwa: fine, does it ping?01:21
k0nichiwajagginess, japenese people are strange01:21
dead_mikeHow can I set what key combo opens the unity HUD?01:21
jagginessk0nichiwa, that 196.168 is wrong.. should be 192.168.x.x01:21
k0nichiwaand they know kung-fu01:21
dead_mikebecause ALT is just... braindead01:21
jagginessk0nichiwa, japan is home of the ninjas, kung-fu comes from china.. :)01:21
k0nichiwaeven little girls jumping up and down on TV know kung-fu01:21
jagginessk0nichiwa, your address is wrong actually (see my post-- it ought to be 192.168.x.x)01:22
ActionParsnipk0nichiwa: if it's behid a router, did you setup port forwarding?01:22
=== 15SACB2Y4 is now known as mainmeister
k0nichiwaActionParsnip, i dont have access to the router01:23
k0nichiwai dont know what kind of "virtual server" this is01:24
ActionParsnipk0nichiwa: then it will drop the connection due to the nature of NAT. You need to configure the router to allow the inward traffic01:24
jagginessk0nichiwa, well you need to get someone to fix it.. i bet you cant access certain 196.x.x.x internet sites01:24
ActionParsnipk0nichiwa: so you are trying to access a PC on a remote site behind a different router than the one you are accessing the web via01:25
kingjameshow do I check to see if my graphics card is working proper?01:25
ActionParsnipk0nichiwa: is that right?01:25
ActionParsnipkingjames: can you see the desktop?01:25
k0nichiwathey must have a firewall set up for ftp not to work01:25
kingjamesbut i want to see if it uses hd intel or my nvidia01:25
ActionParsnipkingjames: its working right then.01:25
jagginesskingjames, type "xrandr<enter>" in a terminal and see if the report resolution is properly showing01:25
k0nichiwaill just have to wait for my partners to resond, maybe they know how to fix it01:25
ActionParsnipk0nichiwa: yes, the router is a firewall01:26
k0nichiwai dont know why they are using such a lousy server01:26
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jagginessk0nichiwa, godaddy godaddy!01:26
kingjamesjagginess it says Screen 0: minimum 320 x 200, current 1366 x 768, maximum 8192 x 8192 LVDS1 connected 1366x768+0+001:27
jagginesskingjames, is 1366x768 your current highest supported resolution for your screen?01:27
ActionParsnipkingjames: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HybridGraphics  try that01:28
jagginesskingjames, then it sounds like the videocard and monitor appear to work proprely.. you can always try to see if glxgears works good too (i forget which package it is, probably mesa-utils)-- this does an opengl test01:28
=== adante_ is now known as adante
kingjamesjagginess thnx01:29
=== xurious is now known as Guest56811
kingjameswhen i run the command glxinfo i get Error: couldn't find RGB GLX visual or fbconfig Xlib:  extension "GLX" missing on display ":0".01:33
Wugis that normal01:33
Wug!ops a floodbot unexpectedly died01:34
ubottuWug: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)01:34
arooni-mobilewith the command line; how do i merge directories.  for instance, i have /project/wp-content ... and /antoherdir/wp-content (both dirs are the same name, but id like to merge the contents of the dirs instead of replacing one dir with another).  how to?01:34
Wugand subsequently didnt reset the channel modes01:34
arooni-mobilefixed it01:37
mindalot_Ubuntu 12.04 LTS 32bit - does not shutdown ?  Sometimes it ignores shutdown command, others it seems to get mostly shut down, then locks up with a yellow screen.  Any ideas on how I can track this down ?01:41
azbyindelac, i use kubuntu01:42
azbyinwell, ubuntu after which kubuntu-desktop was installed01:42
ActionParsnipmindalot_: try:  sudo shutdown -h now     does it die?01:42
mindalot_last time I did sudo shutdown now01:43
mindalot_I got to the yellow locked screen01:43
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest49549
mindalot_does "-h" change the shutdown in a significant way ?01:43
=== hanscom is now known as Quantum_Ion
mindalot_I'll try it now and see if that gives me different results.  Be back in a few01:44
ActionParsnipmindalot_: it means (h)alt. You can also do -r for (r)eboot01:44
gaurav__ActionParsnip, Hope u rember me my sound is even not now working01:46
mindalot_ActionParsnip, shutdown -h got me to the yellow screen, but it did power off on its own, thanks !!01:46
mindalot_now I just have to figure out how to remap the menu icon of shutdown01:46
ActionParsnipgaurav__: my sound troubleshoting sucks dude, i'm not much good at it short of the basics01:46
gaurav__ActionParsnip, Even now my internal speakes and headfone works at same time .01:46
ActionParsnipmindalot_: least you have a workaround til something can be done. Possibly a permissions thing01:46
ActionParsnipgaurav__: try: echo "options snd-hda-intel position_fix=1" | sudo tee -a /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf > /dev/null      reboot to test01:47
HarrisI have a hp pavilion dv6000 laptop and I need the terminal codes to install and enable the Wi-Fi driver01:48
gaurav__ActionParsnip, last time u give me this commandecho "options snd-hda-intel model=acer" | sudo tee -a /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf > /dev/null is there anything with this problem01:48
mindalot_it it was permissions,  wouldn't sudo shutdown now still fix it ?01:48
gaurav__ActionParsnip, Can u Explain me What exactly this command will do01:48
* mindalot_ kicks his ghost01:48
gaurav__ActionParsnip, If u want i provide u my alsa-info deatils01:49
ActionParsnipgaurav__: it adds the line to the file, it can help when audio comes from both sources01:49
ActionParsnipgaurav__: if it doesn't work, change ' position_fix=1' to 'model=laptop'  may help01:49
HarrisDoes anyone have a hp pavilion dv6000 laptop01:50
mindalot_non ubuntu specific question ... is there a way to sync current gen ipods using Linux/ubuntu ?  I've done some reading, and I'm not sure what can /cannot be done.01:50
Jagst3r15what does ntel® Ironlake Mobile mean? Is that the equivalent of intel graphics hd 3000?01:50
gaurav__ActionParsnip, last time i done changing it to my model = acer as u told me01:50
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Guest19767Hello. So I decided to switch back to ubuntu but Im realizing that my wifi is dropping every now and then. It doesn't do that on windows nor to my other computers. is there a fix for this?01:52
sfearsmindalot_: have you tried banshee?01:52
ActionParsnipgaurav__: you'll need a line in that file for your system01:52
mindalot_not yet, afraid to connect the device - it has most of my library on it, and I"m afraid to brick it or lose what is already there (I trashed the windows OS)01:52
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johnjohn101just curios. is there support for burning blue ray discs in 12.04?01:58
HarrisDoes any one know how to tell what Wi-Fi card you have02:00
sfearsHarris: lspci02:01
codepython777anyone has a bunch of cameras hooked up to watch server room/ preferably using open source software?02:03
HarrisDriver for broadcom bcm 4311 and how to enable02:03
bazhang!broadcom | Harris02:04
ubottuHarris: Help with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx02:04
sfearsHarris: "additional drivers"02:04
Nikyo@codepython777 I do not.. however.. I would try VLC Player.. that streams pretty well..02:05
sfearsHarris: alt+f2 and run "additional drivers" it should list your network card in there02:05
bazhang!info libbluray1 | johnjohn10102:05
ubottujohnjohn101: libbluray1 (source: libbluray): Blu-ray disc playback support library (shared library). In component universe, is optional. Version 1:0.2.1+git20111208.63e308d-3 (precise), package size 81 kB, installed size 228 kB02:05
codepython777Nikyo: i need something that can stream on the web02:05
ActionParsnipcodepython777: vlc can create streams02:06
codepython777any camera recommendations?02:06
ubottuFor lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection02:06
bazhangcodepython777, ##hardware for hardware or check the hcl02:07
Nikyo@codepython777 like from a computer in the server room, then at home, use VLC Player again to view the stream?02:07
NikyoLike that?02:07
gustavohey guys02:07
Nikyo@codepython777 I woujld take a look at VLC..02:07
codepython777what hardware?02:07
codepython777I asked in #hardware, but no luck yet02:08
bazhangcodepython777, check the ##hardware channel02:08
bazhangcodepython777, so be patient02:08
Lu___hello... can anyone tell me how to install ubuntu onto my 'd:' drive in xp?02:08
Lu___er... windows, xp that is02:09
=== hypnokode is now known as sudokode
Nikyo@codepython777 depends on how many clients are going to connect.. really.. for one person / client viewing.. I could do it on a old Pentium 4 workstatikon with at least a 1 Ghz Cpu and 1 or 2 GB of ram for the server side.02:10
NikyoSorry typing too fast. ;-)02:10
NikyoHave a good night all.02:11
NikyoLater :-)02:11
=== RiXtEr--Home is now known as RiXtEr-Home
cyde_What does it mean when I get a black screen (and get dumped back to lightdm) from one user account, but another user account logs in perfectly?02:13
Lu___is this a help channel?02:13
cyde_I'm trying to fix the user account that isn't logging in correctly so that I can use it again.02:14
ActionParsnipcyde_: make sure your user is the owner of it's home data02:15
usr13Lu___: How can we help you?02:15
gaurav__ActionParsnip, No even after Doing the last command u told me02:15
qmrI'm using unity.  alt+f2 opens a run dialog.  I type 'xkill' and press enter - why doesn't this run xkill?02:16
Lu___can anyone tell me how to intall ubunto on my winxp 'd' drive?02:16
cyde_ActionParsnip, So just chmod -R on its home dir?02:16
usr13Lu___: Yes.02:16
Rafase282quick question, which dlna client would you recommend? I want to be able to browse to select between music, audio, and video02:16
usr13Lu___: Do you have a Ubuntu CD?02:16
usr13Lu___: What size is the D drive?02:17
Lu___no.... i can make one..02:17
usr13Lu___: Make the CD or bootable USB, boot to it and then select that second drive to install on.02:18
Lu___sorry... 4002:18
usr13Lu___: Is it a second HDD, or just a partition?02:18
Lu___will that make i t bood?02:19
Lu___second hdd02:19
Lu___oops.. duall boot02:19
usr13Lu___: Yes, (as long as you tell it to write grub to the MBR of the drive that boots, which is the primary or C drive).02:19
usr13Lu___: After that, you'll get option to boot Ubuntu or Windows each time you turn it on.02:20
Lu___what is the Mode stuff02:20
usr13Lu___: 40g is enough, (20g is a bit small but 40g is fine).02:21
Lu___ahh... never mind..02:21
ghanima1 I just purchased a new laptop due to my old one dying on me thankfully the hd is in tack... I installed the new laptop with ubuntu 12. now I am trying to copy my data over but am getting some error Error  Mount on filesystem of type eCryptfs explicitly disallowed due to known incompatibilities.... not sure what to do..... anyone02:21
usr13Ok, well, come back with any other questions you have.02:21
usr13ghanima1: So it's encrypted?02:22
Lu___ok... so will it give me the option of writing the grub to the MBR and it won't mess up my windows info?02:22
usr13ghanima1: That's a problem.  Not sure how you're going to use it.  Maybe someone else has a solution.02:23
Lu___(no... the never mind was pertaining to my mode ?02:23
ghanima1usr13: should I spin up a vm with an older version of ubuntu u think02:23
usr13ghanima1:  I honestly don't know.  I'm hoping someone else will chime in.02:24
=== diddledan is now known as zz_diddledan
Lu___i think you have answered it for me... thank you usr13!02:24
usr13Lu___: NP02:24
deadmundI started my android project in eclipse with minimum version 2.3 but now I need to add support for 2.2.1.  How can I do that?02:26
usr13ghanima1: http://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/ubuntu-mounting-your-encrypted-home-from-livecd/02:26
ActionParsnipone reason why encryptfs sucks02:29
DarkAceZUbuntu won't mount my SD card.02:30
usr13ActionParsnip: Never made much sense to me.02:30
usr13DarkAceZ: Why not?02:30
=== zz_diddledan is now known as diddledan
DarkAceZusr13, won't say.02:31
usr13DarkAceZ: You don't get any sort of error?02:32
ActionParsnipDarkAceZ: when you have inserted a card, wait 10 seconds then run:  sudo dmidecode -t 1; dmesg | tail; lsb_release -a; uname -a     and pastebin the output. Thanks02:32
usr13DarkAceZ: Try another USB port.02:32
DarkAceZActionParsnip, http://pastebin.com/42NyALHg02:33
DarkAceZusr13, already did.02:34
ActionParsnipDarkAceZ: is it a usb card reader, or inbuilt into the system?02:34
dani8892498282Question! I need to add few other stuff onto GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT .... how do i go about that?02:34
dani8892498282do i put a comma?02:34
DarkAceZActionParsnip, the built-in one isn't an SDHC reader, so I tried my low-quality SDHC USB reader, and nothing. Now I'm trying a camera through USB that I know can read large cards.02:35
DarkAceZIt's 32GB02:35
Costeelationdani8892498282: try with grub-customizer02:36
ActionParsnipdani8892498282: just use a space to seperate the options02:36
DarkAceZAnd it reads on my laptop that's running Ubuntu 12 in the built-in reader it has.02:36
dani8892498282ok thanks man02:36
ActionParsnipDarkAceZ: can you try a different pastebin please, I'm having issue with that page for some reason..02:38
usr13DarkAceZ: sudo dmidecode -t 1 >txt ; dmesg | tail >>txt ; lsb_release -a >>txt ; uname -a >>txt ; pastebinit txt ; rm txt02:38
DarkAceZI did |pastebinit for that last one, ActionParsnip02:38
usr13DarkAceZ: ... and send resulting url02:39
ActionParsnipDarkAceZ: can you try http://pastie.org with the same text :)02:39
usr13DarkAceZ: But it only generated one line.  Use the command I just gave you.02:40
Ragtime^What is a good IRC client for Ubuntu?02:41
usr13Ragtime^:  irssi02:41
ActionParsnip!irc |  Ragtime^02:41
ubottuRagtime^: A list of official Ubuntu IRC channels, as well as IRC clients for Ubuntu, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat - For a general list of !freenode channels, see http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#channellist - See also !Guidelines02:41
Guest76453hi guys.  I need help on question I posted on the net, Question #20326502:42
Eitanhey guys. i am hammering a new ubuntu server with tons of connections, i was running centos for my application before with no problems... For some reason i am getting a lot of connection time outs when establishing connections both mysql 3306 and redis 6397... first i found that syn flood protection was blocking some stuff, so i managed to turn that off. but im not sure to see where else or02:42
Eitanwhy else connections are timing out as far as logs or perhaps if its a ulimit issue?02:42
Guest76453actionparsnip was helping me on that, but I have not heard back from him02:43
ActionParsnipGuest76453: sup02:44
Ragtime^thank you02:44
cyde_ActionParsnip, I don't know if the chmod -R on my home dir did anything, but I also switched from lightdm to gdm, and now I am able to log in with that user account.02:44
cyde_lightdm is nicer but I don't really care too much about what my boot screen looks like.02:44
ActionParsnipcyde_: sweet, as long as it works :).02:44
jagginessEitan, sysctl.conf02:44
cyde_ActionParsnip, Yup, just something else to think about recommending other people try if they can't log in with an account (I'm assuming you answer a lot of questions around here).02:45
ActionParsnipcyde_: mental note, thanks for the recommendation :)02:45
jagginesscyde_, maybe just reinstall anything related to unity, apt-get --reinstall install02:45
DarkAceZI guess you guys don't have any clues then...02:46
jagginess(dpkg -l|grep -i unity)02:46
usr13DarkAceZ: We don't have much info to go on.02:46
DarkAceZusr13, what else would you like? :P02:46
usr13DarkAceZ:  sudo fdisk -l | pastebinit02:46
=== kracker|DEAD is now known as kracker|ZOMBIE
jagginessDarkAceZ, looks like you installed two nvidia stuff02:47
jagginessDarkAceZ, you ran nvidia.run ?02:48
usr13DarkAceZ: So it's sdc you are tying to mount?02:48
DarkAceZusr13, not very sure, but I don't think so: the reader is a camera.02:49
DarkAceZjagginess, yes02:49
jagginessDarkAceZ, you screwed up the /dev/sdb table.. you should use GUI tools to do partitioning.. it should not say FAT16 for a big drive.. (i doubt it is a FAT16 filesystem there)02:49
DarkAceZI installed a newer version of the NVIDIA driver manually, and blindly.02:49
DarkAceZI don't think I touched that, unless you're saying it's from my NVIDIA fail...02:50
jagginessDarkAceZ, you should of uninstalled packages saying nvidia in them (you can list them with ->dpkg -l|grep -i nvidia)), then should of ran nvidia.run (you can stil try, but instead rerun nvidia.run after02:50
jagginessDarkAceZ, you did.. because partitioning tools wouldnt make that mistake..02:51
jagginessDarkAceZ, "file -s /dev/sdb2" may indicate what it is, it may either be fat32 or ntfs02:51
DarkAceZyou're saying I manually edited it? O_o02:51
cyde_jagginess, I hate Unity so much though, I was about to jump ship to Mint if I couldn't get this install fixed without too much effort.02:52
jagginesscyde_, unity breaks when you changed your home desktops... it's not possible to tweak unity without breaking it02:53
DarkAceZ$ file -s /dev/sdb202:53
DarkAceZ/dev/sdb2: x86 boot sector, code offset 0x52, OEM-ID "NTFS    ", sectors/cluster 8, reserved sectors 0, Media descriptor 0xf8, heads 255, hidden sectors 14329980, dos < 4.0 BootSector (0x0)02:53
DarkAceZNTFS, I see02:53
Gutterpunkthi I'm a noob02:53
jagginessDarkAceZ, what does, -> "parted /dev/sdb p" say ? (is it dosmbr or gpt ?)02:53
DarkAceZGutterpunkt, [✔] Same02:53
Gutterpunktcan't get spotify to work02:54
Gutterpunktnot using wine02:54
jagginessDarkAceZ, where did you learn that checkmark?02:54
* jagginess [✔]02:54
DarkAceZjagginess, copy/paste02:54
jagginessf genious02:54
DarkAceZOK, I don't see a "dosmbr" or a "gpt". I do, however, have a prompt.02:55
jagginessDarkAceZ, should say..02:55
Gutterpunktany ideas on how to get it to run?02:56
ubottuProgramming editors/suites: Terminal-based: vi/vim, emacs - KDE: Kate, KDevelop, Quanta+, Umbrello - GNOME: gvim, gedit, anjuta, pida, monodevelop, geany - Others: eclipse, netbeans, qtcreator02:56
Gutterpunktspotify that is02:56
jagginessDarkAceZ, q quits, you can select the device with one of the commands.. then hit 'p' to print its table02:56
jagginessDarkAceZ, if you're in parted's prompt, you type "select /dev/sdb" to select it, then "p<enter>" should print the table and say whether its gpt or not02:57
jagginessDarkAceZ, from bash, it ought to work, "parted /dev/sdb p"02:57
DarkAceZ"Model: ATA Hitachi HDT72502 (scsi)"?02:57
jagginessDarkAceZ, it may say "mbr" instead of "dosmbr"02:58
jagginessDarkAceZ, (and you may need to run it as sudo too of course)02:58
DarkAceZnot sure what I'm looking for :P "dosmbr", "gpt" and "mbr" aren't there..03:00
jagginessDarkAceZ, what is the output of "parted /dev/sdb" ? can you pastebin that?03:01
jagginessDarkAceZ, i mean, "parted /dev/sdb p"03:01
bossollieHi, my pc is trying to think that either apt or synaptic is running... which in reality neither is running!...... how can i end whatever is keeping from installing wine?03:02
ActionParsnip!aptfix | bossollie03:02
ubottubossollie: If an APT front-end crashed and your database is locked, try this in a !terminal: « sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a »03:02
DarkAceZjagginess, http://pastebin.com/KpWVqMxR03:03
jagginessDarkAceZ, its dosmbr (as it says msdos)03:04
DarkAceZah, my bad03:05
jagginessDarkAceZ, good news is you can change the id with sfdisk (as it works with msdosmbr)03:05
jagginessDarkAceZ, its important to know if its gpt or not, because the legacy partition tools dont support gpt03:05
bossollieActionParsnip:  http://pastebin.com/Z2SxYSQd03:06
bobolhi all..anyone here can help me compile from source...first time03:06
bossollieActionParsnip: http://pastebin.com/Z2SxYSQd could you click that03:06
DarkAceZWait, so my NVIDIA mess had to do with my drive not mounting? :P03:06
jagginessDarkAceZ, i believe the id should be 07 for ntfs03:06
jagginessDarkAceZ, sfdisk --change-id /dev/sdb 2 0703:07
Moogsmy vpn won't let me connect any suggestions i just installed ubuntu03:07
DarkAceZjagginess, what will that do? :P03:07
jagginessDarkAceZ, this does not do any partition formatting or table entry tables other than a change of id int he parition table03:07
bobolstuck on ./config...adjusting the PKG_CONFIG_PATH env variable..?03:07
jagginessDarkAceZ, it'll say ntfs instead of fat16 (it doesnt touch the partitions, but updates the id in the partition table) -- it's safe03:08
bossollieActionParsnip:   i enterd that command which you posted and i got this http://pastebin.com/Z2SxYSQd  anything else?03:08
jagginessDarkAceZ, some user application tools would think its fat16 and fail to mount it because it doesnt see fat, but rather ntfs03:09
jagginessDarkAceZ, after if you do, fdisk -l /dev/sdb , it should say ntfs..03:10
usr13bobol: What are you wanting to install?03:10
jagginessDarkAceZ, partition content and the partition table are two separate blocks on the disk03:10
bossollieuser13  imn trying to install wine03:10
DarkAceZI'm all mixed up XD03:10
usr13bossollie: sudo apt-get install wine03:10
bossollieusr13 http://pastebin.com/Z2SxYSQd03:11
Moogsmy vpn won't let me connect any suggestions i just installed ubuntu03:11
bossolliesomething is keeping me from locking adminsitration03:11
bossollieapt thinks something is running and synaptic as wel.. which neither are03:11
jagginessDarkAceZ, it's benign most of the time to have an "improper" id for your partition, but there may be times that the mount would be "stricter".. and mount would fail for that ntfs partition03:11
ActionParsnipbossollie: sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a03:12
jagginessDarkAceZ, (btw you may need to type sudo for that sfdisk command)03:12
ActionParsnipbossollie: you added the quote thingy to the end03:12
bossolliei did do that command03:12
usr13bossollie: So what else do you have running that is using apt?03:12
bobolusr13...entangle...camera "tethering" getting a glib-2.0 dependency not met error (>=2.26.0)  ...tried ' export PKG_CONFIG_PATH=/usr/share/glib-2.0'?03:12
ActionParsnipbossollie: or you can run:  sudo kill -9 16268; sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a03:12
jagginessDarkAceZ, "sudo sfdisk --change-id /dev/sdb 2 07 <enter>"03:12
jagginessDarkAceZ, http://www.win.tue.nl/~aeb/partitions/partition_types-1.html   (07 is listed on that page)03:13
bossolliei did that command without the quotses and i got this pastebin.com/mNCfgJwu03:13
DarkAceZjagginess, "Done."03:14
usr13bobol: What package?03:14
jagginessDarkAceZ, I believe you had a friend you formatted that drive, because fat16 is like dead 20 years ago03:14
jagginessDarkAceZ, fdisk -l /dev/sdb , would now say ntfs03:14
ActionParsnipDarkAceZ: have you tried Precise, the newer kernel and drivers may make the card reader work03:14
bossolliewww.astebin.com/mNCfgJwu is that suposed to happen?03:15
HerrRizIs this an appropriate place to ask for help with pptpd?03:15
bobolusr13, what package is dependency not met, or what is the original source package?03:15
DarkAceZActionParsnip, here's the thing: I want to move my data to the card so I can use it on my newer installation.03:15
=== malachai is now known as al3x
usr13bobol: What package are you trying to install?03:15
jagginessDarkAceZ, thought you were meaning to fix something with nvidia03:15
bossollieI told you im tring to install wine......03:15
DarkAceZjagginess, lol xD03:15
bossollieBut i had a problem getting apt to work03:15
bossolliesomething was keeping apt from running03:16
DarkAceZjagginess, my SD card won't mount03:16
jagginessDarkAceZ, referring to the API mismatch http://pastebin.com/3nAPw2p903:16
ActionParsnipbossollie: sudo rm -rf /var/cache/debconf/*03:16
bobolit's a source , for a program called entangle...it can be found at: http://entangle-photo.org/download/sources/entangle-0.4.0.tar.gz03:16
ActionParsnipbossollie: sudo apt-get install -f03:16
=== elektra is now known as Guest61427
ActionParsnipbossollie: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/debconf/+bug/349469   see #803:16
ubottuLaunchpad bug 349469 in debconf (Ubuntu) "debconf: DbDriver "config": /var/cache/debconf/config.dat is locked by another process: Resource temporarily unavailable" [Medium,Triaged]03:16
DarkAceZjagginess, oh yes. I have to manually reload the NVIDIA driver and start x every boot because of that mismatch thing.03:17
bobolusr13, extracted the tar into /usr/local/src, the ran ./configure  get an unmet dependency error, for glib-2.0 (>=2.26.0) ..03:17
bossolliewhat is -f? ActionParsnip ?03:17
usr13bossollie: lsb_release -a  #Tell us what version you have?03:17
bobolusr13, (using oneiric, btw)03:18
usr13bobol: sudo apt-get -f install  #Tell us what that does.03:19
jagginessDarkAceZ, i thought /dev/sdb was just a data drive .. are you sure you need to set the boot flag on the 2nd partition?03:20
bossolliewhy is it asking me if i wanted to install grub?03:20
Moogswhat is a program that will let me use vpn03:20
Moogson ubuntu03:20
pawanwired network device not managed error03:20
bossollieActionParsnip:  why is it asking me if i want to install grub?03:20
DarkAceZjagginess, I have no idea what I'm doing xD03:20
usr13bossollie: /join  #linuxmint-help03:20
jagginessDarkAceZ, ..03:20
bobolusr13,  0 to upgraded, 0 new, 0 remove ,2 not upgraded03:20
DarkAceZI've only used Linux for about 3 years so far.03:20
pawancant open
bobolusr13, same on the ./configure03:21
jagginessDarkAceZ, you changed the ide /dev/sdb1 to 0703:21
usr13bobol: sudo apt-get install wine03:21
jagginessDarkAceZ, you changed the "id /dev/sdb1 to 0703:21
jagginessDarkAceZ, is what i meant..03:21
jagginessDarkAceZ, what is /dev/sdb1 ?03:21
bobolusr13, wine and play-on-linux already installed03:21
jagginessDarkAceZ, file -s /dev/sdb1 ?03:21
bossollieusr13 as linux mint is basied off ubuntu kernel or gnome.... i thought i could get help from here... i already asked linux mint they couldnt provide answers03:21
pawanno valid active connectios03:21
DarkAceZyeah, I know that much, but I'm not sure how it helps anything xD03:21
jagginessDarkAceZ, I already explained03:21
usr13bobol: What are you trying to install?03:22
DarkAceZ$ file -s /dev/sdb103:22
DarkAceZ/dev/sdb1: x86 boot sector, code offset 0x52, OEM-ID "NTFS    ", sectors/cluster 8, reserved sectors 0, Media descriptor 0xf8, heads 255, hidden sectors 63, dos < 4.0 BootSector (0x80)03:22
jagginessDarkAceZ, (i mean, as above, there are some mounttools which work in a strict mode, and wish to have the partition table id the same as the actual filesystem content)03:22
bobolusr13, see above, i pasted a link to the source tarball03:22
jagginessDarkAceZ, then its fine to have it set as 07 which you did..03:22
usr13bobol: Why don't you just use the package manager?03:22
pawanno wired connections03:22
jagginessDarkAceZ, you're new to partitioning, and I would suggest gpartedlive cd in the future (gparted does both steps, partition table and filesystem formatting to the partitions)03:23
jagginessDarkAceZ, do the same thing i told you for /dev/sdc1 .. see if its formatted with "file -s /dev/sdc1"03:23
ActionParsnipusr13: apt-get uses a package manager ;)03:23
bobolusr13, cause it's not a .deb package...trying to compile from source?...cause only package avail is .rpm for fedora?03:24
trismbobol: libglib2.0-dev03:24
ActionParsnipbobol: wine is in the repos03:24
usr13ActionParsnip: Exactly.  Yes.03:24
ActionParsnip!info wine | bobol03:24
ubottubobol: wine (source: wine1.4): Microsoft Windows Compatibility Layer (meta-package). In component universe, is extra. Version 1.4-0ubuntu4 (precise), package size 0 kB, installed size 21 kB03:24
jagginessDarkAceZ, if "file" says ntfs, then the partition table is correct03:24
bobolActionParsnip, yes, and is already installed...this is not a windows application?03:24
DarkAceZjagginess, it does03:25
jagginessbobol, if you're trying to hard to run non-linux apps on linux, then why are you using linux?03:25
ubottuTo view your Windows/Mac partitions see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AutomaticallyMountPartitions - For write access, see !NTFS-3g or !FUSE03:25
ActionParsnipbobol: what are you  trying to install?03:25
trismpeople need to /lastlog, because he never mentioned wine03:25
allureHi! When I run eclipse and use some sort of shortcut (like control + space), the selected text will be blank. Where can I change this setting?03:25
usr13ActionParsnip: I can not figure out what he is trying to do. Maybe you can get him to explain it.03:25
=== megabitdragon is now known as zz_megabitdragon
ActionParsnipusr13: we'll see :)03:26
boboljagginess, uh i guess no one checked out the link that i pasted...it IS a linux app..but the only package available is an .rpm for fedora...trying to compile from source..03:26
bobolActionParsnip, http://entangle-photo.org/download/03:26
jagginessDarkAceZ, there's also this https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MountingWindowsPartitions03:26
usr13trism: Ok, then you tell us;  What is he trying to install?03:26
Moogsstill no luck, i cannot seem to get my vpn to connect.  i have tried everything on this ubuntu.. i am on a 12.04 and am trying between 2 vpn companies03:27
DarkAceZjagginess, I can mount that partition, in case you were wondering...03:27
jagginessbobol, what's the name? maybe there's one avail tarball upstream03:27
ActionParsnipbobol: http://entangle-photo.org/download/   quote: Ubuntu users can also find packages from GetDeb03:27
ActionParsnipbobol: http://www.getdeb.net/software/Entangle03:27
ActionParsnipbobol: so why are you using the rpm03:27
bobolActionParsnip, can you try to do that , and tell me what i'm missing?03:27
bobolActionParsnip, not using the .rpm...using the tarball..extracted, and getting a dependency unmet error on ./config03:28
ActionParsnipbobol: did you see that text...on that page...from the link you gave>03:28
ki4robrad[]: You still here?03:28
jagginessbobol, "Ubuntu users can also find packages from GetDeb "  http://entangle-photo.org/download/03:28
trismbobol: also I told you what to install a couple minutes ago, libglib2.0-dev (if you are still building from source)03:28
boboltrism, i got a broken package error on that03:29
ActionParsnipbobol: wget http://archive.getdeb.net/install_deb/getdeb-repository_0.1-1~getdeb1_all.deb; sudo dpkg -i .//getdeb-repository_0.1-1~getdeb1_all.deb; rm .//getdeb-repository_0.1-1~getdeb1_all.deb; sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get install entangle03:29
trismbobol: pastebin it?03:29
jagginessbobol, did you do "apt-get -f install" after you did dpkg -i <.deb> ?03:29
ActionParsnipbobol: that will install it. The firt command adds the getdeb repo03:29
boboljagginess, maybe you can get that work...i get a package not available error?03:29
ActionParsnipbobol: its all on the page you gave me03:29
boboltrism, uh i don't know how to do that03:30
trism!pastebin | bobol03:30
ubottubobol: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.03:30
bobolActionParsnip, so you were able to install it from the getdeb?03:30
ActionParsnipbobol: you don't need to compile03:30
ActionParsnipbobol: I use quantal, so it's not going to work for me03:30
ceti331is it posible to make a linux desktop machine a wireless hotspot03:31
jagginessActionParsnip, i think he said he tried it and gets dependency issues, i've asked him if he did apt-get -f install after dpkg -i <.deb>03:31
* jagginess is assuming a .deb file was downloaded03:31
bobolActionParsnip, thanks anyway...apparently this is super easy and i'm just missing the big red letters at the top, so to speak?03:31
ActionParsnipbobol: the site http://www.getdeb.net/software/Entangle  says it has Oneiric and Precise debs for the app, if you use Oneiric or Precise it will install03:31
* jagginess also thinks double clicking .debs from nautilus works well03:31
jagginessDarkAceZ,  [✔]  ?03:32
ActionParsnipbobol: let me fire up a  VM03:32
bobolActionParsnip, says that, but when you launch the package manager (at google chrome's urging), it opens the package manager, it says "not found"..but i don't see the info to add to my software sources?03:33
bobolActionParsnip, thank you03:33
DarkAceZjagginess, no XD that windows partition is not the one I'm mounting... I think. The drive/card I'm trying to mount is FAT32, and 32GB.03:34
ActionParsnipbobol: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1096042/03:35
jagginessDarkAceZ, sudo lsmod |grep -i sdh, do you see any output?03:36
jagginessDarkAceZ, if not then try, modprobe sdhci  , then fdisk -l /dev/mmblk003:36
ActionParsnipbobol: you don't need a web browser, just the command I gave....03:36
jagginessDarkAceZ, fdisk -l /dev/mmcblk0  rather03:37
ActionParsnipbobol: wget http://archive.getdeb.net/install_deb/getdeb-repository_0.1-1~getdeb1_all.deb; sudo dpkg -i ./getdeb-repository_0.1-1~getdeb1_all.deb; rm ./getdeb-repository_0.1-1~getdeb1_all.deb; sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get install entangle03:37
ActionParsnipbobol: I never even mentioned chrome....03:37
DarkAceZjagginess, nothing when doing "fdisk -l /dev/mmcblk0"03:37
jagginessDarkAceZ, did you load the module first with modprobe?03:38
bobolActionParsnip, i know...i did..one sec trying that03:38
DarkAceZI mean, no output03:38
jagginessDarkAceZ, (you dont have to modprobe on every boot, only have to do it once)03:38
DarkAceZalso, no output on sudo lsmod |grep -i sdh03:39
pisecxhi all03:39
pisecxI'm trying to setup tomcat port to 80 on ubuntu and get an error03:39
pisecxjava.net.BindException: Permission denied <null>:8003:39
jagginessDarkAceZ, is there an sdhci module?03:39
pisecxis anybody familiar with it?03:39
bobolActionParsnip, unable to locate package entangle...?03:40
bobolActionParsnip, i'm on oneiric03:40
jagginesspisecx, the user in question isnt allowed to open up as a service, try making a system user for that process03:40
ActionParsnipbobol: it has an oneiric branch03:40
DarkAceZI did "sudo lsmod |grep -i sdh" and there was no output. Then I did "modprobe sdhci" and still none, then "fdisk -l /dev/mmcblk0" and still none, jagginess03:40
ActionParsnipbobol: if you run:  sudo apt-get update     do you see getdeb or playdeb03:41
bobolActionParsnip, so what was i missing...where did you find the repository info?03:41
bobolActionParsnip, one sec03:41
ActionParsnipbobol: yeah you should see getdeb03:41
jagginessDarkAceZ, did this sd slot work before? (on winbloze?) (be sure -- if its an "onboard" that the bios' setting has the sdcard slot to "on")03:42
bobolActionParsnip, grepping it now03:42
ActionParsnipbobol: if you run:  grep -R getdeb /etc/apt/*   do you get an output?03:42
pisecxjagginess: it is a good way? or maybe it's better to install mod_jk and apache and interconnect tomcat and apache?03:42
jagginesspisecx, by default apache listens on port 80.03:42
jagginesspisecx, netstat -plutn |grep 80 , would show if port 80 is already occupied03:43
pisecxjagginess: yes, I know. I can install apache and put all traffic throught it to tomcat03:43
bobolActionParsnip, actually, I was running apt-get update |  grep getdeb..let me stop that and try that03:43
DarkAceZjagginess, can't say: Haven't booted into windows for at least 5 months.03:43
jagginessDarkAceZ, dmesg |grep -i mmc03:44
ActionParsnipbobol: may as well let it finish, doesn't take long :)03:44
lea123Hello I am looking to convert WMV file into a Mpeg1 or Mpgeg2 file03:44
DarkAceZ[    0.291748] PCI: Using MMCONFIG at f0000000 - f3ffffff03:45
DarkAceZ[    1.089794] sr0: scsi3-mmc drive: 40x/40x writer cd/rw xa/form2 cdda tray03:45
bobolActionParsnip, no output on your recursive grep on /etc/apt03:45
ActionParsniplea123: ffmpeg and mencoder are great at that03:45
ActionParsnipbobol: run:  wget http://archive.getdeb.net/install_deb/getdeb-repository_0.1-1~getdeb1_all.deb03:45
ActionParsnipbobol: does it download ok?03:45
jagginessDarkAceZ, your kernel is recent? (old kernels would be problematic for sdcards)03:45
bobolActionParsnip, yep03:46
DarkAceZYeah... About that... xD03:46
ActionParsnipbobol: then run: sudo dpkg -i ./getdeb-repository_0.1-1~getdeb1_all.deb      and type your password if needed.03:46
ActionParsnipbobol: do you see 'OK'?03:46
jagginessDarkAceZ, find /lib/modules |grep -i sdh03:46
DarkAceZjagginess, (I'm running Ubuntu 10.04 over here!)03:46
jagginessDarkAceZ, (am booting a remote ubuntu here, seeing if i can get this)03:46
bobolActionParsnip, ok...that's a go03:46
ActionParsnipjagginess: doesn't hep the kernel is pretty old03:46
jagginessDarkAceZ, uname -a , shows what kern ?03:46
ActionParsnipbobol: ok then run:  sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get install entangle03:47
DarkAceZLinux justin-desktop 2.6.32-41-generic #91-Ubuntu SMP Wed Jun 13 11:43:55 UTC 2012 x86_64 GNU/Linux03:47
lea123ActionParsnip:  I have installed winff I believe it isn't the same03:47
ActionParsniplea123: its a gui to the command line stuffs03:47
jagginessDarkAceZ, i guess you're using backports.. that's recent enough..03:47
=== Jyothis is now known as J-Away
ActionParsnipbobol: the steps you just did are what I gave earier....They are just broken down.03:47
ActionParsnip!away > J-Away03:48
ubottuJ-Away, please see my private message03:48
bobol ActionParsnip so far so good03:48
lea123ActionParsnip: OK , so I go ahead download FFmpeg and memcoder right ?03:48
ActionParsniplea123: either is fine03:48
ActionParsnipbobol: is it installing the app ok now?03:48
lea123ActionParsnip: Thanks03:48
jagginessDarkAceZ, what turns up for that find command?03:48
DarkAceZjagginess, a lot03:48
jagginessDarkAceZ, ok03:49
ActionParsnipDarkAceZ: I'd test a Precise liveCD (or USB) it may help03:49
DarkAceZjagginess, http://pastebin.com/szdkVNRt03:49
bobolActionParsnip, seems to be firing up now...wonder why it didn't take the first time, i copied and pasted...will go over the syntax...so how did you find the package when i couldn't..did you just copy the link on the getdeb page instead of using the install button?03:50
DarkAceZActionParsnip, hmm, yeah! But that'd be a pain to boot into every time I wanna move some files to it XD03:50
jagginessDarkAceZ, can you tell me if you have an mmc module? ( find /lib/modules/2.6.32-41-generic |grep mmc )03:51
ActionParsnipbobol: the page you gave said to use the playdeb repo, there was a linkto that which you could have clicked, then you would have found the 'how to add playdeb' page there and installe the app using apt-get or software centre03:51
DarkAceZjagginess, bunch more output03:51
ActionParsnipDarkAceZ: well, Lucid desktop has about 9 months support left, so its probably a better long term solution to ditch Lucid and install Precise which is supported all the way up to 2017..03:51
jci've got an old laptop, i want to install xubuntu on it, but i'd like to know what is better, to install it using the entire hard disk, or making the partitions by my self03:52
ActionParsnipbobol: read the website you gave, you'll see what I did. ou could have done all this yourself :)03:52
jagginessDarkAceZ, can you tell me if its there for x41 (your running kernel, i dont need for the others) ?03:52
DarkAceZActionParsnip, yeah. (You do know I have Precise installed somewhere else, right?)03:52
jci need it works as fast it could!03:52
ActionParsnipjc: it can be beneficial to have a seperate /home partition but it's not necessary. The default install method is fine :)03:52
bobolActionParsnip, never mind, you just went to the home page where it explains all of that..now i feel extra dumb...thinking they should include an information link for those that didn't arrive there from the home page...you know, for nimrods like me...thank you for the help and the patience..03:52
jagginessDarkAceZ, what is in lsmod? (lsmod |grep mmc ) ?03:53
ActionParsnipbobol: its all ok dude, its why the community is here :)03:53
DarkAceZjagginess, lol nothing03:53
jagginessDarkAceZ, what mmc modules is listed for your kernel? mmc_block ?03:53
jc<ActionParsnip>, i need the laptop works faster03:53
DarkAceZjagginess, how would I find that out? XD imma noob03:54
jcwhat do you recommend me !03:54
jagginess"DarkAceZ, can you tell me if you have an mmc module? ( find /lib/modules/2.6.32-41-generic |grep mmc )"03:54
=== Canis___ is now known as Canis__
jcit is peintium 4 and 256 ram03:54
ActionParsnipjc: partitioning a single disk into seperate home won't make it faster03:54
jagginessDarkAceZ, try modprobe mmc_block if you have it, then modprobe sdhci03:54
ActionParsnipjc: I'd go for Lubuntu, its sleek and made for 256Mb RAM systems (and higher)03:55
jagginessDarkAceZ, then I want you to see kernel message with-> dmesg | tail03:55
ActionParsnipjc: I'd try and get more RAM in it, it is cheap03:55
OerHeksjc, then add more ram, 256 is just enough for lubuntu, xubuntu runs better with 51203:55
ActionParsnipjc: the CPU is more than likely sufficient for Lubuntu as it's a P403:55
jcbut lubuntu seem like xubuntu03:55
bobolActionParsnip, thanks again...unfortunately the last week/month/2months has whipped me into a level of frenzy and unbalance that is starting to bleed through in all facets of my life...tanks for the reminder and the help..would buy you a beer right now if i could03:55
bobolActionParsnip, cheers..03:56
ActionParsnipbobol: hehe i'd love one but I'm at work. Although 2 hours to go now03:56
ActionParsnipbobol: you'll learn the OS as you use it :)03:56
DarkAceZjagginess, http://pastebin.com/VB9RxKmm < I'll let you look for it, since I'm not sure what I'm looking for :P03:56
jc<OerHeks> it looks like xubuntu?03:57
jagginessDarkAceZ, try modprobe mmc_block , then modprobe sdhci,  see what messages the kernel burps with->dmesg | tail03:57
OerHeksjc no. lubuntu looks a little different.03:58
jcbut the terminal, the software and other are similar03:58
OerHeksjc see  See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu03:59
DarkAceZjagginess, http://pastebin.com/2w6PFDeq < output03:59
jcim on it03:59
ActionParsnipjc: yes all the under the bonnet stuff is identical, just the GUI and default apps are lighter03:59
bobolActionParsnip, appreciate the encouragement..but just rushing and not using all me senses...would still like to know the proper procedure for resolving unmet dependencies when compiling from source, so that i can get that procedure down..but that's a story from a different time and place..03:59
jcthks ActionParsnip04:00
ActionParsnipbobol: it gets messy compiling from source, you need all the -dev packages for everything the package you are compiling, needs. Then compile.04:00
bobolActionParsnip, if it makes you feel any better about being at work, this is officially my first less than 75 hour week in 6 mos...04:00
bobolActionParsnip, feels good for half a second04:01
jcmay i install the Lxde interface graphical on xubuntu04:01
ActionParsnipbobol: wow nice, I do 48 hour weeks but I work 4 days (12 hour shifts, then 4 days off)04:01
ActionParsnipjc: sure if you want04:01
jchow can i fin it in the terminal?04:02
jagginessDarkAceZ, unplug the sdcard for 3-4 seconds then replug it.. then do-> dmesg | tail  ... i'll see if theres any new messages04:02
ActionParsnipjc: sudo apt-get install lxde04:02
ActionParsnipjc: if you want to use lxde then I'd just install lubuntu04:02
bobolActionParsnip, that gets tiring too...i at least get to thin mine out, and work from home..(otherwise, i'm pretty sure i'd be a basketcase right now...and by that i mean "it puts the lotion in the basket"-case...04:02
darkidealI've noticed that there are some missing areas where the right click doesn't have a menu popup in 12.04, I was wondering if there was a way to restore this. IE: right clicking the gnome classic panel to add another panel or add something to a panel.04:03
jcis to avoid to install again th O.S04:03
ActionParsnipjc: ahh you have xubuntu already installed?04:05
jagginessDarkAceZ, a module for ricoh ought to be loaded if you have ricoh controller hardware ( lspci -nn |grep -i ricoh  , would say )04:05
DarkAceZjagginess, my computer is really, really awful, or you're a genius! I switched USB ports (This is my 3rd different one!) and it auto-mounted! So either it was you, or my old computer :P04:05
jcim trying it but it is a bit slow04:05
DarkAceZEither way, thanks veeery much for your time!04:05
jagginessDarkAceZ, it was something we did because you said sdhci wasn't loaded..04:06
jagginessDarkAceZ, and once you do modprobe, you don't have to type it again on the next reboot..04:06
jcand i dont want to lose the installed software and updates04:06
darkidealAny ideas?04:06
jagginessDarkAceZ, it's a usb dongle?04:06
jcbut how ever, im goint to download lubutu as well04:06
jagginessDarkAceZ, I was asking if it was an onboard sometime ago..04:06
trismdarkideal: alt+right click to edit the panel (or maybe alt+super+right click)04:07
DarkAceZUSB dongle wasn't working, so I got a camera that I knew worked04:07
jagginessDarkAceZ, btw, what does ->dmesg |tail say? just curious on the nameing of the device04:07
jagginess(so it can help me in the future)04:07
DarkAceZ[ 7312.277225] sd 6:0:0:0: [sdh] Write Protect is off04:08
DarkAceZ(etc etc)04:08
ActionParsnipjc: then install the lxde package, log off then log in to the lxde session04:08
bobolActionParsnip, thanks again for the clear head and the patience...i've unfortunately used up my one hour of doing something for me, before i get back to moving, and then work..but you truly helped, so i thank'ee and wish you well until next time...04:09
darkidealawesome, that helps a lot trism. What about selecting text or links and right clicking for options?04:09
jagginessDarkAceZ, I'm seeing low speed usb device reset.. that must of been it.  "[ 3060.192641] usb 2-2: reset low speed USB device using ohci_hcd and address 3"04:09
ActionParsnipbobol: no worries dude04:09
bobolthank you all for the efforts, trism and usr...have a good one...04:09
jagginessDarkAceZ, looks like there was an issue with that usb port 1 way or another..04:10
jagginessDarkAceZ, whenever you see "reset" in dmesg then it's problematic..04:10
DarkAceZah, OK.04:11
DarkAceZdid you like, code the drive systems? :P04:11
trismdarkideal: that should still be as usual, gnome-panel just changed the key sequence to alt+right click for editing the panel in gnome 304:11
jagginessDarkAceZ, last time i got a reset message was when i purchased like a 1 dollar usb 2.5 enclosure from hongkong.. (soon after that old test machine resetted everytime i plugged in that usb gadget)04:12
darkidealweird, I'm right clicking links, and I'm not even getting a menu.04:12
jagginessDarkAceZ, dont jump too soon..04:12
trismdarkideal: strange, in what application?04:12
DarkAceZloool, I tried the card on a $1 reader too04:12
DarkAceZI got from ebay04:13
jagginessDarkAceZ, when there are problematic drivers, it can cause problems for other devices .. so you better fix that nvidia problem :)04:13
darkidealmozilla, using the gnome classic04:13
jagginessDarkAceZ, if you reboot your machine with your current nvidia issue, there's always the speculation it may be a source hazard04:13
DarkAceZjagginess, only two problems I saw: permission denied for two NVIDIA drivers.04:13
DarkAceZIt randomly prints those: Changing the perms makes the errors go away: but nothing changes04:14
jagginess [✔] :) Checking out!! asta lavista04:15
jagginessgn :)04:15
trismdarkideal: weird, maybe your alt key stuck? is it trying to resize the window?04:15
darkidealnope, I have my right click on other things, and if I highlight the text and use my menu key on the keyboard it works properly04:16
trismdarkideal: maybe you have an extension capturing it? do you have many installed?04:18
JoshDreamlandCan anyone tell me the new and improved name of the Sun JRE package?04:18
darkidealnew install of 12.04. Didn't have any problems with previous versions.04:19
ActionParsnipJoshDreamland: its oracle now04:19
darkidealI just noticed that my right click functionality has been limited since then.04:19
ActionParsnipJoshDreamland: they aren't in teh official repos04:19
JoshDreamlandwell, that's obnoxious04:19
darkideal*since the install04:19
JoshDreamlandthanks, ActionParsnip04:19
trismdarkideal: touchpad/04:20
JoshDreamlandis there a package with a GDB-friendly version of openJDK's JRE in it?04:20
ActionParsnipJoshDreamland: http://www.webupd8.org/2012/01/install-oracle-java-jdk-7-in-ubuntu-via.html#04:20
ActionParsnipJoshDreamland: http://www.webupd8.org/2012/01/install-oracle-java-jdk-7-in-ubuntu-via.html04:20
darkidealnope. regular mouse, I've unplugged the receiver several times. seems like my touch pad isn't working..hmm.04:20
kyle6513Hey guys, anyone who can help me with getting a server instance of apache2 to execute php5 code? At the moment it's just displaying.04:21
darkidealI'm going to restart really fast. See if my touch pad is still acting up.04:23
fishbaithow do i configure my machine (radeon hd 6670 2 monitors fglrx driver) so that it see 2 seperate monitors and show seperate workspaces on each monitor04:27
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fishbaiti want to show 1 workspace on 1 monitor and another on another monitor no dual monitor virtual desktop04:29
fishbaithow do i configure my machine (radeon hd 6670 2 monitors fglrx driver) so that it shows 2 different workspaces 1 per monitor/04:32
fishbaitWAA HAAA I'M CURSED i know it nobody can ever help me again i've been cursed into obscurity04:33
fishbaitima test to see if anyones not afk04:34
FloodBot1fishbait: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.04:34
kyle6513fishbait, a forum topic would probably be a better idea04:35
cumnorwhat controls hot key combinations such as Alt-TAb? I upgraded last night from 10.04 to 12.04 lts.. and now, booting with classic gnome, alt-tab doesn't 'switch' between open apps04:38
peepswhen i shutdown/restart my laptop it seems to just freeze at the "Ubuntu ...." shutdown screen.  any ideas how i can find what is causing this04:40
peepsi always end up having to hard power it off04:40
shiftingcontrolI upgraded from 11.10 to 12.04 during boot up my ubuntu studio hangs in login screen, every time i need to press power button and restart it . This happens every time I start the sys04:40
kyle6513peeps, http://askubuntu.com/questions/6122/how-to-see-whats-going-on-during-shutdown04:41
cumnornow, when I boot up , I get a message about waiting for network configuration.. and then waiting 60 seconds..04:42
cumnoryet, once I am at the desktop, clearly I have network connectivity...why does 12.04lts give that network config message?04:43
kyle6513cumnor, if you don't get a reply here, try the ubuntu forums04:43
cumnorkyle6513: thanks!04:44
R0b0t1How do I change my DNS settings?04:47
Firminhi gordon04:52
pawannow active connections04:52
Firmingood night04:52
pawanwired network04:53
yannick_good night04:53
pawandevice not managed04:53
Firmingood night the every04:53
kyle6513^What the.04:53
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pawanno active connectios04:55
pawanwired network not managed04:55
yannick_ok that not my problem04:55
paulus68is there a way to block the firefox add on TOR through a squid proxy server?04:56
mkquisthey all, if this is offtopic please advise.. looking for a way to convert idx subs to srt in ubuntu?04:57
pawanhow to manage ethernet connection04:57
mkquistpawan: ifconfig?04:58
yannick_sudo ifconfig -a04:58
mkquistbetter.. lol04:59
mkquistsorry for the 'lol'04:59
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.04:59
yannick_dpkg-reconfigure network-manager ?05:02
pawanpawan@pawan-System-Product-Name:~$ sudo dpkg-reconfigure network-manager05:05
yannick_sorry so05:05
FirminBrazil has some in this room?05:06
cumnorno more acroread for .pdf viewing? I try xpdf and it's like going back 20 years..clunky, old05:06
yannick_!patience and sorry for that05:07
ubottuyannick_: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)05:07
yannick_coffee time?05:08
yannick_so coffee time05:08
cumnorhow can I restore alt-tab switching?05:14
cumnori hate using my mouse to switch among windows05:14
nIckneoHow do I configure gnome to use xmonad05:17
Pihrocumnor what desktop interface do you use? gnome or xfce4 or...?05:17
paulus68is there a way to block the firefox add on TOR through a squid proxy server?05:19
cumnorI hate unity so I open with classic gnome05:20
Pihro:/ i am under unity because my xfce4 broke so i have no experience in this, sorry :(05:21
cumnorI sort of wish I hadn't upgraded to 12.04 lts now05:21
cumnorI like the improvements, but not when alt-tab doesn't work to switch among applications05:22
haylowell its dissappointing when people change things for no reason05:22
Pihroi have heard many horrible rumors so i stick to 11.10, maybe you can use the software center to find a plugin?05:22
hayloit makes it difficult to learn, and devalues peoples time05:22
cumnorI did check the keyboard settings and alt-tab shows there that it is set for app switching, but it's not working05:23
Pihrounder navigation/switch applications?05:25
wajeembaHello, I'm trying to plan out how to best share my home directory across an Ubuntu-Win7 dualboot install- right now I have moved the windows home dir to it's own partition. To configure Ubuntu to use this too, would it be wiser to symlink, or to mount the (NTFS, regrettably) partition directly as /home/username via /etc/fstab?05:31
jo3hey guys05:41
BlueEaglewajeemba: I have set up a NAS (old laptop with ubuntu and USB-drive) with NFS and installed NFS drivers in Win7. http://sagehacks.wordpress.com/2009/01/21/howto-mount-nfs-shares-under-windows-7/05:42
yannick_!patience and as always sorry for that05:43
ubottuyannick_: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)05:43
daggs123hello all, I'm running kubuntu 12.04 on mb with Intel Corporation N10/ICH 7 rev 1 sound card without pulseaudio, for some reason I have sound but not mic, how can I debug this?05:44
ActionParsnipdaggs123: what is the output of: wget -O alsa-info.sh http://www.alsa-project.org/alsa-info.sh && chmod +x ./alsa-info.sh && ./alsa-info.sh05:45
wajeembablueeagle: interesting, but not quite what I originally had in mind- are you suggesting that I format my shared home partition as NFS? Keep in mind that this is a one-machine dualboot setup..05:45
yannick_try ipv405:45
paulus68Hey Actionparsnip welcome back :)05:46
yannick_just an idea05:46
BlueEaglewajeemba: No, I suggest that you get hold of a cheap old laptop and set it up with storage and Ubuntu server. That way you can have it run automatic backups as well! Locally I have a 64GB SSD and a 500GB storage disk for games and stuff. The irreplacable stuff is handled by the server.05:48
Nighty___Hello, a question... I got a server running ubuntu 12.04, i see a high memory usage but using smem, im using just a 6% of the ram, but free says that im using like the 95%05:48
BlueEagleNighty___: ...and?05:49
daggs123wajeemba, http://pastebin.com/PAXt3zAQ05:49
Nighty___BlueEagle it's okay to have around 90% of my ram in nowherE? :/05:49
BlueEagleNighty___: Is cache nowhere?05:50
wajeembadaggs123: think you meant to send the pastebin to ActionParsnip ;)05:50
BlueEagleNighty___: It is better to utilize 90% of your RAM instead of having it just sit around doing nothing, isn't it?05:50
Nighty___BlueEagle yes, i understand that, but the system will free it as needed?05:51
daggs123wajeemba, right, my bad05:51
BlueEagleNighty___: If not you will receive "Out of memory" errors.05:51
ActionParsnipdaggs123: is the system a laptop?05:51
BlueEagleNighty___: What you really should be concerned about is swap file usage as that is there you loose performance. If you're not overusing swap space then you're fine.05:52
ertYes Nighty___, don't worry05:52
daggs123ActionParsnip, nope, desktop05:52
daggs123old one05:52
paulus68is there a way to block TOR (addon firefox anonymous proxy) through squid05:52
ActionParsnipdaggs123: if you run:  alsamixer   is the mic unmuted and cranked?05:52
Nighty___Ok, thanks guys... This is just happening to me with Ubuntu, so it might be the new kernel way to handle memory.05:52
Katelynso uh05:52
Nighty___if im not wrong05:53
Katelyndoes anyone else experience bilinear filering when they view an image?05:53
daggs123ActionParsnip, rear mic selected and all meters are at max05:53
Katelynnot sure if I'm using the right term, but05:53
Katelynwhen I zoom in really fine, to where I could usually see the pixels on windows fine, it's really blurry05:53
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BlueEagleNighty___: If you read the output from Free it is something like: 2061748    1903124     158624          0     243956    1195688. The last number is the cache. This is memory that holds data that the computer knows what is for so if another request comes for that data it will read it from memory instead of from disk.05:54
Nighty___Yeah yeah I know that, but its the first time that I see so high numbers05:54
Katelyndoes anyone know what I'm talking about?05:54
Nighty___I have another machine running gentoo05:54
BlueEagleNighty___: If no other kernel has ever used cache then those kernels have, in my opinion, been seriously broken.05:54
Nighty___and it's another story05:54
VilsepiNighty___: http://www.linuxatemyram.com/05:55
fishbaitcan anyone hear me?05:55
BlueEaglefishbait: Nope.05:55
chufishbait: yep05:55
cumnorI hear ya?05:55
BlueEaglefishbait: We can, however, see what you write.05:55
fishbaitoh good then05:55
Nighty___Vilsepi awesome, thanks05:56
VilsepiKatelyn: what do you mean by zooming and which windows?05:57
Katelynwindows 7 x6405:57
yannick_stop that plz05:57
Katelynlike, for ripping graphic purposes from SNES games05:58
Katelynyou have to zoom in and view the pixels and whatnot05:58
Katelynbut in linux, rather than seeing the pixels05:58
Katelynit just...blurs the image05:58
azbyinguys, can someone tell me the license for the sounds on ubuntu?05:58
VilsepiKatelyn: how do you do this zooming, by taking a screenshot and zooming in on the picture in a picture viewer program?05:59
azbyini am wondering if i can use the pop/click sound in a (possibly) commercial project i am working on05:59
KatelynVilsepi: yes05:59
yannick_wich sound?05:59
Katelynscrolling the wheel on the mouse05:59
VilsepiKatelyn: which picture viewer program?06:00
azbyinyannick_, all the sounds06:00
azbyineg, email comes in, i get a pop sound06:00
Pihroto my knowledge EVERYTHING in ubuntu is open source and free to the public, so i would assume it is ok, but i would research first just in case06:00
yannick_don't know sorry06:00
Katelyn"Image Viewer" 3.4.2 - The GNOME image viewer.06:00
Katelynbut really, it happens in every one I've tried06:01
VilsepiKatelyn: did you try image _editing_ software like GIMP for example?06:01
zykotick9Pihro: that isn't even close to being true...06:01
Katelyngimp works fine, but06:02
Pihroalright :P i apologize for my ignorance06:02
KatelynI'd rather not have to boot gimp up06:02
Canadian1296I'm setting up a minimal install with the mini.iso disk. At the package selection menu, when I choose manual package selection, I immediatly get 300 some unresolved conficts. Its installing 150 some packages, and the same packages again (but marked i386), and the two are conflicting. I finished the installation to see what would happen, and it won't boot. Any ideas?06:02
yannick_no worry06:02
yannick_!patience maybe06:03
Pihrothe risk of being wrong is why i said i would research before doing so06:03
paulus68is there a way to block TOR (addon firefox anonymous proxy) through squid06:03
VilsepiKatelyn: hmm, I'm betting the blurriness is a "chosen" quality for the image viewers06:03
cumnorwhere can I find compiz help?06:04
KatelynI'm an idiot06:04
KatelynVilsepi: there was an option for it06:04
cumnorI finally have a video card that supports compiz...but I don't know how to run compiz06:04
VilsepiKatelyn: hehe well good that you found it. On Windows, in IrfanView for example, the blurriness is also an option as some people prefer it to look better06:05
yannick_sorry for that06:06
Vilsepiobviously with SNES stuff, you like crisp and blocky :)06:06
ewertonWhat software to Ubuntu for me to record my screen?06:08
herpderpmadmanok so i just broke my install thanks to zeitgeist, the pos that for some reason someone decided was a good idea to make default. cause you know with all the privacy crap going on on social networks and with other pc applications, lets take a linux distro and throw that on there too06:09
herpderpmadmanhttp://tty0.in/J <-- my log from trying to uninstall it06:10
herpderpmadmantook out nautilus and gedit06:10
herpderpmadmanthat makes a ton of sense06:10
herpderpmadmandoes anyone have a clue on how to remove this crap?06:11
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/06:11
jmercourisremove what crap?06:11
herpderpmadmanor is it just "disable and shut up"06:11
SwedeMikeewerton: screenshot (picture) or video?06:12
xfactorbesides just trial and error how do you learn linux is there a good book to get you started?06:12
yannick_yep but pointless in this room06:12
MikeS11xfactor: It depends on what you want to do. General desktop usage?06:13
ewertonI want to record videos on Ubuntu.06:13
ActionParsnipherpderpmadman: all you have  to do is configure zeitgeist not to log, a quick websearch would have shown you how too06:13
ActionParsnipherpderpmadman: try taking your tinfoil hat oof, breathe and then sort the issue06:13
xfactoryeah i guess that was kinda vague. i come from old school dos cli and i am looking to transfer that to cli linux06:14
herpderpmadmanActionParsnip: I dont want to configure it not to log. I want it to not be on my system.06:14
SwedeMikeewerton: http://alicious.com/videomovie-screen-capture-programs-for-ubuntu-linux/ is a list of some you might try.06:14
herpderpmadmantrust me ive done some nice searching already06:14
ActionParsnipherpderpmadman: if it's not logging then its not collecting any of your precious data.06:14
ActionParsnipherpderpmadman: so you have nothing to fear06:14
ewertonI'll see, ty06:14
Vilsepixfactor: surely there are plenty of books, but i think google and "man" command is your friend. Like "man ls" for example (quit man by pressing Q).06:16
giteshok. so, i have installed kubuntu-desktop. How do i switch between kubuntu and ubuntu 12.04 LTS ?06:16
herpderpmadmanActionParsnip: i totally understand what your saying and I know that it isn't doing anything. But that does not push away the fact that it still resides on my system on my hard drive.06:16
ActionParsnipherpderpmadman: why is that a bad thing?06:16
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/06:17
herpderpmadmanBecause it makes me feel as though I have no control of my system. What is the software world coming to when I can't even uninstall a piece of software forced on me ON MY OWN SYSTEM.06:17
ActionParsnipherpderpmadman: lose the caps, I can read lower case just fine06:18
ActionParsnipherpderpmadman: because packages are dependant on each other in a tree like fashion so if you pull something out it may break deps and make the OS want to uninstall other packages06:18
jmercourisActionParsnip: YOU CAN READ LOWERCASE?06:18
snarkpitI changed my theme to darklooks, which has white text on a black background, but as a result the gnome help program now has black background and black text.  How do I fix that?06:19
=== HeliusCron is now known as wrenny
jmercourissnarkpit: you can change the color settings of the theme by going to theme color options06:19
snarkpitjmercouris  I get that, but the color options are white text on black, which is what I want.  It's just on the gnome help, the background changed to black, but the text stayed black too instead of going to white.06:20
nafcoolhey guys06:20
nafcooli'm in real trouble06:20
yannick_go ahead06:21
nafcooli installed ubuntu06:21
jmercourisCool story bro, why don't you space out your problem in more posts06:21
nafcooland yesterday it crached06:21
jmercourisOh wow, your world is just about over, better throw your computer out the window06:21
bazhangjmercouris, stop that06:21
nafcooland then i installed Ubuntu again06:21
bazhang!behelpful | jmercouris06:21
ubottujmercouris: As our !guidelines say, "When helping, be helpful". If you're not familiar with the issue at hand, let someone else handle it instead of making !offtopic comments or jokes.06:21
nafcoolcoz i had to access my files06:21
nafcooland when i use disk uititlty06:22
jmercourissnarkpit: I found an article, is this what you are trying to do :http://askubuntu.com/questions/70599/how-to-change-tooltip-background-color-in-unity06:22
nafcoolit shows that drive obn which i had installed the previous ubuntu06:22
nafcoolbut i can't mount it06:22
nafcoolplz. help06:22
paulus68is there a way to block TOR (addon firefox anonymous proxy) through squid06:22
bazhangnafcool, keep it all on ONE line06:22
yannick__thanks a lot06:23
snarkpitjmercouris My deep ugly secret is I'm running Debian on here.  I forgot Ubuntu had adapted the Unity thing, so I didn't think it'd make a difference.  haha.  I'll see if that tweek still applies, though.  Thanks dude.06:25
nafcoolthe selected drive is which i want to access............plz. help06:25
jmercourissnarkpit: no problem, good luck06:25
jmercourisnafcool: why don't you just mount it using the mount command in terminal? for usage on this command type in 'man mount' into terminal06:26
nafcooljmercouris: alright i'll try06:26
nafcooljmercouris: thanks06:26
jmercourisnafcool: and just to give you a hint you'll probably want to type in 'mount -l -t' and then when it shows you all the mounted drives, select the one you want and just mount it06:27
Vilsepinafcool: make a directory somewhere and then type "sudo mount /dev/sda6 /path/to/my/created/dir" and then your partition sda6 should be accessible in that new dir06:29
jmercourisVilsepi: that is not necessary, he just needs to mount it06:29
=== Wug[Hyperspace] is now known as Wug
nafcoolhow do i change partition type?06:48
aviraldgnafcool, I think it'd be a better idea to ask about your actual problem instead of that.06:48
nafcoolaviraldg: I've asked it and they told me to use 'mount' command but that too isn't working06:49
nafcoolit says : unknown filesystem type 'jbd'06:49
nafcoolhow do i mount a filesystem?06:52
nafcooli want to mount the selected drive in the pic06:52
nafcoolplz. help06:52
nafcoolwhen i mount sda 5,1 it happens but sda6 isn't being mounted at all06:56
ertnafcool, it looks like the file system is damaged06:56
[deXter]Yeah, xz is pretty good compression.06:58
DarwinSurvivornafcool: please provide the output of "sudo mount /dev/sda6 /mnt"07:03
=== rawagner_ is now known as rawagner
Shuckyhi all07:06
Shuckyi have problem with git07:06
DanielSPHi Shucky07:06
Shuckywhen i use git clone gitosis@url.com:monrepo.git . on my mac07:06
Shuckyit's work07:06
Shuckybut when i use this on my Ubuntu server07:07
=== zorg24_ is now known as zorg24
Shuckyi have this message 'monrepo' does not appear to be a git repository07:07
DarwinSurvivorShucky: did you remember the .git at the end?07:07
kanupatarhi guys07:08
kanupatarglibc-devel package is found in which repo? i am using the ubuntu 12.04 lts07:08
ShuckyDarwinSurvivor, at the end?07:08
DarwinSurvivorShucky: did you type ":monrepo ." or ":monrepo.git ." on the ubuntu computer?07:09
Shuckyi type exactly this:    git clone gitosis@url.com:monrepo.git .07:09
wereHamsterhow can I tell apt-get to not try to restart any services? I'm trying to apt-get upgrade a lxc container from the host (using chroot...)07:09
DarwinSurvivorShucky: and what "exactly" was the error message?07:09
Shucky 'monrepo' does not appear to be a git repository07:09
Shuckyfatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly07:10
DarwinSurvivorShucky: did you copy-paste those into irc? I'm just suspecting a typo at this point07:10
DarwinSurvivorShucky: if you put "monrepo.git" it should have said that "monrepo.git" is not a repository, not "monrepo" is not a repository07:11
Shuckyyes i know it's very strange07:11
DarwinSurvivorShucky: can you paste (http://paste.ubunt.com) the terminal session?07:12
=== philipballew__ is now known as philballew
Shuckythe error is monrepo.git sorry -_-07:12
Shuckyjust 'monrepo' i was for an other test07:13
WugDarwinSurvivor: theres another u in ubuntu07:14
DarwinSurvivorWug: woops :(07:16
abukaiyisahhi all07:17
DarwinSurvivorShucky: that is very strange, can you verify that you can log in to the remote from the ubuntu machine (to rule out an ssh problem)07:18
kanupatarglibc-devel not found!!! in 12.04 any help?07:18
DarwinSurvivor!details | kanupatar07:18
ubottukanupatar: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."07:18
DarwinSurvivorkanupatar: pleaes provide the command you ran when you got the error!07:19
ShuckyDarwinSurvivor yes it work the ssh07:19
kanupatarglibc-devel package is found in which repo? i am using the ubuntu 12.04 lts07:19
DarwinSurvivorShucky: can you do a local test? "mkdir test; cd test; git init; cd ..; git clone test test2"?07:20
kanupatarwhen i tried to install ltib07:20
kanupatarDarwinSurvivor: it is a script07:20
DarwinSurvivorkanupatar: how are you trying to install it (software center, terminal, etc), where are you getting ltib from (main repo, .deb file, ppa, etc)?07:21
DarwinSurvivorkanupatar: then link to the script07:21
kanupatarDarwinSurvivor: it is custom07:21
kanupatarglibc-devel, zlib-devel , ncurses-devel ,zlib not found07:21
DarwinSurvivorkanupatar: nobody here is going to try to guess why an unknown script is messing up, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com so we know what it is doing!07:22
kanupatarDarwinSurvivor: i am asking whether we can find these libs ?07:22
kanupataratleast the names07:22
kanupatarin the repo07:22
ShuckyDarwinSurvivor, it work's http://pastebin.com/mxQY8HEc07:23
kanupatarsudo apt-cache search glibc-devel --> showes nothing07:23
kanupatarglibc-devel, where it is found07:23
DarwinSurvivorkanupatar: well, it doesn't appear on my system's repo.07:23
kanupatarDarwinSurvivor: where I can find this?07:24
DarwinSurvivorkanupatar: if a custom installation script (which is a HORRIBLE way to install ANYTHING) is screwing up, you need to contact the author of that script to resolve the issue. If you would like help installing tlib using the *supported* method, we will be glad to help you07:24
DarwinSurvivorShucky: did the local test work?07:25
kanupatarDarwinSurvivor: i am excited where we can find glibc-devel ,zlib,zlib-devel and ncurses-devel can be found?07:26
DarwinSurvivorShucky: ok, now create a new git repo on the remote server to see if the problem is related to the server or the repository specifically07:26
brandonHi, I just installed a partition of ubuntu 12.04 on my macbook pro, only to run a specific program.  I have some command line experience, but I can't figure out how to install the application.  I downloaded the binary ".rpm" file for it, do I need something else?07:27
DarwinSurvivorkanupatar: I have no idea where you can find that. You need to contact the script author to solve this problem!07:27
DJones!rpm | brandon07:27
ubottubrandon: RPM is the RedHat Package Management system. Ubuntu uses !APT, not RPM. RPM packages are not supported (the package "alien" can allow installing them, but it's quite dangerous and unsupported)07:27
DarwinSurvivorbrandon: which application are you trying to install?07:27
kanupatarDarwinSurvivor: why script author? why it is not in the repo?07:27
brandonits called pkTriggercord07:27
Shuckyi have lot of other repo and y have the same message for all (DarwinSurvivor)07:28
DarwinSurvivorkanupatar: the script is trying to install something that is not in the repo (or at least is named differently), which means the script is NOT compatible with Ubuntu 12.04 (or possibly any Ubuntu). You need to contact whoever wrote the script and tell THEM to fix it!07:30
DarwinSurvivorbrandon: you'll probably have better luck compiling from source07:30
auronandace!checkinstall | brandon07:31
ubottubrandon: checkinstall is a wrapper to "make install", useful for installing programs you compiled. It will create a .deb package, which will be listed in the APT database and can be uninstalled like other packages. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CheckInstall - Read the warnings at the top and bottom of that web page, and DO NOT interrupt CheckInstall while it's running!07:31
dreckbounanybody here?07:32
DarwinSurvivorShucky: if you hav gotten in the habbit of installing lots of applications that use install scripts or PPA's, chances are you are going to run into BIG problem soon. 90% of the time someone in this channel has trouble installing something, it's PPA or script related.07:32
DarwinSurvivorShucky: so the problem is specific to "using Ubuntu machine Foo to clone any repo on server Bar"?07:33
=== Wug is now known as Wug[Hyperspace]
ShuckyDarwinSurviror, it's very strange, it try with an other user on the same server and it works :(07:36
MirroredSo, I am considering becoming a convert to the church of Linux. I need to create a server that runs things like Teambox or Openbravo-- but I need a pretty user interface that will tard-shepard me to glory with a pretty GUI-- is there a distribution of ubuntu like that?07:37
DarwinSurvivorShucky: have you created any git aliases on that account? (grep git= ~/.*) to check07:37
DarwinSurvivorShucky: "git config -l"07:41
leandroneed help: thunar not load parameter  file from runescape07:41
DarwinSurvivorMirrored: if it's a small local server (low traffic) you can use a full GUI Ubuntu install to run any server software you want. You don't have to use the server edition of ubuntu (it just runs slightly faster is all)07:42
MirroredThanks Darwin07:43
ShuckyDarwinSurvivor, for this user "git config -l" display nothing07:45
sbarcteamhi. Just upgraded my graphic card to nvidia, and I'm getting this in unity: http://dpaste.com/771625/07:47
pawanno active devies07:47
sbarcteameverything seems working apart of that.07:47
pawannetwork device not found07:48
leandroonly problem in xfce of ubuntu :(07:48
pawanwired network not managed07:48
DarwinSurvivorShucky: that is strange. you might have better luck in the #git channel07:48
Kartagiscan I trace what the user is doing with strace -p sshd@userPID?07:49
Shuckyok DarwinSurvivor, thanks for your help07:50
sbarcteamKartagis: you can run strace remotely, but the syntax is different: ssh user@server strace -p <PID>07:50
sbarcteamsince strace is just a program.07:51
Kartagissbarcteam: even if we are on the same server?07:51
sbarcteamAs long as your user is privileged enough for both remote login AND strace basic operations07:51
sbarcteamKartagis: do you know what strace does at all ?07:52
lotuspsychje!info strace07:52
ubottustrace (source: strace): A system call tracer. In component main, is standard. Version 4.5.20-2.3ubuntu1 (precise), package size 114 kB, installed size 316 kB (Only available for alpha; amd64; arm; armeb; armel; armhf; hppa; i386; ia64; m68k; mips; mipsel; powerpc; powerpcspe; ppc64; s390; s390x; sh4; sparc; sparc64)07:52
Kartagisnot really, but I assume it traces ?07:52
sbarcteamKartagis: not really is not good.07:52
sbarcteamguys, after I've upgraded my graphic card I am getting strange error messages upon login.07:54
sbarcteamI've pasted it here: http://dpaste.com/771625/07:54
lotuspsychjesbarcteam:nvidia or ati?07:54
sbarcteamfrom intel (on board) to nvidia07:54
lotuspsychjesbarcteam:you got latest nvidia-current installed?07:55
sbarcteamalso, the card has 3 outlets: VGA, HDMI and DVI-x07:55
sbarcteam(x means I'm not sure)07:55
sbarcteamI am using nvidia-current indeed.07:55
lotuspsychjesbarcteam:not sure mate, if you are up to date for all a reboot should work fine07:58
nguyenduyhi every one07:58
nguyenduyi am doing some research on wifidog07:58
nguyenduyis there any one interested in it?07:59
thauriswulfaHow to open ports in firewall on ubuntu?07:59
ubottuUbuntu, like any other Linux distribution, has firewall capabilities built-in. The firewall is managed using the 'ufw' command - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UFW | An alternative to ufw is the 'iptables' command - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo | GUI frontends such as Gufw (GNOME) and Guarddog (KDE from Lucid onwards) also exist.07:59
nguyenduyis there any one interested in wifidog?08:00
lotuspsychjenguyenduy: is this ubuntu related?08:00
nguyenduylinux related08:00
lotuspsychje!info wifidog08:00
ubottuPackage wifidog does not exist in precise08:00
nguyenduywifidog is used on openwrt to support captive portal08:01
lotuspsychjenguyenduy: discuss this in #ubuntu-offtopic08:01
sbarcteamlotuspsychje: for a moment I thought I'm on IRC, on linux related channel.... [commenting the "reboot should resolve" remark]08:01
nguyenduyoh, what channel should I join to ask?08:02
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!08:02
lotuspsychjesbarcteam: this is an ubuntu problem related channel not linux general08:02
nguyenduylotuspsychje, thanks08:02
paulus68squid user not reconized by privoxy how to solve this?08:02
ShartHi guys, I need some help with Ubuntu server. When system boot up it starts xinit with some graphical program. But I need to hide all system messages on screen before starting X server. I set quiet mode in /etc/default/grub.conf, but this doesn't help, it prints some text before starting xinit...08:14
ShartThe system is kiosk-like, so i don't want to show any additional information about system...08:15
=== railsraider_ is now known as railsraider
sulaimanHi, I am happily using my ubuntu machine, but there is something bothering me, for the same resolution (1366x768), I used to get more screen real estate on my windows machine08:18
ikoniasulaiman: that can't be the case08:19
ikoniasulaiman: if the resolution is the same08:19
ShartYou can change dpi08:19
ShartOr font size08:19
ikoniathat would not change the physical size though08:19
ikoniathe size of the screen would be the same08:20
ShartYes, but ubuntu's font size is bigger than windows'08:20
ikoniaShart: it's a totally different font, you can change the size though08:21
ShartYeah, i was talking about that...08:21
Cooller55всем привет!08:22
paulus68squid user not reconized by privoxy how to solve this?08:22
DJones!ru | Cooller5508:22
ubottuCooller55: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.08:22
Cooller55join #ubuntu-ru08:23
DJonesCooller55: You need the / in front of the command so /join #ubuntu-ru08:23
Cooller55join #ubuntu-ru08:24
ikoniaCooller55: /join #ubuntu-ru08:24
ikoniaCooller55:  /join "/join"08:25
ikoniaI see you are already in there, well done08:25
Cooller55не работает(08:26
kristenbbhi. can someone please help me to figure out what's wrong with my ubuntu 12.04 desktop computer. I have installed it just a few weeks ago, didn't install anything, and the system partition, which has more than 100G, is already full.08:30
kristenbbfor example, /var/log apparently has more than 10GB, this seems just impossible08:31
darkevil011you on it now?08:32
kristenbbI have ssh access08:32
kristenbbhere is an example of a command, though I'm not sure it's relevant: http://pastebin.com/wVAs1QTU08:34
sp3ckkristenbb: nope it's possible as you see. read those logs and post them somewhere. post the part of the log file, from last boot until the current time.08:34
darkevil011in your home dir one of the hidden files always got real big for me something like .xsession my box is still booting… do a "ls -a"08:34
=== rob is now known as Guest102
sp3ckkristenbb: prefer kern.log08:35
doogluskristenbb: "du -m /var/log" to find out which folder is big, then ls -lSr in that folder08:37
kristenbbdarkevil011: nothing on ls -a -h of /home seems to be overly big, yet it adds up to more than 50GB, which is not possible. There's not a single music/video, only  a few text files.08:37
kristenbbdooglus: du -m /var/log shows only 1 for all entries, except 9768 for /var/log08:38
doogluskristenbb: du -m | sort -n in /home will put biggest things last08:38
doogluskristenbb: so ls -laSr /var/log08:38
kanupatarhi guys, got all other dependencies ..now two are remining glibc-devel and zlib...tried apt-cache search but not found in my 12.04..can i get any help from you guys?08:39
kristenbbdooglus: in /home, nothing is bigger than 3GB, and it's the only directory I use. After that, there's 0.8G for firefox, and all the rest if peanuts08:39
kristenbbdooglus: yes indeed, kern.log.1 is 8.5G. Is this expected behaviour ?! I'm just the desktop version, this is way too much logs.08:41
bipuli want to change the hostname but i am unable to do it http://paste.ubuntu.com/1096277/08:41
=== Lupinedk is now known as lupinedk
doogluskristenbb: thats not normal, no.  see http://pastebin.ca/2171791 for how mine looks08:42
digital22hi, could someone help me get my dwl650 working?08:42
doogluskristenbb: something is probably wrong, and repeatedly logging over and over, filling up your disk08:43
darkevil011digital22: you doing it right.. just do it in cmd line08:43
darkevil011nano /etc/hostname08:43
bipuli want to change the hostname but i am unable to do it http://paste.ubuntu.com/1096277/08:44
darkevil011looks like your trying to open edit over ssh yeah?08:44
kristenbbdooglus: in any case that's just one of the problems, apparently.  Because that just accounts for 10GB, and there are 100GB total that are unexplained.08:44
dooglusbipul: log in with 'ssh -X user@host' - then gedit should work08:45
kristenbbdooglus: but let's fix that.08:45
doogluskristenbb: how about you install teamviewer or something so I can take a look?08:45
digital22it doesnt show any newtorks08:45
bipulno man i am not login in any ssh account it is just my normal bt5 system08:45
auronandace!hostname | digital2208:45
ubottudigital22: Use hostname <somehostname> to set the hostname, or to do it permanently: edit /etc/hosts to include BOTH the old and new hostname and then change /etc/hostname to the new one. WARNING! Make sure that your current hostname and /etc/hosts match, otherwise sudo may not work properly.08:45
dooglusbipul: why is your groupid 0(root)?08:46
kristenbbdooglus: I have teamviewer. But launching it from command line isn't easy.08:46
auronandacebipul: we don't support backtrack here08:46
bipuli have changed it to 0 is that i can edit it in hostname08:46
doogluskristenbb: you don't have a desktop machine?08:46
kristenbbdooglus: I do08:47
kristenbbdooglus: I am just not home.08:47
doogluskristenbb: can you run a graphical enviroment on that, and access the machine with the disk space problems fom there?08:47
dooglusoh I see08:47
bipulit's just simple file permission linux  concept that's why i am asking08:47
dooglusbipul: can you run any graphical programs?  the error message is saying it can't access your display08:48
digital22iw list reports    no scan results08:48
snarkpitThere's no way to watch Netflix on Linux currently is there?  DRM issues or something like that?08:48
digital22what are you talikng about ubottu?08:48
doogluskristenbb: can you pastebin the last 100 lines of the big log file?08:49
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bipuldooglus, thank's08:49
doogluskristenbb: 'tail -n 100 /var/log/kern.log' gets you the lines - I don't know how you're pasting stuff08:49
digital22sudo works, im logged in as admin08:49
MonkeyDustsnarkpit  here's an offtopic article that mentions Netflux as being 'a hurdle for Linux' http://www.muktware.com/3890/india-can-be-ubuntus-impenetrable-fort08:50
kristenbbdooglus: in  tail -n, how can I make them not break line at the end of the terminal ?08:50
digital22its my wireless card thats the problem, not hostnames08:51
Barados83hello. maybe someone could help me with my sound-configuration. in xubuntu 12.04 the pulseaudio configuration tool wont start, so i cant choose my soundcard for playback...08:51
snarkpitMonkeyDust  Thanks man.08:51
darkevil011digital22: what you trying to do?08:51
digital22is there a ubuntu wireless channel?08:51
digital22im trying to get my dwl650 to scan for networks08:51
dooglusdigital22: there used to be, but none of them can get online any more08:51
paulus68ikonia: I work with squid when I use the username password it's working now I added pivoxy and instructed squid to pass through pivoxy however the user and password that are working correctly in squid are not recognized any thoughts?08:52
digital22ie, my home network08:52
MonkeyDustdigital22  type !wifi for instructions08:52
Anomie21How do I send a test mail to multiple people at once via ssh? I know [echo testing | mail -s Bla myemail@somewhere.com] is the command for one, can I just stick a comma after that first email?08:52
ubottuWireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs08:52
kristenbbdooglus: well in any case, in the last lines at least, it's always saying:     Jul 15 07:38:20 kristen kernel: [362586.247000] Valid eCryptfs headers not found in file header region or xattr region, inode 1700618              Jul 15 07:38:20 kristen kernel: [362586.247004] Either the lower file is not in a valid eCryptfs format, or the key could not be retrieved. Plaintext passthrough mode is not enabled; returning -EIO08:52
doogluskristenbb: ugh.  I had that last week.08:53
kristenbbdooglus: well that's good to know maybe you know the solution then08:53
doogluskristenbb: I've installed ubuntu with encrypted home partitions twice, an both times it has caused troubles.  I'm not doing it again08:53
doogluskristenbb: I'm hoping the problem is fixed.  I got an email today saying "Product: LXRR70213621226CBF7600 ; AS5749-6823-CA W7HP64AS/I3-2350M/6G/500G     Your computer has been repaired and has been prepared for shipment. You will receive another eMail containing the shipping tracking number.      Sincerely yours.   Acer Service Repair Center" so I'll see soon08:54
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kristenbbdooglus: what problem was that exactly08:55
doogluskristenbb: the log messages are saying that there's a problem with the encrypted filesystem.  the first time it happened to me was because the ecryptfs code was buggy.  the 2nd time it was because my hard drive was failing08:56
kristenbbdooglus: 'was' buggy ?08:56
doogluskristenbb: I would suggest installing package 'smartmontools' to check your hard drive08:56
doogluskristenbb: I believe it is fixed now - it was a while ago08:56
digital22its complicated, it needs firmware08:57
kristenbbdooglus: how can I check whether I have the fixed version ? I doubt my hard drive is failing, it's brand new08:57
doogluskristenbb: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ecryptfs-utils/+bug/870326 was the bug08:57
ubottuLaunchpad bug 870326 in ecryptfs-utils (Ubuntu Oneiric) "ecryptfs_writepage: Error" [Undecided,Confirmed]08:57
doogluskristenbb: mine was 5.5 weeks old when it started developing bad sectors08:58
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doogluskristenbb: that's why I sent it back to get it replaced08:58
kristenbbdooglus: can I not check that from command line?08:58
digital22theres a bug in hostapd08:58
paulus68I work with squid when I use the username password it's working now I added pivoxy and instructed squid to pass through pivoxy however the user and password that are working correctly in squid are not recognized any thoughts?08:59
digital22how do i edit locked files?08:59
doogluskristenbb: I'll see if i can find anything about the specific error messages you pasted09:00
[Jano]digital22: what does not work09:00
doogluskristenbb: if you 'less /var/log/kern.log' and hit space a bunch of time, do you see one message over and over?  (hit q to quit)09:00
digital22im trying to edit hostap_cs.ko file but its locked09:01
doogluskristenbb: this could be your problem: http://askubuntu.com/questions/71934/can-i-identify-encrypted-files-resulting-in-dmesg-errors-or-fsck-the-encrypted09:02
dooglusdigital22: try "gksudo gedit /path/to/hostap_cs.ko"09:03
kristenbbdooglus: in my case, it seems to be mainly ecryptfs that fills up the message log. Is there not a command to count the messages and see which ones appear most often ?09:03
doogluskristenbb: each message has a different timestamp, so they'll not be identical09:03
doogluskristenbb: this will put most frequent errors at the end:09:05
doogluskristenbb: sed 's/.*[[][0-9.]*]//' /var/log/kern.log | sort | uniq -c | sort -n09:05
digital22i cant find the path details, file manager only shows a bit of the path09:05
dooglusdigital22: does control-l show the full path?09:06
dooglusdigital22: probably just /media...09:06
dooglusdigital22: ie. just a / in front of media to get the full path09:06
kristenbbdooglus: will this command not print the whole 10GB? it's taking a whole lot to complete09:07
frank__hello i got a question can anyone help me about linux09:07
kristenbbdooglus: should I interrupt ?09:07
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience09:07
doogluskristenbb: sure.  I forgot it was so big09:07
kristenbbdooglus: should I not add | head at the end ?09:07
kristenbbdooglus: should I not add | head at the end ?09:07
frank__how do you get usb to work so you can plug in a usb stick09:07
digital22ok, these dirs are shown09:07
digital22which one?09:07
doogluskristenbb: head -n 10000 /var/log/kern.log | sed 's/.*[[][0-9.]*]//' | sort | uniq -c | sort -n09:08
kristenbbdooglus: yeah I get 3820 times Either the lower file is not in a valid eCryptfs format, or the key could not be retrieved. Plaintext passthrough mode is not enabled; returning -EIO09:08
doogluskristenbb: adding | head at the end won't stop it reading, filtering, sorting the whole 10 GB to find out what lines are most common09:08
digital22media/6688e8f9-8470-405b-816e-0dedf7c9992e/lib/ is the path so far09:09
kristenbbdooglus: although I also get 1937 times usb 2-1.1.2: usbfs: process 26432 (g15-desktop-ser) did not claim interface 1 before use09:09
doogluskristenbb: did you see the link?  http://askubuntu.com/questions/71934/can-i-identify-encrypted-files-resulting-in-dmesg-errors-or-fsck-the-encrypted09:09
digital22not /media09:09
dooglusdigital22: in a terminal, run "cd /media" then "ls".  does it show the 6688... folder?09:09
dooglusdigital22: so type "cd 6688" and hit tab to complete it09:10
digital22im up to lib/modules09:10
digital22its higher up than that09:10
=== ecthiender_ is now known as ecthiender
dooglusdigital22: "find . -name whatever.ko" will find it09:10
ocxhi guys trying to install bind getting an error09:10
ocxsudo apt-get install bind9 Reading package lists... Error!09:10
doogluswhere whatever should be changed to the file you seek09:10
ocxusing Linux ubuntu
dooglusocx: try 'sudo apt-get update' first09:11
ocxEncountered a section with no Package: header09:11
ocxE: The package lists or status file could not be parsed or opened.09:12
MonkeyDustfrank__  caps09:12
ocxit reaches a stage where it gives this error09:12
dooglusfrank__: DID U TRI TURNIN IT ON-N-OFF AGAIN?09:12
kristenbbdooglus: I am reading it now. apparently it says it occurs when 0 length files are created?09:12
frank__no how do i do that09:12
digital22go it09:12
kristenbbdooglus: but this was for 11.10, and you said the bug was fixed. so why would I still get this.09:12
digital22got it09:12
doogluskristenbb: I think it says it occurs when you fill your hard drive, and 0 length files are a result09:12
doogluskristenbb: you have 12.0409:13
kristenbbdooglus: yes09:13
ocxthis is the error i am getting:09:16
doogluskristenbb: I dont see anything in the bug report that says it has been fixed in 12.0409:16
ocxProblem with MergeList /var/lib/apt/lists/old-releases.ubuntu.com_ubuntu_dists_jaunty_main_binary-armel_Package09:16
digital22i need a hex editor09:16
dooglusdigital22: there are lots in the software centre09:16
MonkeyDustocx  jaunty is the culprit, it's no longer valid or supported09:16
kristenbbdooglus: but didn't you say so?09:17
kristenbbdooglus: regarding the bug you were having09:17
doogluskristenbb: I think my problem was a different one09:17
ocxMonkeyDust:  who said so?!09:17
doogluskristenbb: I think in general it's a bad idea to let your disk fill up09:17
MonkeyDustocx  it's !EOL09:18
doogluskristenbb: esp. if you're using the encrypted home directory stuff09:18
dooglusis that what happened09:18
ocxanything to prove that?!09:18
kristenbbdooglus: this is driving me crazy09:18
kristenbbdooglus: I don't understand09:18
MonkeyDustocx  type !jaunty09:18
kristenbbdooglus: we are going in circle. How was my disk filled in the first place ?09:18
doogluskristenbb: you sai you have 100GB used somehow - is it all kern.log* files?  or did the home partition fill up first?09:18
kristenbbdooglus: you're saying this is a result of my disk being full.09:19
ocx !jaunty09:19
ubottuUbuntu 9.04 (Jaunty Jackalope) was the tenth release of Ubuntu. End Of Life: October 23, 2010. See !eol and !upgrade for more details.09:19
ubottuFor upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade09:19
doogluskristenbb: is /home a separate partition?09:19
kristenbbdooglus: no09:19
doogluskristenbb: so "df /home" says "mounted on /" in the right-most column?09:19
ocx!not smart enough09:20
ubottuocx: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)09:20
ubottuUbuntu 12.04 LTS (Precise Pangolin) is the current release of Ubuntu.  Download http://releases.ubuntu.com/12.04/ - Release Info: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/120409:20
ocxcan i upgrade directly from jaunty to 12.04?09:20
kristenbbdooglus: I have "cat kern.log.1 | sed 's/.*[[][0-9.]*]//' | sort | uniq -c | sort -n | tail -1000", where kern.log.1 is 10GB. I have this running on a 16GB memory computer. Will I run out of resources before it completes ? (it has been running for a few minutes)09:20
paulus68I work with squid when I use the username password it's working now I added pivoxy and instructed squid to pass through pivoxy however the user and password that are working correctly in squid are not recognized any thoughts?09:20
doogluskristenbb: probably.  hit control-c09:21
kristenbbdooglus: done.09:21
kristenbbdooglus: I would like to see what is in that file though09:21
bekkskristenbb: sed is able to run inline, which will reduce memory overhead drastically,09:22
dooglusyou want to "head -n 10000 | sed ..." rather than putting the 'tail' after the sort09:22
kristenbbdooglus: I'm sure there's a way to do that incrementally, without requiring tens of gigas to be kept for internal calculus09:22
kristenbbdooglus: but head -n 10000 will not parse the whole file09:22
bekksAnd sorting the kern.log alphabetically is just nonsense.09:22
doogluskristenbb: I'm sorting the lines after taking out the timestamps so that identical errors will be adjacent - then uniq -c can count them09:23
doogluskristenbb: sorting is slow09:23
dooglusif you just want to page through it, use 'less'09:23
bekksDont use it at all for passing it to sed.09:23
bekksRun sed inline09:23
kristenbbdooglus: I don't want to manually read it either09:24
dooglusso kern.log is 10GB, kern.log.1 is also 10GB - do you have other kern.log* files in there that are big too?09:24
kristenbbdooglus: no, sorry for the confusion. Only kern.log.1 is 10GB09:24
doogluskristenbb: you'll find sort runs a lot faster if you 'export LC_ALL=C' first09:24
kristenbbdooglus: kern.log is 300M09:25
doogluskristenbb: and growing?  or is the disk full?09:25
MonkeyDustocx  what you can do: backup you personal files and fresh install 12.0409:26
kristenbbdooglus: well yeah probably full, I don't know09:26
doogluskern.log.1 is the previous version of kern.log09:26
doogluskristenbb: df -h . will tell you if the disk is full09:26
kristenbbdooglus: I know09:26
kristenbbdooglus: df -h . where ?09:26
dooglusin the folder you want to know if it's full09:26
doogluslike in /log say09:26
kristenbb88 i mean09:27
ocx12.04 for ARM is available?09:27
dooglusoh, ok09:27
kristenbbsize 77, used 6409:27
kristenbbmaybe it was not 100 after all then?09:27
ocxmy system is ARM based09:27
MonkeyDustocx  http://www.ubuntu.com/download/arm09:27
kristenbbi don't know the exact number, but 77 makes sense. I thought it was slighly more though.09:27
bekkskristenbb: Just pastebin df -h09:27
dooglusso the problem wasnt caused by a full disk - so we're not going in circles :)09:28
kristenbbFilesystem      Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on                              /dev/sda5        77G   64G  9.3G  88% /09:28
dooglussomething has messed up the ecryptfs which is causing it to spam kern.log09:28
kristenbbdooglus: well you don't know that, because I just removed a bunch of stuff09:28
dooglus9.3G of stuff?09:28
kristenbbdooglus: well yes as a matter of fact09:29
auronandaceMonkeyDust: is arm an officially supported platform for ubuntu (or is it a community port like ppc)?09:29
kristenbbdooglus: I just removed kern.log.1 to another disk09:29
dooglusI see09:30
dooglusI think if it was me I would follow the steps in https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ecryptfs-utils/+bug/372014/comments/2109:30
ubottuLaunchpad bug 509180 in linux (Ubuntu Maverick) "duplicate for #372014 ecryptfs sometimes seems to add trailing garbage to encrypted files" [Undecided,Incomplete]09:30
kristenbbI now have less than 5GB of personal files in /home. All the rest is just programs (well, firefox, mostly) and the rest is unaccounted for.09:30
dooglusbacking up first, if the files are important09:30
MonkeyDustauronandace  dunno09:30
kristenbbthat would just remove the files of length 0, right ?09:31
kristenbbdooglus: that would just remove the files of length 0, right ?09:31
doogluskristenbb: yeah09:31
kristenbbam I forced to create a file to do that ?09:32
kristenbbor can I send it in the terminal ?09:32
dooglusI dont think so09:32
dooglusjust in the terminal is ok09:32
dooglusthe $ prompt should change to a > after the 1st line09:32
kristenbbI pasted it there. It appeared with > before the lines09:32
kristenbbnow what, just 'enter' ?09:33
kristenbba bunch of errors occured09:33
doogluspastebin 'em?09:33
kristenbbthe first one is Specified filename find does not exist.09:33
=== Lloir|ZzZz is now known as Lloir
kristenbbthen there's also rm: invalid option -- 's'09:34
dooglusbecause one of the filenames begins with a dash I guess09:34
dooglusdoes this list files?09:35
kristenbbwell not on the screen09:35
dooglusfor i in find $(mount | grep " on $HOME type ecryptfs" | awk '{print $1}') -size 0c; do echo  " $i"; done09:35
kristenbbonly the errors where displayed09:35
kristenbbthis echo displays: find            and            /home/kristen/.Private            and      -size            and      0c09:36
dooglusthat script is all kinds of wrong then...09:36
=== railsraider_ is now known as railsraider
kristenbbthen why would you want me to execute it, are you trying to break it even further ? :(09:37
lagonaVhisto, i'm trying to do an upgrade and i get "WARNING: The following packages cannot be authenticated! python-debtagshw", is it safe to install ?09:37
The_ExplorerHelp: Query = How to Seperate X-server Nvidia. (+gnome-shell failure) Details -> Xserver (configuration of) -> 2 GPU (non-sli) 2 Monitor = 1per gpu | "seperate X-server" -> errors09:38
doogluswhat does this show  mount | grep " on $HOME type ecryptfs" | awk '{print $1}'09:38
MuelliThe_Explorer: which driver? i.e. the non-free one?09:38
The_Explorernon-free current, Muelli09:38
dooglusthe guy in the askubuntu thread says that that script worked for him09:38
dooglusI guess he's mistaken09:38
kristenbbdooglus: it shows /home/kristen/.Private09:39
MuelliThe_Explorer: :-( Sorry. Don't know anything about that. Any reason you're using the non-free one/09:39
The_Explorernon-free -> need Glibs support09:39
bekksThe_Explorer: Would you mind to explain what "errors" mean.09:39
The_Explorerrather because they have it09:39
The_Explorerbekks, gnome-shell fails to load, duplicates panels on attempt (They stack wierdly), second server remains raw/blank. no idea how to start environments on it (seperate from other screen)09:41
auronandacei wasn't aware gnome-shell supported multiple monitors09:41
bekksThe_Explorer: Then we need the explanation of what you have been doing exactly.09:41
doogluskristenbb: find /home/kristen/.Private/ -size 0c | while read x; do if ! fuser -v $x; then rm -f $x; fi; done09:42
kristenbbthe find alone fails09:42
=== luka is now known as Guest31643
doogluskristenbb: how?09:42
The_Explorer<auronandace> even if gnome-shell doesnt support dual monitors, It should support the first one, the second monitor should be seperate09:42
kristenbbdooglus: find /home/kristen/.Private -size 0c   returns find: `/home/kristen/.Private': No such file or directory09:43
The_Explorerbekks, I put in new card -> previous default was "twinview" spanned desktop. Changed monitor 2nd to new gpu, 1xmonitor per card. Powered on. Lightdm resolution error (primary monitor unchanged)09:44
The_Explorerthen from there, bekks; I deleted "xorg.conf" and made new one autogen. used nvidia-settings set up new server, on second, saved and rebooted.09:45
doogluskristenbb: this will recreate it:   ln -s /home/.ecryptfs/kristen/.Private /home/kristen09:45
kristenbbdooglus: be quick because it's shrinking by the minute lol. df -h . now shows: available: 9.0G. I did nothing since, but it was 9.3 a few minutes ago.09:45
The_ExplorerGot unity 2d, lxde, gnome (classic) to boot on primary, second monitor remains naked.09:46
snarkpitIs there any way to get a run bar built into the GNOME taskbar?  I know you an add the run applet, where you can click on it and get a run popup box.  But what I'd like is the run bar to be built right into the taskbar, so I can easily just type in the name of an application without the extra click and extra window09:46
doogluskern.log is growing I bet09:46
paulus68I work with squid when I use the username password it's working now I added pivoxy and instructed squid to pass through pivoxy however the user and password that are working correctly in squid are not recognized any thoughts?09:46
The_ExplorerI can use the second monitor via (run in terminal) right clicking, or via "DISPLAY=:" variable09:46
kristenbbdooglus: probably. though you said it would only grow if it's full, which it aint09:47
doogluskristenbb: I think you misunderstood.  it can't grow if the disk is full, only if it isn't09:47
dooglusso run that ln command, then try the find again09:48
kristenbbdooglus: didn't you say these ecryptfs errors would only occur if that disk was full ?09:48
dooglusperhaps.  the ecryptfs errors are caused by zero length files in .Private, and those can be caused by a full disk09:49
=== railsraider_ is now known as railsraider
dooglusbut perhaps they are also caused by something else too09:49
kristenbbdooglus: kern.log is now 397M. I don't remember what it was before, but it wasn't 0, so kern.log is not the only problem :(09:49
The_Explorerlet me ask a different way: I want to learn how to change the display variables to Xserver. How do i modify the window manager to allow more than one instance of a window manager?09:49
bekkskristenbb: Did you provide the output of "df -h" already?09:50
kristenbbdooglus: yeah there are a few errors apparently09:50
kristenbbbekks: df -h shows /dev/sda5               77G   65G  8.9G  88% /     the others are different disks, it's irrelevant.09:50
kristenbbdooglus: I did this ln -s.09:51
kristenbbdooglus: Now what?09:51
kristenbbdooglus:  find /home/kristen/.Private/ -size 0c | while read x; do if ! fuser -v $x; then rm -f $x; fi; done ?09:51
doogluskristenbb: now find /home/kristen/.Private/ -size 0c09:52
super_why is it i cant use ffmpeg on ubuntu12.04?09:52
dooglusto test if it finds anything09:52
super_it is telling me something about avconv09:52
kristenbbdooglus: doesn't09:52
kristenbbdooglus: still doesn't exit09:52
kristenbbdooglus: still doesn't exist09:52
doogluskristenbb: what ln command did you run?09:52
kristenbbwait sorry I mistyped, find works09:53
dooglusshould be: ln -s /home/.ecryptfs/kristen/.Private /home/kristen09:53
dooglusfind finds stuff?09:53
dooglusif so, add on the rest of the command while read ...09:53
super_<spent the whole installing ubuntu 12.04, it wouldn't installed because of nvidia graphic card had to hold shift and type live nomodeset09:53
kristenbbyes it fills my screen, I had to stop it09:53
super_and now I can't run ffmpeg what do i need to do?09:54
kristenbbdooglus: it's still executing09:54
kristenbbdooglus: are you sure it's not deleting important stuff?09:54
doogluskristenbb: ok09:54
doogluskristenbb: yes09:54
paulus68I work with squid when I use the username password it's working now I added pivoxy and instructed squid to pass through pivoxy however the user and password that are working correctly in squid are not recognized any thoughts?09:55
doogluskristenbb: not important to me, anyway ;)09:55
kristenbbdooglus: still executing...09:55
kristenbbdooglus: come on !09:55
doogluskristenbb: check the free disk space09:55
kristenbbdooglus: how I only have one terminal09:55
kristenbbdooglus: it's done09:56
super_does ubuntu 12.04 support ffmpeg?09:56
kristenbbdooglus: so what a I left with09:56
kristenbbdooglus: it's still 89% full.09:57
MonkeyDustsuper_  yes09:57
doogluskristenbb: hopefully now it will stop filling up09:57
kristenbbdooglus: ...09:58
doogluskristenbb: try "tail -f var/log/kern.log"09:58
kristenbbdooglus: I have to go soon,but I'll be back09:58
dooglusthat will update in real time each time something gets written to the file09:58
dooglusso you'll be able to see if it's still getting new ecryptfs errors09:58
kristenbbdooglus: well yeah it is09:59
kristenbbdooglus: it's crazt09:59
kristenbbdooglus: it's crazy09:59
doogluslots of ecryptfs errors appearing?09:59
kristenbbdooglus: it's not that fast, but like one message every 2-3 seconds09:59
kristenbbdooglus: yes09:59
super_MonkeyDust how do i refresh ubuntu12.04?09:59
dooglussame messages still?09:59
boumawhy does ubuntu not have kbibtex anymore ??09:59
super_on linux mint Alt+F2 and type r will let me refresh the desktop10:00
MonkeyDustsuper_  not sure what you mean by 'refresh'10:00
kristenbb ecryptfs_do_create: Failure to create dentry in lower fs; rc = [-17]          OR              ecryptfs_create: Failed to create file inlower filesystem   OR some other errors like that10:00
kristenbbbut all related to ecrypfs10:00
super_refresh the ligthdm10:00
super_do i need to ctrl+alt+f110:00
super_sudo service lightdm stop?10:00
super_and restart10:00
super_or logout and back10:00
kristenbbI'm gonna have to go for a while, I'll be back in half an hour or so, I hope you will still be there10:00
doogluskristenbb: can you reboot the machine?10:00
super_but thats too many steps10:00
kristenbbdooglus: I doubt it.10:01
MonkeyDustsuper_  logout brings you to lightDM, ctrl-alt-f1 gives a CLI10:01
doogluskristenbb: how about logging out fully all the kristen users?10:01
kristenbbdooglus: how do you mean?10:01
doogluskristenbb: to give the ecryptfs filesystem a change to umount itself10:01
MonkeyDustsuper_  start from the beginning, what do you want to do and what have you done and tried before you came here10:01
doogluskristenbb: are you logged on to it at home in the gui?10:01
kristenbbdooglus: yes10:01
doogluskristenbb: can you log yourself out?  is there stuff that needs saving?10:02
kristenbbdooglus: and I don't quite remember what's opened10:02
kristenbbdooglus: that would be risky10:02
kristenbbdooglus: are you sure it's required?10:02
doogluskristenbb: no - but its probably best10:02
kristenbbdooglus: isn't it only Windows that requires to reboot every time something gets wrong?10:03
doogluslol yeah10:03
dooglusjust logging out is enough10:03
PrinzPfeifii am new here =)10:03
kristenbbwell that's just as bad10:03
super_gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.interface ubuntu-overlay-scrollbars false10:03
super_i did this and now i want to refresh my desktop10:03
dooglusI'd save what needs saving then k ill all the kristen user processes10:03
super_so that the scrollbars will disappear10:03
MonkeyDustsuper_  yes, you could try to logout10:04
super_without logout how would i refresh it?10:04
kristenbbhow would I save something as a openoffice file from command line10:04
MonkeyDustkristenbb  gnome-open10:04
super_on linux mint there was no need to logout10:04
doogluskristenbb: openoffice saves its own files regularly doesn't it?10:04
dooglusit offers to recover them when you restart it10:04
super_all i had to do was alt+f2 and type r10:04
kristenbbI'm gonna have to go now, sorry, I'll be back in half an hour as I said.10:04
MonkeyDustsuper_  yeah, that's one of the differencs between ubuntu and mint10:04
kristenbbreal sorry, and takes for your help this far10:04
kristenbbsee you soon10:04
super_logout now.10:05
bekkssuper_: We dont know which linux mint packages are responsible for that.10:05
PrinzPfeifiIs there any chat around here where i can inform about cairodock issues?10:05
bekksPrinzPfeifi: There is a bugtracker, where you can open up a new bug.10:06
ocxany dreamplug owner?10:06
PrinzPfeifiits not really a bug10:06
PrinzPfeifii just need help in usage of cairodock i think...10:06
MonkeyDustPrinzPfeifi  the channel #cairo exists10:06
PrinzPfeifiok thanks10:06
super_is there a setting on rythmbox when i restart the program it resume back to that previous song?10:07
boumawhy does ubuntu not have kbibtex anymore ?? im running 11.1010:07
paulus68I work with squid when I use the username password it's working now I added pivoxy and instructed squid to pass through pivoxy however the user and password that are working correctly in squid are not recognized any thoughts?10:08
=== D-Day is now known as takeme
super_i got this problem trying to convert video format with winff.10:09
bekkssuper_: Then install the missing codec.10:09
super_which one is it?10:09
super_sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras10:09
super_shouldn't that give me all the codecs?10:09
=== Lloir is now known as Lloir|afk
bekkssuper_: Which Ubuntu are you using exactly?10:10
herplade1hey guys, i kind of broke the mini jack sound out port on my laptop10:11
super_i'm using this one.10:11
herplade1is there any way i can output sound on one of the other mini jacks10:11
herplade1like there's a microphone mini jack port10:11
herplade1but i don't use that for anything10:11
bekkssuper_: http://askubuntu.com/questions/148554/installingffmpeg-libx264-and-libavfilter10:12
GOMIjust wanna ask something , somebody here has a wacom and got pressure sensitivity working under 11.04  ??10:13
pkkmHow to stop the Update Manager from popping up every time I run `aptitude update`?10:14
super_installing ubuntu 12.04 on a computer with nvidia was a pain10:14
bekkssuper_: It was super easy here. apt-get install nvidia-current, reboot, done.10:15
digital22hi, i have an alfa card, how do i scan for networks?10:15
super_it wouldn't let me install at first everything hanged10:15
super_i got nvidia gtx 58010:15
super_i had to hold shift and type live nomodeset10:15
super_and from there it was easy10:16
bekkssuper_: Which is no pain :)10:16
super_well it was a pain at the time i didn't know what to do.10:16
MonkeyDustsuper_  yes, nvidia and linus thorvalds are not the best friends10:16
super_what about newer users i suppose they will never get to install ubuntu 12.04 on their system.10:16
klj613how would i search all .twig files for a specific text within the current dir? text would have a space in it.. (via CLI)10:17
MonkeyDustsuper_  I was new, once, and I managed to install it10:17
bekkssuper_: Almost every user succeeded until now.10:17
ubottuUbuntu 9.04 (Jaunty Jackalope) was the tenth release of Ubuntu. End Of Life: October 23, 2010. See !eol and !upgrade for more details.10:18
ubottuFor upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade10:18
PhoenixSTFAnyone having problems with MSN on Empathy?10:18
kishenhey guys do you know any websites that will help learn the basic's of programming10:18
MonkeyDustkishen  echoecho.com10:19
PhoenixSTFkishen, usualy depends on the language10:19
kishensorry for javascript10:20
MonkeyDustkishen  http://echoecho.com/javascript.htm10:21
ocxi am trying to update my jaunty using sudo aptitude update && sudo aptitude safe-upgrade  but getting an error: E: Problem with MergeList /var/lib/apt/lists/old-releases.ubuntu.com_ubuntu_dists_jaunty_main_binary-armel_Packages E: The package lists or status file could not be parsed or opened.10:22
ocxany ideas?10:22
MonkeyDustocx  fastest and easiest would be a fresh install, after you backed up your personal files (or is it 'backupped')10:23
ocxMonkeyDust: i dont have the image and rootfs for my device\10:23
=== railsraider_ is now known as railsraider
ocxit is only released to 9.0410:23
ocxit is a dreamplug box10:23
ocxarm based10:24
Oxnard_DoggGROWL not running any browser when i click 'shields up'10:24
MonkeyDustocx  not sure what you mean, why not download it? what's a dreamplug box?10:24
ottoshmidtis there a program that gives me a name of a package that contains certain file?10:24
ottoshmidteven if that package isn't installed10:24
kishenMonkeyDust thank you10:25
MonkeyDustottoshmidt  try apt-cache policy or apt-cache show10:25
LjLottoshmidt: apt-file, but maybe it'll be easier to just go to http://packages.ubuntu.com/10:25
ottoshmidton ArchLinux there is pkgfile10:25
ocxthis is what is available for my dreamplug hardware10:25
ocxis it hard to create a uImage and a rootfs for a specific hardware?10:25
Oxnard_Dogggrowl used to work but i have installed some new browsers..does it look for default browser?..i try to set it and it says mozstart10:26
=== spupuser is now known as Oxnard_Dogg
PrinzPfeifiDoes anybody know how i can do Folders in Cairo in which i can acutally put stuff into from the desktop directly? all i can do is to open them with the middle key and then put stuff into it but i cant drag and drop them directly onto the folder like i can with the trash can for example... sorry but noone answers in the #cairo channel.10:31
PrinzPfeifihmm guess i should try this at a later time ^^10:33
boumawhy does ubuntu not have kbibtex anymore ?? im running 11.1010:33
bazhang!info kbibtex | bouma10:34
ubottubouma: kbibtex (source: kbibtex): BibTeX editor for KDE. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.4-1 (precise), package size 592 kB, installed size 1691 kB10:34
MonkeyDustbouma  found in 12.04, ok10:34
boumaubottu: when i do sudo apt-get install kbibtex, i says, Package kbibtex is not available, but is referred to by another package. it doesnt show in synaptic either10:36
ubottubouma: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)10:36
=== ubuntu is now known as myhero
MonkeyDustbouma  what other package?10:36
boumawhen i do sudo apt-get install kbibtex, i says, Package kbibtex is not available, but is referred to by another package. it doesnt show in synaptic either10:36
bazhangbouma, make sure the relevant repo is enabled then10:36
bazhangbouma, then update your sources.list following that, and apt-cache search kbibtex10:37
fat_rathi i would like to make my terminal show fortunes in blue color every time i open it any tips?10:37
myheroi was copying something intoo my usb and suddenly some error came up....and now nothing is being copoed on usb....saying U dont have permission:the filesystem is read only....i have rebooted but no use.....10:38
myheroanyone any help......10:39
myherobazhang and monkey.....any help.......10:40
=== Lloir|afk is now known as Lloir
* tMH is gone. nsf10:41
myheroi was copying something into my usb and suddenly some error came up....and now nothing is being copied on usb....saying U dont have permission:the filesystem is read only....i have unmounted detached rebooted and tried other usb drive but no use and same problem.....10:42
krrHi, can some one help me with Rewrite rules? I just want to redirect all urls wich is not in list from https to http. For now I have this, but not working  RewriteRule ^(?:(?!(user|login|media|js)^(?:(?!.*/?(user|login|media|js)).*)$).)*$ http://%{SERVER_NAME}/$1 [L,R]10:43
Aritz_anyone know hat happen to udp packets when host is unreachable? is it kept in buffer or drop?10:46
Seveaskrr, that regex looks weird. why all the negative lookahead and the extra ^?10:46
Seveaswhat are you trying to match?10:46
MonkeyDustAritz_  udp packets are not controlled or checked, like tcp is, i guess they're lost10:47
=== Hayate is now known as blackshirt
Seveasand maybe it's easier to do something else: exclude what you don't want to redirect with some rewritecond's10:47
aetoxxWhich application do I need to use to configure printing? Please use the name of the command and not some menu item.10:47
aetoxxThe problem in particular is that printing was configured and now all of a sudden it isn't anymore.10:48
Seveasaetoxx, system-config-printer10:48
psilo23Hi everyone, i am wondering something, i am having some problems with my ubuntu 11.10 system, and when i start Top i see a CPU state that i cant seem to find in the man page, its teh ID state10:51
psilo23Can anyone tell me what it does mean ?10:52
Seveaspsilo23, do you mean this line: Cpu(s): 10.6%us,  3.8%sy,  0.0%ni, 85.2%id,  0.0%wa,  0.0%hi,  0.3%si,  0.0%st ?10:54
=== nyuszika7h is now known as Guest63432
psilo23Seveas: yes10:54
Seveaspsilo23, section 2c of 'man top': CPU States10:55
psilo23i think its the available percentage then, thats all i needed to know because somehow my pc is getting a bit -laggy-  so to call10:55
psilo23Seveas: i checked it but it didnt say ID10:55
Seveasid = idle10:56
psilo23but now i see that its about the same on ur system i know enough :D10:56
psilo23yeah just wanted to be sure10:56
Aritz_MonkeyDust: at whick level they are lost? what function that called? i need the details and prove.10:56
aetoxxHow can I know how much memory a printer has?10:57
speciesgive it progressively longer number sequences10:57
specieslike an IQ test10:57
aetoxxI find it unquestionably stupid that a driver asks me what hardware I have installed in the printer.10:58
speciesyour best bet is probably manufacturers information10:58
Seveasaetoxx, read its manual?10:58
MonkeyDustAritz_  don't know exactly, it's the only difference between udp and tcp that i'm aware of10:58
aetoxxWhy can't it just read that information out of some data structure where every component registers itself?10:58
Seveasor if it's a fancy one, make it print its self test/system config page10:58
speciesaetoxx: some also tell you when you boot them, or have an info screen in their firmware10:58
Aritz_MonkeyDust: thx anyway10:58
aetoxxSeveas, it's a small<->medium business one.10:58
aetoxxSeveas, it has a web interface, etc.10:59
Seveasit probably has that info in the web interface. Or at least a button to ptint its config settings10:59
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susundbe1gaetoxx: i would google for that with the model number. .11:00
susundbe1gbut i guess you have done that allready11:01
aetoxxSeveas, I can see its memory capacity only there.11:01
chroothi, i just delete a video file, and i want to recover it, how can i do that ?11:01
aetoxxsusundbe1g, that would only give the default options.11:01
aetoxxI will just assume I have no extra options then.11:01
susundbe1gchroot: if you deleted it by hand (=you cannot find it from trashbin), like with command 'rm' then afaik there is no easy way to recover that file11:02
=== Jason is now known as Guest59216
chrootsusundbe1g: actually, i mv a srt file to the mkv file, the two file have the same name, and srt overwrite the mkv file11:02
HodluMHello Ubuntu..11:03
HodluMand the world.11:03
HodluMHello there.11:03
chrootcan that recoverd11:03
MonkeyDustchroot  type !recover for instructions11:03
HodluMNOTE: I've discovered an extreme-flaw in Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, I shall be releasing the local root exploit for it soon! Stay updated at exploitdb, folks. ;]11:03
HodluMNOTE: I've discovered an extreme-flaw in Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, I shall be releasing the local root exploit for it soon! Stay updated at exploitdb, folks. ;]11:03
HodluMNOTE: I've discovered an extreme-flaw in Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, I shall be releasing the local root exploit for it soon! Stay updated at exploitdb, folks. ;]11:03
HodluMNOTE: I've discovered an extreme-flaw in Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, I shall be releasing the local root exploit for it soon! Stay updated at exploitdb, folks. ;]11:03
FloodBot1HodluM: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.11:03
ubottuSome tools to recover lost data are listed and explained at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DataRecovery - Recovering deleted files on !ext3 filesystems can be virtually impossible, although methods that might work is some cases are described at at http://www.xs4all.nl/~carlo17/howto/undelete_ext3.html and http://projects.izzysoft.de/trac/ext3undel11:04
n1ckn4me09876543how can I mount a folder in my desktop to /dev/cdrom so that my Ubuntu thinks i have a cd in the drive?11:04
chrootoh, thanks anyway.11:05
susundbe1gn1ckn4me09876543: why should you do that -- why should you fool ubuntu?11:05
=== cyber is now known as Guest60677
n1ckn4me09876543susundbe1g: because there's a way to mount usb as a cdrom to make the usb pretend like is a cdrom, i'm wondering if it can be done the same way because I'm using Furius ISO Mount program and it mounts the files in my home folder and not in /dev/cdom11:06
n1ckn4me09876543susundbe1g: and the program on the iso file is saying i dont have a cd in11:07
susundbe1gn1ckn4me09876543: i see, using wine?11:08
n1ckn4me09876543susundbe1g yep11:08
susundbe1gn1ckn4me09876543: see http://www.winehq.org/docs/wineusr-guide/config-wine-main section "4.1.4. Drive Settings"11:09
n1ckn4me09876543susundbe1g: thnx11:10
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HfuyI'm looking for an OS to replace Win7 on my Lenovo Ideapad S12 (the Ion version).11:12
HfuyUbuntu has been suggested, but I'm not sure what the best way is to check compatibility.11:12
xrdodrxHfuy: boot an ubuntu live disk and see if everything works11:13
HfuyThere is some information about the S12 on help.ubuntu.com, but it's a couple of years out of date. Can anyone suggest anywhere to look?11:13
HfuyTricky - no DVD-ROM drive on these.11:13
xrdodrxa live usb is possible too11:13
ikoniaHfuy: you'll have to google the chipsets/components linux support, then check that against the versions of software installed in the ubuntu release you want to use11:13
digital22hi, could someone help me get my alfa card to work?11:13
Hfuyikonia: Ehhh. That sounds like something I'd rather give a miss.11:14
ikoniano problem.11:14
psilo23Hfuy: i guess u can run it from usb11:14
HfuyWell possibly I can, but does anyone know how11:14
psilo23how what ?11:14
Hfuyhow "u can run it from usb"11:14
ikonia!install | Hfuy11:14
ubottuHfuy: Ubuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall - Don't want to use a CD? See http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate11:14
ikoniaHfuy: the last link in that info11:15
HfuyThe only reason I'm looking at this is that I don't do very heavy work on the laptop, and it's pig slow running Win7.11:15
psilo23yeah its all over the website, infact if you choose to download ubuntu from the website it will ask you if you want to run it from usb11:15
HfuyI'm not aware there's any particular reason Ubuntu would be faster, but I thought it was worth a try.11:15
ikoniaHfuy: then try it11:16
liyingqiaodeepin1206 have been released11:16
psilo23Hfuy: check pm11:17
HfuyI have.11:17
xrdodrx!pm | psilo2311:17
ubottupsilo23: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.11:17
HfuyWhat are the chances that doing this USB boot thing will damage any information that's already on the laptop's SSD?11:17
ikoniaHfuy: none11:17
ikoniaHfuy: the link gives you pretty much all the info you need11:17
psilo23xrdodrx: i answered him in a PM, because i wanted to give him a non ubuntu url and didnt want to spam urls in here11:18
psilo23js ;)11:18
HfuyI'm just a little concerned that obviously the NTFS filesystem driver has been reverse-engineered and I seem to recall at some point there were some reliability concerns.11:18
xrdodrxa non-ubuntu URL? pretty sure that's not anywhere close to against the rules psilo2311:18
psilo23it was to help him11:18
psilo23but okay i just dont want to spam urls in here11:19
psilo23Hfuy: you can boot in linux from usb safely, dont worry11:19
xrdodrxHfuy: if you're just booting from the disk your SSD will never be touched unless you mount it11:19
Hfuy...which I would have no idea how to do anyway.11:19
ikoniaHfuy: I've given you a link on how to do it11:19
psilo23Hfuy: so you will not hardm the harddisk anyway :D11:19
ikoniaHfuy: is there a reason you are not reading/following that link11:20
Hfuywhat d'you mean, that I'm not?11:20
psilo23ive also given him a link11:20
psilo23Hfuy: was it usefull ?11:20
HfuyDo I have a public VNC session open or something? :)11:20
=== railsraider_ is now known as railsraider
psilo23yeah we are all checking what youre doing11:20
psilo23if you dont mind11:20
* Hfuy glances over his shoulder11:21
BluesKajHey all11:22
psilo23Hey BluesKaj11:22
Hfuy*is* there any reason to assume Ubuntu would be faster?11:22
HfuyAnd I mean reasons beyond "omg linux is teh win" etc.11:22
BluesKajpsilo23, hi11:23
LjLHfuy: not really11:23
psilo23Well i can only tell you my own experience, when i was running windows on my old laptop it was very slow, booting slow, etc11:23
HfuyHmm. Okay.11:23
psilo23Now i run Ubuntu it doesnt even use 50% of the resources11:23
psilo23not even close11:23
psilo23While at windows it would use all the ram, get laggy because it used most cpu etc11:23
HfuyThe reason I ask is that Win7 is obviously using its... well, it isn't a GL compositor, it's a direct3D compositor, but you know what I mean.11:23
HfuyWhereas linux would be doing it all on the CPU.11:24
LjLHfuy: nope11:24
LjLHfuy: Ubuntu uses an OpenGL compositor11:24
psilo23I have to admit that i use Lubuntu, Ubuntu with the LXDE desktop, i dont know how usefull that one would be for you11:24
HfuyBy default?11:24
LjLHfuy: if your card supports it11:24
HfuyHm. When'd they start doing that?11:24
psilo23just beofer you came in the channel11:24
LjLHfuy: a while ago. initially it was Compiz on GNOME 2, now it's Compiz integrated with Unity i believe11:25
HfuyLast time I seriously used Linux was when Red Hat became Fedora Core Whatever in about 2004.11:25
HfuyIt sucked.11:25
HfuyIt was the most painful, unpleasant computing experience I've ever had, so I'm a bit cautious.11:25
LjLHfuy: the only thing is, by default Ubuntu comes with open source drivers for your graphics card, which for a variety of cards may not be the most performant. so when/if it offers you to install proprietary drivers instead, you should take into account the fact they may improve GUI compositing performance11:26
HfuyAh, yes, I did once set up Compiz on an eee-pc. It did eventually work quite well, but again it was pain and suffering to get it that way.11:26
HfuyLjL: Ah. Hmm. How linuxy :/11:26
=== odium is now known as Guest56513
LjLHfuy: well not Linux's fault if card makers can't get convinced to make their drivers open source :\11:27
HfuyI couldn't give half a blade of grass if the drivers are open source or not, I'm not a coder.11:27
LjLHfuy: well other people care, even if they're not coders.11:27
LjLHfuy: at least the option to use the proprietary driver is there and easily accessible11:28
HfuyI should make one thing clear before we go any further: I don't care about open source. Open source is completely and utterly irrelevant to anyone who isn't a professional software engineer, which is so near to everyone that it barely matters.11:28
Hfuythe phrase "you can modify the software yourself" is true only if you have the source code AND you are a software engineer.11:28
HfuyI am not, QED.11:28
LjLHfuy: well this is not the place to debate whether open source is relevant to you or not. but the fact of the matter, whether you and I like it or not, is Ubuntu at least attempts to separate open-source from closed-source components. if you don't like that, use a distro that doesn't do that.11:28
HfuyIf they're making things work less well, or increasing work for lay users because of open source politics, that's stupid.11:29
maplesoftwhat is the package name for java development kit and java runtime enviremnet?11:29
kristenbbhi, i'm back.11:30
LjLHfuy: i disagree, but again this is not the place for that argument. feel free to join #ubuntu-offtopic if you want to discuss it11:30
maplesoft openjdk-7-jre   is jdk or jre?11:31
kristenbbso I still have issues with my system that fills up my hdd. Can someone help me please ?11:31
LjLmaplesoft: jre11:31
HfuyI can't find out what graphics hardware this thing is supposed to have.11:31
maplesoftLjL and what is the jdk package name?11:31
LjLHfuy: if you're already on Ubuntu, "lshw -C display" should tell you11:31
HfuyI'm not.11:31
LjLmaplesoft: openjdk-7-jdk11:31
HfuyApparently, "nvidia ION" describes the entire chipset.11:32
Hfuy"with integrated geforce 9400M G GPU"11:32
maplesoftLjL if i install openjdk-7-jdk . it will install jre automaticall?11:32
HfuyOh, that's a concern: if I use Windows Media Player to play HD videos on this thing, it will use the Ion hardware acceleration. If I use VLC, it won't.11:33
HfuyThis isn't a dealbreaker, but I assume Ubuntu will be entirely unable to use the acceleration?11:33
LjLHfuy: not entirely, see http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1745698 for instance. apparently MPlayer with vdpau can do it11:33
brontosaurusrexHfuy, mplayer can, but due to your behaviour i will not explain how11:33
HfuyI'll take that as a "basically no" then. :)11:34
LjLHfuy: well you just won't be able to do with it VLC (it seems)11:34
HfuyIt's just odd to have a situation where WMP is faster than VLC. It's rare, but it happens!11:34
LjLHfuy: well i'm reading VLC's wiki and it seems there is something for it as well, but from the looks of it it isn't very integrated and easy to use yet http://wiki.videolan.org/VLC_GPU_Decoding#Linux11:36
kristenbbmy hdd gets filled up by my system for no reason. /var/log/kernel.log.1 takes 10 GB. What can I do about it?11:37
HfuyLjL: I think that's the same situation we were in about two years ago.11:37
MattiasHfuy: you need to use your nvidia card to play the videos, using vlc or mplayer11:37
HfuyThere is a check box I believe for it in the Windows version of VLC, but it doesn't work.11:38
LjLHfuy: anyway just to check, you're aware you can get a rough idea how well Ubuntu will work on your system by trying the live CD? of course it'll be slow because it needs to load stuff from a slow medium, but you should be able to test the hardware compatibility and a bit of the performance11:38
ufrgsHello folks!11:39
Troggie[A]hello all. please can you help me. I am running ubuntu server 12.04 but my wlan0 connection is dropping packets11:39
ufrgsHow do I use fdisk command in order to list my disk actual partitions ?11:39
Troggie[A]my wlan0 TX bytes: 860 and it stops there11:39
HfuyLjL: I'll look into it.11:40
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kierenhello everyone11:43
kierenhaving never packaged anything before, what am i getting myself into by trying to update a universe package?11:44
m3gai'm on precise, with dnsmasq being managed by network-manager. how do i force add a hostname -> ip address lookup?11:46
susundbe1gm3ga: i think adding to /etc/hosts would do the trick11:46
susundbe1g(see man hosts)11:47
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m3gasusundbe1g: its already in the hosts file. seems to be ignored.11:47
BluesKajm3ga,  a nameserver ?11:47
susundbe1gmh i remember i had the problem using vnc for our corporate intranet and dns didnt somehow work and i solved it by adding entry to hosts file11:49
susundbe1gm3ga: see also host.conf that seems to define the resolution order11:50
m3gasusundbe1g: weird, 'ping $name' works, 'host $name' doesn't.11:51
kristenbbcan someone help me please regarding my 12.04 system which seems to have a bug in the kernel ?11:51
BluesKajm3ga, you could add it to the /etc/network/interfaces file , /etc/resolv.conf is over written by resolvconf and network manager11:51
susundbe1gm3ga: I am no export on the issue, you need to google or wait for somebody else to tell you why11:51
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manixorHello guys, how can I install an older package, like pidgin 2.7.11?11:55
BlouBloumanixor: why?11:56
jezi22where is the best place to place permanent environment variables and start up commands?11:58
manixorBlouBlou: I think the current version is not supporting Office Communicator, even if I install pidgin-sipe11:58
BlouBloumanixor: I don't think it's a good idea, but you have to add old repos (11.04, 11.10, or whatever it was), and ONLY reinstall pidgin. I think you have to force version so it would downgrade. After it, disable that repo and don't upgrade that packages11:58
manixorBlouBlou: And I rememmber that with an older version was worked.11:59
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loldmadoes anybody knows any way to turn my pc into a dlna player (Device)?12:00
loldmaI have a HTC One X, but it seems I have to buy a dlna certified device to attach it to a tv. But I want it to use for presentations with a projector12:01
jezi22where is the best place to place permanent environment variables and start up commands?12:02
karangaloldma: couldn't you use an HTC Media Link HD?12:03
BluesKajloldma, install a blueray player and a decent pci graphics card12:03
BluesKajerr bluray12:03
karanganot cheap though http://www.htcaccessorystore.com/uk/p_htc_item.aspx?i=229872&phone=22981412:03
denesdoes anyone know a chat room what is used to chat and its topic is ubuntu12:04
BlouBloudenes: #ubuntu-offtopic12:05
BluesKajdenes, you can chat about ubuntu issues here if you need to solve a problem12:05
Troggie[A]hello all. please can you help me. I am running ubuntu server 12.04 but my wlan0 connection is dropping packets12:05
Troggie[A]my wlan0 TX bytes: 860 and it stops there12:05
loldmakaranga: yes, that's the point, its a bit expensive (I got the phone in a plan, that it was cheaper than the medialink), and as far as I know it has only hdmi, which is not compatible with my 5 years old projector12:05
BluesKajloldma, what input does the projector have , dvi , vga ?12:06
jactahttp://pastebin.com/UuDkWNBE <-- does anyone know how to fix?! :/ cant apt-get upgrade12:07
compdocjacta, did you manually install some software?12:08
loldmaBluesKaj: dvi, rca12:08
=== dark3n|off is now known as dark3n
compdocjacta, I mean did you install software from the web without using apt?12:08
K-Labhi all12:09
jactacompdoc: kinda did with a few things :\12:09
boumabazhang: i finished apt-get update, but apt-cache search kbibtex gives nothing12:10
maxvihi everybody\12:10
maxvihi everybody12:10
compdocjacta, its best to install packages from the repositories if possible - its all put together correctly for your version of Ubunut so these things dont happen12:11
jactacompdoc: i know that now :\12:12
boumai have main/universe/restricted/multiverse all selected and update, but there is no kbibtex ?? i dont understand why? was it removed in 11.10 ?12:12
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Hfuywhat's the situation with printing from ubuntu?12:13
compdocjacta, did you do what it says:  You might want to run 'apt-get -f install' to correct these.12:13
HfuyI have a USB-attached Canon ix655012:13
kristenbbcan someone help me please regarding my 12.04 system which seems to have a bug in the kernel ?12:14
Boogeymankristenbb, what kind of bug?12:15
karangaloldma: look at the android app called skifta. They only way I can see a way around your problem is to connect a cheap low powered computer to your projector and stream content from your phone via skifta but this defeats the object and would cost more than the media link I imagine. :o(12:15
Hfuyloldma: I'm a video engineer by trade; can you repeat your question?12:15
kristenbbBoogeyman: it is filling my system parititon for no reason. /var/log/ is a few GB, though it's a desktop edition, with only a few weeks.12:15
kristenbbBoogeyman: kern.log.1 is 10GB.12:16
kristenbbBoogeyman: it's filled with the same message over and over: Valid eCryptfs headers not found in file header region or xattr region, inode [number], Either the lower file is not in a valid eCryptfs format, or the key could not be retrieved. Plaintext passthrough mode is not enabled; returning -EIO12:17
BluesKajloldma, i have an older nvidia graphics card the geforce 7600gt which uses dvi outs , such a card would be what you need for your projectot , and it does a fine job on hidef video. I use an a dvi to hdmi adapter cable to this TV with no loss in performance . Don't know if such asetup is dlna spec'd tho12:17
BluesKaj projectot=projector12:18
HfuyBluesKaj: DVI to HDMI is just a connector pin conversion, there wouldn't be any loss in performance except in certain edge cases.12:18
Boogeymankristenbb, well, thats a bit over my head, lol is it the stock kernel from the repo?12:18
kristenbbBoogeyman: I don't know but it's a 12.04 so can't be that old12:18
boumadoes anyone use kbibtex? i really need to use it, i know its previously been in ubuntu.. was it removed . its not easy to find info on this question. im using 11.1012:19
BluesKajyup Hfuy , aware of that , just confirming to loldma that dvi is hidef12:19
BrotherGA2Hope this is the right place to ask. I'm looking to install Ubuntu for general usage and development, while keeping windows for gaming and other apps. How should I make my decision on whether to use a VM, Wubi, or Partition my HD? Is there a way to switch between these while keeping settings/apps? (I have a non-switchable Nvida GPU, btw)12:19
boumawell i was using a local mirror. im going to set it back to the main site and reupdate and hope the package turns up magically12:20
BluesKajBrotherGA2, non-switchable Nvida GPU ?12:21
SeveasBrotherGA2, migrating settings/apps between ubuntu installs is easy.12:21
BrotherGA2BluesKaj: well, I heard there are issues for Optimus GPUs (I'm on a laptop)12:21
Seveasas to your original question: partitioning your harddisk will give you the fastest ubuntu12:21
Boogeymankristenbb, like i said, thats over my head. if it were me and google wasnt turning up any answers, i'd start a thread in the forums, and if that didnt help, i'd just back up my home folder and reinstall from scratch12:21
BluesKajBrotherGA2, ok , gotcha , altho bumblebee might work12:22
K-Labanyone have experience creating a volume on a msa ?12:22
Sidewinder1BrotherGA2, Stay far, far away from wubi..12:23
BrotherGA2Seveas: Really? If so, then I might start out with a VM, and switch to a partitioned install if I'm disatistied with the performance. Should I expect graphics hardware acceleration work fine in a VM?12:23
SeveasBrotherGA2, "it depends". I've had no luck with it12:23
Boogeymankristenbb, i'm used to helping people who know absolutely nothing about computing, and by knowing where to find the log file, i'm guessing you know as much if not more than i do, lol sorry I cant be of any help12:23
SeveasI'd pick wubi over vm12:23
kristenbbBoogeyman: thanks anyway.12:23
ikoniaSeveas: you surprise me12:24
kristenbbso can someone else maybe help me to figure out why my system uses 100GB even though there's nothing in it?12:24
BrotherGA2Sidewinder1: haha. allright. VM v. Partitioned. But since migrating settings is supposedly easy, I shouldn't have a problem, right?12:24
* Sidewinder1 Is surprised, as well..12:24
BrotherGA2I've had issues with wubi before, but it was a few years ago. I haven't used ubuntu since around 10.0412:25
Nick3one nice thing running a VM versus partitions is the snapshot feature, really nice if you're new to Linux12:25
BoogeymanI recently got my friend, a complete and total, and i really mean toatal, computer noob to install and use wubi12:26
theSurvivorHi, I while apt-get update i accidentally pressed CTRL+Z now it's stoped but it's tempoary unavaliable, what to do?12:26
MonkeyDustwubi is not the most obvious or best way to install ubuntu12:26
MonkeyDusttheSurvivor  type fg 112:26
Sidewinder1BrotherGA2, I have two machines, both with some ver. of Win. and ubuntu; partitioning is the way to go. You will not be able to go from one to another without rebooting but the settings should remain. I'm not intimately familiar with VM as I don't have a lot of RAM..12:26
K-Labanyone have experience creating a volume on a msa ?12:26
BrotherGA2Boogeyman: I've installed it before. It's simple enough, I just ran into problems last time I installed it.12:26
giteshI just had Fun by pressing Ctr+Alt+F1. thanks :D12:26
Boogeymani only have to remote into him a few times to show him where something is, beyond that, it works fine for him, wireless on his laptoip worked out of the box right away12:26
theSurvivorwell, look like it's gone... thanks12:27
BrotherGA2Sidewinder1: I see. Thanks for your suggestions.12:27
Shrawnyanyone here managed to get xmonad working on ubuntu on multiple monitors?12:27
karangainfo coreutils12:27
MonkeyDusttheSurvivor  explain: ctrl-z puts a process to the background fg brings it back to the foreground), 1 is the task number12:27
loldmaBluesKaj: thanks for your reply, I think we misunderstood each other. I have the laptop connected to the projector, its all set up, I just need a dlna digital media player program12:27
Boogeymani installed it for 11.10 on my windows partition just to play with unity and not mess up my main install12:28
Sidewinder1BrotherGA2, My pleasure, and good luck; if you run into any snags, just come back here or search ubuntuforums.org.12:28
theSurvivori use it to stop something when it's un stopable :P12:28
MonkeyDusttheSurvivor  use ctrl-cto that end12:28
MonkeyDusttheSurvivor  use ctrl-c to that end12:28
BluesKajloldma, ah . well a laptop limits your options I'm afraid , unless your GPU is upscale12:29
Boogeymanmedia player or media server program?12:29
loldmaBoogeyman: player.12:30
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loldmaBluesKaj: hm. And what if I have a small computer with strong graphic card?12:30
giteshDoes GUI use their personal Terminal behind scene?12:31
BluesKajloldma, that could work12:31
DeltaHeavyI'm getting random segfaults (ONLY when using Ubuntu on this machine) and I can't scroll up in terminal sometimes regardless of what hotkeys I use12:31
DeltaHeavyWhat's going on here?12:31
sipiorDeltaHeavy: are you using screen?12:33
DeltaHeavysipior: Nope12:34
chroothi, how can i change the font colors in ubuntu server?12:34
mutestormwhy do i always seem to have trouble with libpng14.so.14?12:34
DeltaHeavyJust ran a command with a lot of output to STDOUT and I can't scroll up12:34
theSurvivorWhy is GPG so important? >.<12:35
kishenwho uses linux from ubuntu here12:36
aetoxxCan anyone explain why I as a business user would want to use Ubuntu over Redhat? From what I have seen Redhat is actually documented by professional people and Ubuntu only has "Wiki" pages?12:36
sipiorkishen: i'm guessing most of us.12:36
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kishenhahahaha sorry dude blonde moment.....12:36
DJonesaetoxx: As with redHat, Ubuntu also has paid support systems12:37
theSurvivoraetoxx: hi, ubuntu is mostly by communities so it's just wiki but RedHat tends to be enterprise so they just have people and time to write documents12:37
DeltaHeavyaetoxx: Because Ubuntu is free, but IMO is a terrible choice for a server OS. CentOS meant to be a free RedHat clone12:38
DJonesaetoxx: http://www.ubuntu.com/business/services/overview12:38
=== unrar is now known as unraroFf
theSurvivorubuntu server is better, redhat is hard to use.12:38
LjLaetoxx: well there is also https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/index.html which is official and not-a-wiki12:38
DeltaHeavytheSurvivor: Why would you say that?12:39
DeltaHeavytheSurvivor: I find it quite the opposite when it comes to server things12:39
LjLlet's not go over what is "better" please, it's not the right place for that12:39
sipiorDeltaHeavy: theSurvivor: take it to #ubuntu-offtopic.12:39
kishenis ruby hard to understand?12:39
DeltaHeavySo anybody know why random screens will become unscrollable?12:39
TBarthDebian for server, Ubuntu for desktops ;-)12:39
LjLkishen: ask #ruby :)12:40
kishenLjL thanx :)12:40
sipiorDeltaHeavy: difficult to say without more information. can you still type in those windows?12:40
aetoxxDJones, I am not so much interested in talking to someone on the phone as I am to quality documentation, which is what Redhat provides. Perhaps Ubuntu does that too in a non public place, but I have never seen it.12:40
tkinghi community! am using compiz but the rotate desktop will not rotate if a window is fully maximized is that the way it should work?12:40
DeltaHeavysipior: Yes, just can't scroll until I close it down and open it up again.12:40
Aure_Gosh, been a while since I've used IRC12:40
sipiorDeltaHeavy: this is gnome-teminal?12:41
DeltaHeavysipior: Yes12:41
chroothi, how can i change the font colors in ubuntu server?12:41
Aure_sudo rm -rf *12:41
Aure_no don't do that12:41
cfhowlettAure_, not even a LITTLE bit funny.  Stop it.12:41
wagnerhi, I have a new keyboard and I can't use the at sign on ubuntu, how can I set a different key combination for it?12:41
ubottuDO NOT RUN THAT COMMAND! That particular command is DANGEROUS and shouldn't be uttered here. REST OF YOU: DANGER, WILL ROBINSON, DANGER! Do not use the command or utter it here thank you!12:42
loldmaBluesKaj: and what program would be good for me?12:42
LjLCALC: "CALC"?12:42
ubottuPLEASE DON'T SHOUT! We can read lowercase too.12:42
LjLCALC: please drop the caps. what is "calc"?12:42
nicholas_sudo apt-get install call12:42
nicholas_sudo apt-get install calc12:42
LjLnicholas_: there is no such package12:42
CALCwoah whats sudo mean12:42
LjL!sudo > CALC12:43
ubottuCALC, please see my private message12:43
Aure_Is there some documentation about troubleshooting bluetooth somewhere? It works on 12.04 but doesn't on 11.10 on my laptop, and I want to poke around with it. Any help appreciated.12:43
CALCits asking me for a password12:43
LjLCALC: that would be your user's password.12:43
Piciwii CALC12:43
nicholas_sudo apt-get install gcalctool12:43
sipiorDeltaHeavy: sorry, did you mention the ubuntu version? if so, i missed it.12:43
CALChow many calcs are there12:43
wagnerAure_: I am using a bluetooth keyboard on 11.1012:43
DeltaHeavysipior: 11.1012:44
LjLCALC: do you mean calculators? please make a better effort at making yourself understood, if you can12:44
CALChow many calcs are there12:44
Sathisham having rouble12:44
BluesKajloldma, I use VLC ..it plays most video codecs and audio can be setup for digital output for Dolby Digital and DTS etc into audio amps with those capabilities12:44
nicholas_sudo apt-get install gcalctool12:44
Sathishin setting up12:44
sipiorDeltaHeavy: is the problem reproducible reliably?12:44
nicholas_CALC: sudo apt-get install gcalctool12:44
Sathisha wireless network12:44
DeltaHeavysipior: Nope, happens randomly12:44
LjLCALC: qalculate, speedcrunch, xcalc  —  GNOME: qalculate-gtk, gcalctool, rcalc, gnome-genius  —  KDE: qalculate-kde, abakus, kcalc, kalgebra  —  console: bc, qalc, concalc, orpie12:44
Sathishcan anyone help12:44
DeltaHeavyAlong with random segfaults12:44
LjLCALC: these are all calculators12:44
CALCwhat one is best12:44
LjL!best | CALC12:44
ubottuCALC: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.12:44
Aure_wagner: Cool. This laptop has an internal BT adapter. I believe it's broadcom. BT preferences window is stuck on BT Disabled. I don't believe it is disabled via hardware switch.12:45
sipiorDeltaHeavy: well, those may be related. which programs are segfaulting?12:45
nicholas_CALC: use google, for example: 3+5 =12:45
DeltaHeavysipior: Maybe12:45
CALCnicholas_ please i use more complex algorithms then that12:45
DeltaHeavysipior: I'd think so TBH. Although CentOS ran FLAWLESSLY for MONTHS prior to my boss making me install Ubuntu over it12:45
wagnerAure_: oh, ok, can12:45
CALCwhat do u think i am stupid12:45
DeltaHeavySo I don't think it's a hardware issue12:45
wagnerAure_: can't help you with that, I use a bt dongle12:46
DeltaHeavyI had these problems since install12:46
LjLCALC: if you need complex stuff but not so complex it requires a CAS, try one of the flavors of Qalculate.12:46
DeltaHeavyI came here a few times but nobody could help me. Everytime I rage at it I see if there's anybody who can help me here12:46
nicholas_CALC: use mathlab12:46
Aure_It looks like the system is not detecting my internal Bluetooth adapter. Does anyone know how I might be able to check whether this is the case?12:46
LjLnicholas_: you're not being particularly helpful, you know12:46
CALCyea nicholas_12:46
CALCkeep your comments to yourself unless you know what you're talking about CALC12:47
tkinghi community! am using compiz but the rotate desktop will not rotate if a window is fully maximized is that the way it should work?12:47
LjLCALC: yourself, try to be a little more forthcoming and expain what you need instead of "i need calc". one cannot guess what is it exactly that you need unless you specify.12:47
Aure_Some people use the Libre/Openoffice spreadsheet app as a calc+notepad12:47
nicholas_sorry dudes) i'm from Ukraine, and sometimes i not understanding your message)12:48
CALCokay i haev CALC, can anyone tell me how to use bash now?12:48
dbontking: try ctrl + alt + arrow left/right12:48
CALCanyone can google for me?12:49
zixxyCALC, http://linuxcommand.org/  has a pretty good bash guide, there's also #bash12:49
CALCcant u just tell me12:49
=== altair is now known as Guest72322
sipiorCALC: if you're genuinely interested in good answers, you might put some effort into coming up with good questions.12:50
sipiorCALC: but i'm guessing that's not actually true.12:50
CALCthats mean DH12:51
tkingdbon it just switch  from windows to windows it doesn't rotate, but if i minimize all windows i can use the mouse to Button1 to drag and rotate, but this doesn't work when i hv a window fully maximized in the workspace am using at the moment12:51
CALCim trying these lazy guys are just not helping12:51
aetoxxDeltaHeavy, Ubuntu's serverguide seems a bad intern job when compared to RedHat.12:51
sipiorCALC: speaking of lazy...12:51
aetoxxDeltaHeavy, and I don't think RedHat's are even that good.12:52
DJonesCALC: Calling people who are trying to help you lazy isn't a good way of getting help12:52
garplyHello. How do I create a DNS SRV record? I googled but didn't find anything that helped me.12:52
dbontking because your mouse hast to be over the desktop to rotate the cube12:52
CALCthis ubuntu thing is worse then windows12:52
CALCthey help me there12:52
cfhowlett...annnnnnnd he's gone.12:52
tkingdbon hmm ok12:53
tyler_dI love it when people simply "pop on" with no question but a quip of a critisism with no valid effort12:53
tyler_dreally makes me love people12:53
DeltaHeavyaetoxx: Pretty much. IMO I'd only reccommend Ubuntu to desktop users who don't know *NIX systems.12:53
DeltaHeavyANd don't want to learn *NIX12:53
aetoxxDeltaHeavy, so, what do you recommend to smartasses?12:54
DeltaHeavyAnd at this point I don't even know. I'm wondering if I'm unlucky as hell or if Ubuntu 11.10 has some serious stability issues12:54
tyler_dDeltaHeavy, I don't recommend anything. I tell people whatever they are using is the best solution out there12:54
DeltaHeavyaetoxx: For what purpose?12:54
aetoxxDeltaHeavy, server and desktop.12:54
tyler_daeplus, whatever you are using now is perfect12:54
sipiortyler_d: interesting strategy. i like it.12:55
medicinemani've been pretty solid user of 10.04, but 12.04 xubuntu is awesome12:55
medicinemanno unity12:55
aetoxxI think there is no real difference between most systems.12:55
aetoxxI can make Windows looks like Linux if I wanted.12:55
aetoxxAndLinux, anyone?12:55
tyler_dbut that's such an open statement aetoxx12:55
DeltaHeavyaetoxx: For somebody framiliar with *NIX, CentOS for both although there are a lot of good options for both. For Desktop for people who don't know *NIX I'm not 100% sure but probably SuSe or something. I'd reccommend Ubuntu usually but I don't know anymore TBH, not trying to start an argument12:55
aetoxxDeltaHeavy, yeah, well, I think Ubuntu is fine.12:56
bazhang!ot | DeltaHeavy aetoxx12:56
ubottuDeltaHeavy aetoxx: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!12:56
DeltaHeavyaetoxx: The way something looks and the way something functions is totally diffeerent. If you think there's not much of a difference I"d assume you're very unknowlegable about the subject.12:56
aetoxxIt's just that I don't see the 'added value' that businesses would obtain.12:56
medicinemanArchLinux = win12:57
bazhangDeltaHeavy, aetoxx thats enough12:57
tyler_dcompletely inaccurate and vague... but sure, good for you12:58
tyler_dp.s. I love getting booted off the interwebs at random12:58
aetoxxOk, I get it now: you get a Knowledge Base.12:58
aetoxxSo, basically providing good documentation would eat into the Ubuntu business model.12:59
ikoniaaetoxx: documentation is provided on https://help.ubuntu.com and https://wiki.ubuntu.com12:59
aetoxxWell, that certainly explains a few things.12:59
aetoxxikonia, low-quality documentation.12:59
ikoniaaetoxx: then don't use it, or ammend it yourself, it's a public wiki12:59
aetoxxikonia, what would 'the knowledge base' then be for?12:59
sipioraetoxx: if you're looking to throw rocks through windows, do it in #ubuntu-offtopic.12:59
aetoxxikonia, are you saying that the quality is the same?13:00
ikoniaaetoxx: I don't know what knowledge base your referencing, do you have an ubuntu question you need the answer to13:00
aetoxxikonia, http://www.ubuntu.com/business/server/services13:00
ikoniaaetoxx: please show me an example of the bad documentation you are referencing13:00
aetoxxikonia, the one mentioned there.13:00
aetoxxikonia, the serverguide pdf is quite bad.13:00
ikoniaaetoxx: any section that is incorrect ?13:00
cfhowlettgoldsteam, greetings.13:00
aetoxxikonia, no professional person touched that document.13:00
Myrtti#ubuntu-offtopic or #ubuntu-discuss please13:01
ikoniaaetoxx: please suggest a section that is incorrect13:01
aetoxxikonia, it didn't even went past the graphics department.13:01
aetoxxikonia, not so much incorrect, more useless.13:01
aetoxxikonia, I wanted to find something and it suffices to say it wasn't there.13:01
goldsteami installed the new server version on a hp proliant and now it boots with highres and the screen is moved to the left and can't modify that over the monitor settings the screen is far to left13:01
ikoniaaetoxx: what are you looking for, perhaps I can tell you the answer13:01
goldsteamwhat should i do?13:01
aetoxxikonia, and Redhat did have extensive documentation on the topic.13:01
wcchandleranybody have suggestions for rss readers for notify/indicator and unity on 12.04?  rss-aware and feedindicator look dead13:02
aetoxxikonia, no, I will stop wasting my time for now.13:02
ikoniaaetoxx: what where you looking for13:02
goldsteamI'm speaking about the console screen13:02
aetoxxikonia, I will just use Redhat's documentation on Ubuntu.13:02
ikoniaaetoxx: what where you looking for13:02
Myrttiaetoxx, ikonia: #ubuntu-offtopic or #ubuntu-discuss please13:02
DeltaHeavyaetoxx: You have no idea what you're talking about so don't be so critical of others please. And I hightly suggest not doing that since they're DIFFERENT systems with files in different places and different configurations all together.13:02
aetoxxDeltaHeavy, I have used Redhat too.13:03
MonkeyDustplease guys, take that discussion to #ubuntu-offtopic13:03
aetoxxDeltaHeavy, as such, you are the person who doesn't know what I am talking about. Make your stupid inferences somewhere else.13:03
SomelauwDoes anyone know what the process whoopsie by a user whoopsie does?13:04
_ruben!info whoopsie13:05
ubottuwhoopsie (source: whoopsie-daisy): Ubuntu crash database submission daemon. In component main, is optional. Version 0.1.32 (precise), package size 25 kB, installed size 107 kB13:05
maplesofti have apache2 installed . how do i get tomcat. package name?13:06
MonkeyDustSomelauw  in a terminal, type apt-cache show whoopsie13:06
Picimaplesoft: tomcat613:06
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maplesoftPici 7 would be fine too?13:07
Picimaplesoft: yes. see apt-cache search tomcat13:07
maplesoftPici thx13:09
maplesoftPici do i need to configure it or it will auto integrate with apache and my www folder13:12
Picimaplesoft: not sure, you may want to see what the server guide says: https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/serverguide/tomcat.html13:13
pawanwired network not managed13:13
pepiiicomo te llamas?¿?¿13:14
pepiiiyo pepiii13:14
Pici!es | pepiii13:14
ubottupepiii: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro.13:14
pepiiiporuqe te vas??¿?¿13:14
pepiiino te vayas13:14
pepiiime cachis13:14
pepiiii love hee13:14
FloodBot1pepiii: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.13:14
Picipepiii: This is for Ubuntu support only.13:15
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maplesoftPici thx13:18
gratciAZ12.04  LTS trouble Driver Radeon 4250.. help13:19
giteshhow do i change my Login Screen?13:21
heligolandCan someone help me get my USB wifi adpapter (belkin 75d7050) recognized?13:21
heligolandCan someone help me get my USB wifi adpapter (belkin 75d7050) recognized?13:23
ellipticalhello everyone13:23
ellipticalI am xinlaide13:24
gratciAZ12.04 LTS trouble Driver Radeon 4250.. help please..13:24
ellipticalso many people13:25
MonkeyDustheligoland  does lsusb show it?13:25
cfhowlettelliptical, greetings13:25
heligolandMonkeyDust, not at freaking all13:25
MonkeyDustheligoland  does lsusb show anything at all?13:25
heligolandMonkeyDust, it's been 2 days and I've been using my iphone for freaking work..it's mental. right now i'm on someone else's computer13:25
heligolandMonkeyDust, yeah it shows everything else...13:26
mrichThe Desktop background on my multimonitor setup doesn't look right in my Gnome 3.4 (on ubuntu).  Where am I going wrong? Is there a Gnome specific way to set the background?13:26
MonkeyDustheligoland  sounds like a hardware issue then, maybe the adapter is malfunctioning13:26
heligolandheligoland, nah i got it to work randomly but i don't even remember how i did it. when i shut down and rebooted it went away13:27
heligolandMonkeyDust, the thing does work.13:28
MonkeyDustheligoland  how can you tell?13:28
heligolandMonkeyDust, i got it to work before, but it stopped working after i rebooted13:28
heligolandMonkeyDust, and i tried doing what i did before and it's not working out again13:28
MonkeyDustheligoland  have you tried it on some other machine?13:29
karangaheligoland: have you confirmed it works on another machine to rule out a physical issue?13:29
cfhowlettmrich: greetings13:30
mrichcfhowlett: hello13:30
cfhowlettmrich: what version of ubunt?13:30
heligolandkaranga, i can't get it to work anywhere right now13:30
digital22hi can someone help me get my alfa card working?13:30
mrichcfhowlett: 12.0413:30
cfhowlettmrich: looks wrong means?  perhaps a screenshot?13:31
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karangaI would be looking at a faulty adapter in that case. Are there any other adapters you could borrow for 5 minutes to test on your machine?13:32
PrivateReesehey guys does somebody know how to keep the system language english but switch to german keyboard and  regional formats in xubuntu?13:32
cfhowlettPrivateReese: lemme look.  I've got xubuntu 12.0413:33
cfhowlettPrivateReese: OK, I'm looking at the keyboard Layout settings and changes are greyed out.  You probably have to be root.  Then it appears you can add a Layout variant, e.g. german.13:35
mrichcfhowlett: ok here's a screenshot.  I'm using 2 monitors, the left monitor is smaller than the right monitor which you can see from the screenshot.  The problem is on the right monitor where the rectangle section is missing.  http://snag.gy/0mE9I.jpg13:35
MonkeyDustPrivateReese  type !locale for basic instructions, see if it's useful13:36
mrichcfhowlett: this happens with all background images and solid colours.13:36
BWorldHi there, is a special setup needed if I want to connect 3 monitors, I am having 2 monitors on my non-onboard (dont know the exact name right now) and 1 over VGA via my onboard but the screen over VGA doesn't receive a signal13:37
cfhowlettmrich: so no menus bars, right?13:37
kristenbbso can someone else maybe help me to figure out why my system uses 100GB even though there's nothing in it?13:37
BWorldAt home I have 4 screens connected and using both videocards without a problem .. not tested on ubuntu yet but windows does not have any trouble13:38
auronandacekristenbb: what does: df -h say?13:38
kristenbbauronandace: 93% used for /13:38
auronandacekristenbb: how big is /13:39
kristenbbauronandace: size 77G, used 68 G, available 5.8G, and decreasing almost by the minute.13:39
kristenbbkristenbb: it was 89% this morning.13:39
MonkeyDustkristenbb  make sure you don't have too many / obsolete kernels installed13:39
kristenbbMonkeyDust: it's 12.04, so I doubt it.13:39
kristenbband it's increasing for no reason. /var/log/kernel.log.1 is 10GB13:40
MonkeyDustkristenbb  77GB for /13:40
sipiorkristenbb: i suspect the reason is contained in that file.13:40
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kristenbbsipior: one of them is, yes. But I've already looked into it so I'd like the discussion to head another way. I found out that what was in kernel.log was only filling due to a bug in the encrypted file system of /home, that occurs when the system is filled. But we're going in circles. I'd like to know why it was filled in the first place.13:42
kubancis there any google drive client for ubuntu?13:42
auronandacekristenbb: what have you installed?13:44
kristenbbnothing much.13:44
auronandacekristenbb: anything big?13:44
kristenbbauronandace: no13:44
sipiorkristenbb: you asked about why your root filesystem was filling up. if you already knew the answer, i'm not sure why you would decide to waste our time.13:45
auronandacekristenbb: not using any vms?13:45
sipiorkristenbb: does "sudo apt-get clean" help?13:45
Flavio__hello, I have a problem using g++ 4.7, I installed it following this guide: http://askubuntu.com/questions/113291/installing-gcc-4-713:47
kristenbbsipior: well something else must be filling it too, because otherwise it wouldn't have filled and triggered the bug.13:47
auronandaceFlavio__: contact the ppa maintainer13:47
sipiorkristenbb: but now you're talking about /home, yes?13:47
auronandacekristenbb: not using any vms?13:48
sipiorkristenbb: are these not separate partitions on your system?13:48
kristenbbauronandace: no13:48
kristenbbsipior: no13:48
auronandacekristenbb: downloading any torrents?13:48
kristenbbsipior: / and /home and in the same partition.13:48
kristenbbauronandace: no13:48
Flavio__auronandace: do you know any other repository for gcc?13:48
sipiorkristenbb: does "sudo apt-get clean" release any space?13:49
auronandacekristenbb: i can't think of much that can take up that amount of space13:49
auronandacekristenbb: unless you put it there13:49
kristenbbsipior: it doesn't display any output13:49
kristenbbauronandace: I didn't.13:49
sipiorkristenbb: it won't.13:49
auronandaceFlavio__: no sorry13:49
PrinzPfeifiwhere are the icons hided in ubuntu i want to change some folders icons?13:49
cfhowlettkristenbb: 10 gigs is kinda small for your /home AND your / to live in ...13:50
=== Lupinedk is now known as lupinedk
kristenbbcfhowlett: it's not 10, i'ts 77. the 10G you're referrring to is probably from when I said that the file kern.log alone was 10G big.13:50
PrinzPfeifisomebody knows where the premade icons in ubuntu are located?13:51
cfhowlettkristenbb: ah.  my misunderstanding.  sorry.13:51
kristenbbhow can I check what is using my space in /home  from command line?13:52
ikoniakristenbb: du -h /home13:52
Nick3@PrinzPfeifi: Maybe in /usr/share/icons ?13:52
PrinzPfeifiyeah got them already thanks a lot =)13:53
kristenbbikonia: it says that . accounts for 58G13:53
sipiorkristenbb: you say that the kernel.log is 10G because of a bug triggered when your /home was full. but if those are the same partition, how did you have room for a 10G file when the filesystem was full?13:53
kristenbbwhat does it mean?13:53
ikoniakristenbb: there you go then13:53
Nick3@PP thank Google? ;-)13:53
ikoniakristenbb: there is 58GB of data in /home13:53
kristenbbthere is not.13:53
Qualiahey, how can I capture a text from man file between two regexes ?13:54
=== jkeiper_ is now known as jkeiper
MonkeyDustkristenbb  maybe in hidden files13:54
MonkeyDustkristenbb  maybe in hidden files / folders13:54
kristenbbis it stupid enough to count links as part of the file system ?13:54
ikoniakristenbb: du -h /home shows you a summary of each directory13:54
ikoniakristenbb: you can see where space is13:54
kristenbbikonia: as I said, du -h /home doesn't say anything interesting, except the last line, that says 58 G .13:55
ikoniakristenbb: yes it does, re-read it13:55
Picikristenbb: adding --max-depth=1 might make it more useful.13:55
LambdaDuskhi, I am trying to develop some graphics app, and somehow I get errors when trying to open a window with GLFW and GLUT... GLFW tells me nothing, but GLUT says something about a framebuffer missing13:56
MonkeyDustkristenbb  pipe it to pastebinit and paste the url here in the channel13:56
cfhowlettLambdaDusk: see @ubuntu-devel13:56
kristenbbwait I don't understand, isn't du -h supposed to show me what each of the directories contain ? I mean, if it was in a hidden directory inside /home, then the output would not say 58G ., would it?13:56
LambdaDuskcfhowlett: Thought that was for people who developed ubuntu itself?13:57
kristenbbMonkeyDust: sure. May I add --max-depth ? It will shorten the length a lot13:57
cfhowlettLambdaDusk: right.  just thought they might be generally more knowledgeable.  sorry if misdirected13:57
LambdaDuskcfhowlett: I'll try it.13:58
mockerhow install xfce4.10 in ubuntu10.0413:58
auronandacemocker: you don't if you still want support13:58
maplesoft I cant run a .jsp or .war     by tomcate.  i have mady /user/www as my apache dir for php and html files and place .jar and .war in that too.      https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/serverguide/tomcat.html#tomcat-configuration       i cant get help from httpd or tomcat channels13:59
mockerwho knows13:59
Picimocker: have you asked in #xubuntu ?14:00
kristenbbMonkeyDust: http://pastebin.com/KA6eb5kP14:00
MonkeyDustkristenbb  and with a different maxdepth, 2 or 3 or so, or without it?14:02
Picikristenbb: It looks like you have 58gb of file sitting right in ~/14:02
kristenbbMonkeyDust: it's just the same, everything but the mysterious "." is peanuts14:03
kristenbbPici: yet I don't.14:03
kristenbbPici: ls -ah would show it.14:03
Picikristenbb: Anything fishy at the bottom of: ls -lhSr ~/   ?14:04
MonkeyDustkristenbb  type this command find / -size +1G -exec ls -l {} \;14:05
MonkeyDustkristenbb  type this command find ~ -size +1G -exec ls -l {} \;14:05
kristenbbit shows /home/kristen/.xsession-errors and .xsession-errors.old14:06
kristenbbmaybe we're getting somewhere14:06
MonkeyDustkristenbb  pastebinit :)14:06
kristenbbyeah ll -h .xession-errors shows 22G14:07
kristenbbwhere is this file coming from and why is it not displayed if I just type ll ?14:07
kristenbbthis is crazy, it looks like this file appears from nowhere. I tried it again and now it is shown in ll of ~, but it wasn't a few minutes ago14:08
kristenbbwhat is that file ?14:08
compdoca backup file14:08
kristenbbMonkeyDust: what do you want me to paste ?14:08
compdocmade by gedit14:08
MonkeyDustkristenbb  the outcome if that find command14:08
compdoctheyre supposed to be invisible14:09
kristenbbMonkeyDust: the outcome is just what I said. 2 files, of size 23G and 34G, .xsession-errors and .xsession-errors.old14:10
Picicompdoc: kristenbb is taling about ~/ not files with ~ on them.14:10
kristenbbso what are these files?14:11
TBarthThey are logfiles for graphical errors14:11
kristenbbthe fact that it contains the word 'session' and 'error' seem scary14:11
MonkeyDustkristenbb  are you not able to delete the files?14:11
kristenbbI don't know, should I try to ?14:11
TBarthecho "" > /home/kristen/.xsession-errors14:12
MonkeyDustkristenbb  gess they're just log files14:12
kristenbbbut they're highly anormal14:12
loren12345does anybody know of  a software that can switch my 22 inch screen to look like 10 inch?14:12
kristenbbmaybe I should try to understand what's in them before deleting them14:12
loren12345or how to google that>?14:12
TBarthI also have got theses files with many gtk errors, but only a few bytes sized14:12
loren12345I'd like to see what my working desktop would look like on 10 inch14:13
auronandacekristenbb: the fact that you are losing space so those files are getting bigger means you must be experiencing some graphics/session problems14:13
XiRoNIs there a command that can Delete a user and the home directory for it14:14
kristenbbI am not experiencing anything that is impairing my normal usage (except for the lack of space)14:14
kristenbbI have no graphics/session problems as far as I can tell14:14
TBarthkristenbb, delete the content with echo "" > /home/kristen/.xsession-errors and then open it with tail to watch what causes the errors14:14
auronandaceTBarth +114:15
kristenbbTBarth: I don't understand, what am I supposed to open if I just deleted them ?14:15
heligolandMonkeyDust, just bought a dlink pico n150 and now it's picking up the networks but it doesn't connect14:15
heligolandMonkeyDust, like, i literally just got back from the store14:15
auronandacekristenbb: it gets written to, which is why its getting bigger and you're losing space14:16
MonkeyDustheligoland  it picks up a signal, that's something, now configure it to make it connect14:16
heligolandMonkeyDust, i put in the right password but it keeps trying over and over14:16
kristenbbwell in any case I would rather not delete these logs until I understand what's in them, maybe it's my only shot at understanding what's wrong. logs are meant for something.14:16
MonkeyDustheligoland  password or WPA key?14:17
kristenbbI moved them to another disk14:17
untuxhow can I check out required dependencies of configure files? currently I am running my configure script until it fails, I install dependency and start over... there must be a better way doing this!14:17
kristenbbHow could I try to analyze them now, to see what's in it and what's wrong allegdly wrong with session/graphics?14:17
auronandacekristenbb: do what TBarth suggests, blank the file then tail it and see what is causing the errors14:17
MonkeyDustkristenbb  type df -h14:17
heligolandMonkeyDust, WPA14:18
karangakristenbb: this appears to be the issue you are experiencing http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1517991&page=114:18
kristenbbkaranga: yes. appending it to /dev/null is only a work around, but I didn't see any solution.14:19
MonkeyDustheligoland  type !wifi for instructions, it's more complete than my personal knowledge or experience14:19
ubottuWireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs14:19
Guest57891how do i copy all files form folderA into folderB and overwrite conflicts?14:21
Taymoncp -f folderA/* folderB14:22
karangakristenbb: it must be a bug of sorts as the location of .xsession-errors has been moved to /tmp in 12.04 - looks like trying to remove the file with rm isn't a good idea, see post 1214:22
jactaif i have ~500 gb harddirve - what would be a good partition?14:22
jactaany faq's on that?14:22
Guest57891taymon, thanks.14:22
stef1ahow do i use a local program to access remote files through an ssh in bash?14:22
stef1ai.e., i have gedit installed locally, and when ssh'd, if i try to gedit a file, it says "gedit not installed"14:23
stef1ab/c gedit isn't on the remote machine14:23
BluesKajjacta, depends what you intend to do14:23
kristenbbkaranga: hmmm. What I did instead was mv file [other_disk]. Is that okay ?14:23
MonkeyDuststef1a  i'm not sure if it's possible with ssh, but you can use nfs to mount a remote device locally14:23
daoisHi, I'm trying to play quake, and I'm trying to run it on a different X session (ctfl+alt+f5), and I'm running into several problems. If I go to tty5 and issue "xinit /home/qlprism/qlprism.sh -- :1", I get the app but it doesn't have nor sound, nor maximize/minimize/close bar on top, which means I'm just running X with basic defaults I guess. The other thing is that as soon as I do ctfl+alt+f7 to go back to my original X session, if I want to return, I have t14:23
daoiso redo the whole process again because tty5 goes to terminal mode. What approaches should I be taking here?14:23
jactaBluesKaj: maybe /home in a partition for it self - and maybe some swap?14:23
auronandacestef1a: what's wrong with nano?14:24
brontosaurusrexstef1a, either a. sshfs b. mount ssh with nautilus c. use filezilla or some other similar client14:24
stef1aauronandace: it doesn't suit me14:24
brontosaurusrexstef1a, iam sure there is more options14:24
karangaI'm no expert but I would move it back and use the truncate command the poster suggests. That will free up some space in the meantime and you can research this a little more in the meantime.14:24
brontosaurusrexstef1a, b. is probably the easiest14:25
MonkeyDuststef1a  mount the remote device on your local machine and edit from there, as if it were a loval folder14:25
Guest57891Taymon, i dotn want to confirm each time a conflcit comes out, how do i overwrite by default?14:25
kristenbbkaranga: well in any case the space was freed with the mv command, so does that mean the warning does not apply ? Was the warning only concerning the problem of it not being freed by rm ?14:25
brontosaurusrexGuest57891, man cp says something?14:26
TaymonI thought that's what -f does.14:26
Guest57891brontosaurusrex, nothing obvious on cp --help14:26
Guest57891Taymon, its asking me for each conflict14:26
MonkeyDustkristenbb  problem solved?14:27
kristenbbMonkeyDust: no14:27
kubancis there any ubuntu google drive client?14:27
kristenbbMonkeyDust: but one symptom of it has probably been solved, yes.14:27
TaymonGuest57891, try yes | cp -f folderA/* folderB14:28
brontosaurusrexyeah -f is probably the magic switch14:28
MonkeyDustkubanc  starte here http://www.dailytut.com/linux/google-drive-ubuntu.html14:28
kristenbbMonkeyDust: I still don't know why the file ~/.xsession-errors and .xsession-errors.old would take more than 20G after just a few weeks.14:29
MonkeyDustkubanc  it's a ppa, so officially not supported14:29
BluesKajjacta, what about a / partition for the OS , then if the OS gets corrupted a new install is possible without any data loss.14:29
MonkeyDustkristenbb  but technically, problem solved?14:29
karangakristenbb: I would reboot and monitor if the moved .xsession* file grows or if it is recreated in /home.14:29
auronandacekristenbb: you haven't read it to find out?14:30
wh0empahHi! Question14:30
kristenbbMonkeyDust: well my main problem was that the system kept growing in size for no reason, and since I didn't do anything to change that,  I doubt my problem is solved. I just freed some space.14:30
wh0empahI have 3500 dpi mouse, how do I make it go slower? (Sensitivity that is) :D14:31
kristenbbauronandace: how would I read it?14:31
auronandacewh0empah: change the mouse settings14:31
ZwieferlHi@all :-)14:31
auronandacekristenbb: tail -f nameoffile14:32
wh0empahsensitivity slider is already at it's lowest :(14:32
MonkeyDustwh0empah  system settings, mouse and touchpad, pointer speed14:32
wh0empahI think I need to change some xorg settings manually?14:32
TBarthtail -n 100 -f file to get more than 10 lines :)14:32
kristenbbauronandace: I have not a clue what this log means, would you like me to pastebin it ?14:33
karangakristenbb: maybe install and monitor iotop to see if you can highlight a process that is generating more i/o than it should?14:33
kristenbbTBarth: I will.14:33
ZwieferlProblem: any screenshot done with ALT+Druck is mirrorsided wrong. :-( Any possible reasons, why?14:34
ZiberSo I have dual monitors working with ubuntu. But I tried connecting to a projector and did mirror, and then my laptop screen goes black and I had to restart. Any ideas why?14:34
maplesoftthe mysite.com:8080/index.jsp starts downloading . not executing.   so tomcat is not running. but it it is running and thats why i can see index.html on port 8080      ( mysite.com:8080 )  . what is happening?14:34
auronandacekristenbb: post it, someone should know (i'm probably not smart enough)14:34
kristenbbI just noticed it comes from a very peculiar package I'm probably the only one using...14:35
MonkeyDustkristenbb  'hotbabe'?14:35
TBarthkristenbb, in the first field of each line there should the name of the process and the process id14:35
kristenbbMonkeyDust: almost :p14:35
kristenbbcould I not parse that file, and display the lines that appear the most often ?14:36
=== BotaniCar is now known as OshoSamDoma
ZiberSo, mirror display issue in 12.04? Anyone have any ideas?14:38
goldsteamwho's good with the server edition14:40
Zwieferlscreenshot of whole screen works14:40
goldsteami have a problem that the server console always switches to a resolution which does not work right14:40
zebDiseasussorry goldsteam, i'm useless with that.14:40
Zwieferlwith Windows7 on the same machine screenshots are ok - both!14:40
goldsteami tryed to edit grub conf14:40
goldsteambut didt help14:40
ZwieferlHas anybody idea how I can see what really happens pressing ALT+PrtScr ?14:42
gRAVITy_I just "installed" sphinx. i dont know how to use it to dictate notes. can anyone help?14:42
gRAVITy_This is teh guide i used to install http://shreyagarwal.blog.com/2010/08/19/cmu-sphinx-installation/14:43
ZiberProjector not working with 12.04, anyone?14:43
* maplesoft waits14:44
PicigRAVITy_: Thats not something that we can really support here. Check their support page at http://cmusphinx.sourceforge.net/wiki/communicate/ or their IRC cahnnel at #cmusphinx14:44
gRAVITy_Pici: I tried their IRC :). I usually find better response here14:45
PicigRAVITy_: We don't have anything to do with that project though.14:45
zaspireGrey1: ping14:46
gRAVITy_Pici: Ya. thanks for the help. I knew it wasa long shot but by any chance if someone fiddled with it14:46
gRAVITy_i would have got some help :)14:46
AdvoWorkI've just done postconf | grep hostname and can see: myhostname = server.office.domainname.co.uk and smtp_helo_name = $myhostname. Do these have to match? Could I set smtp_helo_name to be mail.maindomain.com instead?14:48
__gillesnot very familiar with ubuntu specifically14:48
zaspireGrey2: hey14:48
__gillesare the packages synched with debian ?14:48
auronandace__gilles: ubuntu maintains its own repos14:49
__gilleslet me rephrase: if someome ports a software to debian, will it be available ultimately on ubuntu ?14:49
Pici__gilles: We sync from debian before each release. The repositorys are 'static' after a release has been made though.14:49
=== JoFo_ is now known as JoFo
__gillesso then the software would be available at next release if it were made available by debian during this release ?14:49
__gilles(curious about the process)14:49
=== tim_ is now known as backup_plan
ubottuThe packaging guide is at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment/NewPackages for information on getting a package integrated into Ubuntu - Other developer resources are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment - See also !backports and !sponsoring14:50
mrichI'm using 2 monitors, the left is smaller than the right, and my desktop looks like this : http://snag.gy/0mE9I.jpg   The issue is that on the right bigger monitor there is a block at the bottom where there is no background.  This happens with all images.  Anyone know of  a way around it?  I'm using Gnome 3.4 on Ubuntu 12.04.14:50
__gillesok nice, first sentence on the NewPackages page answers my question14:50
Pici__gilles: As far as we haven't passed the last sync from debian for QQ, yes.14:50
__gillesthanks a lot14:50
__gillesyou work for ubuntu ?14:50
Pici__gilles: Nope, just a volunteer.14:51
__gilles'kie dokie ;)14:51
__gillesthanks for your answers, i'm back to idle and work14:51
=== unraroFf is now known as unrar
ZwieferlI ask again: why does ALT+PrtScr produce mirror-inverted pics of whole screen instaed of active window?14:53
=== hari is now known as Guest55229
Zwieferlnobody knows the trouble I've seen?14:53
BluesKajZwieferl, wanna bet :)14:54
MonkeyDustZwieferl  perfectly beautiful screenshot here14:54
=== Taymon_ is now known as Taymon
Zwieferlbut not @ ubuntu :-( on my machine14:55
Zwieferlis there anywhere a logfile for screenshots?14:55
kevinlu310My laptop automatically logout occasionally without any warning after I upgraded to 12.04 LTS. Anybody knows how to fix it? It drives me crazy because sometimes I loose my unsaved work on it.14:56
Zwieferl@BluesKaj: I don't wanna bet, I'd like to get an answer ;-)14:57
ZiberIs there something I have to do in order to get mirror displays to work with 12.04? I can extend to my external monitor just fine, but I want to be able to use a projector as well.14:58
maplesoft tomcat runs .html files in /var/www   on its default port of 8080 but does not runs .jsp files . instead it starts downloading them. why is that?14:59
=== Guest55229 is now known as harikt
auronandacemaplesoft: there is also a server channel #ubuntu-server (might find someone there who knows)15:01
maplesoftauronandace no one knows there too. its been an hour15:01
auronandacemaplesoft: is there a tomcat channel?15:02
Ziberother than my projector problem, im also trying to run a local apache on my computer, but it's saying that is bound by another process. lsof -ni | grep :80 says there is not anything on that port. thoughts?15:03
Ziberopening up http://localhost/ in a browser shows the default http page, but i want it to use a vhost in my /home ...15:05
Zwieferlit seems the only working guy/girl is the one who notes who is entering or leaving ;-)15:05
maplesoftauronandace no help there eidther15:07
Zwieferlonce again: ALT+PrtScr produces mirror-inverted screenshot of whole screen instead of activ window -> WHY?15:07
PiciZwieferl: Have you looked into compiz's keybindings?15:08
auronandacemaplesoft: sorry i am unable to help, i have no server experience whatsoever15:08
Zwieferlyes! they seems to be ok15:08
ZwieferlI use gnome-shell (ubuntu 12.04).15:09
Zwieferlwith windows7 it is ok15:09
TBarthkristenbb, did you already figure out which program causes the xsession errors?15:10
kristenbbTBarth: no15:10
TBarthwhy not? :)15:10
kristenbbTBarth: because as I said I have a doubt about a particular package. I sent an email to the developer and i'm waiting for his answer.15:11
kristenbbTBarth: thank you very much for your concern though.15:11
=== BlouBlou is now known as wtf
MattDunbartoday I rm -rf /'d a ubuntu machine15:13
MattDunbarbest thing I've done in a while15:13
TBarthAs root? :-)15:13
MattDunbarof course15:13
MattDunbarhad to add a flag15:13
Ziber--no-preserve-root? :P15:14
MattDunbaryeah lol15:14
Ziberalways kinda wanted to do that.15:14
MattDunbarsystem locked up and showed the background15:14
MattDunbaron reboot only the boot loader was left15:14
PiciMattDunbar: Do you actually have a support question?15:14
MattDunbarfilesystem was preserved as fat32, thats about it15:14
MattDunbarPici: No15:14
Ziberalso, currently im dualbooting win7 and ubuntu. kinda want to just move to ubuntu as my primary OS. could i extend the parition that ubuntu's on if i remove win7?15:15
PiciMattDunbar: We like to keep this channel open for support only, random chat in #ubuntu-offtopic :)15:15
MattDunbarCould add a 2nd partition and move /home and a few other things there.15:15
auronandaceZiber: through a livecd yes15:15
Ziberflashdrive work too?15:15
auronandaceZiber: yes15:15
MattDunbarWould it be possible to rm -rf / --no-preserve-root from a bash script?15:16
MattDunbarany restrictions on it?15:16
eigoom<MattDunbar> best thing I've done in a while < you should try 'dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sda bs=1m' rm -rf / has nothing on dd15:17
ikoniaeigoom: no15:17
ikoniaeigoom: do not try to wreck poeoples machines15:17
MattDunbarwhats that do exactly?  FIll the HD?15:17
ikoniaMattDunbar: it will cause damage to your machine.15:17
ikoniadon't run it15:18
eigoomikonia, was I trying to?15:18
MattDunbarHow does it work?15:18
ikoniaeigoom: yes15:18
MattDunbarI'm curious, not going to run it15:18
beandogIt completely erases the drive15:18
ikoniaMattDunbar: I suggest "man dd" to understand the dd options15:18
anonymous_what is Tor?15:18
eigoomikonia, I feel you misinterpreted it, I was making a joke15:18
MattDunbarSo ti will physically damage it?  Or just 0write the drive?15:18
ikoniaeigoom: please don't - he could have typed that15:18
ikoniayou suggested he try it, even as a joke,15:18
eigoomI am sorry for the misunderstanding it caused.15:18
ikoniaMattDunbar: wipe your data15:18
ikoniaeigoom: not a problem, thank you15:18
auronandace!tor | anonymous_15:18
MattDunbarno big deal15:18
ubottuanonymous_: Tor is a program to route connections through several servers for anonymity. It is in Ubuntu's repositories, but the Tor Project recommends using their Tor packages due to past issues with Ubuntu's. For setup info, see option (2) of https://www.torproject.org/docs/debian.html.en | To use Tor on freenode, see !tor-sasl15:18
MattDunbarI just wiped it intentionally15:19
MattDunbarbut did it with rm -rf / …15:19
ikoniaMattDunbar: no you didn't15:19
ikoniaMattDunbar: as that won't work, but please stop pasting that into a channel15:19
=== diddledan is now known as zz_diddledan
MattDunbarit will work Ikonia15:19
ikoniano, it won't15:19
MattDunbarthere is the extra flag I mentioned earlier.15:19
MattDunbarI locked up ubuntu, then rebooted.15:20
ikoniaplease stop referencing these commands, they are of no value to a support channel.15:20
anonymous_<auronandace> thank you.15:20
MattDunbareverything was gone, less the bootloader.15:20
gr72Hey guys, i downloaded the ubuntu one app for android, and it keeps trying to use my google account affiliated with my android tablet. And it wont allow me to use the account I made from my browser.15:20
auronandaceanonymous_: no worries :)15:20
beandogMattDunbar: well that is easy to delete too15:21
_manu_Hi, does anyone know where the default dircolors database is located on Ubuntu? On other distributions (Google says) it's at /etc/dircolors or /etc/dir_colors or /etc/LS_COLORS. But not on Ubuntu. Any help?15:21
MattDunbarjust didn't try to15:21
MattDunbarkinda locked up the system before I had the chance too15:21
MattDunbarDo any  bash scripts run as root on boot on a clean install?15:22
=== Guest33059 is now known as akSeya
benccis there a server that handles logging events to multiple files?15:22
ikoniaMattDunbar: what bash scripts ?15:22
MattDunbarsh scripts sorry15:23
ikoniabencc: I'd guess it maybe possible with syslog15:23
ikoniaMattDunbar: what scripts ?15:23
auronandaceikonia: i think MattDunbar's intentions are malicious15:24
ikoniaauronandace: it's possible15:24
MattDunbarauronandace: orly?15:24
Zwieferlnobody knows the trouble I've posted ==> so I quit. greetings from Vienna :-) Bye@all8-)15:24
MattDunbardd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sda bs=1m15:24
MattDunbarrun it now15:24
ikoniaauronandace: obviously don't15:24
MattDunbaras root15:24
ikoniaauronandace: clearly your not going to run that15:25
auronandaceikonia: haha, i'm not that stupid15:25
ikoniaauronandace: just checking15:26
kristenbbthere are so many logs filling my drive, it's crazy. I've just found yet another one. It keeps saying (gnome-settings-daemon:17330): libappindicator-CRITICAL **: app_indicator_set_label: assertion `IS_APP_INDICATOR (self)' failed. What does it mean?15:27
kristenbbI'm just discovering a whole new part of ubuntu, it's actually full of bugs, this one appears to be a bug too. the more I dig to find out what could fill my drive, the more bugs I find.  https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-settings-daemon/+bug/96935915:30
ubottuLaunchpad bug 969359 in gnome-settings-daemon (Ubuntu Precise) "[keyboard]: gnome-settings-daemon consumes 100% cpu (and blinking numlock)" [High,Triaged]15:30
BluesKajI'm ashamed that a fellow canuck would post such evil commands here .15:31
=== richard is now known as rich97
rocki34Hi, I have a problem with Ubuntu on VM. I can't get my USB recognized by the guest OS. I'm using VirtualBox.15:34
MonkeyDustrocki34  it's a vboxusers thing15:35
MonkeyDustrocki34  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VirtualBox/USB15:35
zorinI am having mount issues .. My phone was always recognized before but now I get "Error initializing camera: -60: Could not lock the device15:36
LmAtI see that /dev/sda3 is mounted on /, but how can I tell what files are on that drive? since /dev/sda4 is mounted on /home, I'm guessing everything in /home isn't on /dev/sda3, but what else?15:36
jiffe98grr, pandora's been a piece of crap lately15:36
=== richard is now known as Guest77227
hilaryI'm having a problem with a fresh install of Ubuntu 12.04. GRUB failed to install so I used the boot-repair tool. Resulting pastebin: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1096744/ . Now when I try to start, GRUB loads but it goes to the loading ubuntu screen and seems to wait forever without doing anything.15:36
MonkeyDustrocki34  that was not the right link15:36
Node_249i try to stream my video but can not see not from here, just loading. what to i do wrong?15:37
Node_249i use live video stream 0.5b15:37
=== unrarillo is now known as unrar
Node_249do i miss some plugin?15:38
Node_249i have java installed15:38
rocki34hilary: Did you check the MD5 of your Ubuntu download?15:38
Sidewinder1BluesKaj, With the problems that you and I've been discussing, I wonder if dding my sdb would help with that bad superblock and bad magic number stuff?15:38
hilaryNo, how do I do this?15:38
Node_249no i just have problem to stream out my video.15:39
zorinAlso, Unable to turn bluetooth on.. I find the switch but it is greyed out.. I downloaded a manager but still no luck15:39
Node_249i have java and flash15:39
rocki34hilary: The iso you download from the official site, do you know where it's located?15:39
rocki34and can you access it?15:39
OerHeksNode_249, the page will never show a video, just a 'loading' gif15:40
Node_249OerHeks: hmmmm15:40
Node_249im must do something wrong i try to set it up agian15:40
Node_249its first time i use this15:41
hilaryI created a live USB which I am running on, but I don't have the original iso15:41
BluesKajSidewinder1, dd'ing to where tho ?15:41
[snake]is it possible to see when a file was created. this seems like a dumb question, but I'm not seeing date created anywhere :p15:41
rocki34hilary: Alright, download an ISO and then run an MD5sum15:42
[snake]all that shows is date modified.15:42
OerHeksNode_249, this is the source i see >>> http://paste.ubuntu.com/1096794/15:42
rocki34hilary: Most install problems with linux distro's stem from the ISO not being the same as the one they were trying to download.15:43
OerHeksNode_249, connecting to your server over 8080, that is correct. but then it does not call any videostream routine.15:43
rocki34MonkeyDust: You gave me a link, and the said it was the wrong one. I'm confused.15:43
zorinHow to turn on bluetooth15:44
hilaryalright, I'll reply back when that finishes. Thank you!15:44
MonkeyDustrocki34  yeah, i was too fast15:44
Sidewinder1BluesKaj, Nah, I just meant that since I've already tried a new partition table; reformatting; reinstalling with the same "no boot" results, dding the entire drive, then repeating partitioning, reinstalling might be the answer.. Just a wild guess on my part.15:44
rocki34hilary: No problem :)15:44
Node_249OerHeks: i will try to set it up agian.. i want the viedo to comeout..15:44
MonkeyDustzorin  are you using zorin os?15:44
rocki34monkeydust: So, you can't help me. Or did you give me a link that I wasn't aware of?15:45
zorinMonkeyDust Yes..15:46
[snake]okay, I figured it out.. only UFS2 supports "birth date" from a file.15:46
=== Node_249 is now known as n00bATstart
john_ramboI just finished installing Ubuntu Minimal Install || Which package do I need to install to get the Hardware Drivers utility ?15:46
MonkeyDustzorin  zorin os is not supported here15:47
zorinMonkeyDust where can I get support???15:47
IdleOnejohn_rambo: jockey15:47
daoisHi,  I have a plantronics headset which has its own sound card. I'm playing quakelive and I'm launching in a separate xsession, the problem is that in game, the sound goes throught my laptop's speakers rather than throught my headphones.  It doesn't matter what I do to the sound configuration assistant that ubuntu has, the sound still goes through the speakers. What can I do?15:47
[snake]john_rambo, jockey-gtk for the gui15:47
MonkeyDustzorin  there are a few people in #zorinos15:47
zorinMonkeyDust ok thanks.. I will try15:48
bengalikidcan someone help me with this issue im having for my dual monitor setup on 12.04?15:49
BluesKajbbiab , gotta check my other install15:50
tebengalikid: Depends on what GUI and Display Adapter/Driver you have installed.15:50
bengalikidi have unity on gnome15:50
bengalikidi dont know what display adapter/driver i have15:50
bengalikidhow can i verify15:50
tebengalikid: /var/log/Xorg.0.log15:51
subz3r0unity on gnome?15:51
rhizmoeno traceroute by default? weird.15:51
subz3r0te: ????15:52
bengalikidit says thats not a valid comand15:52
subz3r0bengalikid, lspci -nnk | grep -i VGA -A215:52
tegrep Driver /var/log/Xorg.0.log15:52
subz3r0use my command... lspci -nnk | grep -i VGA -A215:52
ZiberWhat's a good GUI for looking at the paritions on the HD?15:52
bengalikid VGA compatible controller [0300]: Intel Corporation 2nd Generation Core Processor Family Integrated Graphics Controller [8086:0116] (rev 09) Subsystem: Hewlett-Packard Company Device [103c:1650] Kernel driver in use: i91515:53
Ziberin 12.0415:53
rocki34Hi, I have a problem with Ubuntu on VM. I can't get my USB recognized by the guest OS. I'm using VirtualBox.15:53
MonkeyDustbengalikid  so intel15:53
subz3r0rocki34, you have to install the "tools"15:53
subz3r0dont know the exact name15:53
subz3r0but wait, let me see15:53
ZeroAdamrocki34: VirtualBoxGuestAdditions15:54
rocki34subz3ro: I know what you mean, and I have already installed them.15:54
rocki34Still I can't get it to recognize15:54
subz3r0"VirtualBox 4.1.18 Oracle VM VirtualBox Extension Pack"15:54
ZeroAdamrocki34 also have the settings for Enable USB controller checked?15:54
subz3r0are you sure, that you've installed the correct version for your VirtualBox?15:54
tebengalikid: Prbably a latop, with intel 8086:0116 Chip, driver is i91515:56
rocki34subz3ro: Wait, do you mean the Virtualbox Extension Pack?15:56
bengalikidte: it is an hp with a core i5 i know that15:56
bengalikidthe graphics are integrated15:57
bengalikidin think hd300015:57
__sjhhow do i add more than 4 desktops? first time using ubuntu since 8.04 i think!15:57
rocki34subz3ro: Sorry, yeah that's exactly what you meant.15:57
auronandace__sjh: in unity?15:58
__sjhauronandace, uhuh15:58
auronandace__sjh: myunity is in the repos, that can add more desktops15:59
auronandace!info myunity | __sjh15:59
ubottu__sjh: myunity (source: myunity): Unity configurator. In component universe, is optional. Version 3.1.3-0ubuntu1 (precise), package size 529 kB, installed size 1125 kB15:59
__sjhauronandace, cheers, guessing some of the other options i'm after will be in there also15:59
auronandace__sjh: depends what you are looking for, unity isn't very configurable16:00
__sjhauronandace, i've been vaguely aware of the hate sent its way ... but I like to approach things with an open mind ... i'm guessing it's not that hard to do away with & go back to xmonad16:01
ApplicationOk, webkit is working good and the channel is fixed :D16:01
Myrthhi, is there a way to disable automatic changing grub configuration when kernel is upgraded? I have a special kernel with SSD driver added, and when the new kernel boots it can't get out of initramfs.. thanks16:02
auronandace__sjh: i quite like unity but xfce remains my favourite, unity just isn't as configurable as i'd like16:02
tebengalikid: was on the phone.  But, what you have there, probably has on configuration menu and youre prolly stuck with what ever you can do with xrandr16:02
te... which is a bit limited.16:03
__sjhauronandace, as long as it has a sane set of shortcuts i dont mind too much , used xmonad for ages but just fancy using something more ... normal ;)16:04
bengalikidte: sorry for being a noob but whats xrandr and is there any way to update my drivers to the latest ones? I just started using linux and used to be a windows users16:04
tebengalikid: But I'm only speculating.  You'll have to fish around and see.16:04
__sjhanyway gott reboot, cheers!16:04
tebengalikid: Open a terminal, type:  man xrandr   hit enter, space bar to scroll down, page up or up arrow to go up.16:05
tebengalikid: or just PageUp and PageDown16:06
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okayHi, I just switched from arch linux and I KNOW ati propietary drivers worked TERRIIBLY with gnome3/cinnamon, but do they work with unity? as in no graphical quarks?16:10
Seveasunity works just fine with most drivers16:10
siavashserverokay, why not xfce + arch?16:10
barefootanyone else have issues with flash in 12.04 at livemocha.com?16:11
okaysiavashserver; I've just moved up into the mountains with hardly any internet/time to maintain such an installation anymore, so ubuntu would be easier16:11
okaywas just wondering since they were always glitchy with gnome3/cinnamon16:11
subz3r0okay, two friends of mine have ati gpu's and no problems at all16:12
subz3r0with gnome shell...16:12
siavashserverokay, there is a trick in arch wiki, makes gnome shell to run smooth16:12
okaysubz3r0; if you'd ever ran catalyst with it, you'd see what I'm talking about16:12
ki4robarefoot: Just went there and the front page works.  You want me to go to another page?16:13
subz3r012.04 standard installation, and everything is working out of the box.16:13
barefootki4ro: the issue is when you try to do a language lesson, there seems to be many people complaining about it online but no fixes16:13
ki4robarefoot: So do you need me to go to another page to see what happens?16:14
=== railsraider_ is now known as railsraider
barefootki4ro: if you are signed up with them sure, try to start any lesson16:14
barefootcan post a screenshot16:15
ki4robarefoot: Sorry, not signed up16:15
rocki34Hi, I have a problem with Ubuntu on VM. I can't get my USB recognized by the guest OS. I'm using VirtualBox.16:15
YxvenI downloaded some svg icons from http://game-icons.net/, but when I try loading them into gimp or inkscape, they don't render properly. Does anyone have any idea how I can fix this?16:15
=== _florian__ is now known as _florian_
john_ramboInn PCmanfm I see no icons (for files & folders)16:16
subz3r0rocki34, you already rebooted the system after installation of the correct extension pack?16:17
Myrthhow to rescan /dev/sd* after modprobe a driver? thanks16:17
bengalikid:te thanks for all your help16:17
bengalikid:i'll play around with it16:17
SeveasMyrth, modprobing a driver generally does that for you. Check the dmesg output16:17
rocki34subz3r0: Yeah, I've installed the extension pack and rebooted the system16:18
barefootki4ro: I apparently have flash: http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=11829er&s=6 but livemocha.com doesnt think so: http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=2v2iqom&s=616:18
siavashserverokay, https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/ATI_Catalyst#Laggs.2Fslow_windows_movement_in_GNOME316:18
siavashserverhere is the fix ^16:18
subz3r0rocki34, does the group "vboxuser" exist?16:18
bazhangsiavashserver, thats for arch?16:19
rocki34subz3r0: When I right click on the USB icon it says 'No devices connected' even though my USB stick is recognized by my host OS.16:19
siavashserverbazhang, yes archlinux16:19
bazhangsiavashserver, why post it here, this is ubuntu support16:19
okaysiavashserver; first of all, that's not why I'm on ubuntu, 2nd of all, I'm talking about the graphical glitches, not performance issues16:19
okaythank you though16:19
siavashserverbazhang, okay asked16:20
MyrthSeveas: the only thing in dmesg i see is: ocz10xx: module license 'Proprietary' taints kernel. Disabling lock debugging due to kernel taint16:20
okayI just wanted to know if unity suffers from the same sort of glitches under catalyst16:20
bazhangsiavashserver, lets stay on topic with ubuntu support only please16:20
okayas gnome 3*16:20
siavashserverokay, that fixes graphical glitches too btw16:20
siavashserverbazhang, ok dude16:20
okaywell, I'll try it later if I get cinnamon installed16:21
tiagoNOOBmy ubuntu grub2 dont recognize my archlinux kernels anymore. Why?16:21
=== axl__ is now known as axl_
rocki34subz3r0: When you say extension pack, do you mean the Guest Additions?  http://www.virtualbox.org/manual/ch04.html#idp1196240016:21
okaytiagoNOOB: uhh, is there an os-prober package for ubuntu?16:21
tiagoNOOBokay, its installed, it use to run whell. I don't know what happend. I got a kernel-update in Archlinux, i booted in ubuntu tu run grub-mkconf to update. I don't remember if i got a grub2 update from ubuntu repos...16:26
tiagoNOOBokay, os-prober is installed16:28
john_rambowhat do I need to install before installing the nvidia run file?16:31
nonI am installing a new HDD and I want to run only ubuntu on it16:34
nonI've been using ubuntu for a month or so16:34
nonshould the install be idiotproof ? on a new HDD16:34
* Hyperbyte high fives non16:34
nonthanks man16:35
HyperbyteYou know the saying though, 'invent a system that's idiot-proof and someone else will invent a better idiot' ;-)16:35
nonI figure if I have a problem I can reinstall the old drive and get help16:35
HyperbyteBut I'm reasonably sure you'll manage. ;-)16:35
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tolmunwhich gimp 2.x to install?16:36
=== MoleMan is now known as _MoleMan
=== toto is now known as Guest49256
Hyperbytetolmun, whichever you prefer16:37
ldurosdoes this mean that my /tmp folder is in the RAM: tmpfs           3.9G   16K  3.9G   1% /tmp16:39
Nogalhey everyone16:39
ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit16:39
azeihello there16:40
traveller1hello i am having trouble installing ustudio wether via cd or usb16:40
traveller1it seems to hang after saying that i have nothing to import...16:41
subz3r0traveller1, check if the iso file isnt corrupted16:41
traveller1md5sum checks out fine16:41
traveller1is using sudo apt-get purge ubiquity-slideshow-xubuntu16:41
Nogalhey, anyone know a good way to set up a system to take video with nearly instant replay? I'm looking into getting a recording service set up for a local gym.16:41
traveller1the solution?16:41
subz3r0and "having trouble" isnt a explanation of a problem16:41
traveller1the installer hangs16:42
azeieach i want to open my terminal i would that it run a command for example date to display the date, and by pressing a key i would like that it display16:42
azeithat it give access on the prompt16:42
IMEI_UnlockitfreSo is the only cobol compiler available for ubuntu linux opencobol anybody know?16:42
azeihow to do ?16:42
traveller1hello purging ubiquity-slideshow is helpful???16:43
SeveasIMEI_Unlockitfre, there is no other cobol compiler in the default repos. Maybe there's a 3rd-party one16:43
traveller1it seems that there is a bug for those with amd16:44
=== wtf is now known as BlouBlou
OerHeksIMEI_Unlockitfre, else there is netcobol from IBM >> http://www.netcobol.com/16:45
traveller1anyone else with amd systems that had installations hanging for 12.04?16:45
rocki34traveller1: Have you ran an MD5 checksum on your ISO?16:47
colorsotheris there a pastebin for images?16:48
rocki34colorsother: You mean image hosters? Like imgur?16:48
tolmuncolorsother: imgur.com16:48
colorsotherjust a temp place where i can paste a screenshot16:49
Nogalanyone know of a good way to set up a constant video webcam which we can pull back "instant replays"?16:49
IMEI_UnlockitfreOerHek which ones is the best cobol compiler for business and industery uses or basically what is the closest to best free compiler I can get for cobol coding16:51
colorsothercan someone help my figure out my display.. everytime I restart the resolution changes back to 4:3   http://imgur.com/ExyFW16:53
karen_DeckersJoin #opnewblood.fr16:53
colorsothernvidia GeForce 8500 GT running 12.04LTS16:54
greatnoobMy wi-fi is always losing connectivity. Is there a terminal command to restart Wi-Fi without restarting your whole OS?16:54
[snake]when bash scripting, should the pound bang(#!) bit go before everything including comments? or is it legal to pound bang your shell after some comments if you like to?16:54
[snake]did not mean for that to sound dirty if it did to anyone.16:55
beandog[snake]: just the first line16:55
beandog[snake]: everything else, just use # before comments16:55
MattiasWhere is phpmyadmin installed on ubuntu? The configuration dialogs had no support for nginx so I need to create my own vhost there.16:55
greatnoobMy wi-fi is always losing connectivity. Is there a terminal command to restart Wi-Fi without restarting your whole OS?16:56
beandog[snake]: I wouldn't put anything on the first line though16:56
fruitbagI need to know about the major and minor numbers of a device node and whether it is a block or character  device.16:56
[snake]beandog, I mean like 1st line: # comment this comment that END. 2nd line: #!/bin/bash16:56
beandog[snake]: hash bang needs to be on first line, always16:56
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kubblaigreatnoob:sudo ifdown interfacename then sudo ifup interfacename16:57
=== erik__ is now known as 14WAADNSN
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Seveasgreasegum, sudo restart network-manager16:57
[snake]beandog, thanks, that's what I was thinking was possibly the case.16:57
16WAATXIPcan someone help my figure out my resolution.. every time I reboot the resolution changes back to 4:3   http://imgur.com/ExyFx16:58
Mattiasnvm, found it16:58
Seveas[snake], the linux dynamic loader (ld.so), which is what runs "binaries", recognizes the type of files based on magic numbers appearing at the start of a file. '#!' is the magic number that says "this is a script that needs another interpreter. Read a single line of text and use that as the interpreter". For ELF binaries the magic number is 0x457f and it gts a lot more complicated :-)16:59
[snake]Seveas, thanks, that was a great answer :D17:00
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beandog[snake]: strictly speaking, if it's a shell script, you probably don't need that17:00
=== travis is now known as Guest17086
beandog[snake]: but, good practice to do so, yadda yadda17:00
[snake]beandog, ah. i see... :)17:00
16WAATXIPuse this link instead http://imgur.com/wVOYB17:01
greasegumSeveas:: the who in the what now?17:02
karen_DeckersHow i see the user names, im a bit new in linux.17:03
Seveasgreasegum, sorry, <tab> error :)17:03
greasegumohhhhh, no prob.17:03
BluesKajSidewinder1, what's your decision, or were you able to get some help ?17:03
karen_DeckersAnonymous. >:)17:03
Seveaskaren_Deckers, useranames of what?17:04
karen_Deckersno no i found the way of it xD sorry17:04
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tolmununder xmonad Ubuntu-Tweak doasent show login settings. Is there other ways to edit login screen?17:04
yeahbuddy_Hello, does someone know why I can't expand my linux-partitions with some unused/unallocated space i got from shrinking my windows-partitions? Unmounted and running under live boot17:05
karen_Deckersthe button that say <<1708 Users>> on the left of our nicknames.17:05
traveller1rocki34 are you still there ?17:05
traveller1I had to reboot17:05
Seveaskaren_Deckers, ah, try this: /names17:05
traveller1the amd computer17:05
diverdudeHello... I am trying to make a grep like this: cat /var/log/mysql/mysql.log | grep "`AutosaveSender`.`id` = (77)" but i get: AutosaveSender: command not found. What am I doing wrong?17:05
beandogit's trying to execute that for some reason... and it shouldn't be17:06
traveller1dont know if you got the info that my md5sum was good17:06
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beandogthe quotes should make it so it's not17:06
Seveasdiverdude, use single quotes instead of double17:06
beandogoh there you go17:06
Seveasinside double quotes `...` expands to the output of the command enclosed in it17:06
traveller1will try to purge the ubiquity slideshow and see if it helps17:06
16WAATXIPanyone know why i would be getting this error http://i.imgur.com/wVOYB.png after installing the additonal drivers for my nvidia GeForce 8500 GT care ( running 12.04LTS)17:06
karen_Deckerslol this look like playing San Andreas : Multiplayer with the CMDS :)17:06
traveller1i hope so im retrying for the 5th time17:07
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karen_Deckerstraveller1 inspired of TimeTravel_0 ?17:07
=== MuNk is now known as MuNk`
[snake]can I log a session in terminal? input and output?17:09
Seveaskaren_Deckers, this channel is for providing support to ubuntu users. If you're here just to have a good time, you're more than welcome to do so in #ubuntu-offtopic :)17:09
Seveas[snake], you can17:09
Seveas!info script17:09
ubottuPackage script does not exist in precise17:09
Seveas[snake], use 'script', part of the 'bsdutils' package17:10
Sidewinder1BluesKaj, I just got finished creating new part. table, reformatting and reinstallingl same unsuccessful result. The curious thing is that after the reinstall the next reboot threw me into grubrescue (as it did before) and I had to reinstall grub to sda5 (12.04). The curious part is that even though I reformatted sdb with the "/", it no longer has the/ when viewed in gparted... :-(17:10
beandogSeveas: what is script?17:11
Seveasbeandog, a tool that can record terminal sessions17:11
beandogreally ......17:11
Sidewinder1BluesKaj, I'll just be quasi-satisfied running it from livecd.. :(17:11
beandogSeveas: never heard of that.  cool, thanks17:11
[snake]Seveas, I got it, thanks :)17:12
amaureaAfter an update 32-bit ALSA applications don't work. It appears that I need a 32-bit version of libasound_module_conf_pulse.so. This used to be in lib32asound2-plugins, but I can't find that package any more. Where can I get this file?17:12
amaureaI use 64-bit ubuntu 12.0417:12
traveller1the latest ubuntu studio installer is terrible?17:13
Sidewinder1BluesKaj, Thanks again for all of your time/help! ;-)17:13
traveller1its so slow to even load up into mem17:13
traveller1i miss the alternate installer17:13
traveller1it got the job done17:13
drd2I need to know the major and minor numbers a device node is associated with and whether it is a block or character device.17:14
16WAATXIPanyone know why i would be getting this error http://i.imgur.com/wVOYB.png after installing the additonal drivers for my nvidia GeForce 8500 GT care ( running 12.04LTS)17:14
dynamolykesalve a tutti17:14
Seveasdrd2, ls -l /dv/whatever tells you that17:14
lotuspsychje!it | dynamolyke17:14
ubottudynamolyke: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)17:14
BluesKajSidewinder1, it really should work as a proper install , there has to be a solution to the HDD recognition problem, altho support in bktrk would be best17:14
drd2Seveas, thanks.17:14
ubottudynamolyke: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».17:15
dynamolykeciao a tutti17:16
Seveashello dynamolyke17:16
drd2ls -l /dev/video017:17
ubottudynamolyke: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».17:17
Seveasdrd2, that works btter in a shell :-)17:17
drd2crw-rw--- 1 root video 81, 0 Jul 17 17:50 /dev/video017:17
quarki laptop is Suzuki17:18
quark*my laptop is suzuki17:18
drd2Seveas, I just wanted to show the output.17:18
quarkSis 3 mirage graphic17:18
drd281 is major, 0 is minor. Right?17:18
Seveasthe c at the start means 'character device' (block devices have a b, predictably). the major and minor device numbers are the numbers before the date17:18
quarkjust 800*600 graphic17:18
quarkhow do i can get 1280*800 ?17:19
Sidewinder1BluesKaj, I totally agree; I'm convinced that it has something to do with bt using sda/b versus my UUIDs cause on reboot the first message says (the UUID) no such device and throws me into grub-rescue. If I had a more intimate knowledge of grub-rescue, I could probably fix it from there. Guess that'll be my next challenge. Ahain, thanx.17:19
Seveasquark, get a bettr video card?17:19
drd2Can I only do 'hd /dev/video0' or 'cat /dev/video0' with block devices?17:19
drd2This is what I get: 'hd: /dev/video0: Invalid argument'17:20
BluesKajSidewinder1, maybe the sata drive is mistakenly set as the default boot drive in the bios , that same scenario happened to me when i chose my 2nd drive as the default.17:21
lars__Hi guys. I'm in the process of installing 12.04 from USB alongside win7. It suddenly jumped out from the gui and froze on a black screen showing five lines. Last being: "[9.846880] device-mapper: dm-raid45: initialized v0.2594b". The pointer is the standard ubuntu-loading one, but it's stuck as well. Nothing responds. Should I force it off, and try to boot? Unfortunetely, I couldn't find an answer using google.. Thanks.17:21
beandoglars_: start install over17:22
Seveaslars__, what do the other 4 lines say? the one you posted is harmless17:22
BluesKajSidewinder1, in other words the grub menu on the 2nd drive ges overwritten at boot17:23
lotuspsychjeany gui package out there to set permissions to folders?17:23
Sidewinder1BluesKaj, Perhaps; I've had enough for one day; don't want to try to solve the problem with the hammer.. Have a good one! And thanks again..17:23
SeveasSidewinder1, hammers are fun!17:24
beandoglotuspsychje: mm, nautilus17:24
Seveaslotuspsychje, the standard ubuntu file manager (nautilus) can do that17:24
Seveasrightclick on a file and select the appropriate optoin17:24
lotuspsychjeoh right17:24
BluesKajok Sidewinder1 , just a suggestion for the future ...got some yardwork to do and I'm trying put it off ... this is the perfect distraction ...the chainsaw can wait :)17:24
SeveasBluesKaj, chainsaws are fun too! :D17:25
BluesKajSeveas, well this new one has a bit of power that I'm not used to ...like a wild animal on the leash17:26
Seveassounds dangerous17:26
* Sidewinder1 Uses BluesKaj 's chainsaw to the stinkin' sdb drive... Wait, it passed right through it; should've used the UUID. :)17:26
Sidewinder1No more OT nonsense..17:27
BluesKajwell , I'll get used to it Seveas ..eventually17:27
lotuspsychjeSeveas:any ida why ubuntu does not set permissions to unreadable for other users by default17:27
Seveaslotuspsychje, because your umask does not include that bit17:27
lars__Seveas, It reads the following: 1. "[9.822592] Btrfs loaded" 2. "[9.827859] xor: automatically using best checksumming function: generic_sse" 3. "[9.846326]   generic_sse: 9559.000 MB/sec" 4. "[9.846328] xor: using function: generic_sse (9559.00 MB/sec)"17:27
lotuspsychjeSeveas: does not make any sense right other users can browse folder of root and its conent?17:28
Seveaslars__, ok, that's useless I'm afraid. Retrying (and praying that it works) seems like the best idea17:28
lars__Seveas, Ok thanks!17:29
Seveaslotuspsychje, there shouldn't be anything in there anyway as you're not supposed to be root :)17:29
lotuspsychjeSeveas: you cant open the file, but you sure can see it and its filename right17:30
MiteshShahlotuspsychje, Except this other users can read each other files by default. When i'm notice this thing and check ubuntu website ubuntu says its not bug its features for new ubuntu users to easily access each other files17:31
lotuspsychjeMiteshShah: yes tnx i know its not a bug, just was curious about the philosopy behind it17:32
jactaCan anyone tell me if this is all wrong - just installed OS - http://en.zimagez.com/zimage/screenshot-07172012-073138pm.php17:33
lotuspsychjejacta: you did not use full hd space17:34
BrentWhat's the best practice.. Should I update everything when Ubuntu tells me to? - Seems like every couple days update manager pops up with a big list.17:34
jactalotuspsychje, no - not yet - forgot to add the rest as "storage"17:34
lotuspsychjeBrent: yes, update always when it asks you17:34
lotuspsychjejacta: you can format the unallocated space with dd17:35
lotuspsychjejacta: or reformat ubuntu and use all space17:35
jactabut is the current setup good?17:36
Brentlotuspsychje: thanks!17:36
lotuspsychjejacta:well that depends on your needs..why did you make sda3 only 13gig?17:37
gr33n7007hWhere do I add scripts to start before X server starts?17:38
lotuspsychjejacta: you hd is 250gig right, so i would choose full hd space on ubuntu install: 1swap, 1 home sda117:38
rocki34Hi, I have a problem with Ubuntu on VM. I can't get my USB recognized by the guest OS. I'm using VirtualBox.17:39
kriskropdrocki34: did you install vbox guest addons?17:40
rocki34kriskropd: Yep.17:41
lotuspsychjegr33n7007h: what kinda script you wanna run?17:41
gr33n7007hlotuspsychje, A shell script to aquire an IP address before X server starts17:42
kriskropdgr33n7007h: /etc/rc.local probably is where you will run your script17:42
rocki34kriskropd: Thing is my USB isn't getting recognized by Virtualbox itself. If I go into settings>USB>Add filter, my USB doesn't show up there either.17:42
gr33n7007hkriskropd, i'll try thanks man!17:43
kriskropdrocki34: yeah, I figured your problem was irrelevant to ubuntu, but gimme a sec ill play with it in a moment17:43
rocki34kriskropd: But my host OS is detecting it.17:43
lotuspsychjerocki34: arent there requierd usb drivers on the Os you running on virtualbox (did you check driverlist)?17:43
rocki34lotuspsychje: How do I check driver list?17:44
lotuspsychjerocki34: what is your guest Os?17:44
rocki34lotuspsychje: I haven't installed anything except for the Vbox extension pack and add-on17:44
kriskropdrocki34: in the vm window, under the drop down menu "Devices > Usb Devices " Do you see your usb device?17:44
jactalotuspsychje, is this so bad? http://www.zimagez.com/zimage/screenshot-07172012-074423pm.php17:45
bluewave22having issue with my nvidia card and a fresh install of 12.04LTS.  I had everything working perfect with the Nvidia Additional Driviers but after rebooting my box i cannot get the resolution to 1680x105017:45
etioI just plugged a serial ata HDD in my ubuntu server and turned it on, how can I browse to the disk ? Do I have to mount it first?17:45
drd2I've created a device node using the following command: mknod /dev/webcam b 81 017:45
lotuspsychjebluewave22:are you running nvidia-current?17:45
rocki34kriskropd: It says 'no USB devices connected'17:45
lotuspsychjebluewave22: i think ubuntu choose best res by default, not sure if you can change17:46
drd2The node seems to be created, but when I enter 'hd /dev/webcam', I am told that no such device exists.17:46
bluewave22nvidia-settings had all the correct info in as well as my dell monitor and now its gone17:46
lotuspsychjeetio: is it ext or ntfs or fat?17:46
etioNot sure lotuspsychje17:46
kriskropdrocki34: which virtual box do you ahve installed, the OSE version i don't think supports usb.. did you get it from the ubuntu repositories?17:46
lotuspsychje!info pysdm | etio17:46
etiolotuspsychje: I just plugged an unknown serial ata HDD in there17:47
ubottuetio: pysdm (source: pysdm): Graphical Storage Device Manager. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.4.1-0ubuntu3 (precise), package size 28 kB, installed size 292 kB17:47
bluewave22i dont have the option for 1680x1050 any longer..17:47
rocki34kriskropd: I used Synaptic to install Vbox.17:47
etiocheers lotuspsychje ill check it out17:47
lotuspsychjeetio: whit this tool you can automount drives at boot17:47
etiolotuspsychje: sounds like what i need17:47
etiolotuspsychje: what is the normal destinion on a linux folder structure for a secondary hdd?17:47
teetio: what ever you want it to be.17:48
rocki34kriskropd: My Vbox version is: 4.1.12_Ubuntu r7724517:48
lotuspsychjeetio: /dev/sda2 for linux, or /media/ntfs217:48
etiote: any guidelines to follow? where do people usually do it17:48
etioah ok thanks lotuspsychje17:49
teetio: You'll more than likely want to set it up with a mount point17:49
bluewave22i've tried installing the nvidia-173 driver but the install errors out with this dependency messages : http://pastebin.com/9Mh5rwmA17:49
tolmuninstalling python3.* inside virtualenvwrapper on 12.04 is unsuported?17:50
amaureaThe solution to my problem turned out to be that I had to install libalsa2-plugins:i386. I was not aware of this :i386-syntax.17:51
ResQueetio: it depends on the type of harddrive connection, if you are talking about the location of the physical drive normal its /dev/sda* or /dev/hd* for sata or ide respectivly17:51
kriskropdrocki34: is the user running virtualbox also in the 'vboxusers' group?17:51
rocki34kriskropd: How do I check that?17:52
ResQueetio: or maybe you are talking about where you mount a partition17:52
sophie_hi. I can't start my computer, no OS found. what can I do ?17:52
ufrgsHello folks!17:52
ResQueufrgs: hello17:52
etioi'm not mounting any partition ResQue17:52
subz3r0rocki34, i gave you this advice like three times..17:52
ResQueetio: then its what i said first17:52
lotuspsychjesophie_:what are you trying to do? install ubuntu?17:52
subz3r0and i would strongly recomment NOT TO USE the version from the softwarecenter...17:52
subz3r0use this: https://www.virtualbox.org/wiki/Linux_Downloads17:52
sophie_lotuspsychje: no it is already installed17:53
teetio: Maybe you should explain your end goal.17:53
ResQueetio: has this answered your question?17:53
kriskropdrocki34:  rocki34 you can check the groups a user is in with 'groups username'17:53
etiote: my end goal is to have a folder in /media/HDD2/ with the whole disk17:53
etioyes ResQue, cheers17:53
beandogsubz3r0: don't they have a repo?  I thought that's where I got mine17:53
etiote: assuming that theres only 1 partition on the disk17:53
ufrgsMy computer is quite slow and I figured maybe the disk is getting too small. I decided to check disk space but couldn't figure how does it works. Could someone help me on it please?17:53
teetio: The above is your mount point.17:53
etiote: allright17:53
lotuspsychjesophie_: you have other usb connected to your pc, or BIOS settings changed to something else than your HD?17:53
ufrgsI also have Windows installed at same disk.17:53
subz3r0beandog, its outdated...17:53
beandogsubz3r0: oh, n/m it's down there17:53
kriskropdrocki34: if the vboxusers group is not listed you can add it with 'sudo usermod -aG vboxusers username'17:54
teetio: How many partitions are on the disk is up to you.17:54
sophie_lotuspsychje: no17:54
beandogsubz3r0: really?  mine works fine17:54
sophie_lotuspsychje: nothing changed.17:54
subz3r0i never said its not working17:54
ResQueetio: use gparted to look at the partition of the disk, "sudo gparted"17:54
subz3r0just out of date17:54
cyberCHow to login to root?17:54
sophie_lotuspsychje: I did shut it down by force though, but that's it.17:54
teetio: What do you have now?  sudo fdisk -l17:54
lotuspsychjesophie_:you just installed ubuntu only?17:54
subz3r0v4.1.18 is the newest17:54
werxxxhow use the paint for ubuntu?17:54
etiote: lemme check17:54
ResQueetio: it will also give you the locical names and physical names of the harddrive partions and the drives them selves17:54
sophie_lotuspsychje: no there are other OSes, they're not working either.17:55
etioResQue, thanks. Ill try that out. I have been using the GUI version of gparted before17:55
lotuspsychjesophie_:one of them is win717:55
sophie_lotuspsychje: it seems grub has just been lost.17:55
sophie_lotuspsychje: yes17:55
etiote: http://pastebin.com/VM1NE4rK17:55
ResQueetio: it is a much better idea to get to grips with the terminal interface and the parted tool, like te said17:55
etioResQue: yes, for sure.17:55
teetio: You'll want to create partition(s) on it to suit your needs, then the filesytem of your choice, (ext4 would be good)...17:55
etioResQue, i agree17:55
lotuspsychjesophie_:i know there are some issues with win7 not liking mess with master boot record, togheter with ubuntu17:56
sophie_cyberC: su17:56
kriskropdcyberC: root is disabled in ubuntu, run your commands with sudo17:56
ufrgsHow does Ubuntu partitionates the disk at first ?17:56
ufrgscyberC, sudo bash17:56
lotuspsychjesophie_:can you install ubuntu alone?17:56
etiote: In my fdisk -l , i can't really see my 250gb disk.17:56
gr33n7007hkriskropd, Thanks dude! worked like a charm ;D17:56
ResQueufrgs: haha partitionates, now that cant really be a word right :P17:56
etiote: nevermind17:56
etiote: it is there17:56
teetio: So, it's a 250G HDD?17:56
etiote: yes17:56
subz3r0ufrgs, ext3 i guess17:56
kriskropdgr33n7007h: thats great to hear :D17:56
sophie_lotuspsychje: you mean, remove windows ? no that's not an option.17:56
cyberCEach time change some setting ROOT PASSWORD IS BEING ASKED17:56
cyberCNew to LINUX17:56
lotuspsychjesophie_:can you still login to ubuntu atm?17:57
sophie_lotuspsychje: I can do nothing at the moment.17:57
ufrgsResQue, how would you say that ? complex word man!!17:57
teetio: ok, as you can see, it is sdb  and there are two partitions on it, /dev/sdb1 and /dev/sdb2 and they are ntfs.17:57
sophie_lotuspsychje: it just says 'no OS found'17:57
ufrgssubz3r0, what ?17:57
lotuspsychjesophie_:did you try holding shift at boot, for grub loading?17:57
etio!info sudo | cyberC17:57
rocki34kriskropd: 'vboxusers' is listed.17:57
ubottucyberC: sudo (source: sudo): Provide limited super user privileges to specific users. In component main, is important. Version 1.8.3p1-1ubuntu3.1 (precise), package size 274 kB, installed size 984 kB17:57
sophie_lotuspsychje: no I did not17:57
teetio: You are going to want to change that.17:57
etiote: change what exactly?17:58
sophie_lotuspsychje: i didnt' know of that shortcut.17:58
lotuspsychjesophie_:try that and go into ubuntu, after try a sudo apt-get update grub17:58
sophie_lotuspsychje: let me try that.17:58
kriskropdrocki34: idk then :x if you are certain you have the non-OSE virtualbox installed, it should work then17:58
teetio: First off, .. is it a USB drive?17:58
ufrgsI have tow main disk partitions sda1 and sda217:58
lotuspsychjesophie_:then reboot17:58
etiote: no, lol. It is a serial ata 250gb disk17:58
subz3r0ufrgs, ubuntu will use ext3.17:58
sophie_lotuspsychje: you're going too fast, i doubt it will even work17:58
rocki34kriskropd: What do you mean by non-OSE?17:58
lotuspsychjesophie_:updating grub might do the trick17:58
teetio: Ok, do you want one or two or three partitions on it?  How many ?17:59
ufrgsThe thing is the partition it is supposed to be booting has only 100Mb, how come ?17:59
ResQueufrgs: i think maybe you mean 18:57 < ufrgs> subz3r0, what ?17:59
ResQue18:57 < ufrgs> subz3r0, what ?17:59
ufrgssubz3r0, what ?17:59
subz3r0win7 installed before?17:59
ufrgsResQue, what ?17:59
etiote: Since its a disk from a friend, their may be a chance it already has several partitions on it. But it probaly wont be the case. I only want to have 1 partition17:59
kriskropdrocki34: virtual box has an OSE (open source edition) which lacks many things (includign USB support) and a PUEL edition (Personal Use) which has better support17:59
etiote: the disk in its entirity17:59
ufrgsI don't understand fdisk anymore.18:00
kriskropdrocki34: both are available in the ubuntu repositories I believe18:00
ResQueufrgs: sorry i was copying and pasting, i was trying to say, maybe you mean the word partitions. As in more than one partition of a disk18:00
ufrgsCould someone experienced help me please?18:00
ResQueufrgs: but i am just guessing, i had no idea what the hell you was on about, but dont worry i suck at spelling and grammer to.18:00
ufrgsResQue, well, yes.18:00
lars__Seveas, The install went smooth now. When I rebooted, the bootloader didn't find the USB-device, so it disconnected when installing. Anyways, I just used a different USB-pen, and now I'm up and running. Thanks again.18:00
lotuspsychje!info dd | ufrgs18:00
ubottuufrgs: Package dd does not exist in precise18:00
teetio: As you can see, it has 2 NTFS partitions on it, one very small one and then one big one.18:00
* kriskropd facepalm18:00
lars__Seveas, *maybe it disconnected when installing*18:01
ufrgsDoes fdisk -l show windows partition also?18:01
kriskropdi think its a bug, i have dd O.o18:01
etiote: probaly windows who done that18:01
teetio: What do you want to do with it?18:01
teetio: Yes, probably so.18:01
etiote: I want to put loads of movies on it so i can use it as a media server for my tv18:01
ufrgsLike, say, sda1 would be my Ununtu partition and sda2 the Windows one, no ?18:01
rocki34kriskropd: That might just be the problem. How do I check if I have the OSE version?18:01
etiote: so really, i only need one folder called "movies"18:01
teetio: Ok so delete both partitiions and create one new one.18:01
sophie_lotuspsychje: so I just tried it, didn't work18:01
etioallright te18:02
lotuspsychjesophie_:holding shift didnt work?18:02
teetio: sudo fdisk /dev/sdb18:02
ResQueetio: dont store all your movies on the same partition as the os is installed, when it breaks its easy to fix :-D18:02
sophie_lotuspsychje: I still can't boot into any OS18:02
etiote: before doing that ill backup the existing data18:02
sophie_lotuspsychje: no,didn't work18:02
ufrgslotuspsychje, what ?18:02
ufrgsPlease, I need help, please????18:02
teetio: Good idea.18:02
etioResQue: no, ill be storing it on the disk we're discussing right now18:02
ufrgsI just installed GParted also.18:02
ResQueetio: Just thought i would give you a heads up :-D18:03
lotuspsychjesophie_:if you are sure no BIOS option has changed to any other boot device...you might wanna reformat it all18:03
subz3r0ufrgs, once again. was win7 installed before? Windows 7 will create a 100mb partition.18:03
etioResQue: thanks :)18:03
kriskropdrocki34: i'm not sure if this works because I installed my virtualbox without apt, but try dpkg -l virtualbox*18:03
sophie_lotuspsychje: what?18:03
kriskropdrocki34: i think it will list virtualbox-ose if you have it installed18:03
ufrgssubz3r0, yes, it was already installed.18:03
etiote: how do i actually browse into the second (big) partition?18:03
subz3r0ufrgs, there you go. the 100mb partition is from win718:04
lotuspsychjesophie_:for install Os sometimes you need to set cd-rom or usb to primary boot18:04
teetio: After that, just use fdisk to delete the two partitions and create one.  Fdisk will by default lable it as Linux.  Then use fsck to create the filesystem.  Then edit /etc/fstab and designate the mount point for it.18:04
ufrgssubz3r0, but how come Ubuntu be booting from this partition ?18:04
sophie_lotuspsychje: are you saying I should lose all my data and go into the long process of reinstalling a whole system just because the shift shortcut failed? I surely do hope there are other options before coming to that.18:04
etiote: allright, sounds like something i could do.18:04
rocki34kriskropd: It doesn't say OSE anywhere...18:04
etiote: as in, doesnt sound very complicated18:04
subz3r0ufrgs, you can install ofc the bootloader there. grub doesnt need that much space18:05
teetio: You will only be able to browse to it after you specify the mount point in the /etc/fstab file18:05
lotuspsychjesophie_:what was the last point you could boot any Os before?18:05
etiote: allright18:05
ufrgssubz3r0, and both partitions have the same File System, ntfs.18:05
subz3r0ufrgs, but i recommend for the next time. kill all partitions before you install it :)18:05
subz3r0ufrgs, thats the deal ;)18:05
teetio: man fstab  &   man fsck18:05
rocki34kriskropd: Ill post a screenshot of what I'm seeing, I don't know how to determine if it's the OSE version or not.18:05
beandogsophie_: wait ... what happened?18:05
teetio: but we will help as needed18:05
ufrgssubz3r0, and where is Ubuntu installed ?18:05
redscaredoes anyone know how to get dhclient to work on a network with a hidden ssid?18:05
etiote: allright, ill be figuring this out for the next 20min18:06
sophie_beandog: nothing happened, that I know of.18:06
subz3r0ufrgs, if its a fresh isntallation, just delete all partitions and reinstall ubuntu18:06
teetio: not fsck  mkfs   sorry...18:06
sophie_beandog: it's just that I can't boot into any OS no more.18:06
beandoguh .. okay?  why not18:06
teetio: Ok let us know if you need more help.18:06
beandogredscare: network manager lets you do it18:06
subz3r0ufrgs, i guess boatloader in partition one, ubuntu itself in partition two18:06
sophie_lotuspsychje: in time, you mean? just a few minutes ago ubuntu was working.18:06
beandogredscare: or do you wanna use iwconfig18:06
ufrgssubz3r0, I think my disk is completely full. That is why I am wondering.18:06
redscarebeandog: this is actually to solve a problem i'm having with nm18:07
ufrgssubz3r0, and where is windows then ?18:07
subz3r0ufrgs, sorry im out of time, need to eat then leave. but im sure any1 else can help you18:07
beandogredscare: whats the nm problem? (if I can ask)18:07
subz3r0ufrgs, one more question, did you use WUBI?18:07
ufrgsI hitnk so, why ?18:07
lotuspsychjesophie_:did you update ubuntu before it happen?18:07
redscarebeandog: basically I couldn't connect to this hidden, wpa2-psk network today (i've been able to before which is strange). i decided to try to do it manually with wpa_supplicant/dhclient/iwconfig18:07
ufrgssubz3r0, yes, the applicatoin from Ubuntu CD. I think so.18:07
rocki34kriskropd: This is what I see. http://i.imgur.com/ye17y.png18:07
ufrgssubz3r0, Why?18:07
sophie_lotuspsychje: no18:08
subz3r0explain youre question again, and tell the ppl that you used "wubi". im outta here. sorry18:08
redscarewpa_supplicant connects, but dhclient just goes forever without getting an ip18:08
ufrgsWhyyyy.....y ..... y....18:08
etiote: How about I leave it be NTFS, mount it with /etc/fstab and delete all the existing data on there ?18:08
Piciufrgs: stop that18:08
beandogredscare: k I gotta run, you can use iwconfig on cli though: iwconfig wlan0 essid <name> (or something like that)18:08
etiote: sounds easier18:08
ufrgsPici, so help me!!!18:08
sophie_lotuspsychje: I had other problems, but I think unrelated. also, as i said, i shut it down by force.18:08
ufrgsPlease :D18:08
ufrgsPici, will you :)18:08
ufrgsI need18:08
Piciufrgs: I don't even know what your issue is, I just see you asking 'why'18:09
sophie_lotuspsychje: the disk was full.18:09
lotuspsychjesophie_:its very hard to believe ubuntu cant be booted anymore or grub18:09
sophie_lotuspsychje: yet it's the case. So what can I do from here?18:09
subz3r0ufrgs, "explain youre question again, and tell the ppl that you used "wubi". im outta here. sorry"18:09
kriskropdrocki34: i'm not sure then :/ you should try asking in #vbox , they ought to know much more than I do ~ if they can't figure out why your virtualbox isn't working, they may be able to hint what you need to do on ubuntu to fix it18:09
ufrgsPici, well, I am facing huge problems here when I try to figure how is my HDD partioned.18:09
ufrgsPici, or partitioned, is this a word?18:09
subz3r0ufrgs, what did i tell you?18:10
redscarei'm having a problem where network manager won't connect to a wpa2-psk network with a hidden ssid. i then decided to isolate the problem. I can connect with wpa_supplicant, but then dhclient fails to get an IP address. I can also connect to non-hidden ssids. Can anyone help?18:10
teetio: You can, but I would strongly recommend you use a native Linux filesystem. Is there date on it you want to keep?18:10
subz3r0---> WUBI <---18:10
lotuspsychjesophie_:you could try windows7 cd to rescue, or ubuntu cd to repair18:10
subz3r0mention that...18:10
etiote: date?18:10
sophie_lotuspsychje: ok I booted into a CD. what now ?18:10
rocki34kriskropd: Ugh, the smaller IRC channels never respond. I'll try to download VBox again from the official site.18:10
lotuspsychjesophie_:wich one?18:10
etiote: well, yes. that's why i was backing up. Might as well leave it on there.. IF ntfs is not a problem18:10
Piciufrgs: What sort of problems?18:10
etiote: what kind of complications could NTFS cause?18:10
ufrgsPici, well the guy just told me to mention I've used WIBI, which I am not 100% sure either but I think so if my memory can help me this time.18:10
sophie_lotuspsychje: ubuntu 12.04 desktop18:11
Piciufrgs: How did you install Ubuntu? Did you boot from the CD or did you start the install from Windows?18:11
kriskropdrocki34: http://www.liberiangeek.net/2012/05/install-virtualbox-4-1-14-in-ubuntu-12-04-precise-pangolin/ here is a brief guide if you do that18:11
ufrgsPici, I have both Windows and Ubuntu installed at this HDD. And I am starting to feel both systems are HD space short.18:11
teetio: You can't have the file permissions that linux uses, but.... that's ok if you dont care.18:11
lotuspsychjesophie_:you can try a repair install with ubuntu18:11
kriskropdrocki34: also i'm sorry that smaller IRC channels tend to require more patience :(18:11
ufrgsPici, if I remeber well I did start installation from Windows.18:11
sophie_lotuspsychje: how to do that18:12
tolmunselfAnswer .. missing Python3 on default 12.0418:12
etiote: I actually do care. Allright ill back it up :)18:12
ufrgsPici, why is it so important ?18:12
teetio: So you can leave it as is and just use /dev/sdb218:12
rocki34kriskropd: Haha, it's nothing you should be apologizing for :P18:12
kriskropdrocki34: i've been there, done that, i know the pain >_<18:12
Piciufrgs: Because installing using WUBI does not partition the harddrive. It creates a file within Windows that it uses as a virtual drive.18:12
teetio: Ok copy files off of it and you can put them back on again when you are done.18:12
etiote: allright18:12
ufrgsPici, ohh... and is it good ?18:13
rocki34kriskropd: That's not what I find annoying though. I find it annoying that the IRC channels aren't even that small; they have like 150 people sitting in there. But not one will respond for like 15 minutes.18:13
Piciufrgs: good? Many power users don't like it because it makes troubleshooting booting issues much harder to diagnose.18:13
rocki34kriskropd: Thanks for the link, btw.18:13
ufrgsPici, ok, and lets say I want to partition my disk now, without loosing Windows. But reinstalling Ubuntu on its free new partition, is it possible?18:14
redscaresorry for repeating, but if anyone can offer any help i'd be very grateful: i'm having a problem where network manager won't connect to a wpa2-psk network with a hidden ssid. i then decided to isolate the problem. I can connect with wpa_supplicant, but then dhclient fails to get an IP address. I can also connect to non-hidden ssids.18:14
kriskropdrocki34: 150 people who have nothing to attend to will go off and do other things, leaving IRC open... I do that alot :)18:14
lotuspsychjesophie_:you can try this: http://askubuntu.com/questions/122683/upgrade-to-precise-messed-up-grub218:14
sophie_lotuspsychje: How to do a "repair install with ubuntu" ? Should I click on "try it" rather than "install it" ?18:14
Piciufrgs: yes, but if you're having space issues in Windows, you should get those sorted out before continuing.18:15
siavashserverufrgs, http://www.techspot.com/community/topics/step-by-step-beginners-guide-to-installing-ubuntu-11-10.172128/18:15
teetio: It is going to appear as just yet another directory in the already existing filesystem, so be thinking of what directory name you want for it.18:15
etiote: allright18:15
ufrgsPici, do you think if I partition the disk now from Linux side, can I loose Windows?18:16
lotuspsychjesophie_:try it18:16
subz3r0ufrgs, just finished lunch... and YES you CAN18:16
sophie_lotuspsychje: try what, exactly18:16
Piciufrgs: You should have backups before repartitioning.18:16
sophie_lotuspsychje: there are a few answers.18:17
sophie_lotuspsychje: should I just type update-grub into a terminal ?18:17
ufrgsPici, I have it, how do I do that ?18:17
lotuspsychjesophie_:choose try ubuntu, then go to terminal and update grub like the link says18:17
ufrgssubz3r0, man you eat fast heih!18:17
ufrgsPici, with fdisk ?18:17
subz3r0not rly, was already havin lunch while talking to you18:17
subz3r0use gparted18:18
siavashserverufrgs, gparted18:18
Piciufrgs: use gparted from the Ubuntu live CD18:18
Piciufrgs: But again, if you are having low diskspace issues right now, you need to figure those out before you continue.18:18
subz3r0ufrgs, but be aware. you damage the bootloader of windows = Crap is going on18:18
ufrgsCan't I edit those partition from Windows side to ensure it will stay ?18:19
sophie_lotuspsychje: an error occurred. It says: can't find a device for /. is /dev mounted ?18:19
lotuspsychjesophie_:interesting howto here too: http://thpc.info/dual/win7/dualboot_win7+ubuntu1204_grub_mbr_on_win7.html18:19
karen_Deckers : : : : Remember to make your ubuntu upgrades18:19
subz3r0ufrgs, if you have backups, i would recommend DELETE THE WHOLE DISK (all partitions). reinstall windows(without the 100mb parition, see google for that). the rest space will be unallocated.... there u can easily install ubuntu18:20
sophie_lotuspsychje: please note that this has been working before, and I didn't do anything to change it.18:20
lotuspsychjesophie_:if it cant find your hd, it might be broken or very FULL, if its full its gonna be hard booting to anything..18:20
sophie_lotuspsychje: I had windows 7 and ubuntu, and it was fine. Now I can't log into any of them.18:20
subz3r0ufrgs, but remember, its better to first install windows 7 and then ubuntu.18:20
sophie_lotuspsychje: yes it might be full.18:21
subz3r0Sophie_, what does "cant log int" mean?18:21
subz3r0does the system boot? any of it?18:21
lotuspsychjesophie_:sounds like you need a rescue cd to boot, to clean up hd space first18:21
sophie_subz3r0: no it doesn't even boot18:21
terinjokesis it possible to install Ubuntu Server 12.04 on an OpenVZ VPS?18:21
subz3r0or is there something like "no system found"18:21
karen_Deckersi use Ubuntu with only 20 Gio, the rest of the disk for Windows. i need to pratice linux CMD lines ..18:21
sophie_subz3r0: i don't even get to choose which system to find, it doesn't even get to grub. I just get 'no OS found'18:22
lotuspsychjesubz3r0: she says she cant login to grub neither anymore18:22
karen_Deckersany URl to learn Terminal use?18:22
subz3r0sophie_, sorry to tell you that, buts youre in a mess now. sounds like the bootloader is gone18:22
lotuspsychje!bash | karen_Deckers18:22
ubottukaren_Deckers: The linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome), K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE), or Menu -> Accessories -> LXTerminal (LXDE). Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal18:22
subz3r0you can run windows from cd and then try "fixmbr"18:22
sophie_subz3r0: so what to do from here.18:22
subz3r0but u wont be able to start ubuntu then...18:23
ubottuThe linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome), K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE), or Menu -> Accessories -> LXTerminal (LXDE). Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal18:23
ufrgssubz3r0, why not ?18:23
ufrgssubz3r0, because Ubuntu start from inside Grub which is inside Windows ?18:24
karen_Deckerscool man, thanx . im on the lastest Ubuntu version, so alot of thing changed . the last i used was the 9.04 xD!18:24
RaverX3Xquestion is there a fast way to find out why my desktop runing  ubuntu reaches 100 percent cpu on both cores fast but my core 2 laptop does not18:24
melkorwhy do usb's slow down so much when copying large files?18:24
sophie_lotuspsychje: so I am logged into the ubuntu live cd. What to do from here?18:24
subz3r0ufrgs, because the win bootloader doesnt like it to be changed from grub. or even be overwritten by grub18:24
aaasanyone know how i can benchmark my php performance?18:24
lotuspsychjesophie_:update grub from terminal as described in the link i gave you18:24
subz3r0ufrgs, there are several nice tutorials on youtube, how to install a dual boot system. just check em out18:25
kriskropdRaverX3X: try running top in a shell, you can hit 'c' to show actual commands18:25
sophie_lotuspsychje: I tried sudo update-grub but it displayed the error I said.18:25
sophie_lotuspsychje: an error occurred. It says: can't find a device for /. is /dev mounted ?18:25
sophie_lotuspsychje: please note that this has been working before, and I didn't do anything to change it.18:25
sophie_sophie_: these last two were reposts.18:25
lotuspsychjesophie_:the disk might be full18:25
sophie_lotuspsychje: well yes I know that, so what can I do from here?18:25
ufrgssubz3r0, the idea of reinstalling Windows makes me fell bad.18:25
karen_DeckersUbuntu 12.04 LTS , thats totaly new to me. the last time i was on linux it was the 9.04 ..... Thanks for that Old School chat ;)18:26
subz3r0lotuspsychje, ext3 will reserve about 5% of the space.. so you cant run out of space18:26
subz3r0well should not be able to...18:26
kriskropdmelkor: usb bus only has so much bandwidth, also Linux manages the bus a little differently than Windows from what I understand18:26
sophie_lotuspsychje: and in any case shouldn't I at least be able to *read* grub ? I mean grub doesn't require *writing* to the disk, does it? Or is it possible that ubuntu overwrote over grub ???18:26
sophie_subz3r0: I have ext4. don't know if it's relevant.18:27
lotuspsychjesophie_:that depends what happened to the mbr18:27
ufrgsThank you guys!18:27
subz3r0ext4 should to the same18:27
sophie_lotuspsychje: I don't know.18:27
sophie_so what can I do from here?18:28
tolmunis any nice dark-greay transformation pack of ubuntu?18:28
lotuspsychjesubz3r0:she told me her win7 disk was full18:28
sophie_lotuspsychje: actually, only ubuntu is full.18:28
subz3r0lotuspsychje, that doesnt matter to ubuntu18:28
sophie_subz3r0: or might be.18:28
subz3r0god damnit my f..... headache is killing me18:28
karen_Deckersto put my keyboard on French Canadian it's.... control panel right?18:28
xangualotuspsychje: you can find themes in gnome-look.org18:28
xangua!language | subz3r018:29
ubottusubz3r0: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.18:29
* sarsaeol gives subz3r0 some hydrocodone18:29
subz3r0xangua, ohh c'mon :(18:29
subz3r0better dcc me some aspirin, pal! ;p18:29
lotuspsychjesophie_:try a reinstall clean ubuntu next to win7, might be the easiest way18:30
subz3r0sophie_ anyway. i would try to fix first the loader of windows 7 with fixmbr18:30
Skrillex123HELP!! MY MIC ISINT WORKING!!18:30
teSkrillex123: How can we help you?18:30
sophie_subz3r0: I would rather fix it all at the same time18:30
Skrillex123can you help me fix it/18:31
Skrillex123i tried alsamixer and it didint wor18:31
subz3r0sophie_: I would ask my magic glas, but i dont know where the loader of ubuntu is installed on your system, neither how many partitions you have etc :)18:32
groupersI have a script (sbf_flash) which I cannot change permissions on18:32
teSkrillex123: What OS do you have installed?18:32
RaverX3Xhumm trying to figure out why wine would cause 100 percent cpu usage on my desktop vs my laptop and there almost identically the same setups18:32
teSkrillex123: Fully updated?18:32
sophie_why is sudo update-grub replying: "grub probe: can't find a device for /. Is grub mounted ?"18:32
groupersevery time I try with chmod, even with sudo, or in the file properties (clicking "Allow executing...") it just unchecks it or doesn't get the permissions18:33
grouperswhat is the problem?18:33
groupersI'm so frustrated18:33
teSkrillex123: How does the mic show up in alsamixer?  Is it muted?  Is it turned up?18:33
Skrillex123yes no yes18:33
subz3r0sophie_, check with "mount"18:33
sophie_groupers: your fs is ntfs, not ext418:33
sophie_subz3r0: what does that mean?18:33
grouperssophie_, I really can't have execute permissions on files that aren't on ext partitions?18:34
groupersthat's obnoxious18:34
karen_Deckersim installing GNOME desktop environment. . .18:34
subz3r0check if the boot partition is mounted18:34
sophie_which partition ?18:34
sophie_this is a live cd we're talking about18:34
teSkrillex123: What sound chip do you have?  lspci |grep udio18:34
ubottuAs you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)18:34
harry__Error initializing camera: -60: Could not lock the device18:35
subz3r0where grub is installed. like i said, i dont know how many partitions your disk has18:35
subz3r0before you do anything, check exactly how many partitions you have.18:35
Skrillex123 Realtek ALC272X18:35
sophie_I have a few. and a few disks too, to make it more complicated18:35
teSkrillex123: See if your sound card is correctly identified in the upper left corner of the screen, (alsamixer).  If not, switch to it.18:36
sophie_why is sudo update-grub replying: "grub probe: can't find a device for /. Is grub mounted ?"18:36
grouperssophie_, thanks18:36
sophie_groupers: you got it.18:36
KingFisherWE HAD JOY WE HAD FUN18:36
FloodBot1KingFisher: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.18:36
DJonesKingFisher: Stop that18:36
Skrillex123Card: HDA Intel                                      F1:  Help               │18:37
Skrillex123│ Chip: Realtek ALC272X                                F2:  System information18:37
BluesKajSkrillex123, cat /proc/asound/modules , need to know which driver/module is loaded18:37
harry__Cant see my cell phone....       unable to mount the device Error initializing camera: -60: Could not lock the device18:37
Jordan_Ute: Are you trying to run update-grub from a LiveCD/USB?18:37
Skrillex123how do i do that18:37
lotuspsychjesophie_:when you reinstall ubuntu it will save your /home and make all space18:37
=== _will_i_am is now known as ___will___
teJordan_U: No, not me18:38
Jordan_Ute: Sorry, wrong nick.18:38
bluewave22i need some help with my nvidia card ... help please!18:38
sophie_lotuspsychje: seriously I don't want to get into that, then I would have to reinstall everything, and reconfigure it all, mouse options, keyboard shortcuts, etc, it's a long process.18:38
BluesKajSkrillex123, are you asking me ? if so please use the nick of the pewrson you want to address18:38
teSkrillex123: F6 I think, (it should be on the screen).18:38
Jordan_Usophie_: Note that update-grub just updates the grub.cfg, it doesn't install grub. To run update-grub from a LiveCD/USB you'll need to chroot into your installed system first.18:39
sophie_Jordan_U: so is that what I need to do ?18:39
Skrillex123te: STILL DOSNT WORK18:39
sophie_Jordan_U: or is it just the right tool for my issue ?18:39
Jordan_Usophie_: Could you give a brief recap of your issue?18:39
sophie_Jordan_U: or is it just *not* the right tool for my issue ?18:39
lotuspsychjeJordan_U:she cant boot into grub or win7 anymore,18:41
lotuspsychjeJordan_U:i told her to update grub from within livecd18:41
sophie_Jordan_U: my issue is simple, I can't boot into any OS (I have 2, windows 7 and ubuntu 12.04 desktop 64b). It was working before, and I didn't change anything regarding this. I didn't install a new hdd or anything. The computer was shut down by force. And the file system where / and /home (it's the same partition) might be full.18:41
sophie_Jordan_U: and yeah, even grub doesn't show.18:42
Jordan_Ulotuspsychje: Just for the future, "update-grub" is never going to help with "OS not found" errors from the BIOS as it only rewrites /boot/grub/grub.cfg, it doesn't install grub.18:42
etioTE: ok, i'm ready to whipe the 2 partitions off now18:42
etiote: with fdisk you say?18:42
sophie_Jordan_U: and I'm logged into a live cd, and waiting for instructions.18:42
sveintanyone experienced with  UEFI? I have some problems with dual booting18:42
lotuspsychjeJordan_U: ive read some errors have been fixed with mbr after a grub update with win7 corrupt18:43
Jordan_Usophie_: Please run boot info script and pastebin the RESULTS.txt that it produces.18:43
Jordan_U!bootinfo | sophie_18:43
ubottusophie_: Boot info script is a usefull script for diagnosing boot problems. Run the script following the directions here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1291280 and then look at RESULTS.txt (or !pastebin it for others to look at).18:43
Skrillex123can i reinstall ubuntu without a usb or disc?18:43
Jordan_Ulotuspsychje: update-grub never touches the mbr or anything but the single file /boot/grub/grub.cfg .18:43
lotuspsychjejordan_U: how come win7 users corrupt their grub then on dualboots?18:44
BluesKajsophie_,  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows?action=show&redirect=RestoreGrub18:45
Jordan_Ulotuspsychje: I don't understand your question. Could you try rephrasing it?18:45
karen_DeckersOk. I will uninstall Unity interface for GNOME..18:45
lotuspsychjeJordan_U: many ppl installing win7 dualboot with ubuntu got a corrupt grub, not booting anything anymore..18:46
BluesKajSkrillex123, copy and paste this , cat /proc/asound/modules, into the terminal , need to know which driver/module is loaded18:46
sveintI have installed windows and ubuntu on seperate harddisks, and I have two EFS partitions...UEFI (bios) detects them fine individually, as do GRUB, but selecting windows in GRUB gives EFI path not found..18:46
lotuspsychjethere we go..18:47
karen_Deckersi have windows 7 AND ubuntu into my HDD, dont have any troubleshoot =)18:47
Jordan_Ulotuspsychje: Installing Windows after Ubuntu will cause you to lose grub as Windows's installer will clobber it. That has nothing to do with the "update-grub" command.18:47
ubottuThe linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome), K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE), or Menu -> Accessories -> LXTerminal (LXDE). Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal18:47
karen_Deckers!BASH karen_deckers18:47
lotuspsychjeJordan_U:some website think it does help updating grub18:47
Picikaren_Deckers: *read* what ubottu told you18:47
Jordan_Usveint: Could you please pastebin your /boot/grub/grub.cfg ?18:48
sveintI can boot either windows or ubuntu, but I have to select it in the bios...selecting it in grub fails..18:48
bluewave22having real issues with my Nvidia card... help please!18:48
Skrillex123can i reinstall ubuntu without cd or usb18:48
BluesKajSkrillex123, no, unless you upgrade to newer release over the internet18:50
sveintJordan_U, http://pastebin.com/MLVgaK4418:50
sveintI think the problem is that windows was installed on one hd, then I inserted another and made a new EFS when installing Ubuntu18:50
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sveintI'm very new to UEFI, so that might have been wrong ;)18:51
=== jacob_ is now known as Guest52837
sveinteh, I mean UEFI system partition, not EFS18:52
Jordan_Usveint: The problem is that those Windows entries are for booting Windows via BIOS, but 1: You're booted via UEFI and 2: Your Windows install needs to be loaded via UEFI.18:53
sveintI tried adding soomething to 40_config, but it never got added18:53
tobeHello Plz help me. Im trying to install "libavcodec-extra-53" and also in the update "mplayer" wont install because they are not "authenticated" how do i fix this?18:54
Jordan_Usveint: Grub doesn't auto detect UEFI based Windows automatically, so you'll need to add a manual entry in /boot/grub/custom.cfg.18:54
paulus68what is the highest level of anonymously for a proxy server18:54
sveint40_custom i mean18:54
sveintI've read tons of guides etc, never picked that up :\18:54
tnkQuestion.... Recent upgrade to 12.04.. Now my sound input devices (important microphone) can't configure... Was working fine in 11.10..18:54
guntbert!ot | paulus6818:54
ubottupaulus68: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!18:54
sveintmenuentry "Windows 7 UEFI" {18:55
sveint  search --file --no-floppy --set=root /efi/Microsoft/Boot/bootmgfw.efi18:55
sveint  chainloader (${root})/efi/Microsoft/Boot/bootmgfw.efi18:55
FloodBot1sveint: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.18:55
sveintwill that do?18:55
tnkIs there a way to roll back the volume control program to a previous version? It worked better then18:55
Jordan_Usveint: Create a file /boot/grub/custom.cfg with this for the contents: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1097109/18:56
paulus68guntbert: to my humble opinion this is not ot since I use squid and want to know how to get my proxy set to the highest level of anony?18:56
etiote: are you there?18:56
BlitzHereIs there any way to have the computer turn num Lock on automatically at boot?18:56
sveintok, thank you!18:56
tnkAnyone have expertise about sound configuration?18:56
Jordan_Usveint: You're welcome.18:57
tnkThe microphone worked fine under 11.10, and now 12.04 has it ruined18:57
tobePlz help me. Im trying to install "libavcodec-extra-53" and also in the update "mplayer" wont install because they are not "authenticated" how do i fix this?18:57
guntbertpaulus68: to be honest I don't understand what you want but it is not ubuntu support to help you configure squid18:57
Jordan_Usophie_: Did you see my request for you to run boot info script?18:57
sveintJordan_U, when running update-grub it didn't show those entries, is that normal?18:58
tnkguntbert, can you help about a microphone setup? it worked fine under 11.10, but now it doesn't with the recent upgrade to 12.04.. it's a highly reported bug, it seems.. a lot of people have similar difficulties.. so I saw in launchpad18:58
etioI need to add my secondary HDD ( /dev/sdb1/, type: linux ) to /etc/fstab but I can't find the UUID of the disk?18:58
guntberttnk: sorry, no - I rarely use sound at all18:58
Jordan_Usveint: Yes.18:58
sveintok, thanks again, will reboot and test :-)18:59
sophie_Jordan_U: yes that's what I was doing the whole time, it takes a while. There it is : http://pastebin.com/iQUYKU1018:59
tnkAnyone in here know about sound configuration? Microphone specifically.. It doesn't seem to work under 12.04, although was fine in 11.10.. I hate how LTS upgrades muck everything up.. I'm never upgrading again..18:59
paulus68guntbert: what I want to know is how do I secure/configure my squid in order to be complete anonymous example that you are not able to detect my ISP or what browser I use and what type of OS I am running18:59
paulus68guntbert: if there is a squid channel available I would be happy to ask my question there19:00
guntbertpaulus68: configuring squid is (in my opinion) not on topic in this channel19:00
glitsj16etio: run 'sudo blkid'19:01
BluesKajtnk ,do you have any audio at all ?19:01
tnkAnyone expert in sound.. or should I be in alsa or pulse channel or something?19:01
tnkBluesKaj, I have audio.. I haven't been able to successfully test the mic input in any program19:01
Jordan_Usophie_: Follow this guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2/Installing#ChRoot19:01
tnkI tried sound reco, but it didn't recognize the correct input19:01
tnkThat's the issue19:01
tnkIt only lists capture as the channel19:01
guntbertpaulus68: try #squid :-)   and19:02
guntbert!alis | paulus6819:02
ubottupaulus68: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" for help and ask any questions about it in #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*19:02
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BluesKajtnk , what audio chip , in alsamixer19:03
cbloklandHi there, I am running Ubuntu 12.04 with a motherboard of type ASRock Z77 Extreme4 and cant find the right driver for the onboard video card, I want to combine the videocards because both screens are connected to another videocard, one into the onboard card and another in a GTX670-DC2-2GD5  card19:03
cbloklandProblem is that the onboard card is not seen when I open up the displays configuration19:03
glitsj16!numlockx | BlitzHere19:03
etioglitsj16, i ran 'sudo blkid' but it doesnt show me the disk.19:04
tnkBluesKaj, It's an integrated audio chip on an intel board, I think.. 915 maybe.. nothing special..19:04
etioglitsj16, fdisk -l does show me the disk19:04
etiobut without UUID19:04
ZehleI have a computer that's using Ubuntu 9.04 so it's to old to update straight away with the updating tool...how do I do? I want to upgrade to 11.04 :)19:04
tnkBluesKaj, If you have a spec analysis program that will output what I have, or a command to run in the terminal, I'm happy to19:05
xangua!eol | Zehle19:05
ubottuZehle: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades19:05
BluesKajtnk what does cat /proc/asound/modules , output19:06
tnkBluesKaj, http://pastebin.com/ZZgZAVeX19:06
glitsj16etio: hang on, checking on how to generate a new UUID19:07
Zehleubottu: Thanx! :D I knew it was EOL but I wanted a way, to don't have to boot from usb  :)19:07
ubottuZehle: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)19:07
BluesKajtnk, also I have to ask if any of the ctrls in alsa mixer ,if  the mic especially has a MM in the box , use the M key to unmute19:08
ZehleUbottu: :(19:08
[snake]is there any C programming gurus here? or at least someone that can give me some direction?19:08
guntbertZehle: read what ubottu told you19:08
Pici[snake]: Try ##C19:08
Zehleguntbert: I saw that19:08
Seveas[snake], turn right at the next stop sign :)19:08
tnkBluesKaj, there's no response picking up voice or input regardless of mute or unmute or locked or unlocked levels19:08
Seveas[snake], or feel free to pm me or come to #ubuntu-offtopic19:08
[snake]how to pm? Seveas19:09
guntbertZehle: did you *read* it too? especially https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades ?19:09
sophie_Jordan_U: so, I tried what you said.19:09
tnkBluesKaj, I have two usb webcameras attached, and then there is listed also the input audio/front, rear, line selections.. the key webcamera is the lifecam connected to the front usb port of the tower..19:09
Zehleguntbert: Please, am I supposed to do it in 3 secs? Why are you on me?! :S19:09
Zehleguntbert: srry, I am reading it, sorry if you missunderstood19:10
guntbertZehle: no, sorry, take your time, I only asked because of your response (to ubottu )19:10
sophie_Jordan_U: first of all there's something weird, it can't find sda5 but if I remember correctly that's where ubuntu is (though I might be mistaken). so if I try just mount /dev/sda5 /mnt, it says not found.19:10
glitsj16etio: http://askubuntu.com/questions/109938/change-hdds-uuid might help19:10
Zehleguntbert: it's okej I wasn't very clear in my words...19:10
BluesKajtnk,  in the terminal , sudo modprobe snd-hde-intel , if the module loads properly there won't be any output19:11
sophie_Jordan_U: and second, if I try just mount /dev/sda1 /mnt, it asks me to specify the file system. That's probably because it's a file system not known to ubuntu, which is of no surprise since that's not (as far as I remember) where linux is.19:11
etiothanks glitsj1619:11
teetio: Still there?19:12
BluesKajtnk,  sorry , sudo modprobe snd-hda-intel19:12
tewas away...19:12
sophie_Jordan_U: and third19:12
tnksnd-hda-intel is already loaded... isn't it?19:12
teetio: How far did you get with it?19:12
sophie_Jordan_U: well there's no third, but I was always told there must be a third, so...19:13
glitsj16BlitzHere: have you found the package 'numlockx' ? got side-tracked for a moment19:13
teetio: YOu don't really have to use the uuid because it's not a usb drive. so...19:14
etiote: with fdisk i whiped both partiotns19:14
etiote: now trying to add it to fstab19:14
teetio: n19:14
BluesKajtnk, run the command anyway , it won't hurt anything19:14
tnkBluesKaj, did so..19:14
tnkdidn't change anything19:14
teetio: Did you create the new one?19:14
etiote: its filesystem is linux. is this correct?19:14
etiote: yes19:14
fabian__What format should I use to use as File System on a new hard drive? ext4 or 3?19:15
teetio: Did you create filesystem on it yet?19:15
BlitzHereglitsj16: hold on. will search19:15
teetio: mkfs.etx4 /dev/sdb219:15
fabian__What format should I use to use as File System on a new hard drive? ext4 or 3?19:16
teetio: Get that done?19:16
aaasis there a way to log in as user2 while keeping all the programs open and session active for user1 like windows?19:16
etiote: sec19:16
glitsj16BlitzHere: no problem, once installed you'll need to add an autostart item for it, use '/usr/bin/numlockx on' as command19:16
aaas'switch to another user'19:16
teetio: What it the name of the directory you want to use for the mount point?19:17
etiote: sec, i already created a partition with fdisk19:17
etiote: its filesystem is linux19:17
etiote: http://pastebin.com/8HTUKGM819:17
tnkBluesKaj, I think somehow I need to indicate to PulseAudio that Lifecam should be received from the port: usb.. not port: microphone??19:18
fabian__How do I rename a disk ?19:18
teetio: mkfs.etx4 /dev/sdb1  #Did you create the filesystem yet?19:19
BluesKajyes the webcam seems to be the default audio card "card0" , what does phonon show , tnk ?19:19
teetio: sudo mkfs.etx4 /dev/sdb219:19
sophie_Jordan_U: are you gone?19:19
tnkBluesKaj, phon?19:19
sophie_my problem is still not solved, can someone else help me?19:19
etiote: did you look at the pastebin?19:20
BluesKajphonon tnk , part of the audio setup19:20
fabian__sophie_, what is your problem ?19:20
tnkIs this a commandline?19:20
etiote: i think it already takes all the space19:20
teetio: Yes19:20
tnkI don't know what you're asking, BluesKaj19:20
etiote: that partition19:20
ResQueaaas: haha like windows user switching, no linux is a true mutiuser system, user switching in linux is much better19:20
etiote: but ok! ill run it19:20
teetio: I see that you created the partition, but;  Did you create the filesystem yet?19:20
etiote: no19:20
teetio: sudo mkfs.etx4 /dev/sdb219:21
etiote: allright19:21
sophie_fabian__: my issue is simple, I can't boot into any OS (I have 2, windows 7 and ubuntu 12.04 desktop 64b). It was working before, and I didn't change anything regarding this. I didn't install a new hdd or anything. The computer was shut down by force. And the file system where / and /home (it's the same partition) might be full.19:21
etiote: sudo mkfs.etx4 /dev/sdb219:21
etiote:  mkfs.etx4: command not found19:21
sophie_fabian__: and I don't even see grub.19:21
sophie_fabian__: I am logged into a live cd and waiting for instructions.19:22
rbikhe all, I having that bluetooth problem on my Toshiba satellite well always had it now with 12.04 any ideas. And yes I do have it on my comp.19:22
fabian__sophie_, what happens when you boot the computer ?19:22
sophie_fabian__: it says 'no OS found'.19:22
sophie_fabian__: although there's win7 and ubuntu on it.19:23
aaasResQue I just want to swtch, from gnome to another user and login and have those two sessions simultaneous, how do i do that19:23
sophie_fabian__: I don't even see grub19:23
ResQueaaas: just click the gearss symbol in the top right hand cornor, click lock screen, and then click switch user19:23
fabian__sophie_, if it's about you loose a system, would you rather loose windows or ubuntu?19:23
BluesKajtnk, audio settings gtstreamer19:23
auronandacesophie_: fire up gparted, do you see the partitions?19:23
ActionParsniprbik: if you run:  dmesg | grep -i blue   do you see outputs relating to the bluetooth device? Do you dual boot the system?19:24
sophie_fabian__: haha.19:24
aaasResQue there it is, thanks19:24
ResQueaaas: :-D19:24
sophie_auronandace: let me try that.19:24
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teetio: sudo mkfs -t ext4 /dev/sdb119:25
etiote: thanks19:25
rbikActionParsnip is this what your looking for? http://pastebin.com/A7vifzA719:25
teetio: Is that working?19:25
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ActionParsniprbik: do you dual boot the system?19:26
guntbert!away > untux_afk19:26
ubottuuntux_afk, please see my private message19:26
teetio: While that is working... tell me the directory name you want to use?19:26
ActionParsniprbik: seems it's detected. If you run:  sudo hcitool dev    does it list the device?19:26
etiote: /media/hdd2/19:26
teetio: What are you going to put in it?19:27
etiote: data!19:27
etiote: a folder19:27
etiote: containing movies19:27
teetio: vidoes?  or movies?19:27
tnkBluesKaj, gstreamer audio settings indicates that there can be sound input, but then it starts highly echoing..19:27
tnkBluesKaj, I think we're making progress..19:27
teetio: Why not just name it vidoes or Videos or movies or Movies?19:27
tnkBluesKaj, should I make default input pulseaudio instead of alsa?19:28
ActionParsniprbik: what model Satellite is it please?19:28
tnkwhen I do that, it gets very feedback-looping.. though.. : -/19:28
etiote: true19:28
teetio: What is the user name on this system?   "etio"?19:28
etioetio: for sudo ? walter19:28
rbiklike the A66519:28
ActionParsniprbik: let me search19:29
sophie_auronandace: oh now I see what's wrong lol. the disk where the systems are supposed to be is just not shown.19:29
tnkBluesKaj, when gstreamer audio settings activates, it shows input is ok in the pavucontrol box.. and I see the blue line move backa nd forth with voice, but then it goes haywire in feedback/echo..19:29
tnkshould I assume that perhaps my mic will now work with a program activating it?19:29
BluesKajtnk then one ctrl needs to be tutned down , yes to pulseaudio and if you wany more control , install pavucontrol , tha gives more options to direct sound to diferent outs and inputs as well19:29
teetio: Ok. Here is what I suggest, "Videos"  So, let's create the mount point: mkdir /home/walter/Videos19:29
sophie_auronandace: ok, so this might explain why it's not booting, and why the chroot command was not working19:29
teetio: Okay?19:29
etiote: hmm19:29
ZyewniHow can I modify a launcher shortcut to launch a program with parameters?19:30
etiote: i'd rather have it in /media/hdd2/ tho19:30
teetio: Why?19:30
sophie_auronandace: now the question is, why is my drive not shown? I didn't even touch it, it's still connected.19:30
etiote: because i might be hosting files for other people19:30
auronandacesophie_: what is the output of sudo fdisk -l?19:30
etiote: i have several users19:30
etiote: so the disk might not be used solely for movies19:30
tnkBluesKaj, I already have pavucontrol, but I can't get the proper configuration!19:30
etiote: but that's in the future19:30
teetio: I don't think that matters.  How about /home/walter/mdeia/19:30
slackinWanna see an SS of the lighting im working on? http://forums.pugbot.com/index.php?topic=1013.019:30
sophie_auronandace: I have a output of boot info, which you can find here: http://pastebin.com/iQUYKU1019:30
etiote: sure19:30
teetio: mkdir /home/walter/mdeia/19:31
guntbertslackin: don't advertise here19:31
etiote: ok19:31
slackinwrong channel19:31
slackinim sorry19:31
etiote: done19:31
slackinforgot i was on freenode19:31
slackinill logout19:31
FloodBot1slackin: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.19:31
teetio: Now it is time to create the entry in fstab:19:31
scroathow do I run sudo as an other user, in this case: postgres ?19:31
BluesKajtnk , you have to change the configuration in pavucontrol to use the mic exclusively19:31
etiote: im there19:31
teetio: /dev/sda1 /home/walter/media  defaults  0  019:31
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etiote: rebooting now19:32
tnkBluesKaj, how?19:32
tnkwhat do you mean?19:32
teetio: /dev/sdb1 /home/walter/media  defaults  0  019:32
Seveasscroat, sudo -u postgres19:32
etiote: oh, lol19:32
teetio  no need to reboot19:32
etiote: too late19:32
tnkBluesKaj, the sound setting config pavucontrol was SO much better in 11.xx19:32
auronandacesophie_: wow, big disks, two 2tb and a 3tb disk19:32
ActionParsniprbik: if you run:  lspci; lsusb     do you see bluetooth mentioneed?19:32
teetio: Ok... well you could have just mounted it.19:32
teetio: mount -a19:33
tnkBluesKaj, can't I just somehow rollback to that version?19:33
ZiberSo, I'm running out of reasons to keep windows 7 installed on my computer, save two or three. My solution then, for the instances where I need it (itunes, for instance), is to run Virtualbox. I also want to be able to mirror displays when I'm using a projector. Can I pass the VGA port to the VM somehow? This might be more of a question for #vbox.19:33
BluesKajtnk the dropdown in the input options19:33
etiote: i have the wrong line in fstab now, and i rebooted. will that cause problems?19:33
auronandacesophie_: is that all of them?19:33
etiote: it gives connection refused trough ssh19:33
sophie_auronandace: yes, but one of the 2TB is dead, and the 3TB is just for saving in double what's in the 2TB. So in the end, just 2TB.19:33
tnkBluesKaj, what about the dorpdowns? I played with them already...19:33
etiote: oops :D19:33
teetio: Oh well... you can fix it19:33
etiote: not trough ssh i guess?19:33
auronandacesophie_: good to see you know the value of backups19:34
BluesKajtnk, no mic choices ?19:34
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teetio: Sure, thourgh ssh19:34
sophie_auronandace: no it's not. There's the system, which is a sdd of roughly 200GB, half for windows 7, and half for ubuntu. But it doesn't show up, and that's why I can't boot. But why doesnt it show up? As i said, it might be full, but is that enough of a reason ?19:34
tnkBluesKaj, what are you asking? input devices lists lifecam and built-in audio stereo19:34
etiote: nope, ssh is refusing my connection19:34
tnkI can't see the blue line move back and forth with the lifecam, though, as I'm supposed to19:34
teetio: Probably not rebooted yet...19:34
gsedejhi! Using 12.04 live cd and wish to make FAT USB disk executable (run programs). I mounted with mount -o rw,exec,umask=1000, but it still says permision denied19:35
ActionParsniprbik: i'm seeing a lot of pages saying it's advertised as having bluetooth but in fact doesn't have it19:35
rbikActionParsnip No I don't.19:35
auronandacesophie_: so you got 4 disks, 1 is the ssd that doesn't show up at all19:35
sophie_auronandace: yes19:35
BluesKajtnk , got a mic input on the lifecam ?19:35
tnkBluesKaj, what are you asking?19:36
sophie_auronandace: for no reason, I didn't open the computer nor did I do anything that might change the mbr or grub or whatever this whole lot is.19:36
yannickok i'm wired now and not yet in wireless do you want it?19:36
tnkBluesKaj, I'm having difficulty understanding you19:36
auronandacesophie_: i take it that boot script was run from your livecd, so it represents your current situation? (hence why the ssd isn't on it)19:36
teetio: Do you not have a monitor and keyboard?19:36
ZyewniHow can I modify a launcher shortcut to launch a program with parameters?19:36
etiote: no, but ill hook it up right now19:36
etiote: doesnt seem like i can ssh in19:37
etiote: note that the bad line refers to /dev/sda1 which was already mounted19:37
teetio: Sure you have the IP correct?  And that it has rebooted?19:37
ActionParsnipgsedej: http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/linux-general-1/problem-executing-scripts-on-mounted-fat32-partition-178934/19:37
auronandacesophie_: that's rather perplexing, the case didn't get knocked or anything? dislodged the ssd perhaps?19:37
Ziberattempting mirroring displays makes my screen go black and I end up having to restart. any solutions for this?19:37
rbikActionParsnip ok I'll look into it thanks for all the help!19:37
fabian__sophie_, if you have anything really important on those systems go the a store next corner and buy a new HDD, reinstall one of the systems and to to check if this HDD is still working.19:37
BluesKajtnk, exactly what I asked , is the a micrphone input on the attached lifecam , otherwise your options are taken up by them19:37
etiote: yes, and yes19:37
sophie_auronandace: I could open it up but I really doubt it.19:38
teetio: Can you ping the IP?19:38
ZiberBeen trying all day to solve this mirroring issue, to no avail :(19:38
fabian__sophie_, maybe your disk burned.19:38
sophie_auronandace: the disk was full though, and the computer was shut down by force. I Don't know if this information is relevant.19:38
sophie_fabian__: I doubt it.19:38
fabian__sophie_, boot from cd and make a disk test.19:39
sophie_fabian__: I am logged into a live cd. What disk test are you talking about19:39
tnkBluesKaj, the Lifecam has a USB connection. It is a single connection. There is no separate microphone input.19:39
auronandacesophie_: i can't see that affecting whether the disk is detected19:39
sophie_auronandace: neither can I, but I'm just so lost that I'm giving away any information that can help you help me.19:40
fabian__sophie, I am afraid you gonna have to reboot.19:40
etiote: its not up, scanned the ssh port with nmap19:40
auronandacesophie_: it would just run a fsck next time it boots, not cause the disk to completely disappear19:40
sophie_fabian__: what do you mean by reboot.?19:40
etiote: ill just hook up a monitor19:40
UbunewbHi, I am using Rythmbox to play an audio CD. It does not fetch the right Songnames etc, instead it tells me that MusicBrainz cant find the right data. If I click on the "help submit data bla..." however, there is the right suggestion for the CD! How can I auto-tag the CD with Rythmbox properly?19:40
sophie_auronandace: come again?19:40
teetio: How do you know it has rebooted?  Yes hook up a monitor and keyboard...19:40
sophie_auronandace: what is it that you want me to do exactly ?19:41
gsedejActionParsnip, thanks. didn't know about order :)19:41
fabian__sophie_, when the boot shows a small white keyboard hit any   key you gonna see the tests available.19:41
auronandacesophie_: i haven't suggested anything yet19:41
sophie_auronandace: oh, sorry19:41
teetio: For all you know, it could be doing filesystem check, (it is a periodic function done at boot time).19:41
ZiberIs it a common issue that mirroring my computer (running 12.04) to a projector doesn't work? Extend works just fine.19:41
Brnocristwhy this script from udev event doesn't work? http://pastebin.com/iDzAhrK7 the error is: '** Message: Failed to get session bus: The connection is closed'19:41
sophie_auronandace: what was that about the fsck19:41
etiote: true, we'll find out soon enough19:41
bbhossthis is kinda random, but does anyone know why these other packages aren't going to be installed? : https://gist.github.com/e0101d772a9cdadce866 this is on 12.04 with a custom ruby1.9.1 PPA19:41
teetio: Ok19:41
fabian__I got to go now.19:42
auronandacesophie_: just saying if the pc was shutdown abruptly then the next boot will begin with an automatic fsck19:42
teetio: This is pretty extensive stuff here on a busy channel, shold have moved to PM.19:42
sophie_auronandace: oh, well yes you're right.19:42
auronandacesophie_: is the ssd pretty old? not nearing the end of its life?19:43
sophie_so why is my disk not showing in sudo fdisk -l even though it's wired, and even though it was working a few hours ago, and even though it's brand new ?19:43
sophie_auronandace: no, a few months old19:43
guntbertZiber: I have no idea, but you might want to tell the channel a little about your hardware (at least about the video card)19:43
beandogsophie_: that's not good.  Unhook it and reattach it19:43
Ziberguntbert: intel onboard graphics card, i think. how do i get exact info? lspci?19:43
tesophie_: Disk failure?  ....19:43
auronandacesophie_: i'm stumped, the only thing i can suggest is rechecking and reattaching the ssd19:44
tnkauronandace, can you help me get my mic working?19:44
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auronandacetnk: i'm no good with mics sorry, i just plugged mine it and it works, beyond that i know nothing more19:45
tnkAnyone good with mics in here?19:45
BluesKajtnk, , this might work , alt+f2 , gksudo gedit /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf , add this line to the bottom of the file and save it , options snd-hda-intel index=019:45
guntbertZiber: try   sudo lshw -C video, put the output into a !pastebin please19:46
ZiberWhen trying to mirror displays, my laptop screen goes black and the projector's image freezes. lspci info: http://inside.liber.in/~ziber/lspci.txt19:46
guntbert!pastebin | Ziber19:46
ubottuZiber: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.19:46
tetnk: Are you sure you have a working mic plugged into correct port?19:46
livingdaylightI have a an application-installer.bin file and wonder how I install it, anyone, please?19:46
sophie_once again, before I forced the system to shut down, the system was complaining that the disk was full (well, the partition it was on). Could it have overwritten mbr or grub or other things that would make it not appear in gparted anymore?19:46
tnkte, yes.. it's a mic combined with webcam19:46
tetnk: And that it is not muted or turned down?19:46
tnki can get as far as hearing voice input echoed in gstreamer settings19:46
auronandacesophie_: no, was grub on the ssd?19:46
sophie_auronandace: yes19:47
tnkbut i can't get pavucontrol input adjustments to reflect any edits or show voice input19:47
tnki'm looking at the mic entry in pavucontrol, but i see no voice blue line19:47
Ziberguntbert: http://inside.liber.in/~ziber/video_info.txt19:47
auronandacesophie_: that's why you are getting the no OS error19:47
sophie_auronandace: yes19:47
BluesKajtnk, did you see my last post above ?19:47
tetnk: Oh, well I dono.. you will have to look for that channel.  If it is not a mic plugged into the sound chip, I dono... you will have to check with the webcam's documentation or thier support19:47
tnkte, which is the channel?19:47
ActionParsnipsophie_: you can use bleachbit to clean stuff and renove old kerbnels. Also clear browser cache and run: sudo apt-get clean19:48
tetnk: I don't know.  Is it USB?19:48
tnkte, no, it's not the lifecam .. it's a common issue.. was working fine in 11.10.. broked in 12.xx now19:48
sophie_auronandace: so the question now is why is the disk not recognized anymore even though it was a few hours ago, and even though I didn't touch it.19:48
tnkte, yes19:48
auronandaceActionParsnip: she can't access it, its disappeared19:48
etiote: an error occured while mounting /home/walter/media19:48
sophie_ActionParsnip: are you talking to me?19:48
Ziberguntbert: any ideas?19:48
etiote: press S to skip mounting or M to manually ....19:48
ActionParsnipauronandace: what disapperaed?19:48
ActionParsnipsophie_: those are ways to free space19:49
auronandaceActionParsnip: her ssd19:49
sophie_ActionParsnip: my disk19:49
teetio: No doubt.  Edit /etc/fstab and fix it.19:49
etiote: i did19:49
ActionParsnipsophie_: does it show in BIOS?19:49
etiote: i set it to sdb119:49
chigginsI set my desktop up with likewise open and it was working fine, but after an upgrade my user account isn't shown on the login screen. how can i have my domain account show up there?19:49
etiote: still this error19:49
beandogsophie_: sounds like hardware failure19:49
guntbertZiber: I suppose you tried the approach with "displays"?19:49
teetio: mount /home/walter/media19:49
sophie_ActionParsnip: I have not checked that.19:49
teetio: Do you get an error?19:49
sophie_ActionParsnip: however it doesn't show in gparted or fdisk -l19:49
Ziberguntbert: I went to Displays and checked "mirror"19:49
Ziberand then my laptop screen goes black and the projected image freezes. all i can do then is restart.19:50
teetio: Are you rebooting again?19:50
etiote: no, let me try19:50
sophie_beandog: could hardware failure be triggered by the disk being full ? and how to repair it ?19:50
etiote: uknown filesystem for 'defualts'19:50
etiote: i am skeptical about the etx4 command, did it work?19:50
teetio: Check your fstab line19:51
etiote: for what?19:51
ActionParsnipsophie_: if it doesn't show in BIOS then its hardware19:51
jactais there a way to get corners reponse on bigger area for resize? Finding the current setup really hard to resize windows19:51
guntbertZiber: well, that was as far as I could try to help - I have very little experience with video issues19:51
teetio: /dev/sdb1 /home/walter/media  ext4  defaults 0 019:51
etiote: oh, right.19:51
primerashi all. Sorry my English isn't very well. I have a problem with gnome-core19:52
primerasdetails: http://pastebin.com/VFB11UN719:52
teetio: /dev/sdb1 /home/walter/media  auto  defaults 0 019:52
rrrrsophie_, you still can exchange the driver controler and save your data.19:52
auronandacesophie_: if it is hardware failure you don't repair it, you replace it (but you don't know if it is hardware failure yet)19:52
Ziberguntbert: well, thanks for trying19:52
guntbertZiber: but at least you are prepared for those who can help - simply ask the channel again (all in one line) and mention your pastebin19:53
sophie_rrrr: what does that mean?19:53
sophie_ActionParsnip: let me check that then.19:53
sophie_auronandace: I hope it's not then.19:53
Ziberanyone else have experience with mirroring displays on 12.04 (i can extend just fine, but i want to mirror when using a projector). http://inside.liber.in/~ziber/lspci.txt and http://inside.liber.in/~ziber/video_info.txt19:54
etiote: trying your last suggestion now19:54
rrrrsophie_, it means if you HDD is burned you still able to save your data, possibly.19:54
auronandacesophie_: if it is hardware failure then you know where to not buy ssds in the future, and hope you can get money back19:54
teetio: /dev/sdb1 /home/walter auto,users,rw 0 0  #Try this one...19:54
tnkBluesKaj, It seems to be working - just only when a program is activating the microphone...19:54
rrrrHow do I figure a keyboard key to access a weird machine BIOS ?19:55
teetio: To test.  mount /home/walter/media19:55
tnkI think the issue is that pavucontrol does NOT activate the microphone19:55
tnkThus it isn't showing it receiving voice input19:55
wadrrrr, what key?19:55
teetio: /dev/sdb1 /home/walter/media auto,users,rw 0 0  #Typo correction...19:55
rrrrwad, BIOS key.19:55
greasegumis there a utility to create a duplicated system configuration on another machine?19:55
rrrrsophie_, make a disk test.19:55
teetio: Test it, (don't reboot)!19:55
Ziberthis is one of the last problems i have that are keeping me from migrating completely to ubuntu and just VM'ing windows for itunes and things.19:56
etiote: /dev/sdb1 /home/walter/media  auto  defaults 0 019:56
etiote: ^ that worked19:56
zixxy primeras, just do what the output says, run 'sudo apt-get -f install' - it fixes broken packages19:56
teetio: Ok good.19:56
etiote: i can ssh again19:56
wadrrrr, You're on a laptop and there is a key on your keyboard that does something with the BIOS?19:56
etiote: and the disk works19:56
primeraszixxy: http://pastebin.com/hGqGknf119:56
rrrrwad, what? no I am on a desktop machine and I can't figure which key I need to press in order to boot from BIOS.19:56
teetio: Now you know the process.  You can do it again.  Or you can change the mount point if you want.. etc.19:57
primerasapt-get -f install not working :/19:57
BluesKajtnk, ok , how did you get the mic to work ?19:57
etiote: thanks so much19:57
teetio: Of course