len-dtailo, Just did an a/b with high precision timers accessible or not. 01:02
len-dtThe apps do need to have access. I recorded the synth demo on qtracktor and then played it back to the synth01:03
len-dtwithout the hpt, note timing was all over the place.01:04
len-dtwith hpt it was much better.01:05
len-dtOne of the things the script did not check is hpet/max-user-freq and rtc0/max_user_freq. stock is 6401:08
len-dtrosegarden suggests 307201:10
len-dtthis may tighten the timing even more. Unless RG is the only app that tries to go that high.01:10
len-dtmicahg, did our packages get released?03:30
micahglen-dt: sorry, didn't get to it this morning03:31
micahgstill on my list though03:31
len-dtOk I won't test it then :-)03:31
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len-dtailo, I have been thinking about the testing we have (ok I have) done with the high rez timers.20:21
len-dtWhile it is obvious just listening that there is a difference, The mention of maxfrequency makes me think we need something more precise.20:23
len-dtThe usermaxfreq is 64 right now but 3k or so is suggested by at least some people at rosegarden.20:24
len-dtThey do say to try 1024 and 2048 though to see what works best.20:24
len-dtI am thinking I will not be able to hear the difference very well just with my ears.20:25
len-dtSo, I am thinking to make a sequence on hydrogen that is very specific with it's timings... no swing.20:26
len-dtRun it out through the midi port and back in to record on qtracktor. Then playback qtracktor through the midiports and rerecord on tractor again. Then visually look at timing with different settings for max freq.20:28
len-dtailo, does this sound like a valid way of testing?20:28
ailolen-dt: In my experience the timing issue is already significantly visible when you record only once21:23
ailolen-dt: The timer thing must be one of those things we most probably should fix for 12.1021:23
ailoAnd perhaps call that a bug for 12.04 as well21:24
len-dtailo, yes it is, but when the HPT gives access to apps it gets better.21:24
len-dtI am thinking about maxuserfreq testing.21:24
ailoI'm still occupied with this other thing, but in one week I would like to look through everything that you have done, and see what I can do on top of that21:25
ailoAnd start putting stuff up on the wiki, etc21:25
ailoAlso, I want to create the -controls21:25
len-dtThe only reason for the second record step was so I could see where the notes line up with the beats.21:26
ailolen-dt: You should be able to compare each instance of the beat21:27
ailoCut one out, and paste it under another21:27
ailoThen compare the two21:28
len-dtailo, fixed delay is ok, variable is not21:28
ailoFor me, there were major differences between each bar21:28
len-dta stock install has problems yes. :-)  I could here it easily too.21:29
len-dtWith access to HTP I can't put my finger on it, but sometimes when a lot was happening it seemed a bit "muffled" even with HPT access.21:31
len-dtI am thinking increasing the max freq might help that.21:32
ailoI had no problems with jack midi, using my firewire HW21:32
len-dtStock seems to be 1/60 sec.21:33
len-dtailo, with 12.04?21:33
ailoNo, but I don't think it matters which OS21:33
ailoSame settings21:33
ailojack midi is what you expect from midi21:34
ailoThis is what I told you about 3 months ago, or when it was, when we were discussing these things21:35
ailoFirewire devices use jack midi for the hardware21:35
ailoThey don't use alsa midi at all21:36
len-dtYes, I remember. It is just that there seems to be no trouble midi in to midi out going through alsa, just when an app is recording/playing.21:36
ailoWhen else would you use midi out to a HW device?21:37
ailoApart from controlling levels21:37
len-dtkb to synth either internal or extrnal21:37
len-dtor through a midi filter.21:37
ailoThe issue was always on playback21:38
len-dtIf the problem was with the ports it should show up then but doesn't21:38
ailoI never investigated the other way around. To do that, you either need a good ear, or an external sequencers21:38
ailoPerhaps using jack midi out, and record with alsa midi21:39
ailoI could do that in 1-2 weeks time21:39
len-dtThat was how I tested at first. It was when I realized the problem was with internal SW that I started using that,21:39
ailolen-dt: You didn't use jack midi out, and record with alsa midi21:40
ailolen-dt: I'm saying, this would be a way to test recording midi21:40
len-dtI don't have jackmidi ports.21:40
ailoI do, but not at home at the moment21:40
len-dtmine are all alsa.21:40
ailoBut I will try this in 1-2 weeks21:41
ailoMany people won't hear that the recording is off, cause they expect themselves to not make timing errors21:41
ailoI mean, the other way around :)21:42
ailoThey expect to make timing errors, human timing errors21:42
ailoSo, when they get it, it sounds normal21:42
ailoWith an external sequencer, you could do the same thing as I propose21:42
ailohmm, or maybe not21:43
len-dtThat is why I want to start with a quantized track.21:43
len-dtailo, alsa midi just forwards what the port does, is that correct?21:44
ailolen-dt: In my experience, the problem only occurs once the midi is sent through a port21:45
len-dtdoes Jack add some timing info as well?21:45
ailotiming info? I only used my ears21:45
ailoAnd looked at the wave files21:45
ailoJack midi was on the spot21:46
len-dtThe old roland 401 used to add the amount of time since the last event21:46
ailoI was doing a recording, which is why I needed something that worked. alsa midi did not, so luckily I had a FW devices21:46
len-dtSo even if the SW took a while to get to it, it was aware of when it happened.21:46
len-dtI am wondering if jack does something similar21:48
ailoNo idea21:48
ailoOk, gotta go. Need to get this ship sailing21:48
len-dtI guess it doesn't matter, there are lots of USB midi ports out there gotta make em work.21:49
len-dtBye now.21:49

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