thauriswulfaHow do I open webdisk in xubuntu? Tried thunar but nothing happens after authentication.08:36
thauriswulfasorry posted in wrong channel08:38
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knomeastraljava, ?20:38
knomehey scott-work :)20:43
pleia2everyone stopped talking in here because you started looking for a doc lead20:43
knomei didn't say "doc lead"... :)20:43
pleia2uh huh20:43
knomeand yes, i agree, we really should get it forward20:43
knomemy thoughts are "just start"20:44
knomejust start with writing stuff to wiki now, with the people who are willing to write20:44
pleia2sounds good20:44
knomewe can worry about converting to docbook later20:44
pleia2once it's on the wiki we can then work on getting it somewhere more formal20:44
pleia2yeah, that20:44
knomeif we don't have content, it doesn't matter if we had the best docbook experts ready to work 24/720:45
* pleia2 nods20:45
knomedo you have any ideas on how to structure stuff?20:45
knomewell, to be honest, the ubuntu wiki is just way too slow20:45
knomei'd like it to work faster, and i'd really like to use it, but it's REALLY slow.20:45
pleia2yeah, we use google docs for the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter (wiki is just our publishing place)20:46
knomei'm even wondering if somebody (*cough* pleia2 *cough*) would be willing to set up a temp wiki20:46
knomeor something20:46
pleia2well, I did that for ubuntu women20:46
pleia2can do for this too20:46
knomei think etherpad would be wonderful... as long as we can make sure the data is secured20:46
knomebut a wiki works too, really20:46
knomegenerally, avoiding (file-)locks would be awesome20:47
pleia2I'm not so experienced with configuring etherpad, and apparently a poorly configured one is a disaster :)20:47
knomei suppose the lite version isn't quite stable yet, and the old version is just really a memory hog20:47
knomeis there any wiki that would allow multiple editors per-time?20:48
pleia2I don't think so20:48
knomedoes for example, mediawiki support multiple editors, if you edit just a part of the page?20:48
pleia2not that I'm aware of20:49
knome(i'm not suggesting to use mediawiki, but i'm thinking if *anybody* is doing that, even in some weird way)20:49
knomeok, so pretty much any wiki would go20:49
pleia2ubuntu wiki uses moin, I've set it up before, so I'm inclined to go that way20:50
Unit193Bleh, moin...20:50
knomepleia2, dokuwiki isn't bad, and it's easy to set up20:50
pleia2Unit193: you're not even on the doc team!20:51
knomeUnit193, yeah, shut up20:51
Unit193pleia2: \o/20:51
knomewait, the long testcase is reviewed now?20:52
pleia2I think so20:53
pleia2we made lots of changes20:53
pleia2we == astraljava20:53
knomehehe, yeah20:53
knomeunder my guidance, naturally20:53
knomewell, yeah, most of it came from our sprint20:53
knomefrom either one of us20:54
knomeeven if astraljava went to zombie mode20:54
knome"wait, what did i/you say in the last 30 mins?"20:54
pleia2so do we actually know where on launchpad our docs live?20:57
pleia2https://code.launchpad.net/~xubuntu-doc is old20:57
knomeso, is https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/Testing/Long the latest "long" version now?20:57
knomeand anything under Testing/TestingInfo can be deleted?20:58
knomewell, the short page is, but are we ready to dump the long version too?20:58
pleia2I think, yes to all21:01
knomei deleted the TestingInfo pages with meaningful messages.21:02
knomewhat are the "HardwareProfile" pages?21:02
knomeoh, that's some kind of guide how to create one?21:03
knomeis the one under "short" the same as directly under "testing" ?21:04
knomewhere is hobgoblin when you need him21:04
pleia2and it's in docbook21:10
pleia2so what we need is someone who can coordinate getting what we have now out of xubuntu-docs in docbook and on that wiki for people to edit, and then back into the package21:12
pleia2or someone who has a better idea than doing any of this at all with a wiki :)21:13
pleia2maybe one of the folks who volunteered to help with documentation can do this21:14
knomethe thing is21:14
knomei'm not sure if we should have the exact same structure as we had before21:14
pleia2could copy/paste from the .html output, tediously21:14
knomeor if we need to cover all the same stuff now21:14
knomeor if something is lacking21:14
pleia2yeah, but I think we should let it evolve from what we have now21:14
knomeprobably, but how to track/decide what do drop?21:14
knomejust lots of mail to -devel21:15
knome"i'd like to drop this"21:15
pleia2and maybe some meetings21:15
knome"i think we shouldn't keep this"21:15
knomewe could probably get a new mailing list up relatively easily21:15
knomeUS did that a while ago21:15
knomeif we don't want to flood the -devel list, i mean21:15
pleia2I hate new mailing lists :)21:15
knomeme too.21:15
knomebut i'm not sure if i like flooding -devel either21:16
pleia2and I don't think it'll be years of high traffic, this is a pretty major overhaul21:16
pleia2I actually wouldn't mind seeing more traffic on the list21:16
pleia2QA stuff too21:16
knomewell, maybe that's fine then.21:17
pleia2my lunch break is wrapping up, we can talk at meeting in the morning21:18
pleia2(then later, airplane!)21:19
knomesee you, and have fun meanwhile21:19
knomei'll be away from thu to sun21:19
knomeno, make that fri-sun21:19
knomebut i'll be around at the meeting tomorrow, for sure21:19
pleia2I'll have internet while at the conference thu-saturday, but who knows how much I'll be around21:20
knomei don't have internet when i'm off21:20
knomeso, i'll really be off fri-sun :D21:20
pleia2biggest thing is making sure we can get the alpha3 out hte door21:20
knomewe probably want to take part in 12.04.1 ?21:20
pleia2oh yeah, probably21:20
knomei'll sign that off then.21:20
pleia2I don't know how though :)21:21
knomei know21:21
pleia2it's what we told people to wait for if they were doing 10.04 > 12.04 upgrades21:21
pleia2anyway, workies now21:21
knomesee you!21:21

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