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ghengisim using xubuntu 11.10 and in file manager when i browse files/folders i can only see the datestamp, i want to also see the time01:37
ghengisi clicked on config columns but dint see anything for time01:38
tozghengis, Edit->Preferences->Display tab01:42
tozChange date format01:42
ghengisyay! thx toz google wasnt helping me01:45
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xubuntu828hi can i get a little help?05:38
baizon!ask | xubuntu82805:38
ubottuxubuntu828: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience05:38
xubuntu828how to install xubuntu after i download it from website (i need it on windows xp)05:39
baizonxubuntu828: burn in on a cd05:40
baizonboot from cd and install05:40
baizonbut first run a live session and shrink your existing hard drive05:40
baizonso you can use both, xubuntu and windows xp05:40
baizonxubuntu828: more here https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WindowsDualBoot05:41
baizonthis one is good too: http://www.dedoimedo.com/computers/dual-boot-windows-7-ubuntu.html05:41
xubuntu828the download comes in a winrar file do i extract and burn evrything thats in it oto a cd?05:42
baizonxubuntu828: burn it using imgburn or cdburnerxp05:43
baizonwhen you got the iso05:43
xubuntu828what exactly is iso? the download comes with many files in it( sorry for foolish questions)05:45
baizonthis files need to be burned on the cd05:46
baizonyou download 1 file05:46
baizonthis is an iso05:46
baizonthanks b0001011105:46
xubuntu828thank you very much my mistake was extracting the files from winrar i was doing the burning process incorrectly05:47
b00010111xubuntu828 follow this guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BurningIsoHowto05:48
b00010111you should be able to find advice there05:49
xubuntu828thanks everyone, i was very doubtful but u guys helped allot05:51
xubuntu828xubuntu froze on the bootloader screen any ideas why?06:11
xubuntu828xubuntu froze on the bootloader screen any ideas why?06:13
xubuntu828xubuntu froze on the bootloader screen any ideas why? please i need help i think i screwed my laptop06:16
xubuntu828@baizon do u maybe know the problem to freezing at bootloader?06:19
aperjanxubuntu froze on the bootloader screen any ideas why?06:43
astraljavaaperjan: Sadly, no. Please pastebin /var/log/syslog and the output of dmesg. If it's a graphics issue (yes I understand we don't know, yet), also the /var/log/Xorg.0.log could be helpful.06:48
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thauriswulfaHow do I open webdisk in xubuntu? Tried thunar but nothing happens after authentication.08:39
well_laid_lawnthauriswulfa: it's old but should work http://www.howtoforge.com/davfs_ubuntu08:43
thauriswulfawell_laid_lawn: I am trying Gigolo but its connecting from several minutes and still not connected:-(:-/08:44
xubuntu201why is xubunu freeze on the boot screen?08:57
pimperleif i select "sans" from the font list in xubuntu, what font will that be?11:54
pimperlewhere is configured what "Sans" means?11:54
pimperleits neither ubuntu sans, dejavu sans, droid sans. Choosing those changes the font. however I'd like to avoid having to check all fonts and would also like to know (for curiosity) where the setting comes from11:57
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PrivateReesehey guys does somebody know how to keep the system language english but switch to german keyboard and  regional formats?13:30
baizonPrivateReese: yes13:32
baizonsystem ->language13:33
PrivateReesethere is no language in system there is only a language support in settings13:34
baizonyes this is it13:39
baizongo there13:39
baizonand change your format and keyboard layout13:39
baizonmy system is in english and german keyboard + Euros :)13:39
PrivateReeseyeah i was there but oversaw to install german =)13:40
PrivateReesedo you maybe also know how to switch and configure displays quick with xrandr or how to quickly set shortcut keys like crtl-L13:48
xubuntu552i have previously installed xubuntu on a number of machines and i appreciated to have a lot of options in the settings menu14:49
xubuntu552now i am installing it on a sony vaio, and i seem to have very few options14:49
xubuntu912i have an old pc hp portable and i wont to know if i can install14:49
xubuntu912Desktop, Alternate14:49
xubuntu912i dont know14:49
xubuntu552only drivers, bluetooth, input method, keyboard, etc14:49
xubuntu912and 32 bit or 64 bit14:49
xubuntu55264 bit14:50
xubuntu552us keyboard14:50
xubuntu912i'm italian boy14:50
xubuntu912my english is bad14:50
xubuntu552ok, we seem to have 2 conversations going at once...14:50
xubuntu912i have hp 6110 portable of 200414:51
Unit193xubuntu552: Try checking in the settings manager.14:51
ubottuVai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)14:51
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xubuntu552ok, i see what i need in the settings manager, thanks, but i wonder why the layout has changed14:53
Unit193It's changed back to that format in 12.10 (or will have)14:53
xubuntu552ok, thanks14:54
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xubuntu662Good evenings in here :p17:13
xubuntu662Think I did something wrong when making partitions - ill have to see that when it comes up :/17:15
blackgatonegrotry using gparted17:15
xubuntu662made a swap - a /home and a /  - and then I left like 180gb free :D17:15
xubuntu662just installing right now :p17:15
blackgatonegroyou can expand a particion17:15
xubuntu662is there some good "howto" do to it correct?17:16
xubuntu662I know what I want, but not able to know how to do it correctly17:16
blackgatonegroboot with ubuntu cd, pick particion, select "check"17:16
blackgatonegroon gparted17:17
xubuntu662Still installing :\17:19
drcAnyone (in the US) able to verify their cable subscription and register for the Olympics Live  @  http://www.nbcolympics.com/  ?17:37
blackgatonegrowhat that does have to do with xubuntu?17:38
pleia2yeah, that's pretty far off-topic ;)17:39
drcBecause I can do it with Salix but not U/Xubuntu17:39
blackgatonegrotried with firefox or opera?17:40
drcit you want I can take this to OT17:41
drcTried with FF Chromium and midori17:41
drcwhat happens is I can go thru the process but then insread of going to a "Your ready to watch"17:42
drcscreen, I goes back to the "start the process" screen17:42
drcer...You're, sheesh :(17:42
blackgatonegrotry with opera17:43
drcDon;t lioke opera17:43
blackgatonegroif opera does not work, then it does not work under linux17:43
drcblackgatonegro: It <does> work under linux...Works fine with Salix17:43
blackgatonegromaybe xubuntu is missing some libraries17:44
Unit193Opera works on Xubuntu, if that's the question.17:44
drcblackgatonegro: It also doesn't work with SolusOS and Ubuntu...I was wondering if it was a Debain thing?17:45
xubuntu692I'm trying to install Xbuntu but the installation stops in the middle ANd I have the message : "The Installer has encountered... A desktop session will be open to investigate the problem." And it goes to the liveCD version. What Should I do now?19:30
ochosixubuntu692: what is the part of the message that you replaced by three dots?19:53
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greasegumhey fellas and dames.20:12
Barnabashi there20:12
caytchenhey, my xubuntu system only works through the guest account. can I somehow gain root from the guest interface? tried su but apparently i'm not allowed to do anything even when I supply the correct password.20:12
Barnabasboot of a usb device and edit the relevant user /group files?20:13
greasegumWhen I click on a panel icon to minimize I can't click to restore right away. I have to focus another window, then click the panel icon to restore. This is completely maddening.20:13
caytchenno usb device anywhere.20:14
Barnabascaytchen, really? what kind of hw20:14
caytchenwell sure the thing has USB but I don't have a suitable stick to do that :o20:14
Barnabascdrom/dvd/blueray will do to20:15
caytchencan't i just boot directly into a shell without the X stuff?20:15
Barnabasemergency shell yes20:15
caytchenhow would that work?20:15
Barnabaspress shift while booting20:15
caytchenthanks, I will try that20:15
Barnabasgrub should show up and you can select emergency da di da da20:15
greasegumanyone know how to get panel icons to act right?20:19
Barnabashmm define "right" :-)20:20
Barnabasif you have installed a regular ubuntu and then added xubuntu - it is not the same as installing xubuntu20:22
BarnabasI realized that today20:22
Barnabasam on a freshly installed xubuntu20:22
Barnabasfantastic system compared to the general suckyness of gnome-shell and unity in particular20:22
MarzataI install xubuntu, and after that LXDE and xmonad.20:24
greaseguminteresting, I never thought that would be an issue20:25
greasegumyah I despise unity. such a waste of screen for one thing20:25
BarnabasI despise it due the the utter crap it is handling multiple monitors20:27
greasegumdo you run compiz?20:27
Barnabaswhy does the launch bar HAVE to be on the right most monitor ..20:27
Barnabasyeah compiz20:27
Barnabasbelieve on a default xubuntu install it is std20:28
Barnabasto run with a composite manager20:28
greasegumI want to do a fresh install, but I don't want to reconfigure... :\20:28
Barnabasbackup home/etc?20:28
Barnabasnuke your system and copy files back20:28
greasegumthat's an idea20:29
BarnabasI did that today20:29
Barnabas1½ to 2 hours20:29
Barnabasto much hacking and too many upgrades of the old system20:29
greasegumstill have to reinstall all packages, though...20:30
Barnabasyou can do a dump of what you have installed and use it for reinstall20:30
greasegumusing synaptic?20:31
Barnabaspretty simple20:31
Barnabasyou may be able to with synaptic also20:32
Barnabasbut I would not know the correct procedure for that20:32
greasegumit's tempting. I'm a sucker for a fresh install.20:33
BarnabasI usually keep important data "in the cloud" so reinstalling a pc is trivial20:35
Barnabasubuntu one is your friend20:35
greasegumthis dpkg > file is supa clever :D20:37
greasegumthanks, cheers20:37
Barnabasvery handy- yes20:41
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xubuntu918hello, anyone knows a exposé program that i can use on xubuntu,(compiz fails to redraw and keeps showing when is resizing  the windows) that i can use with my middle click?21:25
xubuntu709why is everyone so chatty?21:41
Ruby_Pinchhey, do you know if there is a global menu for xfce, i'm trying it but without it i feel somehow lost21:44
BarnabasRuby_Pinch, uppermost left corner ?21:53

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