* stgraber starts testing edubuntu amd6416:42
stgraberhighvoltage: hangout will be best effort, I have to fix a bug + respin Edubuntu, sorry17:09
highvoltagestgraber: https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/cccf93bd60bb712833ffb193e6cb35a6824f5859?eid=106512410045218522565&hl=en17:10
highvoltagestgraber: can you join?17:10
highvoltage(and anyone else too who wants)17:11
highvoltagestgraber: *sigh*17:21
stgraberhighvoltage: what happened?17:21
highvoltagestgraber: I think we should abort this for today and figure out how to do it properly17:21
stgraberhighvoltage: works for me, not much to say and in the middle of a couple of crisis anyway ;)17:22
highvoltagestgraber: yeah me too17:23
* highvoltage gets back to intervention 17:30
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highvoltage== Edubuntu ==21:48
highvoltage* A new package called 'edubuntu-netboot' is introduced. This package now provides the functionality previously provided by ltsp-live and introduces casper-netboot.21:48
highvoltagestgraber: ^^^ that seems to be it21:48
stgraberhighvoltage: "and will also be used for casper-netboot."21:52
stgraberhighvoltage: no casper-netboot yet21:52
highvoltageok, updated21:55
alkisgDo we finally get to reuse the dvd squashfs image for fat clients too? ! :)22:04
stgrabernope, and we'll keep building a separate ltsp image for the time being22:06
stgrabermostly because people tend to install an amd64 server and have i386 clients22:06
stgraberso reusing the image would prevent their clients from booting22:07
alkisgWe'll have i386 image on the amd64 dvd?22:07
stgraberwe always did22:07
alkisgDunno.. for the same reasons that ltsp-build-client defaults to arch instead of i386, I think that would be a good idea for the DVD too22:08
alkisgAnd it would also save a lot of space and make a reasonable showcase for LTSP22:08
alkisgBecause of caching, otherwise it's very slow from CDs22:09
alkisgARM will also become more significant in the future, so defaulting to <arch> plays a role there too22:09
alkisgAnyways... hope we'll see that in some future version22:09
stgraberwe're certainly planning on letting people boot the DVD over the network so they can install Edubuntu on machines without DVD drives, but that won't be using LTSP (we'll just add nbd support to casper-netboot)22:10
alkisgThat can also be done currently with NFS... one just need nfs-kernel-server temporarily22:10
alkisg(even if it just exports the squashfs image)22:11
alkisgThe CD is so slow that NBD vs NFS doesn't matter22:11
stgraberyeah, casper works with nfs and cifs (I fixed the later), adding nbd should just take me 30min or so, I have a work item for it :)22:11
alkisgI might spin a fat demo dvd for anyone interested when I get some free time... :)22:11
alkisg(reusing the same squashfs again, for the caching part)22:12
alkisgOne 9.04 live ltsp dvd that I had done, was downloaded more than 1000 times (for greek teachers only, so that's a lot of downloads for the restricted audience)22:13
alkisgAnd since more and more people are switching to fat clients, I think it'll be valuable as a demo...22:14
* alkisg takes a look at uck...22:18
alkisgHmm no I think there was another, more official kit for live cd localization/customization...22:22

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