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Unit193I never said what channel I'd do it in.... :P00:09
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* genii-around sips00:27
emis there any downside to using firefox rather than rekonq?01:58
emis it at all considered bad form for a kubuntu user?02:03
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tophHey guys I have Kubuntu installed and I noticed that ubuntustudio is running gnome. How wold I go about installing the ubntustudio stuff without messing up my KDE? Or are some of the programs even going to be compatible without gnome?02:51
tophI guess what I'm asking can I just copy/paste the lists found here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuStudio/PackageList/ into an apt-get command and be set within Kubuntu with all the ubuntustudio spiffy software :)02:52
empoor toph. never got an answer.03:25
skreech__em: Yeah :(04:20
skreech__ but I think that might be a better question for #ubuntustudio04:20
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faglnarHi, what could be the reason that random apps trigger a crash reporter when closing?06:04
nandhuhi i am getting out put from amixer command as [100%] or [45%] etc .. but i need only  the numbers not the [ or ] what can i do06:10
nandhucommand : amixer getr 'Master Front'| grep %| awk '{print $5}' |head -106:13
nandhuand from this i get output as [56%]06:13
nandhuor what ever volume06:13
nandhubut i need only number not the [ ]06:13
nandhuwhat i can use to cut that06:13
lordievaderGood morning07:33
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Riddellalpha 3 images for the testing!  join us in #kubuntu-devel to help09:23
noaXesshey all09:30
noaXessi have installed a downgraded xserver .. now i need to install/upgrade to the latest from precise.. how to force use latest to upgrade?09:30
noaXessgot it.. sudo apt-get install package=version09:46
phoenix_firebrdhello everyone09:55
akishi all. my 10.04 system lost suddenly the dvd/cd rom and cannot mount it. an idea to fix it? http://paste.kde.org/522452/10:26
akisany help?10:31
akisany help plz?10:43
phoenix_firebrdakis: hi10:44
akisany help for my issue?10:45
phoenix_firebrdakis: what type of user are you?10:46
akiswhat you mean? simple user10:46
phoenix_firebrdakis: ok10:47
phoenix_firebrdakis: does k3b detect the drive?10:47
lordievaderakis: Not sure if I am going to be a great help, but does your user have permission to access the cd drive?10:49
akisyes sure i have. i have normally access since a week ago.10:50
phoenix_firebrdakis: checking10:50
akissome minutes ago i received this http://paste.kde.org/522452/ but now i am receiving http://paste.kde.org/522464/10:52
akisi didn't find any serious help googling this issue.10:53
phoenix_firebrdakis: the above is without a restart?10:54
akisthis one http://paste.kde.org/522464/ is after a new reboot10:55
akisthe previous was also after a new start for this afternoon10:55
akisi realized the problem early this morning when the system failed to read a cdrom10:56
phoenix_firebrdakis: is your cdrom very old? and is the hardware good?10:56
akisthere is no hardware problem. it was working fine 5 days ago. i burn a cd last week.10:57
akisthe cd can eject using the button and trying to read but it fails.10:58
phoenix_firebrdakis: did you update your kernel or xserver ?10:58
phoenix_firebrdakis: does it work with a live cd?10:58
akisi tried to update to 12.04 but i stopped the procedure before an file will be installed to my system10:59
phoenix_firebrdakis: in that case you might have a broken package10:59
phoenix_firebrdakis: did you repair it?11:00
akisthis afternoon when i first start my system K3b saw the cd (no medium present) it could eject it but when i put a cd it could read it.11:00
akisi didn't repair anything because i think no change was happen to my system11:01
akishow could i check this and repair it?11:01
phoenix_firebrdakis: are you able to install anything using the apt-get command?11:02
akisof course i can. what do i have to install?11:03
phoenix_firebrdakis: when did you check?11:03
akisdo you mean when did i check if my system is update?11:04
phoenix_firebrdakis: run this command "sudo apt-get install -f"11:05
phoenix_firebrdakis: done?11:06
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akisdone. http://paste.kde.org/522470/      I have to mention that there another issue here that nobody till now can solve it. you can read to see it.11:07
akisbut this issue is oldest than the cdrom problem11:08
phoenix_firebrdakis: thats very simple11:08
phoenix_firebrdakis: uninstall linux-image-2.6.32-41-generic11:09
akisit would be lovely if it simple indeed11:09
akishow can i proceed to that unistallation?11:10
phoenix_firebrdakis: "sudo apt-get remove linux-image-2.6.32-41-generic"11:10
susundbergeeh, if thats only image then that will be trouble?11:11
phoenix_firebrdsusundberg: ya11:11
phoenix_firebrdsusundberg: thats why he shouldnt restart11:11
akisthat right. which is my image?11:11
susundbergphoenix_firebrd: wouldnt it be better just to move the /boot/initrd.img-2.6.32-41-generic to somewhere else and retry?11:12
phoenix_firebrdsusundberg: whats wrong in uninstalling?11:12
akisuninstallation already done11:12
susundbergoh nothing i guess11:13
phoenix_firebrdakis: try the "sudo apt-get -f" noe11:13
phoenix_firebrdakis: try the "sudo apt-get -f" now11:13
susundbergif one just doesnt boot while fixing the problem :)11:13
susundbergoh its not like the only image existing :)11:13
phoenix_firebrdakis: so can you try to upgrade the system now?11:14
phoenix_firebrdakis: dont restart the system now, before installing a kernel11:15
akishttp://paste.kde.org/522488/             no wrong message now11:15
phoenix_firebrdakis: run this "sudo dpkg --configure -a"11:16
akisdone. no reply11:17
phoenix_firebrdakis: do you have a package manager gui?11:17
noaXesshow can i check available screens from console?11:18
phoenix_firebrdakis: in that check if linux-image-generic is installed?11:19
phoenix_firebrdakis: if yes then tell me the version11:19
akis package manager gui=kpackagekit?11:21
phoenix_firebrdakis: ya11:21
akisi searched for linux-image-generic and i received many . which of all do i have to check?11:22
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phoenix_firebrdakis: more than one installed? if yes then tell me the latest11:23
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nag_hi guys when ever i login my system i am facing some error report. This is error i got in /var/log/syslog "http://paste.kde.org/522494/"11:24
akisjust linux-image-generic image only  or pae etc?11:25
phoenix_firebrdakis: give me the linux-image-x.x.xx installed version number11:27
akislinux-image-generic-image are 2: and
phoenix_firebrdakis: ok wait11:27
nag_every time i am facing this kind of some error problem. Can someone guide me how can i solve it plz11:28
noaXesswhat means no screens found? anything to do with the grafic driver or screen itself?11:28
phoenix_firebrdakis: run this "sudo do-release-upgrade"11:28
akisChecking for a new ubuntu release/ No new release found11:29
akisi have to say that i search with the filter "only installed" and i recieved nothing!!!11:30
phoenix_firebrdakis: what does "uname -a" give?11:30
akisLinux ComputerKubuntu10 2.6.32-41-generic #94-Ubuntu SMP Fri Jul 6 16:51:39 UTC 2012 i686 GNU/Linux11:31
lordievaderFrom what command comes this error, noaXess?11:31
noaXesslordievader: restarting dm11:31
noaXessin the log..11:31
phoenix_firebrdakis:  this "lsb_release -a"11:31
noaXesslordievader: problem about X11 after upgrading to precise..11:32
lordievadernoaXess: Dm = kdm? or the lightdm from unity? Does it boot correctly furthermore?11:32
phoenix_firebrdakis: run this "sudo do-release-upgrade -d"11:34
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noaXesslordievader: lightdm... but i think something is wrong cause notebook has a intel gma500 gard.. and in 11.10 i needed to mae some changes for it.. but in 12.04 it should be out of the box, but the changes, some of them are still there..11:35
noaXessbut, no screens found, means normaly that driver can't be loaded, right?11:36
lordievadernoaXess: It could also mean that Xserver hasn't booted yet, however the channel #ubuntu will be more able to help you with this, since lightdm is related to ubuntu, kubuntu uses kdm instead of lightdm.11:37
noaXessi know..11:37
noaXessbut drivers are the same for ubuntu or kubuntu or xubuntu ;)11:37
akisthis the upgrade i tried to do to precise and i stopped it.11:38
noaXessi saw that for 12.10 there is gma500_gfx... but not for 12.0411:38
akisi dont wanto to go to 12.0411:38
phoenix_firebrdakis: for now, i recommend you to upgrade to 12.0411:42
phoenix_firebrdakis: so are you upgrading?11:43
akisis there any way to keep openoffice instead of liboffice?11:44
phoenix_firebrdakis: as far as i know openoffice will stay after the upgrade11:45
evlljust want to express my gratitude towards developers of kubuntu. was using it for a long time, but had a problem during version update and switched to chakra. now I am back and I must say, that is like a breath of fresh air11:45
evlleverything just works11:45
akishave u checked this?11:47
phoenix_firebrdakis: the openoffice package is availabe in 12.04 to install11:47
akisi dont want to delete my openoffice and my configuration. i dont want to stop working with openoffice for compatability reasons with other machines/systems (linux/win)11:49
akisthat's why i didn't proceed with the upgrade last week11:49
nag_Hi Guys, every time i am facing " this kind"http://paste.kde.org/522494/"  of some error problem. Can someone guide me how can i solve it plz11:49
phoenix_firebrdakis: you mean the configuration of open office?11:50
phoenix_firebrdakis: You can always backup the configuration if you are afraid it might be lost. So decide soon and tell me whether you want to upgrade or not11:55
akislook here http://paste.kde.org/522518/           openoffice.org-base-core11:55
phoenix_firebrdakis: openoffice.org-base depends on libreoffice-base which inturn depends on libreoffice-base-core, so the openoffice.org.base-core in not needed in 12.0412:02
phoenix_firebrdakis: if you don't want to upgrade then tell me12:04
nag_can someone reply me plz12:04
phoenix_firebrdnag_: i can, what ?12:05
root_____ko staa12:05
root_____az sam pe6o12:05
root_____poznavate li ma12:05
akisif i won't upgrade are you sure rebboting my system it will work because we unistall the image? if i will proceed would these issue be solved (image plus cdrom)?12:05
nag_phoenix_firebrd: when i logging my system, i am getting some error report.12:06
phoenix_firebrdakis: DO NOT REBOOT NOW12:06
nag_phoenix_firebrd: i checked in my /var/log/syslog i am seeing this error msg's http://paste.kde.org/522494/12:06
akisi dont12:07
phoenix_firebrdakis: incase if you are not going to upgrade , install the latest kernel image and headers12:07
akishow could i proceed with this (latest kernel image and headers)12:07
phoenix_firebrdakis: i dont know if what we have done till now might work, also hal is outdated and udev is a must12:08
akisthat means what?12:08
phoenix_firebrdakis: hal is replaced by udev in 12.04 , hal and udev  deal with the hardware12:10
akisi press "Y". so God save my pc!12:10
phoenix_firebrdakis: what are you doing?12:10
akisupdate is already running12:10
phoenix_firebrdakis: you mean the upgrade?12:11
akisyep to 12.0412:11
phoenix_firebrdnag_: what is your kubuntu version?12:11
phoenix_firebrdakis: thats very nice12:11
phoenix_firebrdakis: i will help you till you get your open office12:11
phoenix_firebrdnag_: thats the kde version. run this command "lsb_release -a"and see the kubuntu version12:13
phoenix_firebrdnag_: also tell me the kernel version12:13
akisthank you so much for your care and all the advices. i erased from kpackagedkit by mistake precise software sources. is it serious. i think i can retrieve them. isn't it?12:13
phoenix_firebrdakis: you mean the custom ppa?12:14
nag_phoenix_firebrd: oh then, i'm not using kubuntu earlier i used ubuntu. i installed kde on ubuntu 12.04.12:14
nag_phoenix_firebrd: but earlier when i used ubuntu i didnt face this problem12:15
akisi mean all the sources they are under edit software sources/other software12:15
phoenix_firebrdnag_: no, even if we are using kubuntu, it will tell you ubuntu, now tell me the version12:15
nag_Ubuntu 12.04 LTS12:16
phoenix_firebrdakis: the one that you added or the default one in the list12:16
phoenix_firebrdnag_: what is the kernel version12:16
phoenix_firebrdnag_: use this command "uname -r"12:16
phoenix_firebrdakis: the one that you added or the default one in the list?12:17
akisnow i have (disabled because of the upgrade) only "http://dl.google.com/linux/chrome/deb/"12:18
phoenix_firebrdnag_: did any of the recent upgrade went wrong?12:18
akisand http://ppa.launchpad.net/eugenesan/ppa/ubuntu12:18
phoenix_firebrdakis: did you delete from the list manually?12:19
phoenix_firebrdnag_: do you have a live disk?12:19
nag_i have lost my internet connection a couple of times when i'm updating , but when upgrading everything was cool12:19
akisyep. but i know that they exist at "sources.list"12:20
nag_phoenix_firebrd: yes i hav12:20
phoenix_firebrdakis: did you check?12:21
akisno, i looking for the dir. do u know it?12:21
phoenix_firebrdnag_: boot to the live cd and check if everything works properly, see if you get the same error.12:22
phoenix_firebrdnag_: if you get the same error there too, then there is a strong possiblity of hardware error, especially, the io controller in your motherboard or bad ram12:23
nag_phoenix_firebrd: what if i can get that error with live cd12:24
nag_phoenix_firebrd: oh kk12:24
nag_phoenix_firebrd: but earlier when i12:24
nag_phoenix_firebrd: but earlier when i am using ubuntu i didnt face this problem12:25
phoenix_firebrdakis: "/etc/apt/"12:25
phoenix_firebrdnag_: it might also be a kernel fault, the kernel had a bug causing this some time back, i faced the same situation, after a upgrade problem solved12:26
phoenix_firebrdnag_: you better check with the live cd12:27
nag_phoenix_firebrd: ok12:27
phoenix_firebrdakis: upgrade percentage?12:27
phoenix_firebrdnag_: yw12:27
akisunfotunately there is only the previous file. the new one is saved without new libraries12:27
akisstill downloading12:28
phoenix_firebrdakis: ok12:28
phoenix_firebrdakis: brb12:28
akissomewhere could precise's libraries be found.12:29
akisto update my sources list and repair it12:29
phoenix_firebrdakis: repair what?12:30
akissource.list file12:31
akisi found it12:32
akisduring upgrade will i have normal internet connection?12:40
phoenix_firebrdakis: apart from reduced download speed, it should work fine, some times in old hardware, due to high cpu usage, pages may take time to display12:42
nag_phoenix_firebrd: i boot up with live cd, i didnt get any error msg.12:43
phoenix_firebrduse my nick so that i will get an notification. nick tab completion is easy12:44
phoenix_firebrdakis: ^12:44
akisno low speed was detected. so, it will ask me only for one reboot? after reboot the main configuration will stay the same? dolphin for example will be the same?12:45
nag_phoenix_firebrd: can i go for kernel upgrade12:45
phoenix_firebrdakis: the config will be same12:45
phoenix_firebrdakis: dont reboot12:45
akisthat's excellent. i dont reboot, still upgrading.12:46
phoenix_firebrdakis: check if the kernel images are installed before that, the version should be like 3.2.x12:46
phoenix_firebrdnag_: i think you have the latest kernel12:46
phoenix_firebrdnag_: see if you have any broken packages12:47
akisusing kpackagekit?12:47
nag_phoenix_firebrd: in kernel.org current version is 3.4.612:47
nag_mine was 3.212:47
phoenix_firebrdnag_:  i am using kubuntu 12.04 my kernel version is 3.2.0-2712:49
akisi just realized that openoffice doesn't work. is it because of upgrading?12:49
phoenix_firebrdnag_: no problem for me, so check if you have any broken packages12:50
phoenix_firebrdakis: upgrade finished?12:50
akisno. working.12:50
akisoo tries to load a file but closes12:51
phoenix_firebrdakis: i will solve it after the upgrade finishes12:51
akisok. sure.12:52
akisdo you think that upgrade will affect my internal's fax configuration, which i fixed it by a friend from here?12:54
nag_phoenix_firebrd: can you give me the command for that12:54
phoenix_firebrdnag_: "sudo apt-get -f"12:55
phoenix_firebrdakis: normally, any update or upgrade wont overwrite any configuration, if wants it will ask you during the install12:56
phoenix_firebrdakis: in any situation , a backup is a good thing to do12:57
akisnow it's to late!12:58
nag_phoenix_firebrd: after that12:58
phoenix_firebrdnag_: what happened when you ran that command?12:59
akismy mail doesn't work too. i think that work only the programs that are open during upgrade. i don't try to open anything else because it would be a disaster if the system stops working now!13:00
phoenix_firebrdakis: ya13:01
nag_phoenix_firebrd: nothing it show me some help commands13:02
nag_phoenix_firebrd: and options13:03
phoenix_firebrdnag_:  did you run the command properly13:03
nag_phoenix_firebrd: yes, exactly13:04
nag_sudo apt-get -f13:04
nag_thats what i did13:04
akisi don't know if ubuntu/kubuntu succeed a smooth upgrade, but i have a very but experience (on my desktop) from an upgrade in opensuse from 10 to 11 and finally i went to a clean installation. i wish that everything will go well.13:04
phoenix_firebrdnag_:  try this ""sudo apt-get install -f"13:05
nag_phoenix_firebrd: ok leave it. that's doesnt create me problem. Its just gave me error report when i login, but there is one big issue i am facing while logging13:06
phoenix_firebrdakis: why did you do you clean install?13:06
phoenix_firebrdakis: you could have deleted the configs instead13:06
phoenix_firebrdnag_: try the command13:07
phoenix_firebrdnag_: you make have data loss13:07
phoenix_firebrdnag_: you may have data loss13:07
nag_phoenix_firebrd: yes gives some packages to remove13:08
phoenix_firebrdnag_: can you paste the output here?13:09
nag_phoenix_firebrd: can i run this command "sudo apt-get autoremove"13:09
phoenix_firebrdnag_: no13:09
phoenix_firebrdnag_: paste the output of "sudo apt-get install -f"13:09
phoenix_firebrdnag_: use paste.kde.org13:10
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nag_phoenix_firebrd: these are the packages that i no longer required as per "sudo apt-get install -f" command13:10
phoenix_firebrdnag_: that is not essential now13:11
nag_phoenix_firebrd: ok13:11
phoenix_firebrdnag_: can you paste the output?13:11
akisafter the upgrade i lost everything form my personal configuration and as far as i remember the new system was a mixture of the old and the new one. anyway evrything is fine with a clean installation. then i tried to upgrade to 12 but i lost my tv analogue card and i went back to 11 with a new clean installation. now i am running 11.2 and i dont touch it! i dont have update opportunities (although i manage to upgrade my firefox to the latest13:11
akisversion) but its ok for me. so i hope todays upgrade will work out of troubles.13:11
nag_phoenix_firebrd: yes13:11
nag_phoenix_firebrd: http://paste.kde.org/522578/13:12
phoenix_firebrdakis: sometimes try drop siupport for older hardwares in new kernel13:12
phoenix_firebrdnag_: it seems there is no broken packages in your system13:13
nag_phoenix_firebrd: yes, thats minor issue only, but plz tell me this. its major one.  it goes to suspend mode, when i turn on from suspend mode, the screen is black after i am entering the password13:15
akisi chated for hours in #suse to find solution to support my tv card under new kernel but no one knew what to do. many of them advised me to buy a digital one! for that reason i went back to 11.2. any way here is a kubuntu chat session so maybe is not right to talk bout oter distros.13:16
akisstill upgrading. how many hours can take this upgrade?13:17
phoenix_firebrdnag_: what does "sudo fsck /dev/sdb1" give?13:19
akisnew icons for my dolphin!13:20
phoenix_firebrdakis: the upgrade time depens on your internet speed and hardware13:20
nag_fsck.ext2: No such file or directory while trying to open /dev/sdb113:21
phoenix_firebrdakis: if the driver for the tv tuner card is open sourced, you could compile it under the new kernel and install it13:21
phoenix_firebrdakis: else, you have too use the old kernel13:22
phoenix_firebrdakis: or check if the tv tuner card company is offering a driver for the current kernel13:22
chazorhey all\13:23
chazori have a general question anyonw willing to help?13:23
phoenix_firebrdnag_: paste the output of "sudo fdisk -l" here13:23
akisit is a very old card (1995) of Happauge13:23
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience13:24
nag_phoenix_firebrd: hey i filed that command on /dev/sda7 --> which is monted on / partition.13:24
nag_phoenix_firebrd: when i filed this cmd "sudo fsck /dev/sdb1" its giving some warning msg " WARNING!!!  The filesystem is mounted.   If you continue you ***WILL***"  cause ***SEVERE*** filesystem damage."13:26
phoenix_firebrdnag_: the error message shows that there is a i/o error between sdb1, but your fsck tells no such device, so paste the output13:26
faglnarMy X behaves quite strange.13:26
nag_phoenix_firebrd: ok13:26
phoenix_firebrdnag_: dont continue13:26
lordievader!help | chazor13:26
ubottuchazor: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience13:26
phoenix_firebrdnag_: so is your kubuntu installed on sdb1?13:27
chazori have ubuntu 12.04 installed on a 1tb hard drive ive been running it for some time and dont want to start from scratch again if i dont have to any way im wonding if theres a way i can take lets say 350gb from the 1tb partion and repartion it for windows 7 Without loasing any of may data from ubuntu?13:27
chazorsorry bout that and thank you13:27
phoenix_firebrdchazor: use the partition manager to resize the partition13:28
nag_phoenix_firebrd: this is what i did "http://paste.kde.org/522590/"13:28
phoenix_firebrdchazor: its in system settings13:29
lordievaderchazor: You can use gparted (or kde's partition manager) to resize your partition to make space for windows. However windows will overwrite grub.13:29
chazorand that wont mess with any of my movies / music?13:29
faglnarWhen I have 2 kdm sessions open and one of them has lockscreen and I switch to it, the lockscreen around the password prompt contains picture instead of black. Those pictures are either scrambled colors, fragments of ones desktop or the desktop upside down or even a website favicon zoomed fullscreen. WTF?13:29
lordievaderchazor: It is allways a good idea to backup, but it shouldn't mess with it. For after you've installed windows: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows13:30
phoenix_firebrdnag_: sdb1 is not found in fdisk list13:30
nag_phoenix_firebrd: yes i did for sda713:31
phoenix_firebrdnag_: i think some config is wrong13:31
nag_check the full o/p13:32
chazorthere in lies the issue i have nothing to use for a back up device >.< i dont have to have windows 7 but some programs i use are just not worth the effort to try to get to work with wine13:33
phoenix_firebrdnag_: do you automount drives at startup?13:33
nag_phoenix_firebrd: i didnt change any partition. i free up some space and installed on it... without editing..13:33
nag_phoenix_firebrd: no13:34
phoenix_firebrdnag_:  do you have windows?13:34
nag_phoenix_firebrd: i mount windows partitions if i need any data13:34
chazorim a new linux user and loving it i might add so much faster but just some apps i cant get working in wine13:34
nag_phoenix_firebrd: yes i have13:34
phoenix_firebrdnag_: boot into windows and check all drives for errors and come back here13:35
phoenix_firebrdchazor: like?13:35
nag_do u mean, disk clean up for  C-drive or disk partition13:36
nag_do u mean, disk clean up for  C-drive or disk defragmentation13:36
phoenix_firebrdnag_: disk check the one in drive properties in windows13:36
akishttp://paste.kde.org/522596/    what do i have to answer?13:37
nag_phoenix_firebrd: ya got it. cant i do here from linux for my windows partitions13:37
phoenix_firebrdnag_: also when you finish that and reboot to linux, boot into recovery mode and do a disk check13:37
phoenix_firebrdnag_: no, ntfs checking is done right in windows13:38
phoenix_firebrdakis: checking13:39
akisyes or no. keep it or upagrade it. OK>13:39
nag_phoenix_firebrd: ok i will do it after some time. I have one more question13:39
chazorfor one my wife uses imvu, witch has no linux application witch suckes because she wants me to get on imvu more, another is photoshop, i know theres gimp but its not the same,13:39
chazorare two of the main ones13:40
phoenix_firebrdakis: do you have any other way to come here, if you have a problem logging in?13:40
chazoralso trying to get my fans to run all the time but cant figure that out eather my laptop gets really hot then freases up13:41
akisonly using a win7 system using mIRC13:41
nag_phoenix_firebrd: i will put my laptop in sleepmode , when i turn on from sleep mode i enter my password after that its giving blank screen13:41
phoenix_firebrdakis: so can you come here?13:42
akisyep as far as i know!13:42
nag_phoenix_firebrd: that time it cant even get virtual console.13:42
phoenix_firebrdakis: then select yes13:43
akisif i select No which is the default what would be happened?13:43
phoenix_firebrdnag_: after all the disk checks, try this "dpkg-reconfigure -a"13:44
phoenix_firebrdakis: it will keep the old config of the kdm , but it might cause some trouble13:45
akisok. i proceed with "yes"13:46
phoenix_firebrdakis: type the less p and press tab here13:49
phoenix_firebrdakis: type the letter p and press tab here13:49
ubottuAs you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)13:51
chazorgparted cant change partion size?  the options greyed out13:51
phoenix_firebrdchazor: do you use a single partition?13:52
chazorwell besides the swap13:52
nag_phoenix_firebrd: i will do that thnx13:52
chazoror exteneded what every you want to call it13:53
phoenix_firebrdchazor: in that case you have to resize the partiton from a live session13:53
akisGenerating /boot/initrd.img-3.2.0-27-generic13:53
nag_phoenix_firebrd: away frm my laptop. i'b back in 15 mins13:53
phoenix_firebrdakis: nice13:53
chazornow just have to find that f`n cd >.<13:54
akisis this one the latest image?13:54
phoenix_firebrdnag_: ok13:54
phoenix_firebrdakis: thats the latest in 12.0413:55
akisok. excellent.13:55
phoenix_firebrdakis: confirm the version  of the linux-image installed from kpackagekit  before a reboot13:56
phoenix_firebrdakis: finished?13:57
hanibanaHi, what mail client utility can I use to get my unread mails from my IMAP server in a single command line?13:57
akisi think it is near to the end. setting up.13:57
hanibanaHi, what mail client utility can I use to get my unread mails from my IMAP server in a one line command?13:58
hanibanasorry for duplicate.13:58
akisupdate-initramfs: Generating /boot/initrd.img-3.2.0-27-generic13:59
akisi saw that it setup both openoffice and liboffice. probably it keeps OO.14:00
phoenix_firebrdakis: nice14:01
akishttp://paste.kde.org/522638/ yes or no?14:04
phoenix_firebrdakis: press d and get the details14:05
phoenix_firebrdakis: paste the output here14:05
akisgood selection! http://paste.kde.org/522650/14:05
akisold images, e?14:06
akisi think it should be removed, isn't it?14:07
phoenix_firebrdakis: ya remove14:07
akiswhat do i have press now? q and then y?14:09
phoenix_firebrdakis: wait14:09
phoenix_firebrdakis: press y14:09
akisy is not acceptable because now it's on the details' screen. i pressed somenthing at upgrades startup after i pressed details to see the packages but i dont remember what was it. after i press it i got again the question y or no or d (details).14:11
akisQ and Y worked14:12
phoenix_firebrdakis: good14:12
akisperfect indeed14:13
phoenix_firebrdakis: do you use any graphics card?14:15
akiswell it finished and asks for a restart.14:16
akisit's a laptop with an onboard graphic card. why?14:16
akisin my launcher menu there nothing right now. only Run command and leave.14:18
phoenix_firebrdakis: sometimes an external graphics card cause trouble when installing a kernel14:18
phoenix_firebrdakis: upgrade finished?14:19
akisits not an external one. its onboard14:19
phoenix_firebrdakis: did you check if the latest kernel image is installed?14:19
nag_phoenix_firebrd: hey i am back, can you tell me this14:20
akisi cannot find kpackagekit. there nothing in my launcher menu.14:20
nag_phoenix_firebrd: i will put my laptop in sleepmode , when i turn on from sleep mode i enter my password after that its giving blank screen14:20
akisonly Run and Leave14:20
phoenix_firebrdakis: alt+f2 to get the runner and type kpackagekit there14:22
akisi run kpackagekit through run command. it asked me for pass. but it doesnt load14:23
phoenix_firebrdnag_: have you finished the disk checks?14:23
akisor doesn't accept my pass!!!14:24
c2tarunhi, anybody using compiz with KDE14:24
akisi heard a ding and clesed14:24
nag_phoenix_firebrd: no i am coping some files it will takes another 1 hr atleast14:24
akisi heard a ding and closed14:24
akisi doesnt start14:24
phoenix_firebrdakis: you better reboot14:25
akistake the risk to restart or is there any other way to chack if the right image is installed? Maybe through the konsole?14:25
phoenix_firebrdakis: wait14:26
nag_phoenix_firebrd: are you busy with full of quiries14:26
phoenix_firebrdakis: check if muon is installed14:27
akishow can i do this?14:27
phoenix_firebrdakis: in konsole run "muon"14:28
akisok. so i choose N to finish with upgrade and proceed with muon?14:28
phoenix_firebrdnag_: after the disk checks, run this command"sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg" and see if that solves the sleep-lid problem14:29
phoenix_firebrdakis: why ?14:29
nag_ok thnx14:29
akisi onpende a new winodow14:30
phoenix_firebrdakis: is the upgrade process asking any quetions?14:30
phoenix_firebrdnag_: yw14:30
akismuon package manager opened14:30
akisand is running14:31
akisit asks yes or no for a restart14:31
phoenix_firebrdakis: check if the latest linux-image is installed14:31
akisi pressed no but it didnt went to the prompt.14:32
phoenix_firebrdakis: press n14:32
phoenix_firebrdakis: thats ok14:32
akison kernel and Modules?14:32
akis3.2.0.27 = installed14:33
akisi think that is GREAT. isnt it?14:33
akisdo i proceed with a reboot?14:36
phoenix_firebrdakis: ya reboot14:36
akisok. see you in mins.14:37
akishi again. the good news is that the system restart and load normally. tha bad news is that i lost interent connection.  the system doesnt recognizemy usb wireless device.15:02
phoenix_firebrdakis: i am having my dinner, can you wait?15:03
akisyep. in the meantime i am looking for issues and fix them. good apetite.15:04
phoenix_firebrdakis: ty15:04
=== Sigma is now known as Guest26787
phoenix_firebrdakis: are you there?15:16
akisyes i am here through my win7 system using mIRC15:16
phoenix_firebrdakis: openoffice work?15:17
akisi just fixed my kmail2rc using old kmailrc and i have the memories of my recent e-adresses15:17
phoenix_firebrdakis: ok15:18
akisno the openoffice doesn't seem to be worked. the files open with libreoffice. is there any way to force them to open only with openoffice?15:18
phoenix_firebrdakis: you are working from the same system that has the kubuntu installed now?15:18
akisi have it in front of me15:19
phoenix_firebrdakis: thats good15:19
akisbut no interent connection now15:19
akisbecause cannot see my usb wireless card15:19
phoenix_firebrdakis: do you know how to change file associations?15:19
akishm. under windows i sure. but under linux i dont think so, or i dont remeber. could you help me?15:20
phoenix_firebrdakis: right click the document file you want to open with openoffice, then select properties, in the properties dialog click the wrinch icon15:22
phoenix_firebrdakis: in the dialog can you find the application preference order?15:23
phoenix_firebrdakis: in the dialog can you find the "application preference order"?15:23
akisOO isnt in the programs i can use to open files like *.ods or *.odt15:23
akisok, wait15:24
macoyou have libreoffice AND openoffice?15:24
akisi put OO in the options but still opens Libre!15:25
phoenix_firebrdakis: how did you put?15:30
akisproperties/type/addselectother program/openoffice.org and i put it first15:32
phoenix_firebrdakis: still it opens with libreoffice?15:34
phoenix_firebrdakis: use my nickname15:35
akisyep. althoug it says its oo15:35
phoenix_firebrdakis: can you open openoffice from kmenu?15:36
akisforget for  now this issue. the serious problem is that the system doesnt recognize usb wireless card and the cdrom.lets see what we can to for these issues.15:36
akisthere isno oo in kmenu!15:36
akison Lo15:37
genii-aroundrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 11 Mar  1 07:03 /usr/bin/openoffice.org -> libreoffice15:37
phoenix_firebrdakis: can you see your wireless device on running this command "lsusb"15:37
akisprobably yes. is Zydas 802.11g. must be wireless isnt it?15:39
akis@genii.  explain plz15:39
akisit says points to Libreoffice15:40
Daskreechphoenix_firebrd: alt+F2 -> associatio15:40
phoenix_firebrdDaskreech: hi15:40
Daskreechhi phoenix_firebrd15:40
phoenix_firebrdDaskreech: ??15:40
genii-aroundakis: When *buntu went to libreoffice from openoffice, the old openoffice.org binary was pointed to the new libreoffice binary instead15:41
phoenix_firebrdakis: do you see the network manager icon on the system tray?15:41
Daskreech<phoenix_firebrd> akis: do you know how to change file associations? <-- I read as an inquiry that you were trying to find out instead of you giving help. Sorry15:41
phoenix_firebrdgenii-around: so you mean openoffice is like a meta package?15:42
akis@daskr. the same procedure from here too.15:42
Daskreechgenii-around: Sneaky. So you can't install both from the repos at the same time? They conflict?15:42
akis@phoenxi. no network manager. thats the point!15:42
Daskreechakis: do you have kubuntu-desktop installed ?15:42
phoenix_firebrdakis: goto system settings15:43
akiskde yes15:43
phoenix_firebrdakis: there goto startup and shutdown15:43
akisok. add program?15:44
akisall ae checked.15:45
phoenix_firebrdakis: then to service manager on the right panel, then on the right in the startup services see if the "network manager user settings service is running"15:45
phoenix_firebrdakis: then to service manager on the right panel, then on the right in the startup services see if the "network manager user settings service" is running15:45
akisall options are checked.15:45
akisbut i dont see it in system tray15:46
genii-aroundDaskreech: Maybe if you installed OO second15:46
phoenix_firebrdakis: all options might be checked, but check the status if its running15:46
Daskreechgenii-around: I'd just drop it in /opt15:47
akisit says running15:47
genii-aroundDaskreech: Yeah, or /usr/local15:47
DaskreechCurrently I don't think that there is that much difference between them to fuss about it15:47
akisk, ok we can live with libre too, or maybe find the solution to make OO works15:48
Daskreechakis: do you have a /dev/cdrom ?15:49
genii-aroundIs it a usb cdrom?15:50
akisno. on board. (the pc is a laptop)15:51
genii-aroundIs there a /dev/sr0 ?15:51
Daskreechthat was my next question15:51
Daskreechthen /dev/dvd15:51
phoenix_firebrdakis: see if you have any wlan when you run this command "iwconfig"15:52
akisno wlan, but i got some answers15:53
phoenix_firebrdakis: run this command "sudo ip link set wlan0 up" after that run "iwconfig" now see for wlan again15:55
akisno connection.15:57
akiswhy network managerdoesnot appear in my system tray?15:58
akis@daskr anything  else for cd/dvd rom?15:58
DeltaLinkAre you using a kde desktop or something else?16:00
phoenix_firebrdakis: from the krunner run "kdesudo NetworkManager"16:00
akiswell. it asked me for pass as at previous version, but i still dont see it in system tray16:02
phoenix_firebrdakis: can you reboot once more?16:03
akisno networkmanager on system tray16:07
azbarceahi does anyone knows how to change qgit qml or something like that to have the diff window use no transparency?16:07
phoenix_firebrdakis: install wicd-kde16:08
kvaks_Using the scrollwheel on the desktop switches the virtual desktop (next/prev probably). I'm triggering this by accident all the time. How can I disable it?16:08
akisusing muon?16:08
phoenix_firebrdakis: ya16:09
akisin which category can i find it?16:10
phoenix_firebrdakis: all16:10
mydogsnameisrudyjust type wicd in search window16:10
phoenix_firebrdakis: are you using muon-installer?16:11
phoenix_firebrdakis: does the title say software center?16:11
akisi found wicd (plain). there are some other also wicd (cli, gtk etc)16:12
phoenix_firebrdakis: can you find "wicd-kde"?16:14
akisthere n wicd-kde version16:14
=== ismael is now known as Guest20243
phoenix_firebrdakis: can you open the system activity i.e the task manager?16:15
akissystem monitor is ok?16:16
akisnetworkmanager is running!16:16
phoenix_firebrdakis: search for "muon", do you find a process called muon-installer?16:16
akisyep. just muon16:17
phoenix_firebrdakis: in konsole run this command "sudo apt-get install wicd-kde"16:18
DeltaLinkUnder system tray settings, is network managment checked?16:18
lemon24hello! is this an appropriate place to ask some advice about a problem i'm having?16:19
akisunable to locate package wicd-kde16:19
mydogsnameisrudywhats your problem lemon2416:20
DeltaLinkFeel free to ask, you might get an answer depending on how many are active here and how difficult the problem is16:20
phoenix_firebrdakis: in muon goto settings menu -> configure software sources16:21
phoenix_firebrdakis: in the first tab, is the second option ending with (universe) checked?16:22
lemon24when i try to adjust brightness, either via the battery monitor menu either via xbacklight the brightness/backlight starts to flicker, the cpu usage skyrockets and in about 10 seconds the computer freezes16:22
akisi checked all16:23
phoenix_firebrdakis: was the second option ending with (universe) checked?16:23
douglhello - what's new folks...16:24
DeltaLinkWhat type of computer is it lemon24?16:24
lemon24there are two things that might have caused this: first, i removed quiet nosplash from /etc/default/grub (and ran update-grub2); however, things are the same after i changed it back16:25
lemon24a samsung laptop16:25
lemon24second, i tried disabled (and then enabled back) the themed login16:26
lemon24*w/o "tried"16:26
DeltaLinkDoes it have an ATI graphics card?16:26
lemon24intel + nvidia16:27
akisok.now there is a wicd-kde available. proceed?16:27
lemon24i'm using bumblebee16:27
=== WhyBotWhy is now known as Guest93457
phoenix_firebrdakis:akisya install16:27
phoenix_firebrdakis: ya install16:28
lemon24i suspect the themed login thing borked things up, because all the fonts were reset to the default (Ubuntu) after that16:28
lemon24(and are now, after every login)16:28
DeltaLinkThat combination has been troublesome in the past, I don't think I would be any help with a Nvidia card either.  I'll take a look through some of the recent bug reports.  Your using Kubuntu 12.04, right?16:29
akissome packagescannot download!16:29
phoenix_firebrdakis: oh i forgot16:29
lemon24everything worked fine before today...16:30
phoenix_firebrdakis: you dont have internet yet16:30
akisoh yes!!!16:30
DeltaLinkWhat was the last thing that you did before the errors started occurring?16:30
phoenix_firebrdakis: can you connect you system through ethernet temperoraly?16:31
akisat least its not a new issue!16:31
akisyep. wait16:31
DeltaLinkDo you have nomodeset as a kernel boot parameter?16:32
lemon24i disabled the themed login; i restarted X; the fonts were reset; i enabled the themed login; i restarted X; i noticed the problem16:33
Daskreech!tab | akis16:34
ubottuakis: You can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.16:34
lemon24can you tell me where to look for the nomodeset thing, please?16:34
Daskreechkvaks_: Mouse actions16:34
phoenix_firebrdDaskreech: i had been asking this for a long time16:35
phoenix_firebrdto akis16:35
Daskreechdougl: Alpha 3!16:36
DeltaLinkIt can be found in /etc/default/grub16:36
lemon24no: GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash"16:36
akis1 why we didnt think before to connect ethernet?16:36
douglDaskreech, oops :)16:36
akis1ethernet is running ok16:36
phoenix_firebrdakis: its a human error16:37
phoenix_firebrdakis: so can you install wicd-kde now?16:37
Daskreechkvaks_: right click the desktop-> desktop settings -> mouse actions -> mouse wheel16:37
akis1yes sure. so lets go.16:37
akis1muon is like Yast (opensuse)!16:38
lemon24Daskreech: should i add it?16:39
Daskreechlemon24: hmm?16:39
lemon24Daskreech: sorry, mistaken you for DeltaLink16:40
spawniewhen I connect my android phoen to my computer via usb, I can't seem to mount it on linux16:40
DeltaLinkyou could try updating the grphics card with Ubuntu-x-swat (sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-x-swat/x-updates ) or look into "ppa:bumblebee/stable".  Sorry, I'm not familiar enough with that type of graphics card combination to be of any help.  Maybe someone else can give you better help.16:40
Daskreechspawnie: some of them require you to turn on debug16:41
spawnieDaskreech: thanks16:41
Daskreechakis1: nothing is like yast16:41
DeltaLinkA lot of people have had problems with this in the past and I can't see anywhere where that problem has been solved yet16:41
=== akis1 is now known as akis
akisi send "like"!16:42
spawnieDaskreech: nope, still no luck...16:42
akiswell wicd-kde is installed16:43
spawnieDaskreech: dmesg shows a usb device being connected, but no mention of a /dev/sd{x} node16:43
akisi can see it in my kde menu16:44
phoenix_firebrdakis: run that16:44
akisdo i have to start it>16:44
phoenix_firebrdakis: ya16:44
akisclient or network manager?16:44
Daskreechspawnie: #android ?16:44
spawnieDaskreech: arlight16:45
Daskreechspawnie: I guess you already told it to go to mass storage mode?16:45
spawnieDaskreech: I think it did that automatically, I can't seem to find it though16:45
spawniefind that setting even16:45
akisnetwork manager says no wireless networks found!!!16:46
lemon24DeltaLink: thanks a lot for your help!16:46
DaskreechMost of the ones I've used have abutton in the notify section that says USB Mass Mode16:46
spawnieDaskreech: heck I think it's in mtp mode16:47
phoenix_firebrdakis: what is your usb wireless device name?16:47
Daskreechspawnie: Ah..Umm. try camera:/16:47
akisthe strange think is that if i switch of wireless the red light of my device gets off, if i switch on is getting on, but cannot recognize it!16:48
spawnieDaskreech: found the setting, it's in USB mass storage mode now.  Thanks man16:48
Daskreechspawnie: Boo yah!16:49
akisis a tp-link usb device but the system recognize it as Bus 001 Device 012: ID 0ace:1215 ZyDAS ZD1211B 802.11g16:49
phoenix_firebrdakis: in the system activity i.e the task manager can you see process called NetworkManager16:50
akiswait i will add it as Zydas. No activity in system tray.16:51
phoenix_firebrdakis: did you try unplugging the usb device and plugging it again?16:52
akisyes twice16:53
phoenix_firebrdakis: wait16:53
phoenix_firebrdakis: is your wireless network a hidden one?16:54
akisyes it is. passwor and mac filter protect it16:56
phoenix_firebrdakis: can you config accordingly in wicd?16:57
akissure. but first i disable pass to make an open connection16:58
phoenix_firebrdakis: ok16:58
akisthe problem isnt the negociation with my modem the problem is that my device cannot detect any wireless system.17:02
phoenix_firebrdakis: you mean you can detect the router or the gateway?17:04
akisno. not my router. not any other router in my neighbourhood17:04
phoenix_firebrdakis: paste the output of "iwconfig"17:05
akislo        no wireless extensions     eth0      no wireless extensions.17:07
akiswell. forget the previous.17:09
akishttp://paste.kde.org/522764/   this is the right one17:09
=== ismael is now known as Guest55639
akiswhy it says off?17:10
phoenix_firebrdakis: paste the output of "lsmod"17:12
phoenix_firebrdakis: the driver seems to be loaded17:19
phoenix_firebrdakis: something wrong with the config17:19
phoenix_firebrdakis: can you see a small arrow need the time in the bottom panel?17:20
akissure something is wrong but what and why. under 10.04 was no prob and also with any live CD there was no prob17:21
phoenix_firebrdakis: can you see a small arrow near the time in the bottom panel?17:21
akisno. what arrow?17:21
DeltaLinkI'm trying to configure/build the new 3.5 kernel for a server and was wondering if it possible to set the Timer Frequency below 100Hz with a patch (similar to how the Kolivas patch allows for 10,000Hz) as it only allows for 100Hz as a low.17:21
akisdo you mean the arrow for download updates?17:23
akisor hte arrow which hides some other programs?17:24
phoenix_firebrdakis: right click the system tray and select "system tray settings"17:24
phoenix_firebrdakis: done?17:25
akisoh yes, yes yes17:25
akisnetwork manager is here!!!17:26
phoenix_firebrdakis: where?17:26
akiswait i fix it. we dont need wicd anymore. wait17:26
phoenix_firebrdakis: ok17:28
bigskywhat is the difference between these desktops?17:33
phoenix_firebrdbigsky: k=kde, x=xfce, l=lxde17:35
phoenix_firebrdkvaks_: ubuntu-desktop , unity and gnome17:35
phoenix_firebrdbigsky: ^17:35
daniel____bigsky: Easy, the first runs Unity (crap) edubuntu is jsut a bunch of educational packages but the one suffixed with kde uses kde as default desktop, xubuntu uses xfce (ok at best) lubuntu = lxde (for pentium 2's and other obsolete stuff ) and kubuntu  = kde (absolutely best desktop environment) My bias is obvious17:35
daniel____phoenix_firebrd: Damn you beat me to it.17:36
phoenix_firebrddaniel____: your's is enlightning17:36
DeltaLinklxde is for really low memory computers, xfce slightly heavier, and kde and ubuntu are the heaviest.  In my experiences, kde is easiest to customize17:36
akisi am here again. wireless is workin fine. i lost the connction for a while because unplugging the ethernet i unplugged power too and the router rebooted. now everything is ok. let;s find a solution for cd/dvd rom17:37
phoenix_firebrdakis: thats good, dont forget to uninstall wicd17:38
daniel____DeltaLink: I'd actually haphazard to say that kde isn't as best as unity and gnome shell and once you get over the initial strigi file indexing and nepomuk set-up its not bad. Plus there is a low fat package in the repository. Apparently it makes a big difference for some people17:38
akisi will. i want to ask you first, but you caught up17:39
phoenix_firebrdakis:  what wrong with the dvd?17:41
DeltaLinkI guess I was a bit misleading, kde definitly uses less than unity and gnome 3.  It's about the same as gnome 2 before kde is configured. Kde can run just as fast as xfce on a modern machine once adding the lowfat package and removing extra services such as indexing.17:44
DeltaLinkIt allows for desktop rendering to be switched from opengl to xrender, I'm not sure if the other desktops even allow for this.  Xrender would be good for low end integrated intel graphic cards (such as the Intel Graphics HD 3000 series)17:45
phoenix_firebrdakis: is there any disc inside the drive?17:46
phoenix_firebrdakis: put some disk inside it17:48
phoenix_firebrdakis: after that paste the output of "df"17:48
DeltaLinkHow about mouse polling rate, does anyone here know how to lower this?  Does this have to be done through recompiling the kernel?17:52
phoenix_firebrdakis: can we do this tomorrow?17:52
akisdifficult. i am leaving for holidays. no internet connection there -:(17:55
phoenix_firebrdakis: open muon and see if hal is installed>17:56
genii-aroundDeltaLink: I think xset has some options for this17:56
phoenix_firebrdakis: its mid night here17:56
akishal is installed17:56
genii-around( that or xinput )17:57
phoenix_firebrdakis: uninstall it and do a reboot17:57
DeltaLinkThanks genii-around, it worked17:59
genii-aroundDeltaLink: You're welcome17:59
akisok. unistallation ok. going for a reboot18:00
lemon24DeltaLink: i tried the acpi_brightness thing and it works, partially: the maximum brightness is only about half of maximum real one...18:03
DeltaLinkSo you only have access the the first half of your settings?18:04
akisi am back18:04
lordievaderGood evening18:05
phoenix_firebrdakis: what happened? is the dvd drive showing up?18:05
DeltaLinkbut your  able to change it now at least, right?18:05
DeltaLinkI'm just reading up the settings from "https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Backlight" to see if there is anything of use here18:06
daniel____DeltaLink: HD3000 runs OpenGL withought a hitch. No need for XRender by the way, in 12.04 no effects have failed but in 11.04 I had two effects that were problematic. I have an optimus laptop :-(18:06
akisno. the same message form k3b and i cannot see the cd in dolphin18:07
lemon24i'm thinking of installing samsung-backlight (although it didn't work well in the past and i don't think it does what i need -- i think it corrects the key bindings or something)18:08
DeltaLinkSometimes XRender runs faster than opengl for older GPUs was why I mentioned it earlier daniel.  It's good to hear that they fixed the effects issue from 11.10.18:08
lemon24i didn't mention the power settings know and the keys never worked; i changed the brightness with xbacklight...18:09
DeltaLinkI'm was just trying to remember what the samsung acpi package was called, it gave functionallity once installed18:09
lemon24* the knob worked, only the keys didnt18:09
DeltaLinkDo you mean that the knob worked completely (all brightness settings were accessable) and it's just the key combination that doesn't18:11
lemon24again, the knob did what it supposed to do18:11
lemon24when i released it the brightness remained at the desired level18:12
lemon24however, while sliding it, the backlight would flicker between the maximum level and the desired one18:12
lemon24when i used the keys, the backlight would flicker too, but it would go to max after releasing the key18:13
DeltaLinkDoes xbacklight -inc #(some value here to increase) or xbacklight -dec #(again, some value here) work correctly18:13
DeltaLinkThe dec for decrease18:14
lemon24without acpi_backlight no18:14
lemon24i didn't try going to the max with it18:14
phoenix_firebrdakis: run this command "sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg" and try a reboot18:15
lemon24i'll reboot to see how xbacklight works18:16
lemon24back in 518:16
akisi did it and i am going for a reboot18:19
lemon24i'm back; xbacklight doesn't work18:20
lemon24(the maximum brightness is still half)18:20
akisstill nothing. no responce.18:23
DeltaLinkI'm not sure what would be causing this.  I'm assuming since you can change your brightness you don't have "nolapci" in your kernel boot parameters.  It was what was used to solve a similar issue with Thinkpads in previous versions of Ubuntu, but like I said it could be a number of things causing this.18:24
lemon24if the samsung thing doesn't work i'll try reinstalling kubuntu18:26
phoenix_firebrdakis: do you have a xorg.conf in /etc/X11/?18:29
akis xorg.conf.failsafe only18:31
lemon24whoa... the samsung thing works18:32
lemon24with the brightness at least18:32
DeltaLinkWhat did you do, intall the samsung-tools package?18:33
DeltaLinkSo you have all your default brightness settings and keybindings working now?18:34
phoenix_firebrdakis: i have no idea how to solve you issue, you better ask for help in here, someone will help you. I have to go now18:34
lemon24except wifi yes18:34
akisok. thank for your help till now. have a nice evening18:35
lemon24it seems the samsung support got better18:36
phoenix_firebrdakis: yw .sorry, i cant control my sleep, good night.18:36
DeltaLinkOk, to sum up everything: Kernel parameters added: "acpi_backlight=vendor acpi_osi=Linux acpi_brightness=vendor" and samsung-tools package was installed.  Am I missing anything?18:36
lemon24it's only "acpi_backlight=vendor acpi_osi=Linux"18:37
lemon24and samsung-backlight18:37
akisgood night. i appreciated your care to solve the issue. good night. where are you writing form?18:37
DeltaLinkok, noted18:37
lemon24i'll install samsung-tools now, to see how the other stuff works18:38
lemon24thanks a lot18:38
akisis there any way to change my computers name i gave when i setup the system?18:38
DeltaLinkSamsung-tools doesn't appear to be in the default sources, it can be found at: "https://launchpad.net/samsung-tools/"18:42
akisanyone can help to mount my cd/dvd rom?18:44
DeltaLinkAkis, what displays when you enter "mount" into the terminal?18:46
DeltaLinkAssuming you have the disc in the drive18:46
DeltaLinkDoes anything apear  under /dev/sr018:47
akisi have a disk in the drive18:48
DeltaLinkJust a minute, I'm trying to figure out why it's not automounting.  Your using kde right?18:50
lemon24*yes, meaning i added ppa:voria/ppa18:51
DeltaLinkAkis, can you try "sudo mount -t iso9660 -o ro /dev/sr0 /cdrom"18:53
akismount: special device /dev/sr0 does not exist18:55
DeltaLinkCreate the folder sr0 in /dev with root permissions (example: kdesudo dolphin and create the folder in /dev)18:56
DeltaLinkWait, I made a mistake18:57
DeltaLinkcreate a folde /cdrom, not /dev/sr018:57
DeltaLinkThat is, create a folder called cdrom in / with using root permissions18:59
DeltaLinkI'm use to automounting, it's been a while since I've actually mounted a disc manually19:00
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DeltaLinkAfter you create the folder, you should be able to run that last command (sudo mount -t iso9660 -o ro /dev/sr0 /cdrom)19:00
DeltaLinkNormally on ubuntu it's: mount -t iso9660 -o ro /dev/cdrom /cdrom , but I think kde uses: mount -t iso9660 -o ro /dev/sd0 /cdrom.19:04
DeltaLinkThe weather is getting quite bad here, I'm going to have to go.  Good luck and your able to fix the mount error akis.  Normally Kubuntu (kde) automounts these, so check to see how people using Lubuntu mount disc might work too.19:08
DeltaLinkI mean Good luck and hope your  able to fix the mount error akis19:08
MountainXI can't get Kgpg to run in Kubuntu 12.04. Is anyone else having this problem?19:20
* dougl googles kgpg19:21
MountainXafter 'apt-get install kgpg', when I select Kgpg from the menu, it tries to start, then goes away with no errors (but the process keeps running). The UI never shows up.19:21
douglMountainX, not sure what to say = works/ed here... you do muon update manager?19:26
MountainXI do all apt stuff via the command line. I don't trust muon.19:27
MountainXmy system is completely updated19:27
douglbut your updates are done? ... curious19:27
MountainXrebooting now... I'll check back19:38
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iliasis there any way to change desktop ariya in splash screen?19:53
iliasthe ariya backgorund i mean of the splash screen19:55
ubuntuhello all20:23
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VanKushhi folks, please how do I change the default session option in KDM?21:56
kkerwinHi. I have a process that I am unable to kill with "kill -9 $PROCESSID", or "killall $PROCCESSNAME". Any ideas? The process is libreoffice.22:06
VanKushplease, how can I specify which x session profile should be picked by KDM as "standard" default?22:32
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pelgidiumsomebody speak portuguese23:12
ubottuPor favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigado.23:12
pelgidiumi have one entry duplicate in source.list, i make apt-get update and the error continue23:22
pelgidiumW: Duplicate sources.list entry http://downloads-distro.mongodb.org/repo/ubuntu-upstart/ dist/10gen i386 Packages (/var/lib/apt/lists/downloads-distro.mongodb.org_repo_ubuntu-upstart_dists_dist_10gen_binary-i386_Packages)23:24
pelgidiumW: Duplicate sources.list entry http://downloads-distro.mongodb.org/repo/ubuntu-upstart/ dist/10gen i386 Packages (/var/lib/apt/lists/downloads-distro.mongodb.org_repo_ubuntu-upstart_dists_dist_10gen_binary-i386_Packages)23:24
pelgidiumi using apt-get upadate but the continue error23:24

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