ridcully1st_Hello everyone. I have a some problems setting up scim to write chinese on lbuntu 12.0408:29
ridcully1st_I istalled scim and scim-pinyin and I get the scim steup  window and the icon in taskbar  but when I want to trigger (cntrl+ space)  nothing happens08:29
ridcully1st_has someone a tip what todo08:29
ridcully1st_Hello, could someone help me with scim11:27
peazipHelphi all, I am trying to use Peazip with lubuntu 12.04. It installs fine, but when i run it, it complains it does not have libgdk_pixbuf-2.0.so.012:13
peazipHelpi did a locate and i found it at: /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libgdk_pixbuf-2.0.so.0. is there a way i can find out where it is looked?12:13
peazipHelpthat way i can setup a symlink?12:13
psilo23so, i finally upgraded to lubuntu 12.04 but whats the difference with 11.10, i dont see any ifference except the software center hehehe19:22
bioterrorLXDM replaced with LightDM and Lubuntu finally supports multiple users19:23
bioterrorlike using same computer at the same time19:23
Unit193Awwwh, crap, wrong one.19:23
psilo23okay i dont use that but alright19:24
bioterrorunit :D19:24
Unit193https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PrecisePangolin/ReleaseNotes/Lubuntu  (Hay, it redirects there, I was very close)19:24
bioterroryou can now quiet yourself for that mistake19:24
psilo23well i learned one thing from that site u gave me, lubuntu is not lts, didnt know that one19:26
semitoneshey you guys19:42
SAKKEDbioterror: i thought this 12.04 is still LxDM20:28
Unit193Nope, Lightdm.20:28
bioterrorchange was succesful if people thinks that ;)20:33
Unit193If you upgraded, you may still have LXDM if that's the one you selected.20:34
Shogoothi guys. any of you dare to help me get a green icon on the firewall thingy in AZURE? im working from a lubuntu OS :)20:34
bioterrorfix your router20:35
Unit193!crosspost | Shogoot20:35
ubottuShogoot: Please don't ask the same question in multiple Ubuntu channels at the same time. Many helpers are in more than one channel and it's not fair to them or the other people seeking support.20:35
SAKKEDhow can i disable workspaces?20:36
Shogoot-1 to bioterror for not helping at all :P20:36
bioterrorSAKKED, for example from ~/.config/openbox/lubuntu-rc.xml20:36
bioterroryou change workspaces to 120:36
bioterroror was it Openbox with the capital O20:37
ShogootSAKKED, right click one of the desktops in the taskbar and look in the "desktoppager " option20:37
bioterrorShogoot, I have quite low intentions to help people to warez stuff20:37
bioterrorbut make port forward20:38
SAKKEDi just clicked and changed it20:38
SAKKEDpretty easy20:38
SAKKEDim using LXDM20:38
SAKKEDlooks pretty nice20:38
SAKKEDi like this moore than the original20:38
Shogootwhatever sakked you just do your no-helpfull thing20:39
Shogootsorry menat bioterror xD20:40
ShogootThink i got it right now :)20:52
ShogootAnother question. Is it possible to share folders from lubuntu with a win7 machine on the same network?20:53
ShogootIs taht using samba, ans straight forward?20:54
Unit193Well you can rsync, scp, sshfs, and samba (think SSHFS would work, but may well not)20:55
ubottuSamba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.20:55
Shogootso samba has the msot support from microsoft?20:56
hal14450i wouldn't exactly say it's supported20:58
Unit193Works the best with rather.20:58
Shogootwas it not possible to right click a folder and "share it?"21:01
Shogootor is that ubuntu only?21:01
hal14450Unit193, agreed it's probably the best option21:01
Shogootrather? what is that?21:01
Unit193Shogoot: Not that I know of.21:01
Unit193hal14450: Yeah, that's how I read the question, thanks.21:02
hal14450Unit193, sorry if that came off as confrontational it just reminded me of a talk i attended at a linux conference21:03
Unit193Na, it's great.21:03
hal14450Jeremy Allison gave the talk I saw and he did mention how difficult it was at the time to keep samba working but you're right they do a good job of it21:06
hal14450sshfs works best for my needs but that's mainly due to being lazy about running anything else when ssh can do what i want21:09
Unit193scp is great for a couple files, and rsync is great for backup along with larger amounts.21:11
bioterrorand samba is great for the ease of doing HTPC shares, I find it even easier than NFS ;)21:12
hal14450rsync is my tool of choice for anything larger than a few files otherwise i generally use mc21:12
bioterrorand there's not huge difference in speed between samba and nfs than what it's like between samba and scp21:12
Unit193bioterror: Yep, only time I ever used NFS was on XP. :P  (Not with a linux box either)21:13
hal14450i gave up on NFS as it isn't as kind when the wifi connection drops as sshfs is21:13
hal14450as far as htpc goes mine recently overheated :(21:14
ShogootSo help me a bit here. I managed to get access to my lubuntumachine that has a folde ri shared... its visible from win721:14
hal14450it was ~11yrs old so it's doubtful i'll want to fix it21:15
Shogootwhat i cant get to work is the ctrl-x to move a file from the folder to win721:15
Shogooteven i have given write/read in the samba21:15
Shogootmust i chmod the folder?21:15
Unit193Well it is in fact another user trying to edit files.21:23
Dice-Mani've installed ssh21:54
Dice-Manbut it doesn't run at system startup21:54
Dice-Mani'm forced to pass by command line shell21:54
hal14450lsof -i |grep ssh says?21:54
Dice-Manat present moment i've make a sudo service ssh start21:55
Dice-Manso the service is up and running21:55
Dice-Manit says nothing21:55
Dice-Manare there any way to edit the init script ?21:58
Dice-Manand therefore launch ssh early ?21:58
hal14450it should run at boot time if you've set it properly21:59
hal14450you won't get anything from that command unless you run it as sudo sorry22:00
Dice-Manthere are no clues to start ssh at startup ??22:02
hal14450i'm actually having a bit of a brain fart as to what file to edit to make sure it runs at startup22:02
Dice-Manit was automatically configurated before22:02
hal14450/etc/default/<something> was my first guess22:03
hal14450this is what i get for not using it and thus losing it knowledge wise22:03
Unit193What package exactly did you install?22:04
hal14450perhaps it's just in /etc/ssh/sshd_config22:05
Dice-ManUnit193: openssh-server22:29
Dice-Manwith apt-get22:29
VanKushhello folks, please how can I configure which x session will be assumed by default?22:30
VanKushafter I installed lubunu-desktop meta package in Precise, my KDM got flooded with 10+ openbox related entries, and Gnome-session (stressing that I have no gnome installed) was set default22:31
VanKushso if I do not select kde or lxde session manually, I hit an error anytime I log on22:31
Unit193That's not normal at all, and Lubuntu is the normal session.22:33
VanKushI would suppose so as well22:36
VanKushyet my priority is to select KDE Plasma session as default again22:36
Dice-ManUnit193: ping ?23:35
Dice-Manupdate-rc.d doesn't run :(23:36
bkmI mouse-dragged a terminal window so that the bar was behind lxpanel. would there have been a way to get to it without killing lxpanel (which is what i did)?23:38
Unit193Alt+tab to it and then alt+space m  for move23:39
Unit193Dice-Man: "Doesn't run"?23:39
Dice-Mandoesn't work23:40
Dice-Mansorry my english23:40
ubottuDoesn't work is a strong statement. Does it sit on the couch all day? Does it want more money? Is it on IRC all the time? Please be specific! Examples of what doesn't work tend to help too.23:40
Unit193sudo update-rc.d ssh enable   or something like that.23:40
Dice-Manokay i see23:40
Dice-Manupdate-rc.d ssh defaults23:41
Dice-Manthen reboot23:41
Dice-Manssh doesn't start automatically23:41
Dice-Manalways forced to start it with sudo service ssh start23:41
Unit193Did you ever try    sudo dpkg-reconfigure openssh-server    ?23:41
Dice-Manwell no23:42
Dice-Mani'm trying sudo apt-get install ssh23:43
Dice-Manit contains the server and the client23:43
Dice-Manmaybe the installation do the right scripts for auto start ?23:43
Unit193openssh-server did it for me.23:45
Dice-Mani'm trying dpk reconfigure...23:50
Dice-Mandoesn't work :(23:55

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