jimericksonthe installer fails miserably on omap4.01:58
infinityjimerickson: That wasn't much information.02:11
infinityjimerickson: Which installer, which release, fails how.02:11
jimericksonthe 24 july image on omap4 armhf (pandaboard ES) ubi-partman fails because /dev/cdrom cannot be unmounted.02:18
infinityCan you file a bug?02:23
jimericksonyes i am about to do so.02:24
jimericksonwhich package should designate as the culprit?02:27
infinityubiquity is fine, we can triage from there.02:27
jimericksonback in a bit02:27
jimericksoninfinity i have to report the bug from my laptop so i cant use apport to do it. how do i file on launchpad. i have an account.02:46
infinityjimerickson: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubiquity/+filebug02:52
jimericksonthank you02:57
jimericksonfiled bug #102871603:08
ubot2Launchpad bug 1028716 in ubiquity "ubi-partman fails because /dev/cdrom cannot be unmounted" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/102871603:08
rsalvetiogra_: seems robclark was able to fix a few issues on the sgx side, and if that works better with compiz, it'd be the good candidate to push to ubuntu04:47
rsalvetionce it lands at the ppa, will check that as well04:48
* rsalveti gone04:48
ppisaticooloney: do you know if ming is around?05:14
cooloneyppisati: oh, i'm not sure,05:25
cooloneyppisati: it's quite early for you. and ming might be out for lunch somehow05:26
ppisaticooloney: i woke up at 6 AM this morning...05:37
ppisaticooloney: anyhow i sent him an email, thanks05:37
cooloneyppisati: what happened, man. because of your cat? heh05:37
cooloneyppisati: actually i normally wake up at 3am or 4am every night recently05:37
cooloneyppisati: not good05:38
ppisatiwho knows, maybe i was tired of sleeping... :)05:42
* ppisati -> back in 20mins07:47
ogra_LetoThe2nd, so by the looks of it, the netboot images look fine, wnat to know whats wrong ?10:00
LetoThe2ndogra_: do want, but not right now... dev team always has SIGPIZZA at wednesday 12:0010:00
ogra_ah, k10:00
ogra_well, you used the wrong image file (and i didnt notice)10:01
LetoThe2ndogra_: ah yes?10:01
ogra_enjoy your food ...10:01
LetoThe2ndwill do :)10:01
ogra_.img-fat-* is only the fat partition10:01
ogra_.img-fb.gz or .img-serial.gz are the partitioned ones10:01
LetoThe2ndbut i really took care to triple name the file in use not to make the same mistake again that i did some months ago10:02
* ogra_ will add a README10:02
LetoThe2ndboot.img-serial.gz my ~/Download says....10:02
LetoThe2ndbut will check & test in the afternoon10:02
ogra_http://ports.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-ports/dists/quantal/main/installer-armhf/current/images/MANIFEST doesnt even list the -fat ones10:03
ogra_~ # dmesg|grep smsc10:08
ogra_[    0.762542] usbcore: registered new interface driver smsc95xx10:08
ogra_~ # cat /proc/net/dev10:08
ogra_Inter-|   Receive                                                |  Transmit10:08
ogra_ face |bytes    packets errs drop fifo frame compressed multicast|bytes    packets errs drop fifo colls carrier compressed10:08
ogra_    lo:       0       0    0    0    0     0          0         0        0       0    0    0    0     0       0          010:08
ogra_~ #10:08
* ogra_ doesnt get that10:08
ogra_why is there no NIC10:08
ppisatimarvin24: what was the commit you suggested for the page allocation failure? something about rx200 iirc10:53
ogra_ppisati, http://lists.metaprl.org/pipermail/cs134-labs/2002-October/000025.html11:13
ogra_(we're just discussing with apw in #ubuntu-release btw)11:13
apwhere is probabally more appropriate anyhow11:14
apwone of this difficult ones, you cannot use _KERNEL in an interrupt context, which often is where you are when allocating skb's for packet reception, as you do it as you pull out packets from the ring11:15
apwbut it is worth looking at, else we might consider upping the reserve when initing that driver, *shudder*11:16
ppisatii guess you are talking about this one11:18
ppisatibug 74613711:19
ubot2Launchpad bug 746137 in jasper-initramfs "Page allocation failure on Pandaboard and Beagle XM" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/74613711:19
ogra_ppisati, yep11:19
marvin24ppisati: commit 8821102 upstream for rt2x00 usb driver13:38
ppisatimarvin24: thanks, found it13:57
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janimomarvin24, any developments news on the 3.1 kernel lately?17:35
marvin24janimo: no, still searching for cause of the "usb fail to resume problem"18:10
janimoonly ehci as you said right?18:10
marvin24I cherry-picked all usb changes from android, still no change18:10
marvin24janimo: there is only ehci ...18:10
janimoah      :)18:10
marvin24in fact, only the ulpi port fails18:10
janimoso it locks up on resume or USB peripehrals die?18:11
marvin24port dies18:11
marvin24no clock :-(18:11
janimoand you have rebased on the l4t-rel15 branch?18:12
marvin24l4t/l4t-r15 <- that is18:13
marvin24the branch18:13
janimois it supposed to work on ventana?18:14
marvin24I guess so18:16
marvin24(but I didn't asked)18:16
marvin24it worked on the andorid branch18:16
janimobisecting between rebases is hard though right?18:17
janimoif possible at all18:17
marvin24better not18:17
marvin24I try to compare android <-> l4t differences instead18:18
robclarkany idea what I'm missing from a debootstrap'd filesystem updated to ubuntu-desktop?  Seems all is not well with my locale:20:24
robclarklocale.Error: unsupported locale setting20:24
robclarkahh.. /etc/defaults/locale20:27
marvin24janimo: found the right commit to fix the resume problem ...21:40
janimomarvin24, nice :)21:41
marvin24there are still tons of bug fixes21:41
janimosomething that nvidia should apply to their tree?21:41
marvin24lets hope they will release soon21:41
janimoI mean nvidia21:41
marvin24they have it in the android branch21:41
marvin24but not yet pushed the l4t one21:41
janimoah, but not applied to the other yet21:41
janimoare there bugfixes in this branch that are not in android?21:42
menloparkhi everyone!22:42
menloparknew to pandaboard here...22:42
menloparklooking for the absolute best ubuntu desktop experience on pandaboard!22:43
menloparki have setup ubuntu-12.04-preinstalled-desktop-armhf+omap4.img.gz on have sandisk 8GB class UHS-1 95 MB/sec with pandaboard ES rev B122:43
menloparknow i'm looking for best place to find a recipe to setup for best performance and compatibility of pandaboard and ubuntu 12.0422:43
menloparkwhat post installation steps to i take to get smoother graphics, ability to watch youtube, view mpeg4 smoothly in 1080p, hear audio from audio out jack22:44
infinitymenlopark: Well, for best performance, your first step is to install to a hard drive.22:45
menloparkok.  but i'm trying to stay away from any moving parts (like fans and spinning hard disk platters), so would esata be better?22:46
infinityeSATA is a connection interface, not a drive type...22:47
infinityIf you meant SSD, that might be better for your use case.  Dunno.22:48
menloparksomewhere i read the system would be faster if done from usb instead of SDHC card, is this generally the case?22:50
menloparki'm using sandisk 8GB class UHS-1 95 MB/sec.22:50
menloparkand how would one connect SSD devices to pandaboard.  any ideas?  thanks:)22:51
menloparkanother question:  what post installation steps to i take to get smoother graphics, ability to watch youtube, view mpeg4 smoothly in 1080p, hear audio from audio out jack22:58
menloparkdo i install some kind of restricted extras now?22:58
infinitymenlopark: You'd connect it via USB, yeah.22:59
infinitymenlopark: As for faster video acceleration, that's not really my forte, but there's a TI PPA with some mangled codec packages.23:00
menlopark@infinity thanks.  i read that installing the proprietary driver "PowerVR SBX" on Panda ES has some anomilies and i should stick with ubuntu's stock driver23:04
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menloparkI'll check in later . . .  thanks!23:31
pbuckleyis anyone working on a port to asus tf700?23:46

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