hbahi guys04:03
hbais anyone alive ther/04:04
JoseeAntonioRhi, hba04:20
hbahey hi josee04:20
hbagood that someone is there :)04:20
hbaI've installed Ubuntu 10.04.3 on my dell laptop04:21
hbalshw -html > file.html shows some of the columns red colored04:22
hbaand the brightness shortcuts does not work04:22
hbaguys...please help me14:34
hbaif someone can14:34
hbafunction key with my ubuntu 10.04 on dell vostro 1450 doesnt :(14:34
hbaand im not able to find ANY solution for this14:35
hbathere is NO graphic card in the laptop14:35
hbaany pros here?14:37
Blazemore|WorkSorry back up... what are you doing? What are you expecting to happen? And what actually happens?14:39
Blazemore|WorkI think you accidentally a verb, you see14:39
Blazemore|WorkI have a similar Dell laptop so I might be able to help you14:39
Blazemore|WorkDell Vostro laptops use integrated graphics, which means you don't have a seperate graphics card. The graphics processing is done on a particular part of the processor14:40
hbaso how to I proceed with it14:41
Blazemore|WorkWhat is the problem?14:41
hbalshw -html > file.html shows "VGA compatible controller" in red14:41
hbaim not able to change the brightness14:42
Blazemore|WorkWhat are you running on it? Why are you running Ubuntu 10.04?14:42
Blazemore|WorkUbuntu 11.04 onwards are actually certified for that laptop14:42
hbai gave a try with 12.04 and it jus .. sucks with unity :(14:43
hbaand wanted LTS only14:44
Blazemore|WorkOK. If you're dead set on using the older version of Ubuntu which doesn't work out-of-the-box with your particular laptop, you must be prepared to spend some time and effort fixing it. If you like the old version of Gnome there are a couple of other distros you can try14:44
hbaas I already am using 10.04.3 on my desktop, and really very happy with it14:44
Blazemore|WorkHowever, let's solve this problem for 10.0414:44
Blazemore|WorkI agree, 10.04 was a really good release14:44
hbathe way it works even with ATA14:45
hbaim all game for fixing it hard way :)14:45
Blazemore|WorkCould you please pose the results of running the command "lsmod" onto paste.ubuntu.com ?14:45
hbahere http://paste.ubuntu.com/1110243/14:46
Blazemore|WorkOK I'm going to get you to try something, but it does involve a reboot14:50
Blazemore|WorkWhat I need you to do is edit the /etc/default/grub file: "sudo gedit /etc/default/grub"14:50
Blazemore|WorkLook for the line that says GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash"14:50
Blazemore|WorkAnd change it so it says GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash acpi_backlight=vendor acpi_osi=Linux"14:51
Blazemore|WorkThen save the file, close the text editor and run the command "sudo update-grub"14:51
Blazemore|WorkThen reboot and test out the brightness keys14:51
Blazemore|WorkCome back here and let me know if it worked14:51
Blazemore|Workhba: are you still there?15:09
hbaBlazemore: just back15:44
hbalet me just follow what u said15:44
hbaok. need to reboot15:46
Blazemore|Work£10 says he doesn't come back because it worked15:48
hbaBlazemore: no luck :(15:49
hbaGRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash acpi_backlight=vendor acpi_osi=Linux"15:50
hba@Blazemore plz reply...15:50
Blazemore|WorkOK give me a minute15:52
hbaok sure15:52
Blazemore|WorkOK do you know how to add a PPA? It's OK if not15:53
hbai know15:54
Blazemore|WorkWell, either way, run the command " sudo add-apt-repository ppa:kamalmostafa/linux-kamal-mjgbacklight "15:54
Blazemore|WorkThen do "sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get dist-upgrade -y"15:54
Blazemore|WorkThen, (sorry), it's best to edit that /etc/default/grub file again, remove "acpi_backlight=vendor acpi_osi=Linux"15:55
Blazemore|WorkThen run "sudo update-grub" and reboot15:55
Blazemore|WorkSO basically we're reverting the changes we tried before, and installing the updates from this PPA15:55
hbahope its for gnome ;) i just saw letter 'k' in there ;-)15:56
Blazemore|WorkShould be linux, linux-meta and gnome-power-manager15:57
Blazemore|WorkPlus whatever updates you had already, which could be "kernel" something-or-other15:57
hbaW: Failed to fetch http://ppa.launchpad.net/kamalmostafa/linux-kamal-mjgbacklight/ubuntu/dists/lucid/main/binary-amd64/Packages.gz  404  Not Found15:59
hbasomething went wrong here?16:06
hba@Blazemore u there?16:07
Blazemore|WorkSorry. Yes it seems that PPA is only for Natty and Maverick sadly16:07
Blazemore|Worksudo software-properties-gtk, remove the repository or that error will annoy you in future16:08
Blazemore|WorkAnd I'm fresh out of ideas, sadly. The only thing I can recommend is download something based on Ubuntu + Gnome but more up-to-date, like Linux Mint Mate Edition16:08
Blazemore|WorkIf you are dead-set against Unity. Or you can install a classic Gnome session in Ubuntu 12.0416:09
Blazemore|WorkOMG! has a guide here http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2012/03/gnome-classic-in-ubuntu-12-04-its-like-nothing-ever-changed16:09
Blazemore|WorkActually I'd recommend the latter option16:10
hbawell i tried installing gnome over 12.04 with no luck16:10
hbaand from OMG only16:11
Blazemore|WorkYou only need to install the gnome-panel application16:11
Blazemore|WorkAnd don't forget at the login screen you need to select "Gnome Classic" instead of "Ubuntu"16:11
Blazemore|WorkIt will remember your setting, and it is done on a per-account basis16:12
hbabut no seriously i already tried that, then I gave up and tried to get used to unity16:13
hbathen got too much fed up....or maybe because Im pretty much used to gnome16:14
Blazemore|WorkYou tried gnome-panel16:19
Blazemore|WorkIt's the same16:19
Blazemore|WorkUnity is pretty good these days if you make it smaller16:19
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hba@Blazemore : thanks. I installed 12.04 and gnome classic (gnome-panel) looks good19:29
hbaAlt+Tab wasnt working but, then compizconfig did work for me19:30
hbanow im just trying to figure out how to add applets to panel :-(19:30
yeehii used tightvnc on a windows host to see the desktop of Ubuntu21:33
yeehiI would now like to use something like tightvnc on ubuntu to do the same thing - but I don't think I need to install the server... as far as I remember with windows i just needed the client...21:34
yeehiis tightvnc the best one for ubuntu?21:34
Unit193Vewing client?  I typically use remmina, but there *should* be one installed by default.21:36
Unit193x11vnc is what I use for linux VNC server, and UltraVNC for windows.21:36
yeehiHi, Unit193!21:40
bodhi_zazenyeehi: I highly suggest FreeNX21:48
Unit193Could never get a NX working correctly, didn't login to the session right.21:50
yeehibodhi_zazen - I can't find FreeNX in synaptic21:52
yeehiI am using Trisquel...21:52
bodhi_zazenYea, you will need to install FreeNX21:52
yeehidownload the debian...21:53
bodhi_zazenyou using Virtualization ?21:53
yeehiI am on a bare metal installation at the moment21:53
yeehibut would later install into a virtual machine21:53
yeehiyou know all the best threads!  hehe!21:54
bodhi_zazenFreeNX is both more secure and much much faster then other VNC clinets21:54
yeehiI didn't know that21:54
yeehiI hope it is easy to use - I was amazed at how easy tightvnc was on windows21:54
bodhi_zazenIt is a bit of a pain , but not too bad21:55
yeehiIt will be good for me!21:55
yeehiso FreeNX is a client - the thing I interface with to bring up an image of the other computers desktop21:56
yeehii need to run some other software to make FreeNX work?21:56
Espens1Hey i recently switched over to ubuntu, and wish to install skype. To my suprise the version i downloaded is very old, some said the version is the same as on skype.com22:38
Espens1but it isn't for me??22:38
yeehiHello! What is some good software to see how long your internet surfing is taking through the various stages / computers it meets ?23:15
yeehifor example, maybe all your traffic has to get routed through one computer and this is a bottleneck... that sort of thing....23:16

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