TheMusoI am starting to hate the new nautilus.00:20
TheMusoI want my keyboard shortcut accessible menus back.00:20
kenvandineTheMuso, yeah i thought i liked the new nautilus but have changed my mind00:34
TheMusoHow are people going to know that all the various menu bits that they want are available by clicking the gear icon. Intuativenot IMO.00:38
jbichaTheMuso: wow I didn't realize that gear menu thing wasn't really keyboard accessible :(01:08
jbichathose embedded Edit & View menus are pretty horrible too01:09
RAOFOh, wow.01:11
RAOFYou know, there is actually a reason that menu bars exist :/01:11
jbichaepiphany's is a bit better because there aren't as many options (& they can kinda follow what Chrome has done)01:12
RAOFI don't think I like what they've done with the application menu, either.01:15
TheMusoI originally thought the menu proxy was making things screwy, so I launched an instance of nautilus with it disabled, which made no difference.01:31
RAOFYeah, I think that single menu is what's meant to be there.01:32
TheMusoBut I thought the menu proxy may have blocked shortucts that may have worked to open the gear menu and submenus...01:32
robru I actually like the new nautilus, but yeah it does need some help with the keyboard shortcuts. then again, perhaps I'm biased as my own personal application I developed to not have a menubar, only a simple toolbar and a tiny shell menu.01:33
TheMusorobru: Please please please whatever you do, test with the Orca csreen reader, and check keyboard accessibility for comon functions.01:33
TheMusogah my typing sucks today.01:34
robrunever used orca, good call. I'll give it a shot.01:34
RAOFOoh, it looks like nautilus' type-ahead-find got better, at least.01:34
TheMusoIt did? Not in my experience so far.01:34
RAOFHm. Or, rather, different.01:34
TheMusoIMO its worse.01:34
robruI do make sure to have reasonable keyboard shortcuts though.01:34
RAOFIt's now a true recursive search, but you don't get the awesome behaviour of highlighting the thing that you want.01:35
RAOFUrgh. Also, no backspace. That's going to trip me up *all* the time.01:35
TheMusoYep me too, I use backspace a lot to go up in the directory tree.01:37
RAOFThere's no longer *any* button to go up the directory tree, either.01:37
brycehsounds like nautilus ought to be reverted01:38
TheMusobryceh: If we value our user's sanity, perhaps.01:38
TheMusoHell if we value our own sanity.01:38
RAOFOh, I guess there *is* the breadcrumb bar, which is kinda go-up-a-directory.01:38
chrisccoulsonhah, oh, nautilus :(01:39
chrisccoulsonhttps://twitter.com/chrisccoulson/status/227446961849122817 ;)01:39
TheMusochrisccoulson: Yeah agreed, plus the above. I can't get to menus with the keyboard, which is a show stopper. Well, not easily anyway. I can do so if I tab around a bit, and trya and work out which button in the toolbar has focus.01:40
chrisccoulsonTheMuso, yeah. i can normally adapt to most things, but I think i'm going to struggle to like the new version :/01:41
TheMusoLooks like I'll be using the terminal for all file management now. I enjoyed using nautilus for file management.01:44
robruwell, yeah. Where else are you going to write perl one liners for batch renaming files? ;-)01:45
chrisccoulsoni hate the separation of the appmenu and the gear menu too01:45
chrisccoulsonalthough, i dislike the gear menu entirely in nautilus. it only really works if it's not full of submenus01:45
TheMusoAgreed to both the above.01:46
TheMusorobru: Batch renames are always terminal of course. :)01:46
RAOFIf you've got a couple of menu items a single menu makes sense; if you've got a significant amount of functionality in a couple of different categories exposed there, it doesn't.01:46
chrisccoulsonthere's a reason why we disable the firefox button in firefox (because it sucks for basically the same reason as the gear menu)01:46
TheMusoBut nautilus is useful when one has to move large files, as one doesn't neet to keep a terminal open, and one gets a progress update for the most part.01:47
TheMusoI'd love to see the design team's reaction when they see these changes.01:48
robruTheMuso, I don't feel that it's design is flawed per se, it just seems to me like a few implementation bugs. better keyboard shortcuts and then boil the menus down to the more simpler essentials and it could be just fine.02:09
jbichaok, I reported https://bugzilla.gnome.org/680567 & https://bugzilla.gnome.org/68056802:36
TheMusojbicha: Thanks, the latter was one I was going to file, but I was going to do so after the break I just had. Thanks.02:44
* jbicha wonders what Ubuntu Online Accounts is, and finds it humorous that it's included in GNOME (empathy) but currently disabled in Ubuntu02:49
* RAOF is a bit sad about gnome-online-accounts02:51
micahgkenvandine: it seems like the pointer isn't being restricted to the contents that it should02:51
micahgkenvandine: in the 3 instances I've seen, there's junk appended past the end of where the data should stop02:54
* micahg wonders why it would be i386 only02:55
kenvandinethat is what is most odd02:57
* micahg wonders if something isn't null terminating a string somewhere, but that should be on all archs vs just i38602:58
kenvandineyeah, it is strange02:58
kenvandineif you figure it out... please fix it :) if not i'll work on it more tomorrow02:59
micahgunfortunately, I can't spend more time on it, I can file a bug upstream though03:00
kenvandinei plan to talk to upstream tomorrow03:00
micahgah, ok, I'll leave it for you then03:00
kenvandinei am also curious to see if 0.19.3 has the same problem03:01
kenvandinewhich built before03:01
kenvandinei have to finish some libaccounts stuff now though :)03:01
micahgkenvandine: I've just kicked off a test build, will let you know03:02
* micahg looks inquisitively at --disable-Werror03:06
micahgkenvandine: 0.19.3 passed03:10
pittiGood morning04:06
kenvandinegood morning pitti04:08
desrtpitti: hey!04:42
desrtpitti: you're on IB 0524, right?04:42
desrtpitti: we have a bit of a bad situation.  please check your email for a full explanation.04:46
BigWhaleGood Morning.04:49
pittidesrt: hey; yes, I am04:49
* pitti offlineimaps04:50
desrtpitti: i appreciate any help you can give :)04:50
pittidesrt: uh, will do04:51
desrtthanks :)04:51
pittidesrt: you can't reach him by phone?04:51
pittidesrt: do you have a photo of him?04:51
desrttiffany is talking to him right now04:51
desrtany messages?04:51
desrti found a picture of him04:51
pittidesrt: where does he need to go? Rialta as well, or someplace else?04:52
pittiah, that's easy then, we can just go there together04:53
pittiI was going to take a taxi anyway04:54
desrtyou should have a picture04:54
desrtya... taxi is very cheap04:54
pittiI suppose there is little chance to send him https://www.piware.de/fotos/hackergotchi.png now04:55
larsumorning pitti, when do you arrive? I'm sharing a cab with seb at around 8 pm04:55
desrtwill do04:56
pittilarsu: I'll arrive at 17:00 already, with didrocks and robert04:56
larsuah okay. Thought you might be on the same flight...04:56
larsusee you there, then ;)04:56
pittidesrt: got his photo and name on my mobile now, thanks04:56
pittilarsu: yeah, safe travels!04:57
larsuyou too!04:57
pittidesrt: so don't worry, we'll pick him up04:57
robruhey desrt, do you have a minute, or are you too busy packing?04:58
desrtrobru: i'm just about to be ushered off of a plane04:58
robruhahah, ok. have fun! I'll catch you later.04:59
desrtlooks like i'm not going to be flying out until the morning...04:59
desrtpitti: thanks so much for helping out here.  i owe you one.05:00
pittidesrt: no worries05:01
pittidesrt: crossing fingers that you'll arrive at last!05:02
pittidesrt: how long is the delay, a full day?05:02
desrtwe were supposed to leave at 21:4505:02
desrtnow they tell us 8:0005:03
* pitti hugs desrt05:04
desrtlooks like we will lose our iberia flight :(05:04
desrtit was booked separate05:04
thumperdesrt: that really sucks07:23
xclaessewith today's firefox update there is a "plugin needed" banner taking half my screen :(07:24
xclaesseand it can't be removed07:24
chrisccoulsonxclaesse, screenshot?07:49
xclaessechrisccoulson, actually restarting firefox fixed it already07:50
chrisccoulsonah, ok. never mind then :)07:52
jasoncwarner_chrisccoulson: remember yesterday when I said FF was causing all sorts of bad juju on my ssytem?07:57
jasoncwarner_got the update today and it seemed to be better07:57
chrisccoulsonhmmm, that seems odd :/07:57
jasoncwarner_chrisccoulson: whatever! Magic update fairies too care of my problem. Manager Jason is happy! YAY UPDATE FAIRIES!07:57
chrisccoulsonheh :)07:58
jasoncwarner_I'll give it a thorough testing tonight by spending inordinate amount of time on youtube when I'm done with work07:58
mlankhorstjasoncwarner_: during work time of course08:03
rickspencer3hi jasoncwarner_08:08
rickspencer3anyone running Unity 3D on their pandaboards yet?08:08
jasoncwarner_hey rickspencer308:09
jasoncwarner_hey mlankhorst08:09
rickspencer3hey guys ;)08:09
rickspencer3jasoncwarner_, shouldn't Unity 3d work fine on the pandas with the GLES patches?08:10
jasoncwarner_hey rickspencer3 running 3d has to wait for gles patch to land. it would be 2d for now.08:10
jasoncwarner_rickspencer3: yeah, but that patch isn't there yet.08:10
Sweetsha1kjasoncwarner_: around?10:02
=== Sweetsha1k is now known as Sweetshark
Sweetsharkhmmm, whoopsie. starting LibreOffice Impress once with LD_DEBUG=all => 207MB logfile10:09
=== MacSlow is now known as MacSlow|lunch
mlankhorstSweetshark: loading 2 gb logfiles with kate that expand to 8gb due to conversion to wide char ;)10:55
desrtpitti: hey11:44
desrtpitti: everything is looking okayish, more or less.  see you tomorrow.11:46
RAOFGood luck!11:47
desrtthanks :)11:47
* desrt flies11:48
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bcurtiswxgood morning13:17
bcurtiswxeveryone at GUADEC ?13:45
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tkamppeterpitti, hi14:24
=== zyga is now known as zyga-afk
blitzkrieg3Hello all, can I get a sponsor for bug 873027?15:26
ubot2Launchpad bug 873027 in unity-2d "DBUS_STARTER_ADDRESS and DBUS_STARTER_BUS_TYPE aren't always unset from environment making gedit and possibly others fail to start" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/87302715:26
blitzkrieg3specifically for oneiric-proposed, it's already fixed in precise15:29
blitzkrieg3I have a bzr branch and it's already been reviewed by someone15:29
Laneychrisccoulson: you want to?15:31
chrisccoulsonLaney, i'm not even sure i can upload that. i think i tried before already15:31
Laneyyou aren't core-dev?15:31
chrisccoulsonheh, no, i'm not ;)15:32
micahgdesktop can upload unity-2d in oneiric15:32
chrisccoulsonoh, so i can15:33
chrisccoulsoni'll take a look in a bit then15:33
blitzkrieg3thanks chrisccoulson!15:35
bcurtiswxdoes anyone in here use tcsh ?19:01
kenvandinebcurtiswx, not me19:03
bcurtiswxsome change in csh has caused errors where setenv only accepts letter to start19:04
kenvandinewell, i was 20 years ago :)19:04
bcurtiswxbut in older ubuntu releases this is not the case19:04
bcurtiswxso now a script we run got all screwed up :(19:04
kenvandinebcurtiswx, did it break in precise or quantal19:05
bcurtiswx(they were using 10.10 <hides>19:05
bcurtiswxupgraded to 12.0419:05
cyphermoxI wonder of the guys are having fun at GUADEC..19:10
ubot2Gnome bug 680596 in general "NetworkManager cannot connect to Rialta (Guadec 2012) wifi" [Normal,Assigned]19:11
kenvandinethat's awesome19:11
kenvandinei think i saw that danw wasn't going to guadec19:12
kenvandinetoo bad, he could fix it there :)19:12
cyphermoxkenvandine: it's fixed, pretty much. just really weird ;)19:49
ShinobiI've installed gnome shell from the launchpad ppa, but when I login via the Gnome (as opposed to the Gnome Classic) desktop, it only goes the the fallback gnome, not the full blown gnome3. Am I missing something?21:38
jbichaShinobi: you need to have working 3D graphics, you probably don't need a PPA though to use gnome-shell21:47
Shinobianyway to check if I have the hardware I need?21:59
skaetbryceh, RAOF - could one of you take a look at https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/colord/+bug/1026520?  any possible ways of avoiding it?22:41
ubot2Ubuntu bug 1026520 in colord "colord-sane crashed with SIGSEGV in __opendirat()" [High,Confirmed]22:41
brycehskaet, hopefully RAOF can take it; I'm off on vacation for the remainder of the month22:45
skaetbryceh, have a good vacation.22:46
* skaet hopes RAOF can look at it then too. :)22:46
RAOFskaet: Looking... looks like it's probably a bug in libsane?23:49

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