CIA-7debian-installer: adconrad * r1729 ubuntu/ (3 files in 3 dirs):01:50
CIA-7debian-installer: Symlink build/pkg-lists/*/armel/omap4.cfg to omap.cfg, fixing01:50
CIA-7debian-installer: non-onboard NICs on netboot, and HID on cdrom (LP: #1028664)01:50
wangmd21Hello everybody, i have a question about OEM installation.03:08
wangmd21input "oem-config-prepare" and reboot. And then choose the language, time zone, keyboard, build use. But I don't need to choose the language, time zone, keyboar. I just need to add user.03:08
wangmd21What should i do?03:10
infinityThose question are meant for the end-user.03:14
infinityIf you, as an OEM, need to do things to the machine before it ships, you do that before oem-config-prepare.03:14
infinityoem-config-prepare is the last thing you do before powering it off and cloning or shipping it.03:15
wangmd21We want to OEM,for ubuntu03:22
wangmd21In the end-user open a computer, we hope that end-user need only add user03:25
infinityOh, I see what you're driving at.03:30
infinityYou should be able to pre-answer those questions and mark them seen, but I'm not precisely sure which templates those would be.03:30
wangmd21I am the system administrator, I just want to more convenient maintenance company computers03:34
wangmd21This also need to ask mark?03:36
infinityI'd recommend asking cjwatson when he's around later today/tomorrow, if you can't quite sort out how to do what you're looking to do.03:49
infinityBut I imagine a judicious use of debconf-communicate could set up the bits you want.03:50
wangmd21I wait for cjwatson, and try debconf-communicate.04:04
wangmd21I will mail to cjwatson about question.04:07
semitoneshello -- any installer developers here? I have a question about the installation iso, fat32 usb file system, and symbolic links14:57
semitonesa file on the alternate cd failed integrity check, and when I mounted the iso to check what it was, it was a symlink that I couldn't copy over to the USB, because fat32 doesn't support symlinks -- is that known behavior?14:57
semitonesthe file in question is pxelinux.cfg/default14:59
semitonesI'll check back for my answer, thanks!15:00
xnoxsemitones: well you could file a bug against usb-creator =)15:00
xnoxas it's not a problem in validation per se, but in usb-creator =))))15:00
semitonesxnox: well now that i know it is a bug, and not something i was doing wrong, or expecting wrongly15:01
xnoxsemitones: but your finding helps to debug it and fix it. If you file it, I might even go about fixing it =)15:01
semitonesi'll still wait here to see what this team things15:01
* xnox is in this team....15:01
semitoneshaha ok, i'll file it15:01
semitonesgreat! I'm actually helping then :D15:01
semitonesxnox: done: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/usb-creator/+bug/102897115:53
ubot2Ubuntu bug 1028971 in usb-creator "Ubuntu Live USB fails verification due to symlink?" [Undecided,New]15:53
xnoxsemitones: thanks15:53
semitonestake a look, see if there's anything i should add15:53

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