robotfuelCould I please get an ubuntu irc cloak? My launchpad page is https://launchpad.net/~chris.gagnon02:37
JoseeAntonioRrobotfuel: One second, please02:41
JoseeAntonioRrobotfuel: Ok, everything seems alright, but you'll need to wait for the IRC Council02:42
robotfuelJoseeAntonioR: when does that happen?02:42
JoseeAntonioRrobotfuel: could you please let me check if any of them is online?02:43
robotfuelJoseeAntonioR: oh, I thought it might be a meeting :P02:43
JoseeAntonioRnah, just a matter of waiting02:43
JoseeAntonioRnone of them is online, but if you wait (may take a couple hours) they'll process the request02:44
JoseeAntonioRAlanBell, topyli, funkyHat, Tm_T, Pici: robotfuel has requested an @ubuntu/member/robotfuel cloak, with the LP link https://launchpad.net/~chris.gagnon, could you please process the request?02:45
robotfuelI am off to bed, thanks for your help JoseeAntonioR02:53
lubotu3In #ubuntu-uk, popey said: lubotu3, no oggcamp is <reply> is a two day unconference on August 18th/19th 2012 - see http://oggcamp.org/16:00
IdleOne!no oggcamp is <reply> is a two day unconference on August 18th/19th 2012 - see http://oggcamp.org/16:02
ubottuI know nothing about oggcamp yet, IdleOne16:02
genii-aroundDoes lubotu3 use some different db ?16:05
Piciit should get synced eventually16:05
IdleOneright but she doesn't no anything about it so16:09
IdleOne!oggcamp is <reply> is a two day unconference on August 18th/19th 2012 - see http://oggcamp.org/16:09
ubottuI'll remember that, IdleOne16:09
ubottuis a two day unconference on August 18th/19th 2012 - see http://oggcamp.org/16:09
IdleOneshe knows now16:10
LoThow much of an interaction does the IRCC / IRC team have with team channels?17:34
LoTspecifically with "emergency moderation" and the likes17:34
IdleOneas much or as little as that team wants17:37
LoTso basically the same as freenode staff, such that "If we're not on the ACL, we won't help." ?17:38
IdleOnethe ircc needs to be added to the access list of course and team channels can always join #ubuntu-ops and ask if some ops would be willing to idle in their channel.17:38
IdleOneLoT: Not exactly, the IRCC is always willing to help but without access they can't.17:38
LoTbut basically you'd need ACL access first (ChanServ)(17:38
LoTthat basically answers the question17:38
IdleOneright, the ircc can ask staff to add them if they really need it17:38
LoTindeed, being the contact(s) for the #ubuntu namespace17:39
LoTthanks, that answers the question17:39
IdleOneI should point out that freenode staff is also willing to be helpful. I didn't mean to imply they weren't17:41
Fuchswe aren't17:42
IdleOneLoT: yeah, if  team channel needs/wants ops but doesn't have anybody they know, they can join -ops and ask us to join and add a few of us to the ACL.17:43
LoTIdleOne: as an aside, its kind of hard when the team's ops are both offline :P17:43
LoThence the question17:44
LoT(not the case atm, but at the time it was an issue, well...)17:44
IdleOneah, well if that is an ongoing issue the IRCC should be made aware and maybe they offer to help the team.17:44
IdleOnelong story short. We are here to serve.17:45
LoTIdleOne: i dont see it as a common issue, but the team in question is the beginners team.  strangely enough there's a bunch of people who forward the newbies to -beginners, and there was a spammer in there... um...17:46
LoTit was either yesterday or two days ago17:46
LoTand nobody was on, so...17:46
* LoT shrugs17:47
Fuchsoh, as a sidenote, in order to have staff help, one should put us with the *!*@freenode/staff/*  mask on the ACL. Else we will be quite a bit more hesitant, as we respect channel owners decision to not have us intervene in their channel17:47
Fuchsunless, of course, network policy is broken or other emergencies17:47
IdleOneah, well I believe pleia2 has some influence for that team, maybe mention it to her and she can take it to the people who need to know ?17:47
LoTFuchs: indeed, the person who reported the spam said, basically, "To hell with that"17:47
LoTwhen i mentioned "poke #freenode"17:47
LoTFuchs: since *!*@freenode/staff/* is on the ACL17:47
pleia2IdleOne: not really anymore, and I don't have ops or anything there17:48
LoTIdleOne: i can poke bodhi, he's got significant influence as well (i have to poke him about some Debian things anyways017:48
Fuchsif it is, and the person is an obvious spammer, chances are  good that we do act if people poke us17:48
IdleOnepleia2: sorry to have pinged you about it then17:48
Fuchswe just prefer local ops to handle things if possible. But if none are around, and we are on the ACL, sure, poke us17:48
IdleOneLoT: well there ya go. :)17:48
LoTIdleOne: indeed.17:48
IdleOneI remember being turned off by -beginners when it first started out. I found it a little insulting that I had to jump through hoops to be "accepted" in the team.17:49
IdleOneI left soon after17:50
pleia2they got rid of their membership process, but it's a pretty quiet team these days17:50
IdleOneI just feel the only membership we should have to apply for is Ubuntu membership. Team/LoCo should be open to all and not require a formal process to be part of.17:52
Unit193Staff are on the ACL, and have stepped in before.17:52
LjLIdleOne: so any ubuntu member could be in the ops team without a process? :P17:53
IdleOneLjL: every rule has an exception of course17:53
IdleOnebeing an op is different from being a part of a loco17:53
IdleOneLjL: also, becoming and op in the Ubuntu-ops team requires that the person, if not an Ubuntu member officially, might as well be one because they already have showed they can be.17:56
IdleOneWhich I believe is probably one of the reasons why the IRCC was given the authority to grant membership :)17:57
IdleOneNow I must reboot and hope this latest update has not broken my system17:58
* Fuchs wishes IdleOne good luck17:58
IdleOneYou may now uncross your toes. Thank you for your assistance18:02
Tm_TIdleOne: uh, I need some assistance, some of my toes are on cramp due to holding them crossed too long18:18
FuchsTm_T: I recommend hydrochloric acid18:19
* IdleOne gets the moisturizing cream and bath salts18:19
IdleOneTm_T: put your footsies in this tub of boiling water please18:20
Tm_TIdleOne: salt and pepper, yes?18:22
* LoT puts a bag of uknownsubstance into the boiling water18:22
IdleOneand a little garlic powder18:22
Tm_Tsounds delicious18:22
Tm_Tsmells too!18:22
* IdleOne peels potatoes and carrots too18:22
Fuchsif you remove the feet, yes. Cheese is eugh :(18:22
IdleOneWe is gonna eat good tonight18:22
Tm_TIdleOne: ...yes it's good you can get membership from this lot18:23
Unit193https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRCCouncil/TeamReports Oi, that's a bit stale...20:11
philballewTo add my current nic to my group with my member cloak, what would I do, or is there any thing I can /msg to find out how?20:39
Fuchssure,  /msg nickserv help group20:39
Fuchsyou need to be identified to your account and on the nick you want to group20:39
Fuchsso   /msg nickserv identify yourmainnick yourpassword     and then the group command20:40

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