lehjrogasawara, checked that kernel on a quantal install and seems good, I don't think it liked my fglrx driver on mint, but that's a driver issue, not a kernel issue01:15
* ppisati -> back in 20mins07:50
* apw giggles08:57
* smb slaps apw09:09
* cking --> popping out for a mo09:24
* ppisati is already hungry...10:05
ogra_ppisati, bug 746137, how hard do you think would it be to have the suggested changes from comment 16 in the kernel for a test ?10:39
ubot2Launchpad bug 746137 in jasper-initramfs "Page allocation failure on Pandaboard and Beagle XM" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/74613710:39
ppisatiogra_: creating the patch is easy, but i doubt it'll fix any real problem10:47
ppisatiogra_: omap3 or omap4?10:47
ogra_ppisati, well, plaing around with omap4 is probably less intrusive (since you dont need to hack around in the mainline tree)10:49
ogra_up to you, hqappy to test it on either platform10:49
ogra_omap3 exposes it easier though since the ram is less10:49
ppisatii'm in the middle of the tilt porting10:50
ppisatiwhen i cut a working new kernel10:50
ppisatii'll create the patch10:50
ppisatisomeone suggested the rx200 commit upstream10:50
ppisatibut i can't find that comment in that bug report10:50
ppisatido you remember where it is?10:50
ogra_no, but ask marvin24, he was the one suggesting the fix to me 10:51
ogra_i suppose he was also the one sending it upstream10:51
ppisatiwhen i've a bit of time i'll comment on that bug too10:52
ogra_(he is usually very german^Wstrict with upstreaming)10:52
ppisatiogra_: just pinged him10:53
henrixapw: when you have some time, could you take a look at my oneiric lts git trees?10:56
henrixapw: ubuntu-lucid and ubuntu-lucid-meta, branches lts-backport-oneiric10:57
apwhenrix, ack11:11
henrixapw: thanks11:13
* henrix goes grab some food11:17
apwhenrix, reviewed and pushed12:02
henrixapw: great, thanks!12:02
rtgayan, ppisati, jjohansen, henrix: rebooting tangerine for kernel update12:22
ayanrtg: okay.12:24
henrixapw: i've uploaded packages for signing into zinc12:33
rtgcking, rebooting gomeisa for kernel update12:47
* cking logs off12:47
* henrix is out for ~20mins12:58
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* apw giggles again13:08
* amitk know what the outcome will be this time :)13:11
amitk14:27  * apw giggles13:11
amitk14:39  * smb slaps apw13:11
smbamitk, you are welcome to do it yourself. :)13:13
amitksmb: too many in one day might cause damage and cause you more work ;)13:18
infinityapw: What's with the giggling?13:27
apwinfinity, 20m ... obviously13:28
smbinfinity, And apw's dirty imagination13:33
infinityapw: Oh, heh, I'm too tired to go looking for context. :P13:33
infinityapw: IT WAS FOUR WHOLE LINES UP.13:33
apwinfinity, was that yesterday?  i lost some context yesterday due to bip fookage13:34
smbinfinity, The context need even more than just 4 lines13:34
infinitysmb: I've been filled in on the rest of the context. ;)13:35
smbinfinity, :) I bet13:35
ppetrakiI think I've hit a btrfs bug: https://pastebin.canonical.com/70912/13:47
ppetrakidf says I have plenty of free space but when things like apt-get upgrade start to run, it fails with have no free space13:48
ppetraki\/home is a subvolume that the precise installer created, perhaps \/ and \ /home are being double counted?13:48
apwppetraki, cking is likely your best bet for knowledge, but i do recall that freespace in btrfs is basically random and useless13:50
apwppetraki, another example why it is so not ready for use13:51
* smb believes to recall the same... 13:51
ppetrakiapw, sigh... I saw something similar a couple weeks ago when using a chroot but thought it was chroot related.13:51
ppetrakiwell, it won't get better if we don't dogfood it :)13:51
smbI was wondering whether "df -i" is sensible for btrfs. That was another factor at least on ext413:51
ckingppetraki, the free space is a bit "off" in btrfs13:51
ckinguse btrfs fi df13:52
ckingppetraki, see https://btrfs.wiki.kernel.org/index.php/FAQ13:53
ppetrakiyeah, I've been reading that, what isn't clear though is that if their df mechanism is integrated into the system df?13:53
ckingppetraki, nope, df on btrfs seems like fiction13:53
ckingurgh, who changed the libreoffice splash screen? it's way ugly13:56
ppetrakisigh... will try disabling cow and run balance, good thing my backups are current14:00
* ppisati notes it *almost* compiles again...14:35
ppisatiand with that said, calls it a day14:36
* ppisati -> EOD14:36
hyperairhi. does anyone have overlayfs working for v3.5?14:36
hyperairi just looked at the v3.5 packages in the kernel-ppa, but it looks like overlayfs is missing frmo there.14:37
* ogasawara back in 2014:54
rtgbjf, dput -uf ppa:canonical-kernel-team/ppa *.changes14:54
bjfrtg, look at the bottom of: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/StableReleaseCadence14:59
henrixrtg: i usually just do: dput -u kernelteam:lucid <pkg>.changes15:00
rtgbjf, huh. maybe we should change the directions that are on the PPA page15:00
henrixrtg: but i have the .dput.conf with the ppa configuration15:00
rtgbjf, henrix: so, I think the commit log messages in 'ubuntu-lucid-meta ports ' are difficult to distinguish from master if we are using them to create tags (which I normally do). For example, the most recent ports branch commit is Ubuntu-, whereas master is Ubuntu- You cannot quickly pull a tag and know which branch it references.15:11
rtghmm, I see that someone has been creating tags that don't match the commit, e.g., ports-Ubuntu-
skaetogasawara,  rtg -  https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/1027851 is there a workaround?  15:13
ubot2Ubuntu bug 1027851 in linux "Quantal desktop installation on a vm hung on reboot." [High,Confirmed]15:13
rtgskaet, hold down the red button until everything is quiet.15:13
skaetrtg, ack15:14
rtgskaet, ok, there were some suspend/resume fixes that I think affected shutdown.15:14
rtgthey would be in -615:15
rtgskaet, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/1027851/comments/415:17
ubot2Ubuntu bug 1027851 in linux "Quantal desktop installation on a vm hung on reboot." [High,Confirmed]15:17
henrixrtg: hmm... ok15:18
henrixrtg: so, from the history, it looks like the ports tree follows a different logic: tag is different from commit15:19
henrixherton: ^ is this correct?15:19
hertonyes, that's what being done, putting a 'ports-' prefix to the tag15:20
henrixrtg: and if that's true, my last tag *is not* correct: i tagged with Ubuntu- instead of ports-Ubuntu-
hertonas it's a branch on the repo, it could potentially clash with tags from master for example15:20
hertonso I think that's why it's done this way15:20
rtghenrix, I'm generating my own tags after a fetch, so we're OK.15:21
brendandcking, this problem : FAILED [HIGH] DMIInvalidHardwareEntry: Test 1, Unmatched Chassis Type SMBIOS15:22
brendandcking, is it generic or would it need to be fixed on each system affected?15:22
brendandcking, or was that something that was taken care of in FWTS?15:22
henrixrtg: ok, i meant: Ubuntu- instead of port-Ubuntu-
ckingbrendand, i can't tell from almost zero context, can you send me the entire output15:23
rtghenrix, I just created a ports tag that matched the others, then pushed that15:23
henrixrtg: still can't see it...15:24
rtghenrix, doh! now pushed...15:25
henrixah, now i can see it. thanks :)15:25
brendandcking - http://paste.ubuntu.com/1110316/15:26
brendandcking, there was https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/102167415:26
ubot2Ubuntu bug 1021674 in fwts "DMIInvalidHardwareEntry - Unmatched Chassis Type" [High,Fix released]15:26
brendandcking, wonder if it's covered by that15:26
ckingbrendand, yes it does, and it will be fixed in 0.25.0615:27
cking..I'm just waiting for it to be packaged and uploaded15:28
ckingbrendand, so skip this one, it's a non-bug (fwts false positive)15:29
brendandcking, will that end up in precise too?15:29
ckingbrendand, not unless we explicitly get it uploaded to precise, I will talk to kengyu about this15:29
* herton -> lunch15:55
ppetrakiapw, cking,  https://pastebin.canonical.com/70912/ , evidently btrfs fi balance is not "optional"15:59
ppetrakiran a defrag too, everything is good, and faster15:59
ppetrakionce I disabled cow, lots of space opened up, it's enabled by default16:00
ckingonce cow is disabled you will see file updates performance drop16:01
ppetrakiturned out ssd wasn't enabled by default, added that too, overall the system feels snappier16:01
ckingppetraki, ..until it eats your data :-/16:04
ppetrakicking, regular backups :)16:04
ppetrakicking, ext4 has failed me more on ssd than btrfs has16:04
* cking wonders how many hours ppetraki has run ext4 vs btrfs ...16:05
ppetrakicking, well its my primary workstation so... since Dec 201116:06
ppetrakispent about a year on ext4, that didnt go so well. my early days of btrfs however, 2.6.32, when I was using compression, ended badly when I had an epic power failure. So I don't do that anymore16:07
bjfppetraki: i was just running btrfs on my laptop (encrypted home) and it was slooooowwww16:08
ppetrakibjf, ever try it without cryptfs?16:09
bjfppetraki: yes about a year ago, slow and it ate data16:10
ppetrakibjf, yeah, it moves fast, when I was using compression, everything that was zipped ended up with zero file size after a power outage16:10
ppetrakibut that was 2.6.3216:10
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* smb -> EOD16:31
rtgskaet, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/quantal/+source/linux/+bug/1027851/comments/817:17
ubot2Ubuntu bug 1027851 in linux "Quantal desktop installation on a vm hung on reboot." [High,Fix released]17:17
* rtg -> lunch17:36
skaetrtg,  agree.17:43
* henrix -> EOD17:49
navincool_2003HI frieds18:04
ckingLibreoffice: cut'n'paste does not mean cut'n'crash, doh18:06
* cking --> beer time18:10
* rtg -> EOD20:35
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