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heraclidehello everyone :)10:28
mtfkI want to rebuild package from ubuntu repo using dpkg-buildpackage11:36
mtfkbut I would like to choose only one rules from debian/rules11:37
mtfknot all of them11:37
mtfkbecause there is full light and extras11:37
mtfkand I would like to build only full11:37
mtfkbut each time when I run dpkg-buildpackage -uc -b it build all of them11:37
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jtaylorhm I clicked on the new hide comment button out of curiosity17:25
jtaylorhow do I revert it? :(17:25
* Laney hasn't used it yet18:18
jtaylorhm if I split a package into two source for main/universe should I keep the full changelog in the universe split?19:29
jtaylorjust with a changed first entry? or a completely new changelog?19:29
jtaylorhm boost-mpi keeps the full changelog19:31
Laneythose kind of splits are nasty19:31
Laneycan you at all avoid it?19:31
jtaylorno, I don't see mpi going into main anytime soon19:32
jtaylorfftw3 is the package19:32
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