tankenmatewhats the status of the chromium-browser ppa?08:50
* maxb wonders why on earth tankenmate would think this was a sensible channel to ask that in08:50
tankenmatebecause asac pointed me here...08:50
maxbhuh, odd. Seeing as its neither mozilla, nor ubuntu itself08:51
asactraditionally the folks here took care of chromium08:51
asacchrisccoulson: ^^08:52
asacmicahg: ^^08:52
asacyou guys know who owns chromium now?08:52
tankenmatei tried to reach out to micah, but he isn't awake at the moment...08:52
asacyeah you have to wait for him to come on08:52
asacchrisccoulson might be better ... he will have pointers08:52
asac(i am sure)08:52
tankenmateack, i'll re login from screen on my server, brb08:53
micahgso, Chromium is stalled ATM since I don't have time to work on it, kenvandine has been doing some work on it, I'll give reviving the PPAs another go once my current project is done if enough people want to help to keep it going12:07
micahgasac: tankenmate: ^^12:07
asacmicahg: ok thats interesting12:17
asacmicahg: basically no owner?12:17
asacis ubuntu-desktop team looking at it a bit?12:18
chrisccoulsonasac - there is a vacancy for it12:18
chrisccoulsoni still think that product strategy should maintain it ;)12:18
chrisccoulson(and firefox for that matter too)12:19
asacchrisccoulson: you don't want to work anymore?12:21
asacor want to move to ps?12:22
chrisccoulsonasac - oh, i want to work, but i just want ps to appreciate the cost of them doing their own thing with other people's apps (as opposed to their fire-and-forget method of throwing patches and changes over the wall and then forgetting about them)12:23
asacchrisccoulson: they want you to maintain a downstream fork you say>?12:24
asacthats always aweful12:24
asacwhat you should do is setup an automerge bot where folks can register their topics12:24
asacand have rules in place that if stuff doesn't merge/work anymore it will be dropped with 2 week prenotice12:24
chrisccoulsonasac - i know that they want to ship patches for chromium, but they always seem to think that there is zero cost to platform in doing that :/12:24
asacin this way you can still keep the bits together, while they have to own their changes until they are upstream12:24
tankenmatemicahg: sorry is was out and about today, i'd be interested in helping out with the chromium PPA21:50
micahgtankenmate: ok, added you to the list21:51

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