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dekarlsuperm1: rsyslog for 0.26 with mythlogserver works like this20:45
dekarlif $msg startswith ' mythbackend' then /var/log/mythtv/mythbackend.log20:45
dekarlnotice the leading space in $msg20:45
superm1dekarl: so that conf file needs updating then basically?20:49
superm1i haven't ran anything on 0.26 yet, so i don't have a good feel for everything broke thus far20:49
dekarlaye, basically duplicate all rules in the "$msg startswith ' xxx'" form in addition to "$programname == 'xxx'"20:50
dekarlso one config file will work with 0.25 and 0.2620:51
superm1oh i guess that's possible - you think it's better to have the same config for both?20:51
superm1i was gonna say just switch it out all together, no need to keep teh 0.25 syntax in20:51
superm1just do http://paste.ubuntu.com/1110869/20:52
Zinn[paste.ubuntu.com] Ubuntu Pastebin20:52
dekarlis the configuration file part of a mythtv version specific file or does it go with the {u,myth}buntu release specific files? in the former case just change it, in the latter case it should be duplicated20:53
superm1well it's the same file name when the user upgrades from 0.25 to 0.26, but the package manager will just update teh conffile as long as you haven't changed it yourself20:54
superm1if you changed it yourself, it's gonna require intervention either way it's done20:55
dekarlahh, I see. its in mythtv-common_0.26.0~master.20120725.643ad3e-0ubuntu1_amd64.deb. so just replace the lines and thats it20:57
superm1i'll commit that20:58
superm1okay, should be in tonight's build now20:59
dekarlok, building now (seems your commit is already in)21:00
superm1is there anything else with the logging that needs fixing?21:02
dekarlnothing that I know of. maybe fixup the "last message repeated 10 times" but unfolding the copies is not getting us more information so I'd skip it21:02
superm1cool.  yeah i think that it's more useful the way it's setup21:03
superm1i committed your recmnded fix from #mythtv too for how to set up that buffer21:04
superm1good call21:04
dekarlI just stumbled over the suggested filename when looking if there is a sysctl.d similar to rsyslogd after hearing of the sysctl.conf file21:05
dekarlI was positively surprised to find a README file explaining how its meant to work in there :)21:06
superm1yeah i'm glad that readme explains the numbering to use as well21:11
dekarlsuperm1: you missed mythfrontend?21:20
dekarlhm, we could replace "#012" with "\n" in lines like http://paste.ubuntu.com/1110913/21:23
Zinn[paste.ubuntu.com] Ubuntu Pastebin21:23
superm1dekarl: whoops, good catch21:50
superm1dekarl: do you know how to switch out the #012 with new lines like that?21:50
dekarlnot yet, was just thinking out aloud to see how it sounded21:50
dekarlmight also strip the "mythlogserver: "21:51
superm1yeah i think stripping the mythlogserver: would  be a good idea21:51
dekarlbefore and after http://code.mythtv.org/trac/ticket/1072921:51
Zinn[code.mythtv.org] #10729 (HTTP Live Streaming not following IETF standard) – MythTV21:52
dekarlmeh http://paste.ubuntu.com/1110951/21:52
Zinn[paste.ubuntu.com] Ubuntu Pastebin21:52
superm1well that looks readable, that's with the #012->\n filtering?21:57
dekarlno, just a sample for the "mythlogserver: "22:01
dekarlwhich reminds me that the apport handler should strip all but the last run from the logfiles22:02
superm1oh yeah that looks better with the mythlogserver: stuff gone22:09

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