skaetRiddell,  have start ed off the kubuntu alternates build.   They should show up on the iso tracker shortly.00:05
* skaet has updated the pad to make the rebuilds include them.00:06
skaetinfinity, ogra_ can you look at the bug that hggdh has flagged?00:21
skaetbug 102866400:21
ubot2Launchpad bug 1028664 in debian-installer "keyboard does not work on quantal-server-armhf+omap4.img" [Critical,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/102866400:21
skaetRiddell,  ScottK,   kubuntu alternates now posted.00:23
infinityskaet: I can try to reproduce/confirm it, I probably don't have the spare cycles to spend time debugging and fixing it.00:23
skaetinfinity,  confirming it would be good.    We can decide what to do tomorrow after Europe comes online.00:24
skaetslangasek, ^ FYI.00:25
slangasekhggdh: is it only the server image that's affected?00:26
infinityMy guess is that Oli only tested this via serial (which is how Real Men install servers), but I'm grabbing an image to see if I get console response with a USB keyboard.00:26
infinityIf it works on serial but not a USB console, though, I wouldn't call that an Alpha blocker, just an annoyance that should be fixed before final release.00:28
* skaet nods00:33
infinityWell, that's cute.  I get no USB keyboard support, but I also get no serial console.00:39
infinityI wonder how this is meant to work. :P00:39
slangasekthis is with the all-new squashfs stuff, right?00:40
slangasekhas anyone *actually* tested it interactively up to now? :P00:40
infinityYeah, I imagine so, but I'm not sure how that should matter.00:40
infinityThe "make bootable" bits should be the same.00:41
infinityWhich should include sane commandlines, etc.00:41
slangasekah, true enough00:41
infinityWell, the lack of serial console could/should be command-line issues.00:42
infinityThe USB keyboard thing seems more like a "blame the kernel" deal.00:43
infinityBut someone will need to fix A to debug B, perhaps. :P00:43
slangasekthe kernel, or the initramfs00:43
infinityWell, the kernel, or the (lack of) kernel modules in the initrd?00:43
infinityThat's all "kernel" to me. ;)00:43
slangasekpretty sure the bugs in the latter are the responsibility of the foundations team to fix ;)00:44
infinityWell, yes.  I wasn't referring to the team, but the bit that's not working. ;)00:45
infinityAnyhow, let me have a quick poke at this card and see why it thinks I don't deserve a serial console.00:45
infinity... because it has a boot.scr-serial alongside boot.scr that isn't the default.  Intuitive!00:46
infinity[    3.334655] usb 1-1.3: New USB device found, idVendor=046d, idProduct=c31c00:49
infinity[    3.342926] usb 1-1.3: New USB device strings: Mfr=1, Product=2, SerialNumber=000:49
infinity[    3.350891] usb 1-1.3: Product: USB Keyboard00:50
infinity[    3.355651] usb 1-1.3: Manufacturer: Logitech00:50
infinitySure looks there to me...00:50
slangasekand does it work?00:50
infinityYeah, that's harder to tell, when d-i is booted to serial.00:51
infinityNo console.00:51
* slangasek nods00:51
slangasekhmm, where did you see this boot.scr-serial?00:51
* infinity assumes there must be a cake and eat it too option.00:51
infinityslangasek: In the vfat partition.00:51
slangasekI just downloaded the daily server image linked from the iso tracker, and I don't see that00:52
slangasekthat wasn't a server image, sigh00:52
* slangasek tries again00:53
slangasekinfinity: by the by, where does the boot.scr get generated?01:01
infinityslangasek: On nusakan.  debian-cd/tools/boot/quantal/post-boot.*01:02
slangasekok. because I think it would be just peachy if we would also include a suitable source representation on the image01:02
slangasekwithout which it's bloody annoying if you have to ever edit the commandline for booting on a panda01:03
infinityYou mean you don't like editing out the binary bits with vim before you redo it? :)01:03
slangasekI kinda don't01:03
infinityYeah, including the matching boot.script would be simple enough.01:03
infinityI can commit that right now.01:03
infinityI can commit that as soon as I get a gnome-terminal that works...01:04
ogra_infinity, slangasek, cp boot.scr-serial boot.scr .... on the first partition of the SD01:05
infinityogra_: Yeah, we found it.01:05
ogra_oh, ok01:05
ogra_then i'm actually off to bed01:05
infinityogra_: Does the kernel not do sane autodetection like it can on x86? :(01:06
ogra_autodetection of what ?01:06
infinityOn x86, if you have a physical console attached (ie: keyboard and monitor), you get a framebuffer d-i, if you don't, it falls back to serial.01:07
infinityWhich is much handier.01:07
ogra_ah, no, i have never seen that working01:08
infinityI'm entirely prepared to believe that the omap kernel doesn't give us enough info to pull that trick, but it's also possible that we could and we just don't.01:08
ogra_on omap i even get a broken installer if i dont force the framebuffer off when using serial01:08
ogra_you end up with display on framebuffer and input on serial01:09
infinityWell, that would be better than the current situation, which is no input. ;)01:10
ogra_that sounds like a kernel bug though01:10
ogra_anyway, i'll happily look into that if its not 3am ... really off to bed now01:11
infinityslangasek: Alright, future spins should have boot.script and boot.script-serial on the SD to match the compiled versions.01:17
slangasekinfinity: ta :)01:17
infinitySo, getting as far as installing the base system, then chrooting in and running a getty on tty1, my keyboard works.01:22
infinityKinda wasn't expecting it to...01:23
infinityAhh, no.  There it is.01:23
infinityIt was during the hardware detection stage of d-i, the keyboard sprung into existence as an input device.01:24
infinityThat seems like suboptimal timing.01:24
RAOFYeah, the keyboard doesn't work in the initramfs. Which is kinda annoying, because it doesn't find my root device correctly, so dumps me in the initramfs...01:25
infinityRAOF: Well, in this case, it doesn't work until much after you need it to press the "make it work" key. :P01:26
infinityRAOF: Which is even worse.01:26
slangasekinfinity: do you know why it's picked up so late?01:26
slangasekis it not udev-driven?01:27
infinityslangasek: I imagine the module just isn't around.01:27
slangasekis this not booting to the squashfs?01:27
infinityNo, the squash is used as source media only, I think.01:28
infinityIt's booting to a d-i initrd.01:28
infinityAt least, that's what it looks like to me.01:28
infinityThis is the first time I've seen this new magic. :P01:28
infinityIf I had to guess, I'd just say the hid* stuff isn't available on boot.01:29
infinityBut that requires more digging.01:29
infinityActually, I guess just rebooting would make that easy to confirm.01:31
infinityYeah, no /lib/modules/3.4.0-204-omap4/kernel/drivers/hid on the boot image.01:31
infinitySo, it gets pulled in later via udebs.  Which is, of course, useless.01:31
* slangasek nods01:32
slangasekis this initrd being generated by d-i, or on nusakan?01:32
infinityThe latter, I suspect.  But that's another "not sure".01:33
infinityThankfully, debian-cd is very sane and reasonably hackab... Oh, wait.01:33
slangasekcomes from d-i01:34
slangasekvia tools/boot/quantal/boot-armhf+omap401:34
infinityAhh, kay.01:34
infinityOh, right.  The cdrom bits.01:34
infinityI knew that.01:34
infinityAnd I'm betting no one's dusted those off in, like... Ever.01:34
infinitySo, looks like I need input-modules-$ver.udeb01:39
slangasekbuild/pkg-lists/cdrom/armel/omap.cfg -> build/pkg-lists/cdrom/armel/omap4.cfg?01:39
infinityI just got there. ;)01:39
slangasekyou want to follow it through?01:39
infinitynetboot wanted the same treatment.01:43
infinityYou know, I think I even remember someone once claiming that netboot didn't work with a USB NIC.01:43
infinityThat would be why.01:43
* infinity shakes his head.01:43
RAOFWhile we're on the subject, how can I debug why my netinst install can't find it's root on the USB device?01:47
infinityRAOF: Also armhf+omap4?01:50
infinityprecise or quantal?01:50
RAOFFrom the quantal netinst images, circa 3 days ago or so.01:50
infinityDefine "find its root".01:51
infinityThe kernel boots, and then no root?01:51
infinityOr no kernel?01:51
RAOFKernel boots, dumps me in initramfs having not found /bin/init01:51
RAOFAt this point I can't really tell why it hasn't found that, because no keyboard in the initramfs ;)01:51
infinityOh, this reminds me of another d-i bug I was going to fix.  But it shouldn't present that way...01:51
infinityOli was telling me that flash-kernel still just doesn't work at all, because our d-i images don't have a partition table that makes flash-kernel happy.  Or something.01:52
infinityBut that would present as you ending up with the installer in an infinite loop on reboot, not what you described.01:53
infinityMeh, I need to wipe one of my USB drives, so I can test both of these bugs and see WTF is going on.01:53
infinityOr go rustle up a USB stick.01:54
RAOFOr you could make it so that the keyboard works in the initramfs, and I could tell you what had actually gone wrong :)01:54
infinityRAOF: Anyhow, I'm pretty sure netboot is "known not-working", but if I can fix it in the same d-i upload with minimal effort, what the heck.01:54
infinityRAOF: You netbooted... Use a serial console?01:55
RAOFI don't *have* a serial console.01:55
RAOFnetboot-fb for me.01:56
infinityI can see how that would be frustrating. ;)01:56
infinityThat said, I'm not sure that dumping all the usb/hid stuff in every initramfs is the right answer.01:56
infinityThough, maybe it is for omap.  I dunno.01:56
infinityI'll ponder that later.01:56
infinity... as he gets halfway through the install before noticing this isn't netboot.01:59
infinityLa la la.01:59
infinityReason number 34 for a local mirror:02:01
infinityroot@vishnu:~# zcat /srv/mirrors.0c3.net/ubuntu-ports/dists/quantal/main/installer-armhf/current/ima02:01
infinityges/omap4/netboot/boot.img-serial.gz > /dev/mmcblk102:01
infinityRAOF: I'd suggest you try the new server image, but.  Oops.  No keyboard. ;)02:16
micahgkenvandine: freeze anyone?02:18
kenvandinemicahg, i was fixing the ftbfs from earlier02:19
micahgkenvandine: ah, hrm, okies02:20
infinityFTBFS fixes still change the archive. :P02:20
kenvandinefailed on i38602:20
infinityThat's a curious failure.02:22
infinityOkay, bored with debugging netboot, want cookies.02:25
infinityUploading the d-i fix for the server keyboard issue.02:25
micahgkenvandine: I was able to replicate the FTBFS in an i386 quantal chroot02:37
kenvandinei could do once02:38
kenvandinebut running the tests a second time they pass02:38
kenvandineit's very odd02:38
kenvandineand they pass first time outside of a package build02:38
infinityRAOF: So, uhm.  quantal/omap4 netboot works flawlessly for me.02:55
infinityRAOF: I'm now very confused as to why people claim it doesn't. :P02:56
RAOFinfinity: Maybe I just need to flash a new image? Has it changed in the last couple of days?02:56
* infinity wonders if the -fb variant is somehow broken when the -serial one works, and tries that.02:56
infinityRAOF: Well, d-i has been rebuilt, I didn't think that any of the things that were supposedly broken have been unbroken.02:57
infinityRAOF: But... It all works for me.02:57
infinityRAOF: (on serial... Testing FB now)02:58
infinityRAOF: Are you doing any funky partitioning, just just doing Guided-whole-disk?02:59
infinityRAOF: It could be that partman is doing broken things in some cases, maybe.02:59
infinityMan, 24 inches of HD aubergine is kinda jarring.03:00
RAOFThe most recent attempt was guided-whole-disk, replacing the ext4 partition with a btfrs one. I've also tried a straight guided-whole-disk in the past.03:00
infinityRAOF: It's possible that between Luke's upload on the 20th and Oli's uploads yesterday, it all Just Works.03:02
infinityRAOF: But none of those address the things Oli claimed were broken, so I suspect he lied to me. :)03:02
infinity(But working is working, I won't complain)03:02
infinityOf course, someone should fix partman thinking that I want or care about a /boot partition on this thing, but that's a minor nit, if the rest works.03:03
infinityqueuebot: That's a filthy lie and you know it, they're still building.03:04
infinityRAOF: So, yeah, skip the current version, cause it's obsolete in 20 minutes, but please do try a 20101020ubuntu163 netboot when it's published.03:05
infinityRAOF: I did make one change to it, so a confirmation that it's not buggered would be nice.03:05
infinityRAOF: (My 20101020ubuntu162 run will finish shortly to confirm that it worked)03:06
RAOFinfinity: Oh, it doesn't need a /boot?03:09
infinityRAOF: No, not that it hurts to leave the default partitioning in (which I've done in my quick test here).03:10
infinityRAOF: Given that, by default, the kernel ends up on the SD card, a /boot makes no sense.03:10
infinityRAOF: In the case of a uboot on SD using extload to grab the kernel from the hard drive, it *might* make sense, not sure if uboot has issues with huge disks.  But we don't boot that way by default anyway.03:11
RAOFinfinity: You know you've still got e2fsprogs in the precise-unapproved awaiting the pleasure of your review, right?03:20
infinityRAOF: Yeah, xnox and I talked about it in Nicaragua.  And then we took the rest of the month off.03:20
infinityRAOF: I should probably just reject it and work with him on it later.03:21
infinityRAOF: In exchange, review my d-i.03:21
infinity(Ideally not the same way I just reviewed xnox's upload)03:21
RAOFMost assuredly!03:22
infinityRAOF: Actually, don't.03:23
infinityRAOF: Well, review, but don't accept.03:23
infinityRAOF: It'll just lead to a no-change upload later to rebuild against Colin's d-i-utils upload sitting there.03:23
RAOFShall I eat some quiche until that gets done? :)03:24
* infinity quickly reviews that.03:24
infinityRAOF: Real men, quiche, etc.03:24
infinityRAOF: Oh, did that mesa thing go before the TB or something, or were you feeling generous?03:26
infinityRAOF: (I'm deliberately avoiding option C, which is that you reviewed the whole thing, but if you did, wow)03:26
RAOFWent before the TB03:26
infinityIt looked like the right thing to do, IMO, but I sure as heck wasn't going to audit it.03:26
infinityRAOF: When 'rmadison di-utils' claims something vaguely plausible about being published on 5 arches in precise-proposed, go nuts with debian-installer.  Just didn't make sense to me to upload twice in a row.03:28
* infinity thinks he might go find a cookie before the shops all close.03:29
micahginfinity: ^^ I think this is happy enough for proposed04:00
slangasekinfinity: maya quiche?04:02
infinityRAOF: FWIW, the framebuffery netboot worked for me too.04:06
slangasekinfinity: uploading to quantal-proposed?04:07
slangasekor is it already there?04:07
infinityslangasek: d-i is in quantal already.  I was referring to testing RAOF's issues with the previous version, though.04:07
infinity(Or rather, testing with the previous version, his issues were obviously with an older version)04:08
infinityslangasek: I you want to respin an omap4 server image, the new d-i should be ready for it.04:30
infinityRAOF: The di-utils SRU is published on all arches -- do with that information what you will. :)04:50
RAOFinfinity: This is an ack on your debian-installer upload. I see armel and ppc are being slowpokes; if you notice that they've finished before me, go for it.04:50
RAOFHah! Overlap :)04:50
infinitySo, yeah.  All done now on ftpmaster, which is all that matters to the buildds.04:51
RAOFrmadison is late, but I'll go ahead and accept.04:51
infinityrmadison is from a mirror of a mirror, it's always laggy.04:51
slangasekinfinity: ack, respinning - thanks05:34
slangasekhmm, crontab and pad don't seem to have been updated for the drop of preinstall images05:39
ogra_oh, we have a new arch ? :P08:45
ogra_Wed Jul 25 06:11:40 UTC 201208:45
ogra_No live filesystem source known for armhf-omap408:45
* xnox head desk08:54
xnoxwho rejected e2fsprogs? infinity ?08:54
ogra_if i only could find out where that comes from08:54
infinityxnox: I did, yes.  We can chat about it tomorrow. :)08:55
xnoxinfinity: ok. =)08:55
xnoxinfinity: good night (?!)08:55
* infinity nods.08:55
infinityNight indeed.08:55
* xnox is not too sure. oh ok.08:55
ogra_infinity, any idea ? the nusakan copy pastes also all have armhf-omap408:55
ogra_(on the pad)08:56
infinityI don't see it in any commandlines on the pad...08:57
ogra_it looks a bit like a cron entry that ran ... (teh mail also has no (built by ...)08:58
ogra_infinity, at the bottom of the pad08:58
infinityThe copy and paste for output is correct, it just does project-arch-subarch08:58
infinityBut I'm guessing someone accidentally did a run with ARCHES=armhf-omap4 and sent you your mail, that's all.08:59
ogra_then i dont get where that failed build comes from08:59
infinityProbably from vorlon re-running the server image earlier tonight.08:59
ogra_since SUDO_USER doesnt seem to be set ...08:59
ogra_which it should from a manual run08:59
ogra_(and which would trigger the mail subject to be different)08:59
infinitycdimage@nusakan:~$ echo $SUDO_USER09:00
infinityIt's not always set, depends on how you sudo.09:00
ogra_oh, indeed09:00
ogra_i'm indeed assuming we all use the same method :P09:00
infinityOld habits die hard.09:00
ogra_well, sleep well then ...09:01
infinityI still use "sudo su - user" because that was sane before "sudo -u user -i" existed.09:01
infinityIt's muscle memory for old people. :P09:01
ogra_yep, i know what you mean09:01
infinityArguably, we could/should patch shadow (or pam_env, whichever is killing it) to preserve SUDO_USER.09:02
infinityBut I dunno.09:02
ogra_but if i get that right there was a server build supposed to happen after d-i was published, right ?09:02
infinityThat could have weird knock-on effects I'm not thinking about.09:02
infinityogra_: Right.  slangasek kicked it off.09:02
infinityogra_: If that never finished, that was probably the email you got. :P09:02
ogra_the last server image is from yesterday 21:xx UTC09:02
infinityYeah, so feel free to spin another.09:03
* ogra_ will try09:03
infinityIt should fix the no keyboard issue, but I'd like confirmation.09:03
infinityAlso, netboots all work great now, thanks for fixing that.09:03
infinity(Well, you and TheMuso, his fix was somewhat critical)09:04
ogra_how do they work great ? they are still unbootable after install09:04
infinityAre not.  Try one.09:04
infinityI just did both -serial and -fb last night, both rebooted fine.09:04
ogra_?? f-k cant find /dev/mmcblk1p1 (since there is no partition)09:05
ogra_or mmcbk0p1 or so09:05
infinityThere is on the cards I just wrote.09:05
* ogra_ doesnt see how that would be fixed 09:05
infinityI'm not sure how netboot was doing anything with f-k at all before TheMuso's upload.09:06
ogra_it uses f-k-i udeb09:06
infinity(The answer being that it couldn't have been)09:06
infinityYeah, but the udeb wasn't marked for that subarch. :P09:06
ogra_the images i tested yesterday definitely had lukes fix09:07
ogra_and failed miserably in f-k-i09:07
infinityVery weird.  Cause yeah, I just did both the omap4 images yesterday, and they were happy.09:07
ogra_so i really dont get how it can have worked for you09:07
ogra_f-k hardcodes /dev/mmcblk0p109:07
infinityMaybe I'm magic.09:07
ogra_did you partition the mmc using partman during install ?09:08
infinityNo, not unless it did so behind the scenes.09:08
infinityI only partitioned my install media.09:08
ogra_it doesnt usually09:08
infinityErr, my target media.09:08
ogra_well, i'll do a new test later, but i dont see how a working install can be possible09:09
infinity^-- Looks partitiony to me.09:10
infinityI'm not really sure why it was having a sad for you.09:10
ogra_where would these come from ?09:10
* ogra_ doesnt get it ... i dont think we have any code for this09:11
infinityI dunno, but they must have always been there.  flash-kernel 2.0 didn't magically partition cards either, it had the same hardcoded logic.09:11
ogra_they definitely werent there yesterday09:11
ogra_and the last two weeks ... LethoThe2nd reported it to me on IRC monday last week and i'm 100% sure no d-i build had them until yesterday09:12
infinity^--- From the d-i netboot bits.09:13
* ogra_ scratches head09:13
infinityWhich does basically the same thing as debian-cd.09:13
infinityCargo-culted code, even.09:13
infinitySo, I'm puzzled as to what error was being seen. :/09:13
infinityOh.  Unless it has the same off-by-one error that I fixed in debian-cd last year.09:14
ogra_err, wait, i tested omap09:14
infinityWhich would come and go as the initrd/kernel grows and shrinks.09:14
* ogra_ wonders if tehre is any difference09:14
infinityomap and omap4 use the same code here.09:14
infinityBut the off-by-one thing is entirely possible.09:14
infinityI can look at that in the morning.09:15
infinityOr you can dig through debian-cd logs and find the fix and compare.09:15
ogra_yep, will do, i only do testing today anyway (and some paperwork)09:15
infinityogra_: bzr diff -r1722..172309:18
ogra_where, in d-i ?09:19
infinityogra_: In debian-cd.09:19
infinityogra_: Though that may not apply to d-i.  There's already a spare 512 there that wasn't in debian-cd.09:19
infinitySo, I could be barking up the wrong tree.09:19
ogra_yeah, d-i doesnt use that09:19
infinityMaybe you should just re-test omap3 and see if it's still borked, and we'll debug from there. :P09:19
infinity(Or, if you can find an image that's broken)09:20
ogra_all d-i build logs of the last four builds show that the partitioning code is run09:20
infinityogra_: Yeah, the code is obviously being run, the question is if it's broken subtly.09:20
infinityogra_: Hence my guessing at the off-by-one thing.09:20
infinityogra_: Since the debian-cd partitioning bits and the d-i ones are very similar in history.09:20
ogra_thats a weird diff btw09:21
ogra_ modified file 'tools/boot/oneiric/post-boot-armel+mx5'09:21
infinityYou're welcome. ;)09:21
infinityI probably should have named it "MBR" instead of "LEAD_IN", but there were enough confusing variables already, adding to them was fun.09:22
ogra_i mean that bzr shows the first half of the patch for one link name and the second one for the actual file09:22
infinityogra_: Huh?  Those are two files.09:22
infinityogra_: Or, they were back then, if they're not now.09:22
ogra_ah, k09:22
infinitySame fix, applied twice, to two slightly different bits of code.09:23
ogra_well, oneric, old stuff ...09:23
infinityOnly the omap one is relevant, I imagine.09:23
infinityBut, like I said, there's a spare 512+ in d-i already anyway, so this could be a red herring.09:24
infinityI'd like to find an image that breaks for you, and try to reproduce.09:24
ogra_well, all images i tested didnt have any partition after dd'ing09:24
ogra_i usually re-plug the SD before i move it to the board09:25
infinityEven after pulling and re-inserting the card.09:25
infinityMany/most card readers won't re-scan partitions.09:25
infinityThey need a media change event, which some readers also don't do properly.09:25
infinityogra_: But if, say, 20101020ubuntu161 was broken for you, let me know, and I'll dig into the WTF of it all.09:26
infinityogra_: If not, then we could have a harder time finding older ones.  Unless you have one sitting around.09:26
ogra_i still have them around, but i downloaded from the /current link (still have the tab open) ... timestamp on the page is jul 24th 07:0309:27
ogra_-rw-rw-r-- 1 ogra ogra  31457280 Jul 19 15:34 boot.img-fat-fb09:28
ogra_-rw-rw-r-- 1 ogra ogra  31457280 Jul 19 15:34 boot.img-fat-fb.109:28
ogra_-rw-rw-r-- 1 ogra ogra  31457280 Jul 24 09:03 boot.img-fat-serial09:28
infinityOh, wait.09:28
infinityThat's the fat.09:28
infinityThat's not an image.09:28
ogra_all of them are omap though09:28
ogra_oh SH*T !!!09:29
ogra_indeed you are right09:29
ogra_hooray for informative naming09:29
* ogra_ goes to stand in the corner for a while09:29
infinityWell, it does say "fat".  As in, "hi, I'm a filesystem". ;)09:29
ogra_well, we can then release it, great, saves me one release note to write :)09:30
ogra_and while making a fool out of me nusakan has finished the server images09:31
infinitySo I saw.09:31
infinitySo you can test those and see if you get a USB keyboard.09:31
infinityAnd I'll sleep, honest.09:31
ogra_will do09:31
ogra_great, sleep tight09:31
infinityIf it's still buggered, reopen the bug and yell at me.09:31
infinityOr fix it. :P09:31
ogra_i'll do the latter :)09:31
infinity(But I'd like to know either way)09:32
* ogra_ goes getting some coffee09:32
* infinity goes to have a bedtime smoke.09:32
xnoxinfinity: i hope you have a smoke alarm in your bedroom09:39
ogra_better than in his bedtime at least :P09:53
ogra_k, so omap netboot is definitely a no-go ... seems the NIC driver is missing10:00
ogra_weird, omap4 as well10:10
ogra_hmm, in fact there are no USB devices at all10:11
* ogra_ is confused10:11
* ogra_ tries the framebuffer image instead10:14
ogra_aha, that works10:20
infinityogra_: Hrm, I didn't remove any drivers, just added some...10:34
ogra_yeah, it seems to randomly not work10:35
ogra_i had two boots of the serial image where no usb disk was found, three where it was10:35
ogra_smells like a udev race10:35
ogra_i have a framebuffer install working atm, lets see if it gets completely through, then i'll dig more into the usb bits10:36
infinityIt could be the vm.min_free_kbytes thing.10:36
ogra_though testing the normal server image first is probably more important10:36
infinityThough, I can't see that being an issue on boot, we haven't eaten the RAM yet.10:36
ogra_also see my last comment on that bug ...10:36
ogra_i would actually like to try that suggested kernel fix from marvin2410:37
ogra_instead of having the hack in userspace again10:37
infinityIf it works, sure.10:39
infinityIt's not the easiest thing to test, mind you.10:39
ogra_why ? if i can get a patched kernel ...10:39
infinityI mean it's not the easiest thing to reliably reproduce to the point where one can be sure it's fixed.10:40
ogra_running apachebench seems to trigger it reliably10:41
infinityBut we'll let the kernel team comment on it.  I'll bring it up with them.10:41
ogra_i pinged paolo about it already, lets see what he says10:41
infinityIn theory, the easiest test is just "do something to consume all the RAM", "do heavy reads from USB disk" and "do heavy network I/O".10:41
infinityBut it's still not what I'd call "reliable".10:41
ogra_sigh, base-install seems to take ages here10:41
infinityI was installing to a USB key last night, it wasn't that awful.10:42
* ogra_ does the same here 10:43
infinityCertainly nicer when netbooting, but the SD copy isn't world-endingly bad.10:43
ogra_and the stick usually gets me 24-25M/s10:43
ogra_definitely the fastest one i have10:43
ogra_this *is* netboot10:43
ogra_the framebuffer one10:43
ogra_and its not the download that was slow ... configuring the packages seems to take aeons10:44
infinityAhh, well, netboot is still faster than the SD image.10:44
infinityThough, the SD copy isn't actually that bad.10:44
ogra_yeah, the new server is pretty fast10:44
ogra_though as you guessed, i only tested serial yesterday10:45
infinityIt should be blindingly fast on x86.10:45
infinityOn ARM, we trade off that live-install is faster than base-install with the fact that SD cards suck. :P10:45
ogra_and havent had a chance to test my f-k fixes in production yet10:45
infinityThere still must be a way to do the x86ish auto-detect of fb versus serial.10:46
ogra_i guess thats a matter of a sane framebuffer driver10:47
infinityMaybe.  I've never looked to see what x86 is doing.10:47
infinityWell, fsvo "sane".10:47
infinityIt fails when hooked up to a KVM, so most "real server admins" force the command line anyway.10:47
infinityBut it's certainly a nice hack for image testing.10:47
ogra_well, likely one that doesnt create a framebuffer device if no monitor is attached instead of having some hardcoded thing10:48
infinityPlug in keyboard/monitor, get framebuffer, unplug, get serial.10:48
apwinfinity, i note that linux-lowlatency binaries are in universe, i am supprised that works for the image builds?10:49
infinityomapdrm might be the sanity we're looking for, but I don't think we get a remotely sane version of that until Paolo moves to 3.5, or maybe even 3.610:49
infinityapw: It's for an image that builds from universe, so it works fine.10:50
ogra_apw, kernels in main are only needed for images that are involved with d-i10:50
infinityapw: Pretty much all of ubuntustudio is in universe.10:50
* apw adds that to his mental model, tha10:50
infinityWell, ubuntustudio does have alternates, that do involve d-i.  And we cheat and put the generic kernel on their alternates (ie: we use the ubuntu cdrom bits). :/10:51
infinity(And then we install lowlatency during the install)10:51
infinityIt's hackish.10:51
apwinfinity, hackish :) indeed10:52
infinityAnyhow, I seem to be failing at sleeping again, and we have a family^Wteam meeting in 3.5 hours.  Hrm.10:53
infinityI should try again to nap.10:53
ogra_go for it, good luck !10:53
infinityapw: Care to throw a seasoned kernel dude opinion at https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux-ti-omap4/+bug/746137/comments/16 ?10:54
ubot2Ubuntu bug 746137 in jasper-initramfs "Page allocation failure on Pandaboard and Beagle XM" [Undecided,Fix released]10:54
ogra_infinity, ppsati is on it too10:54
ogra_apw, ^^^10:54
infinityogra_: Yeah, I know, I just wanted a gut feeling from Andy.10:54
ogra_(but additional opinions surely dont do harm :) )10:55
infinity(Besides, we want it in master too, not just ti-omap4)10:55
ogra_right, though i think omap4 is the place to test it10:55
ogra_less intrusive10:55
infinityomap4 test kernels are a good place to test it, but ultimately, committing to master and rebasing feels saner.10:55
infinityIt's the same driver, same level of intrusive. :P10:55
ogra_it is surely a lot easier to reproduce oin the beagle10:56
ogra_though i guess booting a panda with mem=512M should do the same10:56
infinityOr 256, if it's my Beagle. :(10:56
ogra_or that10:56
infinityI should put the thing out of its misery.10:56
* ogra_ uses his 256M beagles as printserver and router :)10:56
infinityAnd beg someone to ship me an xM.10:56
infinityI'd rather use mine as a frisbee.10:57
apwinfinity, surley you can just order one10:57
infinityapw: I could, but we have a ton in London that aren't being used.10:57
infinityapw: Since we decommissioned them as buildds.10:57
* ogra_ wants one that isnt revA 10:57
apwinfinity, and just how much would it cost to send one from the UK to you, i suspect more than they are worth10:57
infinityAnd 20 bucks shipping seems saner than 150 for a new board.10:57
apwheh, $20 shipping, from here to there, yeah right10:58
infinityIt doesn't have to be overnight. :P10:58
ogra_someone should just bring them to UDS and give them out to the teams10:58
infinityThe good ol' postal service will do it for that, or less.10:58
ogra_no costs at all :)10:58
infinityWe spoiled brats and our FedEx and DHL need to occasionally remember that regular mail actually works just fine. :P10:59
apwogra_, you say 'kernel fix above' but i am not seeing it (likely i am just missing it but)11:01
infinityapw: I linked to it. :P11:01
ogra_apw, comment 1611:01
infinityapw: It's a verbal patch, not a literal one.11:01
ogra_"replace GFP_ATOMIC by GFP_KERNEL in the relevant kmallocs which worked for the rt2x00 wifi driver in the ac100 armhf kernel"11:02
ogra_that driver had exactly the same prob11:02
apwhmmm they are probabally _ATOMIC so they can be performed out of the interrupt handlers handling incoming packets11:02
* apw wonders what it is with us dropping every userspace package which ever configured the kernel, so that we have to configure every damn kernel 15 ways to make up for it11:02
apwthe kernel has these interfaces for a reason, there is no sane default for many of these things11:03
infinityapw: In this case, the userspace hack is, well, an obvious hack.11:03
apwwe only need the new hack because the old place went away11:03
infinityThe old place?11:03
ogra_we dont have anything that puts the old hack in place atm11:04
apwwhich is my point.  keybuk was always removing things and saying hte kernel should do it right11:04
ogra_and it is and always was a hack11:04
infinityI don't mean that *how* we configure is a hack, I mean the configuration itself is a hack.11:04
apwjasper-initramfs went away11:04
infinityIMO, if you have to configure vm.min_free_kbytes, something's gone wrong.11:04
ogra_because it was hacks and hacks only11:04
apwdefine a hack, the machine needs more reserve with that board, that actually might be right11:04
ogra_this probalem is widely known and not arm or panda specific at all11:05
apwinfinity, by that definition the min_free_kbytes itself is a hack11:05
ogra_if you have to set min_free_kbytes *everywhere* why not use a sane default in the driver itself11:05
apwinfinity, the kernel has to have a reserve and its size is a usecase/hw in the machine thing11:05
infinityapw: For a "normally-running system", it *is* a hack if you need it to function.  min_free_kbytes is more about performance tuning.11:05
apwogra_, no this is only for one rtl device right?11:05
ogra_the kernel should know how much ram is available and be able to determine a proper value11:05
ogra_apw, smsc USB NIC11:06
infinityapw: But, meh.  If you claim it's machine-dependent, then the kernel should have sane defaults for that machine. ;)11:06
apwonly if you have that device you need it.  now yes in your case all machines we care about have it11:06
ogra_and i know this driver has the same issues on x8611:06
infinityapw: But, okay, one could also make it a udev rule, if it's specific to that device.11:06
infinityapw: Which seems like a sane place for it.11:06
apwogra_, indeed it is a terrible driver, rtl drivers always are11:06
infinityIf the driver has issues on all platforms, a udev rule seems like the right answer.11:07
apwinfinity, that might make some sense.  and indeed if the driver needs to be ATOMIC (and i'll let ppisati test that) then either udev or something in the kernel init for that driver makes more sense.11:07
infinity(or the driver not sucking)11:07
* ogra_ thinks a fix of the driver seems like a better answer :)11:07
apwthough for me removing the driver appeals too11:08
infinityapw: Removing the driver is a bit of a non-starter when it's the NIC soldered to every Panda. :P11:08
ogra_tell that to the teams doing netinstall tests on pandaboards :)11:08
apwthose boards all should just be put in the crusher and put out of my misery, for a start because they have any RTL kit on them11:08
ogra_though we have a wlan card on it as well :)11:08
ogra_apw, you could donate half of your salary to TI every month so they can buy more expensive NICs :)11:09
ogra_if its really causing so much misery for you that seems like a cheap solution :P11:10
infinityapw: smsc95xx is rtl, or are you confusing the two buggy drivers?11:10
* ogra_ yawns watching pkgsel progressing slowly11:11
apwbut it sounds like a sane plan to try the _ATOMIC change and see11:11
infinityapw: To try to s/ATOMIC/KERNEL/ that is.11:12
infinity^-- That seems to imply that _KERNEL "tries harder".11:12
infinityI'm all for things trying harder. :P11:12
apwinfinity, indeed _KERNEL can sleep waiting for memory to be reaped, i suspect though we cannot wait its common to be in interrupt handler pulling packets out of the receieve ring like mad11:13
infinityapw: On a slow NIC (they're 100bT over USB2, after all), I'm not sure if the practical issue of ring flooding is nearly as bad as the theoretical.11:16
apwi assume we are dropping large packets here given 'turbo' has to be enable to trigger it11:17
apwand i asusme that leads us to allocate like 16 or 32k pages not normal easily available ones11:17
infinityWell, disabling turbo "makes it go away", but I'm not sure that's actually true, or if it just makes it "vanishingly less likely to happen because you're suddenly shuffling less data".11:18
ogra_ppisati, haha, ++ to your last comment on bug 10268780 ("bad design decision")11:19
* infinity reads more about what's illegal under spin_lock_irqsave(), and wonders how much one would have to trace back through smsc95xx and usbnet to decide if we're violating that.11:20
ogra_err bug 1026780 that was11:20
ubot2Launchpad bug 1026780 in flash-kernel "3.0~rc.4ubuntu4 doesn't honor bootargs from /boot/boot.script anymore" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/102678011:20
infinityapw: I think this is mostly just teaching me the valuable lesson that having your storage and NIC on USB is dumb.11:21
ogra_well, USB 3.0 will fix that in the long term11:21
infinityogra_: Wait, what?  f-k 3.0 is hardcoding root=?11:22
infinityogra_: That means f-k 3.0 initramfses aren't generic.  That's completely wrong.11:22
ogra_it reads fstab and dumps a config snippet into the initrd11:22
ogra_unless you tell it not to11:23
infinityogra_: Do we tell it not to?11:23
ogra_in which case you would need to add root= tro a package shipped source file that gets overwritten on package upgrades11:23
ogra_so no, we dont atm11:23
infinityRight, well, I've heard we can write to /boot and /etc11:23
infinityLike every other bootloader config.11:24
ogra_i want an /etc/flash-kernel/ bootscript.d11:24
ogra_that overrides the hardcoded crap11:24
infinityPersonally, whoever does the work, I think that crazy needs fixing.11:24
ogra_but that will have to wait until i'm back from the QA sprint11:24
infinityAnd it needs fixing in Debian before squeeze too.  I wasn't aware of this misfeature. :/11:24
ogra_and additionally we need some migration love11:24
infinityI've already had long and angry arguments with people who wanted to hardcode fstab bits in initrds to support mounting /usr11:25
ogra_well, loic seems to think its sane11:25
infinityDon't really want to have the argument all over.11:25
infinityLoic's wrong. :P11:25
ogra_and having override capabilities is a nice to have11:25
infinityAnd I'll be happy to tell him.11:25
infinityDistro-generated initrds NEED to be generic.11:25
ogra_i told him :)11:25
ogra_yeah, thats not the prob11:25
ogra_ust a simple switch in the db file ...11:26
infinityThat's the obvious problem I see with hardcoding root=. :P11:26
ogra_the prob is to make it accept modified input files the package doesnt overwrite11:26
infinityYou mean, like... Conffiles?11:26
ogra_switching off the hardcoding is there, using the alternative isnt11:26
infinityIt's kinda like Debian 101.11:26
* infinity shakes his head.11:27
ogra_do conffiles not have to live in /etc ?11:27
infinityRemind me of this bug when you're sprinting, so I can get angry about it again.11:27
ogra_i think it was explicit that they are in /usr/share11:27
Laneymicahg: I'm not sure your xubuntu blacklisting had the effect you wanted11:27
ubot2Ubuntu bug 1016925 in xubuntu-meta "12.10 Alternate installer fails with libavformat53 unmet dependencies" [High,Fix released]11:27
ogra_so dpkg doesnt make tehm conffiles11:27
ogra_(which doesnt save you from overwriting on package upgrade')11:27
infinityogra_: You can mark anything a conffile, but no, people shouldn't be editing stuff in /usr/share.11:28
infinityogra_: But having both defaults and overrides isn't rocket science.  Look at initramfs-tools.11:28
ogra_well, thats the input source :)11:28
ogra_oh, indeed11:28
ogra_it wont take more than 1h to implement and even fully test but i need to find that spare hour :)11:28
ogra_(and a board that isnt occupied by install tests)11:29
infinityLike I said, remind me when you're sprinting, and I'll fix it in anger, and give Loic about 30 seconds to agree it's awesome before I NMU it.11:29
ogra_LOL !11:29
ogra_will do, probably i have time during the sprint but i doubt that11:29
ogra_and as long as it is fixed in final thats sufficient11:30
infinityYeah, but I don't want squeeze shipping this way either.11:30
infinityAnd as the freeze plods on, exceptions get harder to get approved.11:30
ogra_if you actually NMU you could pull armadaxp and highbank in as well, i doubt NCommander forwarded anything of this11:30
ogra_saves us carrying a patch11:31
infinityI can sync it mostly wholesale, though they don't ship kernels for either one.11:31
ogra_(theoretically 80% of the changes since the sync should be pushed into debian in fact)11:31
infinityBut I guess if f-k supports it, then people could install Ubuntu kernels and it would "just work".  Well, if our kernels didn't depend on packages that aren't in Debian...11:31
infinityFriggin' crda crap.11:31
ogra_f-k 3.0 doesnt have any package check anymore11:32
ogra_nor subarch11:32
ogra_if you just have /lib/modules and /boot/vmlinuz-$version it will work11:32
ogra_it is a lot easier on all the checks11:33
infinityAnyhow.  NMUing probably won't be necessary.  I don't think Loic actually WANTS to own f-k anymore, he's just stuck with it cause no one else wants it.11:33
infinitySo, I'm sure adding myself to uploaders and accidentally co-maintaining it will not upset him in the least.11:34
infinityI'll ask, though. :P11:34
* ogra_ would take it but fears the responsibilty and misses DD upload privs11:34
infinityAnd file nasty RC bugs and NMU if he says no.11:34
ogra_(fearing the responsibility simply because it supports so much HW i cant even remotely test)11:35
ogra_oh finally !11:35
ogra_netinst rebooting ...11:35
ogra_so that was framebuffer netinst omap4 with working kbd ...11:36
ogra_next i'll check server11:36
ogra_tsk, the ubuntu on the plymouth text theme splash looks so lost on 1920x108011:37
ogra_ok, all working even after reboot11:37
infinityogra_: It was only server that was broken, netboot was fine.11:39
ogra_ah, k11:39
ogra_dd is running ... we'll see11:39
infinitySomewhere in the anals of time when omap moved to omap4, someone missed symlinking some bits, which we never cared about, cause we never used the d-i "cdrom" images until now. :P11:40
infinityAnnals, even.  Though, looking at some of the ARM enablement messes that have been made, anals seems appropriate.11:41
ogra_infinity, i has keyboard on server framebuffer11:44
infinityogra_: Eggsellent.11:45
ogra_hmm, but it doesnt seem to move after kbd selection11:46
* ogra_ sits in front of an empty violet screen, hoping its just slow11:47
ogra_hmm, seems to be cdrom-detect11:47
ogra_it lists sda1, sda2, mmcblk0p1 and mmcblk0p2 as possible source devices ... but it only probes for installation media on sda*11:49
infinityReally?  It all Just Worked for me before.11:50
infinityI can't see how adding HID drivers would have broken it...11:50
* infinity zsyncs a new image.11:51
ogra_yeah, i doubt thats related to HID11:52
* ogra_ reboots 11:53
ogra_"mount: sending ioctl 5310 to a partition!"11:55
ogra_thats all i see11:55
infinityThat's perfectly normal.11:55
ogra_and i was wrong, i also have sda3 4 and 511:55
ogra_it seems to stop after sda211:55
ogra_which i think is the partition with the former install11:55
ogra_aha, and the processlist shows a mount -t iso9660 /dev/sda3 /cdrom11:56
ogra_whcih doesnt seem to proceed11:56
infinityIs there something wonky on your USB key?11:57
ogra_i just did a netinst ...11:57
infinityWell, specifically /dev/sda311:57
ogra_cant imagine that something is wonky with that, it booted and worked fine11:57
ogra_thats likely a virtual partition holding sda511:57
ogra_hmpfs and indeed i cant kill the mount11:58
* ogra_ zreoes the mbr and starts over11:58
* infinity sloooowly writes a test image out to SD.12:00
ogra_aha, now it works12:00
ogra_looks like cdrom-detect has a bug12:00
ogra_needs to check partition type or so12:00
infinityOr your partition tables were just that messed up and weird somehow.12:00
infinityBut then mount has a bug for hanging. :P12:01
ogra_well, d-i created it in the former install12:01
infinity(Well, it does anyway, clearly)12:01
ogra_i just picked guided partitioning, nothing fancy12:02
ogra_oh, wait12:02
ogra_iirc we create an ext2 /boot partition (for whatever reason) ...12:02
ogra_might be that we dont have ext2 support or so12:03
infinityWe do.12:03
ogra_not in my cat /proc/filesystems here12:03
ogra_oh, wait12:03
ogra_its there, just not listed near the other ext* ones12:04
ogra_k, so its not that, sad, that would have been easy12:04
infinityWell, it's reproducible. :/12:05
infinityI also have a default install on my USB key, and have a hanging mount -t iso966012:05
ogra_ah, see, loic answered on the bug :)12:05
ogra_i *think* we can preseed the filesystem type for cdrom-detect12:05
ogra_would be an easy workaround if its the iso9660 bit thats broken12:06
* ogra_ crosses fingers that his flash-kernel fix works12:06
infinityYeah, but what the heck is it doing? :/12:06
ogra_well, what kind of partition is sda3 ?12:07
ogra_hardcoding root= in initrd is good because it is consistently broken according to his comment :P12:07
infinityYeah, I read his comment.12:08
infinityWe'll still want to fix it. :P12:08
infinitysda3 is the Extended container, as you guessed.12:08
infinityBut you'd think this same thing would happen on x86.12:08
* ogra_ cries 12:08
micahglaney: no, it didn't and I'm not sure why12:08
infinityUnless mount is fundamentally broken on ARM.12:08
ogra_f-k failed it seems12:08
infinityogra_: What did it fail to do?12:08
infinityogra_: It worked for me last night, and it hasn't changed since, has it?12:09
Laneymicahg: Is that kind of blacklisting supposed to work?12:09
ogra_did you test server or netinst ?12:09
infinityWell, both.12:09
ogra_live-installer calls update-initramfs before f-k is configured shich makes the world explode12:09
infinityBut I did server serial once through.  I think.12:09
micahglaney: that's how I understood blacklisting, but I could be wrong12:10
ogra_i added a live-installer script that diverts u-m until f-k-i runs12:10
infinityMaybe I didn't finish server.12:10
* micahg checks the docs12:10
ogra_hmm, and that script isnt there #12:11
infinityogra_: I like how your last upload was just a changelog. :P12:12
ogra_err, huh ?12:12
infinityOh, diff doesn't show mode changes, if that was all it was.12:13
ogra_sigh !12:13
ogra_well, still, you are right it seems12:13
infinityStill counting on +x to persist on unpack is still sketchy, you should do that in debian/rules when you install the file.12:13
Laneymicahg: I see this in the manpage: "It is not intended for the purpose of working around buggy pack‐ age relationships, and attempts to do so will not work because apt has no way to know about blacklist entries in seeds.12:14
ogra_infinity, well, flash-kernel isnt installed in the environment so the file isnt there12:15
Laneythat is about "!" entries though, not about the blacklist file12:15
micahglaney: ah, it's just for the -meta...12:15
infinityogra_: Did you mean to have it in f-k-i, not f-k?12:16
ogra_the prob is that i cant install it manually either12:16
ogra_the broken update-initramfs kept the handle on apt-install12:16
ogra_so apt-install refuses to do anything12:16
micahgit's too bad that the ubuntu-sso-client-gtk drop was only half completed...12:16
infinityogra_: Oh, it is in f-k-i.12:17
infinityBut yeah, f-k-i is only installed on-demand.12:17
Laneythis is fallout from that?12:17
infinityAll bootloader installers are.12:17
ogra_right and only at the end12:17
ogra_i doubt colin would be happy with me putting the file into live-installer itself though12:18
infinityogra_: What are you actually trying to do here?12:18
infinityogra_: Just avoid f-k running before it's configured?12:18
ogra_so i guess i need a f-k-prereq udeb that is always installed or some such12:18
ogra_i try to make update-initramfs a no-op12:18
infinityogra_: Okay, but why?12:19
ogra_so it doesnt run before f-k is ready to handle it12:19
ogra_because f-k-i installs mkimage12:19
infinityogra_: Ultimately, this isn't about initramfs-update, but about f-k, correct?12:19
ogra_and without mkimage in place update-initramfs fails12:19
infinityogra_: As in, update-initramfs will trigger f-k, which fails?12:19
ogra_it is about ordering of the bits12:19
ogra_f-k is already in 7target12:20
ogra_ /target12:20
infinityKay, we used to work around that by having f-k exit 0 if it wasn't configured yet.12:20
ogra_but f-k-i sdidnt run and installed mkimage yet12:20
infinityCan we not just do the same thing we used to?12:20
ogra_we probably could by putting a flag in place or so but thats ugly12:21
ogra_in the past we checked for /etc/flash-kernel.cof12:21
ogra_thats gone with 3.0 ... as any other runtime configuration is12:21
infinityOh, right.  Thanks Loic. :/12:22
infinitySo, what's there to "configure"?12:22
infinityYou just mean that the deps aren't there.12:22
ogra_apt-install u-boot-tools12:22
ogra_or redboot-tools ... or $bootloader-tools12:22
infinityogra_: Isn't the solution, then, to have u-boot-tools in the live image?12:22
ogra_seeding it ?12:22
ogra_we cant realyl do that subarch based12:23
ogra_which means you end up with u-boot-tools on every arm image12:23
infinityIt's a live image.12:23
infinityMade by livecd-rootfs, I assume.12:23
infinityWhich knows about subarches.12:23
ogra_it is a d-i image12:23
ogra_using a squashfs12:23
infinityWhat creates it?12:23
ogra_instead of running debootstrap in base install12:24
ogra_live-build indeed12:24
ogra_but its essentially just debootstrap squashed up12:24
ogra_and i dont thinnk there is any removal of packages happening in the whole process12:24
infinityWe don't want removal, we want addition.12:24
ogra_we want removal on subarches the dont use u-boot12:25
infinityNo, we want to not add it. :P12:25
ogra_but yiu cant seed it on a per subarch base12:25
ogra_do you wnat to hardcode it in livecd-rootfs ?12:26
infinityDude, we do this all the time.12:26
ogra_ah, k12:26
infinityYour image already has other bits in it, I'm sure.12:26
ogra_that doesnt really sound like a proper solution, but it will make it work indeed12:26
infinityActually, let me find a livefs log for this.12:26
ogra_since f-k is still broken12:27
ogra_in context with live-installer12:27
ogra_i think the diversion is the better way, but hard to implement without touching live-installer itself12:27
infinityIt's only broken if the target doesn't have the right bits.12:28
infinitySo, the target needs to have the right bits.12:28
ogra_right, but by design the right bits can only come in at the end12:28
ogra_yes, which is why we have f-k-i12:28
infinityOr, they can be there the whole time.12:28
ogra_one way would be to split f-k-i into two parts12:29
infinityBut okay, the other possible solution is to make live-installer divert things wholesale, and undivert before the final boot-method setup.12:29
ogra_having the one that runs the apt-install $bootloader_tools at the beginning and the actual end-configuration at the end12:29
infinityWhich isn't entirely unreasonable.12:29
=== popey_ is now known as popey
infinityubiquity already does this.12:30
ogra_thats why colin suggested a diversion to me yesterday12:30
infinitySure, but ubiquity does it for everyone, to avoid multiple update-initramfs calls.12:30
infinityI don't see why that should belong to flash-kernel.12:30
infinityAssuming you can get the divert/undivert timing sane so it doesn't break anything.12:31
ogra_because it behaves different from other bootloaders due to supporting multiple subarches12:31
ogra_which means different tools packages12:31
ogra_unlike any other bootloader12:31
ogra_so technically it should ship the fix itself ... for the breakage it causes12:32
infinityYes, but I'm saying the "fix" is also an optimisation.12:32
infinityIf you don't think of it as having anything to do with flash-kernel. :P12:32
ogra_right, but f-k is the only thing being broken due to it12:33
ogra_anyway, for now lets "seed" it from live-build so we can get A3 out ... and discuss it with colin once he's back12:34
ogra_i dot want to hack up live-installer without him being around12:34
infinityYeah, right now, that subarch stuff in livecd-rootfs is still being respected for -server builds.12:34
infinitySo, just adding u-boot-tools to the list for omap* would fix you up.12:35
infinityWhich I'm doing right now.12:35
ogra_ah, k, i was doing the same :)12:35
* ogra_ holds back12:35
infinityAlso.. Is ti-omap4-ppa still a thing?12:35
ogra_and let me revert the f-k stuff at the same time since its useless12:35
infinityDidn't we kill that?12:36
ogra_we did12:36
ogra_remove it please12:36
ogra_i was planning a cleanup run after FF12:36
ogra_ricardo actually sounded yesterday as if he had a breakthrough with the PVR mess btw12:36
ogra_f-k uploaded12:40
infinityAnd livecd-rootfs.12:40
infinityogra_: f-k was just a revert to ubuntu9?12:41
infinitySeems sane.12:41
ogra_where is queuebot btw12:42
ogra_stgraber, ^^^12:42
infinityThey're not in the queue.12:43
ogra_(or does it currently only watch precise)12:43
ogra_no but there were other uploads12:43
infinityIt only watches unapproved/new12:43
infinityquantal-* gets accepted, we're not frozen.12:43
ogra_i thought we are in a theoretical freeze :)12:44
infinityA soft freeze, yeah.  Not one with technology to back it up. :)12:44
infinityJust social pressure.12:44
infinityAnd ridicule.12:44
* ogra_ refrains from commenting :)12:45
* ogra_ grumbles 12:46
ogra_so the pad tells me i need to reconnect and clicking the button gets me to a 40412:47
ogra_yay userfriendlyness12:47
infinityOh, yeah.  It's special.12:47
infinitylivecd-rootfs built.12:47
infinityAnd f-k built.12:50
ogra_added info to the pad12:50
infinityPublisher doesn't look horribly upset about life, so you should be able to respin again in ~30m, if you feel the urge.12:51
* ogra_ wonders how we can improve the netboot situation ... there must be a way to name the vfat stuff more descriptive so people dont fall into that trap12:51
ogra_intrestingly these files arent even in the MANIFEST12:52
infinity-fat-partition or something, maybe.  But it's been named the way it is for so long, I'd rather not break anyone who relies on the names in scripts.12:52
ogra_well, alternatively putting a  README in place (generated from the MANIFEST entries) might help12:53
infinityOr, people can learn, like you did. ;)12:53
ogra_learning ?!?12:54
ogra_sigh ... thats hard12:54
infinityMaking the MANIFEST more descriptive would probably do it, though.12:54
ogra_it is very descriptive12:54
infinityIncluding adding some of the missing files.12:54
ogra_just doent have any entry for any of the fat files12:54
ogra_so who drives the isotracker atm ?12:55
ogra_wouldbe good to re-enable netinst again so we can log results12:55
infinityYou're in the right team to do that, aren't you?12:55
infinityOr maybe it's locked down to release now.12:55
ogra_oh, they are enabled12:56
ogra_i asked yesterday morning to drop them, seems that didnt happen, so nothing to revert :)12:56
infinityI don't see any...12:56
infinityBecause I only had "tested" clicked..12:56
infinityAnd yay, you have test results to log!12:57
ogra_we should lock stgraber and mpt into a room for 1h or so  next UDS12:57
infinityBut I kinda like stgraber...12:58
ogra_LOL !12:58
ogra_yeah, might be a somewhat mean plan12:58
* ogra_ isnt sure what to make out of the USB randomly not working bit from the netboot install12:59
* infinity wonders why netboot i386 has a ubiquity bug attached to it.12:59
ogra_i cant even file a bug without at least having a log or something from when it shows up12:59
infinityI did two installs last night and didn't see that.  I guess we'll have to see how reproducible it is.13:00
* ogra_ sets his netboot test to passed for now 13:00
ogra_infinity, bug 1028905 in case you want to add something13:06
ubot2Launchpad bug 1028905 in cdrom-detect "cdrom-detect in quantal omap4 hangs trying to look for install media on an extended partition" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/102890513:06
infinityogra_: Nope, but I'll me too it.13:08
* ogra_ notices the time and thinnks abut breakfast13:13
infinityogra_: Publisher's done, you can re-spin server if you want.13:20
Davieyogra_: What is the state of arm server images?13:22
infinityDaviey: netboot is good, the fancy new d-i/live hybrid thingee needs a respin, but then should be good.13:23
Davieyinfinity: thanks13:24
Laneymicahg: so, can we revert your change and release note it?13:25
ogra_ubuntu arm server rebuild running13:48
micahglaney: revert which change?13:53
Laneythe blacklist13:54
=== popey_ is now known as popey
* infinity sets an alarm for 34m from now and goes to lie down.13:56
Laneyoh, hang on, it's not that is it13:59
micahglaney: ah, I think I should've used ! instead of the blacklist file for what I wanted...13:59
Laneywant to consult someone who knows? We can then try again …14:00
micahgwho's the backup seed expert?14:01
ogra_backup seed ?14:01
* ogra_ wasnt aware we had such a thing14:01
micahgno, seed expert :)14:01
ogra_well, whats your issue ?14:01
micahgas in cjwatson isn't around :)14:02
ogra_everyone whjo ever uploaded -meta should also be able to at least roughly understand seeds :)14:02
micahgI need to stop ubuntu-sso-client-qt and gstreamer0.10-ffmpeg from being pulled into xubuntu14:02
micahgogra_: I understand that part :)14:02
micahgI added them to the blacklist file, but germinate still pulls them in14:02
ogra_right, i think ! isnt so wrong :)14:03
micahgI'm thinking to add them to ! entries in the ship sseeds14:03
ogra_though why are they there in the first place ?14:03
Laneyrecommends of webkit14:03
ogra_any dep that pulls them in ?14:03
micahgogra_: well, the gstreamer thing is fixed in -proposed, but won't get in in time14:03
ogra_i'm not sure you can override recommends of packages through seeds14:03
micahgubuntu-sso-client was a partial transition that really shouldn't have been done before alpha314:04
micahgthe only other thing I can think of is temporarily adding a conflicts through the xubuntu-default-settings package or something14:05
Laneywhy isn't gst a problem for other universe flavours too?14:05
micahglaney: it is, but no one seems to have cared enough14:05
micahgit's on the technical overview14:05
LaneyI mean that it pulls in libavcodec53 which is !ed out in the seeds14:05
micahghrm, no idea14:06
Laneyah, only {l,x}ubuntu have it14:07
Laneyno, seeded-in-ubuntu lies14:08
micahgkubuntu seems to have it also14:08
ScottKWhich "it"?14:09
micahga block on libavcodec14:10
Laneylibwebkitgtk-3.0-0 recommends gstreamer0.10-ffmpeg depends libavcodec53 which is blocked14:11
micahgright, so if I conflict something on gstreamer0.10-ffmpeg, that would temporarily fix it14:11
micahgor find more hamsters for the arm* builds14:12
Laneyand make everyone remove it ...14:12
micahgwell, idk if it's an issue for an alpha release anyways14:13
micahgassuming others don't have the tasksel issue14:13
hggdhinfinity: (since you fixed it) will the server armhf-omap4 be rebuilt?14:17
Laneyit just was14:17
* micahg wonders if hggdh is ignoring queuebot14:18
=== Guest69114 is now known as Ursinha
ogra_hggdh, i'm just done with it, feel free to zsync14:19
ogra_(praying that fixes the flash-kernel issues now)14:19
hggdhmicahg: duh, read the download link wrong.14:19
* hggdh really needs some coffee14:19
hggdhogra_: syncing and testing14:20
ogra_great, me too :)14:20
blitzkrieg3can I get a sponsor for bug 873027?14:20
ubot2Launchpad bug 873027 in unity-2d "DBUS_STARTER_ADDRESS and DBUS_STARTER_BUS_TYPE aren't always unset from environment making gedit and possibly others fail to start" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/87302714:20
blitzkrieg3into precise14:21
hggdhogra_: just to be sure, it is the 25.3  image, correct?14:21
ogra_hggdh, yep14:22
stgraberblitzkrieg3: you might have more luck in #ubuntu-devel. Also, you may want to subscribe ubuntu-sponsors so that the bug shows up on the sponsoring report.14:24
blitzkrieg3stgraber: okay, thanks14:24
ogra_probably even better in #ubuntu-desktop14:24
* ogra_ hits bug 1028905 again14:28
ubot2Launchpad bug 1028905 in cdrom-detect "cdrom-detect in quantal omap4 hangs trying to look for install media on an extended partition" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/102890514:28
* ogra_ zeroes the target and tries again14:29
=== davidm` is now known as davidm
ogra_zeroing the target partition while it is mounted leaves the partition table in place14:39
ogra_err target device14:39
ogra_nasty bug that is ...14:40
stgraberogra_: you usually need to ask the kernel to re-read the partition table after zeroing (hdparm -z) but that's only possible if the block device isn't in use.14:41
ogra_stgraber, yeah, well, i just zeroed it in my desktop , had to kill the installer anyway14:42
ogra_i really wonder why nobody else runs into this bug though14:43
ogra_i would assume many people use a target device multiple times without seeing the hang14:43
hggdhogra_: is this related to the "unable to find /main/debian-installer/..."?14:43
ogra_err, no ?14:44
ogra_where do you see that ?14:44
ogra_the only two bugs with server i'm currently aware of are flash-kernel (seemingly) breaking apt-setup and the one above14:45
hggdhogra_: on the armhf-omap4 server install -- installation fails because it cannot find any of the Packages or Packages.gz files14:46
* hggdh goes dd-ing the SD again14:46
ogra_hggdh, scroll up in the log, thats not thae cause ... there is likely an update-initramfs run failing above14:47
ogra_and apt-install/in-target are blocked through that so apt-setup cant finish14:47
ogra_the last upload of livecd-rootfs and flash-kernel should have fixed that though14:47
hggdhogra_: nope, no visible failure relating to initram14:53
ogra_i see "/dev/mmcblk0p1 is not a block device"14:54
ogra_which is the actual error ... since /dev isnt bind mounted during teh live-installer run14:54
hggdhogra_: not here... but the additional storage I am using had a 12.04 install image14:55
hggdhhere dev/mmcb* mounts OK (seemingly)14:56
ogra_can you put your syslog somewhere ?14:56
hggdhogra_: I will try again and save it. Now both disks (SD and memstick) are already destroyed14:56
hggdhon marvelous, now I do not have the super key anymore14:57
* hggdh will try a reboot14:57
* ogra_ hands hggdh a super key from a spare kbd he has around14:58
skaetogra_, did the last rebuild take care of bug [13] from the pad?15:09
ogra_skaet, yes, and shoed another bug15:10
skaetbackscroll indicates it may have but.... want to make sure.15:10
ogra_but i'm waiting for hggdh's syslog to see we have the same issue15:10
ogra_the new live-installer code unconditionally runs an update-initramfs ... thats fine on all arches that dont use flash-kernel ...15:11
ogra_but f-k expects some pre-setup to have happened before it can even run the first time15:11
ogra_and that setup is usually the very last step on the installation ...15:12
ogra_which doesnt really help when tring to use these bits before15:13
hggdhogra_: starting a new install15:13
* ogra_ has a super ugly hackist workaround but that should at least make A3 possible15:13
hggdhogra_: is it expected that the d-i should start straight into the language screen?15:14
ogra_we dont have the shiny grub menu stuff or isolinux on arm15:15
hggdhogra_: it went past the error now. I reformatted the memory stick (taking out the 12.04 install media there), and reimaged the SD15:17
hggdhdifferent issue now, though, it did not recognise the memorey stick, so rebooting and retrying15:18
ogra_hggdh, thats bug 102890515:18
ubot2Launchpad bug 1028905 in cdrom-detect "cdrom-detect in quantal omap4 hangs trying to look for install media on an extended partition" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/102890515:18
ogra_zero the device15:18
hggdhbut it did not hang, it kept on, just telling me I would not be able to repartition the SD15:19
ogra_you seem to have very intresting issues over there15:19
ogra_here is only fails after live-installer has run ... and i think infinity saw the same15:20
hggdhogra_: not really, I do not match the bug -- I have no extended partition15:22
hggdh(I had two partitions before, but I reformatted the memstick to one single, ext4)15:23
ogra_ah, well, might be the same bug in a different manifestation ... pleas file a bug with syslog etc15:23
hggdhogra_: against d-i?15:23
ogra_it isnt clear yet why cdrom-detect fails at all, might be a kernel issue or mount15:24
ogra_hggdh, for now, i'll re-assign then to the right package15:24
hggdhogra_: OK.15:24
hggdhah, I see why it did not get sda -- unsupported optional features (248)15:25
ogra_hmm, that shouldnt be fatal though15:25
hggdhit is not fatal, installation seems to be able to proceed -- I only do not have the option to install on sda15:27
ogra_very strange15:29
ogra_skaet, so i have one very hackish and ugly solution to the arm server problem, but i dont really want to upload it until someone like slangasek, cjwatson or infinity have taken a look and nodded it off ... it would give us A3 but i would revert it asap after that again15:33
* ogra_ points at http://paste.ubuntu.com/1110307/15:33
skaetogra_,  upload it to -proposed, and we don't copy it over to -release if they don't sign off on it?15:35
* skaet figures that way its building while we're waiting for review....15:35
Laneythis kubuntu alternate test install is taking some time ...15:36
Laneybut i confirmed that xubuntu alternate is hosed15:36
* Laney feeds hamsters to webkit15:37
* micahg is going to cry, the armel webkit build restarted, so no chance of a copy to release at this point15:38
ogra_skaet, it builds in a few seconds, publisher will be the bigger concern :)15:38
micahgunless we just copy once the other archs finish15:38
Laneyit restarted?!15:38
micahgyeah, the panda farm has had some weird issues as of late15:38
ogra_pfft, armel, we really should finally drop that15:39
Laneyi knew it was having problems at chroot setup time, but not at others15:39
ogra_as long as armhf builds i wouldnt worry to much15:39
micahgI had a build over the weekend that infinity had to start several times, upload was fri, finshed mon night15:39
stgraberogra_: is something removing that file afterwards?15:40
ogra_stgraber, no, else f-k would never work15:40
Laneywhat happens to the copy if all builds aren't finished though?15:40
Laneydoes it work?15:40
ogra_it needs to stay in place15:40
ogra_8until f-k -0ubuntu14 lands and a proper fix comes around)15:41
micahgwell, we can kill the one in -proposed and restart it in the release pocket I think15:41
stgraberLaney: if only it'd ;) IIRC it copies the source + any built binaries15:41
stgraberLaney: then the remaining binaries are built in -proposed but can't be copied to -release and you can't get them to build in -release as they already exist in -proposed15:41
stgraberLaney: tldr, don't do that ;)15:41
Laneyit'll still be rather late anyway15:42
micahgI was going to ask, when's the cutoff for respins?  armhf is 8-11 hours away still15:43
LaneyI suppose not everything has to release at the same time15:43
Laneyskaet: ?15:43
ogra_surely not the flavours15:43
ogra_and we had milestones in the past wehere the DVDs were a week late15:43
micahgwell, just means the freeze shouldn't be lifted until everyone releases though15:43
ogra_which freeze ?15:44
Laneysigh, I didn't make the disk image big enough so kubuntu failed for that15:44
micahgalpha 3 :)15:44
ogra_we dont have freezes :P15:44
micahgwe still have freezes :)15:44
ogra_we have self inflicted social feet calming :P15:44
ogra_(technically quantal isnt frozen ... its just nobody uploading)15:46
micahgit's a soft freeze, but we expect people to respect it15:46
Laneyjust because we don't have launchpad enforcing it doesn't mean that there isn't a freeze15:46
ogra_asdk rick, we dont have freezes :P15:46
ogra_*ask even15:46
micahgogra_: that plan is something for the future, as I recall, the consensus was that Ubuntu would like to head in that direction, but isn't ready yet15:47
Laneyfor the current policy see devel-announce15:47
* ogra_ didnt really plan to discuss that now ... i was just trying to be funny and obviously failed ... 15:47
* micahg hands ogra_ a whoopie cushion15:48
skaetLaney,  what's ready for A3 goes out as A3.   For full respins,  we're pretty much past it right now, unless its a true kitten killer (aka linux kernel bug we can't work around).   For selective images,  like armhf, we'll respin up for a bit yet.15:49
LaneyI'm just wondering if xubuntu can do theirs later and still call it A3.15:49
Laneyalso, what that means for the freeze and turning the dailies back on15:49
skaetOnce we announce, we swap where the output is directed15:50
skaetso,  it will go to the dailies15:50
skaetunless we hold up all the dailies...15:50
Laneyso that's a no then15:50
Laneypoor xubuntu :(15:51
ogra_skaet, oh, and wrt netboot arm i seemingly was mislead, the images are fine (omap4 at least, which i tested) and can be released15:51
ogra_so that saves me some paperwork :)15:51
skaetLaney,  they've got the dailies and can point folks at that image -  if the dailies are tested, we can probably look at manually copying it over to the A3 publishing directory, so it stays around.15:52
skaetogra_, :)  ack15:52
skaetLaney, micahg,  what's the timing on all the pieces landing for it?15:53
Laneyday or so15:54
micahgskaet: can probably get the new images built before the freeze to be lifted15:54
Laney+ spin + validation15:54
micahghrm, I can just do a hack right now so we can respin the images now and not wait...it's not ideal, but should fix the issues15:55
Laneynot the Conflicts ...15:55
micahghrm, no, that will break existing users15:55
* micahg thinks harder15:55
skaetslangasek, can you give ogra_'s hack a review, and see if we can live with it for A3? http://paste.ubuntu.com/1110307/15:57
slangasekogra_: please put your flag file under /var/lib, not /usr/share, at least15:57
ogra_slangasek, ok, no prob15:57
slangasekogra_: and of course, this only ensures tha the package must have been configured *once* before being called... is that sufficient?15:57
ogra_the next upload would remove it from apostinst snippet anyway15:57
slangasekis there a bug # for this?15:57
ogra_for d-i it is15:58
slangasekthe next upload needs to remove the file too :)15:58
ogra_and no, there isnt a bug, we always immediately worked out a fix the last two days15:58
ogra_yes, i meant removing the file :)15:58
* skaet would like the bug number for the pad, since this needs to be tracked to make sure we back it out.15:58
ogra_but i should probably file one now :)15:58
ogra_just not sure against what15:58
ogra_effectively the breakage is caused by console-setup running update intramfs15:59
ogra_but live-installer calls it ...15:59
ogra_and flash-kernel breaks it15:59
ogra_can someone reject my proposed upload so i can re-upload with a change to /var16:00
micahgogra_: it's auto-accepted when not frozen16:01
ogra_hey, you just taught me we are frozen :P16:01
micahgwe are, it's just not enforced by launchpad :)16:01
ogra_ok, i'll bump the versio then16:01
jibel_stgraber, bug 1028972 on ltsp, not a3 critical16:01
ubot2Launchpad bug 1028972 in ltsp "Empty session menu in ltsp client" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/102897216:01
stgraberjibel_: oh right, yeah, I saw that one, can't think of how it'd be LTSP's fault, probably a bug in indicator-session or in unity-2d16:03
stgraberjibel_: marked the ltsp task invalid and commented with some more information on what LTSP does so they have a chance to reproduce it easily16:05
jibel_stgraber, ok I added ltsp because I cannot reproduce in another environment16:06
hggdhogra_: bug 102898316:08
ubot2Launchpad bug 1028983 in partman-base "armhf-omap4: a disk formatted with ext4 fails to mount with partman" [Medium,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/102898316:08
ogra_YIPPIE !16:10
ogra_applying the fix manually makes me get through16:10
stgraberjibel_: testing a simple testcase for it now16:16
ogra_hggdh, dont forget the syslog :)16:19
stgraberjibel_: hmm, that's really odd, using Xephyr with the same configuration as LTSP I can't reproduce it anymore... wondering if it's something to do with the graphic card being used16:24
* ogra_ reboots his panda and crosses fingers16:24
ogra_oh, thats odd16:25
ogra_seems there is another ordering problem with live-installer16:25
ogra_i had the reboot system message .... after confirming it runs "remove-live-packages" now instead of doing the reboot16:26
ogra_ah, now it reboots16:27
ogra_yippie... a prompt16:28
hggdhogra_: the syslog should be there16:32
ogra_i dont see it on the website16:33
hggdhogra_: yeah, LP surprised me, and did not add it in when I filled in the bug. It is now there16:47
ogra_yup, i see it but i cant see any error in it16:47
ogra_Jul 25 15:20:34 kernel: [  210.396301] EXT4-fs (sda1): mounted filesystem with ordered data mode. Opts: (null)16:48
ogra_it even mounts it properly16:48
ogra_i guess thats something for dr. watson :)16:48
hggdhit does indeed. Go figure :-(16:49
stgraberskaet: ltsp-live is busted on Edubuntu, preparing a fix now, will need a respin17:07
stgraberLaney: ^17:07
stgraberballoons: do you know android-lee? he marked these tests as passed yesterday, but the code is completely broken and there's absolutely no way he'd have been able to test that17:08
balloonsstgraber, I do know android-lee.. jibel has found something similar in the past17:09
balloonsI'll have a chat with him again17:09
stgraberballoons: can you talk to him? because if that happens again I'll have to disable his account (at least for the images where I'm the product manager)17:09
stgraberit looks to me like he's just marking them as pass without even testing, and that's by far worse than not having test results17:10
hggdhogra_: I am reinstalling it again; I can bypass the loop by removing the memory stick and re-inserting it. I want to be sure I can repeat the install (i.e., this is the single issue left)17:10
balloonsstgraber, yes.. do let me know when it happens17:11
balloonsI understand the situation is he has access to a large number of machines, which is why he's able to test so much.. However, if his results are incorrect because he's testing improperly (or not at all) that's not helping17:12
jibelballoons, he never reports a failure, which to me seems unlikely if he is really testing, and adds no value to his testing17:16
balloonshttps://bugs.launchpad.net/~android-lee -- indeed so it appears17:17
jibel927 results without a single failure. stop all dev we have the perfect release.17:18
balloonsjibel, heh.. I have been talking to him, because my guess is that he is testing improperly since I wasn't seeing many bugs (when I found some in the same images).. This is concerning however that he's never reported any!?, and that we have confirmation of success when it clearly was impossible17:20
balloonsI'll keep you and stgraber informed..17:21
hggdhogra_: is this known? http://pastebin.com/uzB8xkBS17:21
hggdhogra_: I just retagged the test as failed. I cannot repeat the install17:29
* hggdh is off for lunch17:30
stgraberskaet: uploading edubuntu-netboot directly to the release pocket. I'll kick the Edubuntu rebuild (will update the pad in a sec)17:30
skaetstgraber,  ack17:34
skaetLaney,  slangasek,  ^ FYI17:34
ogra_hggdh, whats known ? your paste seems to be a bunch of encoded stuff17:44
ogra_skaet, can flash-kernel be moved over to the release pocket so that we can re-roll arm server ?17:46
skaetogra_,  ok.   can you do the move?17:47
ogra_i'm not an archive admin17:47
skaetslangasek, ^ you around,  or should I go experiment.17:48
* skaet goes to start experimenting.17:49
stgraberogra_: you don't need to be an AA for that btw :)17:50
micahgogra_: you can do the copy, just not the deletion in -proposed17:50
ogra_where is the doc ?17:50
* ogra_ didnt know 17:50
shadeslayerso if someone can help out *just* a little bit, I might have EFI booting from a USB stick working in time for alpha 317:51
micahgogra_: it's generally not a good idea for most people to do this type of copying, but in this case, it doesn't make a difference17:51
shadeslayerI was wondering why init looks for /dev/sr017:51
* micahg wonders if sru-release -r will DTRT17:52
ogra_micahg, right, my question is rather "how ?" :)  i didnt even know thats possible for non AAs17:52
shadeslayerbecause I get to grub, I can boot stuff, but init fails while looking for /dev/sr017:52
stgraberlp-shell production devel17:52
stgraberarchive.copyPackage(from_archive=archive, include_binaries=True, source_name="flash-kernel", to_pocket="release", to_series="quantal", version="VERSION")17:52
stgraberogra_: ^17:52
stgraberogra_: just replace VERSION and that should work fine17:53
* ogra_ installs lptools17:53
* micahg still thinks sru-release -r would be simpler if we knew it to work17:56
ogra_hmm, https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/flash-kernel/3.0~rc.4ubuntu14 still says proposed17:57
micahgogra_: it worked17:57
micahgthat might take a publisher cycle to update17:57
stgraberogra_: copyPackage is async, can take a few seconds for LP to update, then it'll appear for both quantal and quantal-proposed until an AA cleans up -proposed17:57
stgraberogra_: quantal-changes and your mailbox are usual good indicators to whether the copy worked ;)17:58
ogra_oh, ah17:58
ogra_my mail is async, it takes a while to arrive :P17:59
* skaet comes back to the channel after digging in some docs, sees its been handled :)18:02
ogra_skaet, so after the next publisher run arm server is good to go18:03
skaetogra_ ok,   I'll kick it off.18:04
skaet(when i see all the bits in the right place)18:04
ogra_awesome ! :)18:04
skaetogra_,  what was the bug number for flash-kernel?18:11
* skaet wanting to get the pad updated so we don't forget this needs to be backed out.18:12
stgraberskaet: ltsp's failing post-install on Edubuntu, checking if I can fix that in edubuntu-netboot, so no rebuilt yet please (I updated the pad)18:13
skaetstgraber,  yup.  seen the updates.     will only do an arm server rebuild.18:14
skaet(and thanks for putting the updates in!  :) )18:14
highvoltagestgraber: ok18:14
highvoltage(oops, stgraber was telling that to skaet, I have 'edubuntu' highlighted and sometimes that confuses me)18:15
utlemmingstgraber: can you kindly add http://cloud-images.ubuntu.com/quantal/20120725 to the tracker?18:18
stgraberutlemming: sure18:19
utlemmingstgraber: thank you kindly18:19
stgraberCan't find: eu-west-1-amd64-hvm18:20
stgraberutlemming: ^ is that a new one?18:20
utlemmingstgraber: yes sir, brand new18:21
stgraberok, so I guess it needs some setting up on the tracker before I can publish that one18:21
utlemminghvm was added to eu-west ~3 weeks ago18:21
stgraberok, pushing again, should only be adding the missing entry18:24
stgraberinfinity: https://code.launchpad.net/~stgraber/ubuntu-archive-tools/add-eu-west-hvm/+merge/11672118:27
skaetogra_ have kicked off the arm server build for armhf+omap418:51
hggdhogra_: sorry, gave you the wrong link. Here it is, installation fails on configure the package manager: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1110679/19:09
ogra_hggdh, no, its the bug thats fixed with the new images (hopefully) ... see line 825 and 82619:27
ogra_everything below is fallout of in-target not properly returning19:28
Laneythat ^ is the fix for [18]?19:28
hggdhogra_: I thought it might be, but the bug is sort of short in details, and I wanted to be sure19:28
stgraberskaet: found a couple more bugs in Edubuntu LTSP. Uploading a new edubuntu-live now fixing these. Will be ready for a respin after that one.19:29
stgraber(apparently somebody synced ldm from Debian at some point during alpha-2 and alpha-3 breaking Edubuntu in a very subtile way ;))19:29
ogra_Laney, heh, someone only copied the last changelog entry :)19:29
ogra_the actual fix is the one before19:29
skaetstgraber,  ok.19:29
Laneyplease to be updating :-)19:30
ogra_err ... s/fix/horrible horrible hack/19:30
hggdhOK, burning the new image19:30
skaetogra_, hggdh,  you've spotted that the image has posted....19:30
skaetogra_,  what did the bug number for it end up being?19:31
hggdhskaet: heh19:31
* skaet --> get some lunch, biab19:33
ogra_skaet, bug 102908319:40
ubot2Launchpad bug 1029083 in flash-kernel "ordering issue when flash-kenrel is used with live installer" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/102908319:40
ogra_i'm not sure it wont turn into a live-installer bug though19:40
slangasekI think it's a facet of a general issue19:41
* slangasek reads the bug19:41
ogra_the missing /dev bindmount is definitely something going wrong in there19:41
slangasekwhat's the failure mode?19:42
ogra_mode ?19:43
ogra_run-parts in update-initramfs fails which makes post-base-installer.d/25live-installer-console-setup fail ... which in turn makes in-target not return properly (?!?) ... the next in-target call makes the world explode19:45
ogra_thats also the reason why hggdh sees the error during apt-setup and not during live-installer19:46
slangasekhmm, interesting19:47
ogra_looks like at least three bugs19:47
ogra_missing /dev bindmount, in-target not returning, flash-kernel running even though its unconfigured19:48
slangasekand 25live-installer-console-setup only calls update-initramfs?19:48
ogra_i think so19:48
slangasekyou might want to compare with /etc/kernel/postinst.d/zz-update-grub19:48
ogra_grub has a config it can check for etc19:49
slangasekexcept that's a *kernel* hook, and you're talking about an initramfs hook19:49
slangasekso fixing the lack of config for flash-kernel would fix this too? ;)19:49
ogra_flash-kernel currently doesnt leave any trace of being configured19:49
* slangasek nods19:49
ogra_right, see bug 1026780 thats related19:50
ubot2Launchpad bug 1026780 in flash-kernel "3.0~rc.4ubuntu4 doesn't honor bootargs from /boot/boot.script anymore" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/102678019:50
ogra_once we have the config dir we can check it for content and know there is a default config19:50
slangasekogra_: how does flash-kernel know what device to install to?19:51
ogra_it has a database19:51
ogra_based on the output of /proc/cpuinfo19:51
ogra_namely the Hardware: field19:52
ogra_it is tricky to find a generic way to get HW info if you dont have a dim ;)19:52
slangasekI would've thought this would be configurable19:53
ogra_i think debian once picked the smallest denominator and that stuck19:53
ogra_all configuration is done in the DB19:54
ogra_which is just a textfile19:54
slangasekok, so I think a stamp file in /var/lib may actually be appropriate even in the long term19:55
slangasekthere may be other bugs that also need fixing19:55
ogra_well, we will need a bootscript.d (or something similar)19:55
slangasekfor boot params?19:56
ogra_we cant ship something that always reverts user configs on package updates19:56
ogra_and if thats there we can easily have a check if the default bootconfig was copied in place19:56
ogra_that will make the /var stuff obsolete19:56
hggdh ogra_: just to add insult to injury, my new install stopped at the beginning, with a kernel oosp on slow-path19:57
slangasekso I think the right way of this would be to have a single /etc/default/flash-kernel file with your boot option information; and this file is generated at package install time; so if the file exists you know it's configured19:57
ogra_hggdh, ouch !19:57
slangasekbut the /var/lib/ stamp file is definitely an ok interim solution19:58
ogra_hggdh, thats a bit odd, given the image is pretty identical to the last one19:59
ogra_only the flash-kernel package should have changed19:59
hggdhogra_: I retried, taking out the memory stick (the to-be /dev/sda). I did not see the oops, and installation is going on20:00
ogra_weird ... but i was suspecting USB issues ... i had one today too that went away after i powered off the board once ... same image worked fine the next try20:01
hggdhmatches a bit of what I am seeing -- not always being able to reproduce20:02
ogra_as long as the kernel slightly works i wont complain though i rather see paolo invest his time in the 3.5 port than spending to much on the current kernel we will likely not ship20:02
ogra_though it should be tracked down indeed20:03
ogra_it might be related to bug 746137  which shows up again after we switched the image type20:04
ubot2Launchpad bug 746137 in jasper-initramfs "Page allocation failure on Pandaboard and Beagle XM" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/74613720:04
ogra_(preinstaled had a tool where we coudl easily dump sysctl.d bits in that were applied during resize ... thats gone so the issue is back)20:05
ogra_i have seen this bug with various NICs and wlan cards and also have seen it affecting USB stability in general before (not on a panda yet though)20:05
Laneyogra_: could that cause the machine to crash?20:07
LaneyI've been seeing my panda going away every couple of days and kern.log is filled with that kind of stuff20:07
Laney-rw-r----- 1 syslog adm 2.4G Jul 25 20:54 kern.log20:07
ogra_Laney, it can eat your ram20:07
ogra_yay, the germinate fix is in20:10
LaneyI set vm.min_free_kbytes. We'll see...20:11
ogra_good luck :)20:11
hggdhogra_: update_initramfs still barfs20:12
ogra_barfs as in "kills the install" ? or barfs as in "makes some log noise" ?20:15
hggdhprints out "installation will most likely be broken" and keeps on. But it seems it lost the network20:17
ogra_these seem unrelated20:17
ogra_i would blame USB for the network :)20:18
ogra_as long as it moves on, dont worry20:18
hggdhwhat me worry?20:18
ogra_this update-initramfs run is totally bogus anyway20:19
ogra_the actual initramfs you will use will be created at the bootloader setup time20:20
ogra_(and that one will be usable, i promise) :)20:22
hggdhif I reach that point, you mean ;-)20:22
ogra_i suppose you will ... i reached it with my last test install when making flash-kernel just exit 0 at the top20:23
* ogra_ finds it funny how update-initramfs runs three times in a row ... always with the message "deferring update (trigger activated)"20:24
ogra_but still building a new initrd indeed20:25
hggdhuh-ho. sequence of tcp_recvmsg errors in the log20:25
hggdhrecvmsg bug: copied yadda yadda20:25
ogra_that smells very much like 74613720:25
hggdhOK. if nothing else works, power it off, count to 10, power it on again20:26
ogra_no promises ... just guessing here :)20:26
ogra_if you prefer to find a new bug ...20:26
hggdhI will be more than happy hitting a known bug, thank you20:28
hggdhnow I deleted the partition for /dev/sda, no lockups on start (so far)20:33
stgraberskaet, Laney, slangasek: starting the Edubuntu respin now20:54
skaetstgraber, ack20:54
slangasekstgraber: ack20:55
infinityogra_: I haven't read all of backscroll, but saw the pastebinned f-k "fix".  I assume you've sorted out by now why it'd bad?20:57
infinityogra_: s/it'd/it's/20:58
infinityogra_: Oh, no, you uploaded it. :/20:58
infinityogra_: So, that just broke every upgrade and every system not installed with f-k-i.20:58
slangasekoh, that was being done in the flash-kernel-*installer* postinst?  sigh21:02
slangaseksorry, reading fail21:02
infinityslangasek: If it was in the f-k postinst, it still wouldn't DTRT, since f-k is installed during the livefs build.21:02
infinity(But yeah, in this case, it was f-k-i)21:03
infinityI'm trying to sort out what problem he was trying to solve with this.21:03
slangasekinfinity: flash-kernel being called via update-initramfs before it's usable21:05
infinityslangasek: I guess installing u-boot-tools was determined to not be sufficient somehow, then?  *sigh*21:06
slangasekI only know what scrollback and the bug report say21:06
slangaseku-boot-tools was not mentioned21:06
slangasekthere was some issue with /dev not being bind-mounted, though21:06
infinityslangasek: Hrm.  Well, it looks like it's only the /dev mount missing that's the issue, from the log, unless I'm missing something critical.21:12
slangasekinfinity: see any obvious root cause?21:13
infinityslangasek: But the better and saner answer is probably violently diverting update-initramfs in live-installer.21:13
blahdeblahHi.  Can anyone tell me why http://changelogs.ubuntu.com/meta-release-lts doesn't list precise as an LTS?21:16
slangasekblahdeblah: so that users aren't automatically upgraded from lucid to precise until 12.04.1 comes out21:18
stgraberblahdeblah: my guess is that this is the file being checked by the upgrader and we don't allow upgrades until the point release21:18
blahdeblahSo that is intended behaviour?21:18
stgraber12.04.1 will appear on there when the point release is released, on the 23rd of August21:19
jbichablahdeblah: I think you can run update-manager -d if you want to upgrade 10.04 to 12.04 before .1 is released21:19
blahdeblahCool - thanks for the help folks.21:19
hggdhOK, finally, a working install of server on a pandaboard21:22
infinityAs in, a respin with ogra's hack worked for you?21:22
hggdhno, it did not. What seems to work (still to confirm) is to have /dev/sda with an empty partition table (so ogra_'s hack does not seem to fully work)21:24
infinityWell, ogra's hack didn't relate to partition tables at all.21:24
infinityTwo entirely different bugs.21:24
hggdhbut I had a truckload of different errors21:25
hggdhsorry, ogra's original bypass21:25
hggdhas in bug 102890521:26
ubot2Launchpad bug 1028905 in cdrom-detect "cdrom-detect in quantal omap4 hangs trying to look for install media on an extended partition" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/102890521:26
infinityMaybe the solution to the bootloader issue is just to not install flask-kernel in the livefs at all, and let f-k-i do its job...21:26
infinityflash-kernel, even.21:27
infinityWould need icky special-casing just for server. :/21:27
ogra_infinity, nah, lets just implement bootscript.d or as slangasek suggested use /etc/default/flash-kernel21:43
ogra_then we can have a check if its configured and make it gracefully exit21:44
slangasekneither of which actually seem to solve the problem21:44
infinityogra_: It's not being "configured" in the first place, though.21:44
slangasekif flash-kernel is installed in the livefs, *everything* that would indicate configuration is there too21:44
infinityogra_: It's configured from the point it's installed, you're pretending it's not because something else on the system is broken.21:44
ogra_how about making live-installer simply divert update-initramfs and remove that diversion at the end is recreating the initrd actually necessary in that step ?21:46
ogra_i really cant see a reason for running it at that point of the install21:48
infinityIt's just a postinst from a package it's installing in /target21:48
infinityNot a deliberate call to update-initramfs.21:48
ogra_it is called three times here21:48
slangasekit's necessary to ensure you've generated an up-to-date initramfs before the end of the install; it is not necessary to generate one at each package install along the way21:50
ogra_but yeah, its a postinst trigger that runs it21:50
slangasek*however*, it's *also* necessary to ensure there's an up-to-date initramfs before you do things like calling the kernel package hooks on x8621:50
slangaseksince that's where grub.cfg gets generated21:50
slangasekand this is not at all congruent with what flash-kernel does21:51
infinityWell, flash-kernel is a bit weird with good reason.21:51
ogra_no, definitely not21:51
slangasekflash-kernel is "when a new initramfs is generated, call flash-kernel so it gets written to the right disk."  grub is "when a new kernel is installed, update the grub config".21:52
slangaseksee, they're so different they don't even agree on whether end-sentence punctuation belongs inside the quotes or outside21:52
slangasekso aside from this one bug of /dev not being correctly bind-mounted, everything else is probably just an optimization21:53
slangasekand for now we should probably focus on fixing the /dev bind mount rather than further hackery on live-install or flash-kernel21:53
ogra_well, flash-kernel needs changes in any case, but for that bug fixing the bindmount will suffice21:54
infinity(And please revert the previous two f-k revisions)21:56
ogra_hmm, the tracker isnt up to date it seems21:56
ogra_infinity, with sugar and kisses21:56
infinityThankfully, with only f-k-i dropping that file places, I guess we don't need to worry about cleaning the unowned file up on upgrade.21:56
infinityCause, like, 3 people have it.21:56
ogra_oh, and it also still says preinstalled on the tracker, hmm21:57
stgrabersounds like a case where nobody created the non-preinstalled variant on the tracker, so it doesn't auto-publish there21:58
ogra_well, intrestingly enough the build number has been updated up to 20120725.121:59
ogra_(last preinstalled was in june)21:59
stgraberhmm, either post-qa on nusakan needs some tweaking or somebody updated it manually ;)22:00
ogra_someone did ... but i cant remember who22:01
* ogra_ checks irclogs22:01
stgraberogra_: oh, I see... someone renamed the product on the tracker but didn't hack post-qa, so post-qa has no clue where to post the new build22:02
ogra_ah, k22:03
stgraberogra_: hmm "Added build (20120725.4) with ID: 19500" so it auto-posted fine, and I see 20120725.4 on the tracker at the moment... what are you looking at ? :)22:04
ogra_stgraber, right, it showed up right now22:04
ogra_that still says preinstall22:04
ogra_(minor thing indeed)22:05
* ogra_ adds his result and finally calls it a day22:05
stgraberyeah, balloons or someone else will have to deal with the testcases. We probably want to keep the preinstall testcases for < quantal (so history is consistent) and then have a regular set of server testcases for >= quanal22:06
skaetogra_,  are you trying to do the f-k reverts  and the /dev bind mount, today/early tomorrow.  or are we giving up on the arm server for A3?22:38
* skaet can't quite figure plan from backscroll...22:39

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