astraljavaHi gang, can blank DVDs be used for over-weight CD ISO images?07:13
astraljavaNoticed while googling that some software complain about this, but some apparently work. What's the status on the most common *buntu apps?07:14
RAOFYou can use DVDs; mostly we just use USB sticks, though.07:14
astraljavaRAOF: Yes, I do too, but some people might not have sticks, so I wanted to give an alternative.07:15
RAOFThey can use DVDs in that case.07:16
astraljavaOk, thanks a lot!07:16
smartboyhwIs Nicholas Skaggs here12:37
jibel_balloons, someone's calling you, wake up boy12:43
jibel_oh smartboyhw left, you can sleep12:43
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njinjibel_: hallo, there are chances to have ubuntu-server installed by ubiquity ?12:55
smartboyhwIs Nichloas Skaggs here?14:12
josephtballoons: ^^^14:13
davmor2smartboyhw: he is balloons and is currently marked as away14:14
sagaciqa meeting not on today?14:14
smartboyhwNo, look at your email box...:)14:14
smartboyhwCancelled due to Alpha 3 testing14:15
sagaciah righteo14:15
xnoxis Dmitrijs Ledkovs here?14:15
xnoxdavmor2:  you are not a bot?14:16
smartboyhwGuys, test the Alpha 3 builds in the ISO QA Tracker, we don't have much time till release14:16
davmor2xnox: shhhhhh14:16
davmor2xnox: You'll ruin the illusion of my botness :)14:17
xnoxdavmor2: Error: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)14:18
smartboyhwNo bots, please. But davmor, are u really a bot14:18
smartboyhwXnox are u really a bot14:18
xnoxsmartboyhw: no, not really. =)))) but it's funny14:18
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davmor2smartboyhw: No I'm not a bot14:19
smartboyhwdavmor2: OK. Everyone: Anyone had issues on testing Alpha 3 ISOs14:20
davmor2nope but mostly cause I have't been testing the alpha3 isos14:21
smartboyhwTest it in the ISO QA tracker, it will be released tmr...14:21
mfauzirahmanmine got no issue so far14:22
smartboyhwGood, me too14:22
sagaciI'll try it on my netbook14:23
smartboyhwYeah, you should14:23
smartboyhwIs everyone DEAD?14:26
brendandi'm alive :)14:27
smartboyhwGood, I thought the chat was dead14:27
smartboyhwNo one talkes14:27
smartboyhwTalks, not talkes14:27
smartboyhwDamn, I got rejected as member14:27
smartboyhwNO one writes testimonials for me14:28
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mfauzirahmani'm using gnome-shell & unity DE...both is working fine on my Dell vostro 145014:31
mfauzirahmanfeel like using stable release at this moment14:31
smartboyhwI wonder: Is there a time where Balloons is NOT chair?14:31
smartboyhwOf the meetings?14:32
mfauzirahmani don't know...there is no issue for me to highlight at this moment14:33
patdk-wkjibel, you hit the issue I did? or just cleaning bugs?15:06
jibel_patdk-wk, just updating the results on latest builds15:08
patdk-wkso yours failed completely like mine?15:09
patdk-wkI did a quick test last night, but been too busy today15:09
patdk-wkbut didn't see any change15:09
smartboyhwI got a pass15:12
smartboyhwBalloons, you here15:20
balloonssmartboyhw, yes15:20
balloonshowdy :-)15:20
smartboyhwOK, why do you always serve as chair of the QA meeting?15:21
smartboyhwI know you are an employee15:21
smartboyhwbut why not others?15:21
balloonssmartboyhw, I don't always have to be the chair.. I have been for several months in a row now15:21
smartboyhwYeah, can I be???:)15:21
balloons;-) Certainly.. I was planning on rotating in phillw actually.. you could also get rotated in15:22
smartboyhwRotate me in15:22
smartboyhwballoons u there15:24
balloonssmartboyhw, how'd the iso's treat you btw?15:24
smartboyhwVery good.15:24
smartboyhwI encountered a bug once in a 11st July bug, but I want to report it the QA Tracker already went to the July 12th build...15:24
smartboyhwReally, balloons, tell me if I have been rotated into the chair group, I have to go to sleep...15:25
balloonssmartboyhw, lol.. yes, I'll plan on not being chair for all of august15:26
balloonsI'll have you and phillw do it :-)15:26
balloonsI'll send an email to both of you.. you can split the dates15:26
smartboyhwI'm off now, bye! (especially Balloons)15:26
balloonsbye smartboyhw15:26
smartboyhwI'll take the 1st week and 3rd week15:27
smartboyhwIf i can15:27
smartboyhwBye for real...15:28
jibel_astraljava, did you see bug 1029032 ?20:47
ubot5Launchpad bug 1029032 in xubuntu-meta (Ubuntu Quantal) "Xubuntu 64 (Quantal) alternate install failed: libavformat53 unmet dependencies" [Critical,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/102903220:47
phillwballoons: re the last email, I'll let our L-QA testers breath a little before I ask. Julien has some testing for our new session-manager he wants them to also do :)21:04
balloonsphillw, yes please.. I'm announcing because its ready and likely some folks outside of the iso testing crew might be interested21:04
balloonsbut please don't anyone do both.. keep some of your sanity :-) we need you!21:05
phillwballoons: oh, we have just had a guy send us an email to become a powerpc tester for lubuntu... We will then have 3 :D21:05
balloonsyour growing!21:06
balloonspowerpc testers21:06
phillwas we appear to be the only *buntu offering ppc, we need all we can muster!21:06
phillwI'm just waiting on Lars to complete the other amd64 Mac suite and lubuntu is good to go for A3 :)21:07
TheDrumsAnd if you know anyone if Ohio, I know someone that's getting rid of PPC MACs.21:22
stgraberTheDrums: you realize that regexp just made things worse, right ;)21:32
TheDrumsYep, but there are no real parsers in here so it's the thought that counts. ;)21:34
TheDrums's/if\ Ohio/in\ Ohio/'21:34
balloonsTheDrums, ohh Ohio, fun21:41
balloonstwas my place of birth21:41
TheDrumsballoons: Hah, nice!  Mine as well, never got out, but I may make it to some place colder yet!21:43
balloonsTheDrums, hehe.. I went warmer21:43
TheDrumsBleh, already warm enough here.21:43
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davmor2balloons: you about?22:00
davmor2balloons: whenever you get this none of the web integration stuff is working on Firefox in quantal for me :(22:02
davmor2balloons some of it seems to be working in chromium but not all of it22:03

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