JamesTaitAnd then in the morning, when I wake up, sometimes I feel like death warmed up, and then I understand why I need more sleep.00:00
christelyou are mad <300:03
JamesTaitI'm aware of this fact, and quite comfortable with it.00:05
christelWELL, i shall go sleep for both of us! you stay up debugging things m'dear <300:06
JamesTaitTime for a reboot anyway. :)00:06
JamesTait'night all!00:06
JamesTaitSleep well christel. :)00:06
christelthank you, and yooou!00:06
JamesTaitOh, I will. :)00:06
christelgooood morning :)06:27
christelmorning jacobw \o, TheOpenSourcerer \o06:45
TheOpenSourcerermorning all06:49
brobostigongood morning everyone.06:59
diploMorning all07:06
brobostigonmorning diplo07:07
diploHow are you this fine morning brobostigon ?07:08
diploCycled in this morning \o/07:08
brobostigondiplo: not so hot, still unwell, but alot to do today, so pain killers and perservierence. and you?07:09
diploJust a little tired from the cycle, not far but the heat is already a killer out there07:10
TheOpenSourcererpurlese don't complain about it being hot & sunny.07:11
TheOpenSourcererWe don't want to go back to three months of rain now do we?07:11
brobostigoni will complain TheOpenSourcerer, as it wreacks my eczema.07:11
TheOpenSourcererIsn't the humidity good for it?07:11
brobostigonit certains stops it from drying out, yes, but not excessivly like this, because then i sweat, and it becomes very irritated.07:12
diploTheOpenSourcerer: Not complaining, just saying07:15
diploI love this weather07:15
brobostigonalso, when there is heat like this, my skin tends get more infection.07:15
diploApart from watching The Dark Knight last night in cinema with no aircon!!!!07:15
christeli for one am very much welcoming the weather!07:17
christelmy tomato plants are most happy \o/07:18
MartijnVdSTomato plants are carnivorous07:18
TheOpenSourcererEven my chilli plants have started to grow...07:18
MartijnVdSand it's not even chilly!07:19
diplochristel: Beer and sunbathing the job for today again ?07:22
christeldiplo: ah i wish!07:22
christeli think i have to do some Real Work today :(07:22
diploMain reason I've cycled today is to go out for a huge lunch, cycle 4-5 miles along canal, have lunch and cycle back07:22
diploMaybe a pint or two07:23
christeli approve of this plan!07:23
diploI've just remembered one flaw in my plan :/07:23
christeloh no :(07:23
diploI need to pick my dad up later to take him to get his car from the garage, not sure he'd like my handlebars :D07:23
* directhex moos07:24
diploBlimey, your keen directhex, saw you online at the 4am mark ?07:25
diploOr was that a wakeup call from the young one ?07:25
christeli might mow the lawn before i start work07:25
* diplo really needs his done.07:27
diploMay force myself to stay at home tonight just to do it.07:27
christelit is one of my least favourite things to do!07:28
diploAnd mine!07:28
christelbut if i leave it any longer i suspect i'd need a scythe :)07:28
diploAlso need to trim the bushy things07:28
christelah i got a Man out to trim my hedge and weed my beds the other week.. (because i can't tell the difference between weeds and Good Plants)07:28
MartijnVdSCan anyone confirm this one? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/totem/+bug/102877207:31
lubotu3Ubuntu bug 1028772 in totem (Ubuntu) "Repeatedly hiding/showing the controls (Ctrl+H) shrinks the video display size" [Undecided,New]07:31
* TheOpenSourcerer strimmed and mowed on Saturday :-) Front garden now looks something like this: https://plus.google.com/u/0/photos/instantupload/575540332224326057807:31
MartijnVdSRepeatedly pressing Ctrl+H while watching a video with totem shrinks the video07:31
christelTheOpenSourcerer: your garden looks most tidy!07:33
MartijnVdSTheOpenSourcerer: that links to my instantupload pics?07:34
MartijnVdSor maybe I'm not in the right circles :)07:34
AlanBellmorning all07:34
ali1234no it links to my instant upload pics etc07:34
christelMartijnVdS: https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/-wp_yr2_zaD8/T-OI2ACgZuI/AAAAAAAACy8/dTF_kc8HyUo/w497-h373/20120618_080744.jpg try that one07:34
MartijnVdSooh very tidy07:35
christelmm i am ever so slightly envious07:40
christelmy garden is full of TOYS07:40
christeland tall grass...07:40
=== Lcawte|Away is now known as Lcawte
diploMartijnVdS: I had a similar issue, it was because google had logged me out.07:49
diploLogged in, link worked fine07:49
* directhex moos again07:50
MartijnVdSdiplo: I'm still logged in -- I get _my_ private "instant upload" page07:52
diployeah, that's odd :/07:54
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TheOpenSourcererPotentially worrying development http://www.zdnet.com/microsoft-inks-patent-deal-with-service-provider-using-linux-servers-7000001498/ Be nice to know what the background to this is? What are the patents? Why did Amdocs roll over and take it like that?08:01
directhexTheOpenSourcerer, naming patents destroys their power08:01
directhexTheOpenSourcerer, the aim is to keep things vague08:01
TheOpenSourcererI agree, but presumably Amdocs didn't  just go "Oh we do infringe some of your patents? Sorry. How much do you want then?"08:02
TheOpenSourcererB&N Argued the toss and ended up getting money from MS!08:03
directhexTheOpenSourcerer, "you could pay patent insurance for £X, or we could tell you which patents in the court filings for 176 x £X, your call"08:03
bigcalmGood morning peeps :)08:05
christelmorning bigcalm :)08:05
bigcalmchristel: being greeted by you is a good way to start the day08:06
* AlanBell is off to the Olympics Opening Ceremony later08:07
jacobwdirecthex: patents are like Voldemort?08:07
bigcalmAlanBell: good luck!08:08
bigcalmSomething keeps killing mysqld on my bytemark server. But I can't work out what. Nothing in mysql's logs or syslog08:09
bigcalmAnybody with other ideas?08:09
DJonesAlanBell: I thought it was Friday08:09
directhexjacobw, yes. worse than that, if you violate a patent unknowingly the penalty legally is X, if you check to see whether you violate any patents first and decide "no" or "yes but i don't care" (there's no legal difference between those two) then it's much higher than X. it's legally safer not to know whether you violate patents08:09
AlanBellDJones: ah, but special people get to go today08:09
TheOpenSourcererjacobw: Software Patents approved in the USA are mostly stupid. Patents in general are not a bad idea, as long as they really do protect "Inventions"08:09
DJonesAlanBell: So you were the person G4S employed for security08:10
jacobwdirecthex: /o\08:10
directhexTheOpenSourcerer, patents are a limited government-granted monopoly. like copyrights, the terms should only be a couple of years in this millennium, not getting longer08:11
brobostigoni think headwear would be a good idea today.08:12
diplobigcalm: Issue with resources is the only thing I'd have a guess at ?08:13
TheOpenSourcererPharmaceutical Co.s who spend billions and tens of years developing new drugs are the kind of area where patents are relevant. Not for some blokes idea to make a tablet with rounded corners.08:13
bigcalmdiplo: 31GB of space available08:14
diploI meant mem/cpu08:14
TheOpenSourcererlo popey08:14
christeli hate patents, with a passion08:14
christel(though this might be because the ones i come across are ridiculously complicated)08:14
* popey might have lunch in the park in farnham today08:15
bigcalmdiplo: mysqld is currently taking 14% of the system's memory, but that's because I've just started it back up08:15
bigcalmMorning popey!08:15
popeyTheOpenSourcerer, there's still wifi on the bandstand isnt there?08:15
MartijnVdSIf not, there's always 3G08:15
* TheOpenSourcerer wonders if there is not a suitable park in Farnborough for popey08:15
popeynah, its just that the kids are going there08:15
popeythought I'd go along08:16
TheOpenSourcererpopey: I have no idea. Is there?08:16
diplobigcalm: Looked into whether mysql can log it's processes more verbosely ?08:16
bigcalmdiplo: server isn't under any real load: 0.02, 0.06, 0.0608:16
diploJust having a quick google now08:16
TheOpenSourcererNice. TY popey08:17
TheOpenSourcererI will remember that.08:17
bigcalmdiplo: thing is I never know when it actually dies. It's one of my parents' friends that emails me when their site stops working08:17
christeloh pretty neat, i didn't know that08:17
popeythats one of the reasons we had the geeknic around it at oggcamp08:17
diplonagios and monitor it?08:17
* bigcalm goes to camp in Farnham08:17
bigcalmdiplo: I guess so. Never used nagios before though :)08:18
bigcalmpopey: I had no idea about the free wifi for the geeknick. Needs more publicising08:19
AlanBellpopey: yes, the free wifi in gostrey meadow works great08:20
jacobwbigcalm: does upstart restart the process?08:24
bigcalmjacobw: it's meant to I guess08:25
christelbah today appears to be one of those days where my mug is leaking.. it keeps being empty :(08:28
directhexMark Zuckerberg, the man who some believe has done more to erode privacy than anyone else, has been awarded his first ever patent … for privacy. Patent #8,225,376 limits what users reveal online by implementing a privacy policy on their status updates and profile information.08:32
* daubers wonders if he can patent a method of protecting the revenue stream for commonly implimented technologies08:33
diplobigcalm: Sorry was on the phone08:42
diploCan give you a hand if you want to set it up08:42
bigcalmWow, it doesn't look simple to setup :)08:45
diploIt's actually quite simple tbh08:45
diploIt's just a pain for the first time to look at it :)08:45
bigcalmOk :)08:45
* bigcalm stops googling for howtos08:46
diplobasically on initial install you will have a localhost.cfg in /etc/nagios/objects ( I think )08:47
diploand nagios.cfg in /etc/nagios08:47
diploSo copy localhost and call it mysql-mums.cfg or something08:47
frecklebigcalm: If you are going to start using Nagios then nagstamon is a great little app fpr the desktop08:47
diplothen edit nagios.cfg to load the new cfg08:47
bigcalmfreckle: this is for a VPS08:47
diploAnd restart nagios08:48
diplothat's about as simple as it needs to be, you can make it a lot more involved :)08:48
frecklebigcalm: yes, it sits on your desktop and alerts you when there is an issue reported by your nagios08:48
bigcalmI see08:48
BigRedSbigcalm: there's also the Nagios firefox plugin08:48
BigRedSI used nagstamon for a bit but it was much more prone to random behaviour than the plugin08:49
diploEither install nagios nrpe or use check_by_ssh08:49
bigcalmnagios3 from the repositories?08:49
BigRedSalso, anag on android seems brilliant08:49
diploYep bigcalm08:49
diplosh-3.2$ /usr/lib/nagios/plugins/check_by_ssh -H -landy -C uptime08:49
* diplo is actually playing atm08:50
frecklenever had an issue with nagstamon08:50
frecklethere is a plugin for mysql in nagios.. use it to check status of replication08:50
bigcalmIt's just installed samba :|08:51
frecklebigcalm: better to complile from source for that very reason08:52
bigcalmToo late :D08:52
diploNooooo don't compile from source!08:52
diploI really don't understand why people still do, not worth the hassle08:53
frecklediplo: it's callled freedom :)08:53
diploThinking of all the services i monitor and all the servers i monitor, I've never bothered with mysql.. guess we haven't had any issues08:54
diploYeah, also a PITA :)08:54
frecklediplo: not for me08:54
popeybigcalm, I'd recommend OpsView over nagios08:55
frecklewhen you have a bunch of mysql with 2 way replication and queries per second in the high 100's you want to monitor08:55
diploNot compiled anything for everyday use since Qmail for mail server many years ago08:55
diployeah that's a different usercase i guess08:56
diploI would think about it then as well, but generally I'd advise most people to install from repos for stuff like this.08:56
* bigcalm grumbles at computers08:56
bigcalmpopey: reasons?08:57
popeyeasier to configure08:57
popeyits based on nagios08:57
freckleyou could write your own monitoring system like we did at work with SNMP ;)08:58
diploAlso Icinga, Web2.0 style.. also based on nagios08:58
diploThat's what we used to do before Nagios and something beginning with C that I've forgotten08:59
diploperl scripts and snmp modules08:59
BigRedS"perl scripts and snmp modules" roughly describes Nagios :)09:01
diploheh, pretty much yeah.. not sure whether we hadn't heard of it or what before09:02
JamesTaitGood morning all! :)09:02
diploI suggested Nagios after seeing a supplier and them offering us WhatsUp Gold ? Maybe for like 20k09:02
christelGOOD MORNING JamesTait \o/09:04
oimonmaclaren buggy company won't send me a spare part (a screw) to fix my buggy. the consequence is that i buy a dodgy one off ebay - what's worse?09:05
JamesTaitchristel: o/09:06
gordthe buggy has a bug?09:06
oimonyes :(09:06
diploGaffer tape oimon, it fixes all!09:07
oimonthey say i have to get it fixed by a repair centre. it's a flipping screw!09:07
oimonhow can i get to the repair centre without a working buggy09:07
diploMy friends 58 plate S-Max's bumper is held together with it at the moment whilst our MD decides how he wants to procede, now been two months09:08
* bigcalm gives up and gets on with work09:09
* nja wonders if people actually speak in this IRC09:09
diplonah we are all bots here09:10
diploHi nja09:10
* BigRedS types09:10
christelirc is for being quiet ;)09:10
BigRedSactually, of late, that is a lie09:10
BigRedSbut sometimes I type09:10
diploMost of are at work I guess, so responses vary09:10
njaSo, what are we all doing?09:10
diploWorking.... sorta kinda like :)09:10
njasuuuuure... "Working"09:11
christelcounting down till lunch time!09:13
diploWell I have about 8 terminals open, it *looks* like I'm working at least + typing into a console for IRC makes it all the more believable09:13
diplo4 of those terminals are for my own machines doesn't come into it :D09:14
njaSo, what happens in Ubuntu UK?09:14
christelsometimes we talk about ubuntu, sometimes we talk about beer, sometimes we drink beer and talk about ubuntu and sometimes we make fun of bigcalm09:15
* christel nods09:15
jacobwdiplo: I have to work with WhatsUp Gold09:15
nja@christel sound, erm fun...09:15
bigcalmchristel: don't you mean bigclam?09:15
christelbigcalm ;)09:16
bigcalmI should put that on highlight really09:16
bigcalmJust for you, christel :P09:16
christelit is almost christmas, why hasn't AlanBell arranged a christmas do yet!09:16
bigcalmVery good question09:16
njaDoes Ubuntu UK do any actual IRL meets, or is it all IRC?09:17
gorddon't say it is almost christmas... it just was christmas09:17
bigcalmnja: re recently went on the RAT and drank lots of ale09:17
* jacobw processes these statements09:17
bigcalmAbout 12 of us in our group09:17
christelnja: we do stuff irl yes -- we always do stuff when its release day and we have random social gatherings (geeknics, pub visits, meals etc)09:17
christelthis saturday there's an ubuntu-uk bbq in farnham (surrey)09:18
jacobwnja: There's also a mailing list and a podcast09:18
bigcalmI wonder if there should be a mini-event in September...09:18
njaWhat happens in the Aylesbury branch, because that's the only one I can get to.09:18
directhexsadly aylesbury is aylesbury09:19
christeli'm not sure whether there are (m)any social events in bucks tbh -- though i am sure we could do a happy hour there!09:19
njahmm. OK09:19
bigcalm!info opsview09:20
lubotu3Package opsview does not exist in precise09:20
njaHow do I see what events are coming up?09:21
bigcalmnja: join the mailing list is one option :)09:21
christelhttp://loco.ubuntu.com/events/ will usually also list them09:21
bigcalmnja: http://loco.ubuntu.com/teams/ubuntu-uk is another option09:21
njaAh, that looks legit.09:21
bigcalmMore specifically: http://loco.ubuntu.com/teams/ubuntu-uk/events09:22
bigcalmThough not all events get posted there for some reason :|09:22
AlanBellanyone can post stuff there09:22
AlanBellwho is a member of the launchpad team09:22
bigcalmRemember that nobody is paid to do this :D09:23
njaWhere is this Launchpad team and how hard is it to join?09:23
christelnja: the url bigcalm posted, you just need to create a launchpad account :)09:24
nja@christel Wouldn't it be on the launchpad website09:25
nja@christel Wouldn't it be on the launchpad website?09:25
njaFound it!09:25
bigcalmCreate a launchpad account and then you can join ubuntu teams09:25
bigcalmThe magic of the Single Sign On :D09:25
njaI already have a launchpad account, so that's fine.09:26
MartijnVdSShingle Shine On09:26
njaHmm, one that LastPass seems to have the wrong password for.  Dammit.09:26
bigcalmMartijnVdS: channelling Sean Connery?09:26
njaOooOo iCal feed.09:27
njaSo, what programming languages do we do here?09:29
njaMe: Java, PHP, HTML, JavaScript, Python, MySql, Used to do C (Kinda forgotten it...)09:29
gordSpectrum BASIC09:30
daubersgord: \o/09:30
daubersSpectrum BASIC was the king of all BASIC09:30
daubersANyone who thinks BBC BASIC was can take it outside for a round of fisticuffs09:31
gordi wish my keyboard was setup like the spectrum, so you could press a key and it would put in the entire command09:31
njaOnly Britain...  http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2178173/Train-drivers-ordered-stop-Olympic-Park-decrepit-overhead-cables-installed-1950s-cope-heat.html09:32
njaMainly the last bit09:32
njaTwenty Twelve need to do another series.09:34
frecklenja: I really think that.09:35
TwinkletoesGood morning :)09:36
njaBack to Ubuntu stuffs: "You are here because Launchpad uses the Launchpad Login Service."09:37
njaNo kidding09:37
TwinkletoesCreating public/private key pair.  How does ssh know what file name to use for the private key?09:37
directhexTwinkletoes, id_rsa.pub for pubkey, id_rsa for private09:38
Twinkletoesdirecthex: Yeah... thank you... but how does ssh know that?09:38
Twinkletoesdirecthex: Sorry, I've just found it... man ssh09:39
Twinkletoesdirecthex: I was previously looking in man sshd_config DUH!09:39
njaWoop!  LaunchPad has now let me join Ubuntu UK! :D09:39
christelmost kind of launchpad! ;09:40
njaIrony,  Ubuntu UK mailing list only supports English (USA)...09:41
christelbye bye nja09:45
diploSorry jacobw, got stuck on the phone. And you like it ? ( Whats up Gold )09:46
davmor2Morning all10:02
bigcalmMorning davmor210:02
davmor2bigcalm: still with the old car :(10:02
bigcalmYou're getting impatient about a new toy10:02
davmor2bigcalm: indeed, it's driving me nuts now I know the money has left my account10:02
bigcalmShould have gone there and paid by debit card10:03
christelyes! in coins10:04
MartijnVdS2p ones10:04
directhexnot legal tender.10:04
christelyeah! i'm with MartijnVdS10:04
* christel nods10:04
MartijnVdS2p coins aren't legal tender?10:04
directhex10 2p coins are legal tender10:05
directhex11 or more are not10:05
MartijnVdSweird :)10:05
* bigcalm wants to see a 11p coin10:05
bigcalmOh, I miss-read10:05
MartijnVdSbigcalm: they don't HAVE to accept, but they could accept it :)10:05
diplodirecthex: I never knew that10:06
davmor2bigcalm: you filled in your form for tonight, and don't forget it ;)10:06
diploI've done it on multiple occasions ( especially when I was younger and trying to afford to smoke )10:06
bigcalmdavmor2: I printed it off when I got Ron's email10:06
bigcalmDated 18th10:06
bigcalmNow the trick is not to forget it10:06
MartijnVdSpound coins are more fun anyway10:06
MartijnVdSheavier ;)10:07
MartijnVdSdirecthex: and they're valid for any amount :)10:07
davmor2bigcalm: fill it in and put it in your car now!10:08
bigcalmdavmor2: the fact that I said dated 18th indicated that I had filled it in10:09
christeloh did it now10:10
davmor2bigcalm: no it indicates that you 1. have a computer in front of you 2. have the ability to tell the date of an email 3. still doesn't indicate it is filled in :D10:10
bigcalmBah :P10:10
bigcalmchristel: it did in my mind10:10
diplodirecthex: just saw your tweet about SS3 on steam, well I'm now defo interested!10:16
* diplo likes a bit of Serious Sam10:17
directhexi got a bit bored, 66% of the way through... but supporting games on linux is very important to me10:18
directhexit's how i got into linux in the first place10:18
bigcalmThey did a 3rd game?!10:18
dogmatic69lol, I thought evolution was broken10:18
gordthey also remade the first two10:18
diploReleased sometime this year10:18
gordbut the third game added iron sights so i'm not interested10:18
dogmatic69turns out they just finished the unity integration properly10:18
diployeah bought them in *HD* gord :)10:18
bigcalmgord: aye, I have the HD versions for both10:18
gorddon't say HD :P10:19
gordits a pc game, i was running the originals HD10:19
directhexer, 4th game10:19
directhexserious sam the first encounter, serious sam the 2nd encounter, serious sam 2, serious sam 310:19
* bigcalm scratches his head10:20
directhexbigcalm, gta, gta2, gta3, gta:vc, gta:sa, gta4!10:20
bigcalmdirecthex: good point10:20
directhexwindows 7 is windows version 6.1 :D10:20
directhexserious sam games did traditionally get linux ports10:22
MartijnVdSWasn't XP 5.1?10:22
MartijnVdSand 95 4?10:22
directhexhttp://liflg.org/torrents/serious.sam.tfe_1.05beta3-english-2.run.torrent for SS:TFE installer, http://liflg.org/torrents/serious.sam.tse_1.07beta1-english-2.run.torrent for SS:TSE, http://liflg.org/torrents/serious.sam2_2.070beta2.1-multilanguage.dvd.run.torrent for SS210:23
directhexMartijnVdS, correct on both counts!10:23
directhexxp 64-bit was 5.2 though10:24
MartijnVdShence the tons of incompatibilities?10:24
directhexyes. 5.2 is the server 2003 version number, so most apps checking the version would refuse to install on a "server os"10:24
* MartijnVdS has new shininess: https://plus.google.com/100189567362844794281/posts/ERNWNmFK96W10:24
directhexwin7 was numbered 6.1 so any apps checking for vista support (6) would work10:25
MartijnVdSThere was some legal reason for a Windows version number10:25
MartijnVdSwas it NT 3.51 or 4?10:25
MartijnVdSSomething about a "3"-version of Windows and IBM10:25
njapoor you, I'm back...10:26
directhexscrollback doesn't suggest i should feel overly upset10:27
christelwelcome back nja :)10:28
nja@MartijnVdS Some people call me ninja.  Can't think why...10:28
nja@ tags are still visible to everyone right?#10:29
MartijnVdSeverything you say is visible10:29
TheOpenSourcererany sql gurus in da 'ouse?10:31
njaOK,  just making sure I am replying correctly10:31
MartijnVdSTheOpenSourcerer: ask away10:31
njaI speak SQL @TheOpenSourcerer10:31
njaNow that I did tag wrong10:31
MartijnVdSnja: natively?10:31
TheOpenSourcererI need some advice on joins etc.10:31
BigRedS you speak SQL *at* him? Poor TheOpenSourcerer10:32
MartijnVdSnja: just mention people's names, it's not Twitter :)10:32
TheOpenSourcererMight need to do some patebining10:32
TheOpenSourcererhang on.10:32
* MartijnVdS hangs on10:32
nja@MartijnVdS WHAT?!?10:32
njaNot Twitter!10:32
MartijnVdSಠ_ಠ @ nja10:32
njaIt's what my IRC client likes best so I'll obey it.10:32
TheOpenSourcererThis http://paste.ubuntu.com/1109867/ gets me a list of records that I want.10:33
TheOpenSourcererI have another table which has a column called related_to that has some records (more than one) that will match the crmid values. How do I write the correct join statement?10:34
TheOpenSourcererWhen I try I end up with millions of rows of dupes ;-(10:34
TheOpenSourcererThe query above returns about 2.5k rows10:34
njaNever tried joins before so I wouldn't trust my advice if I were you.10:35
MartijnVdSTheOpenSourcerer: so you want the records from the other table, or just the ones from vtiger_crmentity that are referred to?10:35
BigRedSTheOpenSourcerer: I don't do much SQL, but how are you expecting it to know which related_to it wants you to match up with teh first table?10:36
TheOpenSourcererI want the list of records in table2 that have an id in the related_to column that matches a value in the result of my first query.10:36
jacobwnja: Does your IRC client replace 'jacobw' with '@jacobw'?10:37
jacobwnja: Where do get the @ from10:37
nja@jacobw No, it just highlights it with ther person's colour.10:37
MartijnVdSTheOpenSourcerer: SELECT columns_you_want FROM second_table s JOIN first_table f ON (s.related_to = s.id) WHERE s.field = 'some_value' AND ...10:37
MartijnVdSnja: strange client is strange ;)10:38
nja@MartijnVdS Smuxi is only in beta. ;)10:38
MartijnVdSTheOpenSourcerer: you have to prefix column names with "s." or "f." depending on which table you want to get them from10:38
njaCan someone else do an @ tag for me?10:39
njaSo I can see hwat it looks like.10:39
njaWith an actual person please...  Not me cause it does something else for that.10:39
MartijnVdSBut.. nobody does that!10:40
nja@TheOpenSourcerer What project are you working on?10:42
bigcalmThat's like asking everybody to stop using email and start using Google Wave10:42
nja@bigcalm It was a good idea!10:42
njaJust terribly executed10:42
oimonfurther to my previous comments about my buggy, do people think i might get better customer service via twitter than email?10:43
oimonemail people said no.10:43
bigcalmoimon: twitter is more public10:43
bigcalmNo company wants bad press10:43
oimoni replied to email people again. will wait for response10:43
TheOpenSourcererMartijnVdS: Thanks. That appears to be doing something sensible. It was the JOIN ON (blah = blah) that I hadn't groked. Cheers10:44
oimonthe uk twitter people are in UK , hence nicer :D10:44
TheOpenSourcerernja: vtiger CRM10:44
njaTheOpenSourcerer: posh...10:45
njaSee happy, I didn't use the @ sign10:45
njawoah woah woah woah, Vtiger is Open Source, with a free trial. ???10:46
njaSee you all later, 2nd last day of holiday and I'm going to go swimming now :D10:46
* directhex moos once more10:47
bigcalmI'm guessing young?10:47
bigcalmNo adult has that much excitement within IRC10:47
bigcalmpopey: you came back!10:50
popeyi did10:50
* popey is in gostrey park10:50
gordi like that bigcalm disproved his theory instantly10:50
bigcalmpopey: how do I completely remove an app from an iOS device? If I try to reinstall an app, it reloads with cached data10:50
davmor2popey: what not enough abuse the first time came back for some more ;)10:50
bigcalmgord: I'm no adult :P10:50
popeybigcalm, no idea10:51
bigcalmThat's something Android does without hassle10:52
popeywell, why are you reinstalling an app?10:52
bigcalmBecause it's in development10:52
popeyi haven't had the problem of having cached data retained10:52
popeymaybe the developer is storing the data incorrectly :)10:53
bigcalmHo hum :|10:53
* popey notes the x220 screen works quite nicely in the shade10:57
diplobigcalm: Not an iOS man, but no option like Android to manage apps and clear data etc in app settings ?10:58
gordtried to use mine in the sun yesterday, didn't go well10:59
gordended up being hot to the touch but didn't overheat though10:59
MartijnVdSIt's not a Sun, it's a Lenovo.10:59
MartijnVdShence the problem.10:59
* popey is under a tree11:00
* BigRedS wants a sun laptop11:01
bigcalmDing ding ding ding11:01
bigcalmLunch time!11:01
* bigcalm goes for a horrifyingly lazy Maccy D's11:01
diploI'm off for a cycle shortly for a Boatmans ( big breakfast meal ) not sure it's a good idea yet11:02
* popey has picnic11:02
* czajkowski steals popey picnic 11:03
popeyi now have 3 picnics11:03
christelhow very greedy of you!11:03
popeypeople keep arriving in the park, leaving their stuff near me and going off to play11:03
* davmor2 believe popey is really just yogi bear in disguise 11:05
popeyi am indeed smarter than the average popey11:05
czajkowskicould everyone please go me too on zee bug of todays irritation :)11:10
lubotu3Ubuntu bug 1028862 in Unity "attempting to drag fixed items from the launcher results in other applications being moved" [Undecided,New]11:10
AlanBellpopey: you at the meadow still?11:11
popeybe here for an hour or so11:13
popeyczajkowski, confirmed now11:14
popeyoh, mpt did it :(11:14
christelczajkowski: hoi. are you guys staying in farnham on saturday? or going back?11:14
christelif you're staying we shoud lunch or something on sunday as it would appear the passport office have no intention of delivering david's passport today :)11:15
oimonwow, firefox is still awful11:22
oimonhangs, freezes, slowness11:22
oimonwent to this page and froze the whole browser hard http://www.petri.co.il/host-drs-affinity-rules-vsphere-4-1.htm11:23
BigRedSoimon: allegedly, this is frequently down to add-ons11:26
BigRedSsomeone was saying that the leakiness of an add-on is roughly proportional to its popularity, which sounds incredibly sub-optimal11:26
oimonyeah, the firefox web browser one :P11:26
oimoni only have a couple11:26
BigRedSI did find a huge leap in performance when I disabled mine11:26
BigRedSyeah, I had three. Web-dev, firebug and nagios. Disabling all of them suddenly made FF act as if it were a modern browser11:27
oimonthe performance is one thing, hard crashes are another11:27
BigRedSI didn't have it installed, but that's a biggie for leakiness11:27
oimoni just have adblock plus and ubuntu firefox modifications11:27
oimonit's just a pile of poo11:27
oimonand those millinos of pounds they get11:28
BigRedSdisable adblock plus, I bet it gets better11:28
oimonadblock plus is the essential feature of the browser11:28
BigRedSI don't need it11:29
* BigRedS shrugs11:29
oimoni wish i could read articles without having to put a piece of paper in the way to stop the flashing ads11:29
BigRedSI don't think there's any site I visit with any degree of regularity with ads like that11:29
BigRedSThough, generally, my laziness means that if I need to reconfigure my browser to make a website work I'll just not use that website11:30
czajkowskichristel: going back saturday night11:32
christelah ok11:32
Pendulumchristel: I had a response about what I thought of the passport office not sending David's passport and then I realised I couldn't say it here ;-)11:32
christel<3 Pendulum11:33
Dave2Pendulum: you did better than me11:33
christeli need to call the airline i suspect and do the whole "lol i wont be flying yet, change my tickets please" thing11:33
davmor2bigcalm: Moreati is coming in on Thursday11:34
oimoni guess not many of you are facebook users, but if i am friends with someone who likes a certain company, then if that company sends sponsored status updates, *I* see those updates!11:42
oimoni.e. inserting advertising into my feed, not just his11:42
oimonthis is the end for facebook11:42
popeyi just hide them11:44
bigcalmdavmor2: good show11:45
oimoncan't hide them on your phone though11:49
oimondoes anyone know what a rivet rollover tool is?11:49
* bigcalm realises that he's returned from lunch too early. Time for some gaming11:50
=== Lcawte is now known as Lcawte|Away
bigcalmOh I do love how Psyconauts just crashes out now and then12:00
bigcalmAnd there's no in-game music12:01
bigcalmAnd some projects don't work12:01
davmor2bigcalm: you need to play limbo12:01
bigcalmdavmor2: I have, 3 times12:02
gordgames ported to linux rarely get any QA at all unfortunately12:02
gordif it works on the devs system, ship it12:02
* bigcalm eyes davmor212:03
gordpsychonauts is a good 7 years old by now too, which doesn't help12:03
christeli have ants in my hair :(12:04
MartijnVdSAre you antsy about it?12:05
bigcalmchristel: well if you will try to impersonate an ant eater :S12:05
christelMartijnVdS: very :P12:05
christelbigcalm: pfft :P12:05
christelall i did was lie down in the grass for half an hour12:06
christeland then they all came flocking :(12:06
MartijnVdSMaybe they thought you were sweet? :P12:06
christeloh but i am! :P12:06
davmor2christel: but your a raging ball of fury you can't be sweet too :D12:13
christeloh i forgot yes, i am always angry :(12:13
* christel stomps feet12:13
davmor2christel: tut fancy forgetting that :)  anyway stomping your feet will shake the ants lose :D12:14
christelgood thinking! :D12:14
gordi have no idea why it took me so long to figure out that it might be a good idea to setup a upnp media server on my phone12:19
popey_stupid free wifi12:21
gorddamn y ou free wiiifiii12:22
=== Lcawte|Away is now known as Lcawte
=== popey_ is now known as popey
=== TheEremite is now known as squiggles
BigRedSIs there a way to invoke crontab such that I can pass it a file to install as the new crontab for a user?12:37
BigRedSI want an sftp-only user to be able to set cronjobs up12:37
bigcalmsudo -u bob crontab bobs_cronjobs.txt12:37
bigcalm(untested, may or may not work)12:37
BigRedSah! it does!12:42
BigRedSwhy didn't I think of that12:42
bigcalmYay :)12:42
bigcalmWhy can I never remember this? What's the command to empty stale emails from the mailq?12:44
njaHello again12:45
bigcalmexim -bp | awk '/^ *[0-9]+[mhd]/{print "exim -Mrm " $3}' | bash12:47
bigcalmThat seems a little ott12:47
bigcalmSurprised that there isn't one command to delete everything12:47
njarm * ?12:48
njaTiny and Big: Grandpa's Leftovers Soundtrack FTW!12:50
* gord eats some more japanese candy that tastes like potato12:52
MartijnVdScandy.. that tastes like potato..12:54
BigRedSbigcalm: it depends on the mailer, but most are inelegant13:01
bigcalmBigRedS: true13:01
bigcalmMaybe it's to safe guard against dropping the whole queue13:02
bigcalmThe site I'm working on has just emailed me in plain text my new password that I changed via its forgotten password system13:03
* bigcalm shakes fist at insecurity13:03
diploWell that was lovely ride and lunch apart from the last mile13:03
diploAll up hill in this heat!13:04
bigcalmThis is what gives PHP a bad name :(13:04
diploAnd OMG how many half naked ladies !13:04
bigcalmdiplo: showers during work hours are the best :D13:04
diploForgot to bring a towel unfortunatly, will rectify tomoorw13:04
bigcalmYou have a shower at work?13:05
bigcalmMore work places should do that13:05
christeli am soaking wet :(13:05
christelmy sister decided to start a waterfight!13:05
diployeah it's much better than my shower at home as well13:05
diploshould use it more often13:05
bigcalmchristel: yay \o/13:05
diplolol christel, I have 2 young boys for that13:05
* bigcalm strikes an item of his to-do list. Such a lovely feeling13:06
christeli submerged her in the toddler's paddling pool after13:06
christeland when she has dried up i intend to get the hosepipe out!13:06
diploGood girl13:08
* christel nods13:10
=== popey_ is now known as popey
bigcalmThis silence is deafening14:08
MartijnVdSbigcalm: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/thumb/6/63/The_Silent.tif/lossy-page1-250px-The_Silent.tif.jpg ?14:09
davmor2bigcalm: I know it always goes quiet when you are doing stuff14:10
bigcalmMy fault for being busy14:11
bigcalmmrevell: 3 of us are confirmed for Thursday. Will you make that 4?14:18
davmor2mrevell: go on make it 4 you know you want to14:20
bigcalmdavmor2: As we're at the range until 9pm, does anybody bother to go to a pub afterwards?14:34
davmor2bigcalm: nope the nearest pub is a dive and nobody should ever drink there :)14:34
matttbigcalm: what kind of range?14:35
bigcalmThat's fair enough :)14:35
davmor2mattt: shooting14:35
* mattt /parts #ubuntu-tx14:35
bigcalmNot really my thing14:36
bigcalmBut I've not done it before, so giving it a go14:36
bigcalmI like archery14:36
davmor2bigcalm: oh god you're gonna love it dude14:36
bigcalmMuch more civilised14:36
popey\o/ the kids have caught a fish14:37
bigcalmpopey: in minecraft?14:37
popeyin real life14:37
popeyBig Blue RoomCraft14:37
popeysomeone should make that game14:37
popeyit would be very dull14:37
bigcalmSounds it14:43
bigcalmWell done to your kids :)14:43
davmor2popey: wait till they find out it's tea :D14:44
popeylight tea!14:45
christelpopey: chrisjrob has instructed me to liase with you about Some Server14:45
MartijnVdS("Security, speed, compliance, and flexibility -- all of these describe lighttpd (pron. lighty)")14:46
Myrttibwak bwak15:02
christelBWAK BWAK15:03
Myrttihello UK15:03
* TheOpenSourcerer has a minty choc-ice :-)15:06
christelalan the tank engine.15:07
AlanBellooh myrtti, have you arrived?15:07
njaHi AlamBell15:07
njaI hear you're quite important here15:07
christelthat is so your new nickname15:07
AlanBellnja, hehe, no I am just persistent15:08
nja@AlamBell ;)15:09
njawait what15:09
njanew nickname?15:09
njaYay for Spotify Adverts!15:10
christelnja: i'm just being daft ;)15:10
MyrttiAlanBell: I have!15:10
christelbut did she bring any lingonberry jam?!15:10
christeler cloudberry jam even15:10
nja@christel isn't that all we do here?15:10
christelnja: good point15:10
christelor any REINDEER?15:11
christelHRM HRM15:11
njaNo Spotify.  Not Lil Wane, Rhianna OR Niki Minaj.  (I know I spelt that wrong)15:11
njasorry, offtopic15:12
Myrttichristel: both can br bought from Ikea, I save my luggage kilograms for my books15:12
christelooo do they have cloudberry jam?!15:12
christeli know they have lingonberry15:12
MyrttiI think so15:12
christelbut i'venot spotted cloudberry15:12
njawait wait wait, am I in the brony chat by acciden15:12
christel15:45 :: Quit: popey (~alan@ubuntu/member/popey) [Quit: back in a bit]15:12
christel15:45  (christel) popey: chrisjrob has instructed me to liase with you about Some Server15:12
Myrttiatleast tjats where my sister buys some15:13
christelnja: yes my little pony.15:13
njaHow popular is Bronyism in Ubuntu UK?15:13
christeloh very15:13
* christel nods15:13
* nja brohoof15:14
christeli like you, you're funny :)15:14
njaStrange post to follow...15:14
jacobwnja: on topic is relative in #ubuntu-uk15:15
nja@jacobw Clearly15:15
oimonbronyism and arch linux are just figments of the imagination15:16
DJonesAlanBell: Hope you haven't got your phone as a wifi hotspot in the olympic venues, you'll get thrown out15:17
nja@DJones Really?!15:17
njaThe Olympics is going way too far15:17
DJonesnja: Yep, personal wifi hotspots are banned items15:18
jacobwWow, I've just looked up 'Bronyism'15:18
DJonesI thought it was something to do with the Bronte sisters15:18
njaMy friends seem to have all become bronies...15:18
jacobwDJones: it's so much worse15:18
nja@jacobw +115:19
oimonit's not real15:19
njaWhy can't Spotify just play GOOD music?15:20
njaI've almost maxed out on the15:20
oimoni've got google music just playing good music15:20
nja... The Who, Dunderpatrullen15:20
nja@oimon You have to buy the music for that15:20
jacobwf(x) = good15:20
oimonnja, yep15:20
njaI don't want to pay money, that's kinda why I am using Spotify15:21
jacobwUnfortunately, that function has never been discovered15:21
njaGrooveshark is buggy and the legality is debatable15:21
jacobwPerhaps you should kick the ass of a Phillippino torrent site15:22
njaSounds legal15:22
jacobwI won't tell, I promise :P15:23
njaThat's it Spotify, I'm going to YouTube where I can play Teddybears again.15:23
jacobwi have an idea for a t-shirt15:24
jacobw"i'm not slacking off, my packets are capturing"15:24
simondbulljacobw: hahaha15:24
jacobwfor network people :)15:24
nja@jacobw I'm ashamed with my self that I didn't get that :(15:25
jacobwrun `sudo tcpdump -n -i wlan0 host freenode.net`15:26
jacobwyou'll see a description of each packet transmitted between your wlan0 and freenode15:26
njaOK, if I remember when I next use ubuntu15:27
njaThis computer15:27
njadum dum duuuuuuuuummmmmm.15:27
jacobwunfortunately, some do15:27
simondbullnja: Controversial!15:27
njaWindows 8 will spark an Ubuntu revolution15:28
njaat least I hope15:29
jacobwwindows is a much OS now than it was even 5 years ago15:30
jacobwmuch better OS even15:30
njaNow, new topic time15:30
jacobwthe improvement of windows correlates with it's increasing adoption of open standards15:30
njaAnyone here familiar with Slick-2D?15:31
jacobwno, what is it?15:31
njaJava libraries for 2D games15:31
njaOK, fine15:31
njaIt's been 2 hours and still now response on my StackOverflow post D:15:32
jacobwis there some reason why you have to use java?15:32
nja@jacobw OS support mainly15:32
njaI can do Python too15:34
jacobwi think unity3d is quite popular15:37
jacobwdirecthex knows more about game development15:37
jacobwi'm sure i've read about unity3d on your blog15:38
directhexyou have.15:38
directhexwhat's the topic?15:38
jacobwnja, where's your stackoverflow post?15:39
njaI'm not too fond of Unity15:39
nja@jacobw ^15:40
directhextrying to think of how many 2d java games i've seen lately15:40
directhexthere was freecol, but that's about it15:40
nja@directhex I suck at 3D currently15:41
directhexwell the only 3d java anyone knows or cares about is minecraft :p15:41
nja@directhex That's why everyone is learning Java all of a sudden15:41
directhexyeah, because lwjgl isn't a blight upon the earth or anything]15:42
jacobwmost of my development work is text processing, i like python very much :)15:43
nja@jacobw I'll tell you what we haven't had for a long time; Text based adventure games.15:44
directhexzork zork zork15:44
njaI knew someone would do that15:44
diplonja: Quite a few still running around the www15:45
diploBryan Lunduke from LAS runs one i think15:45
directhex(and MUSHes and MOOs)15:45
nja@diplo Do you think it is possible to make a AAA text based game?15:45
diploOne of my mates used to, not sure if it's still up15:45
directhexmy wife used to play a discworld mud15:45
directhexnja, impossible.15:45
njaASCII ART!15:46
directhexnja, AAA refers to the marketing budget more than anything else, and nobody will spend an AAA budget on a text adventure's marketing15:46
njaAlthough the London Olympics seem to be doing everything wrong15:47
diploThats my mates mud15:47
diploProbably still got ssh/source access, couldn't get into it myself15:47
nja[1] http://paste.ubuntu.com/1110355/15:48
popeyI'm melllltiiiing15:48
njapoor you15:48
njaEnjoy the sun while it lasts15:49
davmor2popey: stop pooring water on yourself then15:49
popeynja, the ifcomp runs every year15:49
popeynew text adventures 'interactive fiction'15:50
njaand how do I pronounce your name?15:50
davmor2popey: if it helps I just opened the window as the sun has just come round to this side of the flat :)15:50
njaor po-pey15:50
njanah, prefer the first one.15:51
gordpoh-pee-po? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T0-2lzA7_Cg15:51
davmor2nja: pop-eye he really likes that.15:51
MartijnVdSdavmor2: proof: http://vandestreek.net/~martijn/lolpopey.jpg15:51
nja@gord Why did you send that!15:52
bigcalmMartijnVdS: wow15:52
popeythats freaky15:52
davmor2popey: that's you15:52
gordbecause i have all the best links? they bring all the boys to the yard, and i'm like, its better than yours, i can teach you - but i have to charge15:52
MartijnVdSbigcalm: he did steal your focus, didn't he? :)15:53
* nja facepalm15:53
* diplo wonders if I should change my mind for Saturday15:53
christeldiplo: to come or not to come?!15:55
diploooer missus!15:55
MartijnVdSchristel: based on the popey pic, I think15:55
gorddon't worry, popey is harmless15:56
gordyes his eyes steal your soul, but you don't need it15:56
davmor2diplo: just hide behind christel and the angers will cancel each other out :D15:56
diploright, time to cycle home :( then shower and make my way to the pub \o/15:56
* christel nods15:57
diploSuppose I better harass AlanBell for an address tomorrow15:57
nja@diplo and then program some more?15:57
diploNope, then drink more beer, then a little more, maybe some food @ the pub15:57
diploThe a book, then sleep!15:57
nja@diplo fun evening15:57
diplothen a book*15:57
diploNot sure the wallet can take it yet, but if I don't look it doesn't matter does it ?15:58
lubotu3oggcamp is a two day unconference on August 13th/14th 2011 - See http://oggcamp.org/15:58
diploI bid you all good evening15:58
bigcalmThat could do with fixing15:58
bigcalmTaaraa diplo15:58
davmor2bigcalm: no you just need to build a time machine15:59
bigcalmThat's the easy option?15:59
christeldiplo: \o/15:59
christeldiplo: i am going to bake a CAKE15:59
christel(and i am going to make my uber amazing caramelised onion potato salad!)16:00
christeland maybe some other magical things16:00
christelbecause i'm sweet like that!16:00
popeylubotu3, no oggcamp is <reply> is a two day unconference on August 18th/19th 2012 - see http://oggcamp.org/16:00
popeyor something16:00
davmor2christel: uber amazing caramelised onion potato salad CAKE! EEEWWWWWWWW16:00
christeldavmor2: hahaha16:00
christelno, the cake will be all summery and full of BERRIES16:00
christel(and vanilla cream omnom!)16:01
* daubers wonders why he can't get onto the work server16:02
davmor2daubers: well it's probably in a rack surrounded by other servers preventing access to the top of it in order to get on it :)16:03
bigcalm"End of Vendor Support -Cisco CSS Load Balancer". Would be nice if my client had a clue and responded to hosting tickets from Rackspace16:03
daubersdavmor2: I suspect too much porn being downloaded in the office16:03
nja@daubers or Pirateboxing16:03
bigcalmAnybody else using Rackspace and their Cisco load balancer?16:04
davmor2nja: wow pirates box, I thought they just got drunk and brawled16:04
nja@davmor2 while downloading tons of MP3s and Keygens16:06
njabye all, noms time16:09
KungFuPandahi guys, how to change webuser to be www-data instead of apache ?16:23
KungFuPandaI do not why my webuser become apache?16:23
KungFuPandaanything upload by user from browser will own by apache16:24
dogmatic69KungFuPanda: stop using a lamp package16:25
BigRedSKungFuPanda: it's in the apache2 config file16:25
KungFuPandaha ?16:26
BigRedS'user' and 'group' directives16:26
dogmatic69sudo apt-get install apache2 :)16:26
KungFuPandais that the reason ? :-D our server still using apache ? not apache2 ?16:26
KungFuPandadamn I just log into our server, that is why I can not find apache2ctl16:27
BigRedSno, the old apache package used www-data, too16:27
BigRedSbut just edit the config16:27
BigRedSif you reinstall you're boudn to lose some other config you're already reliant upon. But, in general, it's a good idea to just use the apache out of the repos16:27
BigRedSit's generally best to use everything out of the repos16:28
KungFuPandaI try cat /etc/passwd, I can not find www-data user16:28
BigRedSthen you'll need to add one16:28
BigRedSit'll only be created for you if you've installed the repo-supplied apache16:28
BigRedSif you've something custom-built then there's no reason for that user to exist16:28
KungFuPandaok thanks, all right, the problem is current user upload a image from browser, which own by apache, and I want to preview it from browser, but no permisson to view it, any idea ?16:30
KungFuPandathe whole upload folder full access 777, only the file 60016:31
BigRedSso the file is uploaded by apache and lands owned by apache:apache, and then apache comes along and cannot serve it to you?16:34
BigRedSI assume there's nothing in the Apache config to prevent it?16:34
KungFuPandayes, after image uploaded, I got a preview link in the same page, but I just can not view the image from browser16:36
BigRedSif you su to 'apache' can you cd to the directory containing the image and then run file on it?16:36
KungFuPandaI should be able to see it right ? even the file owned by apache:apache16:36
BigRedSthat'll check apache has enough filesystem permissions to get there16:36
BigRedSis all this code running as the same site? Is it all in the same language?16:37
KungFuPandathe same site, the same language16:37
BigRedSit's not _that_ unusual for PHP to be run through mod_php as 'apache' and CGI to be suexeced to your user in some shared environments, for example16:37
BigRedSah, cool16:37
BigRedSyeah, can apache su there?16:37
BigRedSer, cd16:37
KungFuPandasu apache,16:40
KungFuPandaThis account is currently not available.16:40
jacobwsu actually says that?16:41
bigcalmIf it's a debian/ubuntu machine, it'll be www-data. Not apache16:41
BigRedSbigcalm: he said earlier it's apache and there is no www-data user16:41
bigcalmAh, sorry :)16:41
* bigcalm goes back to work16:42
BigRedSKungFuPanda: try specifying a shell16:42
BigRedSsu - apache -s /bin/bash16:42
jacobwdebianized apache is much more friendly than the redhat distribution16:43
bigcalmAye, the login might be set to /bin/false or nologin16:44
BigRedSyeah, redhatites tend to complain that debianised apache is patronising16:44
BigRedSI think they'd prefer it all in one massive file with no comments16:44
jacobwmy problem is that they have do have a massive file with configuration sprinkled between endless comments16:45
KungFuPandaI do not know that the system is runing,16:46
KungFuPandacat /etc/passwd16:46
KungFuPandagot this:16:46
BigRedSjacobw: ah yeah. I've had that problem with dovecot recently16:46
BigRedSI'm slowly replacing all our multi-KB dovecot.confs with my 11-line one...16:47
bigcalmUse chsh to change the shell of the apache user16:47
jacobwBigRedS: yeah, dovecot as well :)16:48
KungFuPandadamn, I do not know the apache password16:49
BigRedSKungFuPanda: there probably isn't one16:49
BigRedSbecome root before suing to apache16:49
bigcalmUse sudo chsh16:49
BigRedSthen you wont need one16:49
njaHello again all.  I'm back to annoy you all.16:49
BigRedSoh, or that16:49
bigcalmOr sudo su - apache16:49
jacobwsudo -u apache16:50
* BigRedS defers to the proper way of doing it16:50
bigcalmI think you might have to change the shell of the apache user before you can su to it16:50
BigRedSyeah, or supply a shell16:51
BigRedSsudo su apache -s /bin/bash16:51
KungFuPandaok, sudo su apache -s /bin/bash , this one works16:57
KungFuPandaI can go into that folder and see the file16:57
KungFuPandaas apache user16:58
BigRedSso there's no filesystem reason why Apache can't read that16:58
BigRedSand so there must be something in teh apache config stopping it16:58
BigRedSand that's harder to debug :)16:59
BigRedSwhat is the path to the file, out of interest?16:59
KungFuPandaI found it, damn, I am stupid, the url wrong16:59
BigRedSfrequently, /var/www and /home/*/public_html are the only permitted places16:59
KungFuPandathanks all16:59
KungFuPandathank you guys , have a nice evening16:59
bigcalmWeee, 6pm16:59
christelSIX PEE EMME17:00
bigcalmMaybe now?17:00
christeloh yes17:00
davmor2Ahhhhhhhhhhh I'm telling christel said PEE17:03
bigcalmAnd it's time for the chippy before going to play with guns17:03
bigcalmToodles for now :)17:04
jacobwwb nja17:04
njaThinking of making a new Spotift playlist17:05
nja"Songs that shouldn't exist"17:05
jacobwi spent some of sunday making a ringtone from seconds 10 to 40 of regret by new order17:06
njaParry Gripp time :D17:06
njawow I'm sad17:06
njaWow and now I am listening to an Orchestra version of the MLP:FiM theme and Levels (Avicii)17:09
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njaFor those who care:17:14
njaIs what I am listening17:15
jacobwi like 'burn notice', it's like a spy drama and a con drama in the show17:19
awilkinsAlso like the way they explain things. And Gabrielle Anwar isn't hideous.17:20
jacobwi've just learnt that thermite has a surface temperature of 1000C17:21
jacobwwhich seems arbitrarily precise to me, but nevermind :)17:21
nja@jacobw I liked Burn Notice, but the series' never really went anywhere.  Has it changed much?17:26
jacobwi'm at s1e9 right now17:26
nja@jacobw watching on DVD?17:27
awilkinsS2 has a bit more arc. And that blonde cyborg from BSG (Tricia Helfer)17:27
nja@jacobw or pirating?17:27
awilkinsAnd the nice old policeman from Frasier (old policeman guy)17:27
jacobwwatchseries.eu is helpful17:28
nja@jacobw ha17:29
* jacobw puts fraiser on the 'to watch' list17:29
nja@nja how legal is that site anyway?17:29
njaI @ed myself17:29
njamust be getting too late17:29
nja@jacobw ping for above^17:29
awilkins/me looks17:29
jacobwi'm not a lawyer17:30
nja@jacobw Also this chat is publically archived17:30
jacobwi know that is17:31
njaOK, well I'm not buying the DVD for Chuck series 517:31
nja@jacobe Also add Chuck to watchlist17:32
nja@jacobw Also add Chuck to watchlist17:32
jacobwwill do :)17:32
njaHillarious geek drama :P17:32
* JamesTait is done for today.17:33
JamesTait'night all!17:33
* JamesTait waves17:33
jacobwyeah, i've watched all episodes of the big bang theory17:33
jacobwo/ JamesTait17:33
nja@jacobw who hasn't17:34
njaThe Big Band Theory is epic!17:34
njaChuck Season 5 will probably come onto my Cable TV on demand thing in September so I can probably wait.17:34
jacobwthe problem is that i watch it and think the things that sheldon are good17:35
jacobwthe things that sheldon does even17:35
jacobwis season 5 still running?17:36
njaof Chuck?17:37
njaIt's aired in America17:37
njaComming to UK on DVD in September17:37
njaOK, good night all17:38
njaIt's late where I am (holiday)17:38
jacobwgood night17:38
* nja yawns and waves17:38
jacobwi think i'm getting RSI, my forearms twinge17:59
cbx33hey peeps18:00
cbx33anyone here good on licensing?18:00
cbx33been working on an android app18:01
cbx33using cordova and jquerymobile18:01
cbx33cordova is released using the Apache license, and jquerymobile is release dual license GPL + MIT18:02
cbx33I'm wondering what restrictions are imposed on me and what obligations I have18:02
cbx33I have read through the T=C18:02
cbx33but just wanted to confirm my thoughts with someone that knows a little more about licensing than I18:03
AlanBellcbx33 have you modified either of them?18:04
cbx33I've only added my own index.html into the assets18:05
cbx33and compiled the apk package18:06
AlanBellfine, so basically be clear about what precisely is in it18:10
AlanBellread the licenses too18:10
cbx33AlanBell, I have done18:10
AlanBelland keep your own copies of the sources18:10
cbx33just wanted to confirm with someone else that has read them18:10
cbx33meaning? I don't need to release the sources?18:11
AlanBellkeep an archive version of the precise release you are using18:11
cbx33oh....of jquery you mean?18:12
AlanBellyeah, and probably the other18:12
cbx33so the Actual source18:13
cbx33not just he libs that they created18:13
cbx33I did read that18:13
cbx33what isd that for exactly?18:13
cbx33sorry for my ignorance18:14
cbx33my fist time releasing somethin like this18:14
AlanBellif someone asks for it you don't want to depend on the jquery website being up18:14
AlanBellor keeping that version etc18:15
cbx33so who "would" ask me for it18:15
cbx33and i can sell it? (not that I'm wanting to)18:15
cbx33and i don't have to provide access to any source?18:16
cbx33under Apache license and MIT?18:16
AlanBellyou can do that regardless of the license you are using for your code18:16
AlanBellnot for your stuff with those licences18:17
cbx33for their stuff?18:17
cbx33do i have to link to their sources?18:17
cbx33and i know YANAL18:18
AlanBellit would be nice to credit them18:18
cbx33of course i will18:18
cbx33and include their licenses18:18
cbx33but j=was just wondering about links to source18:18
cbx33GPL you have to right?18:18
AlanBelldepending on how tight the integration is, probably18:19
cbx33in case you are wondering it's an app to help people learn Regex18:19
cbx33and has a javascript based tester18:20
cbx33and a regex dictionary18:20
ali1234is learning regex really a useful thing in this day and age?18:22
cbx33I would say most definitely18:22
cbx33i use it at least several times a month18:22
cbx33been doing a lot of work on splunk recently and it is essential if you want to pull out custom fields and cool information18:23
ali1234i have no idea what that is18:23
ali1234i find regexp is always either overkill or inadequate for the task18:24
cbx33well I'll be honest, I love it18:26
cbx33if you have a huge log file with ip addresses scattered around18:26
ali1234i only really know a small amount of regexp syntax but it's enough, except when i'm trying to figure out a regexp written by someone else18:26
cbx33regex for me is the easiest way to find them :)18:26
ali1234yeah... that's the thing though18:27
ali1234"find all the IPs in this arbitrarily formatted text blob" isn't really something i need to do often18:27
cbx33as a sysadmin, it's a task we do a fair amount18:27
ali1234nearly always there is some kind of format to the input18:28
cbx33(as an example) and things like this.....take the output of the ping command and create an average of the latency18:28
ali1234and exploiting that is usually easier than trying to make a perfect regexp18:28
ali1234especially if it's html/xml18:28
ali1234yeah... you know ping outputs averages right?18:28
cbx33I said it was an exmaple18:28
cbx33but you could have a running average :)18:28
cbx33every second18:29
cbx33I know, I know bad example18:29
ali1234this is it - there's things regexp is good at... bt nobody does them in the real world :)18:29
cbx33we do for quick jobs :)18:31
cbx33"get me some stats on that compute grid within the next 3 hours" - I don't mess about with documentation generally18:32
cbx33I just get the stats18:32
ali1234for quick jobs i use python18:32
* cbx33 too18:34
cbx33regex in python18:34
cbx33thanks AlanBell18:36
BigRedSI do things requiring regexes all the time18:57
BigRedSwell, I say 'requiring', sometimes it's easier to use a regex someone else has already written...18:57
jacobwlogcheck requires regular expressions :)19:01
jacobwlike, hundreds of them19:01
Azelphurwhat's the deal with channel registration on freenode?19:04
AzelphurIs there any way to transfer an OS easily onto a different sized drive?19:59
MartijnVdSjust dd and resize partitions afterwards20:01
MartijnVdSext* and btrfs can resize online20:01
Azelphurcool :)20:01
MartijnVdSgrow, not shrink20:01
Azelphuryou can't dd a mounted partition right?20:02
directhexyou can't but don't expect much joy the next time you mount it20:06
ali1234remount it readonly20:17
soreauI usually just use cp -a20:26
Azelphursoreau: hehe, was wondering if cp -a would work, does that get grub too?20:27
soreauAzelphur: No, just for copying linux from one partition to another20:27
Azelphurah :)20:27
soreauI usually always plan to reinstall grub at leat20:27
soreaumaybe for transferring to another drive, dd is better20:28
soreaubut I haven't done that20:29
Azelphurwat https://dl.dropbox.com/u/3832397/screenshots/2012/July/2012-07-25-214240_1501x526_scrot.png20:43
Azelphurhow does that even work20:43
Azelphur /dev/sdb1 is not 6.4GB at all, yet the OS seems to think so.20:44
* Azelphur nudges soreau with that one :p20:44
Azelphurwhere are all the smart people hiding, I need saving from whatever on earth that problem is :P20:52
* Seeker` thinks Azelphur should go back to 'how to plug in an Arduino without blowing it up'20:54
AzelphurLOL, two different drives in the same machine with the same mount point20:57
* Seeker` claps for Azelphur 21:01
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christelczajkowski: The Boy says that he looks forward to seeing Naura and the Chickens(!)21:15
=== schwuk is now known as schwuk_away
GaryLittlemoreHi all, anyone able to tell me how I can change my device name in 12.04?21:37
AzelphurGaryLittlemore: you mean the hostname?21:40
GaryLittlemorein System Settings> Details> it says Device Name but mine is greyed out.21:41
Azelphuryea that's hostname21:42
AzelphurI think you can do sudo hostname <new name>21:43
Azelphurand that'll change it21:43
* directhex moos21:48
* Azelphur counter moos21:50
* brobostigon meeps21:51
AzelphurI'm thinking about getting some water slide decal paper and decorating my PC, might be fun21:52
GaryLittlemoreDoing sudo hostname <new name> has changed something, but not what I wanted to change22:00
popeyahoy indeed22:54
bigcalmThere is life in here23:00
=== Lcawte is now known as Lcawte|Away
bigcalmMaybe it's time for sleepies23:06
* bigcalm slithers away23:07
AlanBellhi all23:19

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