psidrumis there a RSS Lens for unity?04:11
psidrumanyone around?04:19
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bobweaverHello there I am going to put my tv (ubuntu tv)on display today if anyone would like to see it pm me and I will give info for teamviewer meeting place. would be nice to get some outside advice :09:42
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sil2100popey: hm, I just noticed one strange thing with Alt+F213:11
popeysil2100, oh?13:11
sil2100popey: is there some design spec I can look at regarding this?13:11
popeyi expect so :)13:11
sil2100popey: since notice that when you open Alt+F2 (run program) the arrow points to an empty space in the lenses13:12
popeyso it does13:12
sil2100popey: you see that? The small arrow in the bottom left13:12
sil2100popey: is it.. by design?13:12
popeyi expect not13:12
popeyi expect it should point somewhere off screen or somewhere else13:13
popeyi have seen someone else report that somewhere13:13
* popey digs a bit13:13
sil2100I'm in overall confused that alt+f2 looks exactly like the dash, even though it's not a lens13:13
ubot5Ubuntu bug 998752 in unity (Ubuntu) "Arrow for indicating lenses points empty space on alt+F2" [Undecided,Confirmed]13:14
popeyso known bug13:14
popeyhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/unity/+bug/1028862 is also amusing13:15
sil2100popey: thanks13:15
ubot5Ubuntu bug 858540 in unity (Ubuntu) "duplicate for #1028862 The dragging of fixed icon results in dragging the icon below or above" [Low,Confirmed]13:15
popeyi had never considered dragging the trash or workspace swicher out of the launcher13:15
popey(it fails in an odd way)13:15
sil2100hah, indeed!13:15
sil2100Well, users do different things, good that there are people that try13:16
sil2100popey: anyway, I just almost finished running through checkbox tests with the nux SRU13:20
sil2100popey: no new regressions - I had one refresh (repaint) screen problem, but it's unrelated to nux (checked with the earlier version)13:21
popeysil2100, lock your screen with CTRL+ALT+L, then wait, then wiggle the mouse13:24
popeydoes it work 'properly'?13:24
popeyor do you see your launcher/desktop/panel exposed when you wiggle?13:24
sil2100popey: on what system?13:29
sil2100popey: on my quantal machine it works properly13:29
sil2100popey: I wiggle the mouse and just the password prompt appears13:30
popeyi actually have it on my nvidia imac, and have had for ages13:32
popeybut it's just started happening on my thinkpad13:33
popeyi need to do more testing because I have a feeling it's not consistently happening13:33
sil2100One moment, will check13:33
popeyi think it's related to me restarting unity, suspending, and adding/removing second screen13:33
popeybut can't be sure.13:33
popeyuntil i test further13:33
sil2100popey: I was trying to reproduce it on precise just by wiggling, and could not.. so maybe it's related to suspend?13:34
popeywell, it's not so much the wiggle, more that coming out of screensaver, it displays the desktop, possible security issue exposing the desktop to a locked machine13:38
popeybut will test more later, no worries13:38
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semitoneshello, are you folks aware of a problem in unity 2d where there is only one workspace?14:39
semitonesthese directions here don't workhttps://help.ubuntu.com/11.04/ubuntu-help/shell-workspaces-movewindow.html14:39
semitoneseither dragging windows, or using the shortcut14:39
semitonesyou can switch workspaces and open new windows there, but you can't move windows from one workspace to another14:40
popeyhi semitones14:41
* popey tries it14:41
semitonesthanks -- maybe you can reproduce it14:41
popeysemitones, so hang on, you only have one workspace?14:42
semitonesi didn't describe it correctly14:42
semitonesi have 4 workspaces14:42
semitonesbut there is no way to move windows around from one to another14:42
popeyso, super+s, try and move a window from one workspace to another?14:43
popeyor ctrl+alt+shift and arrows?14:43
popeyok, so tested here, yes you can move windows with  ctrl+alt+shift and arrows, but can't click and move them in super+s14:44
semitonesi can't do it either way14:50
semitonesso it is just a bug on my end -- but at least you know about the super-s way too now14:50
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mhr3sil2100, ping?16:01
mhr3sil2100, do you any possible problems if we stopped shipping the generated c sources in libunity tarball16:02
mhr3(it should fix some issues we have with jhbuild and whatnot)16:02
mhr3do you see*16:03
sil2100mhr3: I didn't know libunity was doing that too - since I remember bamf shipping generated .c files, which was really just making trouble for me16:09
sil2100mhr3: it was annoying, especially when the generated .c files were wrong and the build system didn't rebuild them on package build16:10
sil2100mhr3: so, actually, I think I would be even happy if those were simply generated on package build, not during make dist16:10
sil2100If that's what you have in mind16:10
mhr3i thought you'd be actually happy about it :)16:10
sil2100Ok - see you tomorrow everyone!16:11
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bobweaverHello there How in the world to I show the Connection Information page ?  like nm-applet->Connection Information  that page. Lol I have been trying to figure this out all day20:32
bobweaverHow does unity call that ?20:32
bobweaverIf you look at my video here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KMgQpS8F6_o&feature=plcp   you will see what I am trying to do20:33
bobweaverit is the only button that I have not been able to plugin20:33
bobweaverYou can also see here what I am trying to do   http://imagebin.org/22211420:37
bobweaverI will also ask on ubuntu tv but it is dead there and I think that I am one of like 4 devs and I am 3rd party aka I do not work for canonical20:37
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psidrumis there a RSS Lens for Unity?20:53
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psidrumis there a RSS Lens for Unity?21:55

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