MarkDudeJust posted some pics to FB07:44
MarkDudeG+ is not really working right now07:44
philballewI see it on my email now07:44
philballewI moght have to use something other then twitter tonight07:44
darthrobotTitle: [Mark Terranova's Photos | Facebook]07:49
MarkDudeIm Phil Ballew, and I approve this07:49
darthrobotTitle: [Photos - Google+]07:51
MarkDudeDid you see your pics in the CLS ?07:52
philballewI should look into tjhat more07:55
philballewI am looking at the fbook ones now MarkDude07:57
MarkDudeQuite a few pics, I still have more08:01
bkerensapleia2: u around?17:54
pleia2bkerensa: yep17:54
bkerensaPM please?17:54
darthrobotTitle: [Photos - Google+]18:18
MarkDudePics from OSCON pleia2 paulproteus and others are in these18:18
* bkerensa has some pics from pleia2 award ceremony but they are not good quality18:20
pleia2I just screencaptured from the youtube video, better resolution than the released oscon photos (all copyright protected and small)18:20
* MarkDude was sadface at missing pleia2 's award18:23
akkWas this the channel where we were talking about ubuntu-friendly and checkbox-qt yesterday?19:22
akkcheckbox-qt has a missing dependency: it bombs out if it doesn't have python-dateutil.19:23
akkI guess I should file that as a bug in launchpad?19:23
akk(also, blue against dark grey isn't a very visible color for the progress bar -- I thought it was sitting there idle until I really looked carefully)19:26
akkActually the whole UI is pretty confusing -- like what to do in the firewire test if I don't have a firewire disk to plug in.19:28
pleia2and yeah, ubuntu-bug checkbox-qt19:33
akkWill do -- it has a few other (minor) problems too, so I'm going to go through everything before filing.19:38
akkThe media card detection auto-test just sits there doing nothing if you're not running a gnome/unity/whatever desktop.19:38
akk(but the SD card reader is supported just fine, so I clicked Yes manually)19:39
akkAnd the wireless test is greek to me on a different desktop, I hope it's just testing whether wifi works in general.19:40
akkI'm not sure what "do not change the automatically selected result" means since it doesn't show me the auto selected result.19:43
akkDoes it mean I'm supposed to press Next instead of Yes?19:43
jyolol, we're having mucking around with dnsmasq/resolvconf at work.20:04
philballewnice tattoo pic on g+ bkerensa20:41
philballewbkerensa, If you need to track down the other ubuntu tattoo person who lives in Portland, I have his friend on G+ so I can figure that out.20:41
MarkDudeFOSS tattoo party21:00

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