DammitJimhow does one send commands to a serial port on a terminal?19:23
rmcbrideDammitJim: well writing to the port generally, you'd do something like 'stty -F /dev/ttyS0 speed 9600 cs8 -cstopb -parenb19:27
rmcbrideecho -n ^R^B > /dev/ttyS0'19:27
rmcbridebasically set the port up and just echo the string your command needs to the device19:28
DammitJimoh, cool19:28
DammitJimwhat is the ^R^B?19:29
DammitJimthis device I'm talking to doesn't echo19:29
rmcbrideDammitJim: that's just an example command sequence19:29
DammitJimand the -n?19:29
DammitJimnevermind.... I can look that up19:29
rmcbrideah hmm.. 19:29
rmcbrideyea the -n is just a formatter for echo IIRC19:29
rmcbrideI wish I could find my old X-10 control scripts for the firecracker serial transmitter19:30
rmcbrideprobably on one of the old hard drives I just drilled and dumped19:30
rmcbrideYea. Getting ready to probably move to Pompano Beach or thereabouts and start working for a company down in south fl19:31
rmcbrideand I don't need to drag all this stuff down there :)19:31
rmcbrideI'll find out soon. Within a couple weeks certainly19:31
rmcbriderelocation package is still being negotiated between the company and the agency I'm contracting through19:32
rmcbrideonce they finish hammering that out, I just need the real estate guy down there to find me an awesome rental, finish packing this place up, and I'm gone. Packing in the mean time. I have a LOT of unused crap I've been dragging around19:33

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