thafreakso i've been looking for software to restore this disk image I found from 199821:05
thafreakfound an old floppy of mine with an old version of drive image on it21:06
thafreakI get an old machine out that still has a floppy drive, boot it up, and clone the floppy disk21:06
thafreakthen I'm like, I need to save this somewhere so I don't loose it...go to put it with other floppy disk images I made21:06
thafreakI already imaged it...and an old version of ghost that I must have had21:07
thafreakI remember throwing away like an entire box of floppy disks a while back...i forgot that I imaged all the important ones...21:07
thafreakgeez, I thought your memory wasn't supposed to go till much later...21:08
Unit193I dunno, I already have a little white hair and balding, but barely yet.21:09
thafreakturns out...the image software i used was ghost pro 5.0e...which I apparently still had a floppy disk of in the basement...score22:23
thafreakI think I "borrowed" it back when I worked for YSU :)22:24
thafreakrestoring the disk image finally...man I forgot I had a wopping 810mb hard drive back then :)22:28
thafreakwell...that was a waste of time22:43
thafreakapparently I basically imaged my computer after getting it all re-installed...so there's hardly any files anywhere22:43
thafreakmust have kept everything else on cd/zip disks...22:44
thafreaki do have internet explorer 3.0 at my disposal now though22:44
thafreakooh, and a price list from a hardware supplier22:45
thafreak4mb 72pin simms were only $6.75!22:46
thafreak64mb dimms though were $14422:46
thafreakwow, found a paper I think I wrote for english 101...22:54
thafreakbest line is the last... "Besides with technology today you could esily fit the whole language and history of a people on a set of copmpact discs."22:55
thafreakI'm surprised I didn't mention zip disks22:55

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