InHisNamejedijf: what was wrong with OLD pool that you needed a new one ?03:44
jthanInHisName: Deeper, better diving board, more slides.03:57
InHisNamejedijf: a diving board ?   You might be the only pool with one in NJ.  Check and see if Guiness might like to list it?05:11
JonathanDHowdy rmg5109:22
JonathanDJust over 2 weeks...09:23
rmg51and I still don't know if I can make it09:23
rmg51I may have to be a drop in09:24
JonathanDrmg51: at least to say hi ::P09:48
rmg51JonathanD: if I make it I'll hang out with jedijf in the Ubuntu village thing09:51
JonathanDI'll be around.09:52
JonathanDI don't expect to have time to actually listen to a complete talk... anywhere :P09:52
jedijfInHisName: old house had old pool - house gone - so now needed a pool (not me, the boss)12:15
jedijfin pa, btw, i live in pa work in nj12:15
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