binarymutantis ext4 still "unstable"?00:15
binarymutantor good to use00:15
Unit193That's the default, last I knew.00:16
binarymutantMy laptop needs a hvac00:26
wrstbinarymutant: maybe a big window fan?00:27
binarymutantA big window fan sitting right under the processor00:28
wrstyep with a block of ice?00:29
binarymutantOr gpu, whichever is on fire00:29
binarymutantYa that liquid nitrogen stuff00:29
wrstthere you go00:30
wrstfires are never good00:30
binarymutantMaybe I just need a tougher laptop00:31
chris4585my laptop can get up to 75c if it doesn't breath :|00:50
chris4585most of the time though I have it propped up00:50
binarymutantHow do you prop it chris458500:52
chris4585I did use a remote until my brother got me this thing designed for laptops00:54
chris4585now if I'm charging and watching youtube it gets like 50c00:54
binarymutantIts weird that the fan is on the bottom00:56
cyberangernetritious: I actually don't like vim, use it often, npt by choice though01:09
cyberangerbinarymutant: some servers and routers don't have anything else to use01:13
binarymutantvim is the best01:13
cyberangerbinarymutant: some servers and routers don't have anything else to use, so vim it is01:14
cyberangerbut I just don't like it01:14
binarymutantthat's because some servers and routers know what the best is :P01:14
cyberangerthink smartphones too for that matter01:15
binarymutantyes I have vim on my android01:15
binarymutantI've vim'd my firefox too01:19
binarymutantvim everything lol01:20
binarymutantvim crazy01:30
binarymutant2 monitors, 2 Xservers, 1 machine, no vt switching: how?04:07
RagnarokAngelyou're above my paygrade on video setup there binarymutant04:08
RagnarokAngelbad joke04:09
RagnarokAngeldefinitely above my level of expertise04:09
binarymutantI can get two xservers at the same time to work, but I have do vt switching: like ctrl+alt+f804:09
RagnarokAngelso you can only view one at a time?04:10
RagnarokAngeli mean you could build a chroot to run an X server but I think that creates more problems than it solves.04:11
RagnarokAngelbinarymutant: are you trying to have them both display the same thing?04:14
binarymutantRagnarokAngel, no04:14
RagnarokAngelthen what's the point of two x sessions?04:15
binarymutantUnit193, what provides that?04:15
Unit193That's the packagename.04:15
RagnarokAngelI'm interested if you get it working04:18
binarymutantscrew it04:38
binarymutantgrah separate xscreens driving me nuts05:08
binarymutantfigured it out05:27
Unit193Need to set a server password. :P05:30
binarymutantme? no05:34
binarymutantusing twinview05:35
Unit193IRC server pass that is.05:37
binarymutantjust don't accept from anyone except
RagnarokAngel1are you guys all set up with ssd OS partitions?17:18
RagnarokAngel1well ssd os drives.17:19
wrstRagnarokAngel1: no, but I do have one at work running windows17:19
RagnarokAngel1I'm thinking of getting one instead of upgrading my laptop wrst17:26
wrstI LOVE the ssd at work17:28
wrstwhen i can afford it i plan on putting one in my laptop17:29
RagnarokAngel1newegg had some 120s on their shell shocker for $8017:34
wrstyep they are getting close i would like to be in the 320GB range17:35
RagnarokAngel1is there any reason ctrl+alt+f1 wouldn't drop me to a terminal?17:35
RagnarokAngel1and just return a black screen?17:36
wrstRagnarokAngel1: not that I know of generall y that will always send you to tty1 unless something has been tweaked17:36
RagnarokAngel1this thing gets through login and then seems to fail inexplicably17:37
RagnarokAngel1Maybe I should try logging into a non-graphical?17:37
wrstRagnarokAngel1: be a good plan i think17:38
RagnarokAngel1it's a gui login and I have no mouse from the touchpad? This is useful.17:39
wrstsounds like xorg is weird17:40
Svpernova09Let me introduce you to the tab key :_)17:40
RagnarokAngel1it defaults to the login and tab is working like enter Svpernova0917:40
wrstSvpernova09: :)17:41
Svpernova09Ouch, sounds like keyboard layout isn't correct.17:41
RagnarokAngel1I have a feeling linux mint just did something weird.17:42
=== RagnarokAngel1 is now known as RagnarokAngel
wrstRagnarokAngel1: well.... thats what you get for running linux mint... sorry :)17:42
Svpernova09Mint takes quite a few liberties17:43
RagnarokAngelyeah, I'm not installing it for myself.17:43
wrsti know RagnarokAngel :)17:43
Svpernova09Is it odd / nonstandard hardware? that is Mint's shining spots.17:43
RagnarokAngelIt wasn't working corrently with the 12.04 installer17:44
RagnarokAngelit failed to install grub17:44
RagnarokAngeland when I did install grub on it it didn't autodetect anything.17:45
wrstoh that one RagnarokAngel :|17:45
RagnarokAngelthis thing loads all the way to the desktop and then I can't seem to interact with it at all.17:45
RagnarokAngelWelcome to linux mint. Everything you press on the keyboard or attempt to do with a mouse won't do anything.17:47
RagnarokAngelI've got a terminal!17:47
wrstRagnarokAngel: going better?18:23
RagnarokAngelnot really18:23
RagnarokAngelI'm getting a fail install of dconf-tools and that seems to be my solution.18:23
RagnarokAngelgdm is failing and the main issue.18:24
wrstRagnarokAngel: is this a fresh install?18:25
wrstthat's a pain!18:27
RagnarokAngelit seems mdm is screwing with it a bit?18:30
wrstRagnarokAngel: that's an odd one, what type of video card ?18:34
RagnarokAngelI think it's an ATI Radeon HD 425018:36
RagnarokAngelwhich is the integrated whatever on this laptop18:36
RagnarokAngeland pretty crap according to phoronix18:40
RagnarokAngelcinnamon has it's own config program?18:44
cyberangerhey RagnarokAngel, long time no see18:56
wrstRagnarokAngel: oh my cinnamon19:07
wrstcan you talk them into anything else?19:07
chris4585I think I have an radeon 4250 or close to it on my board, works on arch with the radeon driver19:08
chris4585yeah I have that19:10
cyberangercinnamon seems decent, but intel chip and I didn't like it enough to switch from openbox19:10
* chris4585 is currently using openbox19:10
wrstcyberanger: i just don't get what they are doing with cinnamon19:29
wrstthey could have easily done everything they do with extensions to gnome shell cinnamon is totally useless19:30
cyberangerwrst: gnome 2 replacement, without the gnome shell clutter19:30
Unit193MATE is Gnome2.19:30
wrstcyberanger: its a fork of gnome 3 doesn't it use clutter?19:30
cyberangerthat's the idea, seems like the original reason, they've gone beyond that now19:30
wrstbetter said its a fork of gnome-shell19:31
wrstits stupid19:31
wrsti can go to http://extensions.gnome.org and in a few minutes have nearly the same functionality and it doesn't constantly crash as I have heard cinnamon does19:31
wrstthe linux mint guys could have focused on extensions and done a lot better job than trying to fork something19:32
* wrst vents19:32
wrstsorry I just don't have much love at all for linux mint19:32
Unit193Though, LMDE+Xfce may get a short VM test, but I don't like that. :(19:34
wrstagain Unit193, why not just use debian testing with xfce? the DE of mint doesn't do much as far as drivers etc19:35
Unit193wrst: I have set it up like that, it's pretty nice except no Xfce 4.10. ;/19:36
wrstweird why not Unit193?19:36
wrstis that not in the debian testing repos yet?19:36
Unit193Unstable doesn't either. :/19:36
wrstUnit193: it was in arch like a day after it was released19:37
RagnarokAngelwrst: the arch way.19:53
wrstyep the non-stale package way :)19:57
* wrst notes that restarting windows services is a joke19:59
wrstwb netritious20:00
RagnarokAngelI think I'm just going to find a different distro.20:00
wrstRagnarokAngel: curious why not ubuntu?20:01
RagnarokAngelwrst: that installer fail happened twice.20:01
wrstohh RagnarokAngel does have to be a more easy to use distro? thinking debian might be something worth trying20:02
RagnarokAngelwrst: installing grub manually is not on my to-do list20:02
wrstthats why i was thinking debian?20:02
RagnarokAngelI've never installed Debian, wrst.20:10
wrstRagnarokAngel: have you used the ubuntu  alternate installer?20:10
RagnarokAngelwrst: yeah I think so.20:11
wrstif you have, you have more or less used the debian installer i think the ubuntu alternate installer is pretty much a purple version :)20:11
RagnarokAngelah, not too big of a deal.20:11
RagnarokAngelI could grab that image while I'm at it20:11
RagnarokAngelhuh they even have live images now?20:12
wrstyeah don't know if they are official or not?20:12
RagnarokAngelI'm on debian.org and getting the mirrors20:13
RagnarokAngelI don't really want to deal with jigdo20:13
chris4585I think they are, but can't install from the live side or something like that20:13
chris4585maybe I'm thinking of a different distro20:14
wrstchris4585: i think there is something odd vs. most live cds20:14
wrstRagnarokAngel: i would suggest a net install image, less to download on the front end and you get the latest updates20:15
wrstif you are going debian stable it will be gnome2 which isn't bad either20:15
chris4585RagnarokAngel, do you know what part of the installer failed? have you tried an older version of ubuntu?20:19
RagnarokAngelchris4585: it was an error in the way it tried to install grub2. I'm unsure if an older version would fix20:21
chris4585very odd, but you never know20:22
RagnarokAngelI just feel bad handing someone unity...20:23
wrstRagnarokAngel: i really don't unity in 12.04 while not for me at all is a very good gui or at least i think so20:25
RagnarokAngelwrst: Yeah, you're probably right.20:26
chris4585oh, I would too in that case20:26
chris4585well there is fedora20:27
wrstoh me20:27
wrstor something like opensuse with kde is nice20:27
chris4585mint kde 13 I heard was good.. if you could get it to install20:28
RagnarokAngelI have mint with cinnamon 13. This thing is a pain and I want to just scrap it.20:29
RagnarokAngelAlso I'll probably be running point on any questions and I don't like KDE environments very much20:29
RagnarokAngelpersonal opinion20:29
wrstRagnarokAngel: can't argue there nothing wrong with kde either just not my thing20:30
chris4585I thought the laptop was for someone else or am I not understanding?20:30
RagnarokAngelit is20:30
wrstRagnarokAngel: what type of laptop is it?20:30
RagnarokAngelbut it's someone who doesn't know a lot and will definitely ask me questions regarding it's misuse.20:31
RagnarokAngelDell Inspiron M5030 wrst20:31
chris4585seems like linux isn't the answer here, just my opinion20:33
wrstchris4585: its one of those things that its not worth the effort if they are expecting windows some times20:33
chris4585yeah, I'd just put a boot leg xp or win7 on there and be done with it20:34
chris4585I mean, did I say that?20:34
wrstwell it probably has a COA anyway but yeah i agree chris458520:35
wrstwb... i think binarymutant :)21:32
wrstoh wait yep21:32
binarymutantty ty21:32
wrsthow are you doing binarymutant?21:32
binarymutantgood, trying to figure out why some of these xbmc plugins segfault21:33
binarymutantand having wifi issues21:35
netritiousthx wrst for the wb hours ago :P22:35
netritioushow's everyone?22:36
wrstgood netritious, how are you?22:58
wrstits irc, its timeless around here :)22:58
netritioustrue wrst. :)22:59
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wrstnetritious: had to add some much needed commas23:00
wrstok netritious this is totally off topic but everytime i check the news and see the entertainment section, which i have no clue why its news anyway, but its some star that we are supposed to care about let nude pics get away... you know if you don't went them to get out why do you take them?23:04
* wrst feels sure that neither he nor netritious will have this problem23:04
wrstall that once again makes this seem more appealing than ever: http://mars-one.com/en/23:06
netritiousit's just for publicity, you know that wrst23:07
wrstwell of course thats why i let those pics out... no wait!!!23:07
wrstnetritious: i just don't understand the general public's obsession with "stars"23:08
wrsti mean come on we are smarter and twice as sexy23:08
binarymutantTheyre the american royalty23:08
wrstsorry netritious, long hot day i think i may have fried some brain cells23:08
wrstohhh binarymutant don't get me started on the snooty royalty in the mother country :)23:09
wrstanyway binarymutant enough of my brain cell-less rattling how are you doing?23:10
Unit193"I don't want to live on this planet anymore"23:10
wrstUnit193: here you go: http://mars-one.com/en/23:11
binarymutantId think the.moon would be first23:12
Unit193wrst: I saw that movie, didn't end well.23:12
Unit193Also, who knows where that quote is from?23:12
binarymutantNot me23:12
wrsti have no clue Unit193, i was just wanting to truck you off to mars23:12
Unit193Yeah, still not far enough for most people...23:13
wrstwell Unit193 if it helps i want to go too23:14
Unit193Still too many people for me.23:14
wrstoh wow23:15
wrstthat hurt!23:15
Unit193Not you it didn't. :D23:17
wrstgood point :) catch everyone later23:18
netritiouscya wrst23:25

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