RAOFHi, yo.06:19
mlankhorstRAOF: did you get anywhere with -core?06:25
RAOFmlankhorst: Yup. Pushed a patch to lightdm to add that; we can drop 100_rethrow_signals06:26
mlankhorstfeel free to upload server-core then, I should probably update intel to 20.1 first and then the rest needd06:35
mlankhorstneeds xorg-server-core >= 13rc1 for building06:35
RAOFmlankhorst: Will do.06:48
mlankhorstRAOF: ok intel updated to 2.20.1 :-)06:58
mlankhorstwant a copy of all the *.orig.tar.gz I have?06:58
RAOFI'm happy to uscan --download-current-version.07:02
RAOFOf course, I'm *also* happy to accept git repositories with pristine-tar branches, so git-buildpackage Just Works™ ;(07:02
mlankhorstoptimist :P07:03
mlankhorstRAOF: but openchrome needs love, there was already a openchrome 0.3.0 in hardy which might have been optimistically numbered like that07:04
mlankhorstok pushed cirrus to 1.5.1, seems a new release was amde in the last time I looked with the build fix07:08
RAOFWe also need to update the proto first, right? We don't have the necessary proto in quantal or -proposed yet?07:09
mlankhorstprobably I think some were pushed07:10
mlankhorstx11proto-dri2, x11proto-gl, x11proto-randr07:10
mlankhorstdri2 needs 2.807:11
mlankhorstgl 1.4.1607:11
RAOFAh, and a bunch of them are in Debian experimental, and can be syncd. But that needs me to manually flick the switch.07:11
mlankhorstrandr 1.4.007:11
RAOFdri2 hasn't been updated in Debian yet, but that can be done.07:12
mlankhorstrest I'm unsure about, those were the ones I encountered at least :-)07:12
jcristaui can probably push dri2proto to experimental if that helps07:12
mlankhorstI bumped all the standards-versions to 3.9.3 too mostly07:13
RAOFOh, *arse*. We've got some ungodly x11proto-randr version from 2010 that claims to be 1.407:13
jcristauthat + should have been a ~07:14
mlankhorstyeah it's fun07:14
mlankhorstopenchrome has the same issue with hardy07:15
jcristaui uploaded it as at the time to avoid just this :)07:15
RAOFTime for a sourceful upload of Debian syncage!07:15
jcristaumlankhorst: hmm?  xserver-xorg-video-openchrome | 1:0.2.901-0ubuntu4 |         hardy | source, amd64, i38607:15
mlankhorstjcristau: launchpad refused 0.3.0 though07:16
mlankhorstjcristau: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/hardy/i386/xserver-xorg-video-openchrome/0.3.0-0ubuntu207:17
RAOFYeah, that's the epoch.07:17
mlankhorstso you need to fudge around with that one to make it work07:17
jcristauah, yeah, ok.07:17
jcristaujust wait for 0.3.1 :p07:18
jcristaushouldn't take more than a year07:18
mlankhorstor just call it fakesync1 and append that to orig.tar.gz07:18
mlankhorstnobody said it would have to be because of debian a fakesync is required >:D07:19
mlankhorstbut yeah the mess with openchrome was worse in multiple ways. I did get it to switch from git-svn to git though.07:21
RAOFjcristau: Pushing dri2proto to experimental *would* help a bit; you still up for it?07:42
jcristauRAOF: yeah, looking at it now, see #d-x :)07:43
ricotzmlankhorst, hi, is 1.13rc2 suppose to land in quantal this week?08:44
mlankhorstthink so08:45
ricotzi see :)08:45
ricotzis there already any news about any compatible nvidia blob?08:46
mlankhorstnah it tends to lag behind08:46
ricotzi know, aaronp mention 304.x is suppose to get support08:47
mlankhorstno prime though :p08:47
ricotzbut uploading 1.13 will break for quite some people with a new one08:48
mlankhorstbut maybe those changes will finally force nvidia to coexist with other drivers08:48
mlankhorstyeah you're right, it most likely stays crap :p08:58
ricotzbut way better than fglrx ;P09:01
mlankhorstI don't know if I want to word it like that09:01
jcristauricotz: like that's hard09:01
mlankhorstany bets on whether fglrx will have something before the Q release that's compatible?09:02
jcristaumlankhorst: i thought usually they manage to have something a week before the ubuntu release09:02
mlankhorstbut with s3tc package installed I'm getting more luck with r600 nowadays09:05
mlankhorstRAOF: how is uploading going?10:28
RAOFmlankhorst: It's not really, at the moment :)11:42
RAOFmlankhorst: Got as far as the proto stuff, and then had to go to pilates, have dinner, etc ;)11:43
mlankhorstok, I'm just taking a closer look at the precise x server, see if I can fix that issue or if it it's too much work :)11:43
mlankhorstjust noticed I forgot to kill a patch that was upstream so uploaded that fix11:45
RAOFI'll finish off 1.13 uploading tomorrow.12:04
mlankhorstwow, first time in all my messing with X that I've seen the failsafe-X screen ;)12:06
mlankhorstRAOF: Yeah I just realized I should check if the gimp bug is also in x1.13 before I try to diagnose it further. Might safe me some work if it turns out to be a bug in upstream too.12:09
mlankhorstaw unfortunately it works12:23
mlankhorstRAOF: hm should I just drop it? The same patches work on x1.12, so likely it's caused by our weird backported input stack12:51
mlankhorstand x1.13 with gimp worked fine too12:51

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