Kiloshi magespawn et al06:11
magespawnhi Kilos, the sheep keeping you in the veld?06:11
Kiloslol no they still locked up till 9am06:11
Kiloshows your server upgrade magespawn ?06:13
magespawndone. now i am just removing software i am not using06:14
magespawnI have a piece of hardware that I am trying to identify.06:16
magespawnWill post a picture. brb06:16
inetprogood mornings06:23
magespawnhttp://ubuntuone.com/2fs6N8QoIt4o0uzMpgSxen <Kilos06:24
magespawnKilos google says it is a GSM router. Works as a modem for the pc and has an attachement for a normal telephone.06:29
magespawnMaaz tell Kilos http://ubuntuone.com/2fs6N8QoIt4o0uzMpgSxen06:31
Maazmagespawn: Sure, I'll tell Kilos on freenode06:31
magespawnMaaz tell Kilos [08:29] (magespawn) Kilos google says it is a GSM router. Works as a modem for the pc and has an attachement for a normal telephone.06:31
Maazmagespawn: Got it, I'll tell Kilos on freenode06:31
magespawnMaaz ty06:31
MaazYou are welcome magespawn06:31
magespawnMorning Squirm06:40
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zeref_worktumbleweed or superfly: I'm currently working on a small program in python and glade, program is nearly complete and i'd like to begin reading about packaging08:35
zeref_workAny good packaging guide you know?08:36
zeref_workthanks tumbleweed 08:44
tumbleweedI like that guide as it actually teaches you how to understand what's going on, rather than showing a sequence of instructions08:47
zeref_workoh forgot to mention, I'd like it to be cross platform as well08:50
tumbleweedpackaging varies wildly between distributions08:51
tumbleweedthe best you can do there is just to provide a working setup.py, so people can install from source08:52
tumbleweedthat makes packaging easier, too08:52
zeref_workso instead of .deb just put everythinging in tar.gz and .zip for Win?08:54
tumbleweedas well as08:54
tumbleweeddebs are far preferable for Debian/Ubuntu users08:54
tumbleweedand you can make an MSI installer for windows, although that gets quite tricky08:55
zeref_workhmmmm, I was initially thinking of making .deb, but then users  of Suse etc won't get, unless they use that alien software to convert to .rpm and such08:59
zeref_workbut if i guess if users of other disto's like it then they will put it into other formats09:00
Squirmzeref_work: you realease a .deb, but you also just put up the source as well09:10
Squirmso it's easy for apt users, but anyone still has access09:10
zeref_workyep, that's what i finally decided :-D, I'll deal with the packaging for windows later09:12
tumbleweedas long as the source is there, anyone can use it09:13
tumbleweedif you have tons of users who use Debian, providing debs will help them09:13
charlgood morning09:13
Maazcharl: By the way, inetpro on freenode told me "tell charl he should look at "Skype jumps the shark: Seven alternative VoIP services" http://www.zdnet.com/blog/networking/skype-jumps-the-shark-seven-alternative-voip-services/2488" 14 hours, 34 minutes and 17 seconds ago09:13
charlMaaz: coffee on09:13
* Maaz puts the kettle on09:13
charlMaaz: tell inetpro thanks for the link09:15
Maazcharl: Okay, I'll tell inetpro on freenode09:15
charlproblem is though, ekiga has insane latency, i think it's because they bounce their traffic off servers in the USA09:16
charlsounds like google talk is the only alternative then09:16
MaazCoffee's ready for charl!09:17
charlMaaz: thanks09:18
Maazcharl: Okay :-)09:18
charlso how's it going with the ballies09:18
inetprowb charl09:24
inetprocharl: I wish big corporates would stop buying out talent just to keep innovative solutions for their own benefit09:27
inetprolike for instance (IIRC) google employing the guy who did the development of voice over xmpp as part of pidgin09:29
zeref_workinetpro: that statement reminds me of a movie called anti-trust09:29
magespawnLater guys, going into the game reserve, going off line forna whole 3-4 hours lol.09:48
charlinetpro: i had an interview with google once, it was an absolute joke10:15
charlinetpro: you hear all these things about these amazing interview processes...10:15
charlinetpro: google gave me the worst interview i ever had in my entire life, no kidding10:15
charlinetpro: after that, they decided to not hire me anyway, so in addition, they wasted my time10:16
charlgave me some generic BS about getting back to me or something10:16
* tumbleweed had a fairly good interview with them, years ago10:17
tumbleweedand it took months and months before they got back to me. Apparently they're a bit faster these days, though10:17
charlwas that google ireland or the "proper" google in california?10:17
tumbleweedireland, yeah10:17
charlah interesting, and the interview was good?10:17
charlmy experience could not have been more opposite10:18
tumbleweedsure, I enjoyed it10:18
charlalso with ireland10:18
charlthe first thing they asked me was to convert a binary to a decimal, something like 110110:18
charlthen they asked me to convert a decimal to a hexadecimal10:18
charli literally did that back in high school10:18
tumbleweedok, that's just stupid10:19
charlwho doesn't know stuff like that, seriously!10:19
charli felt quite offended actually10:19
tumbleweedI got some really hard questions, at least one of which I couldn't answer10:19
charli mean, i sent them my CV, they know what my skill set is10:19
tumbleweedI assume you've read about the "interview anti-loop"? http://steve-yegge.blogspot.com/2008/03/get-that-job-at-google.html10:19
charlmaybe, dunno, looks like an old post10:20
tumbleweedit's a steve yegge post, which also means it'll take 4 hours to read10:20
charli had one question which was about how to write the most efficient algorithm to count the number of binary 1's in an integer10:21
charlthat was the only good question they asked me, although it's quite hard to answer if you don't know the constraints10:21
charllike programming language, architecture, etc10:22
charli came up with some way of doing it with shifts, then a compare and conditional increment, or something10:22
charlthere was another question which i can remember that i still couldn't believe10:22
* tumbleweed can't remember the questions I got10:23
tumbleweedcounting 1s is vaguely familiar, but that could have been elsewhere too10:23
tumbleweedthe general approach to questions like that is to start stating the constraints yourself10:23
charlthey asked me to arrange in order of how quick they are to access: register, context switch, main memory and magnetic disk10:23
tumbleweedand you'll be corrected if you pick a poor constraint (hopefully)10:23
charlthat is just plain insulting seriously10:23
tumbleweedmaybe they'd had some poor applicants recently10:24
charlyeah i don't know10:24
* tumbleweed isn't easily insulted by things liek that10:24
charlbut i got quite pissed10:24
charlit's like they haven't even went to the trouble of reading my resume or something10:24
charlon the one side, i don't want to be arrogant, but i take my trade seriously10:24
tumbleweedbut really, only the first interviewer should be probing at things after that10:24
tumbleweed*like that10:25
tumbleweedafter that, the other interviewers should have chatted to the ones before them10:25
charli got phoned by a couple of different people, all with heavy irish accents10:25
charlbut fine, i got an accent myself, so i'm not one to point any fingers10:25
tumbleweedphone interviews are hard. both ends are usually on speaker-phone, and you can hardly hear each other10:26
charli did find it hard to understand the first guy though10:26
charli found the same10:26
charlthe first time they phoned me it was so bad i couldn't hear them, then they phoned me back on a different phone, at least i could hear them10:26
tumbleweedin-person is nicer, but often also a slog, but a day of back-to-back hour-long interviews is exhausting10:27
charlat first they wanted to place me at some data centre in the netherlands, next they wanted to push me into development10:27
tumbleweederr I appear to have repeated myself10:27
charlcompletely weird10:27
charlok lemme carry on with work...10:28
inetprothe big thing about big corporates is that there is often way to much internal politics that ends up stifling any kind of innovation11:05
Symmetriahey, can someone gimme some commandline scripting help here, because Im 2 bloody tired to remeber it, if I wanna do something like for i in {1..20}; do echo $i multipled by 5 = {$i*5}; done 11:07
Symmetriawhat is the syntax for that multiplication?11:07
Symmetrialol never mind found it11:10
tumbleweedecho $((5 * 2))11:11
inetprohmm... 11:12
inetproin linux you get seq while in freebsd I normally use jot for counting in a loop11:12
inetpronot sure whether you can do the * 5 with those11:16
tumbleweedyes you can11:17
Symmetriafor i in {0..20}; echo $[$i*5]; done11:17
tumbleweed$[] is a bashism. use $(())11:17
inetprofor i in {1..20}; do echo $i $(($i * 5));done11:18
tumbleweedalthough {x..y} is a zshism, I'm assuming11:18
Symmetriawell, that command I just gave works fine for a quick command on both linux and mac, both running bash 11:20
Symmetria*shrug* but can use either11:20
Symmetriaheh, just need commands to help quickly generate configs for 200 switches :p11:20
Symmetriaheh, the dhcp config we generated last night was 800 lines long and isnt done yet :(11:20
inetproseq 0 5 10011:20
Symmetriaanyway I gotta go, gotta get back to the campus so we can start all over again *sigh* 5am got back to the hotel last night, and will do the same tonight 11:21
inetproor rather 'seq 5 5 100' to start with 511:21
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inetprooh BTW, you also get the GNU gseq on FreeBSD as part of coreutils11:33
Trixar_zaBut what if you don't use the full coreutils?11:40
Trixar_za(and use mostly BusyBox instead)11:41
inetproTrixar_za: then you tell them busybox guys to include seq in the distro :-)11:47
Trixar_zaBtw, I may have had a crowning moment of awesome at 3AM this morning. My Cellphone charger broke and any attempts to rewrite didn't work.11:47
Trixar_zaSo I ended up stripping the female terminal's plastic casing and resoldering the wires directly on to the old soldering points11:48
Trixar_zaThen I encased it in putty and wrapped it in insulation tape. Tada, working charger.11:48
Trixar_zaBtw, Busybox seems to have a seq command11:49
Trixar_zaPrint numbers from FIRST to LAST, in steps of INC.11:49
Trixar_zaFIRST, INC default to 1.11:49
inetprothat's the one11:50
tumbleweedcoreutils is a GNU thing, though. You can't expect it to be there on other OSs11:50
Trixar_zaKind of expansive, so you have to search the page :P11:51
inetprothe -w is actually very handy as well11:52
inetproas in: seq -w 5 5 10011:52
Trixar_zaAh, it adds a 0 at the start11:53
Trixar_zaWell, zeroes11:53
Trixar_za005, 010, etc11:53
Trixar_zaMost Busybox tools are stripped down coreutils tools, so not everything always works11:53
Trixar_zaHmmm, the new changes to Busybox looks interesting11:57
Trixar_zaTelnet daemon, although I do have the ftp daemon already11:58
Trixar_zabetter man command support11:58
tumbleweedit has a *lot* of cool things11:59
tumbleweedbut most people build a fairly small subset of them11:59
Trixar_zaWell, SliTaz uses most of it's functionality. Tazpanel uses Busybox's built in http daemon with the help of ash scripts to set most things.12:02
Trixar_zaBut I do like how Busybox is becoming more and more complete as it goes12:02
Trixar_zaEven the Debian Netboot (and Ubuntu Mini) uses it :P12:03
Trixar_zaI just discovered the wonder known as yes12:04
Trixar_zaWhich is just basically a loop that prints 'y' the whole time12:04
tumbleweednot entirely useful, that12:05
Trixar_zaOnly with scripts and programs you can pipe it to I guess12:05
tumbleweedmost programs you'd use it with take a -y option12:06
Trixar_zaIt loops whatever you give it12:06
Trixar_zaIf I go `yes help` it loops help12:06
tumbleweedand in the vary rare cases where they don't, while true; do echo y; done isn't that bad12:06
Trixar_zaI admit, it is probably the least useful command ever12:07
Trixar_zaErik Andersen <andersen@codepoet.org>12:09
Trixar_za Tons of new stuff, major rewrite of most of the core apps, tons of new apps as noted in header files. Lots of tedious effort writing these boring docs that nobody is going to actually read.12:09
Trixar_zaFunny, I actually did read his docs12:09
Trixar_zaWhat is lzop?12:11
inetproand back to the question of Symmetria, you can actually the following as well12:12
inetprofor i in {5..100..5};do echo $i;done12:12
inetprowould probably be faster than calling seq12:12
inetproTrixar_za: lzop is a compressor similar to gzip12:15
inetproaptitude install lzop12:15
Trixar_zarun-parts can be useful. You can use it to run daemon scripts in /etc/init.d/ - or where-ever you put them12:16
Trixar_zaThat way you don't need to have it scripted, you just move the file to enable/disable it12:16
Trixar_zaSorry, thinking out loud12:19
Trixar_zaHa and I just worked out how to set the hardware clock based on localtime rather than UCT!12:21
Trixar_zaUniversal Central Time - Not the University :P12:21
Trixar_zahwclock -wl12:22
superflyThe abbreviation is UTC12:30
Trixar_zaClose enough12:31
Trixar_zaDebian makes it simple to switch over from UTC to Localtime12:32
Trixar_zaBut it's really simple once you work it out using hwclock12:32
Trixar_zajust a change from -u to -l12:33
Trixar_zaHi Kilos12:53
Kiloshi Trixar_za 12:53
Kiloslooooooong day without power12:53
Kiloshiya maiatoday all well girl?12:54
Kiloshey superfly wb12:54
maiatodayhi Kilos12:54
maiatodaywell thanks and you?12:54
Kilosgood ty12:55
Kiloshows the thesis thing coming maiatoday ?12:55
Kilosyou winning i hope12:55
inetproMaaz: coffee on13:01
inetprowb Kilos13:01
* Maaz puts the kettle on13:01
Kilosty inetpro 13:04
KilosMaaz, coffee please13:05
MaazKilos: Yessir13:05
MaazCoffee's ready for inetpro and Kilos!13:05
Kilosgood bot13:05
KilosMaaz, ty13:05
MaazYou are welcome Kilos13:05
inetproMaaz: tks13:15
MaazFor you I killa de bull13:15
Trixar_zaHehehe, anti-bulls supporter13:16
Kiloshopefully sharks supporter13:17
Trixar_zaOnly when they play against the Blue Bulls13:17
Trixar_zaThat was an epic win13:17
Kilosno i was in toti too long to support anyone else unless its against overseas opponents13:18
Kilostheir last win against the reds was good too13:18
Kilosall you clever guys, what can one use instead of that special grease on a cpu for the heat sink to stick13:19
Trixar_zaYou mean thermal paste?13:21
Kilosya that stuff13:21
Trixar_zaNot sure, except to use liquid cooling13:23
Trixar_zagoogle brings up this: http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/329905-28-easy-alternative-thermal-paste13:24
Trixar_zaWhich is just home made thermal paste13:24
tonberryE352temporary or permanent?13:24
Kilospermanent , i dont wanna buy a whole tube for one cpu13:25
tonberryE352no one in your area with a tube?13:26
Kilosone pc repair man said he uses tooth paste13:26
Kilosno tonberryE352 we miles outa town13:26
Kiloshaha just looked at the link and it says toothpaste as well13:28
Kiloswonder why mint flavour is better13:29
Trixar_zaIt shouldn't matter. It recommends using something like milk of magnesium with the toothpaste though13:31
Trixar_zaStill not a good replacement for thermal paste, but I have heard of people using toothpaste in a pinch and not having trouble13:31
Kilosyeah i see, this other guy used plain toothpaste13:31
Kilosmilk of magnesia is if the cpu gets heartburn13:32
Trixar_zaWhat I do remember the one friend of mine did was use a little of the old paste and mixed it with the toothpaste13:33
Trixar_zaWhich he then applied. So it was really a toothpaste/thermal paste mix13:33
Kiloswow its hard as a rock13:33
Kilosbeen there years13:33
Kilosim using the heatsink off a P2 cpu13:34
Trixar_zaRight. Time for Diplomacy (aka kicking ass in such a way that the person actually wants you to kick them)14:04
Kilossome peeps are kinky and will ask for more14:04
Trixar_zaIt's like that song, Sweet Dreams (or whatever it's called)14:05
Trixar_zaSweet Dreams are made of these, who am I to disagree? I travel the world and the seven seas; everybody is looking for something. Some people want to abuse you, some people want to be abused by you 14:06
Trixar_zaor something like that14:06
Trixar_za<--- did it from memory14:06
Kilosdoes thermal paste dry hard tween the cpu and heatsink14:16
tonberryE352depends on the paste14:19
tonberryE352usually it dries a bit14:20
tonberryE352but not entirely14:20
tonberryE352if you are thinking about keeping the heatsink there with thermal paste14:20
tonberryE352forget it14:20
Kilosoh then this stuff on the p2 cpu wasnt thermal paste then14:20
tonberryE352some of the older ones use a more gluelike paste14:20
Kilosalmost like a double side tape kinda sticker thing14:21
tonberryE352thermal pad14:21
Trixar_zaOh, I remember that glue-like paste14:21
Trixar_zaYou sometimes had to scrape it off to replace14:21
tonberryE352if i recall correctly14:21
Kiloshaha i thought it was some irc client or something14:22
Kilosty tonberryE352 14:22
Kilosthis must be a pad.. wonder if there is a way to remove it without breaking it14:23
=== Trixar_za is now known as Trix[a]r_za
=== Trix[a]r_za is now known as Trixar_za
Trixar_zaAh ha14:36
Trixar_zaI think I have a proper analogy14:37
Trixar_zaMoving to SliTaz is like moving from a Big City to a small Old American West town14:37
Trixar_zaIF tank is back14:40
Trixar_zaAnd it is14:40
Trixar_za[13:31:51] [hylian] This is why I use ubuntu. I love your ditro, but if it isn't going to give me a desktop easily, or have some decent support, then it will die. I like slitaz, I don't want it to die. Please consider my words of advice. [20:37:36]14:41
Trixar_zaTrying to figure out a good analogy to explain why THIS is an unfair statement14:41
Trixar_zaUsing a small old west towm analogy seems good14:42
Trixar_zaWhere members of the community has to take on multiple roles and if you take time to let it grow on you, you'll end up prefering the adventure and beauty of non-city view14:43
charlhi Squirm 15:15
charllong time no speak to15:15
confluencyIt's all fun and games until you discover that your picturesque small town doesn't have electricity, flush toilets or antivenom. ;)15:15
charlthat's exactly the issue15:16
charl(i grew up in a city but a fairly remote one)15:16
Squirmconfluency: what small town?15:17
Trixar_zaLike charl. That is the issue. People assume there should be electricity, flush toilets and anti-venom, but in a really old west town, that may not exist. So a tourist comes along, points it out loudly and wonders why he's getting shot at.15:17
confluencyI don't think shooting at people for pointing out that you are lacking some useful amenities is very constructive.15:18
charlpeople who live in small towns often have a "small" mentality15:19
charlfrom my experience15:19
* Squirm looks at charl15:20
SquirmI live in a small town15:20
charlSquirm: me too :P15:20
Trixar_zaYes, but it fits the analogy. Small Linux distributions are like that. Especially when newbies point out what's wrong with something publicly.15:20
Trixar_zaThat's how flamewars start15:20
Squirmcharl: where abouts?15:20
charlSquirm: i'm somewhat private about where exactly i live15:21
charlSquirm: it's a city with about 80K people though15:21
Trixar_zaor should I say, a long drop might work just as well as a flush toilet. Hell, even science tells us that's how we're meant to poop.15:21
charlnot exactly small but small enough15:21
Squirm<charl> Squirm: me too :P15:21
Squirm<charl> Squirm: it's a city with about 80K people though15:21
Squirm80k >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> small15:21
confluencyWhen it comes to minority distros, the metaphorical settlers are often members of a fringe sect who want to get away from established settlements for ideological reasons.15:21
charllol ok please tell me how many people are in the town where you live15:21
charli am dying to know now15:21
confluencyI'm sorry I started an argument about real small towns. o_O15:22
Squirmand charl, it's a city with 80k people, it'd be damn hard to find you15:22
charlno it's actually quite easy (if you know the address) lol15:22
charlif you want large, go to london15:23
charli spent a week there once15:23
Trixar_zaYeah, but small communities stick together too. Everybody knows everybody else. So they don't take well to people calling their town bad names or attacking their neighbors hard work (since in small communities you often have to do more than one job).15:23
SquirmI lived there for 6 months15:23
Squirmcharl: Google Maps, -28.812811,29.54041215:23
Trixar_zaI also think this analogy has jumped the shark15:23
Squirmcharl: I'm not asking for your address, curious as to what town15:23
tonberryE35280000 a city?15:24
charlSquirm: so you are not kidding! you are literally in the middle of nowhere15:24
SquirmWinterton is a hole15:24
charlSquirm: just east of nowhere and south of ****-knows :P15:24
charltonberryE352: it's over 9000!15:25
charlsorry mandatory meme joke15:25
tonberryE352more or less everything is15:26
Kiloshehe ask inetpro how many peeps in the town he came from in northern natal15:26
Kilosmethink 1000 is a lot15:26
Kilosand utrecht was the same15:26
SquirmKilos: you can see my town :P15:27
Trixar_zaMind you, doesn't help that the founder of the town is an anarchist15:27
Kilosbut everyone knows everyone15:27
KilosSquirm, i have been to winterton15:27
Trixar_zaHe even sneaked it into the name. Google Temporary Autonomous Zone15:27
Kilosafternoon confluency nice to see you still going on15:28
confluencyReports of my demise were greatly exaggerated.15:28
Kilosha ha ha'15:28
Squirmgoing to supper + squash15:31
Kilosenjoy Squirm 15:32
Trixar_zabbl 2 I guess15:48
=== Trixar_za is now known as Trix[a]r_za
zerefo0, apologies16:24
Kilosyo canstudy17:24
Kilosoops Cantide 17:24
Cantidethat's my alter-ego17:25
CantideGood evening, KiloStudy ( 1000 x study? )17:25
Kilosyeah hehe17:25
Kilosearly night for me. sleep tight all of you17:35
magespawnGood evening all.19:47
magespawnNight all.20:17
inetproyou guys talk about small towns and then?20:37

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