nkei0brb, system update is telling me I need to reboot again, perhaps that will fix mine. :?00:00
BarkingFishescott, I don't suppose you would be able to help me and Demon|Ubuntu, would you?00:00
escottBarkingFish, haven't been following it.00:00
BarkingFishI apologise for bugging people, but we're so close now that I can almost smell it.  I am just stuck on the last stage of what we need to do.00:00
genii-aroundchrisdku: Does lsmod | grep nv    show the nvidia driver is loaded now?00:01
ghostchickgld1982ltd, i missed your pms00:01
BarkingFishokay, escott - tldr version.  Demon|Ubuntu has a wifi device not being picked up, i've found the module and we have it loading on boot - all we need to do is edit /etc/modules.conf to put an install line in it for the device to pick up.00:01
riexHello. Someone here how knows how to fix this error. "Module libbnctcl.la could not be loaded: file not found" <- I got that directly from the sbnc log.00:01
chrisdkugenii-around: I ran the command you said to and installing an lbm header package00:01
chrisdkuI looked up the other one it showed and I had it installed00:01
BarkingFishIt's a pci wifi, escott - Intel Centrino Wireless N 1000, VPID 8086:0084, which needs iwl4965 to run00:02
genii-aroundchrisdku: Good, you want the one which matches your running kernel, then the nvidia driver can build00:02
chrisdkuI purged the nvidia current and reinstalled it with apt get but I didn't do the header until just now, will it run hopefully on reboot still?00:02
chrisdkugenii-around: or should i purge and reinstall once more00:02
delaccan anyone explain me why LANGUAGE or LANG would override time format set by LC_TIME in locale?00:02
genii-aroundchrisdku: If the nvidia-current did not finish because no headers, you have to do the sudo apt-get install --reinstall nvidia-current00:02
BarkingFishi know how to do the lines in modules.conf for a USB device, escott - but not for pci devices00:03
chrisdkugenii-around: it said everything went ok, let me reboot00:03
escottBarkingFish, so do you need a udev rule?00:03
BarkingFishI don't know, escott - this is the problem.00:03
ghostchickgld1982ltd, thanks and the same , keep on the roll of any advances00:03
chrisdkugenii-around: also I ran the command again for the headers and it shows both files still, don't know why, theyre both installed from what i can see00:03
chrisdkugenii-around: don't mind how newb I'm sounding, I'll let this boot up and I'll use the command you stated00:03
BarkingFishWhen I set my wifi up, i did mine through ndiswrapper, which automatically wrote the alias for the device, and the modules.conf to install it00:03
BarkingFishWe have the driver installed now, it's in lsmod, we just need to get the alias for the device set up, and get a line in the modules.conf for it00:04
escottBarkingFish, i think a udev rule would be the best way. check /lib/udev/rules.d/* for templates and then add a custom rule to /etc/udev/rules.d00:04
BarkingFishok, let me take a look.00:05
kroakenIs there any way of add new fresh repositories with more apps to apt-get app?!?00:05
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chrisdkugenii-around: that lsmod command shows two things nv_tco and sata_nv. thats it. I loaded back into my desktop and my resolution is huge. None of the additional drivers say activated00:05
chrisdkubut theres like a million dif ones00:05
chrisdkugenii-around: well like 500:05
BarkingFishSorry for the delay Demon|Ubuntu - I'm working as fast as I can manage here, and I hope you're not inconvenienced by the length of time this is taking.  I will get this working, if it kills me, and in this heat, that's a possibility :D00:05
BarkingFishthanks escott - I'll check that now00:06
* kroaken Is there any way of add new fresh repositories with more apps to apt-get app?!?00:06
bzkroaken: man sources.list00:06
genii-aroundchrisdku: So the nvidia driver is not loaded, just the other two for your chipset on motherboard. If you have the headers for your kernel installed, then to do the command i gave earlier to reinstall the nvidia-current00:06
chrisdkugenii-around: k00:06
nkei0escott, I'm having some issues with my wireless too, if you don't mind.  I had my wireless working fine (broadcom chip) using ndiswrapper before.  Upgraded a few packages (was like 130 didn't check them) and now my wlan0 doesn't even show up in iwconfig.  The broadcom chip does still show up on lspci though00:07
BarkingFishescott, which template would I need?  75-net-description.rules?00:07
escottnkei0, i think my knowledge of networking related stuff is being oversold00:07
escottBarkingFish, maybe... its not something i've ever done.00:07
BarkingFishnkei0, I can help you with ndiswrapper in a moment00:07
escottBarkingFish, although it seems to be one line after being generated "SUBSYSTEM=="net", ACTION=="add", DRIVERS=="?*", ATTR{address}=="48:5b:39:8c:06:b8", ATTR{dev_id}=="0x0", ATTR{type}=="1", KERNEL=="eth*", NAME="eth0"00:08
MonkeyDustkroaken  sudo apt-get update for the latest content of the repos00:08
BarkingFishcan you just tell me if ndiswrapper still knows your device is there, nkei0 - try ndiswrapper -l on the terminal00:08
escottBarkingFish, thats for my eth000:08
BarkingFishoh wow.00:08
nkei0BarkingFish, Yes, it does show it.00:08
escottBarkingFish, other than ATTR{address} being the MAC i don't really know what the rest means00:08
kroakentkx MonkeyDust00:09
chrisdkugenii-around: only thing that stuck out is it said -original module - no original module exists within the kernel. not sure if thats good or bad. The rest look great. rebooting again00:10
BarkingFishnkei0, could you just try from a terminal:  sudo modprobe -r ndiswrapper   and then wait a moment, and run sudo modprobe ndiswrapper00:10
kroakenbut MonkeyDust are there any good reps to add to the list ?00:10
kroakenonce i got a url with the universal ones00:10
BarkingFishDemon|Ubuntu, still working for you this end, please bear with me :)00:10
kroakenbut i lost it, they were 2 urls only00:10
MonkeyDustkroaken  the repos are the repos, like the moon is the moon00:10
Demon|Ubuntui have plenty to keep me busy ;)00:10
subz3r0escott, sorry for the delay. here you go: http://www7.pic-upload.de/25.07.12/sy3rwlgu1ms.png00:11
chrisdkugenii-around: same results, big desktop, should I not click the activate button in additional drivers?00:11
genii-aroundchrisdku: No00:11
escottsubz3r0, so if you double click on "deactivated" i think it will let you edit that and you can enter the shortcut you want00:12
chrisdkugenii-around: ok00:12
genii-aroundchrisdku: Again to see if: lsmod | grep nv    shows nvidia00:12
Demon|Ubuntuthis line is in my /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules: SUBSYSTEM=="net", ACTION=="add", DRIVERS=="?*", ATTR{address}=="74:e5:0b:0d:6f:28", ATTR{dev_id}=="0x0", ATTR{type}=="1", KERNEL=="wlan*", NAME="wlan0"00:12
chrisdkugenii-around: same ones as before00:12
genii-aroundchrisdku: If not, then nouveau driver may be loading00:12
subz3r0escott no i cant. when i want to change it back to alt+print it makes Mod2+Alt L00:12
chrisdkugenii-around: so what do I do. I'm totally lost00:12
yaboohow does one redirect ports on ubuntu using ufw00:12
genii-aroundchrisdku: OK. So you need to prevent nouveau driver at boot00:12
ubottuA common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter00:13
Demon|Ubuntudoes that baffle u now BarkingFish ?00:13
escottsubz3r0, ok. you could get to the same options by going through gconf-editor, and typing the string value in. should appear under apps/metacity00:13
MonkeyDustyaboo  try ip-tables, but i guess ports are redirected in the router00:13
chrisdkugenii-around:  ok00:13
BarkingFisher, yes it does Demon|Ubuntu00:13
yabooMonkeyDust: ok00:14
chrisdkugenii-around: im hoping you're typing out how I do that haha, or I'm stuck00:14
genii-aroundchrisdku: Basically... put in /etc/default/grub   the line GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX="nomodeset"        then sudo update-grub     then sudo update-initramfs -u00:14
chrisdkugenii-around: yay, sec ill do that00:14
genii-aroundchrisdku: You need to open that first file with admin rights, etc00:14
subz3r0escott, tried it with dconf-editor before. no chance. will check gconf...00:14
BarkingFishDemon|Ubuntu, could you possibly edit that rules file please?00:14
genii-aroundchrisdku: afk again, back shortly00:15
chrisdkugenii-around: should I be in recovery console to do that00:15
escottsubz3r0, there are some weird differences between dconf and gconf editors, i havent yet figured out what is going on between the two but the settings all seem to end up in the same place00:15
Demon|Ubuntui have it open still, yes00:15
BarkingFishDemon|Ubuntu, where that file says: DRIVERS=="?*"  could you change that to DRIVERS=="iwl4*" and see if that makes a difference please?00:15
Demon|Ubuntuedited and saved00:16
BarkingFishI'm starting to get extremely sleepy now, so someone might need to take over from me in a moment.00:16
Demon|Ubuntulemme reboot rq and see what happens00:16
BarkingFishCould you now reboot please, Demon|Ubuntu - and let me know when you're back! Just ping me by typing my name in the channel :D00:16
escottBarkingFish, why would a more specific regex work when the global regex didn't. I would think something else in Demon|Ubuntu's line is wrong.00:17
BarkingFishI'm sorry guys, my epilepsy meds are kicking in and I'm starting to not think straight00:17
romy420Demon|Ubuntu / BarkingFish i still think that this wireless card needs another (newer) driver, so it's improbable that this nidswrapper thing will work here. look here, makes sense to me and the card is the same:00:17
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subz3r0escott, same here. but maybe you can tell me why I have two of the same entries? First line and last line are the same00:17
escottsubz3r0, i didn't notice that at first. yes strange00:18
subz3r0escott, as you can see on the screenshot. line 1-2 are the same as the last two00:18
BarkingFishromy420, if you're able to help the guy, be my guest.  I'm practically asleep here.00:18
escottsubz3r0, yeah i just saw german and skipped over it00:18
BarkingFishI've done my best for the dude, so if you want to take over - got for your life00:18
Demon|Ubuntuand i'm back00:18
BarkingFishAnd hello00:19
Demon|Ubuntustill no wireless extensions in iwconfig00:19
romy420never useed ndiswrappre but as ai said, seems to make sense, what is written there00:19
subz3r0escott, I've really no clue where this comes from. Maybe "old-stuff" from 10.10 or 11.04? since ive upgraded the system00:19
BarkingFishhe's not using ndiswrapper yet, romy42000:19
BarkingFishi'm still trying to get him to run on an inbuilt module00:19
chrisdkugenii-around: did what you said, updated grub and everything, now waiting for reboot x.x00:19
BarkingFishIf I was using ndiswrapper, I'd have had the dude up well over an hour ago00:19
romy420oh i missed that ... maybe we're on the same meds, but ... ot00:19
BarkingFishEpilim Chrono does strange things to you, romy42000:20
romy420right, u used the old intel driver00:20
nkei0BarkingFish, What are the advantages of an inbuilt module as opposed to ndiswrapper?00:20
escottsubz3r0, depending on how much configuration you stood to lose you could nuke .config00:20
romy420ok, not the same but i can imagine00:20
subz3r0escott, ?00:21
chrisdkugenii-around: same thing again, huge desktop. the command shows the same files again...00:21
BarkingFishnkei0, it's an inbuilt module. Using windows stuff to run linux things has some minor disadvantages, such as some parts of the device may not be supported, like rate setting and so on00:21
subz3r0escott, what will i lose then?00:21
BarkingFishromy420, I used the only one I could find which google suggested would work with the device00:21
escottsubz3r0, rm -rf ~/.gconf or ~/.config/dconf. you would lose basically all settings in dconf/gconf. next login they would be regenerated as if it were a new install00:21
BarkingFishiwl4965 is the only one I could physically locate00:22
romy420i think it should be iwlagn ... the device showed up as n1000intel wireless00:22
genii-aroundchrisdku: Very odd.00:23
ghostchickromy420,  not to say the obvious but did you tried in joker ?00:23
Demon|Ubuntuhow do i get that one and i'll try that00:23
BarkingFishDemon|Ubuntu, you already have it00:23
chrisdkugenii-around:  all I can say I did was I tried to uninstall all these drivers, corg this and xorg driver that, I just went into package manager and uninstalled them so I could cleanly install the nvidia current00:24
chrisdkugenii-around: dont know if I did anything by doing that00:24
subz3r0escott, will make a backup and try it. hopefully it will fix this issue. press your thumbs :) brb00:24
genii-aroundchrisdku: Are there any files in /etc/modprobe.d/    that have nvidia in the name?00:24
BarkingFishsimply sudo modprobe -r iwl4965 and then sudo modprobe iwlagn  << Demon|Ubuntu00:24
romy420ghosts do npt exist in my opinion :p00:24
chrisdkugenii-around: let me check00:24
escottsubz3r0, "press your thumbs" i guess thats a german expression... ill have to use that on people00:24
subz3r0cross your fingers ;)00:24
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romy420pls have a look at the page, it has something to do with diabling the wireless n mode via echoing something somewhere00:25
chrisdkugenii-around:  nvidia-current_hybrid.conf, and nvidia-graphics-drivers.conf00:25
romy420with the module loaded oc00:25
BarkingFishdruecken deine daumen :)  I haven't heard that expression for years, subz3r0 - the last time was on an episode of Tabaluga-tivi on KiKA00:26
subz3r0"drück die daumen"00:26
genii-aroundchrisdku: Can you please pastebin the contents of /etc/modprobe.d/nvidia-graphics-drivers.conf00:26
subz3r0anyway, will test it now. brb =)00:26
daniel__1is there a way i can compile windows files on linux in C++00:26
Demon|Ubunturebooting again, brb00:27
escottdaniel__1, the abi is different00:27
daniel__1is it possible at all or is that a definate no00:27
BarkingFishif this one doesn't work romy420 - I'm going to risk putting him onto ndiswrapper and see if we can get his wifi up this way round.00:27
BarkingFishThis is one of the reasons I got his device's VPID earlier, I need it to rig him up if all else goes south00:28
chrisdkugenii-around: pastebin.com/L8FjF5y900:28
nkei0Hrm.  Upgraded some packages.  Wireless no longer works.  Reinstalled ndiswrapper, reloaded driver.  Broadcom card shows on lspci, network manager still has my wireless connection details, wlan0 no longer shows on iwconfig.  What do?00:28
romy420good luck, BarkingFish00:28
escottdaniel__1, all things are possible (so long as the conservation of mass energy is followed), but pretty sure crosscompiling for windows is a "you don't want to go there"00:28
* Demon|Ubuntu sighs00:28
BarkingFishstill no joy?00:29
Demon|Ubuntuiwconfig: no wireless extensions00:29
Demon|Ubuntuand only shows lo and eth000:29
escottdaniel__1, but if you want to try this might start you on the path http://stackoverflow.com/questions/9556951/cross-compile-using-gnu-as-to-windows-executable-from-linux-box00:29
BarkingFishok, Demon|Ubuntu - do you have any downloaded software for windows, or any windows drivers available for that device?00:29
genii-aroundchrisdku: OK, that looks fine00:30
BarkingFishyou said the device works in windows though, right?00:30
Demon|Ubuntudunnon where the inf file is located at00:30
BarkingFishok. give me a moment, and i'm gonna do some jiggery pokery.  I will get this working tonight, i swear.00:31
genii-aroundchrisdku: Please pastebin result of: modprobe -l | grep nvidia00:31
chroothi, i use malloc allocate some mem for linked list, and then use free, how can check weather the mem is free or not?00:32
qasaur_So apparetnly00:33
subz3r0escott, well, the keys are set back... but i still have the entries twice... :(00:33
qasaur_My laptop is much slower in Ubuntu than it is in Windows00:33
chrisdkugenii-around: pastebin.com/cNdW089Z00:33
qasaur_could it be something to do with like the high performance setting in windows?00:33
BarkingFishDemon|Ubuntu, could you please download the drivers from Intel's download center, intended for windows XP... the link is: http://downloadcenter.intel.com/Detail_Desc.aspx?agr=Y&DwnldID=19851&ProdId=3229&lang=eng00:33
escottsubz3r0, odd. not sure where else it would be i thought gsettings backed into dcong00:33
qasaur_Perhaps there is a way to make the CPU go faster or the GPU00:33
BarkingFishsave them onto your desktop please00:33
genii-aroundchrisdku: Ok, that all looks fine00:34
Demon|Ubuntushouldn't i get the 64-bit version?00:34
subz3r0another funny thing is, when I use the Barrier-option to make the fonts bugger, it makes em smaller... uhhmm :/00:35
escottchroot, you don't segfault. thats how you know00:35
genii-aroundchrisdku: Do you have an xorg.conf?00:35
chrisdkugenii-around:  no idea00:35
BarkingFishactually, yes, that would be better since you're on a 64 bit machine00:35
BarkingFishI didn't spot that, sorry00:35
genii-aroundchrisdku: If so, it would be in /etc/X1100:35
BarkingFishas I said, sleepy :)00:35
Demon|Ubuntuis ok00:36
BarkingFishi'm gonna go get a drink of water and something to eat, be back in about 5 minutes or so00:36
chrisdkuya i have a xorg.conf and a failsafe and a backup00:36
Demon|Ubuntudoes it need to be the xp version?00:36
subz3r0this <censored> <censored> <censored. <censored> it... :/00:36
genii-aroundchrisdku: does:  grep nvidia /etc/X11/xorg.conf     show a result or return to prompt?00:36
subz3r0well, i'll use my backups :/00:37
BarkingFishyes, if that's ok, Demon|Ubuntu00:37
chrootescott: but my memory is 2G, when segfault happens, i need a very larg list00:37
chrisdku_genii-around: pastebin.com/0eENMNpZ      sorry internet hiccuped00:38
escottchroot, don't follow00:38
genii-aroundchrisdku: That looks fine too.00:39
romy420Demon|Ubuntu, this is also very interesting, looks like this is a quite common bug and different people report different solutions:00:39
ubottubugzilla.intellinuxwireless.org bug 2314 in wireless tools "Intel Centrino-N 1000 wireless not working on new kernel (3.0.0-1)" [Major,Reopened]00:39
chrisdku_genii-around: k00:39
Demon|Ubuntuam on 3.2 kernel00:39
Demon|Ubuntudownloaded Wireless_15.2.0_Dx64.exe00:40
chrootoh, escott, when i use free to free a list, the data field is assigned to zero, but i can still use the head pointer visit the list00:40
chrootthat is wired00:40
genii-aroundchrisdku: I am thinking to try:  ctrl-alt-f1   from your desktop. Then login, and: sudo modprobe nvidia-current&& sudo restart lightdm&& exit           then alt-f7   to login screen00:42
escottchroot, that is an invalid program. char * ptr=malloc(whatever); free(ptr); *ptr; is invalid code and has undefined behavior00:42
chrisdku_genii-around: doing it now00:42
nkei0christ this stupid wireless is annoying00:43
Demon|Ubuntunkei0, u think?00:43
chrisdku_genii-around: booted into the login with the proper resolution, whats next. I had horrible fps before too, would love to get this all solved in one go x.x00:43
genii-aroundnkei0: Especially Broadcoms00:43
chrootescott: you mean free(ptr), the result is that ptr is undefined value, unknow00:44
erealzhello hello00:44
Demon|Ubuntui think my intel has been worse00:44
b0nghittershould i have selected "host a virtual machine" during the ubuntu server 12.04 install if im going to be using Qemu? if so, what do i need to install other than qemu-kvm?00:44
genii-aroundchroot: login and see if desktop looks ok00:44
genii-aroundchrisdku_: ^00:44
genii-aroundtab-complete fail :-(00:44
chrisdku_genii-around: it does, but it had some weird crash in xfce panel00:44
chrisdku_genii-around: didn't show anything weird but it said something crashed00:45
nkei0genii-around, That's what I'm dealing with, ndiswrapper didn't have any issues setting it up if I remember correctly, but I messed up and clicked on the little icon to upgrade all the packages that had updates...  Now my wireless doesn't show up on iwconfig, card shows on lspci though.00:45
genii-aroundchrisdku_: OK, that's some other problem00:45
chrisdku_genii-around: k, ill ignore it for now00:45
chrisdku_genii-around: ill just load back into unity for now anyways, how can i check the driver is properly installed so i can then check the FPS00:45
chrisdku_genii-around:  ubuntu i mean not unity00:46
erealzis the BitchX irc client no longer in development ?00:46
escottchroot, ptr is an integer and is copied on the stack when passed to free. free dereferences (ie goes to memory location specified by that integer) and does its thing, but your copy of the integer is never touched. so you still have the integer ptr, but its value is now an invalid memory address reference. if you dereference ptr the behavior is undefined00:46
genii-aroundchrisdku_: It's still not loading automatically for some reason. We can force it to load by: echo nvidia-current | sudo tee -a /etc/modules     for the next load onwards00:46
wagoim looking to install the official nvidia drivers so i can get my quadro k2000m working... any reason i shouldnt on precise/12.04?00:46
chrisdku_genii-around: so I'll need to type it in every single time or that does it from here on out, why would it be doing this00:47
genii-aroundchrisdku_: I have to leave soon00:47
eph3meraldoes anyone know of a good *nix compatible HTTP request generator for GUI? node.js has something like this for CLI, but I'm hoping for something GUI00:47
genii-aroundchrisdku_: Just the one time, then every boot onwards the system will load it. But should do a reboot to make sure it takes00:47
escottchroot, you could certainly "char * ptr=malloc(); free(ptr); printf("char* at %i was just freed",ptr); that is perfectly legal and well defined00:48
chrisdku_genii-around: k rebooting00:48
BarkingFishDemon|Ubuntu, apologies for the delay, and thanks for your patience. Do you have that driver file downloaded now?00:48
Demon|Ubuntuyeah, executable sittin on my ubuntu desktop00:48
chrisdku_genii-around: how much longer until you leave00:48
chrootescott: ok, thanks very much, let me test it and understand it.00:48
genii-aroundchrisdku_: 10-12 minutes00:48
BarkingFishit's an executable?00:48
chrisdku_genii-around: k, so once its up again how do i know everything is how it should be, what command to check everything is running properly00:49
romy420executable = self extracting archive00:49
genii-aroundchrisdku_: the: lsmod | grep nvidia    should show it loaded00:49
gaelfxerealz: I think I heard something about it not being worked on any more, but I can't be sure. irssi is better anyhow ;)00:49
Demon|Ubuntusomething i'd have to run through wine00:49
BarkingFishyeah, I know what it is, romy420 - what I want is a driver only file00:49
genii-aroundchrisdku_: Either by the name nvidia or nvidia-current or nvidia_current00:49
sfearsDemon|Ubuntu: you shouldn't need any windows drivers00:50
romy420should be possible to open with archive manager00:50
BarkingFishDemon|Ubuntu, can you see if there is a file on there listed as driver only please, possibly one for IT00:50
chrisdku_genii-around:  did that command, got nvidia and some numbers00:50
romy420and ... yeah, iwlagn is the way to go00:50
chrisdku_genii-around:desktop looks good though00:50
escottchroot, one of the more challenging things about C is that 90% of the time use after free will work, and that 90% increases to like 99% when testing, but when it fails it fails horribly and unpredictably00:50
BarkingFishsfears, we've been trying with native drivers, and no dice. I was going to run him up on ndiswrapper - we tried iwlagn and iwl4965, neither run his device00:50
nkei0BarkingFish, Do you think my problem would be fixed if I tried using another program to manage my network instead of the default?  Or would that even matter since wlan0 doesn't show on iwconfig.00:51
genii-aroundchrisdku_: OK, cool. That's about as much as I can assist with today00:51
Demon|Ubuntuok, got a zip00:51
BarkingFishexcellent. Extract it and let's get you fired up.00:51
BarkingFishever used ndiswrapper before?00:51
chrisdku_genii-around: so that means the driver is properly loaded and working? the nvidia setting shows 302.17 in it00:51
Demon|Ubuntui have not00:51
sfearsi have used ndiswrapper00:51
genii-aroundchrisdku_: Yes, exactly00:51
sfearsback in ubuntu 7 & 800:52
chrisdku_genii-around: k thank you, not sure where to go from here with the low fps on games but ill figure it out eventually , at least it looks like a normal desktop again =)00:52
sfearsndiswrapper -i /home/user/driver.sys00:52
BarkingFishDemon|Ubuntu, ok - so you should now have the folder extracted, can you open it and check there's a .inf file in there please?00:52
sfearsthen modprobe something00:52
genii-aroundchrisdku_: You're welcome.. I hope the xfce panel crash and your low fps get sorted00:53
sfearsBarkingFish: Demon|Ubuntu i think you need the sys file not the inf00:53
BarkingFishsfears, it's a bit easier now, ndiswrapper does pretty much everything for you in about 5 commands00:53
chrisdku_genii-around: same =) have a good day00:53
BarkingFishsfears, I've been using ndiswrapper for about 10 years, you need the .inf file00:53
Demon|Ubuntuthere's quite a few of them00:53
BarkingFishtrust me on that.00:53
deadmundBarkingFish: is correct, you need the .inf and the .sys00:53
BarkingFishthe sys will be loaded by the .inf as part of the work00:54
deadmundBarkingFish: But the .sys needs to be there in the same folder right?00:54
bzBarkingFish: but but but ndiswrapper has only been around for 8 years00:54
deadmundBarkingFish has a time machine00:54
BarkingFish8 years, 10 years, who is counting.  it's 1.55 in the morning and i'm half asleep.00:55
bzyeah, i mean who cares? 2 years is nothing00:55
chroothi, escott , I have tested it00:55
BarkingFishbz - if you want to be a smart arse, you finish helping him :)00:55
chrootescott: i use gdb and after i free the ptr, i print the prt, the address is still ox804b008,00:56
Demon|Ubuntuguess the question now is what INF file?00:57
BarkingFishok, Demon|Ubuntu - here's what I want you to do.  in the terminal, type: sudo ndiswrapper -i /home/demonicpagan/Desktop/Disk/XP/Drivers/NETwNx64.INF00:57
trismchroot: free doesn't zero the pointer, that's up to you (and not really on topic in this room)00:58
BarkingFishright - next  sudo ndiswrapper -a 8086:0084 NETwNx6400:58
jwtiyarhow to remove installed app from PPA ?00:59
chrootso i think, the free(ptr) don't let the ptr to an undefined value, the ptr still exist, but when you allocate mem again, that mem can be used00:59
chroottrism, am i right?00:59
Demon|Ubuntuls: cannot access /etc/ndiswrapper/NETwNx64/: No such file or directory00:59
Demon|Ubuntudriver 'NETwNx64' is not installed (properly)!00:59
escottchroot, yes.. the address is not going to change. there just isn't anything there. think of it as a parking deck. you pull and ask for a parking spot so you can park your car (malloc). they give you a receipt (the pointer that is returned). when you are done working you come back and pick up your car and pay (free). you keep the receipt, but that doesn't mean you get to drive away the next car that parks in that spot00:59
sfearssyntax error Demon|Ubuntu00:59
jwtiyarhow to remove installed app from PPA ?01:01
BarkingFishok - looks like it might be a bad driver then - let's whip that out and try another driver.01:01
chrootescott: yes, agree, i understand it.01:01
BarkingFishcan you type  sudo ndiswrapper -e NETwNx64 please01:01
Demon|Ubuntucouldn't delete /etc/ndiswrapper/NETwNx64: No such file or directory01:01
BarkingFishok, so it's not installed at all.01:02
BarkingFishthis is odd.01:02
BarkingFishLet's try again.  sudo ndiswrapper -i /home/demonicpagan/Desktop/Disk/XP/Drivers/NETwNx64.INF01:03
romy420there seems to be another intel wireless driver around, ppl had success iwth this01:03
romy420modprobe iwlwifi 11n_disable=101:03
fishbaitevery time i switch worksapce it has no panels in gnome i just upgraded kernel if its pertenent01:04
Demon|Ubuntulol, driver netwnx64 is already installed01:04
BarkingFishthe file should be installing.  aha, that's why01:04
fishbaithow do i fix it?01:04
BarkingFishDemon|Ubuntu, now I know what it's done.01:04
Demon|Ubuntuok, what has it done?01:04
BarkingFishtry this: sudo ndiswrapper -a 8086:0084 netwnx6401:04
BarkingFishthe driver name has been decapitalised I think01:04
MK`Is there a way to tell which processes are in ram, and which are in swap?01:05
Demon|UbuntuWARNING: Driver 'netwnx64' will be used for '8086:0084'01:05
Demon|UbuntuThis is safe _only_ if driver netwnx64 is meant for chip in device 8086:008401:05
escottMK`, the question isn't meaningful. processes aren't in RAM. pages are.01:05
BarkingFishIt shouldn't be telling you that. Chances are I've asked you to assign the wrong driver.  There are others, it's possibly the L driver instead of the N.01:06
BarkingFishThat means the id of your device is not in the INF file01:06
BarkingFishcan you run sudo ndiswrapper -e netwnx64 please01:06
MK`escott: Ah... I was using several programs and it started using swap. Now my ram is mostly free but swap is still in use, was wondering if I should do anyting01:06
jwtiyarhow to remove installed app from PPA ?01:07
fishbaitevery time i switch worksapce it has no panels in gnome i just upgraded kernel if its pertenent how do i fix this and it won't keep across boots01:07
sfearsjwtiyar: try to rephrase your question01:07
BarkingFishok, now we try one of the other drivers, Demon|Ubuntu - can you run sudo ndiswrapper -i /home/demonicpagan/Desktop/Disk/XP/Drivers/NETwLx64.INF01:07
romy420jwtiyar, do sudo apt-get remove <appname>01:07
jwtiyarromy420, i installed it from ppa its not official01:08
romy420should work anyway01:08
MK`jwtiyar: you can remove them the say way as any other application, with apt-get remove. if you want to remove the PPA itself, you can do that via the software center. That won't remove the software though, you'd need to do both01:08
MK`It will work.01:08
Demon|Ubuntusame thing for the lx6401:08
Demon|Ubuntugave that safe _only_ message01:08
BarkingFishso neither of them are working...01:09
escottMK`, not really. it will pull pages out of swap when needed01:09
* BarkingFish sighs deeply and headbutts his keyboard 01:09
BarkingFishok, I'll check the inf files out myself, give me a moment please01:09
hypertzi just forgot my password01:09
hypertzi dont have root access01:09
jwtiyarMK`, when i used apt-get remove package said package not found and write package name correctly01:09
hypertzon my VPS01:09
hypertzis there something i can do01:09
MK`thanks escott01:10
jwtiyarMK`, its  not exist in  software center01:10
MK`jwtiyar, is it still installed then? Can you run it?01:10
jwtiyarMK`, yes01:10
MoleManhypertz: if you have no access you will have to contact your host for support, they should know how to sort it and be able to do so for you01:11
MK`jwtiyar: All PPAs and their applications should be listed under the "Get Software" part of the Software Center, with an entry for each PPA01:11
MK`under "For Purchase"01:11
romy420easy to install, hard to remove .. if this was a windows machine .... :)01:11
jwtiyarMK`, thank you i found it01:12
MK`jwtiyar: you're welcome01:12
joosenI need to know that the best os of linux is ?01:13
joosenSomeone tell me.01:13
ResQueis it just me, or is this the buggiest version of ubuntu we have have seen in a long time01:13
joosenUbuntu or ?01:13
b0nghittershould i have selected "host a virtual machine" during the ubuntu server 12.04 install if im going to be using Qemu? if so, what do i need to install other than qemu-kvm?01:13
szal!best | joosen01:14
ubottujoosen: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.01:14
MK`joosen, the term is "distribution", not "os". Linux is the OS kernel.01:14
Demon|Ubuntuoh wow... gonna be updating this other system i'm workin on for a while....01:14
romy420be careful01:14
b0nghittermy cpu does not support VT-x01:15
escottb0nghitter, then you can only have 32bit guests01:15
joosenyesh, ubuntu is only kernel not be the os or not?01:15
=== mike is now known as Guest70939
mrdnjoosen: no, Linux is the kernel. Ubuntu is a distribution01:17
joosenubuntu can recovery data from the broken harddisk or not?01:17
b0nghitterescott, that's fine, im only emulating a cisco asa.. but its telling me i have an unpatched version of qemu, i just used apt-get install qemu-kvm.. im hopijng i dont need something else that "host a vm" during the os install would install01:17
root_hello everyone01:17
BarkingFishThis is not my night. I just downloaded the file with all the inf stuff in, and now firefox has gone and decided to go gaga and not tell me where the hell it's hidden it :P01:18
Demon|Ubuntucan't be half as bad as my morning yesterday where i got off work, went to the store and got out with the keys locked in the car and it running still01:19
MK`escott: I assume it's not recommended to temporarily disable swap to force the pages out?01:19
BarkingFishb0nghitter, not in there.01:19
oscarvartoHi! Just starting with Ubuntu (but not new to Linux--> Used Arch Linux for a while). which is the command to figure out if a package is installed?01:20
szalBarkingFish: well, it's either the last used path or what you set in the prefs01:20
=== |_ocke2 is now known as |_ocke
BarkingFishfound it. It stuck it in /tmp and never bothered moving it01:21
MK`oscarvarto: dpkg -s _packagename_01:21
szaloscarvarto: apt-cache search packagename <- a leading 'i' will indicate that it's installed01:22
romy420dpkg -l packagename01:22
BarkingFishDemon|Ubuntu, i'm sorry, I think i'm gonna have to hand you over to someone else, or ask if you can pop in tomorrow evening when I'll be slightly brighter01:22
oscarvartothanks folks. Too used to pacman package manager from Arch.01:22
Demon|Ubuntuyeah, that's no problem01:23
MK`Lol 3 different answers :) Try the Ubuntu Software Center too, oscarvarto.01:23
BarkingFishI guess my machine is having a funny turn with the heat, nothing is downloading properly and my machine keeps making random beeping noises at me01:23
ghostchickBarkingFish, lm-sensors installed ?01:23
BarkingFishyeah, ghostchick01:23
ghostchickBarkingFish,  sensors giving out an normal temp?01:23
BarkingFishit's system temp which is yelling at me, if I let it get much hotter I'm gonna thermal shutdown01:24
szalMK`: you're not going to recommend a GUI pkg manager to someone who is used to doing pkg management on the CLI, are you?01:24
ghostchickBarkingFish,  laptop mode tools, powertop, cpufrequtils01:24
BarkingFishI'm running a Xeon P4 2.93Ghz at just under 76°c01:24
=== root_642 is now known as thothstriangle
BarkingFishi think I might need to put some fresh paste on and get my cooler cleaned out01:24
b0nghitteryikes, thats hot.. should be around 60c01:24
dylan--hey guys01:25
BarkingFishyeah, I know. My machine is usually quite good, b0nghitter - never normally runs above 50°C thanks to my Zalman01:25
cfhowlettdylan--: greetings01:25
fishbaityou sure your zalman isn't failing01:25
BarkingFishWith respect, Demon|Ubuntu - I'm sorry I've not been able to help you properly tonight. I will finish this off tomorrow unless you get sorted out any quicker :)01:26
BarkingFishand fishbait it better not be, I've only had it 3 months01:26
dylan--i just had to order a fan for my toshiba01:26
Demon|Ubuntuur good, get some rest01:26
b0nghitteri took my shopvac and blew out my old p4, the whold yars was engulfed in a cloud of dust01:26
b0nghitterwhole yard also01:26
fishbaitbarkingfish: my cpu athlon II x2 31,ghz runs at about 30c 92mm heatsink fan01:27
dylan--the heatsink is just a tube that runs over the processor 0.o01:27
fishbait3.1 not 3101:27
BarkingFishok guys, peace, see you round. Be back about 7pm BST tonight.01:27
BarkingFishso in about 15 hours from now.01:27
BarkingFishSee ya.01:27
fishbaitgood luck barkingfish01:27
szalmy AthlonII X2 255 (2x 3.1 GHz) used to run at under 45°C most of the time when I still ran Linux, that w/ a standard box cooler01:28
fishbaitmines an aftermarket heatsink fan and artic paste01:28
fishbaiti set a turnoff temp of 60c01:29
fishbaitevery time i switch worksapce it has no panels in gnome how do i fix this and it won't keep across boots01:29
escottMK`, why would you want to force pages out?01:29
szalI don't seem to have a way of seeing the CPU temperature in Windows01:29
crc32How can I list the modules that are directly compiled into the kernel? I want to have lvm loaded from /boot as an ext2/3 filesystem where as "/" is an logical volume.01:30
pleasehlphelp ! ... I cannot get ubuntu 12.04 to boot up from usb, my writer died, but I got version 11.10 to boot so I am in a live cd version right now, I have 12.04 iso downloaded, how can I do a fresh install of 12.04 from a 11.10 live cd boot01:30
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escottcrc32, you can add lvm to /etc/modules and then update-initramfs01:30
mbrigdanIs there a reason the noip2 package was removed from ubuntu? (Launchpad shows the binary packages as 'deleted')01:31
szalpleasehlp: you can't.. only thing you can do is install 11.10 and, w/o further ado, upgrade to 12.0401:31
pleasehlpszal, it was the upgrade that messed my 11.10 up (it was old and bloated)01:31
pleasehlpis it not possible to put the files on a partition, and boot from that?01:32
chroothi, can i skip the startup disk check in ubuntu?01:32
fishbaitpleasehlp: fresh install 11.10 the sudo apt-get dist-upgrade (thats the right package right?)01:32
szalother than that, optical drives aren't exactly expensive01:32
chrootpleasehlp: i just know it is possible01:32
ldz420I am trying to discover if I can rollback a packages to an older package version01:32
Demon|Ubuntuif i get this, does this mean when i used ndiswrapper -i in already associated with the device?01:32
Demon|Ubuntudemonicpagan@DP-Linux:~$ sudo ndiswrapper -a 8086:0084 netwxw0001:32
Demon|UbuntuDriver 'netwxw00' is already used for '8086:0084'01:32
szalfishbait: do-release-upgrade01:32
fishbaitszal: ty01:33
chrootpleasehlp: and you need google it01:33
xmltokis anyone familiar with netinstalls and selecting something other than eth0 based on mac address? I've found a few bugs and reportedly its fixed, but it does not work for me on 12.04 LTS01:33
pleasehlpive googled it, all I find is upgrading from live boot or some other stuff, rather than what I want to do01:33
pleasehlpyes but I need to do stuff for tommorrow01:33
fishbaitxmltok 1 question are you using a realtek nic?01:34
pleasehlpit broke on the most important day of the month :/01:34
pleasehlpits 1:34 here01:34
pleasehlpam been at this for hours...01:34
xmltokno, not realtek01:34
xmltokthe interfaces appear but only one of them is wired up, the one which gets dhcp. once the kernel boots that is eth1 but 'auto' only checks eth001:35
szalpleasehlp: rule of thumb: if you don't have a backup, it wasn't important ;)01:35
xmltokboth interfaces appear offline, even though eth1 is connected01:35
xmltokif i run dhcp manually it configures fine01:35
cfhowlettpleasehlp: bite the bullet.  11.10 to 12.04.01:35
fishbaitxmltok hmm01:35
rawfodogcan ubuntu burn .cdi files ?01:36
pleasehlpcfhowlett, just did and now this has happened01:36
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fishbaitdo you have to do that on all machines?01:36
ubottuAs you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)01:37
xmltokaha. foudn the patch in http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=615600. it appears he looks for bootif to be set to the mac like AA:BB:CC:DD:EE:FF when the spec says 01-AA-BB-CC-DD-EE-FF, lets try it out..01:37
fishbaitxmltok do you have to do that on all machines?01:37
ubottuDebian bug 615600 in netcfg "Please allow selecting interface by its MAC address" [Normal,Fixed]01:37
xmltokim not sure, i am only tryign with one machine of a certain class. its probably random on the ordering01:37
fishbaiti tihnk its just not seeing it fast enough01:38
studiocan somebody help me how can i install conky?01:39
fishbaiteth0 then eth1 it probably checks like that but01:39
xmltok+            for (subst = bootif; *subst; subst++)01:39
xmltok+                if (*subst == '-')01:39
xmltok+                    *subst = ':';01:39
xmltoki'm beginning to wonder if this patch made it into 12.0401:39
FloodBot1xmltok: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.01:39
fishbaitxmltok eth0 then eth1 it probably checks like that but01:39
xmltokit doesn't actually check eth1 t01:39
fishbaitahh even worse i'm out of ideas01:39
zhstudio: sudo apt-get install conky01:40
joosenubuntu can recovery data from the broken harddisk or not?01:40
cfhowlettjoosen: it depends...01:41
escottjoosen, depends on how broken it is.01:41
xmltoki probably have to build my own initramfs01:41
studiozh: yeah i know that :D i installed it but it doesnt work properly01:41
joosenHarddisk cannot show the drive when I plug it.01:41
zhstudio: can you elaborate on "doesn't work properly?"01:42
joosensomeone have an experience about recovery data.01:43
studiozh:its like all black and the things messed up01:43
romy420joosen, what kind of hard disk is it?01:45
wanzong #ubuntu-cn01:45
xmltokfishbait: my dhcp server was providing 'bootif' not 'BOOTIF'...01:50
delacDID YOU KNOW: messing up with /etc/default/locale can actually prevent 3G stick from gaining connection. Just FYI.01:51
nutbustI just installed Ubuntu and accidentally shut down my computer. It booted back as windows. wat do01:54
zhstudio: have you tweaked the config file any? You may have to do some work to get things looking good/working correctly. It's been a while since I've used it, not finding much up-to-date documentation. There's http://conky.sourceforge.net/ and a channel here on freenode, #conky01:55
joosenwhat's the link about webboard to post the problem?01:56
joosenSomeone can tell me?01:56
killdimzTell you what?01:56
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.01:57
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arielsanflocanal 12.1002:01
bazhang!12.10 | arielsanflo02:02
ubottuarielsanflo: Ubuntu 12.10 (Quantal Quetzal) will be the 17th release of Ubuntu, Discussion and support until final release in #ubuntu+102:02
faryshta_Is it possible to share configurations or installed programs among computers using ubuntuone?02:03
bonobolenehi all..not a gripe, but just wondering/grasping...I just upgraded to pangolin...it seems buggy as heck..?...everytime i install something new (particularly gnome related stuff)...it just "annoyance" crashes...?..is it just me and i did something wrong, or is this a common theme?02:03
bazhangfaryshta_, tried in #ubuntuone yet02:04
bazhangbonobolene, need exact error messages02:04
bazhang!paste| bonobolene02:04
ubottubonobolene: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.02:04
noiroHey guys, on average, what brand of card does Linux in general support better? AMD or Nvidia?02:07
noiroI mean graphics card02:07
bonobolenebazhang, it's a multitude of things...seems to true out for the most part, but most of it has to do with trying to run gnome-shell or gnome-related things (cairo-dock was the latest)...unity seems to be pretty stable..not any specific issue that i'm trying to solve, just trying to figure out if another clean install is worth my while, or if i'm better of reverting to maverick..this is my main machine, and downtime is not an option...just trying to pull a con02:07
bonobolenecensus here...02:07
daxnoiro: Depends on whether you want to use free-software drivers that don't do 3D well, or non-free drivers that do.02:07
bonobolenebazhang, thanks for stepping in, tho02:07
escottnoiro, intel02:07
subz3r0dax, not rly :)02:08
daxsubz3r0: yes really.02:08
subz3r0noiro: nvidia02:08
daxThe 'radeon' open source driver is better than nouveau. The nvidia closed-source driver is better than fglrx.02:08
subz3r0dax, maybe u should have mentioned that directly... anyway02:08
dax... that's the obvious extension of what I was saying. What did you think I meant?02:09
noirodax: I mean like gnome-shell, compiz, and multimonitor support. I don't plan to game on it, but I want to also have a Windows partition for heavy gaming (with DX11), and possibly hackintosh partition02:09
daxnoiro: gnome-shell and compiz should work fine on either. I don't know anything about multimonitor support or hackintosh, though.02:09
subz3r0noiro: even playing 1080p full hd could be a problem. it wont run just out of the box in several circumstanced02:10
noiroI hear from others (and have personally seen) that Nvidia driver support on Linux has some issues, and that Hackintosh prefers AMD02:10
noiroI currently have a Nvidia GTS 450 and gnome-shell puts me in fallback mode for it. >.>02:11
killdimzSome guy told me if I want to fix my ui in 12.04 and convert to gnome 3 I need to type sudo rm -rf/02:11
killdimzDoe it actually work?02:11
escottnoiro, don't know what your budget is like. but i would get an intel and run the linux as a kvm host and pass the nvidia/amd card with VT-d to a windows/hackintosh guest. best of all possible worlds02:12
noirosubz3r0: how about this? http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E1681412164302:12
subz3r0i dont care what windfall uses for their crap products :)02:12
subz3r0128-bit DDR3. not good02:12
daxkilldimz: no, that's a typo of the command to remove every file on your system02:12
subz3r0should be atleat 256bit02:12
killdimzme gusta02:13
bazhangkilldimz, stop that02:13
noiroSubz3r0: wrong link: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E1681412541902:13
subz3r0thats amd...02:14
poseidonAnyone know how to fix "open terminal failed: missing or unsuitable terminal: rxvt-256color" when trying to use tmux with urxvt?02:14
subz3r0buy it if u like. I would never buy Ati(amd) again02:14
subz3r0but dont mess around if you cant even get 1080p mkv to work ;)02:14
noirosubz3r0: I was told Linux and OSX support AMD drivers best. I am currently using a Nvidia I can't even get running on Linux with proprietary drivers and nouveau isn't any better.02:15
killdimzSo what is the fuss about 12.04? Really, unity seems meh, and as a whole it seems to have more bugs.02:15
bazhang!ot | killdimz02:15
ubottukilldimz: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!02:15
subz3r0noiro. thats not the truth. ofc any ati fanboys would say that02:15
killdimzMost people I know using it rolled back02:16
nickBuntuHey all02:16
subz3r0ask ppl how the support of ati was x years ago...02:16
bazhangnoiro, subz3r0 lets take the hardware chat to either #ubuntu-offtopic or ##hardware please02:16
nickBuntuDoes anyone know if you can configure rhythymbox to automatically start a radio stream on startup?02:16
subz3r0bazhang, y? hes asking what will runs best on ubuntu(linux)02:17
subz3r0and that's nvidia as a matter of fact02:17
subz3r0it was and allways will be02:17
killeri installed desktop web apps (through ppa) in 12.04 ..now how do i get for example facebook desktop app02:17
LordFDiskyou can use the “Mate” Desktop Environment in 12.04 but it's a Gnome 2 clone02:17
bazhangsubz3r0, please lets move on. this is for ubuntu support and the discussion has gotten offtopic02:17
ubottuUbuntu 11.10 and higher use GNOME 3 with the !unity shell by default.  To use GNOME Shell instead, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool".  For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place entries in the Sessions dropdown. Using Natty? See !classic02:17
subz3r0bazhang, so maybe tell him your suggestions, that he can decide02:18
faryshta_Is it possible to share configurations or installed programs among computers using ubuntuone?02:19
kukulambarhi everyone: would it better to run ubuntu using virtualbox or VMWare?02:19
bazhangfaryshta_, have you asked in #ubuntuone yet02:19
killdimzYou could share files, yeah.02:19
killdimzsame shit though02:19
bazhangkilldimz, no cursing here02:19
* bonobolene votes for virtualbox02:20
killdimzsame thing* though02:20
subz3r0faryshta_, yes you can. synchronize the configs. and you can sign in to the softwarecenter. u will be able to have the same software on every pc u like02:20
noiroAlso, if I am in Ubuntu 12.04 and virtualize Windows 7 to listen to Spotify (it randomly stops working at times), what kind of sound quality loss am I looking at?02:20
killdimz#! ftw02:20
smallfoot-noire, none02:21
tr3ntonnoiro, why don't you use the native client?02:21
kukulambariam using Virtualbox, 4GB memory, 128MB video ram and 2 processors for the setting02:21
noirotr3nton: It works sometimes through wine but will randomly stop playing02:21
kukulambarand i am running Ubuntu 12.0402:21
faryshta_subz3r0: cool. How?02:21
tr3ntonnoiro, there's a beta linux client you can run... not through wine.02:21
smallfoot-noire, yes use the native client! its very good02:22
subz3r0faryshta_, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SingleSignOn02:23
noirotr3nton: That is for premium though. I don' tthink they have a free beta02:23
tr3ntonnoiro: I run it, and am not on premium02:23
subz3r0never used that before. just read that you can do that =)02:23
smallfoot-noire, i use spotify linux client without premium02:24
tr3ntonnoiro: http://www.spotify.com/au/download/previews/02:24
subz3r0faryshta_, or just open the softwarecenter and click on "file"02:25
e0ne199do you know what is needed to install .sh and .run files?02:25
subz3r0dunno how the option is exactly, since i dont use the english version... something like migrate... guess u will see it :)02:25
noirotr3nton: one sec.02:26
=== thallada_ is now known as thallada
subz3r0faryshta_, found it?02:26
subz3r0softwarecenter - file - synchronize()02:27
BlueProtomanI have a weird issue.  I'm trying to install python-profiler through the USC, but it tells me I can't due to it depending on a certain version of Python that I already have?  http://pastebin.com/wywmLMXr02:28
faryshta_subz3r0: I am reading it. Thanks.02:28
e0ne199hello, anyone?02:29
faryshta_subz3r0: THANKS!!!02:29
noirotr3nton: You are my hero. I didn't know they had released one. e.o02:29
tr3ntonnoiro: hopefully it runs smoothly for you :)02:29
noiroRunning it now.02:29
noirooh and before I go to bed, does anyone have some tips to speed up SSH with X11?02:30
noiroThings are really slow on it.02:30
tr3ntone0ne199: http://askubuntu.com/questions/122428/how-to-run-sh-file02:30
subz3r0e0ne199, .sh is a shellscript, you cant "install" it. just use it...02:30
subz3r0but i definetaly would not use any .sh script if i dont know what it does02:31
e0ne199subz3r0 i have tried to run those files but nothing happens..02:31
subz3r0you need to make it executable first02:32
subz3r0then u can run it with ./name-of-the-script.sh02:32
noirotr3nton: Do you have any experience with SSH over X11?02:32
subz3r0chmod +x name-of-the-script.sh02:32
tr3ntonnoiro: nope02:32
e0ne199perhaps do i lose some important package or something like that?02:33
romy420noiro, it's slow for me too over wireless02:33
subz3r0but like i said, dont run any script, if you dont know what it does. you can damage ur pc/files02:33
FloodBot1killdimz: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.02:33
romy420vnc should be faster02:33
subz3r0e0ne199, depends on what the script should do02:33
e0ne199subz3r0 how about .run files?02:33
subz3r0same way... ./bla.run02:34
TheCrittaCI'm running Unity with a NVIDIA card and two monitors.02:34
TheCrittaCIs there a reason why the Displays setting only sees one big "display"?02:34
Xcytrewhat kind of wireless device is it?02:34
trismBlueProtoman: yeah the package is broken, bug 865363 and it is included in the python2.7 package anyway02:34
ubottuLaunchpad bug 865363 in python-profiler (Ubuntu) "Unable to install python-profiler" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/86536302:34
oscarvartoI installed Ubuntu 11.04 because I need CUDA. However, I want to install newer versions of software with apt-get. For example, I want a newer version of git. How can I do that?02:35
trismBlueProtoman: just import profile or import pstats02:35
noiroromy420: I heard if I change the encryption scheme, I could speed it up a lot.02:36
noiroI upload 800KB/s so I don't see why it would be such a big issue02:36
subz3r0oscarvarto, add a ppa or addin another deb source02:36
romy420afaik this is only true for slow - like modem - connections02:36
romy420when moving files i reach 6mb/s02:37
oscarvartosubz3r0: How can I do that?02:37
subz3r0or compile a newer version02:37
ResQuei have a mount command i cant kill any ideas? its running at like 90% for 15min now02:37
ResQuei tried kill -i pid02:37
romy420but that is not much for an X app, at least for some02:37
subz3r0oscarvarto, depends on the software02:37
BlueProtomantrism: Thanks!02:38
noiroDoes anyone know how to permanently set my ssh details? I use Putty on Windows into my Ubuntu machine so I can't enter this: ssh -c arcfour,blowfish-cbc -XC host.com02:39
subz3r0oscarvarto, http://adammonsen.com/post/66502:39
oscarvartothanks a lot subz3r002:40
subz3r0you're welcome02:40
subz3r0oscarvarto, but why not using cuda in 12.04? doesnt it work? did not test it yet02:40
subz3r0not sure, but read somewhere that u can use the cuda sdk on 12.04 too02:41
oscarvartosubz3r0: Well, I just formatted my Arch Linux machine. Arch is a bleeding edge distro and I got tired of having to deal with bleeding edge stuff02:43
oscarvartoI just want simple stuff now.02:43
noirooscarvarto: I gave up Arch a while ago too lol02:43
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
subz3r0so why not 12.04? since 11.04 isnt a long term02:43
subz3r0for cuda check here: http://sn0v.wordpress.com/2012/05/11/installing-cuda-on-ubuntu-12-04/02:43
oscarvartofor example, it is a PITA because python is python 3.x, python2 is python 2.x02:44
oscarvartoyeah, I saw that02:44
noiroewww.....python 3.2...02:44
noiroHas anyone ever tried Crunchbang?02:45
oscarvartosubz3r0: I checked the nvidia cuda downloads and they have stable downloads for ubuntu 11.0402:45
oscarvartoI now it might be possible to do it on 12.04, but for the moment, I just want the job done.02:45
subz3r0but u can use the toolkit in 12.04 :)02:46
oscarvartohave tons of work02:46
subz3r0nvm, enjoy your working system =)02:46
noirobah, I'm supposed to be redesigning a website and I am busy fighting with gnome3 and trying to just build a new PC02:47
subz3r0<3 gnome 3.4 <302:47
noirosubz3r0: I hate it.02:48
* noiro pouts about being stuck in fallback mode on a 1GB graphics card02:48
oscarvartosubz3ro: I have installed cuda stuff on ubuntu 11.04. Is there a chance to upgrade to 12.04 without problems?02:49
oscarvarto(as I said, want to avoid wasting my time on mechanic stuff)02:49
noiroUbuntu automounts USB drives correct?02:52
noiroBecause I'm not seeing it.02:52
subz3r0oscarvarto, so stay with your version if u dont want to waste time02:53
subz3r0noiro, looks like many ppl have issues with this card02:53
subz3r0some have fixed the problem with installing the newest driver from nvidia02:54
noirosubz3r0: Do I need to uninstall the proprietary drivers before I install the new one here?02:56
oscarvartoAs a matter of fact, I use an iMac for everyday work (this is the one I'm using for irc), but this machine has no Nvidia GPU.02:57
oscarvartothanks a lot02:57
subz3r0and you cant install the driver within unity/gnome.... quit it and then ctrl+alt+F102:57
subz3r0noiro, yes ubuntu should mount the usb sticks. open a terminal and type "mount"02:58
macasubz3r0, why can't install whithin unity?02:58
SecretFirefor some reason my external hdd will not mount, and does not show up in lsusb02:59
subz3r0maca, because it will complain that x is still running?03:00
subz3r0also it may complain that the nouveau driver is still running. so you have to change boot priorities03:01
macaI don't know... I don't have problems with graphics cards...03:01
noirohow do I end my x server so I can install the new nvidia driver?03:03
subz3r0noiro. first deinstall the old driver03:03
noiroi deactivated it. I just need to reboot03:03
subz3r0then ctrl+alt + f103:03
subz3r0sudo stop lightdm03:03
subz3r0now install the driver03:03
macayes, i'm agree03:03
subz3r0hopefully he has another pc if anything go wrong :>03:05
macaOther ubuntu channel??03:13
razor__Hey guys, I have a problem with Tor on Xubuntu, Can anyone help me?03:13
macaWhat happens?03:13
razor__I downloaded it from the Software center and when I try to run it it gives me an error message saying that Tor has exited please check the logs.03:14
razor__And the logs have nothing to say to me.03:14
macathe logs are in text¿03:14
razor__yes they are, But they don't really give me any info.03:15
macain a file?03:15
razor__Is there another way to access .onion domains?03:15
daxyou don't run it, it's a daemon03:15
daxinstall the tor package, install the torbutton addon from https://www.torproject.org/torbutton/03:16
dax(assuming you're wanting to access WWW .onion sites)03:16
macayes, but he has downloaded from the package manager...03:16
crc32I'm trying to install ubuntu 12.04 alternative and supposedly it will install in text mode but some broken graphical items appear on bootup. How do I get a list of options in text mode.  I'm trying to use alternative so I can use lvm on the root partition. Can this be done useing the server install. And if how would I select text install or rescue mode?03:17
daxthe 'tor' package sets up the tor daemon for you, you don't run anything manually. this is regardless of package manager.03:17
macatry to download from that page given by dax03:17
macaand read the readme and install text files03:17
razor__I'll be a nigger's dead wife.03:17
razor__It worked.03:17
SecretFirecan someone help me mount my external hdd?03:17
FloodBot1razor__: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.03:17
razor__Thanks you Dax.03:17
daxrazor__: that's not an appropriate expression for #ubuntu, fyi. but you're welcome03:18
macatry typing on your terminal mount hddx...03:18
macax is the number...03:18
bazhang!who | maca03:19
ubottumaca: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)03:19
smallfoot-i use nvoudea driver and when i watch porno, my adobe flash lags if i take fullscreen03:19
macayou should know the number of your hdd...03:19
bazhangsmallfoot-, stop that03:19
macamay be it would be as a sda1 or like that03:19
bazhangmaca who are you addressing03:19
subz3r0maca: and where should it mount it?03:20
bazhang!guidelines > smallfoot-03:20
ubottusmallfoot-, please see my private message03:20
crc32Do I have to use alternate to install the the root file system on LVM?03:20
smallfoot-i use nouveau driver and when i use watch fullscreen music videos on youtube, it lags03:20
subz3r0guess "mkdir /media/bla" "mount /dev/sdX /media/bla" would fit better03:20
swoodycrc32: yessir03:21
swoodycrc32: it's unfortunate they made that choice, and also to oust encrypted partitions to the alt cd as well :-/03:21
crc32so what key combo do I press to 1) load the rescue disk 2) load the text installer?  I get broken graphics on my screen.03:24
crc32can I install lvm via the server image?03:25
SecretFiremy external hdd is not showing up in /etc/fstab and I don't know the UUID, can someone help me to get it mounted?03:26
bazhang!blkid | SecretFire03:26
swoodySecretFire: it won't show up automatically in fstab, but should show up using parted -l or fdisk -l03:26
swoodyalso, yes, blkid is good stuff for adding fstab entries ^^03:26
ubottuSecretFire: To see a list of your devices/partitions and their corresponding UUID's, run this command in a !shell: « sudo blkid » (see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LibAtaForAtaDisks for the rationale behind the transition to UUID)03:27
swoodycrc32: yeah, on the alt cd, it's the text installer03:27
swoodycrc32: not difficult by any means, it still walks you through most options and the choices are pretty straightforward03:28
SecretFireswoody : its not showing in either03:29
SecretFireswoody : parted -l or fdisk -l03:30
crc32yea but some kind of graphical imput was trying to show up on the screen but its so far to the left I could see what options are available. :|03:30
klynchow can i make ubuntu's middle and right clicks behave unixy rather than windowsy?03:30
raphaI just accidentally rm'd an important text file. Is there any way I can directly access the harddrive and grep for a string from it to find where on the harddrive it was stored and recover it?03:30
swoodySecretFire: it should. Can you confirm it's connected? do you have another system you can try it on?03:31
jrib!undelete | rapha03:31
smallfoot-rapha, maybe: grep 'hamburger' /dev/sdb203:31
ubotturapha: Some tools to recover lost data are listed and explained at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DataRecovery - Recovering deleted files on !ext3 filesystems can be virtually impossible, although methods that might work is some cases are described at at http://www.xs4all.nl/~carlo17/howto/undelete_ext3.html and http://projects.izzysoft.de/trac/ext3undel03:31
raphasmallfoot-: I don't think that will show me the location (i.e. at what byte offset) that string is stored.03:32
raphajrib: thx i'll try that.03:32
smallfoot-rapha, true03:32
SecretFireswoody : just confirmed that its connected. I switched usernames during an upgrade, that could have caused ownership issues but its simply not showing03:33
FriarTechrapha: see http://www.cyberciti.biz/tips/linuxunix-recover-deleted-files.html03:33
FriarTechor simply grep -b 'search-text' /dev/partition > file.txt03:34
fishbaithow do i install the fglrx post installation updates?03:35
MonkeyDustrapha  type !recover03:36
strictlandgood evening everyone, is there an easy program available that will allow ubuntu to email me when a hard drive is failing?03:36
gsrfishbait, if you're in unity, click the config button in the top right of your screen (by your name), click System Settings -> Additional Drivers -> fglrx (post update)03:36
FriarTechstrictland --> http://www.howtogeek.com/51848/hard-drive-monitor-script-for-headless-linux-servers/03:38
=== gimp_ is now known as gimpyd
strictlandthanks FriarTech03:39
FriarTechno prob03:39
fishbaiti'm in gnome and nvm i'm still working with trying to install the "ATI/AMD proprietary FGLRX graphics driver" think it might not have stuck across boot this all started with the last kernel update... -_-03:39
crc32help me out here. Why does the alternate install disk have a graphical interface at boot?03:40
usr13_crc32: It doesn't03:40
usr13_fishbait: How are you tring to install it? (WHat method?)03:41
fishbaitsystem setting > additional drivers03:41
usr13_fishbait: Well, that should work.  I dono...03:41
usr13_fishbait: boot the previous kernel.03:42
fishbaitgood it activated03:42
klyncmy question above was regarding the stock terminal app on a stock 12.04 install, btw ... i just want to middle-click to select and right-click to paste, like every other nix i've ever used.03:42
usr13_klync: I think you've go it backwards...03:42
klyncusr13_: yes, i did :/03:43
fishbaitnow the updates system settings > systems settings > additional drivers > select "ATI/AMD proprietary FGLRX grphics driver (post-release updates)"03:44
usr13_klync: There are a couple methods, left mouse button to highlight, (shift-left-click to finish), middle mouse button to dump...03:45
usr13_klync: or Ctrl-c to copy and Ctrl-v to paste03:45
klyncusr13_: thanks ... i think it's just the right-click vs the middle-click that's been messing with me ... and, to be honest, i'm not even sure if it's unix or putty that got me into that habit ... i tend to avoid ctrl-c in terminals tho03:48
usr13_klync: Ctrl-c and Ctrl-v does not work in terminal, only dumping from clipboard, (shift-middle-mouse-button to dump).03:49
crc32usr13_: The alternative boot cd has a graphical menu at boot up. Which for some reason was broken when I tried to boot off USB.03:50
usr13_crc32: I dono...03:51
crc32Whats up with the alternate boot cd? Therws no fdisk when I switch to console.03:51
usr13_crc32: md5sum it03:51
usr13_the iso03:52
raphaFriarTech: thanks, that link looks like it could get me started without having to resort to letting a full-blown recovery program run.03:53
rocky_hello Guys03:56
rocky_i have ubuntu 12.04, the suspend feature isn't working as expected03:56
rocky_i have ubuntu 12.04, the suspend feature isn't working as expected03:58
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DanielHoffmanis there a way to redirect ALL output to a file?04:00
bobo37773DanielHoffman: command > filename04:01
DanielHoffmanwhen i run a program, it doesnt redirect all of it, i even tried 2>04:01
bobo37773DanielHoffman: Which output is it missing? Stderr or something?04:02
DanielHoffmani dont know04:02
fishbaitokay so it failed to install "ATI/AMD proprietary FGLRX graphics driver (post-release updates)" i checked jockey.log and it think its not finding the original fglrx driver. how do i fix this04:02
bobo37773DanielHoffman: Does this work? -->       command &> filename04:03
DanielHoffmanwhen i start it up, it says all of the starting data but the program outputs data and that data is not captured04:03
DanielHoffmanno, it doesnt04:04
DanielHoffmanit outputs it to the screen and not to a file04:04
bobo37773DanielHoffman: If the program is outputting text in the terminal still then it is not redirecting to a file I wouldn't think. What is the exact command you are using?04:04
DanielHoffmantshark -i eth1 &> tshark04:04
bobo37773DanielHoffman: Let me try04:04
=== Guest53855 is now known as ddee
bobo37773DanielHoffman: You are running tshark as sudo right?04:05
bobo37773DanielHoffman: Not that it should matter too much in I/O redirect just saying04:06
DanielHoffmanyes, it is in a shell file, sudo ./tshark.sh04:06
fishbaitlspci says the vga is using fglrx_updates though ima reboot and see04:06
rocky_DanielHoffman, i have ubuntu 12.04, the suspend feature isn't working as expected04:06
DanielHoffmani have 11.1004:06
bobo37773DanielHoffman: Seems like it is working fine here. Is there something I should look out for to see if it is not catching it?04:07
DanielHoffmanon my computer, it outputs it to the screen and the file isnt created04:08
bobo37773DanielHoffman: Does the original file already exist?04:09
bobo37773DanielHoffman: What shell are you using? Bash?04:09
DanielHoffmanyes, bash04:09
gRAVIty_FRESH installation of Apache on ubuntu 12.04 poses the following problem http://www.apachefriends.org/f/viewtopic.php?p=195119&sid=7204931664220bd8e121a77d447af9be04:10
bobo37773DanielHoffman: Working perfect here. I used the command "sudo tshark -i wlan0 &> tshark" (had to rm the original tshark file first)04:10
DanielHoffmanhold on04:11
fishbaitis this using the updated driver? http://paste.ubuntu.com/110948804:11
fishbaitis this using the updated fglrx driver? http://paste.ubuntu.com/110948804:12
DanielHoffmandont work04:14
brophatmy wifi connection speed stays around 54 Mb/s does that sound about right?04:14
fishbaitbrophat b, g, or n?04:14
DanielHoffmanis N the fastest?04:15
Canis__54/8 =?04:15
brophatfishbait don't know it does not tell me that. all i know is my wifi is rt3090 chipset04:15
Canis__About 7MBps  it isn't unheard of on a fiber connection.04:16
fishbaitN is the most recent but speed can be affected by other factors04:16
DanielHoffmanturns out i was runing it from a shell script and not as a command04:16
bobo37773DanielHoffman: Anything interesting in your .bashrc that may be causing you grief?04:16
Canis__Yup...ther are about 3 "n" speeds following different specs.04:16
bobo37773DanielHoffman: Try it as a command then04:16
=== strike is now known as Guest31197
fishbaitbrophat: that would be right for wifi g04:16
deadmundDanielHoffman: That sentence doesn't make sense.  A shell script is just a bunch of commands04:16
DanielHoffmanjbut it works04:17
brophatfishbait ok then prob that is what it is04:17
gRAVIty_ubuntu 12.04  MySQL deactivated in xampp - help anybody?04:17
fishbaitis this using the updated fglrx driver? http://paste.ubuntu.com/110948804:17
gRAVIty_frest installation04:17
deadmundDanielHoffman: if it works that's great.  But the sentence you said still doesn't make sense :)04:18
DanielHoffmanshell script gives me output on the screen and not on a file; command gives me output on a file and not on the screen04:18
=== Kasjopaja23111 is now known as Kasjopaja
deadmundDanielHoffman: wrong.  A command can give output on the screen ls for example is a command that outputs to the screen04:18
gRAVIty_deadmund: you familiar with  basic Xampp?04:18
deadmundDanielHoffman: Additionally, shell scripts can output to a file04:18
DanielHoffmanin this scenario04:18
deadmundgRAVIty_: no04:18
=== Kasjopaja is now known as Guest92743
deadmundDanielHoffman: There is no difference between running the ls command running a shell script that runs ls.04:19
gRAVIty_bobo37773: are you familiar with xampp installation on linux?04:19
deadmundDanielHoffman: Both of those would output to the screen :)04:19
bobo37773gRAVIty_: Never heard of it. Can take a look if you want though. Where are you running into problems?04:20
DanielHoffmansudo tshark -i eth0 &> tshark04:20
DanielHoffmantry it with that command04:20
gRAVIty_bobo3773: Xampp is local server on ubuntu04:20
deadmundDanielHoffman: That command will output to a file because you used >04:20
gRAVIty_it is just a set of files in /opt/lampp04:20
DanielHoffmani know but it works differently in a shell04:21
DanielHoffmanon my end04:21
gRAVIty_bobo3773: when I try to access a certain thing it says Existing configuration file (./config.inc.php) is not readable.04:21
deadmundDanielHoffman: You're not using the term 'shell' correctly I think.  A shell is jsut another word for the terminal.04:21
bobo37773gRAVIty_: Can you find that file? Do you know where it is?04:21
GneaYAY! 12.04 works! Well, mostly...04:21
DanielHoffmani know04:21
DanielHoffmanmaybe i typed it differently04:22
Gneadoes anyone recall the name of the command in the terminal that states what the current resolution is set to and to change it?04:22
deadmundGnea: xranr04:22
Gneaoh, xrandr, thank you04:22
gRAVIty_bobo3773: trying to locate it04:22
deadmundgRAVIty_: fine / -name config.inc.php04:23
DanielHoffmani give up04:23
bobo37773gRAVIty_: After you find it do --> ls -l filename04:23
deadmundgRAVIty_: find -name config.inc.php04:23
gRAVIty_dedmund: 1 min04:23
deadmundgRAVIty_: I don't need to see the output.  find is just a command that can help you :)04:24
gRAVIty_deadmund: ya got it :)04:24
m1chaelim attempting to run an internet radio station using liquidsoap and icecast2. my question is: how could i possibly feed my microphone input and headphones output to liquidsoap? liquidsoap has an ALSA interface (and other interfaces) .. but things still seem unclear to me04:25
fishbaitis this using the updated fglrx driver? http://paste.ubuntu.com/110948804:27
deadmundfishbait: looks like.  You're definitely using fglrx  I can't say if it's the newest version04:28
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto04:28
bobo37773fishbait: No version in that output as far as I can tell. How would anyone know if your running a newer / older one? Must be a better command to figure it out04:29
fishbaiti'll check that04:30
bobo37773fishbait: Maybe -> dmesg | grep fglrx04:31
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
fishbaitbobo37773: that command gives me logs it looks like 8.96.4 [mar 12 2.012]04:33
deadmundfishbait: it is a log populated everytime you boot04:34
bobo37773fishbait: No version hints about flgxr or whatever04:34
fishbaitbobo37773: yep04:34
bobo37773fishbait: Can you dump it somewhere live paste before04:35
deadmundfishbait: In the linux world the newest driver is not always the best.  This is because the newest is usually also the least stable.04:35
fishbaitdeadmund hmm u may be right04:35
bobo37773deadmund: True. But the new one is newerer!04:35
deadmundhere's how to check the newest version: http://askubuntu.com/questions/93202/how-do-i-check-fglrxs-version04:35
deadmundI googled it (Btw) not hard to do04:35
fishbaitwhats the most recent stable version of fglrx04:36
deadmundfishbait: 'stable' is not well defined for such things04:36
deadmundalso, I have no idea04:37
deadmundfishbait: Keep the version of fglrx you have.  If you see problems then consider changing it04:37
fishbaitdeadmund:  well everytime i boot it tells me system has encountered problem04:38
bobo37773fishbait: 12.6 I think.04:38
deadmundwhat's the problem?04:38
fishbaithang on i'm rebooting to get it again 30 seconds04:38
fishbaitsystem program problem detected04:41
JdGordonhow do i get my application i'm writing to how up in unity's app finder search window thing?04:41
fishbaitexecutable path /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/colord/colord it crashed04:42
Shingetsuhello all, I know this isn't your distro, but can you guys help at setting up linux software raid for a debian install? plz plz?04:44
bazhangShingetsu, #debian04:44
fishbaitsystem program problem detected executable path /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/colord/colord it crashed04:44
Shingetsubazhang: went there, they seem to hate me :)04:44
bazhangShingetsu, be patient. its not supported here so dont ask again04:45
bobo37773Shingetsu: Dont use raid or debian or ubuntu sorry. Can't help. Should be plenty of documentation on it though. Look around04:45
njaHi all04:46
bobo37773nja: Hi04:47
AndroUserAnyone tried connecting ubuntu boxes to windows domain for login?04:48
nja@AndroUser Wouldn't Samba cover that?04:49
burnt123hey, just installed 12.04 from scratch04:49
burnt123wont see my brother printer04:49
burnt123goto printing, click add04:49
njaHow is it connected?04:49
burnt123not in the list or the db to add manually04:50
njaUSB, Network etc.04:50
burnt123found a page with drivers04:50
burnt123installed em but still not showing, what do i do?04:50
AndroUserNja, will samba also enforce domain policies?04:50
fishbaitsystem program problem detected executable path /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/colord/colord it crashed what does this mean04:50
nja@AndroUser Don't think so, That is probably exclusively Windows functionality04:50
nja@burnt123 How is your printer connected?  USB, Network?04:51
burnt123brother hl-213004:51
nja@burnt123 Wow, mind reader04:51
burnt123worked np but on reinstall nothing04:51
AndroUserNja, Okay. Looks like krberos is the only way.. will have to google a bit04:51
nja@AndroUser Good luck.04:52
burnt123nja hehe04:52
AndroUserNja :-) thanks04:52
nja@burnt123 Does this help at all? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=189162804:52
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LinuxVertigoI made it  back from Oblivion04:55
=== Aaton is now known as Aaton_off
=== vortex is now known as Vercengettorix
burnt123nja trying now :) thanks buddy04:56
VercengettorixI AM BACK04:56
bobo37773Vercengettorix: Welcome back04:56
fishbaitsystem program problem detected executable path /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/colord/colord it crashed what does this mean?04:57
nja@burnt123 Have fun!04:57
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
burnt123nja, hehe will do :)04:59
=== Vercingettorix is now known as Vercengettorix
bobo37773fishbait: Maybe related? --> https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/colord/+bug/82793405:00
ubottuLaunchpad bug 827934 in colord (Ubuntu Precise) "colord crashed with SIGABRT in raise()" [High,Confirmed]05:00
bobo37773fishbait: Maybe not05:00
=== ddee is now known as _dd
jlkdsadjopasjdpoHello from Jerklib 0.5r35505:01
bobo37773Bastard: See you05:02
bobo37773fishbait: You may have to wait until it gets fixed upstream05:03
bobo37773Bastard: welcome05:03
nja@burnt123 good luck with the printer.  I have to go now.05:03
fishbaityeah ur right05:04
bobo37773fishbait: You can disable the error boot messages if you want (assuming they are apport? related)05:05
fishbaitdon't know i'll just ignore them for now05:06
bobo37773How do you un-source something in your shell?05:06
bobo37773I always forget this05:07
Sinokalhmera :-)05:08
bobo37773Ah got it nevermind05:09
Costeelationhow to update libreoffice to 3.5.505:09
Costeelationcan help me?05:09
Costeelationin ubuntu 12.0405:09
bobo37773Have you looked at this already --> http://www.ubuntugeek.com/how-to-install-libreoffice-3-5-5-in-ubuntu-using-ppa.html05:10
bobo37773Costeelation: ^^05:10
Costeelationthanks man!!05:10
bobo37773Costeelation: Welcome. Just seached on Google.05:11
Costeelationyes but im search in spanish :S05:11
Costeelationno in english05:11
bobo37773Costeelation: Oh gotcha. Well I am happy to help05:11
=== ecthiender_ is now known as ecthiender
Costeelationthanks so much :)05:12
bobo37773Costeelation: Anytime. de nada05:12
bobo37773Be good everyone. I'm outta here05:13
VercengettorixIs it possible to set a restore point in Ubuntu? I'm about to try manually install video drivers05:14
=== strike is now known as Guest11607
smallfoot-manually install video driver usually not a good iea05:16
Vercengettorixthere were some drivers available at the top of the screen, they didn't work and they're not there anymore05:17
Vercengettorixso yeah, do i try get them to work or do i install from the ATI website?05:17
Vercengettorixif I can do this I might celebrate with compiz fusion05:18
xiambaxAnyone have any idea on this Acer Aspire S5 that just came out? I want one but apparently ubuntu won't install on it yet because of hybrid drives05:20
xiambaxssd and platter combo maybe?05:20
keith_click the ubuntu button, and search for hardware05:21
keith_or drivers05:21
keith_you can get it back05:21
keith_also, don't use the post install ati drivers, they don't seem to work05:21
keith_try the other one05:21
Vercengettorixis there a benchmark prog like Everest for Linux?05:21
Vercengettorixi'm going to try man05:22
Vercengettorixyou're right, they both don't work. I will try this other one05:22
=== anonymous is now known as Guest89439
=== burnt123 is now known as burnt
linux_is_my_herowhat if i have a external hdd that my computer cannot see?  sata 2.5" in removable external case05:29
linux_is_my_herousb 2.005:29
linux_is_my_heroso what if i have an external that my computer can't find?05:31
r4z0rXubuntu won't read my webcam, What do I do to correct this?05:32
Derpianr4z0r, have you tried cheese?05:38
A_Jrofl Derpian05:40
DerpianA_J ?05:40
khfcheese is a webcam program05:40
A_Ji know. but i found it funny05:40
DerpianYeah it actually sounded like I asked if he tried eating cheese05:41
khfcheese ia always funnay05:41
A_Jyea lol05:41
Derpianbut yeah r4zor, cheese is a great webcam program. I don't know if you have tried anything yet...05:41
Derpiansudo apt-get install cheese05:41
keith_no wine required05:41
Derpiangood one keith_05:42
raikdhi guys ... does anyone know in which user file the user's startup applications are mentioned ? Ubuntu05:42
raikdback-end filename05:43
Nerf_Jihadare you having trouble with the GUI manager?05:44
vectorshelvegetting this error while trying to run sudo apt-get update http://pastie.org/4328438 help please05:44
keith_raikd, look here: ~/.config/autostart05:44
raikdno probs ... jus wanted to know the file :)05:44
Derpianvectorshelve, you need to find the public key for that PPA05:45
crc32is the gpm package no longer in ubuntu 12.04?05:45
keith_vectorshelve, well for one, you are using maverick which is not supported anymore... and you should upgrade, but that is besides the point ;)05:46
khfhey if I use ubuntu 10.04 for the aesthetic and utility of gnome 2 and the bleeding edge debianness of ubuntu, what should I update to?05:46
Nerf_Jihadvectorshelve: http://blog.launchpad.net/ppa/adding-a-ppas-key-to-ubuntu05:46
Vercengettorixcan someone tell me if this is good and what to do next?  http://pastebin.com/cc5qF2Dz05:46
Vercengettorixre: video card05:46
raikdTY  keith_ :)05:46
Nerf_JihadVercengettorix: that's what it's supposed to do. I'd probably reboot05:47
keith_raikd your welcome05:47
Vercengettorixawesome bbs05:47
kaushalis there a way to set "Away" status in pidgin when i lock my ubuntu linux 11.10 desktop?05:48
Nerf_Jihadkaushal: what's your question?05:48
Nerf_Jihadkaushal: it should automagically do that after a certain point05:48
kaushalNerf_Jihad: any settings change?05:48
Derpiankhf, GNOME 2 is gone but there is a fork called MATE. You could add their PPA/repo/whatever on their site. Forks usually don't last though so I'd recommend switching to Xubuntu, XFCE reminds me of GNOME 2 when you get rid of the dock panel (Which I recommend you do first thing when done installing.)05:48
crc32Where is the gpm package in ubuntu 12.04?05:48
Nerf_Jihadkaushal: if you want to specifically mess with it, it should be under Tools - Preferences - Status / Idle05:49
khfhrmm I might give xfce a go05:50
khfit is pretty mature right?05:50
crc32can any one useing ubuntu 12.04 find the gpm package when they "apt-cache search gpm"?05:50
keith_khf, this might not be what you are looking for, but check out this article: http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2012/03/gnome-classic-in-ubuntu-12-04-its-like-nothing-ever-changed05:51
Nerf_Jihadcrc32: me, I found it05:51
crc32what repo is it in. I get "E: Unable to locate package gpm"05:52
Nerf_Jihaddoesn't say which repo05:53
keith_khf, scroll down to the "How to" if you read the article05:53
Derpianwhat is the partner repository05:53
Nerf_Jihadtry libgpm-dev libgpm205:54
crc32deb http://archive.canonical.com/ubuntu precise partner05:54
brianpWinsI've got a fistful of rails apps running on a ubuntu web server. WHen I restart the server (as expected) all the apps go down. My question is what is the best way to automatically re-launch all the rails apps on server restart?05:54
Derpiancrc32, but what does it offer05:54
brianpWinsubuntu web server = a server running ubuntu and nginx05:54
crc32Derpian What do you mean? How would I see tht?05:55
Derpiancrc32, what applications does the partner repository offer05:55
keith_brianpWins, init.d05:55
crc32I'm at the console. How can I see that? What command would I be useing to answer your question.05:56
keith_brianpWins, create an init.d script05:56
brianpWinskeith_: cool I'll check it out. It's basically bash cmds to run from /etc/init.d on startup ?05:57
crc32Whats goiing on with this release. I can't even install links2 or gpm05:57
crc32yet typing links2 yeilds a message suggesting I "apt-get install links2"05:58
keith_brianpWins, I think its a bit more complicated than just that, after you create the script there, you need to "register" it with a particular runlevel05:58
brianpWinskeith_: run level noted. thanks for the info. I'll read up on it05:59
crc32What happened to the gpm package in ubuntu 12.04?05:59
crc32is links2 also missing from 12.04?06:00
ghostchickcrc32,  gpm or gdm ?06:00
crc32gpm. The mouse daemon for console. And I can't find gdm either.06:00
=== knoppix is now known as Vercengettorix
VercengettorixWell holy moley06:01
crc32E: Package 'gdm' has o installation candidate06:01
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
ghostchickcrc32,  are you sure you activated all the repos06:01
crc32what efqw9i0 ['o06:01
Vercengettorixwhat on Earths planet is going on here?06:01
crc32what are the other repos?06:02
VercengettorixI wish I could install knoppix06:02
keith_the live disc?06:02
VercengettorixCan someone help me, I've installed the drivers from the ATI website for my video card06:02
Vercengettorixyes keith_06:02
[Toto]i want to install  libpqxx-3.0 libpqxx3-dev libpqxx-dev06:03
Vercengettorixeverything went simmingly in the install, no errors06:03
[Toto]yum cant find it06:03
crc32What repos do I add to get gdm gpm and any other worthwhile package06:03
Vercengettorixhowever, when I reboot my monitor turns off and i'm left with a blank screen06:03
keith_[Toto], this is Ubuntu, we use apt not yum...06:03
Vercengettorixwhy is this happening to me!?06:04
VercengettorixI am a Toto control monster do you want me to kick him out?06:04
ghostchickcrc32,  in software sources checks if all the repos are  activated06:05
keith_i don't understand06:05
Vercengettorixkeith_ can you help with my gfx card06:05
crc32ghostchick. Where is software sources. I'm stuck at the text command line. No X interface is running.06:06
VercengettorixDorothy isn't here06:06
Vercengettorixthe knoppix cd gets everything going wtf is up with that06:06
keith_Vercengettorix, i don't have any experience installing graphics drivers from source06:06
keith_or shall i say not from the repos06:07
Vercengettorixits a .run file06:07
Vercengettorixits cool06:07
keith_and you get a black screen on start up?06:07
ghostchickVercengettorix,  why not the fglrx ?06:07
VercengettorixI have to figure out how to rescue my computer from the black screen of death06:07
ghostchickcrc32,  which ubuntu-version ?06:07
Vercengettorixghostchick they don't work06:07
crc32ghostchick: 12.0406:08
Vercengettorixit has installled with no errors06:08
ghostchickcrc32,  why stuck on command line?06:08
geirhaVercengettorix: what has?06:08
Vercengettorixthe ati driver06:08
Vercengettorixfor my radeon graphics card06:08
ghostchickVercengettorix,  chroot in the install and install the correct drivers06:08
Vercengettorixwhen i restart the computer the monitor just turns off06:08
keith_Vercengettorix: move /etc/X11/xorg.conf to xorg.conf.bak06:09
keith_and restart06:09
crc32ghostchick: Cause I don't have Xwindow GDM or any graphical tool installed.06:09
ghostchickcrc32,  server edition?06:09
crc32I had to install from alternative just to get the root partition on LVM.06:10
[Toto]i can put libpqxx-3.0 libpqxx3-dev libpqxx-dev06:10
[Toto]to centos ?06:10
Derpianghostchick: Either server edition or Ubuntu minimal06:10
Derpianor alternative06:11
ghostchickcrc32,  well install the ubuntu-desktop it is the simplest path06:11
crc32ghostchick I'm guessing ubuntu-desktop will mangle my /etc/apt/sources.list so that it has real repos?06:11
Derpiancrc32, join the dark side install xubuntu-desktop06:11
ghostchickcrc32,  normally the repos in ubuntu desktop and server are kinda the same06:12
crc32ghostchick: E: Unable to locate package ubuntu-desktop06:14
crc32Clearly I need some repos.06:14
ghostchickpastebin the sourcelists06:14
Derpiani will06:14
=== dark3n|off is now known as dark3n
Derpiancrc32: http://pastebin.com/BCts0EMD06:16
=== dark3n is now known as dark3n|off
=== chrisward is now known as Guest57760
Derpiancrc32: if that site doesn't work. try this http://paste.ubuntu.com/1109589/06:16
crc32no browser now links2 no gpm no synergy to use a mouse to cut and past. :|06:17
DerpianI took my CD-rom sources out06:17
ghostchickDerpian, are those the sourcelist of an ubuntu minimal ?06:18
Derpianghostchick: No06:18
Derpianghostchick: That's all the repos including the non-free ones06:18
n2deep_Hi, Does anyone have a link to a good guide on how to use a USB stick as a LUKS key to unlock a home partiton??06:19
prateekpi am working under proxy how to bypass proxy06:20
Derpianghostchick: I am not sure what the source list for Ubuntu Minimal is but Ubuntu Minimal is really build your own thing to an extent so it would actually vary on person to person06:20
ghostchickcrc32,  with nano go into sourceslist and uncomment  the repos then update06:20
Derpianghostchick, all of them are uncommented.06:20
crc32do you h06:21
ghostchickDerpian, crc32,  if those are uncommented and the mirrors are ok , he should be able to install gpm06:21
crc32ghostchick: do you have a past been of the repos? I'll have to add them by hand.06:22
Derpiancrc32, i have a paste up more06:22
Derpiancrc32, http://pastebin.com/BCts0EMD06:23
Derpianghostchick, his issue is he will have to add them all by hand06:23
Derpianghostchick, since he cannot use a mouse and copy+paste06:23
=== Aaton_off is now known as Aaton
Derpiancrc32: run nano /etc/apt/sources.list06:23
ghostchickDerpian, from a livecd he can edit it also06:23
Derpianghostchick, he couldn't use liveCD, I assume. He used alternative06:24
crc32Derpain how did you get the extra repo to work. I keep getting "NO_PUBKEY 16126D3A3E5C1192"06:24
ghostchickDerpian, the alternative is installed because he wanted to do a lvm , nothing prevent it to use those06:25
Derpianghostchick, ah06:25
=== Aaton is now known as Aaton_off
Derpiancrc32, Well the extra won't be needed for ubuntu-desktop I believe. you can get the key later06:25
animusanybody here?06:28
DerpianI am06:28
ghostchickwe are06:28
ghostchickthey are maybe06:28
islandmonkeyHowdy there06:28
nandoque mata de patos aqui¡¡06:40
nandohi :)06:40
dennis___nando: Please talk English.06:40
alessandronunca tem ninguem aqui06:40
nandook englis06:40
alessandroingles o cassete06:40
dennis___nando: So everybody can understand what you are saying.06:41
alessandroenglish, yeah06:41
nandoi was installed xubuntu 12.04 is very slow for me06:42
nandowhat version do you have?06:42
islandmonkeynando: RAM?06:43
nandoram 1 gb :(06:45
railsraiderhi, I'm runnig ubuntu12.04 on RackSpace and I'm trying to automate the aptitude safe-upgrade -y --no-gui , but i get a gui that asks me   A new version of /boot/grub/menu.lst is available,  but the version installed currently has been locally modified.06:45
railsraiderhow can i tell it to keep it , do i need to use an answer file with debconf?06:46
islandmonkeyXubuntu (claims) that it can run on >256MB RAM. So what's your CPU?06:46
nandoatlon very old06:46
islandmonkeySo how old is your computer06:47
nandoon debian is fast06:47
nandomy pc -+ 10year old06:47
islandmonkeyCrikey, that's real old. I suggest you try Lubuntu instead.06:48
islandmonkeyOr, if that doesn't even work, check out Puppy Linux (http://puppylinux.org).06:48
nandoi thing try openbox06:49
psppwner300look's like there's a fork stuck in the road06:49
islandmonkeySave it! Save it!06:50
psppwner300i ran over it06:51
nandopuppy only have a account of root??06:51
islandmonkeynando: Yes06:52
nandoits'n safe?06:53
nandoi prefer seccion with out root06:54
islandmonkeynando: What about AntiX then?06:54
kroakensudo dpkg --configure -a . WHY is my SYSTEM asking me this everytime i try to use apt-get ?!06:55
kroakenim confused06:55
Fyodorovnapuppy has a password option, iy can be locked06:55
Derpianwhy are we talking about puppy linux06:55
Derpianthis is #ubuntu06:55
islandmonkeyBut I'm telling him other distros to go to06:56
nandopassword option?? where?? tell me pls06:56
DerpianAlright take it to #puppylinux06:56
DerpianIf he used Lubuntu, it would be advised he go to #lubuntu for LXDE questions but for anything else this place or there is fine06:57
nandopasswod option for puppy ...how can i do that?06:58
islandmonkeyping Fyodorovna06:59
islandmonkeynando: He seems to be AFK.07:01
nandohe is go...or dead? :)07:03
=== kroaken is now known as Guest11860
islandmonkeyUnfortunately, http://puppylinux.com/development/howpuppyworks.html has a section called "Improved security" but it is said to be written.07:06
islandmonkeyThe only way to find out is to try it07:06
=== Onixs_ is now known as Onixs
nandoin fin this http://www.murga-linux.com/puppy/viewtopic.php?t=2133807:07
nandoislandmonkey see you later bay an thank  :)07:10
islandmonkeyOK fun with puppy linux07:11
=== railsraider_ is now known as railsraider
=== Guest11860 is now known as krokane
=== krokane is now known as krokan
=== krokan is now known as kroaken
* kroaken im so happy cuse tuday i fund a friend07:13
=== Demands is now known as PeaceablyWatchin
notk0hello I updated to the latest ubuntu and sound doesn't work, I remember the version before it there was a problem with sound as well but I forgot how I fixed it07:14
kroakenis so borring apt-update taking ages :P07:14
kroakennotk0 use OSS07:15
kroakenforget alsa07:15
notk0kroaken: and how do I do that?07:15
kroakenor you can take a look in alsamixer07:15
kroakenand se if its muted07:15
notk0kroaken: how do I look at the alsamixer?07:16
kroakenopen a terminal notk0 and type alsamixer07:16
crc32Derpain: Thanks. Finally got the repos to work.07:16
kroakentake a look and see if you fix the problem07:16
crc32ghostchick: Thank you too. :)07:16
Derpiancrc32, your welcome07:16
Derpiancrc32, must have took forever to get all those down on paper07:17
ghostchickcrc32,  it was the source list thing no?07:17
kroakenso you are in X enviroment notk0 ?07:17
notk0kroaken: yes07:17
kroakenok notk007:17
kroakenopen a terminal and type alsamixer07:17
notk0kroaken: from alsamixer it seemed that the speaker was at 0 volume but I put it higher but doesn't seem to work07:17
kroakenlearn to use it07:17
kroakenits pretty simple07:18
kroakentry "m"07:18
kroakenin all of them07:18
kroaken00 vs M07:18
notk0if I press m it switched from MM to 007:18
notk000 means muted?07:18
kroakenM = muted07:18
notk0I have two MM07:18
notk0they are all MM07:18
kroakenidd , meaing that was muted and now its connected but vol is low07:19
kroakenpress F607:19
kroakenand choose your board07:19
crc32Derpain: Worse I was trying to wget it from a remote server then sftp to my host machine. Then poof my cloud server borked on apt-get update because their mirrors broke. Too many stumbling blocks.07:19
notk0kroaken: for all? as in speaker master headphone?07:19
kroakenI dont understand what you are asking notk0 , take a deep breath and explore the var alsamixer =)07:20
kroakenit will work07:20
notk0kroaken: I think it works now, why did ubuntu mute it by default anyway?07:20
kroakenwho knows :P07:21
kroakenmaybe the coworks of unbuntu was in a bad mood, and muted the board07:21
notk0it actually set the sound output to my videocard hdmi audio output and muted my main card07:22
* kroaken is free to help07:22
notk0but I think the sound is mono now07:22
notk0thank you for helping kroaken07:22
kroakenmono is also fine , but im not sure where you  change from mono to stereo07:22
notk0I ended up unmuting it through the GUI thing07:22
kroakenyou welcome m907:22
notk0is there a way to check if it's stereo?07:23
notk0I think it's taking a channel and putting it on 2 speakers07:23
kroakenbtw notk0 you have fglrx installed?!07:23
ubottufrancesco_: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».07:23
kroakenim trying to install it atm07:23
kroakenbut no luck with xorg07:23
=== Thomas is now known as thomas
notk0kroaken: I don't think to have it, what does it do?07:24
kroakenit gives you 3D accel07:24
kroakenin grafics to play better as a gamer07:24
notk0kroaken: what GPU do you have? I heard intel ones are most open source friendly since the drivers are open source and stuff?07:25
kroakeni own a mac imac 21"507:25
notk0fglrx is for ati07:25
kroakenbut i also like other computers07:25
kroakenit is idd07:25
notk0I installed the proprietary drivers07:25
notk0I don't game under linux tho07:25
kroakengl installing it07:26
notk0kroaken: the proprietary?07:26
* kroaken free for chat07:26
kroakengives you better performance07:26
notk0kroaken: it is installed? I even get the temperature from ati-config and output it thanks to conky07:27
kroakenyeh nice one07:27
kroakenconky is awsome07:27
kroakenif you got skill to work it :P07:27
dazzeli want to use a keyfile on my luks logical volume within a luks physical volume is that possible?07:27
notk0is there a benchmark thing to see how well my opengl works and stuff?07:27
kroakennowdays ppl is using lvm and lvm207:28
notk0kroaken: what games you wanted to play anyway? using wine?07:28
dazzelnotk0: glxgears07:28
dazzelnotk0: glxdemo07:28
dazzelnotk0: glxinfo07:28
kroakeni dont need wine mate :P07:28
kroakeni play warsow competitive07:29
notk0dazzel: I will take a look, glxdemo only draws a yellow square07:29
notk0XIO:  fatal IO error 11 (Resource temporarily unavailable) on X server ":0"07:29
notk0      after 470 requests (470 known processed) with 0 events remaining.07:29
dazzelnotk0: that is normal since you closed the glx screen07:30
=== vladimir_ is now known as VladimirRP
kroakenvladimir putin07:31
dazzelif your gears run smootly glx is runnig fine..07:31
notk0dazzel: I tried glxinfo, I tried verbose mode but I don't understand anything unfortunately I have a lot of nopes07:31
* kroaken be vewwy vewwy quiet i'm hunting lames..07:31
dazzelnotk0, what videocard are you using / lspci07:31
notk0OpenGL renderer string: ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5800 Series07:31
kroakenhe told before07:32
kroakenserious ?07:32
notk0kroaken: yes?07:32
kroakeni need your help notk007:32
notk0kroaken: help with what?07:32
kroakeni need to install catalyst07:32
kroakenfor my ati07:32
kroakenAn you GOING to help me07:32
FloodBot1kroaken: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.07:32
dazzelnotk0, better use the latest drivers from amd.com then..07:32
kroakenstep by spte procedure07:33
notk0kroaken: I didn't install it manually ubuntu proposed to activate restricted drivers and I did? I don't even know if I have fglrx installed07:33
notk0dazzel: what does caveat mean?07:33
* kroaken gently pat FloodBot1 07:33
notk0visualCaveat=None for all07:33
kroakencaviar ?07:33
* kroaken is brb from the grave07:33
dazzelnotk0, http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/caveat07:34
Erwynjacta: so this transmission daemon?07:34
notk0dazzel: what does it mean in the context of glxinfo ? visual caution ?07:35
hariomI have got a IBM X3400 server from a friend of mine who was not using it. I don't have experience of installing Ubuntu Server (10.04 I am using) on server system like this (I have done on Laptop/Desktop and non raid server). How to install Ubuntu on it? It has Fedora install on it but I want to remove it and get Ubuntu working on it. I tried putting bootable CD and Pandrive but it doesn't pick up that and goes to pre install fedora.07:35
jactaErwyn, seems like a good choise, but fucked up some settings and folders :\07:35
Erwynjacta: arf… installation random shit :)07:36
hariomAdvice/Direction/hand holding will be greatly appreciated07:36
* kroaken ai ai ai ai ai i wann giveyou my luvie07:36
jactaErwyn, ill get back to you soon :p07:36
DJones!ot > kroaken07:36
ubottukroaken, please see my private message07:36
kroakenohh sorry07:37
notk0ati catalyst control centers tells me nothing about opengl07:37
kroakenim talking to much07:37
notk0kroaken: you have to have multiple nicks, thats how everyone does it around here07:37
hariomAnybody to help?07:38
notk0hariom: with what?07:38
notk0hariom: you have to modify the boot order in bios07:39
notk0hariom: before you boot from a live CD07:40
hokyhello, I have a small problem with my nvidia driver, is this right place to search help?07:40
auronandace!raid | hariom07:40
ubottuhariom: Tips and tricks for RAID and LVM can be found on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SoftwareRAID and http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/LVM-HOWTO - For software RAID, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FakeRaidHowto07:40
notk0hoky: YES07:40
notk0ubottu: he can't even boot the live cd07:40
hariomnotk0: I have tried two options: Boot order and F12 and then selected bootable cd07:40
ubottunotk0: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)07:40
hokythanks, well i am using ubuntu 12.0407:40
notk0hariom: and you can't boot from the cd?07:40
hokyand i have picture in full resolution07:41
hokybut motions are pretty lagy, and slow07:41
hokyi tried to install proprieaty drivers07:41
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience07:41
notk0hoky: so you installed ubuntu on it?07:41
Erwyn!ask | erwyn07:41
ubottuErwyn, please see my private message07:41
notk0hoky: and what is the problem ?07:41
hokyi get error when installing propriety driver07:42
hokycant install07:42
hariomnotk0: Yea, every time I tried to boot from bootable medium (tried with CD and USB drive), it goes directly to already installed Fedora07:42
notk0hariom: then you are not booting from it07:42
hokythis is the message07:42
hoky:"Sorry, installation of this driver failed.07:42
hokyPlease have a look at the log file for details: /var/log/jockey.log"07:42
ubottuPlease watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.07:43
auronandace!botabuse | Erwyn07:43
ubottuErwyn: Please investigate with me only with "/msg ubottu Bot" or in #ubuntu-bots.  Search for factoids with "/msg ubottu !search factoid".07:43
notk0hoky: are you having trouble booting from the livecd or installing ?07:43
notk0why is wtf considered bad language?07:43
hokyno just problem with vga driver07:43
Erwynnotk0: Fuck maype?07:43
hokysystem works fine07:43
notk0Erwyn: how can a person that doesn't know what it means is going to deduce that?07:44
notk0hoky: what videocard does it havae?07:44
islandmonkey!language | Erwyn07:44
ubottuErwyn: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.07:44
hokyNvidia Gforce 7300 LE07:44
Erwynislandmonkey: are you kidding me?07:44
notk0Erwyn: it's maybe btw not maype07:44
Erwynnotk0: Keyboard mistake07:44
ubottuYum! Err, I mean, APT!07:44
ActionParsniphoky: you can install it in cli with:  sudo apt-get install nvidia-current07:44
hokyok I will try it immediatly07:45
islandmonkeyErwyn: Do I need to tell you the !guidelines07:45
notk0I would recommend typing sudo rm -rf /  then typing your password07:45
ubottuDO NOT RUN THAT COMMAND! That particular command is DANGEROUS and shouldn't be uttered here. REST OF YOU: DANGER, WILL ROBINSON, DANGER! Do not use the command or utter it here thank you!07:45
islandmonkey!guidelines > Erywn07:45
notk0oh common it was a friendly joke07:45
chuIt's really not.07:46
Tm_Tnotk0: this is channel for support, not jokes, further discussion in this matter happens on #ubuntu-ops, thanks07:46
B0073DI have run that a couple of times. Always fun to watch. Though as said, DO NOT RUN IT.07:46
brophatshould I do some wifi card configuring?07:46
Erwynislandmonkey: I don't think so, do I need to remember you that it was an answer to notk0 about WTF?07:46
Derpiannotk0, this is a support channel for new users and advanced users. Find another channel for advanced users (who also need support) who know a joke and what is not one.07:47
ActionParsnipnotk0: not funny at all07:47
notk0Erwyn: wtf is an acronym that can mean multiple things, on it's own it's not in any way bad language07:47
notk0ActionParsnip: maybe you lack sense of humour07:47
Derpian!language | notk007:47
ubottunotk0: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.07:47
islandmonkeyErwyn: No, but you said f**k07:47
Tm_Tnotk0: last warning, continuing the discussion here will lead to removal07:47
notk0Derpian: http://www.wtf.org/wtf_eng/main/main_eng.html World Taekwondo Federation07:47
Tm_Tislandmonkey: also, no need to continue07:48
notk0also Derpian http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/WTF07:48
Derpiannotk0: I doubt it was used in that context.07:48
ActionParsnipnotk0: no, I really do, it's just not funny, or appropriate07:49
Erwynis there a factoid to search on wiki?07:51
auronandace!botabuse | Erwyn07:51
ubottuErwyn: Please investigate with me only with "/msg ubottu Bot" or in #ubuntu-bots.  Search for factoids with "/msg ubottu !search factoid".07:51
Erwynauronandace: do you know another command?07:52
ActionParsnipErwyn: do you mean to search wikipedia itself?07:52
auronandace!bot | Erwyn07:52
ubottuErwyn: Hi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi | Usage info: http://ubottu.com/devel/wiki/Plugins | Bot channels and general info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots07:52
islandmonkeyErwyn: Plus there is a list of factoids at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi07:52
ErwynActionParsnip: hum not wikipedia but ubuntu users wiki07:53
ActionParsnipErwyn: you can search packages for files and names as well as trigger factoids listed ojn the factoids.cgi page given07:54
ErwynI ask cause on archlinux's channel they got one doing such thingse and it could be useful that's all07:54
ErwynActionParsnip: okay07:54
=== Lupinedk is now known as lupinedk
ms-studiolooking for help after upgrade failure from 10.04 > 12.04, making machine unbootable (even from live CD)07:59
ms-studiothe issue is described here : http://askubuntu.com/questions/134148/fail-upgrade-from-10-04-to-12-04-unbootable-from-usb-or-live-cd/16783507:59
hokynow i have the smoothnes but, with lower screen resolution...07:59
ActionParsnipms-studio: can you boot to root recovery mode?08:00
ActionParsniphoky: run:  nvidia-settings08:00
ms-studioroot recovery mode: not sure how that works08:01
ActionParsnipms-studio: hold SHIFT at boot, select recovery mode, select root08:01
ms-studiothis one i tried already, same thing08:02
hokyit says :"You do not appear to be using the NVIDIA X driver.  Please edit your X configuration file (just run `nvidia-xconfig` as root), and restart the X server."08:02
zetheroois there an option when working with the diff command which enables you to see the progress?08:02
hokyand when i do that i get another error08:02
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest30870
ActionParsniphoky: try:  sudo nvidia-xconfig08:03
hokyWARNING: Unable to locate/open X configuration file.08:03
=== Guest30870 is now known as reisman
Erwynms-studio: when you say that your usb or cd is not bootable08:04
Erwynms-studio: did you ensure that you were able to boot them on other computers?08:04
ms-studioboot process starts, but stops after a minute - so i asume it *is* able to boot08:06
ActionParsniphoky: it'll make the file, reboot to test08:06
Erwynms-studio: please ensure it, take your usb key (don't like cd), plug it into another computer and try to boot the jive08:06
univacHi guys08:06
ms-studioErwyn: ok, will try that08:07
Erwynms-studio: thanks, then get back to me, if it's not working I'll explain you how to build proper key easily, if it is, we'll try to investigate someting else08:07
B0073DI saw someone mention the 'advanced user help' channel?08:09
B0073DWhat was it again?08:09
notk0B0073D: maybe #linux ?08:09
B0073DHehehe that'd be right.08:09
crc32omg. How do I get to the command line from unity?08:09
zetheroois there an option when working with the diff command which enables you to see the progress?08:10
auronandacecrc32: tap the super key and type terminal08:10
crc32I guess super means alt?08:11
auronandacecrc32: the windows logo08:11
DerpianSuper usually is the Operating system we don't say key08:11
DerpianYou can get replacement keys with other logos and such on it08:12
Erwyncrc32: you wants a terminal?08:14
chmacIs there a command somewhere to "compact" my local evolution folders? I've noticed my imap account is taking >600M of disk space locally, but there's only <20M of email in there.08:16
somethinginteresplugging USB stick into usb hub. USB isn't mounted dmesg [22552.304275] hub 2-4:1.0: hub_port_status failed (err = -110). ideas?08:17
Erwyncrc32: and no super means "meta"08:17
marcflash doesn't work, just shows a black box instead. I've tried a lot of things such as reinstalling and the firefox flash-aid plug-in, but to no avail. Can anyone give me a hint on what to do? Otherwise I'll have to reinstall and I'd rather not.08:17
brophathow do i know if my wifi card is using g or n?08:18
Erwynmarc: you reinstalled firefox or flash?08:18
marcErwyn, flash08:19
Erwynmarc: blackbox or saying not installed?08:19
marcErwyn, black box08:19
marcthere is no box saying: flash is not installed, please download it from the adobe web site08:20
Erwynmarc: not sure of what it is, but apt-get remove --purge yourflashplugin08:20
Erwynthen for test purpose08:20
Erwynapt-get install flashplugin-nonfree08:20
moj0risinghi, there. I'm wondering if anyone might hav e some insight on why my ethernet adapters are unable to connect to my network in Ubuntu Server. They all do with OpenSuSE so I know they work but not sure what the deal is w/ them in Ubuntu.08:20
Erwynif you have another browser like chromium, try it also08:21
notk0or lynx, the browser that most ubuntu users actually use08:21
Erwynmarc: I remember having troubles with firefox on linuxmint, which is based on ubuntu08:22
Erwynmarc so try another browser too08:22
notk0Erwyn: what problems?08:22
Erwynthe same08:22
notk0I never had any browser problems on ubuntu or linux mint08:23
Erwynlucky you08:23
ActionParsnipmarc: can you give a pastebin of the output of:  lsb_release -a; uname -a; dpkg -l | egrep 'flash|gnash|swf|spark'08:23
notk0Erwyn: you still have problems?08:23
moj0risingFirefox has always worked for me. My only browser problems in the past were that Konqueror and Rekonq crash pretty regularly. So I use firefox.08:24
marcActionParsnip: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1109708/08:26
\Jansudo apt-get purge gnash gnash-common08:27
ActionParsnipmarc: sudo apt-get --purge remove flashplugin-installer flashplugin-nonfree; sudo dpkg -P gnash gnash-common08:27
ActionParsnipmarc: then run:  sudo apt-get --purge autoremove; sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree08:28
ActionParsnipmarc: Natty is EOL in October. You may want to consider updating to a newer install08:28
\JanEr, couldn't he have just purged gnash and ghash-common?08:28
ActionParsnip\Jan: I like to clean it all out :)08:29
kselltrumI have a problem with Aver A169. Driver fail and not connect to videodev. OS: ubuntu 12.04 v4l updated from git08:29
ErwynActionParsnip: why dpkg -P? instead of apt-get remove --purge?08:29
\JanThat's sort of what I was wondering08:29
ActionParsnipErwyn: the gnash and gnash-common packages have residual configs (hence rc instead of ii), so the command will remove the files and clean the OS08:30
oscarvartoHi! I just installed Ubuntu 12.04 and I'm having trouble with CUDA installation. Any clues?08:30
\Janbut apt-get purge removes config files08:30
\Janpurge          purge is identical to remove except that packages are removed and purged (any configuration files are deleted too).            <-- From the man page08:31
ActionParsniposcarvarto: http://askubuntu.com/questions/158822/installing-cuda-on-ubuntu-12-04-with-nvidia-driver-295-5908:31
ActionParsnip\Jan: its an old habit, doesn't hurt08:31
hetiiHi :)08:32
hetiiI try run installation of windows xp under ubuntu kvm that use qemu and i got blue screen with message SESSION3_INITIALIZATION_FAILED ....stop 0x0000006F08:32
marcstill no good guys :(08:32
Ben64I can't get rbot to respond to anything on irc in 12.0408:32
Erwynmarc: try another browser please. apt-get install chromium08:33
Slinghetii: what did the people in ##windows say?08:33
ActionParsnipErwyn: chromium-browser08:33
hetiiSling:  need ask them first :>08:33
ErwynActionParsnip: how do you ask ubuntulog ?08:34
ActionParsnipErwyn: wrong target?08:34
ErwynActionParsnip: ubottu08:34
=== Guest57760 is now known as chrisward
Erwynlooking for factoids but it's quite a mess08:34
Erwynto find how to browse packages08:35
ActionParsnipErwyn: try:  !find packagename08:35
ActionParsnipErwyn: works fr files inside packages too08:36
Erwynthe very anoying point of this channel is its traffic of08:41
Erwynconnection disctonnection08:41
DJonesErwyn: You can hide joins & parts in most irc clients08:41
oscarvartoActionParsnip: I don't get it. Should I expect errors while compiling SDK?08:41
Erwynmarc__: did you install chromium?08:42
ActionParsnipErwyn: you can block that in your client08:42
islandmonkeyAnybody know how to do that in smuxi08:42
marc__Erwyn: I'll give it a try08:42
ActionParsniposcarvarto: never used one, sorry08:42
Erwynokay, to be sure it is firefox and not something else08:42
kroakenwhat the hell is ruby gems ? oO08:43
Erwynkroaken: ruby "plugins"08:43
ErwynI say "plugins"08:43
islandmonkey!ot | kroaken08:44
ubottukroaken: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!08:44
Erwynit's not exactly what it is, but it is the idea08:44
[Toto]Your apache server has no PgSQL support built-in.08:44
[Toto]how i do it ?08:44
Erwynokay I configure ignores…m08:48
islandmonkeyWish I could do such thing in Smuxi08:49
ActionParsnip[Toto]: do you have libapache2-mod-auth-pgsql installed?08:49
jactaActionParsnip, do you remember what the name of the trackpad-daemon was? :)08:49
Erwynislandmonkey: http://wiki.xkcd.com/irc/Hide_join_part_messages08:50
ActionParsnipjacta: synaptic maybe...08:51
pg_anybody ever patched a file before? I'm applying a patch as in "patch -p0 <patch_file.patch", but it always asks me  "File to patch:"08:53
pg_tried with -p1, but same shit08:53
marc__Erwyn, ok chromium installed, but now to get flash there?08:53
jactathere was one build-in, to disable touchpad while typing, think you helped me find it last time08:53
sandieghey i was notified to do software update i didnt use computer since last night and now it says waiting for lock i did reboot 3 times now and says waiting for lock ...im not doing any other installation08:53
Erwynmarc__: it should be there by default08:53
Erwynmarc__: no?08:53
marc__Erwyn, this one does say: 'missing plugin'08:54
sandiegNOw it ask me so issue the command sudo dpkg -- configure -a08:55
sandiegffs what is this !08:55
sandiegi cant install nothing with pkg-get or aptitude08:55
bzpg_: what's `pwd`? and perhaps we could have a look at that patch file08:55
bobweaversandieg,  sounds like apt is funky (dpkg ) is the b ack end for apt08:56
pg_well, the patch is in the root directory of a project08:56
pg_bz: and the three files that need to be patched (in one patch) are in different directoriews08:57
pg_bz: the patch: http://guake.org/attachment/ticket/124/0001-Add-capability-to-set-up-monitor.patch08:57
ActionParsnipsandieg: can you run the commmand and pastebin the output please08:58
=== GeneralTsao is now known as BietanJarai
marc__well, I guess I'd better do a clean install  :(08:59
bzpg_: so i assume your dir struct looks like: proj_dir/src, proj_dir/data, no?09:00
pg_bz: yes09:01
bzpg_: so, cd proj_dir, wget http://guake.org/attachment/ticket/124/0001-Add-capability-to-set-up-monitor.patch, patch < 0001-Add-capability-to-set-up-monitor.patch doesn't work?09:02
pg_bz: no09:02
fidel_hi - how is the experience with upgrading from 10.04 lts to 12.04.01 which should be released since 19th of this month09:02
pg_bz: i doesnt work from src/ or ../proj_dir folder either09:02
fidel_afaik 12.04.1 should be the first v12.04 version which is supposed to be used for direct upgrade from lts to lts ...right?09:03
bobweaver+1 | fidel09:03
fidel_bobweaver: +1 as in? ;)09:03
Erwynmarc__: i guess too09:04
Siegelhello, i've installed ubuntu 12.04 LTS and my wireless seems to be not installed. how do i go about fixing that problem?09:04
diverdudehmm i have inserted a network card in my computer, but it seems that when i write ifconfig its not shown. Do i have to enable it somehow?09:04
Erwynmarc__: if it's not to much troubles09:04
bobweaverlol fidel_  yes there is that comming out I was trying to get the botts attention to show you that there is a Ubuntu+1 channel that handles cpnvo like that. IMHO I love Unity and had no trouble with upgrade but then again I also backed up all y stuff 1st09:05
fidel_bobweaver: i am not talking about unity to be honest09:05
fidel_and the question is related to 12.04 so i expect this channel to be the right place ...or am i wrong?09:06
bzpg_: you sure executing patch -p1 < yourpatch.patch from proj_dir doesn't work?09:06
bobweaversorry wrong channel :(09:06
bzpg_: i just tested the whole thing and it worked fine here09:07
fidel_? i am just asking about user experiences regrding direct upgrade from lts to lts ...i dont see that as any troll-related thing bobweaver09:07
bobweaverfidel_,  read up plz like I said (<bobweaver> sorry wrong channel :( )09:07
pg_bz: ill try it again09:07
ivosqHi I just bought a Steelseries 6gv2 keyboard but the control-key to the left only works in ubuntu menus, it does not work in programs like sublime text 2 for example. I have tried changing the layout  and going to System Settings / Keyboard / Typing tab / Layout Settings / Layouts tab / Options to fix it but I cant get it to work. Is there any program for this or do I just have to try harder in the ubuntu settings menus? ^^09:08
bzpg_: cd proj_dir; wget http://guake.org/raw-attachment/ticket/124/0001-Add-capability-to-set-up-monitor.patch; patch -p1 < 0001-Add-capability-to-set-up-monitor.patch09:08
bobweaverfidel_,  I will tell you what I tell every one Backup your stuff then when you think that you are ready it is time for you to back up for a few minutes to make sure all is good09:08
pg_bz: when I do the patch -p1 command it says "File to patch:", ill send you the output09:10
bzpg_: you know what?09:10
bzpg_: ls -R09:10
bzgimme that output09:10
=== Sickki_ is now known as Sickki
pg_bz: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1109759/09:10
Siegelhow do i start up terminal on 12.04 with unity? cant find applications09:11
=== BietanJarai is now known as BietanJarrai
bzpg_: ls -R :>09:11
bzpg_: also, it looks like you've got the wrong version of target files09:11
bzpg_: notice the "hunk 1 failed at 1"09:12
pg_bz: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1109762/09:12
pg_bz: yes09:12
bobweaverSiegel,  or type "gnome-terminal "  in thye dash of Unity09:12
Siegelbobweaver: thanks it worked09:12
Siegelbobweaver: im going back to gnomeo shell just waiting for updates to dl09:12
pg_bz: when i use patch -p0 it doesnt fail, but still asks for the file09:13
bobweavernp Siegel have a good one09:13
njahello again all09:13
bobweaverSiegel,  gnome-throwback ?09:13
bzpg_: notice the utter non-existence of src/guake.py09:13
bzpg_: hence /usr/bin/patch complaining09:13
bzpg_: i bet you renamed src/guake.py to src/guake :p09:14
Siegelbobweaver: what is throwback?09:14
GlowballHow can I easily install Oracle Java 7? I'm on Ubuntu 12.04.09:14
bobweaverSiegel,  http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2012/03/gnome-classic-in-ubuntu-12-04-its-like-nothing-ever-changed09:14
pg_bz: havent even checked for that! this is clean package, didnt change anything09:14
diverdudehow do i install gnome in ubuntu-server? just apt-get install gnome?09:15
pg_bz: i guess the structure changed, because the patches are 3 years old09:15
Erwyndiverdude: why would you do such thing?09:15
=== mang0 is now known as Seryth
bobweaverdiverdude,  there is still gnome-core  ?09:15
Siegelbobweaver: oh cool. still working on my more serious problem, wireless card got uninstalled on installing 12.0409:15
bobweaver!info gnome-core09:15
ubottugnome-core (source: meta-gnome3): The GNOME Desktop Environment -- essential components. In component universe, is optional. Version 1:3.0+6ubuntu3 (precise), package size 4 kB, installed size 51 kB09:15
bzpg_: like i said, different target versions09:15
bobweaverSiegel,  what is card ?09:16
njaAnyone here know how to get Tribes: Ascend running under wine?09:16
pg_bz: ok :) now i get it09:16
bzpg_: if you wanna force it, just feed it "src/guake" when it asks for file to patch09:16
bzpg_: should be interesting results09:16
diverdudeErwyn: ohh its complicated. long story short. i have a special cam which requires a special nci, i only have such nci in my old server, the cam has a closed source config program which uses a gui09:16
golden_fishi need a program that can talk to me :)09:16
pg_bz: thanks a lot, hehe, yeah, using --force is always adventureous09:16
golden_fishjust to try09:17
fabioi've installed lubuntu without internet then when i started lubuntusoftupdate the screen become black09:17
bzpg_: np.09:17
ActionParsnipfabio: if you run:  sudo apt-get update     is it smooth?09:17
bobweaver!info gespeaker09:17
ubottugespeaker (source: gespeaker): GTK+ front-end for eSpeak and mbrola. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.7-3 (precise), package size 85 kB, installed size 460 kB09:17
fabionow i control09:17
=== Sickki_ is now known as Sickki
Siegelbobweaver: bmc4318, waiting for updates to finish so i can install the  b43 packages09:18
Siegelbobweaver: using these instructions: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx#b43%20-%20Internet%20access09:19
fabioaction it's loading09:19
Siegelill stick around to let you know if it worked09:19
ActionParsnipfabio: if it's ok then run:  sudo apt-get upgrade   and it may help09:19
golden_fishany program that can  answer me when i give him any message09:19
golden_fishi need it open source09:19
golden_fishlike talker software09:20
bobweavergolden_fish,  like gespeaker09:20
rich97anyone know of an alternative to https://github.com/sigurdga/gnome-terminal-colors-solarized? I like the idea of a consitent colour scheme across terminal applications but I hate the colours they've chosen.09:20
ActionParsnipgolden_fish: espeak can do text to speech, if that's what you mean...09:20
rich97And I'm crap at modifiny my colours09:20
golden_fishhow to get it09:20
ActionParsnipgolden_fish: same way you install any other package09:20
golden_fishok , thanks09:20
bobweaverit is in the softwarecenter it is called  gespeaker it is the front end for espeak09:21
golden_fishi love the people her :)09:21
ActionParsnip!info festival09:21
ubottufestival (source: festival): General multi-lingual speech synthesis system. In component universe, is optional. Version 1:2.1~release-1ubuntu2 (precise), package size 982 kB, installed size 2581 kB09:21
ActionParsnipgolden_fish: there is also festival09:21
fabioaction i've done --> sudo apt-get upgrade results all 0 it's ok?09:22
golden_fishare they open source09:22
bobweaverActionParsnip,  I have not tried that installing now to test out :) thanks from me also09:22
bobweavergolden_fish,  you can see any copy{left,right}  in the debian package under debian/copyright09:23
bobweaverapt-get source <name of package> then  open that file that I said above it has all the copy{right,left} info09:23
golden_fishbobweaver ; okay, thanks, i see that, i will try them all, and i will be right back09:24
bobweaverI am sure that there is also a dpkg or apt command that also does that not sure thou09:24
fabioaction i've done that command line results all 0, it's ok?09:25
geirhaAll packages should install a copyright notice under /usr/share/doc/package-name/09:26
jactaActionParsnip, you dont remember? you're using duckduckgo?09:31
=== altair is now known as Guest68039
bzzomg, another duckduckgoer09:31
islandmonkeyI'm using DuckDuckGo as well09:32
njaWoop DuckDuckGo!09:33
MonkeyDustislandmonkey  me too09:34
freakwenthey I've been reading up on ubuntu support for fakeraid.  I'm a bit confused by a system I have09:34
freakwentWindows sees two discrete drives, separate.09:34
freakwentThe RAID features are off in the BIOS09:34
SeHI use ubuntu 12.04 with genome classic no effects there is a way to modify toolbar place and it size!!!09:34
freakwentUbuntu sees hda and hdb as discrete devices09:34
golden_fishthis is so cool, i try gespeaker, i like it :)09:34
MonkeyDustSeH  that is correct09:35
freakwent'mount' reports that only one is mounted as /09:35
freakwenthowever if I mount the other at /mnt/test09:35
freakwentand touch /mnt/test/FILE09:35
freakwentthen I can see /FILE09:35
MonkeyDustSeH  install xfce and use that, instead, it can be modified more09:35
freakwentappear on the other drive.09:35
=== mang0 is now known as Seryth
prateekphey i am not able to remove openssl issue09:36
prateekpwhile i do rails server i get an error .... https://gist.github.com/317530209:37
freakwentdoes anyone have experience with this sort of fakeraid phenomenon?  I'm expecting and intending to have separate devices.09:37
railsprateekp: do you have openssl installed?09:37
freakwentI woulnd't mind so much but it often won't boot so I'm suspecting there's a strange race condition at some stage in the boot process09:37
railsprateekp: and libssl-dev?09:39
prateekprails : how to instal libssl-dev09:39
prateekpmay be i havent installed09:39
railssudo apt-get install libssl-dev09:39
mi3prateekp: sudo apt-get install libssl-dev09:39
mi3!beginners | prateekp09:40
* rails sits on mi309:40
golden_fishshall i install MouseTrap on my ubuntu 12.04 or it won't work, 7 of 7 people said it won't work ?09:42
freakwentso how can I convince ubuntu to stop using the fakeraid without losing any data?09:43
Erwynfreakwent: try diplomacy09:43
MonkeyDustfreakwent  you can report a bug if needed09:44
prateekpmi3 : i am still getting the sameerror09:44
mi3prateekp: whats the error ?09:44
nlkohi guys, im trying to get java applets working with either chrome or firefox..no idea what to do09:45
nlkobut need it for remote access09:45
=== lupinedk is now known as Lupinedk
Erwynnlko: installed java?09:45
golden_fishguys, shall i install MouseTrap on my ubuntu 12.04 or it won't work, 7 of 7 people said it won't work ?09:45
mi3prateekp: I cant help, sorry, I dont know what its about :(09:46
nlkoyes, i have the jdk downloaded which includes the jre and java home is set09:46
ActionParsnipnlko: i use this: http://www.webupd8.org/2012/01/install-oracle-java-jdk-7-in-ubuntu-via.html09:46
MonkeyDustgolden_fish  install it, if it doesnt work, remove it09:46
MonkeyDustgolden_fish  install it, if it doesnt work, remove it and report a bug09:46
prateekpi am getting an error while i do rails server https://gist.github.com/317530209:46
golden_fishokay , okay :)09:46
k4vwo stell ich denn mal gnome xchat auf utf8 um?09:47
ubottuIn den meisten Ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuche bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Einfach "/join #ubuntu-de" eingeben. Danke für Dein Verständnis!09:47
nlkoActionParsnip: will that give me java applet in the browser?09:47
Erwynnlko: normally yes09:47
nlkook, il do that. but out of interest, i already java sun java 7 jdk and jre downloaded to /opt, what would i need to do for the brwoser to know about this for its applets?09:48
railsrvm package install openssl09:50
railsrvm remove 1.9.209:50
railsrvm install 1.9.2 --with-openssl-dir=$HOME/.rvm/usr09:50
railstht should fix it09:50
golden_fishreport for MouseTrap : not working :)09:51
SerythI need to completely purge anything to do with b43 and b43-fwcutter, and b43-legacy. I've already apt-get purged them, but I need to remove any leftover config files etc. Where are they stored?09:52
bobweaverSeryth,  firmware-b43-install bcmwl-kernel-source ?09:54
Serythbobweaver: I mean, what location...what dir are they in?09:54
bobweaverSeryth,  they are moduals in kernel I thought so a simple apt-get --purge remove      sould do the trick   firmware is under /lib/firmare but for reall apt sould handle it all09:55
Serythbobweaver: Ah okay, thanks09:56
bobweaverSeryth,  I have seen alot of times that jockey gets confused and installs the wl is that installed ?  lsmod | grep wl09:57
railsraideranyone knows a good utility to see the disk usage in terminal, i'm getting lost with du -h09:57
bobweaverwith broadcom cards that is ^^09:57
bobweaverdf -h     ?09:57
Serythbobweaver: No result :/09:58
bobweaverSeryth,  good09:58
Serythbobweaver: I just needed to remove everything so that I could go through the setup of b43legacy again09:58
railsraiderbobweaver:  how do i drill down and see folder size i don't wanna see a list of all files just size of folder09:59
bobweaverSeryth,  can you post a lspci -nn | grep 14e4 && lsmod        then pastebin that the bot will tell you more09:59
bobweaver!pastebin |  Seryth09:59
ubottuSeryth: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.09:59
Serythbobweaver: Yeah, I've already got pastebinit, thanks09:59
bobweaverrailsraider,  you have no gui ?10:00
n8lagme neither10:00
Serythhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/1109826/ bobweaver10:00
n8lagwe don' need no steenkin gue10:00
railsraiderwonder if theres a until that does that in a terminal window10:00
bobweaverSeryth,  lspci -nn | grep 14e4           plz :)10:01
Serythbobweaver: Uh, that's what I did, no?10:01
SerythOh, I did lsmod too10:01
bobweavernope just lsmod showed up :(10:01
Serythhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/1109829/ same result this time too bobweaver ...O.o10:02
n8lagwho do i ask to turn the latest version of edbrowse into an apt-get package?  ty10:02
HyperbyteI have a Precise system which is really slow during disk operations... cpu waiting, i/o timeouts... I'm quite sure the disk is fine though... hdparm -t /dev/sda also reports a speed of 85 MB/sec... any hints on what might be wrong and how I can resolve this?10:03
MonkeyDustn8lag  you mean a .deb package?10:03
n8lagi guess.  not up on the jargon.  but anyway, a package i can install with apt-get10:04
Erwynn8lag: you ask the software developper or a packager10:05
MonkeyDustn8lag  maybe the repos contain something similar to it10:05
Erwynn8lag: or you simply compile it10:05
Erwynno need to package10:05
n8lagwhats repos?10:05
MonkeyDustn8lag  software sources10:06
Serythbobweaver: Well, now that I've purged b43*, should I follow https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx now? I've actually got internet on cable atm, so I can install following that10:06
n8lagok, i can whine at the guy who maintainw it. hope he doesnt say call the ubuntu ppl :)10:06
MonkeyDustwhat's edbrowse?10:07
bobweaverSeryth,  I wrote this about broadcom here might help :)   http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=1079650810:07
bobweaverPost #44 ^^10:07
n8lagedbrowse is a editor / mail client / browser alll in one.  based on ed.  line editor10:07
amoryI have question for my Quadro 4000 on Ubuntu 12.04  Sometimes the computer freezes and I need to reboot the system10:08
Serythbobweaver: Thankyou :) I've got to use the b43legacy drivers though....does your page cover that?10:08
bobweaverSeryth,  all things broadcoom kinda need to re-write it10:08
Serythbobweaver: True words :( but it's the only way I've got to access the net atm, so I'm gonna have to get it working :/ (it worked before, until I updated to 64bit10:09
bobweaverSeryth,  I thought that all the legacy driver was was just different firmware aka firmware-b43legacy-installer10:10
Serythbobweaver: I think so, but I'm following your page now. I don't feel lost anymore! (But if it doesn't work, I'll hunt you down....>:))10:11
Serythbobweaver: I've spent two days trying to fix this :(10:11
bobweaver you know where to find me :)10:11
n8lagok, one more.  when i play an audio cd with mplayer, it plays a few seconds then pauses, plays then  pauses, ... but vlc plays it fine.  any idea why mplayer does that?10:12
n8lagim running ubuntu lucid 64bit10:12
Weed37have a netbook is their aversion of ubuntu that is built for netbooks ?10:14
samba35which is best pop3 client ? i am getting error with thunderbird "unable to locate mail spool file"10:14
Serythhttp://imgur.com/xxTFv bobweaver Is that a normal result for that command? Like, I would expect those drivers to not be listed, seeing as I just purged them (the b43 ones)10:16
n8lagty elves10:17
Serythbobweaver: Or is that saying the drivers I *need*?10:18
bobweaveryup now is rmmod and restart it      sudo rmmod b43legacy && sudo modprobe b43legacy10:19
bobweaverdo you have wireless if not lets see dmesg | grep b4310:19
Serythbobweaver: I've gotta apt-get install the right things first! :P10:21
captainfuriousis there a way to save status of workspace10:21
captainfuriousso i can start up all my open apps automatically10:21
root_i dont now10:22
bobweaverSeryth,  :/  lets see     apt-cache policy b43legacy          is it installed ?10:22
SerythN: Unable to locate package b43legacy10:23
Serythbobweaver: ^10:23
bobweaverSeryth,  apt-cache policy firmware-b43legacy-installer10:23
Serythbobweaver: I need to do sudo apt-get install firmware-b43legacy-installer10:23
Serythbobweaver: Yeah, it's installed10:23
bobweavernow check to make sure that other firmare is not installed   like         apt-cache policy firmware-b43-installer10:24
Serythbobweaver: Damn, firmware-b43-installer is installed...10:24
SerythShould I purge it?10:24
bobweaverremove it10:25
Serythbobweaver: Job done :)10:25
=== sins-_y is now known as sins-
Serythbobweaver: So now I want to do sudo rmmod b43legacy && sudo modprobe b43legacy, right?10:26
BaralabiteG'day, Could anyone help me with my problem - I'm trying to limit (per user) the download/upload quota using squid10:26
bobweaverSeryth,  what that does is say to the kernel Hey I dont want this driver please remove it then modprobe says Hey I want this driver please make sure that it is loaded10:27
Serythbobweaver: Okay, understood. Running it now :)10:28
ohmyCan anyone tell me how to set "from shell" gnome-classic instead of unity ? for all user sessions*10:28
Serythbobweaver: Great, well my wireless network has popped up on the list now10:29
bobweaverohmy,  remove the sessions file and or rename to ubuntu-session-back or what ever10:29
bobweaverGood News then Seryth10:29
Serythbobweaver: Great! So now I've gotta try connecting to it *crosses fingers*10:29
BaralabiteHeh - Having quite a time trying to figure out x chat, and how to connect to a number of servers at once...10:30
golden_fishthe festival is too hard to run10:30
BaralabiteI got it sorted though ;)10:30
SerythBaralabite: Want a hand?10:30
SerythHehe :)10:30
bobweaverSeryth,  I have also seen bug with that driver where it does not start on boot if that is the case you need to add it to /etc/modules10:30
BaralabiteWith figureing out xchat, or my other problem?10:30
golden_fishi run it from terminal then what is next10:30
golden_fishhow to use it10:30
SerythBaralabite: xchat10:31
BaralabiteSeryth, if you got a moment though - I could use and hand with something else though, it's to do with bandwidth quota management10:31
BaralabiteOhh, okay then!10:31
Serythbobweaver: Right, well I'm going to try connecting as soon as this apt-get update is done :)10:31
SerythBaralabite: Heh, sorry, I'm not the guy to ask10:31
BaralabiteWould you know  who is :P10:31
SerythUrm.....ActionParsnip, he knows everything about anything, but he's not online atm! Just ask in the channel, and see what help you get :)10:32
golden_fishi write in terminal "festival" and nothing happened !10:32
bobweavergolden_fish,    in terminal   whereis festival10:33
bobweaverwhere is it ?10:33
golden_fishi install it10:33
golden_fishfrom software center10:33
bobweaverthat is great golden_fish  but where is the binary ?  whereis festival10:34
golden_fishi do not know10:34
bobweaveropen terminal and type in  "whereis festival "10:35
OerHeksfestival --tts something2speak.txt10:35
MonkeyDustbobweaver  type /msg ubottu info festival10:35
Serythhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/1109874/ bobweaver, no luck :( here's a bit of my dmesg....10:35
golden_fishfestival: /usr/bin/festival /etc/festival.scm /usr/lib/festival /usr/bin/X11/festival /usr/share/festival /usr/share/man/man1/festival.1.gz10:35
OerHeksbetter typ: man festival10:35
golden_fishokay what is next10:36
_gpg_bobweaver: sorry got disconnected10:36
_gpg_bobweaver: Can you please remind me what file to rename to what10:36
bobweavergolden_fish,  great    it is in   /usr/bin/festival   so what happens when you run     /usr/bin/festival --help10:36
_gpg_bobweaver: to force gnome-session-fallback as default10:37
golden_fisha long manual10:37
bobweaver_gpg_,  what are you useing lightdm  ?10:37
golden_fisha long manual pop up in terminal10:37
_gpg_bobweaver: yes10:38
Serythbobweaver: Right, so there's good news and bad news: The good news is that my WiFi card is now detecting my network, the bad news is that is _still_ won't connect. Here's my dmesg with the lines that are important: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1109874/10:38
fddddddddfSnardbafulator and ##philosophy must be fixed!10:38
fddddddddf    ^ "Youth protest former Mexican ruling party's rise". Buenos Aires Herald (Editorial Amfin S.A.). Retrieved June 12, 2012.10:38
fddddddddf    ^ a b Zapata, Belén (4 June 2012). "Atenco, el tema que 'encendió' a la Ibero y originó #YoSoy132" (in Spanish). CNNMéxico. Retrieved 29 June 2012.10:38
fddddddddf    ^ Quesada, Juan Diego (May 27, 2012). "Que nadie cierre las libretas: Del 15-M a Yo Soy 132 solo hay nueve mil kilómetros". Animal Político. Retrieved June 13, 2012.10:38
fddddddddf    ^ Sotillos, Alberto (June 13, 2012). "#YoSoy132: el 15M llega a México" (in Spanish). Diario Progresista. Retrieved June 13, 2012.10:38
FloodBot1fddddddddf: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.10:38
bobweaverok _gpg_   cd /usr/share/gnome-session/sessions/       do you see all the session files ?10:39
golden_fishUsage: festival Usage:10:39
golden_fishfestival  <options> <file0> <file1> ...10:39
golden_fishIn evaluation mode "filenames" starting with ( are evaluated inline10:39
golden_fishFestival Speech Synthesis System: 2.1:release November 201010:39
golden_fish-q            Load no default setup files10:39
golden_fish--datadir <string>10:39
FloodBot1golden_fish: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.10:39
_gpg_golden_fish: stop pasting please !!!!!!10:39
fddddddddfSnardbafulator and ##philosophy must be fixed!10:39
fddddddddf    ^ "Youth protest former Mexican ruling party's rise". Buenos Aires Herald (Editorial Amfin S.A.). Retrieved June 12, 2012.10:39
fddddddddf    ^ a b Zapata, Belén (4 June 2012). "Atenco, el tema que 'encendió' a la Ibero y originó #YoSoy132" (in Spanish). CNNMéxico. Retrieved 29 June 2012.10:39
fddddddddf    ^ Quesada, Juan Diego (May 27, 2012). "Que nadie cierre las libretas: Del 15-M a Yo Soy 132 solo hay nueve mil kilómetros". Animal Político. Retrieved June 13, 2012.10:39
fddddddddf    ^ Sotillos, Alberto (June 13, 2012). "#YoSoy132: el 15M llega a México" (in Spanish). Diario Progresista. Retrieved June 13, 2012.10:39
golden_fishok , sorry10:39
FloodBot1fddddddddf: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.10:39
bobweaverSeryth,  reboot the computer10:39
Serythbobweaver: Okay, will do, brb, rebooting!10:39
fddddddddfSnardbafulator and ##philosophy must be fixed!10:39
fddddddddf    ^ "Youth protest former Mexican ruling party's rise". Buenos Aires Herald (Editorial Amfin S.A.). Retrieved June 12, 2012.10:39
fddddddddf    ^ a b Zapata, Belén (4 June 2012). "Atenco, el tema que 'encendió' a la Ibero y originó #YoSoy132" (in Spanish). CNNMéxico. Retrieved 29 June 2012.10:39
fddddddddf    ^ Quesada, Juan Diego (May 27, 2012). "Que nadie cierre las libretas: Del 15-M a Yo Soy 132 solo hay nueve mil kilómetros". Animal Político. Retrieved June 13, 2012.10:39
fddddddddf    ^ Sotillos, Alberto (June 13, 2012). "#YoSoy132: el 15M llega a México" (in Spanish). Diario Progresista. Retrieved June 13, 2012.10:39
FloodBot1fddddddddf: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.10:39
BaralabiteTHanks Seryth - I've also asked on  the squid channel, but no response of yet...10:40
_gpg_bobweaver: i got gnome.session ubuntu-2d.session ubuntu.session inside10:40
fddddddddfSnardbafulator and ##philosophy must be quit10:40
bobweaver_gpg_,  these are the files that control what you see in lightdm manager10:40
fddddddddfmust be fixed10:40
fddddddddf    ^ "Youth protest former Mexican ruling party's rise". Buenos Aires Herald (Editorial Amfin S.A.). Retrieved June 12, 2012.10:40
fddddddddf    ^ a b Zapata, Belén (4 June 2012). "Atenco, el tema que 'encendió' a la Ibero y originó #YoSoy132" (in Spanish). CNNMéxico. Retrieved 29 June 2012.10:40
fddddddddf    ^ Quesada, Juan Diego (May 27, 2012). "Que nadie cierre las libretas: Del 15-M a Yo Soy 132 solo hay nueve mil kilómetros". Animal Político. Retrieved June 13, 2012.10:40
FloodBot1fddddddddf: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.10:40
fddddddddf    ^ Sotillos, Alberto (June 13, 2012). "#YoSoy132: el 15M llega a México" (in Spanish). Diario Progresista. Retrieved June 13, 2012.10:40
fddddddddf    ^ "#YoSoy132: Mexican Elections, Media, and Immigration". The Huffington Post. AOL. June 7, 2012. Retrieved June 13, 2012.10:40
gribouillewhen intalling a package in a .deb file, how can I install the dependencies automaically too?10:41
MonkeyDustbored script kiddies10:41
ActionParsnipgribouille: sudo apt-get -f install10:41
bobweaver_gpg_,  so if you rename to say ubuntu-2d.session-bakup ubuntu.session-bakup   and log out they should be gone10:41
_gpg_bobweaver: thank you so much, i'm trying10:41
golden_fishhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/1109885/ < this what i got10:41
golden_fishwhat is next10:42
mtfkhow to choose only one rule to build using dpkg-buildpackage ?10:42
netw0rmbillyjam, bindi, bipolar, blenderhead, BlueEagle, BlueEagle, BlueEagle, Bryanstein, bzzzz, canadacow2:hi10:42
mtfkin project i have few rules full, light, extras10:42
mtfkand I would like to biuld only full10:42
bobweaverRight golden_fish that is the help page that tells you the commands what about man festival    or    info festival10:42
gribouilleActionParsnip, do you mean sudo apt-get -f install package.deb?10:42
bobweavermtfk,  you set the rules in the control file10:43
golden_fishok, how to use the software with GUI10:43
mtfkbobweaver: which one is control file ?10:43
njaWhy are we talking about fried fish?10:43
ActionParsnipgribouille: no, install the package with dpkg, as normal. After it installs run:  sudo apt-get -f install   and the system will attempt to satisfy deps10:43
bobweavermtfk,  could you explain how you are trying to build package ?   fakeroot  dpkg-buildpackage -F    ?10:43
mtfkdpkg-buildpackage -uc -b10:44
mtfkfrom src directory10:44
gribouilleActionParsnip, but if there are missing dependencies, the install will fail10:44
mang0bobweaver: It still doesn't work...http://paste.ubuntu.com/1109888/ dmesg10:44
bobweavermtfk,  could you show me the code ?10:44
mtfkand in debian/rules are all rules10:44
mang0bobweaver: It just times out over and over again10:44
mtfkbobweaver: I try to re build existing package of nginx: apt-get source nginx10:44
mtfkand after adding module I just want to build that10:44
chinabootlegmakeanyone here play minetest10:45
mtfkbut each time it build me all rules but I want just one10:45
chinabootlegmakethe font of this game is so wrong under ubuntu10:45
golden_fishbobweaver : i don't know how to use it with GUI10:45
bobweavermtfk, ok there should be a Hackingme and Copying file also you might want to look at debuild and also pbuilder10:45
bobweavergolden_fish, me either10:45
mang0bobweaver: Just going afk for a mo, gotta grab some food10:46
sandieghello everyone, i love you all! all of my self and nnothing all :P10:46
bobweaverI use gespeaker10:46
bobweavergolden_fish, ^^10:46
synjudoes anyone know a good application for virtual machines in ubuntu?10:46
synju+ a link..10:46
_gpg_synju: virtualbox10:46
bobweavermang0,  ok seems like it could be auth stuff10:46
synjuso just apt-get virtualbox ?10:46
golden_fishok :) bobweaver :), thanks for you help10:47
bobweavernp golden_fish  :)10:47
bobweaversynju, I doenload the deb from virualbox.org then install with software center but that is just me10:48
ActionParsnipsynju: sudo apt-get install virtualbox-ose10:48
ActionParsnipgribouille: yes, but your available repos will be used to satisfy deps10:48
synjugot the ose , tnx guys10:48
ActionParsnipsynju: if you need raw usb access you will need to add the virtualbox ppa and use virtualbox-4.110:49
synjuhmm ok10:50
mang0bobweaver: perhaps...let me see10:51
MonkeyDustvirtualbox 4.1.12 here, from the repos!10:51
bobweaverI seen that Ubuntu business edition comes with vmware out of the box10:53
bobweaverwell the manager that is10:53
mang0http://pasteall.org/pic/35458 bobweaver, that's a part of the router settings - broadcasting on channel 11...is that right?10:54
bobweavermang0,  what is out put of  apt-get policy wpasupplicant   ?10:55
mang0bobweaver: security+encryption is set to WPA2-PSK/WPA-PSK....that's wrong isn't it. It should be WPA/WPA2 right?10:55
golden_fishbobweaver ;what variable does festival take, coz the terminal it report > unbound variable : /home/administrator/test.txt <10:56
mang0E: Invalid operation policy bobweaver10:56
bobweaverlol sorry mang0  it is apt-cache policy10:56
bobweavernot apt get10:56
mang0bobweaver: Ah, heh, of course10:57
bobweavermang0,  humm ... looks good try to remove and install again10:58
bobweavermang0,  afkb 10 min10:58
Bennithttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/Postfix # I'm following this guide to setup postfix10:58
Bennitin the testing part it says I should see the auth & STARTTSL lines but I don't get them10:59
mang0bobweaver: Sure, no problem.10:59
Bennithttp://pastebin.com/Buthi0BM # is all I'm getting10:59
golden_fishwhat variable does festival take, coz the terminal it report > unbound variable : /home/administrator/test.txt <11:00
* synju is trying to get markets.com metatrader 4 running in ubuntu.11:00
=== qimo is now known as gusti
fabiohello :)11:01
=== MicroWolf is now known as mang0
golden_fishhi :)11:02
golden_fishbobweaver ;what variable does festival take11:02
bobweavermang0,  please run theses commands and give us the link after running thanks   http://paste.ubuntu.com/1109916/11:06
mang0bobweaver: sure. I just removed all authentication on my wifi, still nothing11:06
TUX_can i run windows 7 virtually on linux?11:07
=== Canis___ is now known as Canis__
TUX_on ubuntu***11:07
auronandaceTUX_: sure11:07
auronandaceTUX_: virtualbox11:07
TUX_is it free?11:07
auronandaceTUX_: indeed, you'd need your own copy of win711:08
ActionParsnipTUX_: yes, its in software centre11:08
susundberg( http://www.techrepublic.com/blog/opensource/getting-your-windows-7-fix-in-linux-with-virtualbox/900 )11:08
golden_fishit is free - just to conform - :)11:08
mang0cat: /lib/firmware: Is a directory11:09
mang0 bobweaver11:09
bobweaverwoops there should be a wildcard there11:09
mang0/lib/firmware/* bobweaver?11:09
mang0bobweaver: I helluva lot of errors about "cat: /lib/firmware/x: Is a directory11:10
bobweaverjust take the firmware part out11:10
mang0http://paste.ubuntu.com/1109925/ bobweaver I took out the part about .wireless too, obviously11:11
LjL!ot | tukja11:12
ubottutukja: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!11:12
golden_fish"festival [options] [file0] [file1] ..." this is paste from terminal, any one can tech me it is means :)11:12
auronandacegolden_fish: man festival11:12
golden_fishi did that11:13
golden_fishit is the way to use festival but i can't understand it11:14
golden_fishi think it can be use only from terminal11:14
golden_fishi decided to remove it11:15
=== isthiscool is now known as okimoknow
ntollhi, during start-up how do I get to the screen that allows me to select which kernel to start up with..?11:16
ghostchickntoll, grub change the grub times11:17
auronandacentoll: hold left shift during boot11:17
ntollghostchick, auronandace ta11:17
* ntoll -> reboot ;-)11:17
bobweavermang0,  http://paste.ubuntu.com/1109936/      << correct11:18
aethergolden_fish: 'echo "hello golden_fish" | festival --tts'11:18
mang0bobweaver: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1109938/ that was the result of the correct one you sent me11:19
ActionParsnipgolden_fish: grab a text file with normal text in then run:  festival input.txt   for example11:19
golden_fishaether : i removed it, but what do you mean11:19
bobweavermang0,  look at lines 27 and 2811:20
aethergolden_fish: That is an example of how to use festival. ActionParsnip: I think that you need to use the --tts (text-to_speach) option11:20
bobweaverthat needs to be installed mang011:20
ntollauronandace, thanks... that's what I needed :-)11:21
bobweavermang0,  sudo apt-get install bcmwl-kernel-source11:21
golden_fishoh , okay thanks11:21
mang0bobweaver: Already installing, thanks11:21
zetheroois installing Ubuntu on an SSD any different from installing it on a regular HDD?11:21
auronandace!yay | ntoll11:21
ubottuntoll: Glad you made it! :-)11:21
auronandacezetheroo: the process is no different11:22
mang0bobweaver: Installed11:22
bobweavermang0,  besides that you are looking good you might need to reboot11:22
bobweaveror rmmod and modprobe again like before11:22
mang0Yeah, I'll reboot now (need to anyway for some other things). I'll be back ina tick11:22
=== itachi is now known as nag_
zetherooauronandace: are there any usage complications with running Ubuntu on an SSD?11:23
auronandacezetheroo: i wouldn't know, i've never used a ssd, i wouldn't expect so11:24
Erwynzetheroo: not as far as I know11:24
alankilazetheroo: I've used ubuntu on multiple SSD-based machines -- 3 in fact. No problems. I tend to enable the "discard" mount option also.11:26
mang0bobweaver: Okay, well I rebooted. Another problem is that the drivers are not being started at boot11:26
zetherooalankila: what is that option for?11:27
bobweavermang0,  gksudo gedit /etc/modules         then add       b43legacy         to the bottom   of the list  save and reboot  , dang ssb not doing its job11:27
alankilazetheroo: long-term performance and flash life maintenance. discard makes filesystem send the TRIM command you may have heard of.11:28
burntzetheroo, i am usung ubuntu 12.04 on a ssd now, funs like a dream... from finishing post, its about 8 seconds till login screen :)11:29
alankilazetheroo: to put it simply, it tells flash that data on some sectors on the device is not required by filesystem and that it can remove it whenever it feels like compacting used blocks11:29
burntalankila, where is this option found once installed11:29
alankilaburnt: you would add it to fstab11:29
zetherooalankila: sounds useful11:30
zetherooburnt: nice!11:30
mang0bobweaver: Okay, rebooting again!11:30
_gpg_May i have your attention please, after uninstalling unity and gnome shell keeping only gnome-session-fallback, i cannot log into gnome, i got "Failed To Load session "ubuntu"" and the session terminates11:31
_gpg_how can i fix this please ?11:31
ridcully1st_hello evenrybody   could someone here help me with scim on lubuntu 12.04 ( i know its not the right channel but in #lubuntu ist nobody answering)11:32
zetherooI am trying to figure out which direction to go .. ExpressCard SSD or SATA SSD .. reason is that my laptop (Thinkpad T400) does not support msata and I would like to keep my current 250GB Sata HDD for data, and have the OS and apps run from SSD .. but as far as I can tell ExpressCard SSD is slower than Sata SSD - is this correct?11:32
=== strike is now known as Guest27590
alankilazetheroo: I haven't seen an expresscard in years, but if the interface bandwidth is less than 300 MB/s it could be a problem -- in fact these days flash disks work up to 600 MB/s11:33
bobweaver_gpg_,  press ctrl+alt+f1 log in then rename the files back to what they where11:34
mtfkbobweaver: there is no any files like you write11:34
zetherooalankila: so my only SSD option is to simply replace the current HDD altogether ...11:34
pun33atersup yo's11:34
alankilazetheroo: I said no such thing11:34
golden_fishhow to mount a diractory in Dosbox11:34
alankilaanyway wikipedia implies that expresscard 2.0 should be fast enough when it comes to interface11:34
mtfkbobweaver: is there some common thing how to choose those rules ?11:34
=== gryllida is now known as gry
zetherooalankila: hehe ... but obviously I will not be getting 500MB/s from a ExpressCard SSD ... no!?11:35
mang0bobweaver: Rebooted, still not working! dmesg gives me this: [   41.936118] wlan2: direct probe to [mac address] timed out11:35
alankilazetheroo: I have no idea why you would say that. If the interface is capable of 500 MB/s, then it's up to the flash controller and chips and other engineering considerations what you will get.11:35
bobweavermtfk, try to ask about that in the channel #ubuntu-motu11:36
golden_fishbobweaver : can you help me to mount a diractory in cosbox11:36
mtfkbobweaver: thanks11:36
alankilaof course there's always some amount of overhead but it's not necessarily very large11:36
bobweavermang0,   run the commands again that I gave you and lest see the output plz11:36
mang0bobweaver: coming up11:36
mang0http://paste.ubuntu.com/1109969/ bobweaver11:37
alankilazetheroo: but you need to know precisely how your expresscard is set up internally to understand what its bandwidth will be11:37
kradrmdir 'directory' <-- this removes the directory only if its empty?11:37
zetherooalankila: well I said that about the speed because the ones I have been looking at were mentioning speeds of 115MB/s11:38
bobweavermang0,  writing something up11:38
alankila"Expresscard PCI Express mode" might be acceptable, although another wikipedia page lists its speed at 250 MB/s11:38
mang0bobweaver: Thanks so much :) I would never be able to do any of this by myself, ahah11:38
alankilazetheroo: it's probably limited by the flash controller and/or chips, and not the expresscard interface itself, or at least nobody mentions something around 115 MB/s as speed limit for the interface.11:39
alankilazetheroo: anyway 115 MB/s is pretty slow as flash goes. Modern flash systems routinely do around 500 MB/s.11:40
zetherooalankila: ok, so I am possibly looking at the cheaper/slower units ... I see these things get damn expensive11:40
liquidee is video0 in /dev/ a video output or input?11:40
bobweavermang0,  http://paste.ubuntu.com/1109975/11:41
bobweavermang0,  If that dont work then I will make a legacy package  if that dont work then we will just try the b43 stright up11:42
OrpheonI've recorded a video with Record My Desktop and would like to upload it to youtube. Googling revealed a mencoder command to convert the Record My Desktop ogv to avi, which works but gives horrible glitches in the video11:42
Orpheonffmpeg says it's deprecated, and recommends using avconv instead11:43
bobweaver!info kazam | Orpheon11:43
ubottuOrpheon: kazam (source: kazam): Easy to use application for recording on-screen action. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.0.6-0ubuntu1 (precise), package size 94 kB, installed size 824 kB11:43
=== Lupinedk is now known as lupinedk
Orpheonis there no option that wouldn't require re-recording?11:43
golden_fishi need to run C++ on ubuntu using dosbox > how to mount the TC diractory11:43
bobweavernot sure Orpheon  maybe someone else knows alot more about screencasting then me I do not know that much about it but yeah gtk-record-mydesktop gives me troble also11:44
mang0bobweaver: Okay, commands have finished11:45
mang0Orpheon: try ffscreencast11:45
bobweavermang0,  sudo rmmod b43legacy && sudo modprobe b43legacy11:45
bobweaveranything ?11:45
mang0bobweaver: what was the command to reload the modules without---oh11:45
mang0[  824.364129] wlan2: direct probe to [mac address] timed out bobweaver11:47
bobweavermang0,  wlan2 huh *o                          rfkill list all && lsmod | grep b43legacy11:48
golden_fishthe only issue in ubuntu that the is no C and D drive the system name it like this "678F82DC7691785C" help11:48
okimoknowso guys i've got a boot record problem I think. The Windows boot loader is still trying to load even though theres nothing there11:48
okimoknowso I cant load my distro after it's installed11:49
okimoknowjust gives me a windows error11:49
mang0!grub | okimoknow11:49
ubottuokimoknow: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)11:49
okimoknowi've reinstalled it twice11:49
golden_fishhow to mount some thing in dosbox11:49
mang0See "Lost GRUB after installing Windows"11:49
okimoknowno i have deleted windows completely11:49
integra Did anyone try installing Xen on Ubuntu 10.10 ?11:49
okimoknowthe remnants seem to be attacking11:49
=== okimoknow is now known as Slazenger
mang0okimoknow: I know, but that will restore your GRUB11:50
mang0bobweaver: Still nothing11:50
=== Slazenger is now known as RickRoss
bobweavermang0,  Ok making a packgae 20 min or so11:50
=== RickRoss is now known as bandana
bobweaver-lp time that is11:50
mang0Thankyou very much bobweaver! I have to go out in about an hour, but I'll be back later this afternoon11:50
alexfpi am in the right ubuntu ?11:51
alexfpanyone here ?11:52
golden_fishi know that the admin is a little bit busy but the dosbox is really can't mount any thing11:52
golden_fishit just open Z:\ and that is it11:52
Erwynalexfp: yes?11:53
golden_fishErwyn : how to mount in dosbox11:54
golden_fishi met the ubuntu has no C or D drive11:55
Erwyngolden_fish: not sure this is the right place11:55
golden_fishthere is just /home11:55
Erwynjoin #dosbox11:56
golden_fishright place for what it is IT for ubuntu help right ?11:56
bobweavermang0, you are on 12.04 correct ?11:56
golden_fishoh, ok11:56
mang0bobweaver: Yeah, 12.04 64-bit11:56
Erwyngolden_fish: you said it, to ubuntu, not dosbox11:56
=== DjGeCk0 is now known as ^GeCk0^
golden_fishErwyn : okay , okay, sorry :-)11:57
Orpheonbobweaver, kazam inverted the colors of the recording :/11:59
liquideehow do i redirect console output to a connected screen? without X :p11:59
Erwyngolden_fish: you want to mount something is that it?11:59
golden_fishhow to do that12:00
golden_fishErwyn : yes, i want12:03
Erwynin french documentation mount E /home/erwyn/thegoodfile12:03
Erwynwithin dosbox12:03
Erwynfor exemple12:03
golden_fisherwyn : let me try that12:04
kai__huh there is more then 2 kai;s in the chat already lolz12:04
nag_Hi Guys, every time when iam loggin i am facing "http://paste.kde.org/522494/"  of some error problem. Can someone guide me how can i solve it plz12:05
kai__reinstall xchat?12:05
kai__might work :/12:05
bobweaverOk mang0  I made the driver well a moded one when you are ready12:06
mang0bobweaver: I'm here12:06
golden_fishErwyn : thanks, thanks, thanks :)12:06
bobweavermang0,  still waiting on launchpad12:06
mang0bobweaver: I've not installled from launchpad before, you'll have to gimme instructions if it's anything complicated12:07
aman__Hi there12:07
aman__may i know how to set ip in ubuntu 12.04 as static12:07
aman__everytime i set,and reboot the system,it doesnot get any ip.?12:07
bobweavermang0,  1st lets install my repo     sudo add-apt-repository ppa:josephjamesmills/beta        then      sudo apt-get update12:08
mang0bobweaver: okay12:08
aetheraman__: http://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/setting-up-an-network-interfaces-file/12:08
kai__bob anything intresting in your repo?12:08
aman__i have went through this document12:09
bobweaverkai__,  nothing to cool I am going to add Ubuntu tv v.v.soon12:09
kai__whats in the repo?12:09
yuvrajI want a small help guys12:09
fidel_!ask > yuvraj12:09
ubottuyuvraj, please see my private message12:09
bobweaverfor mang0  it is the driver that I just made12:10
aman__everytime i make changes to /etc/network/interfaces file and restart networking ,system doesnot get any ip and loses connection with internet too12:10
yuvrajHow to add hindi font support on libre office?12:10
bobweaverwell altered12:10
aman__and if i try ifup eth0 then it shows ignoring unknown eth0=eth012:10
ActionParsnipaman__: can you pastebin the interfaces file please12:10
aman__any ideas please?12:10
kai__bobweaver: Is the launchpad like the macs? Screenshots on the website would be great.12:10
aman__i will do in a while ,right now i cant make changes to it ..pleas wait12:11
mang0bobweaver: Okay, update has finished12:11
bobweaverkai__, launchpad is where Ubuntu holds all its code and also you get a repo if you sign the Ubuntu Code of conduce12:11
yuvraj@Fidel can you guide me?12:11
kai__oh derp12:11
bobweavermang0,  apt-cache search bobdriver12:11
kai__thought it was a app :/12:11
kai__taht you were talking about12:11
bobweaverkai__,  it holds apps that one makes12:11
aman__may i know what is that manual option there12:12
ActionParsnipaman__: it doesn't need changing, you are only reading the file12:12
mang0bobweaver: no result12:12
aman__actually during installation and even post installation i dint make any change to those files12:12
bobweavermang0,  apt-cache search bobsdriver         << forgot the s12:12
ActionParsnipaman__: inet eth0 inet static     will set the interface to static IP, the next lines define the addressing12:13
aman__it automatically got all the proper network configuration and got an ip from dhcp12:13
mang0bobweaver: Uh, still nothing12:13
Erwyngolden_fish: you're welcome12:13
aman__but now i want my ip address to be static ,so where would i make changes?12:13
ActionParsnipaman__: then you can use:  iface eth0 inet dhcp12:13
yuvrajIs anyone there? :(12:13
aman__thats what i am saying Sir12:14
ActionParsnipaman__: you get the idea. Be sure to add:  auto eth0   so it comes up automatically12:14
bobweavermang0,  ls /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ | pastebinit12:14
aman__anyhow we are making changes to the interfaces file right?12:14
ActionParsnipaman__: yes12:14
mang0http://paste.ubuntu.com/1110028/ bobweaver12:14
aman__after making those changes ,i need to restart networking?12:14
bobweavermang0,  update again       sudo apt-get update12:14
bobweavermang0,  then apt-cache search bobsdriver      might take a min or two to get to launchpad12:15
mang0bobweaver: Still nothing. I've gotta go and print something off, I'll try again when that's done12:15
fidel_yuvraj: no - as i am not using libre at all - but consider asking as well in #libreoffice if you dont get an answer inhere or using a search engine12:16
bobweaverYeah mang0  it say status = Pending12:16
bobweaveryou can watch it here https://launchpad.net/~josephjamesmills/+archive/beta/+packages12:16
yuvraj@Fidel Actually I fixed it myself.. am a ubuntu newbie :/12:16
ActionParsnipaman__: sudo service networking restart   should do it12:16
yuvrajI changed current layout to hindi12:17
bobweaverOnce it says Published  run sudo apt-get update again and it will update the package list aka the package that you need that I just built   << mang012:17
aman__ya after i restart the service ,my machine doesnt get that ip specified in interfaces12:17
aman__thats what i m asking12:17
aman__is there any problem which is being created by network-manager?12:17
aman__previously i was using fedora and it was not having such setup12:18
ascheelWhen making a backup, is it safe to say that I should back up everything except /dev /sys and /proc?12:18
Erwynascheel: is it a personal backup?12:19
ascheelErwyn: it is12:19
Erwynwhat do you want to backup?12:19
ascheelErwyn: the system in its entirety12:20
ascheelwith possibility of restoration on a new machine12:20
ascheelNo, not clonezilla.  That requires the machinen to be booted to a LiveCD12:20
yuvrajAscheel make an iso image file of your hard drive12:20
cppbyHI ...~~~12:20
ascheelI'm looking at making rolling backups with rsync.  It's not feasible to require my machine to be down for the backup process12:21
Erwynascheel: and? what is the problem12:21
yuvraj one small question, I had installed skype but my microphone wasnt working so I re-installed pulse audio.. Microphone is fine but volume setting has disappeard from taskbar12:21
ascheelErwyn: clonezilla requires the machine to be booted to a LiveCD.  This needs to happen while the machine is live and running.12:21
Erwynascheel: ok12:21
Erwynascheel: so this is my proposal12:22
Erwynascheel: do you often change installed softwares?12:22
Erwynil is a dev machine or a test one?12:23
Erwynbacking up the entire system sounds a bit… overkill12:23
ascheelI know how to handle the backup process itself.  I need to know which directories are unecessary such as /dev /sys and /proc12:23
alankilaascheel: you should look at the -x option maybe12:24
ascheelUbuntu will recreate the contents of those directories on boot, I don't know if there are others I'm not thinking of.12:24
Erwynascheel: I don't think there are others12:24
aetherErwyn: you might want to look into lvm and snapshots12:24
Erwynaether: ascheel not Erwyn12:24
aetherErwyn: sorry12:24
mang0bobweaver: I've got to get ready to go out, (job interview!) but I'll be back later to continue. Hopefully it won't be pending by then :P12:25
bobweavermang0,  it just worked try again12:25
mang0bobweaver: Hopefully you'll still be here too, but if not, thankyou so much for all your help :)12:25
yuvrajBest of luck mango12:25
ActionParsnipaman__: if the network is defined in /etc/network/interfaces then network manager won't be able to manage the interface12:26
Erwynascheel: it sounds like a bad idea in my opinion12:26
mang0bobweaver: Well it says published now, but apt-cache is still coming up empty12:26
Erwynif you are worried about conf files, only backup them12:27
ascheelErwyn: it works just fine.  Incremental backups using rsync are incredibly effective.12:27
bobweavermang0, you ran sudo apt-get update correct ?12:27
mang0bobweaver: Yup12:27
delacin Evolution, what does the red exclamation mark column signify?12:27
ascheelErwyn: during restore, just need to drop the files back onto a live Linux install (preferably with the same Distro/Version, reboot and everything is golden12:27
ascheelErwyn: the best part, it can be done live.12:28
bobweavermight have to wait a little bit longer I will be around today thou so do you you got to good luck with the interview12:28
ascheelThe backup half, that is12:28
bobweavermang0,  ^%^12:28
mang0bobweaver: Great, see you later!12:28
Erwynascheel: puppet12:29
aman__wait Sir i ll show u12:29
ErwynI don't know, it sounds really too much, but maybe it's just me12:29
jactaErwyn, do you know if theres a way to check current "seedtime" for a transmission torrent?12:29
ascheelKISS.  Keep It Simple, Stupid.12:30
bobweaverYeah mang0  it says that it is going to start in 19 minutes    https://launchpad.net/~josephjamesmills/+archive/beta/+build/368087212:30
manoharusshi guys12:31
delacwhat point is there to have a exclamation mark, if there is no explanation what it means. Even a little tooltip would have worked.12:31
Erwynascheel: and it is not in my opinion but that's good if it satisfies you12:31
Erwynjacta: you installed web interface?12:31
jactaErwyn, installed the daemon as you said and have it up running12:31
ActionParsnipdelac: what if you hover the mouse over the exclamation mark?12:31
Erwynjacta: so i don't know, i use it with web interface12:32
manoharussi wanna enable button click sound like in mac in my ubuntu 12.04...could u pls tell me how to12:32
=== MartinS is now known as Guest90558
ActionParsnipjacta: are you running transmission on the desktop or as a service in CLI?12:32
jactaAs daemon and webinterface12:32
delacActionParsnip: well, I kinda already tried. That is why I was whining about the tooltip.12:33
manoharusscan anyone help12:33
manoharussi wanna enable button click sound like in mac in my ubuntu 12.0412:33
mynoteshi. anyone can help me. i'm using ubuntu 10.04. after restart my desktop. after log in i got a black screen12:34
manoharussi wanna enable button click sound like in mac in my ubuntu 12.0412:35
jactaErwyn, guess its the same with me? daemon with webintreface?12:35
aman__Sir this is my current interface file12:35
aman__by default it was like this12:35
ActionParsnipaman__: thats the default file...12:36
ActionParsnipaman__: i thought you were adding stuff12:36
mynotescan anyone help12:37
aman__now i want to make my ip static and ip shoukld be with subnet and gateway is
aman__Sir i was adding the stuff but due to problems i reverted back to default12:37
ascheelmynotes: not unless you ask a question12:37
maz__Hi I am new here..12:37
aman__did i make the question clear sir?12:37
ascheelmaz__: congratulations!  Unfortunately, we're out of door prizes, though.12:38
mynotesascheel: my problem. after login on my desktop i got black screen12:38
ascheelmynotes: anything on it?  Icons?  Do you get panels?  Anything?12:38
zonefullim also new :P12:38
mynotesascheel:  nothing on login screen then black screen12:38
maz__so what are you talking about here guys?12:39
ascheelmynotes: this is drastic, but try moving ~/.gconf to something else like ~/.gconf.backup12:39
ascheelthen log in12:39
namoamitabuddhaHow to use JRE?12:39
Erwynjacta: so go to the web interface12:40
ascheelnamoamitabuddha: sounds like a question for #java12:40
namoamitabuddhaascheel: #jave might be a place for Sun Java. I prefer the free software, say OpenJDK.12:40
namoamitabuddhaI found that JRE is unavailable in my web browser.12:41
x_Привет всемм12:41
mynotesascheel thanks i'm still getting black screen12:41
ascheelmynotes: sorry, also move ~/.gconfd12:41
kalehow do i install sun java on lucid?12:41
aman__sir u may check the file now12:42
mynotesascheel what i remember the message 'session' expire on first message then i forgot the complete message12:42
aman__\after modification it luks like this12:42
namoamitabuddhaThe response is "Something is wrong. Java is not working."12:42
aetheraman__: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1110054/12:43
ActionParsnipaman__: let me make a new pastebin for you12:44
ascheelmynotes: what version of Ubuntu you running?12:44
mynotesascheel 11.0412:45
aman__my gatway is not
ActionParsnipaman__: what is the output of:  lsb_release -sc12:45
aman__Sir its 12.0412:45
aman__precise it shows12:45
kalenamoamitabuddha: there is no repository for java?12:45
sudo-apt-getI am willing to pay $5000 for 3 months on contract basis. You need experience with c++/qt. Its a multiplayer poker game which has present scope to run on lan and it needs upnp/dlna integration later. Any takers?12:45
LjLsudo-apt-get: wrong channel12:46
jactaErwyn, im there - does it count total from start - or from done12:46
Erwynjacta: for the activity time?12:46
sudo-apt-getLjL, why?12:46
namoamitabuddhakale: OpenJDK 6 JRE is installed but when surfing Internet I found that it did not work.12:46
jactaErwyn, what field is it taken from?12:47
LjLsudo-apt-get: this channel is strictly for Ubuntu technical support. your request basically amounts to spam.12:47
ActionParsnipaman__: http://fpaste.org/pPMU/12:47
kaleearlier i believe there was a repository for sun java12:47
ascheelmynotes: move .gconf .gconfd and .gnome2 (if it exists) out of the way.  See if that helps at all.12:47
namoamitabuddhaSun Java is NON-FREE, or PROPRIETARY.12:47
ActionParsnipsudo-apt-get: i'd ask in #c++12:47
oooaaaoooo1whats ubuntus general chat room called again?12:47
Erwynjacta: select your torrent, then in right upper corner there is a "i"12:47
LjL!ot | oooaaaoooo112:47
ubottuoooaaaoooo1: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!12:47
jactaErwyn, yapp12:47
ActionParsnipnamoamitabuddha: it's free as in beer :)12:47
mynotesascheel: okay. thanks. i'll try12:48
ascheeloooaaaoooo1: look at the /topic12:48
Erwynclick it and you'll have some informations12:48
oooaaaoooo1yup thnx12:48
Erwynjacta: about activity time and so on12:48
ascheeloooaaaoooo1: sorry, that doesn't include that anymore.  I think it did at one time.12:48
sudo-apt-getActionParsnip, #c++ is blocked.12:48
namoamitabuddhaActionParsnip: Well, FSF does go against them.12:48
ActionParsnipnamoamitabuddha: fine but it's free to install, download and use12:48
mynotesascheel:  for clarification i'll will log in through console. right?12:49
ActionParsnipsudo-apt-get: or try #c12:49
jactaErwyn, last activity: 15546 days ago one says12:49
kalesudo-apt-get: i can join c++, so not blocked12:49
ascheelmynotes: that's fine, yeah.  Ctrl-Alt-F112:49
Erwynjacta: yes, activity12:49
jactaAint that alot of days ago ;p12:49
LjLthe channel is ##c++12:49
Erwynjacta: but you havve also running time12:49
sudo-apt-getkale,  Cannot join #c++ (Channel is invite only).12:49
LjLsudo-apt-get: /join ##c++12:50
rocky_i am using Ubuntu 12.04, its suspend is not workig OK, it goes to suspend mode, when i turn on from suspend mode, the screen is black, i don't see the password window12:50
Erwynand things like this, i think you are looking for running time12:50
aman__after that sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart?12:50
jactaWhat does the "stop seeding if idle time(m)" goes after?12:50
LjLalthough i'm not entirely sure they'll appreciate job offers in ##c++ either12:50
jacta^ Erwyn12:50
ActionParsniprocky_: that is a known issue in Quantal, are you sure you aren't using Quantal?12:50
Siegelhello people. i just turned computer on again, after installing 12.04 and all of a sudden the language of my computer was chinese, and it was english the last time12:51
ActionParsnipaman__: sure, or reboot12:51
Siegelcan anyone recognize this bizarre problem?12:51
aetheraman__: I prefer 'ifdown eth0 ; ifup eth0'12:51
namoamitabuddhaGot it. Icedtea-7-plugin is needed.12:51
ActionParsnipaman__: then just reboot12:52
rocky_i am using Ubuntu 12.04, its suspend is not workig OK, it goes to suspend mode, when i turn on from suspend mode, the screen is black, i don't see the password window12:52
aman__i have tried that too,after reboot it will not get any ip12:52
aman__and no network acces12:52
aman__should i try ifdown eth012:52
namoamitabuddhaActionParsnip: But we have alternatives, such as OpenJDK, which are FREE as in FREE SPEECH.12:52
kalesudo-apt-get: get an invitation, OR register12:53
aman__it shows ifdown: interface eth0 not configured12:53
njaWho here plays Tribes: Ascend?12:54
ActionParsnipnamoamitabuddha: if the extra features in java are required then it should be used12:54
bazhang!ot | nja12:54
ubottunja: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!12:54
ActionParsnipnamoamitabuddha: please drop the caps. I can read lower case12:54
mynotesascheel.   i'm still getting black screen12:54
rocky_ActionParsnip,  i am using Ubuntu 12.04, its suspend is not workig OK, it goes to suspend mode, when i turn on from suspend mode, the screen is black, i don't see the password window12:54
ActionParsnipnamoamitabuddha: software is a tool for a job so rather than holding yourself back for the sake of opensourceness, you shoukd use what works12:54
ascheelmynotes: I think we've ruled out a bad configuration in your stuff.  Got anything fun in /var/log ?12:55
namoamitabuddhaActionParsnip: The word FREE should be emphasized on again and again so that we can fight against the proprietary softwares.12:55
IntraframeGreetings from Sweden12:55
ActionParsniprocky_: are there bugs reported?12:55
namoamitabuddhaActionParsnip: such as Windows.12:55
ActionParsnipnamoamitabuddha: I just use what works12:55
rocky_ActionParsnip,  i am using Ubuntu 12.04, its suspend is not workig OK, it goes to suspend mode, when i turn on from suspend mode, the screen is black, i don't see the password window12:55
ascheelnamoamitabuddha: proprietery software is not all evil, however that's definitely off topic12:55
ActionParsniprocky_: you said12:55
aman__Sir ,did u see the pastes?12:55
ActionParsnipaman__: yes, did you try my suggestion?12:56
aetheraman__: 'sudo ip route flush table all; ifdown eth0; ifup eth0'12:56
rocky_ActionParsnip, i said this  i am using Ubuntu 12.04, its suspend is not workig OK, it goes to suspend mode, when i turn on from suspend mode, the screen is black, i don't see the password window12:56
ActionParsniprocky_: report a bug12:56
namoamitabuddhaascheel: Ubuntu, or Ubuntu GNU/Linux, which is a kind of GNU/Linux, approves of the philosophy of FSF.12:56
rocky_ActionParsnip, can you something debug12:56
ActionParsniprocky_: i don't know what to suggest12:57
=== uhausy is now known as andyrossy
ascheelnamoamitabuddha: that's irrelevant.  It's still off topic as to the philosophies behind them.  This is the Ubuntu support channel.12:57
rocky_ActionParsnip, let me tell you what error message i get, this may help to debug12:57
ascheelnamoamitabuddha: So your problem is that your browser(s) do not recognize OpenJDK is that correct?12:57
mynotesascheel i also hear the sound during log in12:57
namoamitabuddhaascheel: I installed icedtea plugin and now I'll test it again.12:58
golden_fishi have to restart >be right back<12:58
ascheelmynotes: anything in /var/log?12:58
namoamitabuddhaascheel: Before that, I'll purge some useless packages.12:58
ascheelnamoamitabuddha: I'd worry about that later unless your hard up for disk space12:59
mynotesascheel cd /var/log have a lots of file. and i remember last night i install php12:59
ascheelmynotes: php shouldn't affect it.  Does /var/log/syslog or /var/log/messages show anything that may look relevant13:00
mynotesmaybe it affect my configuration13:00
sandieghello, is there anyway of installing ugly plugins pack and MPEG1,2,3 plugins trough APT-GET ?!?!?!13:00
namoamitabuddhaascheel: Now it's okay.13:00
sandiegIf you know how let me know13:00
ascheelnamoamitabuddha: so icedtea was necessary?13:00
namoamitabuddhaascheel: yes.13:00
jribsandieg: why?13:01
sandiegjrib i need to install them13:01
sandiegto listen to internet radio13:01
jribsandieg: apt-cache search -n ugly, then install what you want13:01
j0lly /msg NickServ identify sticazzi13:02
jribj0lly: change your password now13:02
samlhow can I make cmd not exit when quiting gnome-terminal?  I tried      nohup cmd &  disown -a13:02
sandiegone of this days happend the same to me13:02
jribsandieg: yes.  (be more specific)13:02
ascheelsaml: nohup cmd &    <--- proper way13:02
jribsaml: yes.  (be more specific)13:03
ascheelbut the 'disown' I'm unfamiliar with13:03
ActionParsnipsandieg: try: apt-cache seach plug | grep ugly13:03
samlascheel, jrib I created a script  called ~/bin/cmd  (~/bin is in PATH).  cmd  does  nohup ~/path/to/actual/cmd &       when I execute cmd, it's attached13:03
pbIf im running ubuntu 2d. can I switch to gnome to h ave advanced customization?13:04
samlI need to  nohup cmd &  in the terminal even though the script, cmd,  already does nohup ~/path/to/actual/cmd &13:04
ActionParsnippb: Unity2D uses Gnome as the DE13:04
mynotesascheel vim syslogs lots of message13:04
ascheelsaml: the script WILL be attached, but any processes that *IT* spawns will not be13:04
ascheelmynotes: put a hundred lines or so in a pastebin, please.13:04
ascheelsaml: correction, any processes it spawns with nohup and & will not be attached.13:05
pbso obtain a unity 2d editor and ill be able to customize my gui13:05
samlso how can I make  a script so that when it's run, itself and its child processes are disattached so that I can close the terminal13:05
ActionParsnippb: do you want the old Gnome2 look by any chance?13:05
ascheelsaml: execute the script itself with 'nohup' and &13:05
samlin other distributions, the script, cmd,   behaves the way i wanted to13:05
ActionParsnipsaml: use the nohup command13:05
samli dont' want to use nohup in the terminal.. that's the point of creating the script13:06
ascheelsaml: it's got nothing to do with Ubuntu.  If you want a second opinion, join #bash and ask again there.13:06
samlmaybe i'll alias13:06
pbi think out of all the gnomes.. gnome / classic.. I enjoy the classic.  thats the one with the bar at the bottom correct?13:06
ascheelpb: indeed.  I believe that's now 'gnome shell'13:06
ActionParsnipsaml: then make a launcher for it in /usr/share/13:07
ActionParsnipsaml: then make a launcher for it in /usr/share/applications/13:07
pbjust trying to move away from ubuntu 2d and explore my options with custimizing 2d gui's.  limited tho w/o 3d graphics13:07
samlno.. i want to launch in terminal13:07
ActionParsnipsynju: and you can launch it from Unity13:07
day_i dont want a launcher... i want it to be sentinent!13:07
samli thoguht it was gnome-terminal.. but same thing happens with xterm13:07
ActionParsnippb: could try LXDE or KDE13:07
ascheelpb: Try xfce or fluxbox13:08
ascheelpb: or what ActionParsnip said.13:08
pbthose will be compatable with my 2d graphics hardware?13:08
linux_newbiecan anyone tell me how to set up USB in linux..please..i am using a montavista kernel pro v5.013:09
ActionParsnippb: sure13:09
jribsaml: what  you describe works fine here.  Example: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1110090/ .  So again, be more specific13:09
relisherpb I can also recommend openbox. Much better look then fluxbox, lightweight, and 2d13:10
pbthank you guys very much. ill give them a wiki to catch up.13:10
aman__i reebooted and as i told you i dint get any ip13:11
linux_newbiehow to set up USB in linux?im using montavista kernel 2.6.18 please help13:11
aman__even i was not able to ping 192.168.62.oo network13:11
rocky_aman__, what is your OS issue?13:11
samljrib, maybe it's the program (sublime text). gedit does work as expected13:11
rocky_aman__, or may be NW issue?13:12
aman__so i commented out the lines and restarted network-manager and it worked13:12
ActionParsniplinux_newbie: usb is default enabled in ubuntu13:12
aman__how to assign static ip to my system now?13:12
rocky_aman__, to assign static ip configure it in router13:12
aman__Cm'on man i want it locally13:13
rocky_aman__, set the ip lease not to expire13:13
aman__i want to do it the way written in ubuntu documentation13:14
aman__and its not working13:14
jribsaml: I don't know your use-case, but maybe consider using dmenu_run instead13:14
jrib(or similar)13:15
aman__please  help13:15
aman__or if its a bug then how to report it?13:15
linux_newbiei have enabled kernel support.I am developing an application for an ip camera on davinci dm365 evaluation board.my part is to connect it to a network using a USB 3g dongle.Normally when a USB 3G dongle is plugged in it should be detected as a flash drive first and then it needs to be mode switched to modem mode.Despite of enabling kernel support,the dongle is not getting detected and I am new to USB..please help13:16
Erwynjacta: kay?13:16
=== Jason is now known as Guest32287
Siegel-in case anyone was wondering- the weird bug i just experienced. upon booting, computer language switched to chinese on 12.04. you go to system settings>user accounts>language>upper most option>reboot>problem solved.13:18
arpad2_I used the sudo pppoencf command and after this can't connect with Network Manager to the net. any idea how to restore this? thanx!13:21
BlueEagle!guidelines | aman__13:21
ubottuaman__: The guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines13:21
BlueEagleaman__: Please read the guidelines. Especially note the part about !enter and !patience. A line with 35 question marks does not make me want to help you at all.13:22
BlueEagle!bugs > aman__13:23
ubottuaman__, please see my private message13:23
=== JoFo_ is now known as JoFo
jactais there a way to check what the name of netcard in laptop is?13:28
Erwynjacta: lspci?13:28
pbok 2d graphic cards blow chunks. anyway to change them w/o purchasing  the hardware?13:29
medicinemananyone have any artifacting issues w/ Xubuntu and nvidia?13:29
sliktswhere can I change the shift+alt+uparrow shortcuts?13:29
talsamonjacta, sudo lshw|grep net13:29
sliktsi.e., the expo mode13:30
BlueEaglemedicineman: Nope.13:30
medicinemanBlueEagle: Not sure what the issue is.  if i leave it on and idle for more than an hour i get squares all over my screen13:30
BlueEaglemedicineman: That's the screen saver...13:31
sliktsf**k me, I can feel the energy draining from this. why isn't shift+alt+uparrow in the Keyboard config panel…13:31
medicinemanBlueEagle: so just remove the screen saver?13:31
BlueEaglemedicineman: I am ofgourse joking. Does a screen shot expose the artifacting?13:31
medicinemanBlueEagle: i'll see if i can get one.  i also figured you were jokin.  wanted to play along13:32
ActionParsnipslikts: check in ccsm13:33
rloehning_homeHi Everybody. Is it a known issue that Firefox downloads break when switching users on 12.04?13:34
sliktsActionParsnip: first I need to figure out how to install it13:34
pbI run radeon 7200. how do set it up to run 3d accelerated graphics?13:35
medicinemanBlueEagle: Are you using nvidia-current?13:35
ActionParsnipslikts: sudo apt-get install compizconfig-settings-manager13:36
BlueEaglemedicineman: I am.13:37
sliktsActionParsnip: already done, thanks13:37
pbhelp.ubuntu.com/community/RadeonDriver  states Radeon 7200 has good 3d acceleration support. how do I enable it to run 3d?13:38
medicinemanBlueEagle: then i'm not sure what the issue is then.  what video card?13:38
Erwynpb: install the drivers?13:40
pbyes please.13:40
pbubuntu 12.04 device manager won't see my radeon 7200.13:41
Erwynpb: ubuntu should propose you to install them through the proprietary drivers interface13:41
pbshould.. dosn't. way to do it manually?13:41
ActionParsnippb: try:  sudo lshw -C display13:41
drennI need for the terminal to be disabled. My brother has broken his last 4 reinstalls of ubuntu.13:41
jribdrenn: don't give him sudo privileges13:42
medicinemandrenn: have him keep breaking it, and tell him to fix it13:42
pbvga compatibale r100 32 bits13:42
medicinemandrenn: only way he'll learn13:42
Erwynor catalyst, but i'm sorry i don't know that much ati cards13:42
Erwyni only buy nvidia13:42
drennfair enough. he is almost 11, time for him to man up.13:43
ActionParsnipErwyn: same13:43
drennI love my lil bro.13:45
drennThe reason he switched was for apt-get moo.13:45
Erwynpb: try sudo apt-get install xserver-xorg-video-radeon13:46
pb xserver-xorg-video-radeon TY13:46
pbmissed it the first time.13:46
Erwyndon't guaranty it will work13:46
pbchecking into it.. howd you come across that page if i may ask13:46
Erwynsudo apt-cache search radeon13:46
pbmy google searches turned up allot of dead ends.. saying its supported but not telling me why.13:47
=== manu is now known as Guest62178
pbor how to enable..13:47
Erwynsudo apt-cache search radeon13:47
pbthanks allot.. ill check it out.13:47
Erwyngive you results and afaik when supported, should be there13:47
Coffee321I am an Ubuntu amateur user running 12.04 lts (and have happily killed windows!!!!) I am wondering if there is a way to enable a better then standard graphics mode, using a Intel® 915GM x86/MMX/SSE2 graphics card on my 32 bit system...?!?13:47
Erwynin the xorg package13:48
ErwynCoffee321: what do you want to do with your card?13:48
Erwynwhat is the problem with it?13:48
Coffee321I am concerned that I have not enabled acceleration.13:49
Erwynhow do you know it?13:49
pb sudo apt-get install xserver-xorg-video-radeon    0 installed..13:49
Erwynpb: already installed13:49
Erwynglxinfo | grep "direct rendering"13:51
Erwynwhat does it say?13:51
srabtnomhi all, i just had an horrible time trying to do a fresh install ... the installer just crashes when i open it ... i "checked disk for defects" and there were none ... what can i do ?13:51
pbglxinfo not installed.13:51
Erwynpb: if needed install mesa-utils13:51
srabtnomubuntu really does a big mistake by endorsing so many laptops for dell13:51
Coffee321well I have enabled the card it's self & Ubuntu recognizes it. however I don't know if 3d acceleration is working. I don't think it is. And the Intel® 915GM x86/MMX/SSE2 is a low end card - but dose have the capability.13:51
srabtnomthey're all certified but after an upgrade they start to suck horribely ... and bugs are not fixed i feel like i'm the only ubuntu user on this laptop13:52
ErwynCoffee321: sudo apt-get install mesa-utils13:52
ErwynCoffee321: and then glxinfo | grep "direct rendering"13:52
pbDirect rendering Yes13:52
Coffee321also I have not been able to add an xorg.conf file to my system - it will not give me permission to add it.13:52
Erwynpb: already activated13:52
diverdudeAre there any PPA for boost 1.5?13:52
teCoffee321: gksudo13:52
pberwyn: so then I log in in ubuntu but shows up unity 2d..13:53
teCoffee321: or sudo13:53
Erwynpb: what do you mean by unity 2d13:53
ModFatherHi There, i was on channel PHP and they send me here, i own an ubuntu 12.04 i need to install php5 without suhosin patch13:53
pbubuntu 2d i ment to say13:53
ErwynCoffee321: install mesa-utils and do glxinfo | grep "direct rendering"13:53
pblogin is ubuntu.  desktop session is ubuntu -2d13:53
Coffee321right I have used sudo commands - had to, because Ubuntu did not recognize my graphics card when I first reinstalled it.13:54
Erwynpb: yes but what do you mean by ubuntu 2d?13:54
pbim running in 2d mode.13:54
teCoffee321: What is your display adapter?13:54
teCoffee321: What does lspci  say about it?13:54
* genii-around thinks about taking "coffee" off his highlight list13:55
Erwynpb: what are the symptoms13:55
Erwynpb: how can you say that13:55
pbbut all signs point to me being able to access 3d accelerated graphics13:55
Coffee321ok ty trying that now.13:55
Erwynpb: what did you expect and don't have?13:55
decciHow to install java on ubuntu 10.0413:55
pbwhats command for bring up what gui your running?13:55
decciIt doesnt seem to be in repository13:55
teCoffee321: lspci |grep VGA will probably tell you in one line.13:55
pbI cannot do basic 3d tweaks such as launch bar icon size .13:55
auronandaceErwyn: unity2d uses metacity rather than compiz, takes up less resources13:56
relisherdecci - try openjdk13:56
teCoffee321: Do not paste more than one line to this channel.13:56
Coffee321direct rendering "YES"13:56
deccirelisher: what command? apt-get install openjdk?13:56
bobweaverDoes anyone know how to open the "Active Connections"  User interface from the command line. Like the same as going to nm-applet->Connection Information   that Gui thing. How do I launch that from the terminal ?13:56
relisherI believe so.13:56
tebobweaver: Does ifconfig or iwconfig not tell you what you need to know?13:57
Coffee321Intel® 915GM x86/MMX/SSE213:57
pbas far as I can tell radeon 7200 is 3d supported.. yet im running ubuntu - 2d mode for my desktop session.. Do I need to install a driver or some package to enable 3d ?13:58
teCoffee321: What display driver are you trying to install? (And how are you installing it?)13:58
pbbah. out of time /afk13:58
pbbbl folks.13:58
pbthanks for the assistance13:58
auronandacepb: 7200? that sounds rather old13:59
Coffee321my display driver is installed - I just can't seem to get my desktop out of standard13:59
pblegacy =)13:59
bobweaverte, No I need that window for ui design13:59
auronandacepb: i doubt compiz would work with that13:59
=== Kitarst_ is now known as Kitar|st
pbit dosn't..13:59
auronandacepb: then how do you expect to run unity 3d14:00
tebobweaver: That window?  Which window?14:00
Coffee321pb: your problem is rather, the same as mine14:01
auronandaceCoffee321: what graphics card do you have?14:02
Coffee321Intel® 915GM x86/MMX/SSE2 this is my graphics card.14:02
sandiegguys what is hroot@bt:~# apt-get install gpm14:02
sandiegE: dpkg was interrupted, you must manually run 'sudo dpkg --configure -a' to correct the problem. appening? im getting this msg from the sistem all the time,14:02
relisherIs there an ubuntu for android channel?/14:03
DJonessandieg: Have you run the command it asks you to run?14:03
auronandaceCoffee321: not sure about intels sorry14:03
BaylinkQUERY: Trying to install mtop with apt-get on Ubuntu 12.04 from Amazon AMI.  It's apparently *trying to connect to the MySQL engine during the install*, without a password, and failing.  It *still* does it when I try to install the next package for something else, so clearly something's stuck in its craw.  Not sure if I should be asking #ubuntu, #apt-get, or #mtop; suggestions welcome.  Newbie to Ubuntu/debian, but 30 years of Unix14:03
auronandaceCoffee321: i assume it should work14:03
teCoffee321: you can't get your desktop out of standard what?14:03
genii-aroundrelisher: #ubuntu-phone   but not much activity there14:03
Coffee321no problem there auronandace :)14:03
relisherThank you14:03
DJonessandeman: Its an error message that something hasn't worked properly with installing something, so you have to run the command it suggests to fix it14:03
teCoffee321: Again:  What display driver did you attmept to install?  And how did you attemp to install it?14:04
Coffee321Intel is rather proprietary14:04
DJonessandeman: Sorry mis-tab-complete14:04
Mari_Hi guys, is anyone able to help me install Ubuntu onto my new harddrive but through a bootable USB?14:04
auronandaceCoffee321: no it isn't14:04
teCoffee321: The display driver that Ubuntu used by default should have been sufficient.14:04
Kagewhat do I need to do to get a application into ubuntu's repos?14:04
auronandaceCoffee321: intel is included in the kernel14:04
Coffee321the display driver is installed and it was glasen/intel-driver14:04
teCoffee321: The display driver that Ubuntu used by default should have been sufficient.14:05
=== Guest26042 is now known as dweez
Coffee321te: by default my graphics was unknown14:05
teCoffee321:  Which was probably i91514:06
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
teCoffee321: Unknown by _________ ?14:06
teCoffee321: lsmod |grep i91514:07
Coffee321te: unknown by Ubuntu - completely unknown so It was lagging - especially with flash player14:07
Kagenever mind, it is already in the repo14:07
Coffee321te: now it's doing better like 1 step better no lag - however experiance is still reported14:08
=== eduard is now known as edbond
teCoffee321: grep Driver /var/log/Xorg.0.log14:08
Coffee321te: to be standard by the system14:08
teCoffee321: THen how can we help you?14:09
teCoffee321: Do you have a question?14:09
Coffee321te: I think I need to finish my coffee before I continue (just got up)14:11
Coffee321te: however - my question is how do I get the 3d to work. I can't manage it myself14:11
ErwynCoffee321: please glxinfo | grep "direct rendering"14:12
Coffee321erwyn: yes it reports "Yes" in Red14:12
ErwynCoffee321: though it is activated14:13
zetherooany firsthand accounts of someone using hot swap on a Thinkpad running Ubuntu?14:13
Coffee321Erwyn: I'm still new to Ubuntu - this "yes" is a good step right?14:14
ErwynCoffee321: it means: yes your graphical acceleration (3d) is activated14:14
uglyandstupidcan anyone tell me how to add new sudoers on 12.04 ? it looks like the admin group doesnt exist any more (tried sudo "usermod -a -G admin username" i got usermod: group 'admin' does not exist)14:14
Coffee321Erwin: te: Thankyou! that's what I needed to know.14:15
ErwynCoffee321: you'r welcome, Amike14:15
jactaUbuntu should have a daemon to disable trackpad while typing, should be installed but not used - anyone remember the name?14:15
teCoffee321: free |grep Mem > sysinfo.txt ; cat /proc/cpuinfo >> sysinfo.txt ; grep  Driver /var/log/Xorg.0.log >> sysinfo.txt ; pastebinit sysinfo.txt ; rm sysinfo.txt #..And paste resulting URL here.14:15
jactafound it, nvm! syndaemon14:16
theannouncer444hello world14:16
compdocuglyandstupid, theres is a sudo group, but all I do is add users to /etc/sudoers14:16
=== f11f12 is now known as uny
compdocuglyandstupid, theres also an adm group14:17
uglyandstupidcompdoc: trying with this one indeed14:17
zetheroois there a solution out there for Pidgin's contact window not showing up in 12.04 ?14:18
uglyandstupidcompdoc: with adm group "user is not in the sudoers file.  This incident will be reported."14:18
compdocuglyandstupid, when you install Ubuntu and it asks for a username, it adds that user to several groups14:18
compdocuglyandstupid, yup, thats what happens14:18
BaylinkOops.  Not sure how I fell off the channel; my QUERY above still open, about mtop and apt-get.14:19
DJoneszetheroo: Sounds similar to the problem I have, I just close pidgin and restart it and the contact window appears14:19
ActionParsnipzetheroo: does it show with ALT+TAB?14:19
DarkSimHello, I'm thinking of installing Xfce as my DE but I can't understand how to install it, can I get some help with this?14:19
DJoneszetheroo: Not sure if there is a fix for it14:19
DarkSimI'm using Ubuntu 12.0414:20
zetherooDJones: yeah - same here ... bloody annoying - ha14:20
ActionParsnipDarkSim: sudo apt-get install xfce414:20
zetheroo ActionParsnip: no14:20
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience14:20
tusharthantharatHi Guys i am trying to change the GUI installer image/logos14:21
DarkSimIs this the right command to install xfce?14:21
zetheroo ActionParsnip: You are almost always on here ...  what part of the world do you live in... ;)14:21
Erwyn!guideline | kyle__14:21
ActionParsnipDarkSim: yes, the bare minimum xfce14:21
teuglyandstupid: Not sure why group admin would not exist.  Are you sure?  grep admin /etc/group14:21
Coffee321cat: Driver: No such file or directory14:21
Coffee321cat: /var/log/xorg.O.log: No such file or directory14:21
Coffee321The program 'pastebinit' is currently not installed.  You can install it by typing:14:21
Coffee321sudo apt-get install pastebinit14:21
Coffee321rm: cannot remove `sysinfo.txt#..': No such file or directory14:21
ActionParsnipzetheroo: i work 12 hour shifts switching nights and days, so you'll see me a lot14:21
Coffee321maybe I did something wrong at that14:22
DarkSimI can't run that command14:22
ActionParsnipCoffee321: isn't it /var/log/Xorg.0.log14:22
ActionParsnip!info xfce4 | DarkSim14:22
ubottuDarkSim: xfce4 (source: xfce4): Meta-package for the Xfce Lightweight Desktop Environment. In component universe, is optional. Version (precise), package size 5 kB, installed size 31 kB14:22
zetheroo ActionParsnip: I have no issue with that since it seems you are one of the smartest people around :P14:22
ActionParsnipDarkSim: do you have universe repo enabled?14:22
DarkSimI don't know14:22
ActionParsnipzetheroo: hardly :)14:22
ActionParsnipDarkSim: try: apt-cache policy xfce414:23
teuglyandstupid: I may have been scrolled up in the buffer a bit, your issue may have already been solved?14:23
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest76925
Coffee321I would not know, not yet Linux based systems are so new to me.14:23
theannouncer444Hello again14:23
cczHey guys I'm relatively new to Ubuntu and Linux in general, how do I temporarily add a IP address to interface tap0?14:23
ActionParsnipCoffee321: it's very case sensitive14:23
DarkSimthere we go14:23
smartboyhwDid anyone test the 12.10 Alpha 3 builds using ISO QA Tracker14:23
ActionParsnipsmartboyhw: #ubuntu+1 for Quantal14:23
aetherccz: ifconfig tap0:1 xxx.xxx.xx.x14:24
zetheroo ActionParsnip: well there is you and there was someone else ... something like bazhang or something ... also iconia ... very clever guys14:24
DarkSimIs it bad if I install several diffrent DE's?14:24
teCoffee321: Do you know how to Cut & Paste ?14:24
Coffee321LoL it's Similar to the old Microsoft Dos systems that I learned on.14:24
ActionParsnipDarkSim: not bad at all, you can install them all if you wish14:24
teor *"Copy & Paste"*14:24
Coffee321yes I know how to cut and paste, however Xchat is not letting me cut from it and past to terminal.14:25
Coffee321te: right14:25
ActionParsnipCoffee321: use CTRL+SHIFT+C/V14:25
DarkSimCoffee321: you can't ctrl+v in terminal14:25
DarkSimOh so that's how you do it14:25
DarkSimI always used the right click paste command lol14:25
teCoffee321: Highlight with left mouse button,  dump with middle mouse button.  (or Shift-middle-mouse-button).14:25
Baylinkubottu: Yeah, yeah, yeah, "patience".  How long does *that* take??  :-)14:26
ubottuBaylink: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)14:26
tusharthantharatActionParsnip : do u have any idea about customizing debian installer GUI [Background images and logos]14:26
ActionParsniptusharthantharat: you could rebuild the package, not something I've done14:26
teCoffee321: Or as ActionParsnip suggests Ctrl-Shift-v will paste.14:27
ccztyvm aether is there another command that would do that?14:27
teCoffee321: There is a little more to it than what you had in the previous OS's you used.14:27
tusharthantharatYes but i dont know exactly where i need to dump those images.14:27
tusharthantharatAny channel you are aware of?14:27
Erwyntusharthantharat: there is an app for that14:28
Erwyndon't remembre exactly the name14:28
Coffee321right thanks for the walk through, I managed to copy past from xchat to terminal14:28
teCoffee321: Highlight with left-mouse-button and then shift-middle-mouse-button will dump text from here to terminal from "clipboard"14:29
Erwyntusharthantharat: but you could ask arpinux irc14:29
tusharthantharatOkay thanks Erwyn14:29
Erwyntusharthantharat: they use it for their distribution14:30
teCoffee321: Looks to me like your system is capable of doing all it can with the hardware you have.14:30
teOk, gotta run for now folks... ttyl ...14:31
Coffee321te: yes it is working better then it was yesterday.14:31
martk100I have a small script which runs an application which requires root privilege to run. I have a file in sudoers.d what is the exact syntax of the commands in this file to run with no password?14:31
smartboyhwBlouBlou quit because of PI?14:32
Coffee321te: erwin: again, thankyou for the help. :)14:32
ErwynCoffee321: you're welcome14:33
Coffee321erwyn: :-) sorry about the Tyop14:33
Coffee321erwyn: you know what I mean :)14:33
ErwynCoffee321: yes14:34
biopytehi, i'm still looking for a comprehensive package with free sound samples, in particular the famous Westminster Tower Chimes (Big Ben) ... any idea?14:35
Gneabiopyte: search google, that is off-topic here14:36
zetheroois there a way to get the hard drive in my laptop to spin down when not being used? ... or is that already happening?14:39
ThinkT510zetheroo: i thought you were using a ssd14:40
zetheroo ThinkT510: not yet ;)14:40
biopyteGnea, hi Gnea, it's not OT if there was  a ubuntu package with sound samples, besides the regular gnome stuff14:40
zetheroo ThinkT510: but I have come up with a plan for that ...14:40
zetheroo ThinkT510: SSD will replace my current HDD and the current HDD will be use in an Ultrabay HDD caddy for storage purposes14:41
BaylinkDoes apt have its own channel?14:42
genii-aroundzetheroo: You might find the manpage for hdparm.conf interesting14:42
smartboyhwDon't think so14:43
smartboyhwNo channel for apt14:43
biopytebiopyte, i wonder anyway, why there isnt (is there?) an ubuntu package with a whole bunch of sound samples ... would be nice14:43
ThinkT510zetheroo: sounds like a plan, t400 wasn't it?14:43
zetheroo ThinkT510: yep14:44
ThinkT510zetheroo: good choice14:44
Coffee321biopyte: like a soundboard?14:44
zetheroo ThinkT510: well it was tough ... I am having a hard time with the way things are going with the Thinkpad under Lenovo's management ...14:44
biopyteCoffee, sound samples ... all kind of stuff ... chimes, knocking on wood, wind ... whatever14:45
Erwynhello fabio14:46
Coffee321biopyte : there are lots available - for Android if your familiar with it.14:46
biopyteCoffee, really, even though it's OT could you give me a hint? i googled it but couldnt find what i want14:47
biopyteCoffee, wavs, oggs, mp3s ....14:47
Coffee321biopyte: Android (phone) is what I am, speaking of.14:47
=== Onixs_ is now known as Onixs
biopytewe dont need more icon themes and this sort of stuff .... better make a nice package with 5000 sound samples14:49
Coffee321biopyte: whoever might do it, should tie the program into some, podcast broadcast programs :)14:50
l3dwas looking to make a slideshow from pics and would like to add video clips to it and make a dvd  out of it all. any idea what app would do that?14:51
ThinkT510l3d: openshot14:52
zetheroogenii-around: is it just a matter of enabling DMA in the config?14:52
=== Guest76925 is now known as motherbrain
=== aceps is now known as partial_upgrade
genii-aroundzetheroo: I think you'd want the -S for spindown time14:54
partial_upgradeHi, I'm running Ubuntu 10.04. Running update brings up a message to do a partial upgrade, is there a way around this?14:55
xanguapatie: yes, do it14:55
ThinkT510partial_upgrade: sounds like your last update was interupted14:55
ThinkT510partial_upgrade: don't worry, that won't move you to a new release14:56
partial_upgradeThinkT510: The partial upgrade shows a list of everything installed to be removed, which is literally everything on the computer.14:56
ThinkT510partial_upgrade: what update got interrupted?14:57
partial_upgradeThinkT510: No idea, I always complete any update successfully.14:58
ThinkT510partial_upgrade: when was the last time you did an update?14:58
Richard_CavellIs there any limit to the number of sockets/cores Ubuntu can use?14:58
partial_upgradeThinkT510: A week ago.14:58
Richard_CavellOh and by the way I'm talking about 10.04 desktop14:59
zetheroogenii-around: ok, but the spindown time (default being 24) is that seconds or minutes? ... I saw somewhere someone said 24 = 120 seconds ... !?14:59
ThinkT510partial_upgrade: is there a kernel update in the list?15:01
smartboyhwThinkT510: What do you mean?15:01
theannouncer444ping pong15:01
smartboyhw12.10 will be Linux 3.5 kernel15:02
uzynI've been wondering about Ubuntu LTS repository package update policy. Can someone help me out? http://serverfault.com/questions/410977/ubuntu-lts-repository-package-update-policy15:02
ThinkT510smartboyhw: have you got me mixed up with somebody?15:02
partial_upgradeThinkT510: I don't know, there's some gnome2 stuff and metacity, and a bunch of libs.15:03
ThinkT510partial_upgrade: if there isn't a kernel update in there then go for it15:03
partial_upgradeThinkT510: I did a partial upgrade last year, which caused the computer to stop working. So I want to avoid doing a partial upgrade, and just want to continue with normal updates. Is there a way to do that?15:04
ThinkT510partial_upgrade: partial upgrades are only triggered if the previous update failed, you need to go through with them15:05
smartboyhwYou are asking about kernels, right?15:05
ThinkT510smartboyhw: in relation to a partial upgrade15:05
partial_upgradeThinkT510: I don't have a spare drive for backup, if I do the upgrade and have data loss, can I restore it?15:06
genii-aroundzetheroo: Apparently 60 is 5 minutes, whatever that works out to15:06
ThinkT510partial_upgrade: not that i know of, you really ought to have a backup15:06
mang0bobweaver: Hello?15:07
hanninghey, i am trying to reinstall grob from a live cd, although i mounted my filesystem inside /home/tmp, and specify the dir using --root-directory, grub keeps on telling me it cannot find a device for /boot15:07
ThinkT510partial_upgrade: i wouldn't expect data loss, just an updating of packages15:07
partial_upgradeThinkT510: Thats what worries me about partial upgrades, I lost all my uni work last year.15:07
ThinkT510partial_upgrade: if it goes wrong you can mount it from a livecd and recover what you need15:08
ThinkT510partial_upgrade: but seriously thats the backwards way of doing it, you should have backups in the first place15:08
partial_upgradeThinkT510: I'll wait another week or two in that case, because I'm getting an extra hard disk.15:09
=== axl__ is now known as axl_
ThinkT510partial_upgrade: good, better safe than sorry15:09
partial_upgradeIt is useful to have backups, but I was waiting for hard disk prices to go down a bit.15:10
xrfanghello I got a new buffalo nas, and found samba file transfer is very slow, I am running ubuntu 12.04, anything I can tweak?15:10
ThinkT510partial_upgrade: i don't mean to lecture you but i find that if you don't have backups you are essentially saying your data isn't worth keeping safe15:11
Baylinksmartboyhw: Thanks.  Any thoughts on my apt query, up-scroll?15:11
partial_upgradeThinkT510: Thanks, I'll get a backup disk, and do the upgrade. I was out of cash for a while, so buying a hard disk was out of the question.15:12
motherbrainCan somebody tell me how this program http://www.gnu.org/software/pexec/pexec.1.html is anything more then using ssh and & to build parrell process and parrell remote process.15:12
Erwynpartial_upgrade: for vital things, you can use stuff like dropbox or a git repository; and i'm quite sure you could drop your word on uni's servers15:12
Rikim4ruDoes anyone know a way to connect a Ubuntu box to multiple vpn server simultaniously?15:13
ErwynRikim4ru: you just have to create different tun15:13
compdocI dont think theres a limit to the number of vpn connections you can have15:13
ErwynRikim4ru: and each vpn use its15:13
sliktswhy is my cursor getting stuck when moving to a different screen!15:14
Erwynslikts: sticky border?15:14
partial_upgradeErwyn: I've never used cloud storage before, and the uni's backup was too old, as the projects were new. I'll give dropbox a try.15:14
sliktsErwyn: sounds like it15:14
Erwynslikts: unity?15:15
Erwynpartial_upgrade: no but you could drop your stuff on unis server the time to upgrade15:15
sliktsErwyn: I just disabled it from DIsplay panel15:15
Erwynslikts: and? good?15:15
Rikim4ruwhat do you mean different tun?15:15
sliktsErwyn: it's a good thing because I was starting to feel like murder trying to use it15:15
Erwynslikts: :p15:15
aguiteli heard about the next year ubuntu will come back to gnome 215:16
sliktsit's a retarded feature15:16
ErwynRikim4ru: do you know how a vpn works15:16
Rikim4ruYes, but i'm new to the linux environnement15:16
Erwynslikts: no it for auto resize15:16
Erwynslikts: when hitting border with a window15:17
Rikim4ruI'm trying to connect my ubuntu box to multiple windows pptp vpn servers15:17
mang0bobweaver: I've installed your modded firmware, if you're there15:17
uvictorHello, everyone,15:17
sliktsErwyn: I never use that feature15:17
ErwynRikim4ru: but why?15:17
_ramok1i've got an wildcard certificate from godaddy. i get a chain file gd_company.crt and another file my_company.crt. i guess my_company.crt is my private key. how can i get my public key ?15:17
Erwynslikts: i do it with keyboard :p15:17
aguitelis this true ?15:17
Erwynslikts: ctrl meta arrow15:17
Rikim4ruErwyn: to setup a nagios monitor node15:18
sliktsErwyn: yep, those shortcuts are nice, I know should learn to use them15:18
ErwynRikim4ru: mhhhh15:18
ThinkT510aguitel: gnome2 is dead15:18
Erwynin the grave15:18
Rikim4ruI want my nagios sever to be connect to all remote site.15:18
aguiteli don t think this15:18
Rikim4ruMost of them dont have a router that will let me do site-to-site vpn15:19
ErwynRikim4ru: i can't help you, i'm not vpn guru, always struggling with them15:19
Rikim4ruErwyn, ok thanks :)15:19
aguitelThinkT510, what about mate or cinnamon15:19
LoboXhi all15:19
ThinkT510aguitel: i don't know whether ubuntu will eventually support them, but for now they are unsupported15:20
aguitelThinkT510, ok15:20
LoboXonething how can i unistall the last nvida drivers that i updated?15:21
LoboXfrom the terminal cause for some reason when i updated, and i log on into the desktop all the menus are gone15:21
uvictorNice though it is late for me to sleep15:23
LoboXweird the global menu is gone, even if i entner a terminal theres no menu15:23
ErwynLoboX: unity --replace15:24
DarkSimXfce is ok15:24
MonkeyDustLoboX  logout and in, see if that helps15:24
DarkSimit's not super nice, but it's ok15:24
DarkSimAnyone ever installed a wallpaper clock?15:24
LoboXMonkeyDust did that same issue, and it happen after the driver update from nvida15:24
LoboXErwyn ill try that15:25
ErwynLoboX: unity --replace in your terminal15:25
sony__DarkSim, using conky?15:25
hanningis anyone able to lend me a hand at Step 10? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2/Installing#ChRoot15:25
hanningi am getting "cannot find a device for /boot"15:26
darksiferhi everyone. my friend has a samsung laptop rc530 and told me to install ubuntu on it which i quickly accepted. my issue is that the laptop does not detect my 2 pendrives on the bios menu. furthermore the boot menu is very tricky. timing is very important. can someone help me here. thanks in advance15:26
DarkSimsony__: I tried something called screenlets but I can't get it to work15:26
Erwyndarksifer: did you try pressing escape at startup?15:26
DarkSimI think I might have to uninstall screenlets15:26
sony__Maybe it's better to use conky?15:27
MonkeyDustDarkSim  screenlets are nice for screenshots15:27
sony__You can configure it for yourself as you like15:28
Erwyndarksifer: ?15:28
darksiferErwyn: ya. i pressed ESC button which is very tricky but , i got the menu. but i got only 2 options there(DVD and the hard disk). Even the boot order in the bios does not detect my 2 pendrives.15:28
LoboXErwyn onething for some weird reason im unable to type anything on the terminal im able to do alt + ctrl + t to open the temrinal but cant type nothing in it weird, so i boot from the cd again and everything is working how can i switch from the cd to the HD to use that command15:29
=== passcod is now known as passcod|away
Erwyndarksifer: you probably have to enable something in the bios15:31
RobOakesMorning everyone. Would there be someone who could answer some questions about how the mdate property of folders?15:31
Erwyndarksifer: then plug your key, start pc and press esc15:31
darksiferErwyn, nevermind. i had to shutdown the computer completely then switch on the computer again. then it worked.15:31
RobOakesWhat I need to know is if a folder mdate is a reliable indicator of changes in the folder contents, or just to the folder properties.15:31
Erwyndarksifer: you're welcome15:32
islandmonkey!it | emaunp15:32
ubottuemaunp: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)15:32
RobOakesI'm writing a sync client and need a way to detect changes to a directory.15:32
ErwynLoboX: boot on HD, login, when logged do ctrl alt f115:32
ErwynLoboX: then log into the console, and unity --replace15:33
LoboXlet me chekc15:33
MarcMuellerHey my network is broken how can I fix it?15:33
MarcMuellerserver btw15:33
SiPa_im pretty new to linux based systems and have some questions regarding the installation of this: http://www.par4all.org/repository/15:34
SiPa_can some1 help me?15:34
Erwyn!ask | SiPa_15:35
ubottuSiPa_: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience15:35
islandmonkeySiPa: Go to Ubuntu Software Centre15:35
bigskywhat is the difference between ubuntu-10.04.4-alternate-amd64.iso  and  ubuntu-10.04.4-server-amd64.iso       ?15:36
SiPa_the last step confuses me (http://www.par4all.org/repository/) how do i use bash or dash? if i use the terminal it just displays an error15:36
ErwynSiPa_: pastebin error please15:36
MarcMuellerHello I have a network problem I can't ping google.com but I can ping
MarcMuellersomething wrong with nameserver or so15:37
islandmonkeySiPa_: Then go to Edit > Software Sources, Other Software tab and click on add.15:37
rybigsky, the alternate allows you to setup LVM during the install, i believe it defaults to LVM15:37
islandmonkeythat first piece of code on the article.15:37
ryi'm sure there are other differences, but that is the one of primary concern to me in the past15:37
islandmonkeyThe deb http://download.par4all.org/apt/ubuntu releases main part15:38
Piciislandmonkey: he said that he already installed it15:38
SiPa_Erwyn: bash: fg: %: no such job15:39
DarkSimI think if I could make the top window bar a bit fatter it would be alright15:39
DarkSimright now the top window bar is a bit small15:39
Easykilnhi i am running ubuntu 12.04 desktop and i've encountered some weird glitches lately. whenever i start my computer i am faced with an error: "system problem detected". where i try to get details it loads forever but shows usr/bin/xorg. Whenever I leave my computer on standby for very long, when i go back to it, it wipes out whatever i had been doing as if i hadrestarted. i tried uninstalling and reinstalling xorg, but all it did was wipe out my firefox set15:39
Easykilntings that i can tell. any idea what is wrong?15:39
PiciSiPa_: don't include the % on the front of the line.15:39
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest78350
islandmonkeyEasykiln: The first problem is nothing to worry about - the second one - not sure15:40
SiPa_hmk Pici, i typed it w/o the %...now it does...nothing? idk; how do i start par4all? how do i notice the source /usr/... worked?15:40
PiciSiPa_: doing 'nothing' is correct.15:40
islandmonkeyEasykiln: And you shouldn't be touching X as well15:40
Easykilni assumed they were the same problem15:40
PiciSiPa_: read the documentation on how to use it15:41
Siegel-i recently upgraded my internet connection from 5mb to 15 mb. it seems to be even slower at times. sometimes its fast, but more often than not its slow. how can i check my internet speed on ubuntu 12.04?15:41
SiPa_hm the installation is completed w/ that step and i can close the terminal? (although it says there is still a process running?)15:41
PiciSiPa_: yes15:41
Easykilnthe second thing is at least very annoying15:41
bigskyry: is LVM useful?15:42
SiPa_thx, have a heart, Pici  --> ♥♥♥♥♥15:42
islandmonkeyEasykiln: Apport is annoyingly sensitive with system errors. I quote from an Ubuntu dev (Bilal Aktar): "System processes die all the time, but usually revive themselves".15:42
jackcholtI recently "installed" mikogo onto 12.04 by extracting it from a tar.gz and I'm wondering how to add it to the application lens so I can start it with Unity.  Any ideas?15:42
islandmonkeyAnd the ignore option doesn't work15:42
Siegel-anyone know how to check your internet speed on ubuntu? i mean, speed for streaming videos,. its extremely slow and they said that im supposedly paying for an inside network only for thei rusers or whatever15:42
islandmonkeyjackcholt: Was there a .desktop file in the tar.gz?15:43
TexNixkSiegel : http://www.speedtest.net/15:43
Easykilnhuh. ok. still, it would able to be able to leave my computer for ten minutes an have everything working when i get back15:43
jackcholtislandmonkey: let me take a look15:43
Easykilnit would be nice*15:44
ubottuemanup: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».15:44
jackcholtislandmonkey: there is no .desktop file in the mikogo files15:44
Siegel-TexNixk: thanks its extremely slow, below 5mb, is it possible that ubuntu is causing this? because im paying for 1515:44
TexNixkSiegel : welcome15:45
Siegel-does anyone know of ubuntu causing wireless to be slow?15:45
ErwynLoboX: so?15:46
ErwynSiegel-: did you try win a windows too?15:46
Siegel-Erwyn i dont have wondows15:47
Erwynso maybe it's not ubuntu15:47
islandmonkeyjackcholt: Then you will have to create one. See http://www.linuxforums.org/forum/ubuntu-linux/122427-how-create-desktop-file.html15:47
traspFirst of all, I've made a VPN-config through gnome, but it won't autoconnect even though I've set that option, how may I solve this problem? Also, can I block all (other) access to internet when connected with the VPN?15:47
Siegel-Erwyn: thats my question,15:47
TexNixkSiegel : i'm using a 15Mb WiMax connection ... my speed varies from about 8Mb to about 18Mb15:48
islandmonkeyOnce you are done, place it in ~/local/share/applications or /usr/share/applications.15:48
ErwynSiegel-: it is possible if your wireless card isn't well supported, that's why, try with windows or mac os if possible15:48
Siegel-TexNixk: well i upgraded from 5 to 15, no way should it be 5.46 which is the final result i got through that website. im calling my provider15:48
jakkif anyone would like to help with the GNAA sponsored ubuntu based linux distro, please join #linux_for_niggers15:48
Siegel-Erwyn: its bcm 4318, it seems well supported by the b43 packages15:48
jackcholtislandmonkey: thanks.  That was my immediate guess after your answer.  I immediately started duckduckgoing (is that a verb like google is?)15:49
islandmonkeyThen Unity and other DE's can detect it.15:49
traspwhen not connected to the VPN, i meant of course. So that I don't manage to connect to anything and hold that connection before I'm connected with the VPN15:49
islandmonkeyjackcholt: Of course it is ;) - DuckDuckGo FTW!15:49
pbnice ban.15:49
ErwynSiegel-: so maybe not ubuntu's fault15:51
LoboXErwyn man for some reason is sooooo slooooow, i did ctrl + alt + f1 and the terminal is not even coming up >:P15:51
LoboXi will just format again and dont install that last nvidia driver15:52
Siegel-Erwyn: im calling my provider. maybe they never changed it for me, so im waiting for them to pickup15:52
LoboXthanks for the help Erwyn >:)15:52
ErwynLoboX: you're welcome. Amike15:52
jackcholtOnce I have a .desktop file for mikogo do I put it in /usr/share/applications? Or where does it go?15:53
jvillejoeI am running xubuntu 12 and flash video on youtube is choppy and laggy and the sound skips is there a fix for this?15:53
Erwynjvillejoe: sudo dpkg -l | grep gnash15:54
=== Kitarst_ is now known as Kitar|st
islandmonkeyjackcholt: Yes. Or .local/share/applications in your /home folder (You'll need to enable the showing of hidden files to do that).15:55
jackcholtyea. thanks islandmonkey15:55
islandmonkeyYour welcome15:56
fabiohere can i speak about transmission?15:57
fabioi 've problem with it15:57
Erwynfabio: why not?15:57
islandmonkey!ask | fabio15:57
ubottufabio: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience15:57
jvillejoeerwyn I entered that into the terminal and it had me enter my password then I hit enter and it didnt do anything15:58
Erwynjvillejoe: okay15:59
Erwynjvillejoe: sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree15:59
sledgesIn a VirtualBox, I was upgrading 11.10 to 12.04 and tried to take a screenshot of "Keep or revert sudoers file" dialog window. It did not work, and after a while whole screen gone stuck and then black after resizing VM window. Still can SSH into it though.. is my dist upgrade borked?16:01
enriqhi. On ubuntu 10.04 my init.d scripts are not starting (e.g. apache2, tomcat6). They do run OK with service apache2 start, but not on boot. The symlinks are correctly set on the rcx.d dirs, and rc.conf exists in upstart /etc/init dir... what else can be happening!16:02
jvillejoeerwyn this is what it did after I entered that into terminal. "Reading package lists... Done16:02
jvillejoeBuilding dependency tree16:02
jvillejoeReading state information... Done16:02
jvillejoeNote, selecting 'flashplugin-installer' instead of 'flashplugin-nonfree'16:02
jvillejoeflashplugin-installer is already the newest version.16:02
jvillejoe0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded."16:02
FloodBot1jvillejoe: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.16:02
genii-aroundenriq: Are there scripts in upstart directory of /etc/init for them instead?16:03
Erwynjvillejoe: already installed, sorry don't have any idea16:03
jvillejoeok thank erwyn16:04
=== Siegel-_ is now known as Siegel-
sledgeshope you can answer my problem above. will check back from home16:04
=== Robert_ is now known as Guest55447
fabioi m download a torrent with transmission but it's slow16:05
fabioi am downloading16:05
bindifabio: because your interent is slow and/or the torrent doesnt have fast uploaders. not at all related to ubuntu16:06
Erwynfabio: this is not transmission's fault16:06
ActionParsnipfabiano: low number of seeds16:08
NewWorldfabio:  Maybe you're not connectable  (i.e. didn't forward a port for bittorrent)16:09
bindiNewWorld: he's downloading, not uploading16:09
enriqgenii-around, nope, no upstart scripts, only sys v... but they should be running, don't they?16:09
rybigsky, yes it's very useful16:10
NewWorldbindi:  You connect to more peers if you're connectable. So DLing should be faster16:10
=== recon69_lap is now known as recon_lap
jackcholtislandmonkey: thanks again.  adding a mikogo.desktop to /usr/share/applications worked great after adding some symbolic links to the mikogo executables in the bin dir on my home folder16:10
genii-aroundenriq: Yes, by way of the etc/init/rc-sysinit.conf  ..are these init.d scripts "factory" or ones you made manually or perhaps with update-rc.d ?16:11
kroakenHey what ati driver should i installl against my HD 4670 ati?!16:12
ActionParsnip!ati | kroaken16:12
ubottukroaken: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto16:12
kroakenonce i had the table but i lost it some time ago16:12
genii-aroundenriq: If you made them manually, check they are +x16:13
enriqgenii-around, they look factory, as per comparision with another 10.04 which works ok, and in both cases +x is NOT set for rc-sysinit.conf16:14
genii-aroundenriq: The /etc/init.d/<tomcat-or-other-sysv-script>   is what to check , not the rc-sysinit.conf16:16
enriqgenii-around, yes, sorry, they are factory and have +x and owner root:root16:17
kroakenDoes anyone got the table ?!@16:17
enriqgenii-around, and in /etc/rc2.d I have the shortcuts16:19
enriqgenii-around, ... generated by update-rc16:19
osseI'm trying to find the version number of a package on the command line. I tried 'apt-cache showpkg foo' but it lists nearly no information. It works on other packages, though. The package in question is xkeyboard-config16:21
MonkeyDustosse  try apt-cache policy16:22
ossitoQ tal estais16:22
suprrgshsi've a problem with transmission16:22
WhyBotWhy_Hey guys, really stupid question here, but why does xorg have 4 different log files in my /var/log? are different functions logged to different files?16:22
suprrgshsanyone can help me?16:23
MonkeyDustsuprrgshs  i use it, let me try to help you16:23
=== juarlex_ is now known as juarlex
suprrgshsok i'm download a torrent but it is slow, why?16:23
FloodBot1ossito: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.16:23
MonkeyDustsuprrgshs  depends on how many 'sources' there are16:24
suprrgshscan i write the torrent?16:24
=== HardFu is now known as HardFu|AFK
suprrgshsthe are many sources16:24
ossitokiero ser admin aqui16:24
ossitose puede16:24
ubottuEn la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro.16:24
suprrgshsthere are16:24
osseMonkeyDust, it says 'xkeyboard-config: Installed: (none) Candidate: (none) Version table:'  Weird. ISn't it a package in the normal sense? A fix was recentely fixed, supposedly in this package16:24
MonkeyDustsuprrgshs  may also depend on the speed of the other pc16:25
suprrgshscan i post the link?16:25
MonkeyDustrather not16:25
suprrgshsso you control it16:25
enriqsuprrgshs, most probably it's not an ubuntu related question16:26
suprrgshsi think that my trans is bad configured16:26
enriqWhyBotWhy_, logs end with numbers?16:26
PiciWhyBotWhy_: after a log file gets filled up, it starts a new one.16:26
genii-aroundenriq: Is there anything in /var/log/boot.log ?16:27
makezanhello gurus I have a question, i'm using vino server, to remote into my machine, the problem however is once i'm connected, the image being displayed is like a mirror of my current desktop16:27
amlibyIf I'm rolling my own .deb that requires a postgres db to be setup for the software to run, is the proper way to create this db with a postinst script?16:27
suprrgshsmonkey can i post in pv the link?16:29
suprrgshsso you control it16:29
genii-aroundenriq: ( or logs with the names of the failed daemons in /var/log/upstart )16:29
enriqgenii-around, in boot.log only a fsck result16:29
suprrgshsmoneky are you in?16:30
bluewave22hello ... can someone help me determine why I keep getting this "SYSTEM PROGRAM PROBLEM DETECTED" error message at login (12.04LTS): http://imgur.com/aWrGl16:31
islandmonkeysuprrgshs: There are 2 people that start with monkey, me, and MonkeyDust.16:31
suprrgshsis there  anybody here?16:31
enriqgenii-around, in /var/log/apache2 there are the usual apache logs with usual contents (i.e. after started with service apache2 start)16:31
ActionParsnipbluewave22: hit report problem to report the issues to the devs16:32
islandmonkeysuprrgshs: There are 1670 people here16:32
islandmonkey!bug | bluewave2216:32
ubottubluewave22: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.16:32
=== HardFu|AFK is now known as HardFu
genii-aroundenriq: Anything informative in the apache2 log?16:33
islandmonkeyBut nevermind, in 75% of cases no one will reply back to you16:33
=== philinux is now known as multiplepersonal
bluewave22okay just we just have a bug... any place I could look or search to let me know what service or program could be the culprit16:34
islandmonkeybluewave22: Apport is annoyingly sensitive with system errors. I quote from an Ubuntu dev (Bilal Aktar): "System processes die all the time, but usually revive themselves".16:34
islandmonkeySo just ignore it16:34
bluewave22okay thanks for the feedback guys/gals16:35
enriqgenii-around, normal logs in both access.log and error.log up to the shutdown (in error log it logs about SIGTERM) all this in .1 files, and then the new log starting with the manual service start16:36
enriqgenii-around, the services are not even attempted to start I think16:36
ChamunksAnyone here point me in the direction to know how to configure gnome3's Screen Recording stuff?  The Ctrl+alt+Shift+R or whatever it is?16:38
genii-aroundenriq: Very odd.16:38
MonkeyDustChamunks  try kazam16:39
enriqgenii-around, any other log you can think of?16:40
ChamunksMonkeyDust, I've been playing with gtkrecordmydesktop but I find that the gnome3 one records really well on the fly but is unconfigurable.16:40
enriqgenii-around, in any case many thanks for your help16:41
ActionParsnipChamunks: http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2012/01/help-test-new-screen-recording-app-eidete  also another option16:42
Chamunks!info kazam | Chamunks16:42
ubottuChamunks: kazam (source: kazam): Easy to use application for recording on-screen action. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.0.6-0ubuntu1 (precise), package size 94 kB, installed size 824 kB16:42
genii-aroundenriq: Offhand not anything I can think of to check. Did they work previously ? If so, what was the last thing you did before they stopped, etc ( upgrade, network tinkering, hardware replacement, etc )16:43
ChamunksActionParsnip, doesnt look like it handles the audio all in one go.  From the quick video on that site.16:44
ActionParsnipChamunks: i'd read the review instead :)16:44
ChamunksActionParsnip, thanks I'll do that :)16:44
ChamunksOh wow I like the keypress stuff thats neat!16:45
Chamunks!info eidete | Chamunks16:46
enriqgenii-around, this is a somewhat "inherited" server so... I don't know really, I'm not supposed to check this stuff but I'm the one affected first when the services don't start :) I checked that all looks normal, even compared files by the byte with my local machine (exactly the same 10.04) and all looks normal... really annoying...16:46
ubottuChamunks: Package eidete does not exist in precise16:46
=== Aaton_off is now known as Aaton
mang0bobweaver: Hello?16:46
bobweaverhello mang016:46
enriqgenii-around, where are startup failures logged... maybe something is failing before the scripts or somehitng16:46
ubottuemanuelep: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».16:47
mang0bobweaver: I didn't get the job :P, but the boss was quite rude, so I don't really mind.16:47
mang0bobweaver: Installed your bobsdriver, btw16:47
bobweaverand ?16:47
mang0bobweaver: Only just done it, hehe. I'm kinda here and there, but I need to re-boot I guess16:48
bobweavermang0,  cool16:48
genii-aroundenriq: Might want to check daemon.log if you have it16:48
bobweavermang0,  I am also in and out if you post and I dont see it ping me as I am working on Ubuntu TV ATM :)16:50
enriqok I will, thanks genii-around. I will eat something, that might help. cheers16:50
mang0bobweaver: When you say ping, do you mean actually ping as in "/ping bobweaver" or as in high lighting you as I am doing in this message?16:51
bobweaveras in that last message16:51
=== Seryth is now known as mang0_
mang0_bobweaver: No luck :/ I just did apt-get update and then checked if your thing was installed (it was) and then rebooted. dmesg says [   75.372118] b43legacy-phy0 ERROR: MAC suspend failed and the normal timeout thing...16:56
=== sandieG is now known as Guest55127
Guest55127is it ok to install 10.12 for my hd 4670 ?!? oO16:57
=== Guest55127 is now known as ynipo
islandmonkeyGuest55127: Of course it is :)16:58
bobweavermang0_,  uninstall and purge th e repo if you like. And Like I was talking about the last time that we talked if this did not work lets just try the b43 all by its lonesome :)     so      sudo apt-get remove bobsdriver firmware-b43legacy && sudo apt-get install firmware-b43-installer16:59
keirlav87my audio isn't working on ubuntu (latest version) on a dual boot pc, do i need an additional driver or anything?16:59
bobweavermake sure you uninstall bobsdriver thou 1st :) or it will not know what to do16:59
bobweaversorry mang0_  &^^16:59
=== charles_ is now known as Guest27977
mang0_bobweaver: Sure :)17:00
MasterOfDisasterkeirlav87: which cards? which (audio) modules are loaded? does dmesg print anything regarding audio?17:00
=== dirtypillows is now known as ShameSpiral
ChamunksWould it be possible to get a general difficulty rating system across the board for ubuntu?  I think that it would be an awesome thing to have  a system that users could rate all things in the ubuntu community if they like on the difficulty of use.17:00
MasterOfDisasterkeirlav87: *card17:00
islandmonkeykeirlav87: Run lspci | grep -i audio17:02
keirlav87Intel Corporation N10/ICH 7 Family High Definition Audio Controller (rev 01)17:02
keirlav87I think the problem may be that it's trying to use the front audio jack, which doesn't work, is it possible to specify the rear audio jack instead?17:03
MasterOfDisasterkeirlav87: did you unmute the channels?17:03
ynipoopen the software and see for your self , but it might be tricky :P17:03
keirlav87yeah i've unmuted everything I can find to unmute :P17:03
MasterOfDisasterwould have been too easy17:04
islandmonkeykeirlav87: Make sure you are using the correct card. I have two audio cards - one NVIDIA (which doesn't work) and the Intel one, which works.17:04
aguiteli downloaded some movie Re-encoded with [SPLVideo Codec] ,how to see this movie in ubuntu ?17:04
ActionParsnipaguitel: tried gnome-mplayer ?17:04
MasterOfDisasteraguitel: vlc, mplayer17:04
keirlav87how can i do that please?17:05
ActionParsnipaguitel: do you have ubuntu-restricted-extras installed?17:05
JoniiIs it just me or has Ubuntu 12.04 been getting more and more bugs as it has aged?17:05
aguitelActionParsnip, MasterOfDisaster no way with vlc or gnome-player17:05
aguitelActionParsnip, i did17:05
ActionParsnipJonii: depends on the apps you use really17:05
ActionParsnipaguitel: and w32codecs (or w64codecs) from medibuntu repo?17:06
ThinkT510Jonii: been solid for me17:06
aguitelActionParsnip, i did too17:06
islandmonkeyJonii: It's you. I have a few annoying bugs, but some people may have none, some people may have more.17:06
ubottuemanueleleop: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».17:06
JoniiWhen I first installed it, it felt refreshingly stable. Now, alt+ctrl+shift+arrow moving windows doesn't work no more, clickpad ceases to work after few days of use, forcing relogin, X has started crashing, windows have been disappearing, icons not loading on launcher...17:06
MasterOfDisasteraguitel: no idea then17:07
JoniiI didn't have such problems for the first few weeks after installing17:07
ThinkT510Jonii: installed much since?17:08
venkatmangudimust be compiz acting up, Jonii17:08
JoniiThinkT510: maybe 2 months17:08
ThinkT510Jonii: so its been 2 months since you installed anything?17:08
JoniiThinkT510: oh, misunderstood17:09
JoniiI haven't installed that many programs really. Gnome Do, Emacs, org-mode, spotify, netbeans, chromium17:09
JoniiThat's about it17:10
okayHi, I was wondering if the ubuntu desktop cd has gparted on it17:10
ThinkT510Jonii: gnome do? is that in the repos?17:10
venkatmangudiwhat's your display card? have you been updating the system?17:10
ThinkT510okay: indeed it does17:10
islandmonkey!info | gnome-do17:10
ubottu'gnome-do' is not a valid distribution: hardy, hardy-backports, hardy-proposed, kubuntu-backports, kubuntu-experimental, kubuntu-updates, lucid, lucid-backports, lucid-proposed, maverick, maverick-backports, maverick-proposed, medibuntu, natty, natty-backports, natty-proposed, oneiric, oneiric-backports, oneiric-proposed, partner, precise, precise-backports, precise-proposed, quantal, quantal-backports, quantal-proposed, stable, testing, unstable17:10
JoniiThinkT510: I think it was17:10
islandmonkey!package | gnome-do17:10
ubottugnome-do: You can browse and search for Ubuntu packages using !Synaptic, !KPackageKit, !Adept, "apt-cache search <keywords or regex>", or online at http://packages.ubuntu.com - Ubuntu has about 30000 packages available, so please *search* for an official package before installing things in awkward ways!17:10
ThinkT510!find gnome-do17:11
ubottuFound: gnome-doc-utils, gnome-do, gnome-do-plugins, gnome-documents17:11
ThinkT510!info gnome-do17:11
ubottugnome-do (source: gnome-do): Quickly perform actions on your desktop. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.8.5-2ubuntu1 (precise), package size 422 kB, installed size 2299 kB17:11
islandmonkeyOh thanks17:11
ThinkT510Jonii: you using unity?17:11
JoniiThinkT510: yeah17:11
hasbreeneehallI think unity is awsome17:11
ThinkT510Jonii: i'm not sure gnome-do is meant to work with unity17:12
ynipo1bbbbbbeeeeeeeeeee freeeeeeeee17:12
ynipogot tyhe mail :P17:12
ynipottks all17:12
JoniiThinkT510: seems to work just fine17:12
hasbreeneehalljust as i thort17:13
JoniiI was told that it is better than Unity lenses + HUD17:13
mang0_bobweaver: Arite, I'm back at kb again, so I can sort this out. I've run that command, now I guess it's another reboot, right17:13
ThinkT510Jonii: if you fancy testing you could remove it and see what performance is like for a while without it17:13
islandmonkeyHUD FTW17:13
JoniiThinkT510: I just recently installed it, I haven't had any new problems after installing it, just the same old17:14
ThinkT510Jonii: i always thought gnome-do was only for gnome-shell17:14
ThinkT510Jonii: oh17:14
ThinkT510Jonii: installed any ppas?17:15
ThinkT510!ppa | Jonii17:15
ubottuJonii: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge17:15
JoniiI don't remember really :|17:15
bobweavermang0_, yea Also make sure that you take out b43legacy out of /etc/modules17:15
JoniiSpotify is PPA17:15
mang0_bobweaver: Ah k17:15
bobweavermang0_, so it dont load on boot17:15
ThinkT510Jonii: you can't remember what you've installed?17:15
mang0_bobweaver: Yeah17:15
JoniiBut I don't remember if there are more PPA things I have attempted17:15
islandmonkeyJonii: You can find all the PPA's you installed in Software SO17:16
wagoany help on how to change icons that are shown on the alt-tab interface? for example, the android emulator icon right now is pretty low res17:16
Joniisoftware SO?17:16
islandmonkeySoftware Sources17:16
islandmonkeySorry accidentally pressed enter17:16
bobweavermang0_,  this is what I am working on at the moment http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KMgQpS8F6_o&feature=plcp    so like I said if I do not anwser right away :)17:16
islandmonkeyaudrianore: I don't find how that is funny17:17
noodles_hello, i want to setup ubuntu on a sd-card and have grub on the sd-card, i.e. i do not want the system hd (win7) to be touched at all. does the installer provide this scenario?17:17
audrianoreislandmonkey: Oops, sorry.17:17
islandmonkeyaudrianore: Don't be sorry, you didn't do anything wrong. :)17:18
Joniinoodles_: yes17:18
ubottusample64: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».17:18
JoniiI think, at least. I know I managed to install it on USB stick17:18
audrianorenoodles_: Yes you can.17:19
genii-aroundnoodles_: If the installer sees the card as a hard drive then you're off to the races ( if it has enough room on it )17:19
Serythbobweaver: Bah, now it's not loading the drivers at all! Same ssb problem again I think17:20
Serythbobweaver: Oh, I'm mang0 btw17:20
=== Seryth is now known as mang0_
mang0_Sorry :P17:20
noodles_card is plain /dev/sdx, but i wonder if i have to hide the hd, or if the installer offers to put grub on the sdcar17:20
ubottujhutchins_wk: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».17:20
MNIchieHas anyone else had any problems with flash in Chrome since the newest update, running 12.04?17:20
hwkiller-netbookI haven't17:20
bobweavermang0_,  add b43 to /etc/modules17:20
mang0_bobweaver: Already on it ;)17:21
audrianoreMNIchie: What kind of problem?17:21
bobweaverat the bottom ....   Sweet mang0_17:21
islandmonkeyMNIchie: What sort?17:21
MNIchieaudrianore, all flash videos are at double speed and fullscreen doesn't work17:21
mang0_bobweaver: I was waaaaaay ahead of you on that, and to make me even more cool, I used nano instead of gedit ;)17:21
MNIchieJust started happening after I updated17:22
housamhello ubuntu room ppl17:22
=== dirtypillows is now known as ShameSpiral
aguitelActionParsnip, MasterOfDisaster  if i use video converter?17:22
bobweavermang0_, http://xkcd.com/378/17:22
islandmonkeyMNIchie: I get the double speed thing17:22
audrianoreMNIchie, what did you update? Chrome, or the Flash?17:22
infernoxflash seems to work well.17:23
JPetersonwhat's the best way to do the equivalent of "swapoff -a" permanent?17:23
islandmonkeyMNIchie: But only when using th GPU heavily.17:23
SeveasJPeterson, remove the swap line from /etc/fstab17:23
JPetersonSeveas: thx17:23
MNIchieChrome(which has its own flash)  Flash still works fine in Firefox17:23
ActionParsnipJPeterson: comment it out instead17:23
SeveasActionParsnip, that's nowhere near as permanent :-)17:23
mang0_bobweaver: Hehe, gotta love xkcd! Rebooting again.17:23
audrianoreMNIchie, I see. Was it the stable or unstable update?17:24
MNIchieauronandace, it was the stable update pulled from the repos17:24
islandmonkeySame here17:25
auronandaceMNIchie: tab complete failure?17:25
islandmonkeyBut I've had it all the time using 12.0417:25
MNIchieauronandace, yeah, my bad17:25
jellyg00seHello!, somehow I think I messed up my pulseaudio when trying to make my skype microphone detect. Anyway not 100% what I did but I installed ALSA which is working fine but I've got no media keys fn+volume etc.. and there's no indicator being displayed, I tried reinstalling pulseaudio but this hasn't fixed it along with installing apt-get indicator-sound17:26
housamcan any one help me and tell me how can i make fix my flash player at ubuntu 12.04 in firefox for arabic lang17:26
jellyg00seany help would be appreciated :)17:26
jellyg00seversion 12.04 fwi17:26
infernoxI have an eeepc 1005 and when i type the cursor sometimes ends up clicking and sometimes pasting, running lubuntu 12.0417:26
MNIchieaudrianore, Version 20.0.1132.5717:26
bobweaverjellyg00se, can you set them under keyboard shortcuts ?17:26
bobweaverjellyg00se,  with alsa that is17:27
audrianoreislandmonkey, did you mean the double speed thing? (RE: I've had it all the time using 12.04)17:27
islandmonkeyaudrianore: Yes17:27
=== anonymous is now known as Guest29290
housammmmmmmmmm i guess there is now way to do that17:28
noodles_genii-around: the card appears as plain /dev/sdx, but i wonder if i have to hide the hd, or if the installer itself offers to put grub on the sdcard17:28
JPetersondo I get a warning when the system run out of ram or does programs segfault without indication that memory allocation failed? (I'm disabling swap on linux running from slow usb 2.0 storage, because id rather have programs crash than cause swapping. But i'd like to know if i can determine when memory allocation failures occur.)17:28
infernoxyou can tell grub where to install17:28
audrianoreMNIchie had the problem on current stable update, and islandmonkey had it all the time. I can't figure it out. :/17:29
Serythbobweaver: You can probably guess the result....grr, even after adding b43 to the end of /etc/modules, still nothing. I'm gonna stick with this nick for now17:29
noodles_infernox: great, thxalot17:29
ActionParsniphousam: can you pastebin the output of:  lsb_release -a; uname -a; dpkg -l | egrep 'flash|gnash|swf|spark'   Thanks17:29
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Rikim4ruDoes anyone know a way to connect a Ubuntu box to multiple vpn server simultaniously?17:29
ActionParsnipinfernox: do you have the latest BIOS?17:29
bobweaverSeryth,  do you still have the commands I gave you to make that list then pastebinit ?17:30
jellyg00sebobweaver: I've got into the keyboard shortcuts reset them as the keys but they were the same as before and within alsa mixer I couldn't find anywhere to assign shortcuts17:30
bigskyhi all17:30
jellyg00sebut regardless this detracts from the indicator/sound manager on the taskbar :/17:30
Guest18075Hello guys. I came with a default asus problem with videocam. Here is a screenshot http://2ch.so/s/src/1343236705267.png . Why I can't preload the lib?17:30
Serythbobweaver: I will, if I can just look through my history17:30
Serythoh wait17:30
Serythbobweaver: No, I've got them in a file, let me run it17:30
infernoxwhat command can i run to see the bios version from inside the os17:30
islandmonkeyAlso as I said, this only happens after heavy use of the computer's resources (Intel Core i7 Sandy Bridge Quad Core, 8 GB RAM, NVIDIA GT540M).17:30
MNIchieaudrianore, going to try the latest unstable and see if that fixes the issue17:30
audrianoreMNIchie, sure, give it a try.17:31
bigskyif there are lots of sources in sourcelist, but i want apt-get to prefer source from local iso, rather than remote mirror, even when remote package is newer than local iso, i wannt aptget to choose local iso, what i should do in order to make it works as i want?17:31
genii-aroundnoodles_: Ideally to make bios want to boot from the sdcard first and then hopefully installer sees it as sda  ( eg: the first bootable disk) .. but you can always specify if ends up somewhere like sdb/sdc/etc17:31
talsamoninfernox, dmidecode17:32
Guest18075So can anybody help me?17:32
genii-aroundnoodles_: Then to make sure grub goes there and not mbr of the first drive17:32
Serythhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/1110536/ bobweaver. Though it says in terminal that "find: ‘./b43legacy’: Permission denied" and "rm: cannot remove `/home/matrix/.wireless': No such file or directory" (my username is matrix). Also, brb dinner.17:32
ActionParsnipGuest18075: try: LD_PRELOAD:/opt/lib32/usr/lib/libv4l/v4l1compat.so skype17:32
islandmonkeyaudrianore: Since this problem has occured all the time using 12.04 - I'm not convinced that unstable will help me. What to do?17:32
noodles_genii-around: that was my first idea, hiding the hd in bios. better safe than sorry;)17:32
bobweaverSeryth,  sudo apt-get --purge remove firmware-b43legacy-installer17:33
Guest18075Didn't help =(17:33
ActionParsnipGuest18075: or try: LD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib/libv4l/v4l1compat.so skype17:33
ActionParsnipI hate skype, such a mess17:33
ChamunksActionParsnip,  skype is aweful17:33
islandmonkeyActionParsnip: Tried Skype 4.0 yet?17:34
Guest18075Didn't help too17:34
bobweaverSeryth,  can have two drivers loaded at one time that are fighting for the same card :)17:34
ChamunksGuess it would make sense that microsoft owns it.17:34
ActionParsnipislandmonkey: its installed but not used it yet17:34
ActionParsnipGuest18075: if you run: sudo apt-get install libv4l-0     is it installed?17:34
islandmonkeyIt's much better17:34
JPetersonsame question slightly rephrased: do I get a warning when the system run out of ram or does programs segfault without indication from the system that memory allocation failed? (I'm disabling swap on linux running from slow usb 2.0 storage, because id rather have programs crash than cause swapping. But i'd like to know if i can determine when memory allocation failures occur so I can evaluate if I should increase vm ram.)17:34
Guest18075Yep, it's installed17:34
ActionParsnipislandmonkey: as long as it stops making stuff appear to not work when its perfectly fine I'll be happy17:35
ActionParsnipGuest18075: LD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib32/libv4l/v4l1compat.so skype17:35
MasterOfDisasterJPeterson: usually OOM killer will jump into action, so a kill -9 will be your "warning"17:35
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Guest18075Nah, ignored one more time =(17:36
housam<ActionParsnip>lsb_release -a;uname -a dpkg -l | egrep 'flash|swf|spark'17:36
MasterOfDisasterJPeterson: this is logged in /var/log/syslog if it occurs17:36
audrianoreislandmonkey: Is the problem only on Chrome, or both with Firefox?17:36
housamLSB Version:core-2.0-ia32:core-2.0-noarch:core-3.0-ia32:core-3.0-noarch:core-3.1-ia32:core-3.1-noarch:core-3.2-ia32:core-3.2-noarch:core-4.0-ia32:core-4.0-noarch17:36
housamDistributor ID:Ubuntu17:36
housamDescription:Ubuntu 12.04 LTS17:36
FloodBot1housam: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.17:36
islandmonkeyaudrianore: Only with Chrome17:36
ActionParsniphousam: yes I also said to use a pastebin...17:36
housamok thxxxxxxxx17:37
islandmonkeyaudrianore: In fact, let me try Firefox17:37
infernoxyeah 1601 is the newest version of the bios17:37
ActionParsnipGuest18075: ok run: sudo updatedb; clear; locate *.so | grep v4l; lsb_release -a     what is output please (use a pastebin)17:37
KiteHawkim having a input sound problem with 12.0417:37
KiteHawki can't get the input sound to work but output is working17:38
MasterOfDisasterJPeterson: if you want to monitor memory usage, use your hypervisor's capabilities or something like collectd in the vm17:38
icemanhi run like 12.04 x64, but i need to use 32bit java and firefox. any ideas how i can install the 32bit versions for java and firefox?17:38
Guest18075Hm, guy from one forum said to add this library to LD_LIBRARY_PATH cause it's forbidden to users to preload not added to path libraries17:38
Guest18075How shall I do it? =)17:39
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audrianoreislandmonkey, how is it?17:39
KiteHawkubuntu 12.04 sound not working. Any ides?17:40
islandmonkeyaudrianore: Gonna have to wait a bit, since I'll need to get my computer using all it's resources to make the problem cause17:40
JPetersonMasterOfDisaster: it's more a case of getting a message when the lack of swap cause memory alocation failures than to monitor usage. the vm has no way of knowing when memory allocation fails in the guest os.17:40
MNIchieaudrianore, the beta fixed the speed issue, but fullscreen is still broken on dual monitors.  Since the behavior of fullscreen  changed with the update, I am guessing they did something to flash17:40
ActionParsnipKiteHawk: makes and models of things are useful, a question so bare will get no intelligent reposnces17:40
MNIchieIt is at least usable now though17:41
audrianoreKiteHawk: What sound problem?17:41
NewWorldGuest18075:  export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=:/path/to/wherever . Put that in ~/.bashrc if you want it like that permanently17:41
ActionParsnipKiteHawk: what is the output of: wget -O alsa-info.sh http://www.alsa-project.org/alsa-info.sh && chmod +x ./alsa-info.sh && ./alsa-info.sh17:41
KiteHawkaudigy sound card ubuntu 12.04 new install17:41
ActionParsnipNewWorld: or make an alias for skpe :)17:41
ActionParsnipKiteHawk: oh man those Creative lumps can be a pain17:41
KiteHawkyou said it17:41
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audrianoreislandmonkey, using all the resources to make the problem?17:42
ActionParsnipKiteHawk: can you run the command I gave, upload to the server and a URL will be generated, what is the URL17:42
islandmonkeyaudrianore: Also as I said, this only happens after heavy use of the computer's resources (Intel Core i7 Sandy Bridge Quad Core, 8 GB RAM, NVIDIA GT540M).17:42
infernoxon the eeepc all of the softbuttons work but the touchpad on/off button doesn't17:42
audrianoreMNIchie, do you enable or disable the hardware support on the flash?17:42
islandmonkeyaudrianore: Sorry brb17:43
infernoxhe is talking about  wget -O alsa-info.sh http://www.alsa-project.org/alsa-info.sh && chmod +x ./alsa-info.sh && ./alsa-info.sh17:44
KiteHawksry didnt c that post one sec17:44
infernoxyou run it from a terminal17:44
audrianoreislandmonkey, oh, so it works normally on normal use? Wow, you got a nice resources on your notebook. :/17:44
audrianoreislandmonkey, sure.17:44
Guest2569Hi, I've a little problem compiling syslog-ng, I've the following make error:/usr/local/include/glib-2.0/glib/gutils.h:352: multiple definition of `g_trash_stack_height'\.libs/misc.o:/usr/local/include/glib-2.0/glib/gutils.h:352: first defined here17:44
SeveasGuest2569, your local copy of glib in /usr/local is broken. Has nothing to do with ubuntu17:45
MNIchieaudrianore, it is disabled17:45
MasterOfDisasterJPeterson: I don't see any othe method than external monitoring of available memory. Nagios/Icinga/Munin/whatever serves this purpose.17:45
Guest2569Seveas, should I to reinstall glib?17:45
audrianoreWhat happen if you enable it, MNIchie?17:45
MasterOfDisasterJPeterson: gets offtopic though, so perhaps you should take this to ##linux or #ubuntu-offtopic17:45
grendalUnable to find default provider 'unity-2d-shell' of required provider 'shell'17:46
grendalhow the hell do i fix that?17:46
ActionParsnip18:41 < ActionParsnip> KiteHawk: what is the output of: wget -O alsa-info.sh http://www.alsa-project.org/alsa-info.sh && chmod +x ./alsa-info.sh && ./alsa-info.sh17:46
MNIchieaudrianore, same behavior17:46
SeveasGuest2569, no, you need to remove it from /usr/local and use the ubuntu-provided one. Maybe do the same with syslog-ng, no need to compile your own :)17:46
PsyberS_is there a unity keyboard shortcut to spread the windows for the active application? similar to clicking on the app's icon in the launcher (which triggers a spread for that app only)?17:46
Guest2569Seveas, I need two instances of syslogò-ng, I can't use the deb17:47
KiteHawki had to go the slow way sry17:47
SeveasGuest2569, sure you can, different config should do the trick17:47
MasterOfDisasterGuest2569: seperate instances of the deps as well? why?17:47
audrianoreHmm, so it worked fine before that last stable update, right MNIchie?17:47
JPetersonMasterOfDisaster: well ok. just to make sure we understand each other. i'm talking about an equivalent of the windows kernel triggering the "close programs to prevent information loss" message when memory allocation fails or is about to fail.17:47
MNIchieaudrianore, found a fix17:47
audrianoreMNIchie, how?17:48
Guest2569MasterOfDisaster, log-server + log relay17:48
icemani did sudo apt-get install firefox:i386 openjdk-6-jdk:i386 icedtea-6-plugin:i386, and i get this error:17:48
MNIchieaudrianore, disabling pepper flash fixed the speed and fullscreen issues17:48
MNIchieFrom chrome://plugins/17:48
KiteHawkstill waiting17:48
Guest2569Seveas, ok, good Idea, I've to make some trick in init.d17:48
MasterOfDisasterGuest2569: as Seveas suggested, you don't need to compile it for that - just start it twice with different configs17:48
icemanErrors were encountered while processing: firefox-globalmenu:i386    E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)17:48
icemanany ideas?17:49
audrianoreSorry MNIchie, pepper flash? It's a plugin?17:49
Seveasiceman, you'll need to give us the complete output17:49
Guest2569How could I uninstall glib17:49
ActionParsnipKiteHawk: waiting for what?17:49
MNIchieaudrianore, yeah it comes with it by default.  I forgot what its purpose is, but I remember hearing that Google was pushing it a few months ago17:50
MasterOfDisasterJPeterson: I'm not aware of such a mechanism in Linux. The only mechanism I know concerning out-of-memory situations is OOM Killer, which just kills the biggest memory hog.17:50
JPetersonMasterOfDisaster: ok thx17:50
MNIchieislandmonkey, Try disabling pepperflash from chrome://plugins17:50
SeveasMasterOfDisaster, no it does not unfortunately. It just kills the unlucky one that triggers the tipping point17:50
MasterOfDisasterJPeterson: your're welcome17:50
kevwildeHi, i purchased a lacie usb3.0 external drive but my pc does only have usb2 ports. When i plug it in, no /dev/sdX device is found. What could be the issue?17:51
audrianoreMNIchie, I see. By the way, is it normal that I have 2 flash plugins here. :/17:51
Seveaskevwilde, well, exactly what you describe. You bought a device your computer doesn't recognize17:51
mrdnMasterOfDisaster: it kills _something_, not necessarily the "biggest memory hog"17:51
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Seveasget a usb 3.0 adapter17:51
Guest2569Seveas, can I just delete the glib folder?17:51
kevwildeSeveas: i heard it was backwards compatible17:51
MNIchieaudrianore, yeah Chrome now comes with Shockwave and Pepper.  Adobe is pulling support for shockwave on Linux though17:51
Seveaskevwilde, what does dmesg say after plugging it in?17:52
KiteHawkfor it to process17:52
MasterOfDisastermrdn, Seveas: http://linux-mm.org/OOM_Killer - at least it should kill the one with the biggest RSS.17:52
KiteHawkits done17:52
audrianoreMNIchie, no no, that's not what it lies here. Hmm, please wait.17:52
Seveaswell, than it's not as compatible as you hoped :-)17:52
AlphaWolfI am currently on WHS 2011, but I'm thinking of switching to Ubuntu Server. It would be my first command line-based OS (I've briefly used Ubuntu before, but never really used the command line). Is this a good idea?17:53
SeveasMasterOfDisaster, ooh, nice, that got improved! Sadly I'm still stuck on 2.6.18 for most of my servers17:53
kevwildeSeveas: thank you for your input, i'll load it on my other pc17:54
bobweaverAlphaWolf,  maybe get a virtual one going to get you feet wet so to say17:54
SeveasAlphaWolf, what's your goal with the server? It'll be a good idea if ubuntu can meet that goal, otherwise not.17:54
ActionParsnipKiteHawk: ok what is the URL given?17:54
bobweaverAlphaWolf,  there is also canonicals landscape services17:54
MNIchieaudrianore, http://support.google.com/chrome/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=10808617:55
MNIchieThe fullscreen thing is a known issue apparently17:55
AlphaWolfSeveas, I currently use it as a media server (Plex), network storage (backups for Mac and Windows computers) and a development web server17:55
audrianoreMNIchie: I'm having 2 Shockwave Flash here. First, I have Shockwave Flash 11.3 r31, which is the one called PepperFlash. Second, Shockwave Flash 11.2 r202.17:55
MasterOfDisasterSeveas: well - last time I witnessed OOM Killer in action it performed as advertised on RHEL 5 (which is 2.6.1x), killing the process consuming the most memory. No idea on how it behaved before that.17:56
AlphaWolfbobweaver, I have heard of that, I'll take another look at it17:56
audrianoreMNIchie: 11.2 and 11.3. Do I need both of them?17:56
bobweaverAlphaWolf,  you can install plex on ubuntu also17:56
SeveasAlphaWolf, that'll be possible with mediatomb, samba and apache :)17:56
MasterOfDisasterSeveas: or I was just lucky :)17:56
MNIchieaudrianore, is pepper.  Look at the location field, it should mention Pepper17:56
SeveasMasterOfDisaster, I think you're lucky. Mine are centos 5 too and I definitely had sshd killed by it17:56
MasterOfDisasterSeveas: that's very unfortunate *snicker*17:57
Seveaswell, long live func. Could restart sshd with it :)17:57
AlphaWolfbobweaver, Seveas, I have checked all the programs I use and I believe they all have versions that will work on Ubuntu, but obviously there's no GUI (by default), so that way my main issue. I have setup a virtual box, but I can't get it to allow me to access "over the network" to test things and see if I'm doing them correctly.17:58
AlphaWolf*was my, sorry17:58
SeveasAlphaWolf, did you install openssh-server?17:58
bobweaverAlphaWolf,  you have set the network of the VBox to be bridged ?17:59
audrianoreMNIchie, yes like what I said before. I read the location field. So I don't need both plugins, right?17:59
bobweaverAlphaWolf,  if you are all about the gui there are packages like lxde-core gnome-core icewm fluxbox they are all lightweight guis well all but gnome-core that is18:00
AlphaWolfbobweaver, no, but I've just changed that and I'll test it again. I guess I need to learn a little more about networking :)18:00
MNIchieaudrianore, it is working fine with pepper disabled for me.  I'm sure it serves some purpose though, but youtube works and thats all I use flash for18:00
thechefnot sure where to ask, but is there an eta for steam18:00
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bobweaverthechef,  wish I knew that and also eta 4 unity3d 4.018:01
AlphaWolfbobweaver, I would not be using this box at the machine, only remotely, so if the GUI works remotely, then I'll try some of those out, but otherwise I'll learn some command line things?18:02
bobweaverAlphaWolf,  it is always a good Idea to learn bash for scripting and all sorts of other things18:02
audrianoreMNIchie, I see. After all, my PepperFlash version is, and yours is on the latest unstable release, right?18:03
The10thDragonwhats up18:03
AlphaWolfbobweaver, I guess it'll take a little longer to learn, but it'll be better in the end. I'll just get a tool to remotely use the command line then, thank you :)18:03
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bobweaverYeah AlphaWolf  you could ssh over and vnc back but .. kinda a pain18:04
The10thDragoni have dl vmware but dont know how to install it..its currently on my desktop18:04
ThinkT510!vmware | The10thDragon18:05
ubottuThe10thDragon: VMWare is not available in the Ubuntu repositories. Consider using !QEmu or !VirtualBox as alternatives. Instructions for installing VMWare manually are at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VMware18:05
The10thDragonthank you18:05
BobMarleyi have installed thnderbird and after using it a bit i want to uninstal it, i dont know where (the folder)the emails that have been downloaded , nad now i would like to know if i will uninstall thunderbird thtought synaptics then the folder with all emails will also be delted?18:05
JPetersonhow do i refresh the unity launcher icons? i have dragged a .desktop file to the launcher, and it's using the old icon even though i've removed the icon and readded it, and closed and started ('startx') unity18:06
bobweaverJPeterson,  unity --replace18:06
Serythbobweaver: It's done, purged it....rebooting, gimme a mo18:07
audrianoreMNIchie, great. We know the cause, so we can report it. Nice work. :)18:07
dv310p3rAfter installing LAMP via tasksel my desktop is gone, after restart I only get enterprise login?18:08
dv310p3rUbuntu 12.0418:08
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The10thDragonany 1 know how to set up an private irc?18:08
AlphaWolfbobweaver, Is it possible to create a partition on my current HDD and install Ubuntu Server on there, without formatting the entire drive? When I installed it it looked like I had to format the entire drive18:08
bobweaver!partition | AlphaWolf18:09
ubottuAlphaWolf: For help with partitioning a new install see: https://help.ubuntu.com/8.04/switching/installing-partitioning.html - For partitioning programs see !GParted, or !PartitionManager (!Kubuntu 9.04 and up) - Other partitioning topics include !fstab !home and !swap18:09
bobweaverer that is old AlphaWolf  sorry about that look up partitioning a harddrive18:09
The10thDragonany 1 know how to set up an private irc?18:09
OerHeksThe10thDragon, join a #room that does not exist, so you are the 1st user18:09
bobweaverAlphaWolf,  what is OS on the server ?18:09
ThinkT510The10thDragon: better answered in #freenode18:10
AlphaWolfbobweaver, Currently WHS 2011, which I can easily create a partition with, but I wanted to make sure it wouldn't format the whole drive when I install Ubuntu18:10
ThinkT510AlphaWolf: i always pick custom partitioning18:11
pbhow we doing18:11
bobweaverahh AlphaWolf  you can make many and I say you should for sql and apache but that is just me18:11
ActionParsnipJPeterson: press ALT+F2 and run:  r18:11
AlphaWolfbobweaver, maybe down the line, but for now, I'll just dip my toes :)18:12
AlphaWolfthinkT510, I'll look out for that when I'm installing, thanks!18:12
JPetersonActionParsnip: why would that have anything to do with unity launcher icons?18:12
ThinkT510AlphaWolf: vms are a great testing ground18:12
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bobweaverJPeterson, lets see the .desktop file plz in paste.ubuntu.com18:13
ActionParsnipJPeterson: its a shortcut to make Unity reload, so it will reread the config and reload, drawing the icon.18:13
BobMarleyi have installed thnderbird and after using it a bit i want to uninstal it, i dont know where (the folder)the emails that have been downloaded , nad now i would like to know if i will uninstall thunderbird thtought synaptics then the folder with all emails will also be delted?18:13
ActionParsnipJPeterson: seems prett spot on if you ask me18:13
ActionParsnipBobMarley: ~/.mozilla/thunderbird18:13
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ThinkT510ActionParsnip: just "r" or does that autocomplete?18:14
ActionParsnipThinkT510: just 'r' on it's own18:14
trismJPeterson: how did you edit the .desktop entry? if it wasn't manually, some of the editors leave multiple Icon= lines, so you may not get the icon to expect18:14
ThinkT510ActionParsnip: awesome, thanks for the info18:14
JPetersontrism no its one icon line18:15
andyrossyhow do i upgrade ubuntu to freebsd?18:15
ThinkT510andyrossy: you don't18:15
ActionParsnipandyrossy: reinstall18:16
jagginessandyrossy, what's freebsd?18:16
JPetersonActionParsnip: r, <enter> does nothng18:16
ActionParsnipjagginess: its a completely different branch of Linux18:16
jagginessActionParsnip, oh really!18:16
ActionParsnipJPeterson: try: unity --replace18:16
genii-aroundActionParsnip: Actually it's unix18:16
ceegeLOL, or maybe BSD unix, which came long before linux18:16
ActionParsnipjagginess: yes, research and you will find (its offtopic here)18:16
JPetersonunity --replace flashes the display, but leaves the old icons18:16
Serythbobweaver: Ugh, still nothing even after purging legacy-installer18:17
bobweaverJPeterson, Can we see the .desktop file lol18:17
ThinkT510ActionParsnip: describing freebsd as a branch of linux is wildy misleading18:17
ActionParsnipgenii-around: true enough18:17
bobweaverSeryth,  run them commands again18:17
bobweaverto get the pastebinit output Seryth18:17
ActionParsnipThinkT510: a quick research and the user will be enlightened18:17
ActionParsnipThinkT510: the world didn't explode...18:17
Serythhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/1110608/ bobweaver...again with the find b43legacy thing as before, it says  permission denied18:18
JPetersonbobweaver: that's meaningless. there's no special lines in it18:18
bobweaverSeryth,  what about    dmesg | grep b4318:18
JPetersonbobweaver: the problem is why the unity launcher doesnt show the icon in the file, but the icon that used to be in the file18:19
bobweaverJPeterson,  what kinda image is there a mistype ect18:19
kantokaHi guys! I'm having problems with Gparted in 12.04 (64). When started, it just "Scanning all devices" forever. Any suggestions?18:19
Serythhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/1110611/ bobweaver18:19
bobweaverare you using quick lists ?18:19
bobweaverJPeterson, ^^18:19
tcialHi, I have put the xUbuntu live CD into my computer, and I get a screen where there is a person in a circle, then after that, I get a black screen with a flashing cursor, what is the problem?18:19
jagginesskantoka, maybe there's a faulty usb connection18:20
bobweaverThat is it that is all you get Seryth  weired18:20
Serythbobweaver: yup...18:20
kantokajagginess: No USB drives attached :(18:20
jagginesskantoka, by any chance you using ldm?18:20
bobweaverSeryth,  iwscan        works ?  DONT paste that plz18:21
kantokajagginess: ldm?18:21
jagginesskantoka, brand new drive?18:21
tcialIs it to do with my graphics card?18:21
Serythiwscan: command not found, bobweaver18:21
vokevybeztry to convert .tar.bz2 archive into .deb archive output is ¨already installed a later version¨ but  i have not install how do i fix this?18:21
bobweaveriwlist scan    << Seryth18:22
ThinkT510!nomodeset | tcial18:22
ubottutcial: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter18:22
JPetersonwheres the unity launcher config?18:22
tcialI just read about that, thanks ThinkT51018:22
Serythbobweaver: k18:22
kantokajagginess: No new drives. I just upgraded made a fresh installation on 12.04. Used 11.10 before18:22
jagginessJPeterson, search "tweak" with package manager, it'll then show up as a green icon with 'System settings'18:22
Serythbobweaver: The only interfaces listed are eth0 and lo, neither of which support scanning.18:22
ThinkT510vokevybez: what is the package?18:23
kantokajagginess: 11.10 were on same disk18:23
jagginessJPeterson, i mean search for "tweak", find the one, install it, then it'll be under system settigns18:23
Serythbobweaver: wlan0 or wlan* doesn't exist O.o18:23
JPetersonjagginess: *file. i.e. wheres the config file18:23
vokevybez<ThinkT510> a c2ctl.tar.bz2 archive18:23
trismJPeterson: there isn't one, it is in gsettings, com.canonical.Unity.Launcher favorites (and it is just a list of .desktop names)18:24
ThinkT510vokevybez: what is c2ctl?18:24
bobweaverSeryth,  funny umm..   do you have anything installed under additional driver18:24
Serythbobweaver: nvidia stuff18:24
jagginesskantoka, are you trying to upgrade 11.10 with a 12.04 cd? (i'd be sure it's the same type of build, eg either 32-bit or 64-bit, dont install 64 on 32)18:24
vokevybezThinkT510: an overclocking program18:24
JPetersontrism: there is no file? since when is data stored outside iles?18:24
bobweaverSeryth,  nothing about your wireless ?18:24
trismJPeterson: well, there is the dconf database, but it isn't text18:25
smjI'm getting "minicom: cannot open /dev/ttyUSB0: Input/output error" when trying to connect to USB <-> RS-232 with minicom terminal18:25
jagginessJPeterson, what are you trying to ask?18:25
ThinkT510!checkinstall | vokevybez18:25
ubottuvokevybez: checkinstall is a wrapper to "make install", useful for installing programs you compiled. It will create a .deb package, which will be listed in the APT database and can be uninstalled like other packages. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CheckInstall - Read the warnings at the top and bottom of that web page, and DO NOT interrupt CheckInstall while it's running!18:25
kantokajagginess: No upgrade. Made a fresh install by writing over the "11.10" content18:25
Serythbobweaver: Nothing18:25
JPetersonjagginess: i'm tracing an error. that the unity launcher, when dragging a .desktop to it, display another icon that the one specified in the .desktop file18:26
jagginesskantoka, that doesnt sound too good, you should backup the data, then wipe out your install by reformatting it..(there's alot of junk left hanging around)18:26
Dice-Mani cannot change my terminal profile18:26
audrianoreHi, Dice-Man.18:26
jagginesskantoka, by backing up data, i mean /home only of course18:26
Dice-Mananyone know how to solve this ?18:27
vokevybezThinkT510: iĺl chaeck right now18:27
jagginessJPeterson, you're trying to make desktop launchers?18:27
vokevybezcheck i mean18:27
bobweaverSeryth,  sudo apt-get install firmware-b43legacy-installer && sudo apt-get remove  firmware-b43-installer18:27
tcialWhat is the difference between primary and logical partitions?18:27
=== DFrostedWang is now known as ICWiener
JPetersonjagginess: ya if it's not beyond my education level18:28
audrianoreChange your terminal profile like what, Dice-Man?18:28
JPetersongsettings get com.canonical.Unity.Launcher displays nothing basically18:28
jagginessJPeterson, i believe you need to enable it with the ubuntu tweak tool..18:28
ThinkT510vokevybez: beware of dependencies, compiling really should be the last resort18:28
jagginessJPeterson, (it may be called ubuntu-tweak, which tweaks the unity desktop-- there would be a switch to allow desktop launcher/icons)18:29
Serythbobweaver: Do I need to put b43legacy back in /etc/modules?18:29
kantokajagginess: I installed 12.04 from install CD, choosing the option #2 in partition step (losing any previous content )18:29
JPetersonjagginess: they are all18:29
ThinkT510tcial: you can have a totale of 4 primary partitions, an extended partition contains logical partitions18:29
tcialWeird, Ubuntu isn't toggling my caps lock light18:29
bobweaverSeryth,  not at this moment run the sudo modprobe b43legacy18:29
trismJPeterson: there really isn't any magic to it, unless possibly you named the .desktop file the same name as another one somewhere else (but that seems to be fixed in 12.04), then there is probably an error in the .desktop file itself18:29
Serythbobweaver: Great, network is now being displayed18:30
SerythI'll try connecting18:30
jagginessThinkT510, the idea of "logical partitions" doesnt exist in GPT.. it only exists in dosmbr partition table style. (wikipedia has info on this)18:30
vokevybezThinkT510: yup iĺl check them with apt-rdepends18:30
burntwould it be possible to do a base install of say ubuntu 8 and just upgrade the distro to 12.0418:30
burntand not have any probs?18:30
ThinkT510jagginess: i'm aware of that18:30
JPetersontrism: how do i show the launcher settings. gsettings get com.canonical.Unity.Launcher fails18:31
ThinkT510jagginess: is he using gpt?18:31
trismJPeterson: gsettings get com.canonical.Unity.Launcher favorites;18:31
jagginessThinkT510, the old days of 16-bit dos was limitted to "4" partitions.. so a way to overcome 4 partitions was to make a "fake" partition, which is an "extended" partition. This "extended" partition actually "extended" the partition table to hold more entries.. (so essentially the extended partition "hosts" another partition table, which is consecutive records to sector 0)18:32
genii-aroundburnt: You'd have to go 8.04-10.04-12.0418:32
JPetersontrism: thx. it lists the right .dekstop file18:32
vokevybezThinkT510: so if i use check install i can convert the *.tar.bz2 file into *.deb?18:32
JPetersonstep 2. where is the unity luancher icon cache?18:32
ThinkT510jagginess: again, i know this, somebody was asking and that was what i was explaining to them18:32
jagginessThinkT510, parted /dev/<DEVICE> p   , would say if its msdos (aka dosmbr), or GPT18:32
ThinkT510vokevybez: it would compile it and create a deb at the end18:33
ThinkT510vokevybez: provided it doesn't run into errors18:33
=== jofo_ is now known as Guest43286
vokevybezThinkT510: ok will reply after i complete18:34
ubuntuusersHello, I have a question regarding Cinnamon/Mate. I'm using Ubuntu since I got some problems with Mint but still want to try out those WMs. Should I add them via PPA or add the Mint-Repo to the sources.list?18:34
Serythbobweaver: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1110625/18:34
Serythbobweaver: That's dmesg18:34
JPetersontrism: i see now, missed it before, that there is a Icon[en_US] and a Icon entry18:35
bobweaverSeryth,  sudo apt-get install linux-firmware-nonfree18:35
Sven9Hi im having some issues to migrate zimbra 6.0.6 server to a newer 7.2.018:36
=== audrianore is now known as Goutaaa
=== dirtypillows is now known as ShameSpiral
ThinkT510ubuntuusers: we can't really help you, those are unsupported desktops18:36
Sven9imapsync failes unfortunatly and im stuck because i really need to move inboxes mail aliases and users to the new server18:36
Serythbobweaver: Okay, it's installed18:36
=== jofo__ is now known as Guest25966
trismJPeterson: working now?18:36
Serythbobweaver: Should I reload the b43legacy?18:37
bobweaverSeryth,  sudo rmmod b43legacy  && sudo modprobe b43legacy18:37
jagginessThinkT510, there's only 1 desktop, and that's unity lol.. anything else becomes broked :p18:37
ThinkT510ubuntuusers: just so you know, never mix repos18:37
Serythbobweaver: I predicted it \o/ I'm learning! :)18:37
=== Guest25966 is now known as jofo02
ThinkT510jagginess: why are you telling me this?18:37
jagginessThinkT510, PPA's are fine.. but he should be aware how safe the adding ppa is18:37
bobweaverSeryth,  :)18:37
ubottuA Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge18:37
Serythbobweaver: Oh, and just out of interest, does iwlist scan scan for wireless networks much faster than if I waited for it to do it automatically?18:38
gogo_sa herkese18:38
ThinkT510jagginess: there are several supported desktops18:38
ThinkT510jagginess: xfce, gnome-shell, kde, lxde18:38
bobweaverSeryth,  Not sure to be 100% honest18:38
Serythbobweaver: Exactly the same result as what I pastebinned to you before - wlan2 timed out, probe responded, timed out18:39
gogo_hi everyone can i ask a question18:39
=== Goutaaa is now known as audrianore
Seryth!ask | gogo_18:39
ubottugogo_: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience18:39
jagginessyes, there's a good number of them, even light window managers.. perhaps he should know he doesnt really need ppa if he can find one he wants already int he official repos.. but trying to set back unity afterwards is problematic (from experience.. hence unity seems to be the only desktop really supported)18:39
bobweaverSeryth,  ok lets look at innterfaces file I guess       cat /etc/network/interfaces | pastebinit18:40
gogo_i want play games on playonlinux but i did not see a price on games how can i know games prices ?18:40
DarkSimI'm using Ubuntu 12.04, I selected Gnome classic, now I have no system tray and I can't log out. It's set to auto login so I can't change if I reboot the comp18:40
Serythbobweaver: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1110642/ and is it just me, or is this a really weird problem?18:40
=== audrianorena is now known as Bigguy1280
DarkSimHow can I log out without a system tray?18:41
trismDarkSim: did you remove the indicator-applet? alt+right click, add to panel, indicator applet complete18:41
bobweaverSeryth,  mind if I PM you ?18:41
trismDarkSim: gnome-session-quit; in a terminal will also allow you to log out18:41
Serythbobweaver: Go ahead18:42
x12I have a problem with installing ubuntu, i had nomodeset, and I got to 'downloading packages' and now I have a black screen, the screen says no signal18:42
gogo_i want play games on playonlinux but i did not see a price on games how can i know games prices18:42
romy420DarkSim ... CTRL-ALT-DEL18:42
x12What could cause it?18:43
x12The HDD light is flashing, and the cd spins up every so often, so I think it's still installing18:43
x12i don't want to reboot it18:43
gogo_i want play games on playonlinux but i did not see a price on games how can i know games prices18:44
ThinkT510gogo_: you need to own the game, playsonlinux doesn't sell them18:44
MonkeyDustgogo_  visit their websites18:44
gogo_ok i got it18:44
x12Any idea why this has happened?18:44
x12I can access CTRL+ALT+F118:45
x12Oh wait, it's back now -_-18:45
JPetersonhow do i drag the unity launcher to another side? (i.e. top, right, bottom)18:45
=== dirtypillows is now known as ShameSpiral
MonkeyDustJPeterson  not18:45
ThinkT510JPeterson: not supported18:45
silver_star_irinetstat -nt | grep :80 | wc -l18:47
burntgenii-around, ah, why though?18:47
silver_star_irihow many connection is acceptable ?18:47
silver_star_irinetstat -alpn | grep :80 | awk '{print $5}' |awk -F: '{print $(NF-1)}' |sort | uniq -c | sort -n  I have IP with more than 100 conection is it normal ?18:49
flux242hi, I have a strange problem with the network-manager. If I disconnect from an access point on 13 channel it is not possible to connect again. It seems like network-managers sees only up to 11 channel (sic!). Only reboot helps. ath5k18:50
GeemiliIs this the right place to ask questions about ubuntu server?18:50
PiciGeemili: yes, but theres also #ubuntu-server18:50
GeemiliOk. I think I'll go there18:50
flux242and it's perfectly legal to use channels up to 13 in my place18:51
xomphello, would anyone know how I can copy one machine to another via rsync? I want to clone one system to another if that makes sense.18:52
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ThinkT510!clone | xomp18:52
ubottuxomp: To replicate your packages selection on another machine (or restore it if re-installing), you can type « aptitude  --display-format '%p' search '?installed!?automatic' > ~/my-packages », move the file "my-packages" to the other machine, and there type « sudo xargs aptitude --schedule-only install < my-packages ; sudo aptitude install » (this currently may cause problems with multiarch) - See also !automate18:52
xompThinkT510, can that be done via terminal? I do not use a DE currently.18:53
ThinkT510xomp: all those are terminal commands18:54
xompsorry, I can't really tell since I'm getting strange character encoding on my end in XChat18:54
ThinkT510xomp: i'm using xchat too, comes out fine here18:55
xompthis is what I get18:55
xompTo replicate your packages selection on another machine (or restore it if re-installing), you can type « aptitude  --display-format '%p' search '?installed!?automatic' > ~/my-packages », move the file "my-packages" to the other machine, and there type « sudo xargs aptitude --schedule-only install < my-packages ; sudo aptitude install » (this currently may cause problems with multiarch) - See also !automate18:55
MonkeyDustxomp  that's the factoid tet18:56
ThinkT510xomp: yeah, thats what the bot pasted18:56
xomphmm, okay, let me see if I can fat finger these strange symbols in18:56
=== dirtypillows is now known as ShameSpiral
ThinkT510xomp: maybe a screenshot will help us to see what you see18:56
xompThinkT510, good idea, http://i.imgur.com/iaxTV.png18:58
xompmy font in XChat is Segoe UI Semi-Bold 1118:58
vokevybezThinkT510: ERROR! it outputs ¨/var/tmp/tmp.amGhBgKKty/installscript.sh: 4: /var/tmp/tmp.amGhBgKKty/installscript.sh: c2ctl.tar.bz2: not found18:59
vokevybez¨ When i input sudo checkinstall18:59
ThinkT510xomp: just type what is between the A>> things18:59
vokevybezsudo checkinstall -D c2ctl.tar.bz218:59
MonkeyDustxomp  where did you type that?18:59
zludeHello! some can help me with check if my network interface support jumbo frames? Look: https://gist.github.com/8b7d180426fe3eaf91e1 for me looks like that eth1 and peth0 support jumbo frames. am i sure?19:00
xompMonkeyDust, that's the bots reply, not mine.19:00
ThinkT510!test | theannouncer22219:00
ubottutheannouncer222: Testing... Testing... 1. 2.. 3... ( by the way, remember that you can use #test )19:00
MonkeyDustxomp  first time you use the terminal?19:00
LuceoWhich is stable Ubuntu? Quantal?19:01
xompThinkT510, thanks that seems to work, it was hard for me to discern where the command began and ended with all that uneccessary tet stuff19:01
MonkeyDustLuceo  in october, you're too early19:01
MonkeyDustLuceo  12.04 is the latest stable19:02
Luceo12.04 is precise right?19:02
Luceoand its LTS?19:02
ThinkT510xomp: no worries, those strange symbols were meant to come out as duoble arrows (indicating the command within)19:02
MonkeyDustLuceo  yes19:02
b0nghitteri installed qemu-kvm on ubuntu server 12.04 32bit, but when i run qemu-system-i386 it says it  cannot find the KVM kernel module.. i did not choose "host a vierual machine" during the os installation, as i didnt think i needed it, if that matters. what do i need to install to enable the kvm kernel module?19:02
=== dirtypillows is now known as ShameSpiral
b0nghitter*virtual machine19:02
ubottuespogb92: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».19:03
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ubottuScaN: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».19:05
ubottuHi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi | Usage info: http://ubottu.com/devel/wiki/Plugins | Bot channels and general info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots19:05
ScaN!bot la concha de tu madre19:05
ubottuScaN: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)19:05
ScaN!bot hijo de un camion de putas!19:05
ubottuScaN: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)19:05
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zludeno ideas about jumbo frames?19:06
Luccianohi guys, pls help me to get a bnc19:06
hanninglets say i can browse and see /boot/grub from within grub rescue, but when trying to boot that partition, grub isn't able to find anything there. what could be a cause for this? (no raid or anything here)19:07
MonkeyDustLucciano  what's a bnc?19:09
LuceoMonkeyDust: IRC bouncer19:09
LuceoIt's something you connect to which keeps you always connected19:10
b0nghitteryummy, strong coffee19:11
troulouliou_devhi i have a custom startup script from a live USB disk based on ubuntu that set the same mac address to 2 nic19:11
b0nghitteri installed qemu-kvm package qith apt-get, but qemu-system-i386 says the kvm kernel module was not found. do i need to install something else?19:11
troulouliou_devis it possible to know the origina lnick19:11
troulouliou_devthe original nic mac adress19:12
LuccianoMonkeyDust: so, anny ideas?19:12
b0nghittertroulouliou_dev, boot on a live cd whcih will not change the mac19:13
b0nghitterubuntu desktop for example19:13
b0nghitterthen write it down19:13
troulouliou_devb0nghitter, yep nice tip :)19:14
b0nghitterdmesg might show the original also19:14
MonkeyDustLucciano  i had never heard of it, so no19:14
LuccianoMonkeyDust: thx anyway19:15
wifioregonhi. I just installed Ubuntu on a laptop but it has a restricted wifi adapter. I only have wifi access, so would it be possible to download the driver on another computer and transfer it over with a USB flash stick? Or do I have to run the "restricted drivers" program while connected via ethernet?19:17
Luccianois here anyone from Russia?19:17
Lucciano.. or the region19:17
ubottuПожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.19:17
b0nghitterhttp://askubuntu.com/questions/140360/kvm-kernel-module-error - i need VT-x to support KVM?19:19
b0nghitterwierd, i ran qemu with kvm long before any vt-x cpu's were made19:19
ubottuVai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)19:20
bekksb0nghitter: Is the KVM module loaded?19:20
b0nghitterbekks, i installed qemu-kvm, but im not sure if it loads the kvm module... how do i check?19:20
MonkeyDustb0nghitter  there's a channel called #kvm19:20
bekksb0nghitter: lsmod|grep kvm19:21
b0nghitterok ty, ill check now19:21
wifioregonSo do I need to run the "additional drivers" while plugged in ethernet in order to install wifi?  Or can I download the driver on another computer and bring it over?19:21
b0nghitterbekks, nope, it appears it is not loaded19:21
b0nghitterthere is kvm.ko kvm-amd.ko and kvm-intel.ko... do i just modprobe kvm, or all 3?19:23
bekksb0nghitter: just kvm19:25
b0nghitterok ty19:25
xompThinkT510, the second half of that !clone output isn't working for me. I get "xargs: aptitude: No such file or directory" error19:26
ubottuTo replicate your packages selection on another machine (or restore it if re-installing), you can type « aptitude  --display-format '%p' search '?installed!?automatic' > ~/my-packages », move the file "my-packages" to the other machine, and there type « sudo xargs aptitude --schedule-only install < my-packages ; sudo aptitude install » (this currently may cause problems with multiarch) - See also !automate19:27
ai9371my dell laptop inspiron says wireless disabled by hardware swiitch19:27
xompthis part > sudo xargs aptitude --schedule-only install < my-packages ; sudo aptitude install19:27
ThinkT510xomp: this?: sudo xargs aptitude --schedule-only install < my-packages ; sudo aptitude install19:27
xompThinkT510, yep, that's the one19:27
PsyCoilDoes anyone know If I can use globalmenu on the latest gnome-shell? I mean the classic menu that contains a list of actions "file, windows, help" etc19:28
ThinkT510xomp: hmm, sorry i can't help, i'm just aware of the factoid19:28
xompxargs: aptitude: No such file or directory19:28
xompsudo: aptitude: command not found19:28
xompah ok19:28
ThinkT510xomp: ah19:28
ThinkT510xomp: aptitude isn't installed by default anymore19:28
xompThinkT510, does that mean I have to strangly do 'apt-get aptitude' ?19:29
xompI'm not following lol19:29
ThinkT510xomp: you'd need to install that or translate those commands into apt-get equivilants19:29
MonkeyDustxomp  type /msg ubottu aptitude to find out why19:29
fellayaboywhere can i find info on developing gnome 3 panel applets19:30
xompso querying the bot as to why aptitude is no longer used will help me with my problem?19:30
fellayaboyanyone know where i can find info on developing gnome 3 panel applets19:31
Picixomp: you can install aptitude if you like, but aptitude doesn't play nice on multiarch installs (64bits)19:32
xompI just tried sudo dpkg --get-selections | grep '[[:space:]]install$='| awk '{print $1}' > installedpackages19:33
xompand got a nice 0byte file named 'installedpackages'19:33
xompusing those directions19:34
xompit's as if I'm trying to find help for some old OS that has outdated support documentation :/19:34
xompUbuntu is still a popular linux distro isn't it?19:35
=== Caspercom|Off is now known as Caspercom
xuriousVery popular.19:35
Kosticmsg NickServ identify doublediehard99319:36
Picixomp: our documentation and factoids are all maintained by volunteers. It is possible that within our 6 month development cycle things go out of date.19:36
crazyharrywhat does this line mean foreach ref(`ls *.fa`)19:36
audrianoreThat guy just showed us his password. :/19:36
crazyharrysorry worng window19:36
xompPici, yeah, the bad thing about all of this is nobody is around to fix the depreciated commands for a lot of stuff19:36
xompthese pitfalls are what holds linux back in a lot of respects19:37
xompbut enough of my cool story, I'd just like to clone my installed packages so I can move them to another ubuntu box19:37
xompand the info on the poorly maintained bot is no longer relivant and google search suffers the same fate19:38
dafksadfheieSnardbafulator and ##philosophy must be fixed!19:38
dafksadfheie(Peru-manta pusampusqa)19:38
dafksadfheieKayman riy: wamp'una, maskana19:38
dafksadfheieRepública del Perú19:38
dafksadfheiePiruw Republika19:38
dafksadfheiePiruw Piruw19:38
FloodBot1dafksadfheie: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.19:38
dafksadfheieSnardbafulator and ##philosophy must be fixed!19:38
niranjanHi there, for last few days I am getting error sys problem detected, do you want to log a bug19:38
dafksadfheie(Peru-manta pusampusqa)19:38
dafksadfheieKayman riy: wamp'una, maskana19:38
dafksadfheieRepública del Perú19:38
dafksadfheiePiruw Republika19:38
FloodBot1dafksadfheie: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.19:38
niranjanFound this in the log Jul 25 12:31:31 fujitsu kernel: [   21.901847] colord[1474]: segfault at be ip b5fe0ed6 sp b545afb0 error 4 in libdbus-1.so.3.5.8[b5fb6000+47000]19:38
dafksadfheieSnardbaFULATOR and Philosophy must be fixed!19:38
dafksadfheieSnardbafulator and ##philosophy needs to be fixed!19:39
dafksadfheie(Peru-manta pusampusqa)19:39
dafksadfheieKayman riy: wamp'una, maskana19:39
dafksadfheieRepública del Perú19:39
dafksadfheiePiruw Republika19:39
FloodBot1dafksadfheie: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.19:39
Coffee321I believe Linux is doing better then, we think. Why keep Microsoft? When everything the company stands for Sucks!19:39
xompwow, 3 floodbots and they are failing to keep the guy out19:39
Pici!ot | Coffee32119:39
ubottuCoffee321: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!19:39
niranjanSometimes, I am also forced out of my login19:41
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dennis___My ubuntu desktop is 2 pixels to wide, is there any fix?19:42
=== ffp is now known as aaaa
semitoneshey you guys -- if ubuntu crashes and all you want to do is ctrl-alt-backspace, but it doesn't do anything in 12.04, how do you accomplish the same thing from the virtual terminal? What command do you use?19:43
=== aaaa is now known as Guest79367
fdhdfhdfhgdfSnardbafulator and ##philosophy must be fixed now!19:43
=== Guest79367 is now known as idx0
fdhdfhdfhgdfyes that is right!19:43
fdhdfhdfhgdf(Peru-manta pusampusqa)19:43
fdhdfhdfhgdfKayman riy: wamp'una, maskana19:43
fdhdfhdfhgdfRepública del Perú19:43
FloodBot1fdhdfhdfhgdf: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.19:43
dennis___My desktop is 2 pixels to wide, any fix?19:43
xompah jeez19:44
xompwell, have fun with that spammer19:44
=== DimitrisC is now known as dimitris
idx0iam using ubuntu 12.04 lts.how can i program my computer when i close the lid do nothing(also iam using external monitor)19:45
dennis___idx0: I think it is in power management.19:45
idx0dennis___:yeah i can find that but i ve done this and it didnt work i google it and its a bug19:46
idx0dennis___:they say*19:46
dennis___idx0: Oh, then I don't know it, sorry,19:46
idx0what's the channel for ubuntu bugs?19:47
b0nghitteri think you h ave to edit the power management profile19:47
idx0via gconf-editor for example?19:47
bipuli am unable to connect my ubuntu via ssh http://pastebin.com/jPD3jdLt19:47
joel135idx0: http://askubuntu.com/questions/118647/external-monitors-shut-off-when-laptop-lid-closes19:48
idx0joel135: i have read that it works on 11.1019:48
MasterOfDisasterbipul: pastebin the output of: "iptables -L -vnx; netstat -tulpen; cat /etc/hosts"19:49
idx0joel135:i have 12.1019:49
joel135idx0: have you tried it?19:49
MasterOfDisasterbipul: to be run as root of course19:49
trtrtffdfgsdgSnardbafulator and ##philosophy must be fixed now!!!!19:50
trtrtffdfgsdg(Peru-manta pusampusqa)19:50
trtrtffdfgsdgKayman riy: wamp'una, maskana19:50
trtrtffdfgsdgRepública del Perú19:50
trtrtffdfgsdgPiruw Republika19:50
FloodBot1trtrtffdfgsdg: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.19:50
bipulMasterOfDisaster, http://pastebin.com/MKrbfa64 check this out19:51
joel135!bugs | idx019:52
ubottuidx0: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.19:52
idx0joel135:the bug is reported19:53
idx0i cant find the solution19:53
bipulMasterOfDisaster, ??19:53
joel135idx0: you may need to just wait :/ what's the bug's url?19:55
trtrtffdfgsdgSnardbafulator and ##philosophy must be fixed now  or else!19:56
trtrtffdfgsdgThis will never stop19:56
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trtrtffdfgsdgKayman riy: wamp'una, maskana19:56
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