faryshta_ Is it possible to share configurations or installed programs among computers using ubuntuone?02:19
mandelmorning all!07:40
JamesTaitGood morning all! :)09:02
ElpragaIs karni present?09:10
karniMissed me again.10:04
alo21Can I reteive all deleted files on Ubuntu one?10:47
mandelalo21, yes, you have to do a support request but they will take care of that10:59
mandelalo21, I don't know the email for that, rye care to remind it? :-)10:59
alo21mandel: is it free of charge?11:00
mandelalo21, yes :)11:00
mandelalo21, although you can get us a beer if you want hehe11:00
alo21mandel: why not... nice idea :)11:01
mandelalo21, but seriously, just send the request with your user details and they should have no problem on retrieving them, you are not the first one with the request11:02
alo21mandel: thank you very much for your support11:02
ryealo21: PM me your e-mail so that I could look your account information up11:03
mandelrye, thx!11:05
mptHow can I sign out of the U1 Music Store? Whenever I click "sign out" inside Rhythmbox, then "Download" for a song, it still says "You are signed in as mpt@...". I don't see this issue mentioned in <https://one.ubuntu.com/help/faq/#music-store>.11:26
mandelmpt, so let me understand, you sign out (and expected to be out) then click on download to get the song and it does not request to sign in, is that right?11:58
mptmandel, correct.11:58
mptI can make a screencast if you wish.11:59
mandelmpt, would be nice, but I wont bother you with it, I think I understand the problem11:59
mandelmpt, you would expect to be asked to sign in, so for example, you could sign in with a diff user, right? (or at least one possible use case)11:59
mandelmpt, I thin the music store checks for you u1creds and if they are already there it uses them, similar to the 'pattern' you find in u1 where there is no sign out, just stop syncing, which sucks12:00
mptmandel, I expect to be able to sign out so that my (hypothetical) kids can't mess with my account, for example.12:00
mptmandel, an alternative would be to have no "sign out" function at all, and just rely on me locking the screen or logging out of Ubuntu. But if there's a "Sign out" function at all, I think it should work.12:01
mandelmpt, exactly, or user/creds management sucks big time12:02
mandelmpt, which is a big bug and will require a lot or work, you can try and remove the u1 creds from the keyring via seahorse but then u1 will stop syncing (might be better than they kids buying cristina aguilera songs)12:03
mptmandel, that is very interesting, thank you.12:03
mandelmpt, I'd say file a bug, you opinion is heavy in the team (even though you are not in it) and should raise questions, I'll ask dobey about a better approach12:04
mandelmpt, I just tested removing the u1 creds and if you go to my downloads it mentions a network problem.. ouch!12:07
mandelmpt, if you create a bug please add me in cc12:07
mptmandel, I subscribed you to bug 1028880.12:16
ubot5Launchpad bug 1028880 in ubuntuone-music-store ""Sign out" doesn't work" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/102888012:16
mandelmpt, superb, I'll do my best to see that fixes although I can't promise a date :(12:17
mandellunch time!12:49
mmcchi folks14:06
dobeytwisted is evil :-/14:11
alecudobey: sorry about that :-(14:18
alecuhey all, I'm not working today. See you tomorrow!14:18
dobeycheers alecu14:20
mandelalecu, hello, adios14:21
mandelmmcc, dobey, buenas!14:21
mandelmmcc, I updated the branch following the reviews, thx!14:21
mmcchi mandel, saw that. I left another comment, looks like the exception string typo is still there but everything else is cool14:22
mandeldobey, what do you think about bug 102888014:22
ubot5Launchpad bug 1028880 in ubuntuone-music-store ""Sign out" doesn't work" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/102888014:22
mandelmmcc, hm, stupid me, I'll take a second look14:22
mandelmmcc, I need to dry with someone, testing async code in objective-c is crap..14:23
dobeymandel: i think it needs fixing14:27
mmccmandel: dry with someone? and it seems like testing objc in general isn't well supported14:28
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mandelmmcc, cry, sorry I'm angry with objective-c (also, not looking at screen or keyboard) :P14:28
mmccmandel: heh, yeah14:30
dobeyskip stand-up?14:41
dobeyor not?14:41
briancurtini think we're down to 4 people?14:42
dobey5; don't forget thisfred14:42
thisfredthey forgot about dre14:48
dobeydo or die time14:59
mandelI vote to skip it14:59
briancurtinskip. i got a unicode branch wraped up and approved, working on others.15:00
dobeysettled then15:01
mandelok, then we are done15:01
mmccsorry, wasn't paying attention. too late to vote to skip? I'm wrapping up reviews and have a couple packaging bugs to remember what to do with15:07
mandelmmcc, no worries :)15:08
mmccalso this needs a review, preferably someone with a mac: https://code.launchpad.net/~mikemc/ubuntuone-windows-installer/package-everything/+merge/11559615:08
mandelmmcc, I'll do asap, let me finish dealing with the conn server tests, I had to add a number of extra callbacks to make things testable.. is mazing but I miss working with async + twisted O_O15:11
mmccsure mandel, no big hurry, was just pinging15:12
mandelmmcc, if I dont do it hit me in the head :)15:12
mmccmandel: noted :)15:13
thisfreddobey, we are near the minimal set of features that we can ship for internal prerelease of u1db. This means we'd like to have the packaging end ready so we can release whenever.15:18
thisfredso, how's that going? :)15:18
dobeythe packaging is done. just need to clarify the one bit of licensing15:19
dobeyneed to get lunch though15:21
mandelmmcc, I cannot find the typo are you sure is there?15:37
mmccmandel: let me look, just a sec15:37
mmccmandel: shoot, you did fix it, sorry15:40
mandelmmcc, no problem :)15:40
mandelmmcc, I think we can accept that branch since the other reviewers don't know about the mem management, right?15:40
mmccmandel: I don't know15:44
mandelmmcc, we can wait for ralsina, is not super urgent15:44
mmccmandel: ok, sure.15:44
mandelmmcc, I'll be working on improving the daemon (mainly to run tests on jenkins + u1client on mac) unless you  have anything o shoot my way besides reviews15:45
mmccmandel: nope, that sounds good.15:45
mandelmmcc, I think at some point we should rename the windows-installer project or create a mac one..15:47
mmccmandel: yes, renaming it is the plan. it's on the todo list somewhere15:47
mandelmmcc, added some comments in the branch, maybe most of them are just bullshit so let me know in a comment which ones you are going to ignore :)15:59
mmccmandel: my branch?16:00
mmccor one of your 20?16:01
mandelmmcc, yes, this one: https://code.launchpad.net/~mikemc/ubuntuone-windows-installer/package-everything/+merge/11559616:01
mmccok, thanks mandel16:01
mandelmmcc, if you have more send me an email and I'll review them even if is not my review day (is a good mental exercise in the morning when I'm alone)16:01
mmccmandel: ok16:04
mandelmmcc, do we have the guts to update to 10.8?16:16
mandelmmcc, do you know if there is a way to dualboot 10.7 and 10.8?16:16
mmccmandel: not sure. I usually wait for the 10.x.1 release16:16
mmccbut I guess we should have at least one machine running it somewhere to test for explosions16:17
mmccI need to figure out about dual booting16:17
mandelmmcc, yes, and the sooner the better16:17
mandelmmcc, I found this: http://osxdaily.com/2012/02/19/dual-boot-os-x-10-7-lion-os-x-10-8-mountain-lion/16:18
mandelmmcc, on linux I'd share the /usr partition so that I did not have to copy everything on mac I have no idea if that  is even possible16:18
mmccoh well that looks straightforward16:19
mmccthe first thing. sharing /usr, maybe not16:20
mandelmmcc, yep, I guess we can set up a vm or something, we should bring this up to ralsina to give us money ;-)16:21
mmccI assume you can mount the 10.7 partition from 10.8 and vice versa, but I'd avoid trying things like using the same $HOME16:21
mmccand I'd have to check if there's any system version specific stuff under /usr. I'm sure /usr/local is ok, but there's a lot of preinstalled stuff in /usr16:22
mmccmandel: why do we need money?16:23
mandelmmcc, we have an excuse, lets ask hehe16:23
mmccmandel: I mean, what's the excuse? :)16:23
mandelmmcc, we need to support 10.8 :)16:24
mmccwe can get 10.8 from the developer site - are you thinking just more hardware?16:24
mandelmmcc, yes, but I know I'll get a no, he16:25
mmccah, ok :)16:25
* briancurtin lunch+pharmacy run16:35
briancurtinugh, cancel that16:40
briancurtinok now time for lunch, back in a bit17:17
mandelEOD here, laters!17:36
* briancurtin back17:50
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mmccok, have to step away for a little bit, need to change locations. be back to finish reviewing ARC removal merges20:40
dobeymy brain hurts.21:04
briancurtini don't know if i'm missing something, since i haven't done this in a while, but shouldn't a MP that depends on another branch not include the other branch's changes in the diff?21:19
dobeybriancurtin: did you forget to specify the other branch as the prerequisite?21:19
briancurtindobey: it's https://code.launchpad.net/~brian.curtin/ubuntu-sso-client/py3-unicode-part-2/+merge/113248 - py3-unicode is specified as the prereq21:20
briancurtineach proposal is around 500 lines, but part-2 seems to push it all together21:20
briancurtin...but i don't think that was the case when i've done this in the past21:20
briancurtini guess maybe i could cancel the MP and try it over, since no one commented it wont lose much/anything21:21
dobeynot sure. could be an lp bug perhaps21:22
briancurtindobey: so overall i'm not wrong that it should just show the diff of that particular branch, not that branch plus the prereq, right?21:22
dobeyright, it should i think, show the diff against the prereq21:23
dobeyalright, well i need to run now. have a good evening :)21:25
briancurtinyou too21:25
mmccok, be back later this evening to finish up these reviews22:48
mmccso many reviews22:48

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