len-dtailo, The only thing I am seeing with midi timing is a general spread of notes that are played simultaneously. A lengthening of notes. I was using drum track with noteon/off pretty much the same time. (zero tics as far as qtractor could tell) all of the notes were at least .003 - .006 (3 to 6 tics) after going out the midi port and back. With rtc root.root it was mostly .008 or more.05:17
len-dtI think default tic is 1/96 quarter note.05:19
len-dtThree beats/notes that started out on top of each other, ended up beside each other... close to .020 difference with no rtc. about .010 with. This is with clocks at stock 64.05:22
len-dtI think the reason my demo sounded so bad is that it is quite busy. I think you may find testing with 10 or 20 simultaneous notes will give a clearer picture.05:24
len-dtSingle note stuff was very good. 05:25
len-dtailo, this is continued on the list.05:29
ailolen-dt: I see. The more activity, the more jitter, then06:21
ailolen-dt: I got problems with a single track drum beat though06:23
ailoBack when I did that06:23
len-dtscott-work, Thank you for your comments on the list. The latest ISO has my fixes for the menu... including the help button which now actually does something other than error.14:07
len-dtIt points to our web page and as it sat going through the home page I noticed that publishing is already named as something UbuntuStudio is good for.14:08
len-dtThis makes not having a publishing section a bug. I will add a section to the graphics meta under the photography part and add the three apps we discussed.14:10
len-dtI will also add a menu section for it. Hopefully we have an icon coming for that as that is the first one I asked for.14:11
len-dtI will file a bug and link the blueprint item to the bug. And the changes to the bug.14:12
len-dtscott-work, don't feel you need to comment about all this stuff, it is just a FYI thing.14:13
scott-worklen-dt: which three apps are you going to include in the graphics meta?  not alchemy and krita, right?14:14
len-dtNo, publishing, Scribus, fontmanager, fontforge14:14
scott-worklen-dt: oh yeah, sorry, answered  many email and dealing with way wicked stuff at work14:15
len-dtkrita will be up to the user to install, but I will leave a link.14:15
scott-worklen-dt: would you have fifteen minutes to add some notes to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/QuantalQuetzal/TechnicalOverview/Alpha3 ?14:15
scott-workyou are more involved lately and know what has changed and needs checking14:15
len-dtI will take a look.14:16
scott-workit would need to be done in the next two hours basically14:16
scott-workif you can't i will make time14:16
len-dtSo you want me to tell what has changed for A3?14:17
len-dtI just edit the doc?14:17
scott-workaye, just edit the doc, but i would only mention "important" or notable things14:17
scott-workthe context is for the latest images to be checked14:18
scott-workso i wouldn't note if we corrected a spelling mistake, for example, but i would note if we changed a setting for jack or similar that might change (hopefully improve!) performance14:18
scott-workthink of this as a channel for user and tester feedback14:19
len-dtWe haven't done that much, Fixed the the menu added afew apps. The tweaks are still in testing.14:20
scott-worklen-dt: if we can add anything to the technical overview, that would be good14:26
len-dtI am editing it right now, should I include things we will do next?14:28
scott-workno, just any technical aspect users or testing might encounter for this alpha image14:29
len-dtI don't know if jackd has been fixed, but that would be upstream of us anyway. Not unique to US.14:31
len-dtscott-work, Take a look ... is that what you wanted?14:32
scott-workthat looks good, thank you :)14:39
len-dtscott-work, I will probably have the publishing stuff done today.14:41
scott-worklen-dt: good :)14:50
scott-workbut don't inlcude that in the techincal overview though :P14:50
len-dtToo late.14:50
len-dtBug #1028938 14:51
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1028938 in ubuntustudio-meta (Ubuntu) "ubuntustudio-desktop does not include the publishing section mentioned on website" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/102893814:51
scott-workoops, sorry for caps15:09
len-dtfalktx, does kxstudio have ffado drivers? (newer than ubuntu has)16:09
falktxlen-dt: yes16:10
falktxlatest svn, checkout 1.5 months ago16:10
len-dtfalktx, Thank you, there is a user on the other channel who is looking for it.16:12
micahgwe need to merge from Debian (they have svn2171 which is significantly newer)16:12
len-dtmicahg, Do you know if they have fixed jackd?16:13
micahgdebian 670985 is the only related thing I see16:14
ubottuDebian bug 670985 in libffado "jackd2: firewire ERR: Incompatible libffado version!" [Normal,Fixed] http://bugs.debian.org/67098516:14
len-dtBug #956438 16:14
ubottuLaunchpad bug 956438 in jackd2 (Ubuntu) "qjackctl unable to stop jackd2" [Undecided,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/95643816:14
len-dtthis is actually a jackd bug16:14
len-dtkxstudio ships jackd with this fixed16:15
micahgwe're in sync with Debian16:15
micahgif there's a patch, let's get it in16:15
len-dtI think his is patched.16:15
micahgpreferably through Debian multimedia16:15
len-dtit's on my list :P16:16
micahgI didn't mean now :)16:17
len-dtI need to do some things with the kids today16:17
falktxI think ffado needs to be rebuild with jack installed, so it knows what version to expect16:18
falktxthere was an issue about this for me, fixed by rebuilding ffado with libjack-dev16:19
ailoAh, missed the discussion here16:21
ailoSeems like jackd2 is up to date on quantal16:25
ailoI need to try it16:25
ailoNope, it's the same as on Debian Wheezy16:26
ailoSame bug still16:26
len-dtJust installed precise for testing - 240 updates - no kernel :(16:29
micahgthat's because no one's uploaded a lowlatency kernel for precise16:30
ailolen-dt: /win716:30
ailoSorry :)16:30
len-dtmicahg, That was my comment. I don't feel confident to take that over too.16:41
* len-dt has just a basic understanding of kernel stuff... enough to add a driver from early days.16:42
ailoI am in the kernel team16:45
ailoWe planned on taking that over from TheMuso, but there was some inclarity as to who was going to maintain it in the future16:45
ailoUKT is doing Quantal, as it seems, but not Precise16:46
ailoI'll poke him about it16:46
micahgit needs to go through the security team (or the kernel team)16:47
scott-workleann (from UKT) seemed quite amenable to providing scripts to automating the updating of the lowlatency kernel16:49
scott-worki'm not sure UKT has officially committed to updating the lowlatency kernel for Quantal, have they?16:49
micahgthey've been doing it16:49
micahgno idea on future commitment16:49
ailoI'll write an email to Luke, and ask him if he could help with a transition soon16:52
ailoThe jack_control bug on Debian has a bug report, and a patch for Debian17:02
ubottuDebian bug 675719 in jackd2 "jack_control broken (obvious syntax errors)" [Important,Open]17:03
ailolen-dt: So, you never had the same jackdbus issue with jack_control?17:05
ailolen-dt: I thought you said that the bug was related to jackdbus, and not qjackctl17:06
ailoIn which other situation were you not able to kill jackdbus?17:06
len-dtI thought you meant with the pacth applied.17:08
len-dtYes I had the same problem with jack-control with ubuntu's jackd17:08
scott-workailo: luke just removed himself from the ubuntu studio dev team17:08
scott-worknot sure if that is just a superficial thing to not get as many emails or it portends anything else17:09
len-dtmicahg, the new ubuntustudio-default-settings will not work for precise. There are three bugs: 1) help return doc not found 2) mixers in media playback17:13
len-dt3) accessories, education and network menu ittems have no icon.17:13
ailoscott-work: Would still be nice if he could give some pointers as to how he was doing it,17:14
len-dtI take it I need to branch off an older version and fix that17:14
ailoAnyone know how to get access to the ubuntu git server, and add a repo there?17:14
micahglen-dt: no, you should start with the precise version and merge the relevant changes in (start a new branch off of the last precise version if you'd like to continue to maintain for the LTS)17:15
len-dtmicahg, two questions: how do I do that? Is it worth while?17:15
ailoI'll give Luke a couple of days to respond. Then I'll just start bothering the kernel team :)17:15
micahglen-dt: well, it would be nice if you're planning on making future changes, then you can cherry pick stuff from devel17:16
micahglen-dt: make sure the commits meet the https://wiki.ubuntu.com/StableReleaseUpdates requirements as well17:16
len-dtCan I just push a new branch then?17:16
micahglen-dt: yep17:16
len-dt I will name it similar to some older branches that are version specific17:17
micahgversion should start with $PRECISE_VERSION.117:17
micahgfor the UNRELEASED changelog that is17:17
len-dtThanks. I will have some fun I guess. Please expect some mistakes whilst I learn17:19
astraljavalen-dt: With me in the project, believe me, micahg is more than used to mistakes. :)17:20
Len-nbmicahg, https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntustudio-dev/ubuntustudio-default-settings/UbuntuStudio.precise.18:53
Len-nbam I on the right track?18:53
Len-nbmicahg, second question. There are apps in the graphics meta that need to be divided into metas.19:24
Len-nbDoes that take outside work? or do I just great the seed files? And make sure the links are there from desktop etc.19:25
micahgLen-nb: yes, on the right track20:16
micahgLen-nb: re new metas, the ubuntustudio-meta package needs to be respun20:17
Len-nbGood, I will add only fixes for bugs20:17
Len-nbBut the respin is after the file changes. Will the respin automatically create any new metas in seeds?20:18
micahgLen-nb: so, if you can cherry pick stuff from the quantal/trunk branch, that's best if appropriate (bzr merge -c REVNO /path/to/quantal's-default-settings20:18
micahgLen-nb: please don't push any meta/seed changes unless they're needed for alpha3 until the freeze is lifted in case the DVD needs to be respun20:18
Len-nbSome I can merge. the help one needs to be on its own though20:19
Len-nbmicahg, Ok, I should revert the seeds then. Can I shelve them?20:21
Len-nbOr can they be unreverted later?20:21
Len-nband .. when is the freeze over?20:22
micahgLen-nb: maybe revert for right now, as long as you don't uncommit it, you can always revert the revert later20:23
Len-nbmicahg, OK will do20:23
micahgfreeze is over sometime tomorrow when alpha3 is released (#ubuntu-devel should have the archive state in /topic)20:23
micahgnew metas also need changes in STRUCTURE20:25
Len-nbYa, I knew about structure. 20:31
Len-nbmicahg, ok I did bzr revert -r 133420:33
Len-nbdo I just push? 20:33
Len-nbOr do I have to commit?20:33
micahgcommit with a message why and then push20:35
Len-nbmicahg, done.20:38
micahgLen-nb: thanks20:43
Len-nbmicahg, Please add to your list https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntustudio-dev/ubuntustudio-default-settings/UbuntuStudio.precise22:41
Len-nbI would like to test a final package against a precise install (it all seemed to work here)22:42
Len-nbThen I can figure out SRU... or do I have that backwards?22:44
micahgLen-nb: you can build it yourself to test, then file the SRU paperwork, then I can upload22:54
Len-nbmicahg, is there an easy way to build on my machine?23:03
Len-nbOr does it get done on the branch?23:03
micahgLen-nb: pbuilder or sbuild23:18

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