tophHey guys I have Kubuntu installed and I noticed that ubuntustudio is running gnome. How wold I go about installing the ubntustudio stuff without messing up my KDE? Or are some of the programs even going to be compatible without gnome?02:34
tophI guess what I'm asking can I just copy/paste the lists found here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuStudio/PackageList/ into an apt-get command and be set within Kubuntu with all the ubuntustudio spiffy software :)02:49
AnbuHi there.12:00
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Guest2985Is somebody there?12:01
holsteinMaynardWaters: ubuntustudio is ubuntu, so whatever the ubuntu kernel can support out of the box as far as wireless drivers go will "just work"12:29
holsteini have used the ndisgtk GUI to use windows drivers with ubuntu... this used to be quite challening12:29
holsteinany modern drivers that are allowed to be included will be included by default... typically, if the WIFI doesnt "just work" out of the box, i wire the machine up and see if there is a proprietary blob available12:30
holsteinthats about all i know12:30
Xzu_IIsome body using sffire pro40 with ffado-mixer runnig??13:38
ailoXzu_II: Haven't done much with the mixer. It used to be buggy for pro40 not long ago14:17
ailoAs I don't need any monitoring, I don't need much routing14:18
Xzu_IIailo: ok thanks. The recent version of  ffado-mixer work well, but still not find any distro including it... :(14:35
Xzu_IISo still not find anyone using totaly this interface, apart those who compil them self the audio driver and environement.14:38
ailoXzu_II: You could give Ubuntu 12.10 a try. It's still alpha though15:57
ailoXzu_II: Which is the version of the mixer you are looking for, btw?15:57
ailoNo, seems to be too old even on Ubuntu 12.1016:00
ailoI think Debian Wheezy should be ok. svn2171-216:01
len-dtailo, would kxstudio have that?16:05
len-dtthey have newer jackd stuff for sure16:05
ailoI'll see about doing a request-sync for the newer ffado for US16:06
ailoThe one in Quantal is older than the one in Debian Testing16:07
ailoIt's Debian import freeze now, though16:08
len-dtI was thinking about for now :-)  Yes we need updates... I haven't checked jackd either.16:08
ailoI think latest jackd still suffers from the same bug16:08
len-dtkxstudio's is fixed... months ago.16:09
ailoEr, not that I know of16:09
ailoOnly that qjackctl has a kill switch16:09
len-dtI don't have the problem on this machine.16:10
len-dtfalktx says the new ffado stuff is in kxstudio.16:11
ailolen-dt: You have jackd2 1.9.9?16:13
ailoOr svn?16:13
ailoLast stable jackd release is jackd2 1.9.816:13
len-dtI have whatever kxstudio has. I think it is a patched 1.9.816:18
ailoThe fix could easily be added to Ubuntu 12.04 as well16:19
ailoWould be easier that way16:19
len-dtI have version 6:1.9.8-1+kxstudio6~precise216:20
Xzu_IIAilo: Debian Wheezy with svn2171-2 have a good ffado-mixer for saffire40, but jack don't work with ffado  :(16:52
Xzu_IIailo: UbuntuStudio work with jack and ffado, but not the mixer :C16:53
holsteinXzu_II: [lsd] has that unit ...he is in AU and almost always in #opensourcemusicians16:53
holsteinhe uses the old stack with the saphire40 and ubuntu 12.0416:54
holsteinhe also uses a generic kernel16:54
Xzu_IIailo:  but he use Win to configure hardware rooting16:54
Xzu_IIand ha had trouble with ffado-mixer (odl version)16:54
holsteinAFAIK, [lsd] did not use windows16:55
Xzu_IIhe tell me16:55
holsteinunfortunate.. that is nice hardware for the $$16:56
Xzu_IIrealy, yes16:57
Xzu_IIthat's wy opensourcemusician try hard to work with it!!16:57
Xzu_IIbut some times i got blues, you know...16:58
holsteinim going to hold on to my firepod til it dies, or i am making enough $$ to go with the RME gear i really want16:58
holsteini feel my studio would need to be pulling in a certain amount to justify the cost... otherwise, the firepod is quite nice as well16:58
ailoXzu_II: I've used jack with ffado on Wheezy, but perhaps it was an older update16:59
ailoDon't have the ability to check right now17:00
ailoThis really needs to be fixed17:00
Xzu_IIailo: maybe it's jack with ffado with this interface, hard to know..17:00
ailoXzu_II: I have the same interface, but perhaps I was using an older ffado17:01
Xzu_IIailo: how do you do to configure hardware rooting?17:02
ailoXzu_II: I don't. Did once on a Mac, and left it the way it was17:07
ailoHaven't dared, since I managed to mute all my channels after doing it last year17:07
ailoHaven't had any reason to try again, either17:07
Xzu_IIailo: ffado svn2171-2 have a good ffado-mixer for saffire40, i'm sure of that.17:10

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