astraljavaknome: email sent06:52
astraljavaOoh... we're overweight.06:53
Unit193Just now found out?  And we're down some.06:53
astraljavaI've been away.06:55
astraljavaDown some doesn't help when the tracker links to 24th's image.06:55
astraljava...which is 800MB.06:55
astraljavaIs there a difference between a CD iso and a DVD iso? Can the testers be advised to use blank DVDs for that 800MB image?06:56
elfycrap - have I got the wrong ones ?06:56
astraljavaelfy: Can't really answer that question. What did you use?06:57
elfythe tracker 06:57
elfyhttp://cdimage.ubuntu.com/xubuntu/daily-live/20120724/quantal-desktop-amd64.iso for instance06:57
elfy800Mb the 64 bit 06:58
elfy813 I mean07:00
elfyis there any point in me testing these?07:00
astraljavaOh, yes. That's the correct date according to the tracker.07:05
astraljavaI mentioned 800MB just as a rough guide towards the magnitude we're talking.07:05
elfyk - cool 07:07
elfyI'll get them tested today 07:07
ochosihey guys09:21
ochosiand hey gals09:21
mr_pouithey you09:22
ochosimr_pouit: it's my last day of work before the holidays, yay! :)09:23
ochosihow's the diss goin?09:23
mr_pouiti've to write introduction + conclusion + finish the chapter about performances and I'm done (:09:25
ochosicongrats! that sounds great09:26
ochosii'd love to be that far with mine...09:26
mr_pouityou've one more year anyway :P09:26
mr_pouit(when is the next parole release!!!)09:27
ochosiwell for the next parole release, i basically want to properly hide the mouse-cursor09:28
ochosiother than that, sean has a few issues he's working on (mostly audio-cd troubles)09:29
ochosithen it's release-time :)09:29
ochosican you push it through debian to xubuntu?09:29
ochosi(i mean now that you're practically done with the diss... ;))09:30
mr_pouittesting is frozen (maybe it could be uploaded to experimental)09:30
ochosiand yes, i'm aware of ubuntu's FF date and i also talked about it with sean (it also affects catfish)09:30
mr_pouitso anyway, it can be uploaded to ubuntu directly09:30
malvmonthly reminder of important unfixed bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gtk+3.0/+bug/100193610:56
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1001936 in gtk+3.0 (Ubuntu) "GTK3 Grab/Move Triggered on Mouse Click" [Undecided,Confirmed]10:56
malvoh wait, i think it may have been fixed =_10:57
malvhttps://bugzilla.xfce.org/show_bug.cgi?id=8949 now we just need the fix downstream10:57
ubottubugzilla.xfce.org bug 8949 in General "Window moves around widely if you click a dragable bar, move the window and click somewhere else in the window" [Normal,Resolved: fixed]10:57
elfynice -  that one is a bit freaky the first time you get it :)10:58
malvcould one of the devs please bring the patch downstream? you will save my sanity10:59
knomemr_pouit, micahg ^ ?11:00
malvLink to xfwm4 4.10 patch  http://git.xfce.org/xfce/xfwm4/commit/?h=xfce-4.10&id=099614e3f045e06db7ab509e174510ea74857adb11:07
bluesabreknome: I kinda forgot about this.  Still interested in a lightdm screen lock settings tool?11:28
knomebluesabre, i think... you should talk with olbi 11:29
knomeochosi, 11:29
knomei'm off11:29
knomesee you11:29
olbiwhat about me? :)11:36
astraljavaMaybe you'd need to be off, too. I dunno. We never know what he means.11:36
ochosiolbi: i think he meant me and wrongfully pinged you ;)11:41
olbioh, ok :D11:41
micahghrm, seems like my changes didn't take at all :(13:56
bluesabreochosi: Any idea on whether I still need to make a lightdm lockscreen preferences app?13:57
ochosibluesabre: i'm not sure i was ever aware of that project tbh :)13:58
ochosibluesabre: but in general i'd say, if we even get a proper lockscreen (without prefs) i'm more than happy13:58
bluesabreIt was mentioned sometime last week13:58
bluesabreSo are we shooting for getting rid of xscreensaver, or just not using its lockscreen?13:59
ochosiwell up to now the whole lightdm greeter thing was in madnick's hands...13:59
ochosiyeah, we get rid of xscreensaver and replace it with a lightdm-lockscreen13:59
ochosiscreensavers are _so_ last millenium13:59
bluesabreI can create a control panel app for it if we get anywhere on that14:00
ochosisounds great!14:01
ochosistill, i think that if madnick doesn't return soon and full of energy, the whole lightdm project should be re-assigned to someone else14:02
ochosiand if we don't find anyone, we have to continue with the gtk-greeter14:02
micahgwell, why can't we use the same facility Ubuntu is for locking?14:07
ochosimicahg: gnome-settings-daemon dependency?14:08
ochosithe unity-greeter has that dependency14:09
ochosiand that was madnick's assignment, to fork it, patch it out and then ship it as xubuntu-greeter14:09
ochosi(ideally replace g-s-d with xfsettingsd)14:09
pleia2micahg: given your comment above, is that re: alts? I see there isn't a new one since the last I downloaded15:07
pleia2ok, I'll do some tests of the desktops today then :)15:08
pleia2I do hope they make enough progress to get rid of the alts this release (I see kubuntu didn't spin any up for the alpha3 in anticipation of them being dropped)15:11
pleia2we need some release notes, what changed since a2?15:21
ochosibye everyone! ->15:49
* pleia2 hugs ochosi 15:51
micahghrm, so a3 alternates look like they may not happen, is the desktop image ok?15:59
micahgerr...the xubuntu alternate15:59
pleia2I'll download desktop now and give it a try16:00
micahgI'm basically out of ideas on how to fix this16:02
micahgwhenever webkit finishes building, we can copy it over and the libavcodec issue will be fixed, but that will be tomorrow sometime if we wait for all archs16:03
GridCubecant we ask for a fair time, like 12 hours to do the a3 tests?16:06
GridCubemy internet now sucks but later ill be able to download and do vbox tests :/16:07
micahgask for what? the builds are just slwo16:07
GridCubei mean for more time to do the tests16:07
micahgI can probably get one last set of images spun, but they're all or nothing (or we can grab a daily and validate it after and call it a3)16:08
micahgwebkit takes 1.15 days on arm* and the armel build restarted 3 hours ago16:09
GridCubewe do tests against that build?16:11
micahgwhich build...16:16
GridCubenothing, im confused now, and im making things worse, dont take me into  consideration please16:19
pleia264-bit desktop seems ok16:25
Unit193So there was one that said some he knew were interested in testing and having a PPC version, that just fall away?20:29
pleia2I think just lubuntu is doing ppc20:32
pleia2if someone could get a team of dedicated PPC testers it would be cool to do one, but we're barely making it with the images we already have :)20:32
Unit193Yes that's correct, but not really what I was looking for...20:32
pleia2well, I don't know that we ever had enough volunteers to seriously consider it (let alone let it "fall away")20:35
Unit193I was waiting for the respin, but looks like there will be no respin...20:36
pleia2of the alt?20:36
Unit193Well, generally 32bit ones.20:37
pleia2I think the desktop ones are all done20:37
Unit193I'll do a 32 desktop then.20:39
* pleia2 too20:39
Unit193Could do an alternate as well, but that'd kill my precise > quantal surviver. :(20:40
pleia2I think the alts are a little broken20:41
Unit193We'll findout I suppose, thanks.  Maybe-ubiquity is all black though.20:45
pleia2yeah, I included that in my list-o-bugs20:45
GridCubeso, do i download the current image or i have to wait?20:58
pleia2we're testing the desktops now20:59
skaetastraljava, knome - is someone able to look into https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xubuntu-meta/+bug/1029032 ?21:01
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1029032 in xubuntu-meta (Ubuntu Quantal) "Xubuntu 64 (Quantal) alternate install failed: libavformat53 unmet dependencies" [Critical,Triaged]21:01
Unit193Bug #1010487 21:01
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1010487 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "Xubuntu - black windows" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/101048721:01
skaetlet me know if there's a fix possible, and you want a respin. 21:01
pleia2skaet: 09:03:33 < micahg> whenever webkit finishes building, we can copy it over and the libavcodec issue will be fixed, but that will be tomorrow sometime if we wait for all archs21:02
pleia2I think that's what he was talking about21:02
micahgwe might be able to respin in about 5 hours, will need to discuss with infinity21:03
GridCubeso desktop then :) amd64 or i386?21:04
pleia2GridCube: both! :)21:04
GridCube:P will try21:04
micahgI won't have the desktops respun later as they're not affected by the libav issue21:05
* pleia2 nods21:05
skaetmicahg,  should I associate this alternate bug with your webkit respins that are on the pad?  or is there something else in addition going on there?21:05
Unit193pleia2: You're doing entire?21:05
pleia2Unit193: I did a live for now, my lunch break is ending and I actually have to get back to my for real work :)21:05
micahgskaet: yeah, that should solve that meta bug21:06
micahgerr...alternate bug21:06
skaetmicahg,  :)   will do.21:06
Unit193Makes it easy for me, though I think desktop/alongside install is funky.21:06
micahgskaet: thanks21:07
pleia2knome: release notes!21:15
skaetUnit193, have added a note in the known issues in the technote about the bug.21:15
Unit193Hmmm? Alright, I suppose.21:16
skaetThanks pleia2.  :)   was just about to ask about it. 21:16
* skaet figured there was a nice workaround, so, useful to folks.21:16
skaetUnit193,  feel free to edit/delete if you disagree.21:17
Unit193pleia2: Yep, it is.21:42
GridCubeo: qa tracker now has a "bugs to look for" part :D How awesome is that?!22:48
pleia2yeah, I love it :)22:49
Unit193Yeah, removing jockey was a dumb idea. :/22:51
Unit193Man, had to install jockey-common as -gtk is a package for "Software Sources" and useless....23:18
micahgthere should be an ubuntu-drivers interface or something now23:25
Unit193Unless there's another one that I don't know of, it was moved to software sources...23:28
micahgyeah, is it broke?23:28
Unit193Well, it didn't install the driver, and progrss sat at what I'd guess to be about 100 than went back to 50 and stalled.23:30
micahgsounds like a bug to file :)23:30
Unit193It's not really a better interface for me at all, but did get me to learn how to install them commandline style. :D23:31
micahgif there are deficiencies in the interface, please file bugs, the idea was to make things easier23:31
Unit193Unfortunately, best I can say right this second is "It didn't work for me", though I did notice a few other things I may be able to.23:32

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