Daskreechnobodhi: I'm told try Lubunut and Jolios00:23
nobodhiJolios is very cloud-based? or is ther peppermint?00:24
nobodhiI was going to try lubuntu this afternoon, but stuck e17 - testing it now00:25
nobodhiSo, I'm currently running kubuntu on Desktop and Bodhilinux on laptop00:29
nobodhiDaskreech, was there a particular reason, other than lxde is a light WM ?00:29
nobodhihttp://linux-hybrid-graphics.blogspot.co.uk/2011/07/acer-aspire-timelinex-3830t-4830t-5830t.html that's my machine except I dont have a dedicated nvidia graphics card. Ths one's got integrated 3000 hd or somthing.00:31
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Daskreechlivingdaylight: Not that I know of00:37
livingdaylightDaskreech, ok, thx00:38
walzmynJust built a new machine with a Radeon vid card and I cannot get the sound to work with the HDMI output.00:55
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skreech__Walzmyn: hmm lt me check on something01:21
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DaskreechWalzmyn: maybe #phoronix ?01:25
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Oyukitowhat vervion of kde comes with kubuntu 12.04?02:57
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nionrionMay be offtopic04:28
nionriondoes anyone do horseback riding?04:28
Daskreechcan you apt- get it?04:29
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emi tried "sudo aptitude install clementine" and it is giving me unmet dependencies and wants to uninstall a bunch of stuff.05:44
emaptitude is totally choking in other words05:44
Daskreechmaybe you are mixing repos?05:56
Shaan7Riddell: hi :)07:09
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Frank-ManMorning Community, who can i change the search Shortcut for alt+f2  ?08:27
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nag_hi all i have installed kde on ubuntu 12.04. Can some one tell me how can i remove it & get back to ubuntu12.0408:54
bazhang!puregnome | nag_08:55
ubottunag_: If you want to remove all !Kubuntu packages or !Xubuntu packages and have a default !Ubuntu system, follow the instructions here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PureGnome08:56
nag_bazhang: yes puregnome08:57
nag_ubottu: thnx08:58
bazhangnag_, did you read that link?08:58
nag_bazhang: i found this cmd "sudo aptitude remove kubuntu-desktop". i am using 12.04 but in that link it is only for 11.1008:59
gaurav__guys help needed09:43
gaurav__im using kubuntu after many years09:43
gaurav__so there was this software manager tht i use to use but ive forgotten its name09:44
gaurav__and muon sucks09:44
gaurav__so can u just throw a few names at me09:44
gaurav__no pao that aint it09:44
gaurav__i remember tht after a distro they had stopped using it as the default one09:45
gaurav__ok what should i put in the search string in muon?09:45
gaurav__maybe i would remember if i see it09:45
gaurav__'software managers' didnt help09:46
rorkgaurav__: synaptic / kynaptic? search for something like package manager09:48
gaurav__was there something named as adept or something?09:49
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rork!info adept | gaurav__09:59
ubottugaurav__: adept (source: adept): package management suite for KDE. In component universe, is optional. Version 3.0~beta7.2+qa1build1 (precise), package size 363 kB, installed size 1316 kB09:59
gaurav__oh......thank u guys09:59
gaurav__wtf adept is not there in the repositories10:06
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rorkgaurav__: do you have universe enabled?10:07
gaurav__main, restricted, universe, multiverse are all ticked10:08
phoenix_firebrdhello everyone10:09
azizhey guys, I set up a shared connection, so that my mobile (USB) connection is shared over WLAN. everything connects fine in Network Manager, but the WLAN connection is not visible for other devices. any ideas?10:09
gaurav__hey pheonix10:10
phoenix_firebrdgaurav__: hi10:10
gaurav__how u doing today?10:11
gaurav__i guess ill have to do with muon for a while10:11
phoenix_firebrdgaurav__: fine, u?10:11
gaurav__im doing great10:11
phoenix_firebrdaziz: i guess the wlan device is your laptop10:11
gaurav__except im fucking pissed with muon and im trying to search adept10:11
phoenix_firebrdgaurav__: whats wrong10:12
gaurav__i cant find adept10:12
phoenix_firebrdaziz: which if it is configured to be hidden10:12
azizusing iwconfig/ifconfig I can see that the interface is up and running10:12
phoenix_firebrdgaurav__: what is adept?10:12
azizyea, I thought about that, but I don't see where I can alter that setting.10:13
gaurav__its a software package manager for kubuntu10:13
gaurav__ive used it in the previous versions10:13
azizand even so, shouldn't it be possible to access it by manually entering the SSID and the passphrase?10:13
phoenix_firebrdif its not found by muon then its been removed from ubuntu repositories10:14
phoenix_firebrdgaurav__: ^10:14
Tm_T!language | gaurav__10:14
ubottugaurav__: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.10:14
gaurav__oh lol10:14
gaurav__i got a warning to check my language :P10:14
Tm_Talso adept is still in repositories10:15
Tm_Tgaurav__: it's not amusing, we expect the following of channel rules while being in the channel10:15
phoenix_firebrdaziz: http://askubuntu.com/questions/124144/how-to-set-up-a-wifi-hotspot-using-kubuntu-12-0410:15
azizphoenix_firebrd: can I configure the visibility of my WLAN somewhere? with NM?10:15
gaurav__ok ok i'll keep a check on my language10:16
gaurav__<Tm_T> can u assist me how i can find adept?10:16
azizphoenix_firebrd: i have an Intel chip, too :(10:16
phoenix_firebrdgaurav__: did you terminate the update-xapi process in the past?10:17
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phoenix_firebrdaziz: did you try what is said in the link that i gave you?10:18
azizyes, that's how I set up the shared connection10:18
azizwell, I'll try with WEP disabled10:18
Tm_Tgaurav__: if all other methods fails, try using commandline: "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install adept"10:19
phoenix_firebrdaziz: the problem is i dont have a wireless device in my desktop and so i cant help you much10:19
azizit's okay, thanks for taking interest in my problem at least ;)10:20
Tm_Tgaurav__: "sudo apt-get update" runs apt package list update with sudo rights, and "sudo apt-get install adept" installs adept with sudo rights10:20
phoenix_firebrdaziz: :)10:20
gaurav__okie dokie tmt i'll give it a shot10:21
aziztried without WEP, but it doesn't work either :(10:21
phoenix_firebrdgaurav__: why do you use adept whn you have muon?10:21
Tm_Tphoenix_firebrd: why not?10:22
gaurav__well in adept it shows exactly how much speed im getting for downloads and how much time is remaining10:22
gaurav__so it becomes easier for me to understand if the net has got dcd10:22
phoenix_firebrdTm_T: whats wrong with muon?10:22
Tm_Tphoenix_firebrd: I don't know, I haven't really used GUI package managers lately10:23
gaurav__whereas in muon it shows a small box in the top right corner which shows downloading and installing bar10:23
Tm_Tgaurav__: so it's not verbose enough on its doings?10:23
phoenix_firebrdThe iupcoming qml version of muon is very good10:23
gaurav__well Tm_T im not very familiar with the tech jargoans (verbose) but im gonna say yes10:24
gaurav__there was a time when i had formatted my comp 47 times in a night just cos i wanted to learn how to use linux10:24
gaurav__and now ive become such a noob cos of such a long gap10:25
Tm_Tgaurav__: http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/verbose (:10:25
gaurav__ya tmt it lacks in infor10:26
gaurav__but its just a matter of preference10:27
gaurav__muon is pretty fucntional otherwise10:27
phoenix_firebrdgaurav__: can you file a feature request for the download speed/ time remaining in kde bugs?10:28
gaurav__ya surely10:28
phoenix_firebrdgaurav__: you know , your's is a good idea10:28
gaurav__oh thnx.... ill file the report right waya10:29
gaurav__TMT I GOT ADEPT THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!10:40
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BluesKajHiyas  all10:50
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phoenix_firebrdBluesKaj: hi10:54
BluesKajhey phoenix_firebrd10:55
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mat619hey there! just installed kubuntu-desktop since i was fed up with XFCE (had installed xubuntu 12.04 earlier). works nicely so far, if it wasn't for the VERY poor performance: my thinkpad r60 has a intel 945GM graphic chip, which should be able to handle KDE 4 i think, shouldn't it?13:18
mat619if i click onto the Kickoff button, nothing happens for 4-5 seconds, then it opens. maybe. or not, sometimes it closes itself again before I can do anything. window animations just don't work, the windows just appear suddenly after a pause of the whole system.13:20
mat619same thing goes for closing applications. right clicking the desktop shows the same behaviour... just like if the animations were skipped completely, because my graphic card isn't used somehow13:21
localhostmat619: I have the same and all is fine13:22
mat619localhost: i had some release of opensuse with KDE4.3 or 4.4 running fine on the same machine as well13:22
mat619localhost: that's why I'm kinda confused13:22
localhostmat619: if you disable graphics effects with shift+alt+F12 it works better ?13:23
mat619localhost: yes, snappy like hell13:23
mat619localhost: reacts instantly13:23
localhostmat619: so go to the pannel to fix that... I use opengl or raster13:24
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mat619localhost: go to the panel and fix what?  O.o  sorry, don't get it13:24
localhostmat619: the panel with the tool icon13:25
mat619you mean the desktop effects configuration module?13:25
localhosttry opengl13:26
localhostand choose your effects13:26
mat619it was set to open GL, but using v2 shaders13:26
localhostpersonaly I use lots13:26
mat619i disabled those, now it works MUCH better13:26
localhostyou can reenable it but preffer open gl or raster (you have to install the raster kcm) and choose well your effects13:27
localhostand last kde is not heavier13:28
mat619i personally can't see a difference between v2 shaders and v1. it runs snappy with all animations, very smooth13:28
mat619better than anything else i've seen. thanks, you pointed me in the very right direction13:28
jdrsDisabling the blur effect might work.13:29
mat619another question now, maybe some of you has an idea: i like to have a osx-style dock for window management. any suggestions what to use with KDE4?13:29
localhostmaybe superkaramba13:30
mat619i used docky with XFCE before, but I'm not sure how nice it plays with KDE4. wouldn't mind a replacement anyhow, never have been too happy about its settings13:30
BluesKajcairo dock ? I haven't used it for yrs but it was pretty cool13:31
mat619oh cairo, had totally forgotten about that one13:33
mat619might be worth a look13:33
localhostmat619: kde is really smooth and lots of fantastic stuffs I hope you'll anjoy it13:33
jdrshttp://glx-dock.org/ <-cairo13:33
BluesKajI just use the quicklauncher , not reall eye candyish , but gets the job done13:34
mat619localhost: I've been a long KDE 3 user, but once made the switch to gnome 2 and was very happy with it. then when unity and gnome 3 came i tried both, disliked both, and ran to XFCE. i tried KDE 4 in the meantime but were too annoyed by its non-existent stability at the time13:35
mat619localhost: but since 4.5 it started to grow on me again. now I'll change both my personal PCs  / laptops and my workstation at work to kubuntu 12.04, because it seems to get the job done best for me13:36
localhostKDE4 is not KDE3 for sure...13:38
BluesKajkde4 is vastly improved since it's introduction , I hated it at first because it was so unstable , but now it's vastly superior to unity and gnome 3 IMO13:40
BluesKajtried to give unity and gnome a chance with full ubuntu install on it's own partition , it has some neat qualities , but not enough to keep me around .13:42
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localhostI don't want to say bad things but unity ... metro...13:51
BluesKajlocalhost:  you're allowed an opinion based on your experience ...IMO :)13:54
localhoston KDE for pad and tactil screen le laptop desktop or active plasma are awsome13:55
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Guest69980hello - what is the intallation line required to install kubuntu or the kde desktop environment ontop of an already existing install of ubuntu?   sudo apt-get ....?14:20
BluesKajGuest69980:  sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop14:22
Guest69980really.. huh, derpy derp.  Thanks so much blueskaj - have been looking for that for a while now.14:22
BluesKajyeah it does the full install14:23
Guest69980huh, now I'm getting this:E: Could not get lock /var/lib/dpkg/lock - open (11: Resource temporarily unavailable)14:24
Guest69980E: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), is another process using it?14:24
BluesKajGuest69980:  then you can choose a desktop at login , if you still have ubuntu-desktop14:24
BluesKajGuest69980:  do you have a package manager open14:24
Guest69980ok, yep14:24
jdrsGuest69980: are you running anything related to updates or something?14:25
jdrsOr installing something?14:25
Guest69980yes - just quit it14:25
BluesKajapt-get and the package manager both us ethe dpkg system14:25
Guest69980pow! thanks guys you are my hero14:26
jdrsYou have to remove the lock and rerun it then Ctrl-c to interrupt it14:26
Guest69980downloading now14:26
basokehello, has anyone done some meddling with xorg.conf before?14:31
Guest69980what are the differences between kdm and lightdm14:36
Guest69980would it matter which one I chose?14:36
Guest69980ok -restarting comp now - thanks for all the help14:37
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BluesKajwell, enlightenment doesn't seem to live up to it's name , not my cuppa tea14:58
xinrealhow is every thing15:31
xinrealfirst time to me on public chat15:31
basokeIRCs are more like help-rooms15:31
xinrealmmm i c15:31
Riddellhi xinreal15:34
Riddellrandom chat if you /join #kubuntu-offtopic15:35
Riddellhere is help15:35
xinrealhi riddell15:35
gaurav__good evening16:10
gaurav__thnx for the tips i got adept16:11
gaurav__does anyone knw where the libs for wine are?16:11
gaurav__it tells me i need to specify them16:11
gaurav__wine libs anyone?16:13
ubottuWINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu16:17
gaurav__okie dokie i'll check it out16:18
miroslav_algen que es español ?16:24
miroslav_todo el mundo se va a callar16:24
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artaoL3top, you around?17:29
artaonot seeing him/her/it listed17:30
artaooh well17:30
alex_Salut tout le monde17:54
alex_Je cherche une personne qui pourrait m'aider sur le logiciel dd17:54
Tm_T!fr | alex_17:54
ubottualex_: Nous sommes désolés, mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.17:54
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tommy_crazy, i didnt know ppl still used irc18:20
tommy_*mind blown18:20
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WebDevincilame... ppl are here, but are not 'here'18:36
BluesKajWebDevinci:   just ask a question and usually ppl magically appear ... most of the time18:40
borlaxanyone know a way to get the battery monitor to show time remaining?19:18
borlaxis it possible with the default kde battery monitor?19:18
Lynouremy skype just started crashing recently :/19:39
Lynoureat login, pretty much19:39
LynoureDoes that happen to others too?19:39
localhostLynoure: I have the same this morning19:42
localhostLynoure: sudo apt-get remove --purge skype skype-bin19:43
localhostLynoure: if it stay installed do sudo dpkg -r --purge skype skype-bin19:43
localhostLynoure: after that go in your home folder and remove the hiden folder .skype19:44
localhostand reinstall itwill work again19:44
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Num83rGuyI have encrypted traffic coming from a strange IP on my LAN.  How can i find what is using this IP?20:03
Num83rGuyMever mind found the culprit.20:12
BankZ|2ok, just installed kubuntu for the first time20:17
BankZ|2it didnt start the desktop20:17
BankZ|2shouldnt it do that by default?20:17
BankZ|2or did I screw something up?20:17
xevilBankZ|2: yes it should... perhaps it didn't correctly identify your video card20:20
BankZ|2OK, its a VM, maybe I need to keep it in focus20:22
xevilBankZ|2: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=69076020:23
avpxI have two boxes running Kubuntu on the same LAN and I want to remote desktop from one into the other. Is there a better solution than XDMCP or VNC? Both are really slow.20:30
BluesKaj!ssh | avpx20:34
ubottuavpx: SSH is the Secure SHell protocol, see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSH for client usage. PuTTY is an SSH client for Windows; see: http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/ for it's homepage. See also !scp (Secure CoPy) and !sshd (Secure SHell Daemon)20:34
avpxYeah, I'm really quite familiar with SSH20:34
avpxThat doesn't solve the problem that I mentioned20:35
BluesKaji used bothh ssh and VNC , they both have theire good qualities , the you could also try sshfs , but i found it would have to be reset after some upgrades20:36
BluesKajso want to do remote desktop control ?20:37
avpxI know what sshfs is, it really has nothing to do with what I want20:37
BluesKajIused X forwarding with ssh ,and it worked quite well20:38
BluesKajanyway BBL , ...steaks on the BBQ20:40
avpxOkay, later.20:40
BluesKajssh X forwarding worked great with ethernet on both kubuntu pcs , but with the laptop the X forwarding was pretty slow on the client pc20:50
BluesKajthe laptop was on a wifi connection20:50
BluesKajavpx: ^20:51
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BankZIm trying to install kubuntu in a VM but it doesnt seem to be installing kde21:16
BankZgoes right to a command prompt21:16
BarkingFishEvening guys.  Does anyone know if there is support in Kubuntu anywhere, for the clickable scroll wheel mouse button please?21:16
BarkingFishIn my old distro, prior to Kubuntu, I had a function where I could scroll up and down pages without using the wheel, simply by clicking it and moving the mouse up or down, the page would follow like a teleprompter.21:17
BankZany ideas?21:18
BarkingFishBankZ, since I only just joined, I missed your problem. Would you be kind enough as to repeat it please? :)21:19
BankZIm trying to install kubuntu in a VM but it doesnt seem to be installing kde21:19
BankZgoes right to a command prompt21:19
BarkingFishah.  Have you tried to start KDE and see if it works?21:19
BankZwasnt installed21:20
BankZvery odd21:20
BarkingFishCan you start an x server?21:20
BankZi installed it and rebooted21:20
BankZbut then when I clicked "home"21:20
BankZit asked what app to use21:20
BankZvery odd21:20
BankZgonna start over21:20
BankZbut I must be doing something wrong21:20
BarkingFishwhat happens when you start an x server?21:21
BarkingFishdo you get any form of dm at all?21:21
BankZafter the reboot, kde started (after I mannully installed it21:21
BarkingFishah.  I don't understand why it didn't install during the setup21:22
BarkingFishi must admit I don't know a whole lot about virtual machines, I've never used one since all my systems are sole distro only.  I never run more than one thing on a machine21:22
BankZmaybe its a problem with its "easy" mode21:24
BankZill just start over21:24
BankZanyone else install in VMWare?21:40
BankZWhat is the location of the gcc profram for your machine?21:57
BankZwhat should I type?21:57
skreech__BankZ: gcc22:11
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Venomis kubuntu still ubuntu at the bottom?22:34
Venomjust ubuntu with KDE?22:34
ubottuKubuntu is the Ubuntu flavour using KDE Software and the KDE Plasma Workspaces.  See http://kubuntu.org for more information - For support join  #kubuntu - See also !kde23:18
Daskreechwhat's up?23:38
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