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lifelessNour_al_Imen: hi?19:58
Nour_al_ImenHi lifeless !19:59
Nour_al_ImenI want to know please what are the tasks of the LP team.19:59
Nour_al_ImenThose who works and are not simply volunteers ...20:00
lifelessThere isn't a precise central list, you would need to ask them all individually. Why do you want to know?20:02
Nour_al_ImenI have read the job offer software engineers20:26
Nour_al_ImenAnd I wanted to have more details20:26
lifelessso, the usual stuff: design solutions to problems, write code to implement the solutions, fix bugs, write docs, do releases of the components you're working on20:29
lifelesscheck email :)20:29
Nour_al_ImenWhich e-mail ? :)20:29
lifelessyour own?20:31
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Nour_al_ImenAh I see :)20:37
Nour_al_ImenThx for your answer...20:37
lifelessNour_al_Imen: you should apply! there is time in the interview process to ask lots of questions of the interviewers, learn all you want to.20:38
Nour_al_ImenOk I'll do it ...Thx for your tips lifeless20:40
nigelbargh, I've forgotten to apply.20:40
* nigelb does so20:40
Nour_al_Imen**/is wondering what is he waiting for to apply :))20:41
nigelbNow I realize why I forgot. My server died, taking my things to do wiki down along with it :)20:45
lifelessnigelb: its not replicated? shame :)20:46
nigelblifeless: It's just a blog + irssi + wiki. Wasn't much of a sysadmin when I set it up :P20:47
nigelbI realized when I configured nginx today that I did a lot of fail configuring it last time ;)20:48
nigelbOne of these days, I'm going to write a job application site That Does Not Suckā„¢20:50
nigelbI wish we had pretty graphs for PPA downloads.21:01
nigelbWait, no. I know the answer. "We accept patches"21:01
lifelesswe do21:02
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wgrantThis celery stuff is not having much luck, is it...23:23
wgrantwallyworld_: Thanks.23:23
wgrantDo I want to revert the celery stuff for the third or fourth time?23:25
lifelessits proken again ?23:26
wgrantIt's not completely broken23:27
wgrantSo I won't revert it23:27
wgrantBut one of the related tests failed on db-devel like the old days23:27
wgrantBut it wasn't touched directly by the recent changes23:27
wgrantBut reverting this revision has become a fixture of my day lately...23:28
lifelessyou haven't cronned it yet?23:28
lifeless-> can't be that bad then :)23:28

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