Logan_Can a Launchpad admin please unlink https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/node from the upstream project? It's completely unrelated to node.js.06:05
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patdk-lapis there any way to tell how many times or how many people are accessing a ppa? or an package in it? even if it is widely inaccurate20:45
lifelessyes, use the API for download stats20:46
patdk-lapheh odd20:54
patdk-lapsomeone liked my clamav for oneiric, as it has 20 downloads, but I only ever had one machine running oneiric20:55
patdk-lapsome for precise20:56
patdk-lap6 downloads on many packages,but I have only 1 precise machine, and that doens't have any of those packages installed20:57
patdk-lapya, my ppa isn't nearly as private as I thought20:59
patdk-lapmy apache 2.4 seems to have majorly made the rounds20:59
patdk-lapwell thanks :)21:00
cheakoHello, is this an appropriate place to get assistance with a bug that's been ignored?  I'd ask for the permissions/rights to set the Importance of something I opened higher.21:18
cheakoBug number 1007089 is a kernel bug and it's effects are greater then I originally suspected.  There are 4 packages that have bug because of this bug, including dpkg/start-stop-daemon.21:19
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